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Welcome to my labyrinth of darkness… Where life is lost faster than it's given.


My name is FROSTBITE, most people just call me Frost, a nickname that appeared randomly one day. I'm a Semi-Literate to Literate writer, meaning a write a minimum of 1000 characters per post, and I only write with people who write a minimum of 800 characters, preferably 1000.


Here is some info about me:

*First off, I only roleplay males.

*All roleplays I do are strictly OCs, Never canon characters.

* I like to add dark topics in my roleplays, this means drugs, alcohol, harm, etc.

*I'm literate and put a lot of work into my replies, so I expect that of anyone I roleplay with.

*I may be slow to replying at times, don't message me unless it's been two or three days since my last reply.


Some things I like to roleplay:


*Romance (MxF)



*Post Apocolypse.



*Doctor Who

*Star Wars

That's all I can think of right now. Feel free to message me, my PMs are always open.

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