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🧫Scientist x Monster🧪

By Mixo1ydian
Backup thread

Extended Title: Looking for someone to do a Scientist X Lab Monster RP! I will be using my OC S618 (Specimen 618.)


Plot: You are a very well respected scientist in a lab in a secluded part of (country, state, continent, or even planet of your choice.) You, or your OC, is assigned to study a man-made animal, made using very primitive and new technology to the 21st century. This creation is feral, yet intelligent enough to read and string sentences together. It is provided with very little enrichment and are restrained to one room where you will study it. At first it is very wary of you, since the previous scientists, that it ended up putting out of commission, treated it with very little care in mind. But eventually it gains your trust, and you gain its'. I will start with a little bit of context leading up to the start, where you will be (in roleplay) assigned to S618.


About Me: I write up to 3 medium sized paragraphs, and as little as 2-3 sentences depending what you give me and what I'm describing in roleplay. I prefer 1 paragraph to half a paragraph on average though, just so I don't get burnt out on what we're doing and end up ghosting you!!

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