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 Leo ( me) is a 17 year old girl who lives in Chicago. She practically takes care of herself since her mother died due to an unknown cause, and her father is an absolute drunk. Leo isn't as popular at school, she has 2 best friends, Y/C+. But little have they known, the Chicago streets have one infamous serial killer, nicknamed, “The Ripper”. The friends watch a news report of one of the girls in their high school found her body unresponsive in a creek. Her neck slashed and her chest stabbed multiple times. Later on, more student start to die, and the trio goes on a remarkable and dangerou adventure to make sure they themselve and the rest of the students aren't a victim of The Chicago Ripper.   

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leo_Leo   63d ago

Leo was in her room, packing her things in her bag for school that morning. She had gotten startled when she heard a crash, which sounded like a glass breaking, coming from downstairs. “He’s drinking again…” Leo thought, and rolled her eyes. She slung her backpack over her shoulder and went downstairs, going into the kitchen and grabbing a broom and dustpan to get up the broken shards of glass. When she was finishing getting it up off the floor, she threw it away and put the items back, listening to the tv as a news reporter spoke about another brutal crime scene made by The Ripper. “Wow…” She thought to herself. “What the world has become.”  Leo mumbled.


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