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Long ago, many people knew of the incident about the gaming community and its big hit. A long time ago many people across the world had been locked into a game. The Infernal Curse or shorter known as TFC. When first released the world was super excited and happy for its release and much of the gaming community joined in, however it was quickly learned they could not come out of the game instead they were locked in the game itself. It was believed the only way out of the game was to beat it. Unknown to the world the game maker themself was in the game. Beating the game, the gaming community had lost many of its following on games that dove into Virtual reality. This had caused a setback for many gaming companies and more over VR companies began to shut down because of it. 


Now not long after a new VR game had shown upon the world. Many skeptical about it, others excited for its released even after the incident still on their history. The game was known. only as Rising of Knights or RoK. The world expected it to be different, and so many joined in, many things seemed much better then in Infernal Curse, however one thing that had once again caught the world by suprise was that they were trapped once again in a video game. The world unable to do anything about it but keep those trapped hospitalized until they are released from the game and make sure the servers don't shut down or all inside will die. 


Inside of Rising of Knights the world is so much different. The players are all trapped within the world and in order to leave they have to defeat every “boss” there is known. Raid, dungeon, and World bosses. Let alone while still trapped within their respected factions and their leaders. The players are all spread out across their respect servers based upon the real-world country they are in. It is with patience the real world awaits the return or death of the players now trapped in this game unknown to them if the people will even be able to get out.

Even the players are scared for their life, repeating what had happened almost fifty years ago now. Will you help try and beat the game? Or will you kill other players inside the game and be a PK itself? Maybe even just sit back and wait to be released from the game itself? The Rising of Knights awaits you.


Rules and Regulations.

  1. No God moding, this one is obvious, but still gotta be put in.
  2. If you can I would prefer artish styled photos, however I will accept Anime ones as well
  3. Fill out a skeleton and send it to me Via link to the character (Obviously I don't need the Puppetmaster on the character profile)
  4. Not a rule, but I ask if you no longer are interested in the Rp you let me know and don't just ghost it.
  5. I like to have detail in posts so with that being said no one liners (Now I'm not saying it has to be a Book length either) as I understand blocks do happen, but I like to be able to reply to something
  6. If you have any problems talk to the person first, if its not resolved or if another problem with a person happens come to me. 
  7. Any details you'd like to have about background/history of a character (for example a love interest or knowing another person) send that person a Pm and discuss it. Just clue me in on the results so I can keep track.
  8. Last, but not Least Your character has to be inside the game…Sorry but no one is going to just be randomly posting about what is going on in the outside world (at least no one but me, I will give you “news” for it)



Important Details

There are a known of Three factions all choose able by Players. These factions are as followed.

The Hollowed, A group of people bent on world domination by any means necessary. It is unknown how many people are actually in the Hollowed as the group is a secretive faction to the outsides those inside however know signs of another Hollowed member. It is of course harder to pinpoint who the actual leader is considering they are only called the Horned Devil. Bent on the fall of each kingdom and causing Chaos across the entire world the Hollowed were the faction originally made to fight the Hidden Enclaves, however later their focus turned to the Silver Order.


The Hidden Enclaves, a group that aims to keep balance in the world of both good and evil. Dispatching their members at key events to turn it and make sure balance is maintained across the world. Otherwise care free souls and seemingly laid back types the Hidden are known only to have their hide aways across the entire world. Each having their own leader which in turn speaks to their leaders all the way up to a single being known as the Great Owl.


The Silver Order, a group of people bent on making sure justice is served across all countries, each believe Justice for all is better and having all follow the same rules. Also allowing for each country to rule how they wish, but that no one goes unpunished for breaking the rules of the country including its rulers. Also a group formed to fight the Hollowed, but ended up as enemies of the Hidden as well. Their leader is only known as the Sleepless God.


Top Guilds to Date

  1. The Guilded Rose Guild Moto Give me a shield so I may defend myself, Give me a blade to defeat my enemies, but don't dig a grave for me, for I will fall on the field of battle.
  2. The Jaded Dragon Guild Moto Out of all the serpents the Dragon is the strongest, wisest, and agile. It is like the Dragon we will be.
  3. The Sunstone Mare Guild Moto We will be where you least expect, we will travel hundreds of miles in seconds if we must, but count on us and we will show you our loyalty.
  4. The Opal Owl It is within the night we watch you, it is through the shadows we travel, and it is from the shadows that we emerge and disappear to once again.
  5. The Tiger's Eye The Sea of Trees is ruled by tigers, and it is from that sea the tigers will emerge upon birth and it is to the tree of seas that the tigers will return to upon death.




Puppet Master: Who are you? (This should be a link to you)

Name: Last, First, Middle initial

Avatar name: What is your in-game character name?

Age: How old are you? 

Nicknames: What are some names given to you in game by those who know you?

Unique skill: What is a skill only you have (This can be anything from duel wielding to a copy like ability)

Server: What server do you hail from (meaning what country do you live in in the real world)

Faction: What Faction are you apart of? 

Guild: Are you apart of a guild? If so who is it?

Rank: What Rank in your Guild do you hold?

Other details: Perhaps there is something interesting you'd like the rest of us to know? 

Guild details: Tell me about your Guild in detail.


Accepted Characters



Video ChatKumospace [Everyone] [Everyone]


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