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By Yellow6182
Backup thread


Overall Rules


  1. Common sense. The most basic one arguably.
  2. No Gary-Stus/Mary Sues. Don’t wanna have to deal with someone’s angel/demon/wolf/cat/human hybrid who can use everyone’s powers and plus some.
  3. NO SEX !!! It’s against the terms and conditions anyways.
  4. Two sentence minimum in RP. It’s to be fair to everyone and to give everyone something to work with. Fair and square. For fucks sake don’t complain about the character minimum too.
  5. No really young child OCs unless stated otherwise. I mean like, just fresh out of the womb to like, six years old. No child boyfriends/girlfriends too.
  6. No gods. Most, not if all of these RPs in this thread are made to be in my own lil fantasy world, and it’s weird if you join with a god that just boots out what I have wrote.
  7. PLEASE use the template provided! For all of these RPs I will just deny access if you don’t submit an template/skeleton/whatever you call it! Also because I wanna know what I’m working with.
  8. READ THE RP’S SPECIFIC RULES AS WELL. These are just overall rules, but it really helps if you read the rules for that specific RP!


Lapistoria Academy of the Magical Arts

Welcome to Lapistoria Academy of the Magical Arts (or just Lapistoria for short)! If you are a lover of magic, fantasy and adventure, then this is the perfect and stunning school setting for your next adventure. Join us and explore the unique and immersive world of Lapistoria, a captivating mix of fantasy and magic combined with a hint of modern innovation. Mostly, things at the school are calm, or more fast paced if you’re in the right classes, but you’ll be bound to find something interesting if you look in the right places. You will encounter a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff from all over the world. Here, you will learn the art of magic, cultivate your skills and talents, and explore the vast and fascinating possibilities of the arcane world. Whether you're looking for friendship, romance, or simply a good time, the possibilities are endless at Lapistoria.


The link to join the RP is here!



The Risami Project

Welcome to Risami, the perfect tourist city for any magical girl fanatic! Well, I should say formerly was the perfect tourist city, considering what happened. Ever since the mass death and disappearances of magical girls in 2030, the city had been ruled by villains. This is where you come in though! You've been scouted by the magical mascot Pinch to help save the city, and maybe even the world! That's all if you decide to join though, so will you?



The link to join the RP is here!


Crackland’s Tea Table



I don’t even know, this is just a chat thread, nothing special. I would say it’s kind of supposed to be like the Chaos Zone, but I don’t want it to be a replica of that. I kind of want this one to be a bit more gatekept, despite me putting it in a search thread. I mean, feel free to rp here if you want, but this is mainly because I want to talk with more people on the site. Some of y’all actually seem nice. But yeah, feel free to join, it’s not private or anything, just drop by and say hi.


Link to join thread is here. :3



Video ChatKumospace [Everyone] [Everyone]


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