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.       the world was going on as normal, people working, kids playing. Soon all of that would come to a screaming halt. Early one moring, around 3:00 am alarms started coming from everywhere, then the screams would soon follow. Some people was able to hear why this was happening  is what the radios and TV broadcasted: everyone please stay calm. If you are in your home and have family members wake them up and pack clothing and food.. then make your way to Pennsylvania. As you enter the state borders military personnel will escort you and your family to the nearest Legion founded facility. This will be safe and protected by the military personnel. I know many of you have no clue what has occurred, so let me get one of the main scientist.] Another voice started to talk. yes, thank you for having me. Now for what had happened, many of the newer scientist was doing experiments on some fungus. They ended up combining things they was. Trying to find a way to improve Trichoderma, to be stronger to fungus Ophiocordyceps camponoti-floridani. Yes this is for ants but it can get to humans to act unlike themselves and it will cause many of them to...  it would cut off. People would run and drive trying to get out off the city's would come to a stop. Some of the test subject that escaped. Would run at them biting. The 'zombies' face had fungus all over them hair falling out the skin was rotting at a increasing speed. Some was crawling others walking then some running not a slow run but a faster than normal humans. They would attack and bite people. Chaos was all around. You would barely make in to stay but not to Pennsylvania.

                                                 Nine years later 

           You have survived, well so far anyways. You have lived day to day. Power is still up well in some city's anyways, but no TV. Nature well it has reclaimed city's and every where. Most city's now have armed forces going around checking and guarding the city's. The United States was now under Martial Law. The zombies have grown you've heard that they are other types. More people have died some not even a zombie but just by shooting. You hear that The Paragon is working on a so called cure for what they have made. The towns become full of the invaders out for the blood of whatever. The zombies  are living and breathing to some degree. It has got to the ponit that in some underground parts like the swears or just tunnels or subway gas spores have formed and well, If you like your living human life you have a gasmask. Those spore also spreed the infection. It's sad what the US has come too. Hell, you have seen young kids that will never know what it was like before this time all they will ever know is barely surviving or watching people they know change. Even the food all you have are rations you hardly ever get real food and you get very few of them. Those cards that seem to give life that is the money now almost. This world is every person for themself. You have changed with the time so far but can you change even more or become one of the dead men or the living dead? 



This is some groups not all of them. If you'd like you may make one of your own.

Paragon- The Paragon is the science facility that created the virus and is trying to find a cure for it but it isn't working.

The Legion- was working with the government when it stood but now it is the government. They are the once who pick when and where a safety building gets made. Among other things

Survivor Republic - is a group of family's that is attempting to almost rebuild a town and safety for them and there kids they invite anyone who wants even for a night.

Deviant Aliance- one of the groups who want to fight against the government and Paragon.

T.R.D(The Ration Distributor )- mostly military personnel or people that they trust to give out Rations of food who often is low on food.

The Lost Souls( Lost Soul Syndicate ) and The Walkers many know of them but they don't know what they stand for nor where they are.

Martial law is the substitution of a civil government by military authorities with unlimited powers to suspend the ordinary legal protections of civilian rights










Phobias: please make it really so at least one they are human.


Mental Disorders of they have any don't make it their whole thing. 

Best with what wepon(s)

Worst with what wepon(s)

Do they like to stay in safe zones, loner, with a different group or something else?

Anything else you would like me to know about them?


I will be playing multiple characters and they will be different ages so if you want you may do the same.


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Ashton was in a abandoned town. His short brown hair was blowing in the wind as he walked. He held his gun tightly in his sweaty hands his eye looked from left to right then back again. His breathing was calm and shallow. He moved slowly with his limp. He would go into a old building that read something Pharmacy.  Ashton would look around the pill bottles and put what he needed into a bag. Soon he put his bag on his back and walked back into a Store. He would try and stay quite.

Where is the food? Come on please have some. Ashton would quietly beg as he took what he could into the bag. As Ashton did this he would make sure that the carmas was offline which they was or he hoped so. The deeper Ashton went into the store more things was knocked over and a mess.

The more time he spent the less hope he had for the food. This small town couldn't be where he would always stay. He just thought it would be longer but he was wrong. His dull eyes would stop when he saw his savior, Food. His hands quickly took what was left. It was still in date lucky for Ashton. He put in his bag and fell to the ground laying against the broken shelves. plan, I need a plan, stop calm down. Ashton would close his eyes and take a breath. He had everything that he could need for now.

He was in this town for some time he took his dirty brown bagpack and fixed it on his bag. Before he would stand up he took his 9mm in his hand. He stood up and began to walk. He had a slight limp as he walked. His jeans was dirty with: dust, mud, and dried blood. Some of the blood might of been his but most of it was from others rather that be zombies or human. The world to him and everyone else was now a kill or be killed. His brown eyes would narrow as he started to walk to the door of a shop and wait.


                  Somewhere  in   South Dakota 

Adrian was walking about she had a cigarette in her mouth that she half already halfway finshed though at the moment she had not lit it. Her red hair was blowing in the wind as she walked. She walked down a long empty street.  Her footsteps echoes though the once busy city. Her shot gun in hand and redy to shoot if the need arises.  Yet, for now she walked her jacket trailing behind her as she walked into a collapsing budling.  

The budling would groan under her weight at some ponits.ponits.her hand would twitch as she her the sounds of a up coming hord of zombies though they seemed to be a good distance away for now anyways. With that she quickly ran up the stairs her boots hitting each steep with a thud to right afterwords.

Adrian found a window that has been broken open by something or another and took her right hand and every so carefully dusted away the glass thar remained behind. Her fingerless gloves would keep the palm of her hand from being cut as for the tips they would be pinned and cut by the sharp glass. She lowered her body so she would be hidden by most of the wall her shotgun aimed out the window.



                             Survivor Republic

Riley was a young teenager around the age of fifteen. Though with the way everyone would treat her it was as if she was five. Her pure white hair would blow behind her showing her ice blue eyes and ever so slightly muddied face. The Survivor Republic was full of life before talking and going on trying to make this the new normal. She had managed to sneak out of her house that seemed to be right smack dab in the middle of town. 

 She would stay on the low trying to hide behind things such as post or people and so on. It took a good while but soon she made it to the edge of the town. Her eyes looked out into the unknown into the danger. She knew if she dared to walk out and was found she would be scolded by everyone in the town. Yet how much she wanted to. Just enough to touch the grass and look about that could never cause any harm right? So with a look to her left then the right before slowly creeping into the long grass it was up to her wasit as she walked about trying not to be caught.

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Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

Footsteps on the bridge echoed, the steps were soft and faint but was still enough sound to attract these.. ‘Zombies.' The small girl had a black blindfold as she was walking on the edge of this crushed down bridge, slightly whimpering every now and then. She knew she needed a place to go, as her armpit length black hair blew ever so calmly with the breeze she shuddered. The young one was wear a cloak of some sort and maybe shorts? It wasn't to clear. She was bare foot and only had socks to give her feet little cover.

     After she had made it to the end of the bridge she took the blindfold off, putting it in her short pocket she started walking with a knife in her hand, covered in blood. She was quiet as she put the hood of the cloak on and walked as silently as possible. Soon she saw a store, looking at the name she couldn't read it. The sign saying ‘Walgreens’, she just stared at it acting like she knew what it said before walking towards the door.


//Currently do not have her photo rn, working on it as we speak :')\\

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It had been, what? Nine years since the original oubreak? Michael had lost count. The concept of time had been of little importance since the States became overrun with infected.

Minnesota, heading west.


He kept a map with him at all times. Who would have known a decade ago that physical maps would be useful. The only thing keeping him going was the yearning for a lover. Of course, he had been alone for quite some time. His current destination to head towards was Pierre, South Dakota. A device Michael kept on his person beeped with a message of a meeting there, so it must be important. It was rare the Lost Syndicate met. Honestly, Michael had forgotten the reason he joined when he was invited to do so. It had a few perks and gave friends in unlikely places when he showed their insignia.

Which was the reason he decided to stay. People willing to help was sparce these days. Michael had finally come across a car. Luckily his apprenticeship as a mechanic before the outbreak gave him much needed information. He jumped the car and it started to whir to life. Finally, he could rest his feet.

Ashton Henry Hickman

Ashton would hear clanging and sounds of running it got closecloser, and closer. He walked back he saw some bread and quickly took it and into the bag. He would sneck around and look towards the door of the store seeing one of the zombies. The zombie at a first Glace seemed human but if you'd take the time to look at it it was nothing like a human.

 These creatures are in one of the first stages of infection, and have lost their ability to speak, or reason. They emit a low, guttural moan, and are constantly searching for their next victim. These zombies  are incredibly fast and agile, They have sharp claws and teeth, and can take down a fully grown person in a matter of seconds. Their senses are heightened, and they can detect the slightest movement or sound. The creature's unpredictable movements and deadly attacks make them one of the most formidable foes in the post-apocalyptic world. 

The brown headed man slowly took out a knife and slowly trying to get closer to the zombie without being seen. The zombie flinching and moving around. 


Riley looked to the Republic with a sigh before taking out her hands to the grass with her crouching down she could hide in the tall grass. Yet hher White hair could be the only thing that would stand out. She started to quickly go out farther and further until the Republic was small and beside her was a old building.  This was one that she went to before and hid a bag there.  She opened the door and started to grab a bag and looked at it. 

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Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

      Walking towards the door, Venessa's tiny feet stepped on some sticks; making sloght noises she winced and opened the door to the store. While entering the store she sighed in relief to to in a safe spot for a while. She then knocked over one of the shelves by the door, so no one could enter and hurt her. After doing so she walked down an Aisle that read ‘School Supplies.’ Seeing the backpacks she smiled wondering what they were used for, since she was born during this… Apocalypse..?

       She never knew what the world was like before, before what she calls the monsters. She climbed the rack and grabbed a black backpack, seemed to of been able to lift a good amount of weight. Vanessa saw this as a key to use to her advantage, and started to pack the bag with medical supplies and food; just like she would see her mother do when she helped with the supply runs. The black haired girl took the hoodie off of her cloak, as she then grabbed some sheets off the racks and made a bed in the corner of the store. She made a plan to sleep there tonight, as she was cold from being outside and wanted to be warm. 


        Emerald green eyes.. Her eyes, they starred at the alphabet she had colored on the ground, she was trying to teach herself to read. In order for her to survive, she needed to know basic skills. Reading, writing, speaking… These were a skills that could give her a great advantage for her age and size. She could trick others, and right when they think they can take her away she'll figure out a solution. As she was doing so, she heard noise coming from the entrance.. [I ‘Monsters..’] she thought to herself, grabbing the pocket knife she found and traded it from her kitchen knife to be able to hide it better. 

Adrian Violetta Hawthorne

Adrian looked down the scope looking about for any nearby zombies, luckily she saw none. She let our a sigh of relief as she saw that at lest for now they was none. She took out the time making sure her guns was loaded up before standing up and walking to the stairs and putting her long distance gun on her back and taking ourly a much smaller gun from a holster. Her moment was quick as she started to silently walk up the stairs up to a higher floor the budling creaked under her. Her eyes looked about for anything she found nothing that would be of much use to her. 

The leaning budling was close enough for her to jump and thar was what she did with sone grace but not as much as she hoped for. Her arms pulled herself up through the bro(n window before shaking her habds.

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"Derrick, why did you take your pants off? Because my balls was hot."-Derrick Lewis UFC 229

Mason Cantor

Mason Cantor walked along a road with a shotgun in his arms and a backpack on. He walked by the store when a truck drove by. In it were men dressed in raggedy clothes, 7 men in front of the building that Adrian was scoping on and they exited the truck and aimed rifles at Mason. “Give us every single thing you have! NOW!” Yelled one of the 7 men. Mason was skilled in this as he had once robbed people for their valuables and resources. He cocked the shotgun and ran into the first floor of the building for cover. They had no clue where he went as they took amunition out of the truck bed. They began to go in one by one into the tower. Mason shot each and every one of them and checked the truck for items. He looted the truck bed to find pistols and knives. He took the ammunition for the pistols out of the truck bed and made do with the resources in his bag by setting up a sleeping bag on the tower's first floor. “I know the technique of these theives." Mason said to himself before he closed his eyes and went to sleep. 

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Michael Silence

Michael had only gone about 10 or 15 miles before the car ran out of juice. He sighed and pulled out his old man's rifle. It had more than served its purpose. Saved him countless times, in fact. Sighing, he looked down the optic and all around him. No walkers. That's what he liked to call them. Reminded him of watching a show resembling the very reality they were in now. Of course it was just a show after all, if Michael's father wasn't drilling the skills of solo survival into him, he would be long gone. For that he was thankful. He was sure being a single father was hard. Still, he could have used more affection. 

These thoughts ran through Michael's head before he slowly began to doze off and get some much needed sleep.

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"Derrick, why did you take your pants off? Because my balls was hot."-Derrick Lewis UFC 229

Mason Cantor

He awoke to find walkers banging at the door of the tower which was his wake up call. He stood up and cocked his shotgun and aimed it at the zombies. “Should I do it?” He asked himself. He decided not to but he did grab his backpack and run to the top of the tower to avoid getting bit. He grabbed his sleeping bag and once he made it to the top, it was vacant. Nobody inhabited the area and Mason began leaning over to see the view of everywhere else that was not the tower. The men he killed before he went to sleep, their remains scattered. One zombie still eating the inner intestines. Mason grabbed his shotgun, cocked it, and was on alert for any intruders to the top floor. He noticed a helicopter being driven in the sky. He grabbed binoculars from his bag to see two men dressed in construction uniforms driving the helicopter. “Shotguns are close distance.” He said to himself. He opened his bag and grabbed a pistol and began shooting at the windows. He shot both of the men inside and  he ducked when the helicopter crashed in the middle of the street, exploding and killing the walkers banging at the door but also shattering the windows. He reloaded the pistol and put it back in his bag along with the binoculars. He kept army rations in his bag and as the sun set and the moon made its way up in the sky, he ate his army rations, wondering what the future held.

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Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

Vanessa flinched everytime the Monsters hit the door, she stood up all night not being able to sleep. The young child stayed in the building, terrified of death she hugged her knees. She wasn't weak but at the same time Vanessa was only a child, and her fears can only grow. The emerald eyes of this young girl stuck onto the door again, scared as the Monsters started to break in. She hid under the mattress curling into a ball, hher emerald eyes closed tightly whimpering sounds escaping her mouth.   

KanedgyMichael Silence   92d ago

Michael Silence

Michael had woken up hours later, when the sun started to rise above the horizon. The sky was a brilliant shade of pink. That's one thing that Michael still liked about this world. The sky was still the same, if not better. 

He began to force himself out of the car. The coast still seemed clear, but you could never be too careful. Michael made sure he didn't leave anything. Ammunition, check, Rifle, check, Rations, check, backpack, check, flare check. He had all the important items so he reluctantly started to walk again. Shortly after, he saw a bunch of infected trying to get at someone through a door. Now he had to make a decision. Save the person, or leave them to save themselves. He chose the first option once he saw the small girl inside. He whipped out his rifle and began firing. 3 down. Two left that were now running at him. He shot one down, then chopped the other's head off with a machete. He ran towards Vanessa. “You alright, girl? Where's your family?” he said in a deep, serious tone as his scarlet eyes stared at her.

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Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

One.. two… three.. Arms covered Vanessa's ears as gun shots were fired. The tears formed in her eyes, [I was this one of the people who'd kill others?!] Many questions ran through her tiny brain, but her thoughts quickly vanished hearing his voice. “You alright, girl? Where's your family?” He asked her, a serious face and tone expressed himself. She looked at his armed hands and his backpack, scared to death she looked away before answering. “M- Mummy's go- gone..” she spoke softly and quietly, afraid of if he would hurt her..


KanedgyMichael Silence   91d ago

Michael Silence

Michael's heart dropped at the response. He stood up, put his gun back onto his back and began to look around. Anything to help the poor girl. She seemed scared enough as it is. Also, Michael wasn't sure if bringing a kid along with him would be smart. He found some bandages and antiseptic but no mother. Which meant the worst. He looked back in the direction where the girl was and projected so she could hear, “You need someone to help you out? I wouldn't mind you tagging along until we find a place for you…" he couldn't just leave the poor kid here. That went against everything his body and soul was telling him to do.

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Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

Vanessa watched the man walked away, he seemed to of been looking for something.. or someone. She knew he wouldn't find her mom, her moms been dead for a while now. Vanessa grabbed her knife, in case something would happen. But to her surprise nothing did, instead he asked her if.. if she would like to go with him. These emerald eyes looked as if they were sparkling with joy, she hadn't traveled with another human in so long. 

   She nodded her head and started to stand up, pulling her cloak hoodie over her head and grabbing her small backpack. The young girls black hair was now in her face all messy, but that didn't stop her. She looked at Michael and then at the door where he had broken through, she looked back at the bed she made and saw she forgot something. The tiny legs ran over and her beat up hands grabbed the bandana, the same one she uses to cover up her eyes of bridges. She then looked backto Michael once more, before giving a look that she wanted to go with him.  [I M- Mummy said to never trust people.. but she's gone and i don't wanna be alone…] Vanessa thought aftergiving Michael her look, she was scared, but not of the Monsters now, she was scared if he was gonna hurt her.

KanedgyMichael Silence   91d ago

Michael Silence

He smiled warmly once the girl agreed to go with him. She was obviously still scared which was no surprise, since she'd been on her own for what looked to be a while. Trust was something that had to be earned. He walked over to the door and waited for her to grab her things. “Got everything? I also never got your name. I'm Michael. You can call me whatever you want, though.” he said after she grabbed the bandana. Once the green light was given to leave he walked out of the door at a slow enough ppace for her little legs to follow. The poor girl was definitely born after the outbreak. He wondered how she survived so long on her own as he stepped over the infected corpses. Michael was sure that the girl was now scared of him, it must have been horrible watching him murder the walkers. It couldn't be helped, though. It was either leave her to die or shed some blood helping her. Hopefully he made the right choice…

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Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

The small girl followed Michael, hearing him talk. But soon she had heard his question.."Got everything? I also never got your name. I'm Michael. You can call me whatever you want, though." This gave Vanessa a choice, she could either give him her real name and probably get tricked. Or give him a fake name to ay it safe, Vanessa finally spoke making her decision. “I- I'm lilly..” she lied, like a serpants tongue. 
     She didn't mean anything bad behind it, but she knew she just couldn't trust this stranger name ‘Michael’. Vanessa was also keeping her distance as to not be so trusting as well, so she wouldn't be an easy target for him. And that was the first thing her Mum ever taught her, Trust is not given, But it is eearned. while Vanessa was in deep thoughts wondering if she had made the right decision, she triped over a corspe landing in a pile of spilled guts from a human who was killed.. Vanessa started to shake, closing her eyes; she was disgusted by the feeling of the guts rubbing on her hands and knees.
       Her breathing started to escalate and get louder as she started to panic, wondering if the kill was by 'Michael' or a nearby Monster?! She tried to keep herself calm but couldn't. It wasn't her fault, yea she was born in the world but she was also just a little girl.. 6 years old at that.. she couldn't handle this. Tears formed as she wanted to be with her Mum, she wanted to get away from the monsters. 

KanedgyMichael Silence   90d ago

Michael Silence

He smiled. “Lily. Reminds me of my sister…”he paused. “Pretty name.” slowly after he heard a thud, he instinctively jolted back and looked behind him. The kid just fell…now she was all covered in Blood and had guts on her. He sighed and took off his bag. He pulled out a rag and walked over to her. Kneeling down, he offered it to her. “Just keep pushing, Lily. That's the world we live in. I believe you can do it.” he said, trying to comfort her. He was never good with mushy stuff and tried to avoid it as much as possible. Yet this was a kid whose parents died and left her on her own. She looked to be 4 or 5 in Michael's eyes, which broke his heart. 

As he put his hand out with the rag, his sleeve rose a bit, revealing his insignia of a Phoenix which represented his part in the Lost Syndicate. He paid no mind to it and just tried to focus on the kid, hoping he wouldn't do something wrong. 

After all, in the past he had a tendency to mess up relationships. He couldn't help it though. His inherent distrust always lived inside of him and he constantly was on his toes. Even before the outbreak. Every thought about a relationship he had would be wondering if they were serious or not.

All because of his mother…At times he despised her for neglecting him but others he just made it an excuse to proclaim his own worthlessness. This was a chance he had to make something of himself. He didn't just want to help the girl, he had to

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Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

These emerald green eyes looked at Michael, they showed a amount of fear and horror she had inside her. Her tiny blood covered hands grabbed the rag as they shook, she calmed slightly as she looked down. “This is the world we live in..” Is all she could hear him say, tears formed and scattered down her rosey cheeks even more. Vanessa just wanted her Mum, She wanted to be without Monsters. But she would never know of that world. Vanessa couldn't keep herself calm anymore, as she ended up crying louder. 
       The poor toddler child had been alone, hungry, scared, and possibly hurt; to which she had no one to turn to. Michael seemed to of been the only trusting person she had left, but she knew he would leave her too. Either like her Mother did, or walk away from her when she needed him most. While crying Vanessa seemed to of accidently drawn out some nearby Monsters, as they heard the howels of her cries.. Vanessa heard the walkers coming and went quiet, or at least tried to. But she had muffled crying sounds from her mouth. 
          Dark black hair covered emerald green eyes, as sienna tanned hands grabbed her blindfold. Tying the thing around her eyes, she looked around trying to remember what direction that they had came from...

KanedgyMichael Silence   89d ago

Michael Silence

Michael sighed and looked around. Her howling drew some unwanted attention. The infected were running towards them. He couldn't kill them in front of her…Michael picked up his bag then picked up Lily. All in a moment, he broke out into a full sprint. He held Lily tight, making sure she wouldn't fall. He reached an abandoned car and put her in the passenger side. Running towards the driver's seat, he fumbled with cords muttering curses under his breath. Finally it came to life. Gas tank was half full. If there is a God, he was on Michael's side in that moment. Slamming on the gas pedal, he made his way north and shortly after, the infected were out of sight. Panting, Michael said, “Sorry, Lily. I'm sure you saw the monsters…we had to get away…” 

The car ran out of gas right before Michael reached his destination. Looking to Lily, he said, “Here's our stop. You might meet some friends where we're going.”

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Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

Vanessa gasped when Michael grabbed her, holding onto him with all her strength.. When she was placed into the seat she looked out the broken window, to see Monsters she had accidentally drawn.. her face was stained with many tears as her nose was red and Emrald eyes were all red and puffy from crying. Feeling the car move slightly startled this young child, as she never rode a ‘Car’ before. Vanessa listened to the curse words Michael had mumbled and picked up on a few, before she knew it though the car had came to a stop. 
        "Here's our stop. You might meet some friends where we're going.” Vanessa tilted her head at this, confused on what he meant and what friends were. She then looked outside from the car and saw they were in a different place and the Monsters were gone. "Wh.. Where are we..?" Her small, quiet, and shakey voice asked.. She hadn't been far from the city in a while, and was new to traveling by car.. 
       Vanessa soon enough wiped her eyes, as she tried to forget about how pathetic and weak she looked earlier. Her blood covered legs slightly stained up the seats in the car that weren't already stained, and her cloak was dirty all over again. She pulled the hood back up, causing her Black messy hair to cover most of her face.

KanedgyMichael Silence   88d ago

Michael Silence

The man walked out of the car and went to the passenger side, lowering Lily down. He held her hand and walked down the street. There were many Phoenix symbols painted on walls all around them. The same as what Michael had on his lower wrist. He led her down an alley and knocked on a door twice. A slot opened to which Michael responded, “0528” and the door was opened by a middle aged lady who seemed very tired. Shortly after the door there was a staircase going down. By now he had let go of her in case she would get too scared. The joyful screeches of other children could be heard at the bottom of the stairs, with a fire crackling. He walked down the stairs and told Lily as a younger woman walked up to them, “Stay here, Lily. I'll only be gone for a moment. I have to say hi to a dying friend. If you want to come with me you have to promise to be quiet, if not you can stay out here and play with some of the other kids. This lady is Maddy. The boys are Zack and Trey. They're around your age." Once Michael finished Maddy followed with, “There's food if you want some…what's your name girl?”

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Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

     Vanessa stayed quiet on the walk towards the building, listening to Michael talk through the door. She then looked at his wrist, comparing it to the signs around the place. She seemed confused and of course she couldn't tell if she was with someone to trust. When the door finally opened she looked up at the lady and back to the ground, not making eye contact was a choice she was gonna make sith these other people. Soon enough she felt Michael's grasp let go if her hand, and she looked up to see him going down some steps. 
       Soon Enough he followed not wanting to be left alone, not again.. When she reached the ground with him she looked around at the other kids, two boys. They were playing together. Vanessa seemed amazed to see other people her age, but tried to hide it well enough to not make a scene.  She then looked up to Michael, as he gave her two choices. 
     Stay here with the other kids, or go with him and continue to stay quiet. Vanessa looked down and sat on the floor away from the other kids, she chose to give him alone time with the dying friend he had.. Vanessa continued to stare at the ground while she hugged her knees, but lifted her small head when she saw the younger women approach her. "Theres some food if you want... Whats your name girl?" Vanessa stared at the women, her dark and dirty cloak still over her head.. 
     She stayed quiet once more, before answering this strange women. "Lilly." Is all she said.

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Michael Silence

Michael nodded and smiled, looking to Lily. “I'll be right back.” he said before walking down a hallway, into a door to the left. In there was an young man on his deathbed. Michael pulled up a chair and sighed. They were the same age but some sickness overtook his friend's body and slowly began to kill it. “I found a kid…she's been through a lot. Her parents are gone, I found her about to get eaten by infected…I'm sure your kids will like her…even though she's extremely quiet.”  the man turned his head to Michael and smiled slightly. The man struggled to get his arm up, to point to a book on the dresser across the bed. Michael got up and took the book. It was some journal. “Thanks. I'll have something to remember you by.”

Meanwhile, Maddy had made Lily a bowl of spaghetti. They were lucky enough to find some. The boys sat at the table, and Maddy just gave Lily the bowl. She knew the kid had been through a lot, and probably wanted to be alone for the time being.

Michael had now gotten back, with the journal in his hand, he said, “He's gone. Write a letter to the others, I'll bring it."  To which the young woman got up and started to grab stuff to write with. Michael walked over to Lily and said, “Are you fine to keep traveling tomorrow? If not we can stay longer. I just want to know you're okay.”

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Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

Vanessa watched as Michael finally walked away, she hugged her knees feeling more scared now that he was gone. Why was this..? Watching Maddy put a bowl of spaghetti in front of her she tilted her head, poking it slightly with the fork she realized it was food. This made Vanessa start eating it at a crazy pace, seems the young girl had gone quiet a while with our food. When she was in the Walgreens she had stole some food but was gonna keep it for when she really needed it.. 

        But she left her bag. Once she finished her food she put the plate down, her face a red saucy mess. Vanessa stared down at the bowl and smiled, turning her head towards Maddy. "Thank you.." She said, at least the young one had manners. She then watched Michael walk in, and turned her head back to the bowl as she grabbed it. 

         Walking over to Michael she lifted the bowl above her small head to show Michael she ate her food, proud that she did so. She then heard Michael ask if it was fine they stayed, or if she wanted to keep traveling. Vanessa looked back and saw the younger kids, she wanted to learn what 'Friends' were so she nodded to Michael that she wanted to stay. 


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Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

So sad this died 😔 it was really nice)

Ashton Henry Hickman

( gez, im sorry i forgot about this big group roleplay)

TinySmolBean     42d ago
Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

It's np lol, it was just cool to actually be involved in something for a while 😂)

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mb bean. Life got hella hectic. I'm down to roleplay again sometime, though))

TinySmolBean     29d ago
Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

No Biggie! I understand!! It was just fun for a while, at least while it lasted! But i'd be down to rp again!

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If you ever have any cool ideas just dm me!

TinySmolBean     22d ago
Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

Not the bowl of spaghetti being that delious-)

Kanedgy001   22d ago


i was confused for a second then I remembered your character had spaghetti lol

TinySmolBean     22d ago
Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

Lord dude lol, I died after writing that.)

Kanedgy001   22d ago


I chuckled a bit reading it ngl 

TinySmolBean     22d ago
Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

It was meant to be funny so im glad :D)

Kanedgy001   21d ago


Hey, that means you're a good writer. So at least one thing came out of it lmao. 

TinySmolBean     17d ago
Yall Motherfuckers can all go to fucking hell you dumbass birches. All yall can die alone for all I fucking care :)

Haha! Honestly wish I had people like this irl

Kanedgy001   17d ago


don't we all lmao.


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