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Taste of Fear [Closed]

By Lovely_Poison
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Keep your friends close.

And your enemies closer.



Athena Devereaux has been an agent with the FBI for three years now. Being the daughter of a famous serial killer, most cases that are presented to her usually don't faze her. She's seen it all; the brutality, the horror, and the harshness of the world.

Or so she thought.

The mutilated bodies of women are being found in alleyways left and right, with a playing card left at the scene of the crimes. The media calls the unsub "The Playing Card Killer," and Athena and her partner ______ have been tasked with catching the elusive man.

But how do you catch a killer when it's the person you have to trust the most?



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Lovely_PoisonAthena   94d ago


“Four murders already… how this guy keeps getting away is beyond me but we have to find a break somewhere. That's why I'm bringing you on.”

Athena Devereaux stared at Chief Wilson from across the table, reaching out to take the case file that he had pushed toward her. Opening it up, she began looking through the reports, the pictures, any and everything that resided inside the file. “Christ… he's brutal.” Her heart dropped as she examined the playing cards left behind on the bodies. “Queen of Hearts… Ace of Spades… Joker… King of Clovers… I don't understand. What do any of these cards have to do with them?” She looked back up at him, confusion evident in those dark eyes of hers.

“Honestly? I'm not sure. I don't think there is any rhyme or reason for them. I think they're just left behind as a signature.”

Athena hesitated before she closed the file and shook her head. “Forgive me if I don't agree with you, Chief. Judging from the photos alone, he's organized. He takes his time and he knows what he's doing. He wouldn't just pick random cards. Not like this…” But why those specific cards? It didn't make sense.

Sighing, she reached up and pinched the bridge of her nose. “It doesn't matter right now. I'm sure once the facts start coming to light then it will make sense.” She shook her head and pushed back the brown strands that fell in her face.

There was silence between them for a moment before the chief cleared his throat. “Miss Devereaux? How have you been holding up?” 

She didn't answer right away. She knew what he was asking about and it wasn't something she really wanted to talk about. But she couldn't ignore it. She had to address it at some point… “I'm fine,” she finally said, the Lousiana accent slipping through just a little heavier. “They'll find him and when they do, they add years to his sentence. He'll deserve it.” 

The news that her father had escaped from prison had left her panicked when she'd heard about it on the news a day before. Luckily enough for her, only the chief knew about her relationship with Aaron Baxter and her mother wasn't even in the States. She had moved away to London to get away from the horror of everything. Athena had decided to stay for other personal reasons, though she didn't live in Lousiana anymore. She currently lived in Virginia, safe and content. She had changed her name and had practically erased any connections she'd had with her father.

Knowing he was out there, though… it was unsettling. 

“Don't worry about me, Chief. I can still do my job. This won't affect that.” She stood, placing the file under her arm before she offered him a smile. “Anything else? Or am I dismissed?”

With a wave of his hand, Athena left the office, making her way to her partner's desk before she threw the file down on top of it. “Lucky us. Another murder case.” She sounded so enthusiastic.

-BeautyFromPain-ғear   93d ago


The male looked at himself in the mirror as his face was covered in blood. He smirked slightly at the sight. He knew he needed to wash up but he loved the fact that he was covered in another woman's blood. He felt like he was only covered in it for 30 seconds. Orion sighed as he knew he needed to get ready for the day. He was playing a double life, and god did he love it. 

Orion jumped into the shower and watched as the blood flowed down his nude body. He frowned, because he really didn't want and go be with a bunch of detectives. Orion shrugged it off, and he let his thoughts wander to last night. He does everything the same. He only went after females. And there was always a method behind his madness, but he knew to never exploit that. Orion was patiently waiting at a bar for the perfect person. And man, did he find the perfect person. She had a little too many drinks. And one thing led to another he ended up taking her back to his house. They did a lot of things, and then he got bored and tortured her for a while which resulting in her dying and he made sure to make it gruesome. But he was pretty careful on how he did things. He never left any type of evidence to be found. He took her deep into the words and then put a card on her body. 

Orion smiled real big as he felt energized by all of this. Orion looked at the time and realized he needed to get to his “day” job. When Orion walked in there was only a few people there. So he went to the break room and got himself a cup of coffee. Then he headed back to his desk and waited for his partner to show up. Last he knew is that she was in the chief's office. He was looked at the computer and checking some stuff and looking at the news. He had to make sure that no one would know it was him that was doing all the killing. He saw her heading to the desk. He nodded at what she said. “Okay, let's get started then.”


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