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Fake Smiles - An Ouran Story

By KyoyaPleasant
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Looking for a literate mature Ouran Host Club roleplay.

You can be any character canon or original as long as you're literate and can bring drama and story to the roleplay. Conflict grows character. Fights, arguments, romance- the works.

Please don't join if you like to roleplay quiet and indecisive characters. Please do not join if you are triggered by mature and dark themes. My character will show interest in yours and I expect the same from you. I will NOT continuously be the only initiator to drive plot, romance or conflict. It takes two.

That out of the way, Kyoya and your character can have a history depending on the charrie you choose (canon or otherwise). It can be within the Host Club era or post. 

Thank you! Please message me if you are interested!

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: Kyoya Ootori :

“One more year left and what exactly have you done? Manage a Host Club? Such a waste. It will all be for nothing.”

The dark haired student stared down at the notes finely printed across his notebook, not really seeing the words and numbers anymore but thinking about the next year to come. How imperative time was becoming and how little he was actually prepared for it. This club had seemed to monopolize most of his free time. 

Kyoya Ootori looked up through his strands of loose hair, watching the Host Club conduct its usual business in a manner without him. As he told their leader, he wasn’t in the mood for courting girls and there was paperwork to be handled. If only his father’s words didn't linger over him like a dark cloud... like everything seemed to do nowadays. 

“Kyoya,” Tamaki snapped from this position on the couch. “Make sure to put more instant coffee on the order list for this month. We’re already nearly out!”

“Of course,” he replied flatly, forcing his tired eyes to refocus on the list in front of him. They were already over budget from their latest summer event but Tamaki always made sure that money was never something to worry about. The King obviously could care less about his own personal future, frivolous creature that was. An envious benefit of being an only child. Perhaps they should go back to selling photo catalogs again. 

Kyoya closed the ledger, abandoning the thought of getting any work done today and instead stood to make himself a cup of tea. His gaze wandered over the hosts, fully immersed in their personas. Sometimes he wished he had Honey’s positivity or the twins’ charm. Anything was better than being trapped as cold and collecting. But that was his label. The cool type.

“Hey Kyoya.” Tamaki slid into an armchair beside him, leaning over the back as he observed him stir the beverage. “I was thinking maybe we could bring in an assistant to help with some of the paperwork. You’re no good as a host if you’re weighed down by all the boring stuff.” 

The shadow king gripped his tea cup tighter. “What makes you think I need assistance, Tamaki? Do I not bring in a reasonable quota for someone who manages the finances and your silly whims on a day to day basis?” 

The blonde pouted. “My whims are not always silly. I just think you should be able to experience your last year at Ouran to the fullest! Enjoy the tea, go out on vacation, meet a girl- and speaking of girls, I believe I found the perfect candidate.” 

Kyoya nearly spit out his tea. “You’re kidding. You already told someone else?”

“I figured you’d think my plan was a brilliant one, Kyoya! I am if not a gracious King. Her name is Hanako Takahashi and she’s in my arithmetic class. She always gets excellent grades so I thought why not? Why not bring her on as your assistant?” 

He put his cup down harder than he anticipated. “And how exactly does Miss Takahashi expect to be compensated or do you expect me to believe she’s just doing this for fun? Out of the kindness of her heart?” Everyone is always looking for something to gain. 

Tamaki flipped his hair. “Why don’t you ask her yourself? She’s standing in the doorway.” 

His heart skipped a beat, bubbling with frustration. No- Tamaki is an idiot. He obviously has no idea the amount of work I put into this ridiculous club. I have particular ways of operating. If she sabotaged anything- I fucking swear-

Kyoya forced on his fake salesman smile and turned around to the young woman at the music room door. Dark hair, wide eyes. He felt he should recognise her, know everything about her just by simply looking at her features and seeing the features of a prominent parent. But to his disappointment, no one came to mind. His father would be ashamed. 

He crossed the space quickly, meeting her at the entrance as he gestured for her to follow him as he stepped outside into the hall. “Pleasure to meet you, Miss Takahashi,” he started once their conversation was as private as having two mischievous twins in the club could get. “I am unaware of what our leader Tamaki told you but I am not looking for an assistant at this time. I am sure your credentials are more than sufficient and I do deeply apologize.” 

“Kyoya, you better not be telling her to leave! We could always use a woman’s touch around the club, you know,” Tamaki called. 

Composure. It’s all about composure. 

“And make sure to smile.” 

Kyoya smiled, hoping she would take his dismissal without argument or worse- bribery. 

SmileBrightHanako Takahashi   114d ago

Hanako Takahashi

Three days prior…

“Tamaki, I am much too busy to join your silly club.  I have a scholarship to uphold, and I’m already a part of the pottery club.  There is no way.” Hanako stood in the hallways after school let out that day.  Tamaki Suoh, leader of the famous Host Club, pushed his hair back from his face, a devilish grin on his lips.  “But, princess, our dear Kyoya, our manager and host, needs someone to lighten the load of work he has.  Besides, your family makes tea sets, right?” Tamaki always knew how to strike a chord with anyone, especially when he wanted something.  Now his words piqued Hanako’s interest.  

She pulled her books tighter to her chest, “And what if we do?”

Tamaki knew at that point, she was in.  “You work in the host club with us, we use your family's tea sets.  Your family gets more to gain, you’ll no longer need the scholarship and you’re part of the famous Host Club.  We could use a lady’s touch, such as yourself.” Hanako knew this was an offer she couldn’t refuse. 

“We’ll see you on Monday.  The Third Music Room.  Right after school.”


Hanako stood at the door, waiting to be acknowledged by Tamaki, or anyone for that matter.  Entering the host club was not something she wanted to do, worried one of the hosts would whisk her away and think she was a client.  She didn’t have time to think about flirting with men in her free time.  

At least with the offer she was given, she could have a higher position in a club and help her father’s tea set business.  Her mother had also been working on tea selections, maybe the host club would even be interested in purchasing some for the club as well.  

The brunette had arrived a bit later than she had wanted, as she was finishing up an assignment for one of her classes.  But, now she waited. Everyone seemed engrossed in whatever they had been doing, and didn’t seem to notice the woman at the door.  She looked around the room, it seemed fairly normal.  

Friends of hers frequented the host club, always asking her to come along.  She never had any interest in any of that.  She preferred her pottery wheel to people most of the time, maybe that's why Suoh had approached her in the first place.  

He always seemed to bring loners together.

As her eyes rested on Tamaki, she noticed Suoh and Ootori both looking over to her.  A faint smile dressed her lips, as she noticed Kyoya making his way over to her.  Before she could introduce herself, he was guiding her into the hall and began speaking to her.  She watched his eyes as he spoke, the tone of voice was kinder than the words leaving it.  

Wait, there was no position?  Then why did Suoh-.  And that’s when she heard Tamaki’s voice behind her, shouting to Kyoya from inside the music room.

“Well, Mr. Ootori, Suoh promised me a position. Your assistant, actually. Something about you not having enough time to be a host and a manager.  What’s wrong with having someone else lighten the load a little bit?” Hanako asked, before opening her own notebook.  

“I keep books for several clubs already, including art club and pottery club.  I know the duties of a manager, and have no interest in being wooed by any of the hosts anyway.” Hanako closed her notebook, after showing her notes to Ootori.  She met his eyes, before clearing her throat quickly.  

“My family makes tea sets.” Hanako spoke, opening another book underneath the spring collection of tea sets coming out.  

“We also make tea leaves as well. My family could supply the Host Club with tea and tea sets, something I would assume you go through a lot of.  Wouldn’t it be nice to save a bit on tea and china to spend on cakes or events you usually throw.” Hanako questioned, she would not let this go down without a solid go at it.  She knew Kyoya would want to know why she’d want to join the host club, well here it was.  

And besides, it’d be nice to have a couple of new friends as well.

: Kyoya Ootori :

Admititingly, Kyoya couldn’t argue with her proposal or the impressive credentials that she provided. The longer she explained herself the more her profile emerged in the back of his mind. Takahashi, yes. They had several of her family's tea sets and have been renowned to create china in the finest quality that could last generations. With how the twins broke a cup every now and again, he was sure having a private supplier would ease the burden of buying entirely new sets. 

Kyoya pushed up his glasses, coming to the conclusion that Ms. Takahashi was not like most frivolous girls that frequented the Host Club. “While I have to admit, I am not fond of sharing my books with a complete stranger, I cannot deny that your involvement will be beneficial to both us and the Club’s success.” 

“In return, I am happy to offer any of my family’s own medical connections if your Father is ever in need of any professional consultations.” It would at least be favorable to the head of his own household.

“But let me be clear,” he crossed his arms, keeping a smile so as to not seem too harsh. “I do pride myself on even the smallest details and I will not tolerate sloppy or lazy work. We might be a club that entertains women but we are also composed of very prestigious families and we have reputations to uphold. If a single penny is unaccounted for, I will not hesitate to sever any ties.” 

Careful. She might see that ugly streak. 

Kyoya gestured to the door. “In any case, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to have a look around what you’ll be dealing with on a day to day basis.” He could already feel a headache forming at the base of his temple. Really, if Tamaki ever took a moment to consider another’s feelings that would be the day. 

The raven hair gave her a brief tour of the room, explaining the breakdown of daily functions and the obstacles he had to hurdle between Tamaki’s grand scheme ideas and Honey-senpai’s weakness for sweets. The hosts were enthralled with the new face that would be joining their team and congratulated Kyoya as if this was a well deserved prize. After all the excitement was said and done, all he wanted to do was get away from the noise. 

After giving Ms. Takahashi a thorough run through of his own books, his eyes fell to hers. “I apologize if all this was a bit overwhelming,” he muttered. “But I assure you, you’ll get used to it. They’re not all bad.” Kyoya was the odd one after all compared to all those welcoming personalities. He wondered what she thought about him and took a small moment to admire her in return.

“So I recall you’re in the pottery club,” Kyoya pointed out as he passed her a cup of tea. “Are you going to be able to balance our club, your various bookkeeping gigs and your hobby?” 

SmileBrightHanako Takahashi   114d ago

Hanako Takahashi

The small smile appeared on Hanako’s face as it seemed Kyoya accepted her offer to be his assistant.  She would have to agree with him, sharing books with someone she didn’t know well would be interesting, but hopefully the two could manage.  Hanako tended to be very stubborn in the ways she completed things, and she wouldn’t take well to change or to be rushed.  She hoped he could respect that about her as well.  

“I appreciate your offer, Mr. Ootori. Your family’s medical services are of high praise.” Hanako commented, her head bowing politely.  Being as respectful as possible now would be her best course of action, as she knew as she continued on as part of the Host Club, her personality would creep out of her.  As she rose back to a standing position, she looked up to Kyoya as he crossed his arms and spoke.  The woman raised an eyebrow as he spoke, did he truly think she would sabotage the Host club?  For what purpose?  Sure, the most wealthy and influential members of the school participated in the Host club, but none of that would help her.  “Wouldn’t dream of something like that. I take all of my work very seriously.” 

Kyoya walked the woman around the Host club, explaining the ins and outs of the club and its daily activities.  She recognized most of the hosts, it was hard not to know them around school.  They were pretty famous, even when not in the club.  But, seeing them here brought out a whole new side of all of them she never expected.  They all had charm and charisma, it was clear why girls came back day after day to visit their favorites.  

But, she had to wonder, why was Kyoya alone when he, too, was a host.  Although, that’s why she was here, to allow him more time to be a host.  

Each host introduced themselves in their own ways, Honey-Senpai had given her a full bear hug, while Mori-Senpai had only simply nodded with a smile.  The twins had both asked her a plethora of questions before Haruhi was able to push them away from her and introduce himself as well. Something seemed different about Haruhi from the other hosts, but she would leave it alone for now. She returned all their introductions, not used to large crowds or the sheer amount of noise, but she assumed she’d get used to it.  

Seeing the clean and precise books for the host club that Kyoya kept, Hanako could see how the Host club had always been able to run so smoothly.  Everything was neat and orderly, and everything was accounted for.  Where money came in from, and where it went to.  Hanako already had ideas brewing in her head for different money making opportunities and ways to crunch numbers more efficiently, but she held off until a better time. She was still only just starting. “I’m not quite yet accustomed to the noise level yet,” Hanako smiled, “But I’m sure you just get used to it over time.”

Now, the conversation turned to herself, as Kyoya handed her a cup of tea.  The blend was exquisite, the tea set not her own but beautiful nonetheless.  “The Host club will be my main priority behind my studies.  I do have a scholarship I do have to keep up with.  As for my other priorities, the art club and pottery club spend almost the same every month, and every six months they do a restock.  The books are fairly simple and as long as I do a brief check in with them every so often, I don’t see how I could fall behind.” Hanako spoke, not needing her books to recall the numbers.  The art club and pottery club were easy to keep track of, as they used the budget given by the school, and didn’t require excess money coming in to keep them afloat.  “As for my personal pottery, I can work on that after hours or at home.  I usually have one piece I work on and present in the art show at the end of the school year. So I don’t think any of those things will interfere with the Host club in any way.” 

Hanako lifted the tea cup to her lips and sipped, before placing the tea cup on the saucer and placed it down on the table.  “Would I be able to ask you a question?” Hanako asked, her dark eyes meeting his equally as dark ones.  His eyes didn’t let anything about him out, so she was curious about the famous host club’s manager.  “You told me yourself you didn’t want, or need, an assistant.  But Suoh made me believe you wanted more time to be a host.  Do you actually want more time to host, as it seems you prefer more alone time?  You must have clients begging for your time, considering you are so busy.”

Hanako hoped her question wasn’t too personal, or seemed too forward.  She had the habit of letting things out before she thought them over, and her calm demeanor could sometimes come off as sarcastic or petty.  

“Kyyyyyoyaaaaaa!” Tamaki made his way over, pulling an arm around his friend’s shoulders.  “How are you two getting along? I told you she’d be the perfect addition!” Tamaki’s bright smile truly brightened up the music room, even with the light streaming in the large windows.  “Did Hanako tell you her ideas for events?  We had discussed some briefly and I think she has some interesting ideas.”

Hanako had hoped she could ease her way into suggestions, but Suoh threw her in full force. Tamaki gave her a smile, before giving Kyoya’s shoulder’s a small squeeze.  

: Kyoya Ootori :

Kyoya allowed himself a small smile as he watched her admire the tea set, knowing full well that she had an eye for even the most miniscule of details. Maybe he had rushed to judge her too quickly. That was a bad habit he’d inherited from his older brothers though they had always taught him to be one step ahead. “Always know what the other person is thinking and you will always have the advantage.” 

So he did what he did best and analyzed her words, their sincerity and her passion for art as well as her studies. He wondered if he would consider the Host Club his own hobby. Though most days it just felt like work. 

“Would I be able to ask you a question?” 

His eyes met hers, considering the answer to her inquiry. If he were honest... No. I don’t enjoy being a host but it is Tamaki’s vision that drives my motivation to be here. My one success in my high school career that I must nurture. 

Before he could answer, the man on his mind appeared once more, leaving his shoulders stiff to the touch. “We’re compatible,” he assured the king. “I’m confident Ms. Takahashi will be more than capable to function in the position. At least, she hasn’t given me any reason yet to doubt her.” There was still time and he planned on keeping a close watch for the first couple weeks. 

“As for her ideas, no, we had yet to discuss detailed club events.” He turned his head sharply to Tamaki who flinched back. “May I remind you, we just met. Do behave.” 

Tamaki laughed and rubbed the back of his neck. “I know she just got here but I’m so excited. I always wanted someone I could bounce my ideas off with.” He pouted slightly. “Mommy’s always so busy you never want to talk about the club themes.” 

Kyoya leaned back in his chair. “It’s your job to be creative. I just make them a reality.” He paused. “Or rather, we will make them a reality.” 

“Fine, fine, fine,” Tamaki waved. “But Hanako, I do look forward to working with you.” He gave her one last departing wink before leaving them once more to their tea. 

The raven hair rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Thank you for offering to help him. I think it will benefit the both of you to collaborate on future events.” He glanced down at his tea, no doubt cold by now. “As for your earlier question, yes, I do prefer the company of few rather than many but with the time now freed, I can commit to entertaining our clients.” The safe, clean answer. Ms. Takahashi may have been a brilliant organizer but she may also be a gossiper as well... like every other dumb girl. 

Before long, they wrapped up their afternoon tea and he assigned her a time to meet him at Music Room 3 before the club officially opened for business tomorrow. With brief departing words and a quick tidying of the room, the man was free to return to his own private thoughts. 

SmileBrightHanako Takahashi   111d ago

Hanako Takahashi

Hanako covered her lips with her hand as she smirked at the way Tamaki and Kyoya interacted.  It felt more like they had been friends since birth than two children who met in grade school, which she knew from the several articles she had read. Or was it more of an adult/child relationship? Or a marriage, due to Tamaki’s nickname for Kyoya.  The woman was brought back to the conversation when Kyoya mentioned that they would make his ideas a reality now.  She nodded at the comment, a small smile on her lips as she did so.  “Thank you, Suoh.  I look forward to it as well.”

“I bet you enjoy working with your best friend, hm?” Hanako spoke, finishing off her tea and placing the cup in front of you.  But, she realized that they were still discussing business, so she left her comment to rest.  “Glad to be of service to you.”

Kyoya told the brunette when to meet back, which she wrote down in her notebook so she could make a note of it tomorrow.  She usually wrote down her day in the morning, so she didn’t want to forget it.  “It was nice to meet you, Ootori.  I look forward to working with you further.” she spoke, before bowing politely and heading off down the hallway.  She needed to grab a few things before she left, and had her mother pick her up.  As she walked, she was stopped in the middle of the walkway by two girls, who stopped her as she walked by.  

“Hanako Takahashi, right?” The redhead said, looking up from her bangs. “Yes, can I help you?” she stopped, turning to face the girl who spoke her name.  “Kyoya Ootori doesn’t take clients today, and yet you were able to have tea with him.  Are you his girlfriend or something?” she spoke once more, her hand settling on her hip.  Hanako remembered her now, she was sitting with Honey and Mori-Senpai, but had looked over at the pair quite a few times as they spoke.

A faint smile and a shake of her head followed the girl’s question, and she looked even more upset.  “What?  Is something funny?” the redhead spoke.  “Oh no.  I’m the new assistant manager of the host club, Ootori was helping me get acquainted.  Like an interview I guess.” Hanako smiled, a calm smile, not wanting to get into trouble merely for doing her new job.  It was clear the redhead didn’t really like her answer, but smiled through it nonetheless. “Good. There wouldn’t be any way Kyoya Ootori would be interested in someone like you.  The host club is filled with men from powerful families, while your family deals in tea.” The redhead laughed to her friend, before flipping her hair as her friend returned her laugh.  She was ready to shoot something back at her, but her new job at the host club had her hold her tongue.  She didn’t want to ruin any reputation of the club on her very first day.  “Are we done here?” Hanako asked, before walking by the women quickly, fuming now that her back was to them.  

Hanako slammed her locked shut after she got her book out, groaning as she was alone in the room.  She took a minute to calm herself down, and quickly ran to her mother’s car when she was there to pick her up.  “How was school today, Hanako?” 

“Same as always, fine. Thank you.”

Arriving home, Hanako went to her computer to pull up the art forum she had been a part of for some time now.  Sharing artwork that didn’t have to be associated with the Takahashi name, as well as not being noticed for artwork that didn’t have to do with ceramic or pottery, as she was expected to excel in.  Things like watercolor and oil pastels of sunsets or cherry blossoms, anything that was different than what she was known for.  A place to be a little bit more of herself, with more anonymity. 

Hanako had added a new piece the night before, a watercolor of a beach at night, the stars and moon covering the sky.  Reflected in the water though was the sunset that had just left that place, making it a dark piece but shone with color in the center of the portrait.  There was one person who usually commented on her work, and they would usually chat for a little while afterwards.  She waited for their icon to light up, to signify they were on to chat.  A person who knew her as nothing more than an artist behind a screen.  Just as LateNightChai.

: Kyoya Ootori :

The amount of relief he felt when he locked the bedroom door was immense like a heavy blanket falling off his shoulders. Going through the formal conversations with his father about school, today’s successes, his brother’s successes and that mother would be home late again. Occasionally they would speak of his sister but she was the black sheep of the family. Nothing was ever new. Nothing had ever changed. The maids, the food, the glares, the walls... He couldn’t remember the last time there were flowers on the table or any pop of color. Grey. 

Kyoya readied his bag for the next day, having finished his assignments earlier before the club, and changed into something more comfortable. He stared at the small orange bottle in his sock drawer for a couple minutes before popping the cap off and dispensing two pills. 

The thing about owning and working in a very prominent pharmaceutical company was that no one asked any questions. A prescription under his father’s name after a visit for insomnia gave him access to a relaxer he struggled to sleep without. He wondered sometimes what his family would think. What Tamaki or any of his other friends would think. That his inherently cold nature led to quiet screaming thoughts too.

He sighed as he booted up his computer. It didn’t matter. There was only one more year of high school anyway and that would determine further outcomes.

Kyoya logged into his account on an art forum he frequented to be amongst those he felt he wouldn’t have anything in common with in the outside world. Artists of all kinds posted their work from sculptures to writers to painters. So much talent and occasionally he would dabble in some pretty horrid poetry. 

But the one user that spoke to him most lately was the raw work of a young artist known as LateNightChai. They posted every so often, mostly in the late evenings when he was feeling most engrossed in the images of others thanks to the influence of a small tablet.

Tonight he was late, as usual for a Monday when weekly finances for the Host Club were due from the profits the week before, and when he viewed LateNightChai’s newest piece, it spoke to him on a slightly emotional level. The darkness of night surrounding the beautiful reflection of a diminished sunset. His fingers were typing in an instant, leaving a basic comment where the public could see but clicking open the private chat that showed a small green icon. He felt a small twitch of a smile. 


GlassesCharacter: Hope I’m not too late to say but I think tonight’s post is one of my favorites yet. [10:42pm] 

You will need to give this one a title. Untitled never suits your work, Chai. [10:42pm] 

Was there an inspiration? [10:42pm] 


It was a daydream of his when- if he ever made it to buying his own home, that he would purchase pieces from Chai that spoke in length about things he could never discuss himself. He would never explain their meaning and there would always be color. 

SmileBrightHanako Takahashi   110d ago

Hanako Takahashi

After changing out of her bright yellow school uniform into something more comfortable, Hanako got back into her computer chair to search through the forum and catch up on any of her unread messages or comments on her pieces she may have missed.  The brunette was not one to get to sleep easily, or early for that matter, so she knew she wanted to keep herself occupied instead of drowning in thoughts and overthinking scenarios of the day.  The forum had become her after school escape, and she was happy to have her time to enjoy it. 

LateNightChai was someone who didn’t take life as seriously.  Someone who could convey their thoughts and feelings onto a canvas.  Someone who wasn’t all business and numbers, someone very different from Hanako.  It was her way to relax, and not have to be worrying about her scholarship, her grades, her responsibilities and just be.  Just enjoy art and not have it critiqued by people who enjoyed her father’s tea sets (as other pieces had been before).  Not Hanako Takahashi, just Chai.

Clicking back to her most recent posting, she noticed a new comment from her friend.  A smile rose to her lips, as it meant he was online.  Before she could even start her own message to him,  the Private Message envelope lit up.  Hanako clicked on it immediately, hoping it to be GlassesCharacter.  They had been chatting back and forth about her postings for a few months now, and it sometimes dipped into very surface level personal stuff.  She liked being unknown, but this person felt like a friend.  


LateNightChai:  Aw, you flatter me too much!  Thanks!  [10:43 PM]

LateNightChai: And you know, it’s never too late. Sleep seems to evade me constantly. [10:43 PM]


Sleep wasn’t Hanako’s friend.  Staring at her screen was probably not her best plan to help her sleep, but it was something she would do for the art.  She was constantly taking melatonin to help her sleep, but it usually took her many hours to finally let sleep overtake her.

Her painting usually went Untitled.  She hated for people to only see her paintings though her eyes.  Her paintings could mean whatever they needed to mean for whoever enjoyed them. Hanako thought about if she had an inspiration for her last photo.  She had not planned on adding the sunset, but in the moment it felt right.  It needed color, and now that it was done, it did feel like it meant something a little more than before. 


LateNightChai: Inspiration?  Not really.  I guess it is an example of me.  The sunset is the most beautiful time, yet it happens so quickly but it is captured by the water.  Much like my art.  I think my art is the most beautiful part of myself, and I love that I can capture it so it doesn’t disappear in an instant. [10:45 PM]

LateNightChai: You have an idea for a title, Glasses?  Considering it’s your favorite. [10:45 PM]


Talking to Glasses always felt easy.  Maybe it was the hiding behind a screen, as she enjoyed the ambiguity of it all.  But it seemed she enjoyed the fact that she didn’t know who she was talking to either.  Was it her best friend?  Or the man who worked at the coffee shop she frequented?  A complete stranger?  She would never know.  It would always be unknown, and she liked that.  


LateNightChai: How are you doing?  Still stressed with your club stuff at school?  [10:46 PM]


But there was always a part of her who wondered what the other side of the screen held.  

: Kyoya Ootori :

Kyoya smiled at the small dings his computer made when a new message appeared in the tiny chat box. Of course they were online. Chai, like him, never seemed to sleep at a reasonable hour and it was comforting to not feel alone in his large room. He wished it were smaller, enough for a single man. 

He considered Chai to be a friend, having chatted for at least five months now. With being anonymous he could tell her (well, he assumed it was a her by the way she spoke) candid thoughts that he would never tell Tamaki. They... were on two complete ends of the personality spectrum and sometimes the blonde couldn’t understand the pressure and negativity that dwelled into the Ootori household. Tamaki saw it as part of his character that needed to be accepted. Even when he was suffocating. 

Kyoya pushed his glasses up as he read her messages, pondering a suiting title of a painting that was supposed to be a representation of another person. 


GlassesCharacter: Sleep is overrated and you flatter to think that I could possibly name art. My creativity is as interesting as a wet towel. [10:46pm] 


He pondered for a moment, tapping his fingertips over the keyboard lightly. 


GlassesCharacter: But... perhaps Hope? Or The Inner Light? At least, that’s what it looks like to me but as I said, I’m crap at it. [10:47pm]


Kyoya wondered, not for the first time, how much information he should divulge to the stranger across the screen. Well, stranger wasn’t the proper term. Though... the longer the thought about, the more the depressed feeling began to harbor in his chest. 


GlassesCharacter: I am always stressed about something, it’s sort of ridiculous but today was something else. Honestly at times I feel my “best friend” doesn’t know me at all and now I’m forced to work with someone I know I’ll despise in the end. [10:50pm] 

GlassesCharacter: Makes me sound like an asshole when I write it. Any advice for someone who’d rather jump off the roof than share his precious work load? [10:50pm] 


Honesty. That’s what he loved about talking with Chai. She never judged which made him wonder if they were as lonely as he was. Desperate for someone to listen.


GlassesCharacter: How are you? There has been a decent gap between art pieces. Are your clubs becoming overwhelming or perhaps it’s the exam season? [10:51pm] 

GlassesCharacter: Also can I make an assumption that we’re at the point in our relationship where I can message you without a new thought inspiring post? Or is that crossing the line lol? [10:51pm]

SmileBrightHanako Takahashi   103d ago

Hanako Takahashi

A soft knock came at her bedroom door, so Hanako shut her computer slightly before going to the door.  Her father stood, a cup of tea in one of his oldest tea sets in his hand.  “I thought you might want some tea.  You should be getting to sleep soon, so I made you some lavender tea.” the older man smiled.  Hanako smiled, bowing politely before taking the cup and saucer into her hands.  “Thank you.  I’ll go to bed soon enough.” she spoke softly, before she watched her father walk off to his own room.  She made her way back to the computer, reading through the messages Glasses had been sending her.  

Hope or Inner Light?  Hanako could see how someone could pick something like that out of the painting.  Her favorite part of painting was seeing others interpretations of it, as it was her favorite part of art as well.  


LateNightChai: I think you have more talent than you think, I quite like Inner Light.  Looks like this will be my first painting ever that is going to have a title. [10:48 PM]


The girl cycles back to the editing page of her post, before editing the title to read Inner Light.  She submitted it, before going back to the now glowing envelope as she had gotten a message back already.  But this was regarding her last question.  

Working with someone you knew you were going to despise, it’s like they were speaking the same language.  The host club wasn’t Hanako’s cup of tea really, but if she could find an advantage in it, why not.  Besides, she was asked to join, and didn’t seek it out.  It was nice to be wanted…even in a work sense.  


LateNightChai: I don't think you sound like an asshole at all, especially when it seems like you’ve been given help without asking for it. A topic I am all too familiar with.  Maybe find something completely off radar for them to work on.  Then you keep your load, while they have something to fill their time.  Hopefully that's helpful, otherwise I can start researching roofs for you. [10:50 PM]

LateNightChai:  Please know I’m joking.  Who else is going to flatter me about my paintings? [10:50 PM]


The ease with talking to Glasses was something she couldn’t get from other people.  Just relaxing conversation, and they could help each other when needed.  No judgment from either side, just two people who connected.  Was he just as lonely as she was?

His next comments took her back a bit.  He noticed?  He noticed her slower posting pattern enough to bring it up.  And not in a judgemental way, just curious.  Like a friend.

His next comment felt like he was reading her mind.  She considered them friends, but usually kept their conversations over art and mindless conversations. But she was happy to see that he was seeing them as more than just ‘commentators’ at this point.  


LateNightChai: Me? Well,  I picked up an extra club position and I think the nervousness of that plus my other duties may have pushed my art back a bit.  But I’m ready to be back and better than ever! [10:51 PM]

LateNightChai: Not at all! I was hoping you’d say something like that.  There’s something about you that I can be my true self when I talk to you.  I don’t know about you, but I’d say we’re… [10:52 PM]

LateNightChai: friends? [10:53 PM]


Hanako picked up the tea next to her, it had cooled a bit too much now so she set it aside once more. She hoped Glasses didn’t see her reach of calling them friends too odd.  She truly had looked forward to his messages throughout the day.  Her days truly dragged on until she got home to talk to him.


LateNightChai: My email is the same as my username, if you want to ever message me during the day.  I usually don't come on here until I get home.  I totally get if you're too busy,  with your precious work load and all.  [10:54 PM]

LateNightChai: Oh, and did you have any ideas for my next piece?  I think you have more creativity than you think, Glasses. You clearly have an eye for art. [10:54 PM]

: Kyoya Ootori :

It surprised him when the title of the painting changed on his screen and a small ounce of emotion made him feel... what was it? Appreciated, perhaps? Heard? No, everyone heard him. Those who dared ignore Ootori weren’t likely to be of any value in his eyes. The same cold eyes that looked back at him in the mirror every morning and evening. Eyes that weren’t quite all there. 

Kyoya was beginning to feel the relaxed, heavy feeling that came with the prescription and was grateful to put his anxieties at ease. Wearing the mask had come so naturally that it always seemed to mildly surprise him once it was taken off. 

He leaned back in his computer chair, reading the newest posts from Chai with a slight smile. The raven hair had gotten so used to be honest, he wondered if his friend even recognised the small hints. Was he joking half the time? Well, yes, where would he be without a sense of humor- no matter how twisted. But the other half... He stared at the ceiling, realizing his mind had wandered and turned back to the keyboard. 


GlassesCharacter: I think I’ll take your advice on that situation. After all, trust doesn’t come in a day. [10:55 PM] 

GlassesCharacter: If you say you’re alright, I shall take your word for it. Who am I to judge without so much as seeing your face? Words are an art form themself, you know. And now I have a feeling that if I don’t stop myself, I will go into a soliloquy. [10:55 PM] 


He paused, rubbing his temples thoughtfully as he bought his knees up to rest against the desk.


GlassesCharacter: I was almost concerned about the minute delay between your last paragraph and the word ‘friends’. I can agree that there isn’t a more accurate term. [10:56 PM]

GlassesCharacter: And... you know you can always be your true self with me. Hell if we can’t be so anywhere else. [10:56 PM] 

He predicted an existence like that wouldn’t forebode well. Kyoya took note of her email almost immediately, putting it in his saved contacts and- 

He blinked. No, this was his business account. Everything of interest there was to know about him was in a single signature on any email. He drummed his fingers again, pushing through the head fog as he tried to come up with something clever as an email handle. All for one person. 


GlassesCharacter: Sorry about that delay. You wouldn't believe how many people have “GlassesCharacter” in their emails. Makes me feel unoriginal but I am going to show off my second creative work today with my new email $$glasses123character$$ Took me a whole 2 minutes. [11:00 PM] 

GlassesCharacter: And I may be busy but I am never too busy... As for ideas- since I’m clearly on a roll tonight- how about some sort of animal? Maybe a butterfly? [11:01 PM] 

He hit send before he could retract his suggestion. A butterfly? How fucking lame was that? He pulled off his glasses and brushed a hand over his face, feeling the heaviness bring down his exhaustion from the day. 

GlassesCharacter: I almost don’t want to read your reaction to that- and may be a sign I need sleep. [11:02 PM]

SmileBrightHanako Takahashi   96d ago

Hanako Takahashi

A smile appeared on her lips as she read over his messages.  He thought of them as friends as well, well that was a relief.  She was worried that he didn’t see the relationship that formed between them like she did, but he clearly did.  She wished it was this easy to meet friends in person.  LateNightChai could do it; Hanako, on the other hand, wasn’t as personable or likable.  

The next message made her pause, and Hanako read it probably five or six times.  The fact that he wanted her to be her true self was so freeing.  She tried to be a better version of herself at school, a little more put together and respectful than she normally was, but here, it was her. This is who Hanako was, and the fact that someone wanted it was something she couldn’t comprehend.


LateNightChai: That means a lot.  I hope you are taking your own advice, Glasses.  I want you to be your true self here too. [10:57 PM]


For a few minutes, Glasses didn’t respond.  She hoped he would have said goodbye before leaving for the night, as they both usually did.  She flipped to one of her homework assignments, something she needed to finish up before she did go to bed, finishing up her writing assignment pretty quickly, before flipping back to their messages.  She was excited to see he was still here, even if it had been a few minutes since she responded.  


LateNightChai: Apologies, I needed to finish up a school assignment. [11:05 PM]


LateNightChai: Your creativity is something to marvel at.  Lol.  I’m glad you aren’t too busy to speak to me. I’m going to add you to my phone, and hopefully I’ll hear from you soon. [11:05 PM]


LateNightChai: As for your suggestion, I think I have an idea.  I have even have a title picked out for it already.  [11:05 PM]


A watercolor of a black cat with a butterfly resting on his nose appeared in her mind, and she knew that she needed to note it down or she’d forget.  A quick pencil sketch on a post-it note before sticking it on her computer screen so she’d remember to work on it later on.  Unlikely Friends. 

A quick snap of the post-it  from her phone, and sent through to the email she was just sent. It was something she was excited to start, and she couldn’t thank anyone but him.  A yawn escaped her lips as she wrote her next message


LateNightChai:  I just sent you a picture to your email of your suggestion. I know it’s just a sketch, but this is my idea. What do you think?  [11:07 PM]


LateNightChai:  Are you heading to bed?  I’m going to have to start to figure out something else to take to help me sleep.  I think 3 melatonin tablets is a few too many.  [11:07 PM]


Three tablets had been her usual to at least get her drowsy, and she was able to get to bed, after a bit of tossing, turning, and usually some nature sounds.  She would usually be upset at the fact of him leaving, but now that they exchanged emails, she felt slightly more excited to speak to him while at school.  Hopefully he could make her time at school and the host club move a bit more quickly.  She would be getting actual assignments at the host club tomorrow, so hopefully it was a bit more exciting than tea with a man who seemed bothered by her very existence.

Brushing her hair from her face, she reached over to her melatonin.  She dropped three into her hand, before turning the bottle around.  Do not take more than 4 tablets in a 24 hour period. Well, then she could take four then.  She shook one more out, before placing them into her mouth and letting them melt under her tongue.  


LateNightChai: Either way, I’m going to let you sleep.  Sleep well, Glasses.  I hope to hear from you tomorrow. xx Chai [11:08 PM]


[LateNightChai has disconnected from the chat at 11:09 PM.]


And after a little less tossing and turning, Hanako was asleep. 

: Kyoya Ootori :

He was happy to see that his suggestion hadn’t fallen flat for the artist on the other end of the chat box and even more surprised that she had sketched something up in the few minutes of doing so. 

Kyoya opened up his new email, seeing the very first entry at the top of the screen. The image was of a post-it note depicting a rough sketch of a cat with a butterfly on its nose. A small scribble of words indicated the first working title Unlikely Friends. He chuckled lightly, pushing back his hair as he enjoyed his induced relaxed mood. He pulled back up the chat.


GlassesCharacter: I think this is a great start to another great piece. I look forward to seeing the finished product with the first working title. [11:08pm]

GlassesCharacter: And I’m sure we can figure out something to help without potentially overdosing on an herbal remedy lol. Till the morrow, sleep well Chai. [11:08pm]

He hesitated before closing the chat, wondering, not for the first time, if x’s meant kisses but he didn’t allow his mind to wonder that far. In fact, the moment his head hit the pillow, Kyoya was happy to drift into the rare good dream without having an existential crisis. 

The club manager wrapped his fingers around the hot mug, bringing the coffee to lips as he looked over the schedule for today’s classes and club activities. Today he was to meet that woman again and it already put him in a grumpy mood that he’d have to figure out something for Hanako to do while managing his own duties. 

“Kyoooya,” Tamaki sang in the seat beside him. 

He let the silence stretch between them before muttering, “What, Tamaki?” 

The blonde was leaning over his desk, eager like a puppy waiting for a pet from its master. “Are you excited to be working with Hanako today? The first of a blossoming relationship and maybe working numbers that will melt your cold heart.” 

Kyoya smirked at Tamaki’s audacity. “You talk as though I’m made of ice. I assure you, I am making every effort to play nice with your new hire. What do you think about her becoming your personal scribe? I think the intimate attention might actually do well for you.” 

“Ah, you think so? It would be nice to never forget an idea ever again.” He leaned flawlessly against his fist in only a way Tamaki could pull off. “We should take a trip again soon. It’s been months since I’ve left the city... Kyoya, set us up a trip for this weekend. Make it a task for Hanako if need be.”

Kyoya sighed softly, pulling out his phone for a quick email to Miss Chai, already feeling the need to vent about the trivial things. He couldn’t scoff at the idea though, relaxing away from home was always better than being in his gray room.

Tuesday Musings

Good Morning, 

      I can’t say I’m too impressed with the state of things on any Tuesday but impromptu demands have never sat well with me especially when only given days to plan. I hope your tea isn’t as bitter as my black coffee today. Almost couldn’t pull myself out of bed without it though.

Wishing he had his earbuds, 


SmileBrightHanako Takahashi   91d ago

Hanako Takahashi

Hanako walked into Ouran Academy, heading to her locker before heading to her homeroom class.  She had checked her phone multiple times for an email, while getting her bag ready for her first few classes.  She actually was slightly excited for today, her start date at the host club, even if Kyoya wasn’t as excited about her there, and she was hoping she’d be able to hear from Glasses today.  She lost hope until a new email made her phone blink, picking up her phone quickly to read the message.  A smile rose to her lips, before writing a quick message back.


Re: Tuesday Musings

Morning Glasses,

I can’t agree more, impromptu demands are the worst.   My day shouldn’t be too bad until later today.  Nervous about starting at the new club, I barely know any of the members and my supervisor doesn’t seem to like me at all.  My tea might not have been strong enough to get through the day, I might need a cup of coffee of my own.

Hoping she can make it,

xx Chai


The bell rang just as she sent her message, and she silenced it before slipping it into her bag until later.  She headed to arithmetic, the class she shared with Tamaki, which usually entertained her at least a bit.  “Haaaaanako.  Good morning, princess.” the blonde host smiled, leaning toward her and wiggling his fingers in a wave.  Hanako slid into her chair, shaking her head as she pulled out her book.  “Good morning Suoh.  Please, you don’t have to treat me like one of your clients in the host club.  I am merely a member.” she smiled, hooking her backpack on the side of the desk.  “Please, we are friends now.  Tamaki is fine.” he brushed his blonde hair back, before turning back to the front of the room, the girl’s around him swooning.  Hanako just smirked, shaking her head as she directed her eyes forward as well.  Now, if Kyoya was as accepting as Tamaki, she might be okay.

Now, Hanako was in her favorite class, art.  The class was usually a little more independent, as if you finished the class assignment, you could use the art room to your heart's content.  The woman used her free time to work on her Chai artwork, and she had been especially excited to work on her new painting inspired by glasses.  As Hanako got ready to listen to the professor for the class, she saw Kyoya enter the room.  

Kyoya didn’t have this class, she would have known if he was in this class.  But now he was here, and the only open seat happened to be at her table, the chair directly across from her.  She gave him an awkward smile, before directing her attention to the front of the room.  They had been working on watercolor recently, and were asked to show depth drawing using watercolor. This was something she loved using, and it was time to enhance Chai’s talents/  They had the week to work on the assignment, and everyone in the class had already started their assignments.  The teacher had told the students to work on the previous assignment, before starting in the upper hand corner.  

Hanako got her painting out, working on the depth on a teapot, something that spoke to the ‘brand’ she followed. She looked up to Kyoya, catching his gaze.  “Watercolor.  We’re working in depth using the watercolor.  We have the week to work on the project.” Hanako spoke, directing him to the set of paints they would be sharing between the two of them that was set in the middle.  “Have you used watercolor before?  It’s kind of tricky, as the color’s are hard to mix and it can spread easily.” she spoke, grabbing one of the brushes. “Just squeeze some paint, add the water.  The more water, the lighter the color is.  And use a gentle hand, or it will spread.  Figure out your light source, and you’re golden.” a smile on her lips, clearly in her element as her brush moved easily across the paper, before meeting his eyes again.

Hanako used her hands to show ‘now you try it’, before going back to her own painting.  Her curiosity got to her, before looking up again.  “Why are you in this class?  Not that I’m upset or anything.  It’s just odd for someone to join the class now.” she spoke, before feeling the embarrassment of her forwardness toward someone she didn’t really know, and someone she knew didn’t even really like her.  Kyoya never seemed like the ‘artsy’ type, so she wondered if this was a requirement that he had to take.  Knowing him, he’d use it to create an advantage to himself, he gave off the air that he never did anything for the freedom of it.  

“You just don’t seem like the art type.” Hanako spoke, her head resting her propped up hand, challenging him a bit.  She wondered if they could ever get to a friend status, so she pressed her luck.  Otherwise, he could hate her forever, and it would be no fault but her own.

: Kyoya Ootori :

Most of the day would have been bearable had the unfortunate news of his bookkeeping class being canceled not occurred. Apparently the former teacher had been let go due to some allegations with a student, or at least that’s how the rumor went. Kyoya didn’t much care except for the fact that he was now required to transfer to a different extracurricular class. Weightlifting or visual arts. Since there was no way he was breaking a sweat before Host Club activities, he reluctantly chose visual arts. While he privately quite enjoyed looking at art, there was no way a pharmaceutical management son was going to create anything with a lick of interest thus writing off the entire ordeal as a complete waste of time. 

Kyoya checked his phone just outside the Art Room #3 door and took a moment for a quick email reply.

Re: Tuesday Musings


     Regarding the club, I am certain you will do great. There is a sort of charm that comes off your personality after all but as far as your supervisor- well, they sound like an idiot. Any person with half a brain can see your potential in whatever you set your mind to. Give it time. 

    In any case, at least you weren’t transferred to a new class you’d hate. I think I’m about to crawl out of my skin. Wasting time is something I’m utterly terrible at. 

Wishing he was anywhere else but here, 


The raven hair entered the room just as the professor was about to address the class and with the raise of her eyebrows, she hurried to his side, gesturing him to the only open seat. His eyes met Ms. Takahashi’s and he nearly groaned. Just fucking perfect. Now he was to be required to spend an additional hour with her?

Kyoya’s gaze was hard and the smile forced as he joined the brunette at the table, placing his belongings down in a precise order. The teacher continued her announcement as the girl awkwardly prepped her canvas. He waited and listened as Ms. Takahashi explained the assignment in greater detail. Watercolor. It instantly reminded him of Chai and he refused the incredible urge to check if she had emailed him back yet. 

Takahashi, however, seemed to be adequate in this class, showing a small preview of the piece she was working on. A teapot. Very like her. 

With a light dissatisfied groan, he reached for a brush and without hesitation, chose a dark color. “Not that it really matters why I’m here,” he started, keeping his gaze on the canvas. “But it was hardly my choice. One of my classes had been disbanded and it was between this and weightlifting and while it’s known that I am inadequate for either option, I chose the lesser of two evils.” His eyes glanced over to her. “So to answer your question, no. I am not the artsy type.” 

Kyoya wondered what Chai would say if she were here. Get that stick out of your butt and enjoy yourself for once, Glasses. He nearly scoffed at the thought. Sure. Enjoyment. That was rarely part of the equation but Tamaki had long since drilled that kind of thinking out of him with his spontaneous daily insanity. 

Kyoya paused to stare at what ended up on the canvas in the last couple minutes. A one tone cloud with a couple of lines indicating probably a rainbow. It was ugly. 

“Oh Kyoya, I would buy that in an instant,” a girl cooed that it nearly startled him. Of course some of the Host Club guests would be in a class like this. He should have guessed.

So he put on his Host smile and turned to the small flock of girls that had surrounded the table. “Well, I am inspired by the admiration of you ladies and would certainly be happy to sell anything I create to help fund any future club excursions for our lovely guests. Please see me at Club hours for more details.” 

While his clients fangirled about the potential official art from a Host, Kyoya flashed his glasses in Ms. Takahashi’s direction. “I think I’ll make you in charge of the art distribution process now that it seems I’m required to put in effort. All's well that ends well, I suppose.” 

SmileBrightHanako Takahashi   73d ago

Hanako Takahashi

Hanako narrowed her eyes towards the male, as he claimed not to be the ‘artsy’ type.  Awesome. Her love of art and this class would now be tainted by Kyoya and his stupid glasses glaring toward her for the entire hour.  She wished she could pull out her phone and tell her woes to Glasses, he seemed to be the only one who really understood her.  And he would definitely understand.  She also wished she had Chai’s confidence, and would be able to tell Mr. Ootori to chill out.  But alas, she’d keep her mouth shut for now.

As Hanako turned back to her own painting, she couldn’t help but sneak peaks at what Kyoya was doing as well.  He seemed uninterested, annoyed, and pessimistic about the whole experience.  His one tone dark cloud showed that better than anything, along with her boring teapot had her mind wondering.  She wanted to work on Chai’s artwork, the things that brought her true joy in her life.  But, right now, her mind would be focused on this teapot painting, adding darker colors to enhance the dynamics of the pot.  But it was still boring.  

Hanako couldn’t help but look up when some Host Club guests came to check in on Kyoya, fawning over his basic painting like it was a Mona Lisa in progress.  Her eyes rolled hard as she listened to their compliments, and Kyoya’s complete change of heart and tone when speaking to them.  Sure, he didn’t have to be her best friend, they just met after all, but a little kindness would go a long way in her mind.  And he had been nothing but annoyed by her existence.  

The brunette saw him look at her, her eyes flashing toward him as he acknowledged her.  She sucked in her cheeks at his words, a soft yet annoyed smack exited her lips as he spoke.  Her eyes narrowed again, before changing her face to a forced enthused look.  “What an honor.” she spoke, sarcasm dripping from her words.  Some of the guests who were fawning over Kyoya looked up at her after Kyoya’s words to her, a dirty look shot her way, before directing their doe eyes and excited nods back to The Cool Type Host.  The Cool Type her ass, he was not just cool, he was cold as ice.

Hanako wished she could groan, but she kept her annoyance to herself.  Kyoya’s arrogance was going to be the death of her.  She tried to let herself focus on her own painting but the squealing girls around Kyoya everything he said was creating a migraine.  “Don’t you all have assignments to work on?” Hanako spoke, causing the girl’s to silence and look at her.  Annoyed with her words until the professor approached them as well, “Girls, you need to return to your seats.  Nice work Kyoya.” the professor spoke, giving Kyoya a smile as she continued around the room checking on her students' work.  

“So, do you cause scenes in all your classes or only this one?” Hanako asked, her voice low but also annoyed.  “Seems like you’ve been neglecting your own clients, but don’t worry, I’ll cover the books so you can continue entertaining.” Hanako spoke, a smug smile on her lips as she finished up her watercolor painting she had spent almost all of last week on.  

The bell to the class rang, signifying a change in classes and Hanako was thrilled to be spared from Kyoya for the rest of the day until the Host Club.  “I’ll see you at the club later.” she spoke.  She hoped her clear annoyance wouldn’t get her too much in trouble with the host club manager.  

As she passed to her next class, she read Glasses’ email back to her, a smirk resting on her lips.  She enjoyed these back and forths she had with Glasses’, relieving some of the annoyance she had with school, and he seemed to be able to do the same as well.


Re: Tuesday Musings


Thank you.  I’m glad to know I at least have you in my corner.  It seems like you're the only one who understands me sometimes.  Hopefully I can give off the air of potential and charm that I give off to you  in the club.  Do you have after school obligations as well?

I’m assuming you won’t hate it as much as you think.  If you try and enjoy it, maybe you will. Try having fun once and a while, it really won’t kill you, Glasses.  You’ll have to share all about your new class with me. 

Wishing art class was longer,

xx Chai


Now, hopefully, she could get through the rest of her classes, even if her favorite one was now tainted.

: Kyoya Ootori :

Kyoya almost reveled in Takahashi’s annoyance as the fan-girl mob was dismissed back to their own seats by the professor who did her own due diligence to compliment his abysmal artwork herself. Why did everything have to be so surface level?

The girl made a snide comment before beginning to wrap up her work station and Kyoya couldn’t help to feel the emptiness seep into his chest again. He was awful but no one got anywhere with being just kind. Those people, like Tamaki, got trampled in social circles like these. 

He thought about responding back with a signature insensitive jab but opted against it. Kyoya already needed to see her multiple times a week. There was no need to create a further rift even if it was ‘just business’. 

Kyoya took his time gathering his own supplies before stepping out in the thinning crowds. While he was stickler for punctuality, he didn’t see the consequence in being a few minutes late in order to read the next correspondence from his friend and, as he thought, she knew exactly what to say. 

Re: Tuesday Musings


     I’m trying. I want to see the best in some but in my world, I can’t afford to be the nice guy all the time and ‘fun’ usually corresponds with that. Perhaps I dwell too much on what's behind everyone’s mask to enjoy anything. 

    Just my usual after school club that takes a couple hours out of my day at the very least. But I will try to ‘stay positive’ And- funny, I just got out of my first ever art class as well. You should see the tasteless rubbish I created. 

Hoping for a troubleless afternoon,


The rest of the school day was uneventful leading up to the Host Club where Kyoya had already begun his research on the project Tamaki gave him at the beginning of the day. There were plenty of places the club could vacation at on such short notice. It was the phone calls needed between swooning rounds of girls- 

He paused beside his music room desk and the empty tea cup left from the previous day. He supposed Ms. Takahashi could be trusted with the menial task of reservations. Kyoya took a seat, prepping his notes on everything he’d want her to do while he would pretend to care about the clients that funded the King’s whimsical ideas. He wondered if she’d still be sore about art class earlier. 

So... he made a pot of tea and set out two cups for Takahashi’s arrival. 

Hanako Takahashi

The rest of the raven haired woman’s day was boring, to say the least.  Well, nothing like what happened in art happened for the rest of the day, which was a relief.  Although, it does bother her slightly how her interactions with Kyoya don’t seem to be as great as she had hoped for when she first started in the host club.  It was only her second day, and it already seemed the two had some animosity toward each other.  Kyoya didn’t want her there, and she was trying to push herself ahead in school and push her father’s tea sets.  If she could just push through, and possibly find a common ground with the Manager, hopefully this partnership could be beneficial to both of them.  

Checking her phone once more before the club, she sent a last message to Glasses before she’d be chatting with him no doubt once she was back at home.


Re: Tuesday Musings


You work too hard.  You need to find a passion of your own, something that allows you to take the edge off. Letting yourself have fun once and a while really isn’t a bad thing.  Let your life be worth more than books and grades.  And if it helps, I have no mask while talking to you.  So if you need one thing to enjoy, hopefully it can be our conversations.

Second day of my new club as well, hoping to settle the water’s with one of the club members.  Let’s both try to stay positive today, okay?

I’m hoping you show me a picture of your art tomorrow!  Who knows, maybe you’ll be posting art for me to comment on next!

Will talk to you tonight online!

xx Chai


After shutting her phone off during her club time, Hanako entered the host club.  It was different from yesterday, as no clients had come in yet and everyone was still setting up tea and cakes.  Hanako could tell the Host Club worked quickly, as she could see more of her family's tea cups scattered around the music room they occupied.  

Saying hello to a few of the members, Hanako looked around to find Kyoya.  Once she saw him seated with a pot of tea.  She took a deep breath; Remember to stay positive. The woman walked over, sliding out a chair and sitting across from the Host Club manager.  “I would like to apologize for my arrogance earlier in art class.  I didn’t mean to be so rude.  Art class is kind of my safe haven, and I was being over protective.  I’m sorry.  Thank you for the tea.” Hanako spoke, pouring a cup of tea for both of them, before sliding a cup and saucer toward Kyoya and bringing one closer to herself.  

These were Takahashi tea cups, she could tell.  Her father, to signify his designs, put a single flower at the base of the handle.  He always told her it was for her name, which means ‘flower girl’.  She brought the cup to her lips to take a sip of the tea, the tea washing away her anxieties and worries.  She hoped her apology would be enough to clear the air between the two.  

“So, what would you like my main duties to be while at the club?  Or are they going to change as different things come up?  I understand that you probably would worry about me taking over your books right away, but I would love to observe you doing them so I know how you would like them kept.” Hanako spoke, taking out a black notebook, the script for ‘NOTES’ written across the front in a gold foil.  She used the ribbon placed in the book to open to a blank page, except for some small doodles in the corners and margins of the page.  Grabbing a pen from her backpack, she prepared to write down anything that she would be taking over.  

Hanako hoped that joining the Host Club was a good thing; that she had made the right decision. 


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