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I'll start with what I'm looking for;
• Be above the age of 21, as I do not feel comfortable writing with minors
• I want this to be M/M (though I’m willing to double if necessary)
• For you to be able to write at least 400 words per post (1800 characters / four paragraphs)
• As for pictures I prefer photographs (Art wise I'd only do picrew, otherwise no pictures)
• But above all I want us to have a fun and relax, verisimilitude over realism, suspension of disbelief.


Second let me make note that I’d love to hear your ideas, regardless of whether any of mine interest you. And you're also welcome to simply link me one of your own roleplays (or a search thread) for me to check out—and make sure to title your message ‘steglits’ to let me know you’ve read this far.

Now, I do have a few ideas and concepts to kickstart brainstorming, though beyond these I am pretty varied in what I like when it comes to genres and plot—From tender romance, to brutal action. Though, I will say above all else that I want romance to be a key part of the plot. I lean more towards sci-fi, modern, supernatural, action, gore, and mystery, in the terms of genre. And trope-wise I’ve been itching for morally grey characters, soulmates, power duos, and stoics.

A cyberpunk thread of two mercenaries who infiltrate a ball/gala in order to do a job (could be theft, assassination, intel gathering, etc)—The romance part is that in order for them to get into the place one is pretending to be a high position anything, and the other is their bodyguard, and in order for them to sneak into places they don't belong they're also pretending to have an affair. (So we've got -fake- bodyguard romance and fake dating in a two-for-one deal.)

The plot itself can lean more towards action, thriller, or comedy—depending on their dynamic and what we want from it. And both roles are open so you've got free pick if you've got a preference.

Something cyberpunk inspired, preferably 2077 leaning as that’s what I’m most familiar with (but I also know of Neuromancer, Detroit: Become Human, Psycho-Pass, SOMA, and 5th Element). Action leaning, perhaps a mystery, perhaps mercenaries just doing their job, or maybe even even just a slice-of-life inspired by the relic biochip plotline.

Another more concept than plot, but I’ve been itching for the balance of brutality and tenderness: Whether it’s people who fight together and patch each other up, or one who gets into trouble while the other gets them out of it, or even just in a metaphorical sense of stoic or gruff personalities hiding warm centres.
     • Semi-adjacent to this is soulmates; the kind where it’s their injuries that show up as almost-healed bruises and aches on the other. Wherein one of them starts a bunch of fights.

THREE I have also been itching for something with “monsters”; whether two monsters, one monster and a monster hunter, or the classic newly turned monster type thing. I personally prefer werewolves, but I know vampires are probably more popular—Though any other kind of monster is likewise interesting, it's less the details and more the other that interests me. (That and also the potential for gore and violence, but that is entirely optional). Whether monsters hiding and trying to fit in, a doomed romance between a hunter and a monster, monsters just going on a rampage, or even slice of life monster society.

FOUR Perhaps seemingly at odds with all of that, I've also had a hankering for some nonsense fluff; college roommates, returning to the home town and falling in love with someone they never thought would match, romance between a mercenary and his cyberware mechanic. Small smiles and jokes. Maybe even a dash of fake dating, I am a sucker for fake dating.

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