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The Habbo White House

By TheEndless
Backup thread

Once there was our world, a world we once called home, we world we once called Earth, now a desolate wasteland.

During a threat of nuclear warfare a bright and innovate man named Pablo Habbo and a group of engineers and builders created a massive high rise leading all the way up to space, this was meant to be an artificial world that can wirhstand nuclear attacks and any attack on the outside while those who lived within the metal and concrete walls would have what the old world used to have

When the time finally came after the great and organized nuclear attack on the planet, people from all over fled to the high rise known as Habbo Hotel, where they would live the rest of their lives.

It wasn't until 10 years later that one of Habbo Hotels biggest investors, Dorsa West was the mastermind behind the nuclear attacks.

This ignited a new kind of war within the walls of Habbo Hotel that spanned on for many more years until Dorsa West was eventually sent to the wastelands as an exile.

Pablo Habbo himself was also found out to be a part of the attacks and he was put to death by angry mobs of civilians.

A few months later a few council members of Habbo Hotel decided it would be best to remake The White House but for the entire hotel, called The Habbo White House.

There laws and bills can be written and Habbo Hotel can run smoothly once more without corruption

That is the hope at least…




Previous Occupation in Habbo Hotel (This can be fake or real if you play the game still):


Desired Branch: (Congress, Judicial, Secret Service, Executive):





Personal HID Number: (Habbo ID Number is the number you get when you register for citizenship in Habbo Hotel, it be anything as long as it follows this format: 1234-ABCD-1234):

When you make your character please PM me this phrase so I know you read the entire thing ^^ “Liberty and Justice for All”

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