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Ciel Lovell


Her lavender colored eyes scanned across the email congratulating her for getting hired. She would be starting a new job today. Working with people in prison cells. Of course she was advised not to many time by several people but that didn't seem to stop her. She was grateful she was good at persuading people. She knew of course the job was dangerous but she felt she could handle herself if she need to. Tricks and illusions were her specialty after all, that was for little to know. Young woman who looked to be about twenty-thee would start work tomorrow at 5am. After reading the email throughly she decided it was time for her to got to bed. For it was morning she would dread.

 The young blonde sighed heavily as she heard her phone alarm screaming at her. It 4:00 am that was just too early to be awake. The woman groaned as she felt the small fuzzy void next to her stirred. Even Shadow did not want to be wake yet. She slowly got out of bed then headed to the  bathroom to start her normal routine. She stepped into the shower after brushing her teeth. The hot beads of water felt great against her bare skin. She stood there for a while before she started cleaning herself properly. Once she was cleaned and rinsed off. She got out dried herself off with a rather large fluffy pink towel. Thankfully she remembered to lay out her clothes last night. 

She sighed softly as struggled to get into her black opaque pantyhose, after she put on underwear of course. Finally she was able to get them on after sitting down on the bed forcing her foot through the silk mangle mess. That was always the hardest thing in the morning. She slipped into the black shirt that was not too long nor was it short. There was a nice slit that went up the left side almost to her thigh. She then slipped into a tight but supportive brassiere that was also black and not as opaque as her pantyhose. She then put on the dark red sweater that seemed to be rather form fitting show off a good amount of her assets. It was then complimented by a small gold chain and earrings. Only thing left was to slip on her red and black heels that seem to clatter against the floor with each step she stood. She walkd down the hall and into the bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror and did her make up. She quickly brushed her long honey colored hair and then tied it into a messy bun.

Once she was fully dressed she grabbed a light jacket that she had neatly hanging by the door. She said goodbye to her beloved Shadow who was still sound asleep in bed. Oh the life of a cat she thought to herself. As she made the way out the door to her small black car. The car was nothing special to her, an older car with slick black paint. That seemed to purr like a kitten, every time the woman hit the gas petal. The drive was only about a 15 minute drive so it really didn't take her long to get there. Once she pulled into the underground parking garage, and  parked her car. She walked up to the elevator and typed in a code. The steel door open slowly, she stepped inside. Of corse she hit the wrong number and was put on the wrong floor. 

She step out the elevator her lavender eyes danced around the room. It was there she seen you. Her heart almost skipped a beat as your eyes met her. What a strange feeling. She never really love anyone or anything other than her cat Shadow. She shook her head softly before breaking eye contact with you. It was then she seen you get shoved to the floor so roughly right before her eyes. One of the guard snarled and ask you: “What are you looking at?” It was then the guard turn his head and notice her standing there, so elegantly. “What are you doing here?” he quickly said in loud voice. Ciel felt as if she had all eyes on her now. She bit her bottom lip, before speaking carefully. "I am the new hire. The new doctor…I think I have the wrong floor.” she said as she turn to go back into the elevator. The guard shouted you need to go up a floor and to the right.  "Thank you"  she said before the door closed. The guards spoke between themselves as the pulled you back to your cell . “Man I would love to do her… ”  the other guard seemed to laugh at that comment. “Yeah…I am sure she love to do you too”  the other guard muttered before place you in your prison cell. Of course since you were just recently arrested for mass murder or attempt of it, they seemed to treated you very poorly. Giving you little food to no food at a time.  Also a good beating, but that didn't seem to extinguish the fire that was burning so brightly in your eyes. Who was going to stand up for a criminal? No one would.

Ciel made it to the next floor where she was greeted by a very stern face. Of course the older woman was pissed with how she was dressed. She told her not to wear earrings, or a necklace again. Also to wear something more reserved. Ciel sighed softly as she was hand stacks and stacks of paper work that need to be filled out and filed by this afternoon. The young woman was then lead into a dim room. With a very tiny window that really didn't seem like it would open even if she tried. She sighed softly as she turned on the old dell computer that seemed to struggle to run. Once it finally turned on, the woman turn on the welcoming tutorial. Ciel sat there in the uncomfortable desk chair for what felt like an eternity. Until the older woman asked if she wanted to get a coffee. Ciel nodded and happily followed the woman down the hall and to a locked room. The woman punched in a code and lead her into the break-room. The room was older, the tile on the floor was cracking and the walls were yellowing. The heavenly scent of coffee filled the room. The older woman sat down at one of the table. Hanging on the wall was an older tv that seemed to have the News on. The man on the screen was talking about how cold front was moving in from the north that temperatures were going to drop through the day. Ciel was also informed that one of the locker in here was now hers, that she could keep her purse, and jacket in here. Ciel put her jacket and other belonging away in the locker. The older woman pour her a cup of hot coffee.

Ciel happily took the hot cup and added two sugars before taking a big drink of the steaming hot liquid. It burnt a little but she need the caffeine boost or else she was going to fall a sleep at the desk. She couldn't be doing that. After their small break. They went back to the same dual room. Ciel was shown how to file the paper work. Of course she was more known for her first aid skills and being a fairly good psychiatrist. The older woman didn't seem to believe that so here she was doing most of the paper work. Ciel could only hope that after gaining the woman trust that maybe she would be able to work with some of the inmates. It was then popped back into her mind. Just who were you? What did you do that was so bad that you get beaten like that? Ciel felt her cheek getting red so she excused herself to the bathroom. She sighed softly as she shook her head. She need to get you out of her mind. Why. Why did those eyes look to her so hungrily. Perhaps that was just because the was a potential murderer or maybe he was one. She wouldn't know, until later that afternoon. 

She followed Juniper down the stairs. She was told that she was going to be administering first aid on one of the inmates. To her surprise it was you again, it was clear you were in a lot of pain. The old woman told her to just put a few band-aid on you here and there but that wasn't going to stop all the blood that seem to be flowing like a river from your face, and torso. “Umm.. I think this man is going to need some stitches… Do we have any topical anesthetic?”  Juniper laugh and said do we look like a hospital?  “N-No" She said softly. She then turned back and looked towards you, she carefully lifted your chin making you look up towards her. Her delicate slender fingers were under you chin. Her index finger grazed you bottom lip ever so slightly. “I am sorry but this is going to hurt… so you are going to have to try your  best to stay still." She said softly as she open the small first aid kit. She used an alcohol wipe to clean the wound above your right eye. She did he best to be gentle. She took the hooked shaped needle then quickly did a few stitches along the laceration. She then put a large bandage over the the stitches keep them covered. Juniper decided to leave the room since she wasn't a big fan of blood. Once she left was only the two of you in the room. There was a guard or two standing outside the door.

She then moved to your chest that seem to be seeping with blood. The slender woman sighed softly as she did her best to pull the orange jump suit down. She slid the orange fabric down your shoulders revealing your broad shoulders and muscular chest. Of course there was only so far she could go with all the chains, hand cuffs. It seemed like they really didn't want you to be able to move. She put pressure on the laceration. Ciel got to work doing the same process over. Cleaning the wound before going in with the hooked needle. She felt bad for you, seeing you wince in pain every time she made a stitch. She would pause for to give you a break from the pain. She even laced her fingers between yours. Held your hand firmly. “We are about halfway. Sir do you think you will be okay if I finish job? Or do you need a small break?" She said in a voice sweet like honey. Perhaps it was stupid of her to be holding the hand of a criminal. She felt bad about seeing the man in pain. It was then Juniper came back into the room. Asked her what the hell she was doing? She let got of the mans hand. “ He  was in tremendous amount of pain so I was just giving him a small break. I also told him he could hold my hand if needed too that is all…" Ciel could feel Juniper icy glare. “It is not my fault we do have any topical anesthetic here.” She said as she glare back at the woman who left the room once again leaving the two alone.  “Criminal or not no deserves to suffer…” She as she looked back to find that they were the only two in the room.


( I hope you do not mind that I posted to this. Sorry XD I was just bursting with ideas. I hope you like my post if you don't you may delete it.) 


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