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There once was a time of Gods and monsters, heros and villains, where the forces of Good and Evil would lock within their deadly dance and string along the fate of men.


However,  time is a fickle master always racing forward towards some unknown goal amd with time Gods became myths, monsters and heros became legends, and villain became the stories told to kee children in bed at night, the battle of good and evil seemed to come to an end and the fate of men was their own once again.


Time swiftly ran on, but as time moved on it's long shadow stretching ou as far as one could see and in this darknes something stirred and with one Tick of the clock no one ever noticed that the sting of fate was changin hands once again and a long forgotte war was about to be rekindled, myths resurrected and legends reborn.


This tale will take place in a city called Green Havon, you have three classes High class, Worker class, and The Shunned.


High class, mix of old noble families and Rich families, 

Worker Class, is the only class to be found in the whole city working for high class or trying to help the Shunned.


Shunned class, Outcast, poor families,thieves, beggers, killers, drug lords, with a mix of a few good souls with no luck.


You must pick a side, good or evil, if you are going with God hood, please don't make yourself all powerful it ruins for fun for the mortals.

If you are reborn legend or monster explain who and powers or abilities. Once again don't over power yourself or God might have to smite you down.








Small Bio:



Name:Silvan Pops

Sex: Male


Powers: God of Chaos, illusion, mind control, immortal, speed, strength, healing.

Allegiance: Evil

Small Bio: Known by his Mortal name Silvan lives a quiet life watching the humans or mortals around him with some humor, his real name Apophis the God of Chaos he has long been forgotten by time and entertains himself with fooling the mortals from time to time in twisted mind games that usually never end well for whoever he sets his eyes on. 

  Name: Aroa Rene Parker

Nickname(s) : Ara/Rene

Sex: Female

Race: Goddess

Powers/Abilities: Creation, Death, Super Speed, Eternal Youth, Freeze Time

Allegiance: Neither

Small Bio: Aroa is as old as time itself considering she is the “God of time". She has seen the world grow and she has seen it change but sides with neither good nor evil. Ara as her modern name has become lives among the people and works as a nurse and just bides her time watching and ONLY stepping in when she has to. Otherwise she likes to live under the illusion of being a mortal herself.

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