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Lovely_PoisonDanica   105d ago


There were a lot of ways to go about confronting one's partner, especially when someone suspects that the other is cheating. Checking phone records, bank accounts, Facebook messages… there were so many ways.

Danica Thompson, however, was known to take things to the extreme. If she was going to do something, she was going to go through with it all the way. She would get as much proof as she needed before she confronted her husband. That was why she'd come up with her little plan. The one that involved said online messages. Letters, too. She had gone out of her way to create a new persona, a woman to talk with him. To see what he would say if she asked him if he was with anyone. To convince him to cheat on her.

Danica had suspected for some time that something was going on before she had done this. The late nights had left her hurting, wondering when he was going to come home. His GPS being off during those times had been enough to cause that concern to grow.

And now she was here, holding her phone in her hand, reading through everything he had said to “Emma", wondering what she was going to do now. Had he caught on at any point and just played along? Or did he truly believe that the blonde woman in his phone was someone else?

Sighing, she set it down on the table and looked out the cafe window, wondering when he would arrive. She had set up a meeting time with him. “To finally meet in person!” she'd said, wondering what would happen when he walked in and saw her sitting at the table. Would he be angry? Would he deny everything she had found? Where would they go once she did confront him?

So many questions, so many emotions, and yet none of it showed on her face.

Danica Thompson was a businesswoman, after all. She had to be tough to get to the position she was in at her company. Hiding her emotions had been crucial in that process. That didn't mean it didn't hurt, though. It didn't mean that it wouldn't when she finally asked him about everything.

Now all she had to do was wait… wait and see what would come in the following moments.


-BeautyFromPain-нappenѕ   105d ago


Bryson was laying in bed the night before beside his wife. He couldn't sleep at all. There was a lot going on lately. Between work, and a female he has been talking too, and trying to keep it quiet. The one thing he knew is that it was his wife. Bryson has cheated on her before. And that was his fault. He got drunk because of a really bad night at work and instead of going home to his wife and talking about it with her, he decided he was going to go drink, and then he ended up meeting some female there and then one thing led to another and he ended up sleeping with her. But that was the one thing. His wife didn't know. Ever since then everything has been different. Maybe deep down, she actually did know. 

Bryson ended up waking up to a sound on his phone and his wife wasn't next to him. Wonder where she went. Bryson kind of shrugged it off, and looked at his phone and saw that he had a message from this female. This was the female that was pretending to be someone else. But in reality it was his wife. But he went along with it. He rolled his eyes, got up, and got ready for the day. Today he actually had the day off, but he still felt like today was going to be a very long day. He just had a bad feeling about this. 

Once he got done getting ready, he headed to where his wife was at. He wasn't looking forward to this. But the closer he got to the cafe, the more he felt nervous. And he wasn't really sure why. He did feel bad about the one night stand but that was it. Everything else was a trap for her. Because he was noticing that she was started to go through all of his stuff. And for a while there was nothing there, but his wife kept digging and kept digging. So he gave her something to find. It was becoming annoying at how she was constantly asking him questions when he wasn't doing anything wrong in the first place. 

Bryson pulled up and immediately saw his wife's car. He shook his head, and walked into a different entrance. And entrance she wasn't watching. He snuck up beside her, and looked her dead in the eyes. “Looking for someone?” You could tell that Bryson was pretty irritated by all of this right now. But what was going to be more shocking, is that he knew that she was this other female.


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