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Spotlight Glow (-BeautyFromPain-)

By SmileBright
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When three friends, M/C, Y/C, and X, create a band in high school, they never assume anything past maybe a few local gigs.  They never expected to be the new upcoming band in the alternative pop punk music scene.  Being rising stars was new, but they all were able to settle in their new roles and being in the limelight, all the time.


After a year or so, their manager had suggested Y/C and X have a bit of a fake romance, as for fans to have a reason to follow the band more closely.  And it worked, maybe a little too well.  Y/C had little romantic feelings for X, while X was falling more and more in love with Y/C.  In the heat of the moment and on stage one night, their fake relationship turned real.


Little did everyone else know, M/C had been hopelessly in love with Y/C.  As the two went out for a girl’s night at a high end bar one night, the night ends with the two women in bed together.  


They begin a sort of relationship, and it’s clear that Y/C enjoys her relationship with M/C more than her relationship with X.  But, the relationship with X has been giving their band more tration and fame as well.  


What will Y/C do?  Will she continue to have a secret relationship with M/C?  Will she end her relationship with X?  Will she end her relationship with M/C? Find out in Spotlight Glow

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Eleanor Hadley Kingg

Eleanor never thought this would be her life. The woman and her two friends had one day decided to start a band, and never thought it would go anywhere; maybe a few gigs around their town and at small venues. And that’s how Sky of Stars was formed.  But after a few months, they had a record company want to sign them, and the rest was history.  They were one of the new, upcoming bands on their field, and were gaining lots of traction.  Eleanor never really wanted the limelight, she just wanted to do something fun with her friends, but everyone around her seemed to be excited about the whole thing, she agreed and they began their new lives as rising stars.

Eleanor sat down on the couch in the recording studio, as their manager had called them all to a meeting.  Next Malachi, her best friend for as long as she could remember and was basically her brother at this point.   “Hey King.” Malachi spoke toward Eleanor, a smile on his lips as well.  Eleanor smiled back, ‘King’ being a nickname her close friends used sometimes, and her fans had begun using it as well.  She was a bit on the tomboyish side anyway, so it worked with her image as well.  Malachi plopped himself down on a beanbag nearby the couch she was sitting on, and looked around.  “Know why we are here anyway?” he asked, checking his watch.  “No idea, Amber just told us to meet her here for a meeting.  I think she wanted to discuss something about growing our fanbase.” Eleanor responded, the manager Amber keeping everything very secret.  The male nodded, before pulling out his phone.

Malachi was the bassist of the small band, while Eleanor played drums.  The last member was Adeline.  She was beautiful, had a killer voice, and was someone that Eleanor had a crush on for the last few months, as they grew closer as they band grew to fame.  But, Eleanor had no idea if Adeline even was attracted to women, as Eleanor was out as a lesbian to everyone, even the fans. And besides, she wanted to keep the band as tight knit as possible.  No need to bring any relationships or flirting into a band of friends.  

Adeline also entered the room, a small smile appearing on Eleanor’s lips. She patted the spot next to her, as an invitation to her friend to sit with her.  When she sat, she could see Malachi look up, a smile on his lips as well.  “Hey Addy.” he spoke, his eyes lingered on her for another moment before his eyes went back to his phone.  No one, not even Malachi, knew about Eleanor’s crush on Adeline, and she was hoping to keep it that way. 

Amber entered the studio lounge, looking over the band. “Good, you are all here.”  Amber spoke, propping her sunglasses from her eyes on her head.  “So, I have been speaking with someone who is trained in social media and fan building for upcoming bands.  You guys have sort of plateaued with your fans, and that is going to plummet the status of your band unless we do something about it.” Amber spoke, pulling a chair out to sit in it.  Eleanor’s eyes scanned her bandmates, they all were a bit nervous about what Amber wanted them to do.  Amber was willing to do anything for their band, and sometimes those things were more than they could handle.  

Amber sighed, before letting a smile rest on her lips.  “So, I was thinking.  Maybe we can have two of you have a bit of a fake relationship, huh?  Your next album is full of love songs anyway, it’d be perfect!”.  Eleanor’s face was dumbfounded.  “What?  Are you crazy?  We are all just friends anyway!” Eleanor spoke, crossing her arms.  Eleanor would never hold back what she was thinking.  “Eleanor, please. You don’t have to worry.  You’re not who we were thinking of anyway…” Amber smirked, her eyes flickering to Malachi and then Adeline.  “Wait...that means…” Eleanor started, letting her eyes flicker to her friends before Amber spoke once more.

“Yup.  Malachi and Addy, you guys are now unofficially “dating”.” Amber spoke, putting air quotes around the word dating.  Eleanor was, in simple terms, completely pissed off.  She was the one who liked Adeline, and now the person who was basically her brother would be ‘dating’ her.  She hoped that, maybe, one of them would refuse.  But she knew that probably wouldn’t happen.  As much as she hated the idea, it would boost fan interaction.  It was a good plan.  She looked toward her band, her hands slowly fidgeting together.  “Well, what do you guys think?” Eleanor asked, it was up to them anyway.

Amber shook her finger.  “Well, it’s really not up to them.  We’re doing this or the label is dropping you. It’s not a big deal, either.  As long as Malachi and Addy hold hands while you're in public, maybe a kiss or two.  That’s all.  And after the album and tour is done, you can split.” Amber spoke.  She pulled her sunglasses back onto her eyes.  “The tour starts in 2 days, better get ready for it.” she smirked before walking out of the room, leaving the three friends to look at eachother. 

“Well, that’s not what I was expecting, huh?” Malachi spoke.  He wasn’t the best with words most of the time.  “Are you guys okay with this? I mean, it’s kind of a lot to throw onto someone.” Eleanor asked.  She looked between the two of them.  Malachi just shrugged, going back to his phone.  Malachi wasn’t one to settle down most of the time anyway, so as long as whatever sleeping around he did was in private, the new ‘arrangement’ would work. 

“Adeline?  What about you?”


It was really early in the morning and there was a text from their manager, Amber. When Adeline's eyes scanned over the contact, she rolled her eyes. Something about Amber just really made her uneasy. But she knew how much this band meant for everyone. So she just kind of followed whatever is said. But usually, they would never have to meet this early. That's how Adeline knew that this had to be super important. Adeline was still laying in bed. Which meant that she really needed to get up and get ready, and made sure that she beats Amber there. Because if she is late, Adeline would not hear the rest of it. She looked at the time Amber wanted them to meet. Adeline barely had any time to get ready. Adeline growled lightly, and then just tried to shrug it off. She knew she couldn't go into this meeting all grumpy. Because Amber would be able to detect that. 

Adeline rushed over to where they would be meeting. She really was curious about what this was about. When she walked in, she saw the other two sitting there. Malachi had his face in his phone. Like usual. But then she looked at Eleanor and a big smiled formed over her face. Eleanor was literally Adeline's best friend. She cared for Eleanor so much. But she tried not to think about that too much. Because she would rather have her as her best friend. “Good morning, guys.” Right after that she plopped right next to Eleanor, as she noticed that Malachi was looking at her longer than usual. She looked at him weirdly and immediately he was looking back into his phone.

“What do you think Am-” Adeline didn't even get to finish her question because then Amber walked in. Adeline usually didn't care much about the band, but she knew the other two did. So Adeline wasn't really paying attention. Then she heard Eleanor say the word date and it immediately caught Adeline's attention. “Um. Who's dating?” 

Amber smirked as she looked at Malachi and back at Adeline. “You two are.” Adeline's eyes got huge as she looked at Eleanor and back at Malachi. “You're kidding me, right? We don't even get a choice in this matter?!” But there wasn't much more to say because Amber was walking out of the room. Adeline sat back on the couch and just slumped where she was at. She didn't want to pretend or even date Malachi. He was gross and disgusting. And all he cared about was getting into bed with females. Adeline sighed. She looked at Eleanor and could tell she felt defeated. She wonder why she looked like that. Maybe she had a crush on Malachi? But Adeline even knew that wasn't correct because she is lesbian. She has made that very well known. Eleanor ended up asking Malachi if this was something he wanted to do and he just kind of shrugged it off. Which meant that it was up to Adeline. 

When Eleanor asked her next, Adeline just stared at her with sad eyes. She wanted to say no. But she felt like she didn't have a choice. And Adeline refused to be the reason why the band wasn't together anymore. “Well. It's not like we have a choice in the matter.” Adeline was very upset. With that being said. She stood up and stormed out the room.

Eleanor Hadley Kingg

Eleanor’s eyes were glued to Adeline as she watched her react.  She knew Adeline would be pissed, Eleanor was pissed as well.  It wasn’t fair to break their trust as friends and bandmates and make them pretend to date.  It would be lying and Eleanor couldn’t imagine how it would make the band more marketable.  The whole thing was so confusing, and before she could offer any support of Adeline, she was off.  “Ugh, could you take a minute to get off your phone and be helpful to our friend.” Eleanor spoke loudly to Malachi, who seemed to jump at the sound of her voice.  “I don’t think I’m the person she wants to talk to right now.” Malachi spoke.  The redhead nodded, that was true.  

Without another word, Eleanor followed behind where Adeline had left but she couldn’t see her immediately.  She walked down the hallway, but instead of finding Adeline, she found Amber first.  “Hey!” she called out, stopping the woman in her tracks.  “This whole fake relationship thing is stupid.  They don’t even want to do it! We’ve been doing fine with how we have been progressing.  Why are we adding this dumb addition in?” Eleanor spoke, crossing her arms over her chest, the look of annoyance painted all over her face.  “Hey, this wasn’t my idea!  The label wants this.  They think it looks good, now your love songs mean something.  Why do you even care, El.  It’s not even something you have to do.” Amber spoke, brushing her hair over her shoulder.  All Eleanor could do was groan, before heading off to find Adeline.  

The look of sadness Adeline had hit Eleanor hard.  She never had seen her look so hurt before.  She knew Adeline wasn’t as invested in the band as Eleanor, or even Malachi, was.  She would do whatever was needed to make sure the band made it, even if she wasn’t as invested as the others.  That was something Eleanor had always loved about Adeline.  Honestly, she loved everything about the woman. 

Eleanor went through the backdoor of the studio, looking around.  She pulled out her phone to see if Adeline had called or texted her.  They were best friends, so she assumed she’d have something but her phone was empty.  She pulled up a message to Adeline, knowing she needed to talk to her. 

 Hi Addy.   I know you're upset but let's talk about it.  Or, better yet, we can go out to a club, drink, and forget everything for the night.  A girl’s night.  Just let me know where you are and I’ll meet you there. ♡

Eleanor sent the messages and slid her phone into her pocket as she got herself into her car. She sat in the driver’s seat, her phone now in her hand, waiting for a message or call to come in.  She was worried about Adeline now.


Adeline didn't even know where she was going to go. She just took her off. She felt bad for Eleanor, because no one has really seen that side of her before. Adeline sighed as she slid down one of the walls of the building and she just shook her head. Was this actually happening? Adeline laid her head in her arms and just sighed. She didn't even want to think about this anymore. But it's going to be her life now. She couldn't be exactly mad at Malachi, because this was just sprung on him as well. But he didn't seem to care. Which she understood why. And it just irritated her so much. 

“Hey.” Adeline looked up and saw it was Amber. “I know you are really upset, but this is what the label is saying.” Amber watched Adeline carefully. Adeline is usually the one to stand her ground. But with this one, she can't. Adeline sighed, and then glared at Amber. “Upset isn't the right word I would use.” Adeline sighed as she crossed her arms over her chest. “The label or YOU isn't giving me or him a choice. Mainly me. But of course, I'm not going to say no. Because this band means a lot to Eleanor and Malachi. I could care less about this. It was just time spending with my friends.” That was the first time Adeline has ever mentioned that to Amber. But at this point. She didn't really seem to care at all. Amber just watched her carefully. “But… You are going to do it, right?” Adeline more and more irritated with Amber. Adeline just said she would do it for them. “Obviously I just said that.” 

Adeline literally walked away and then walked out of the building. She heard her phone buzz. I swear to god. If this is Malachi… Adeline pulled out her phone and saw that it was Eleanor. She gasped. She didn't even think about the fact that Eleanor is probably worried about where Adeline took off. Adeline smiled lightly at her best friend's text. That's how she knew that Eleanor really cared about how Adeline would react. Immediately, Adeline's fingers glided over the keyboard on the touch screen. 

I'm so sorry, El. I didn't mean to worry you. Just pick me up at my apartment. I'm heading there now, and we can drink. I just want it to be me and you. I don't exactly want to see Malachi right now.
She pressed sent, and then sighed as she started to walk to her apartment. Her apartment wasn't that far, so she didn't even dare drive her vehicle over. Adeline was already at her apartment when she opened the door. She didn't know what she was going to do. But she didn't feel like she had a choice. Adeline used to like Malachi a lot, until she walked in on him banging some chick after he just got done saying he liked Addy. But that part Eleanor didn't know. It was like Malachi broke her heart into a million pieces. And Adeline didn't want anyone to know that part. She just pretended nothing happened after she cried about for a few days. She looked outside her window as she patiently waited for Eleanor. She knew that Eleanor would cheer her up.

Eleanor Hadley Kingg

Eleanor felt her phone buzz in her hand and was relieved when Adeline seemed to be at least okay.  She was glad that she didn’t want to see Malachi, as she didn’t really want to either. She sent her a quick reply that she would be over shortly, before heading over.  But, she didn’t do so before heading to their favorite coffee shop, grabbing some of their favorite sandwiches and coffees.  She was happy to spend time with Adeline, as she always was.  She was able to find a visitor spot at Adeline’s apartment complex before making her way up to her place.  

Eleanor could remember the moment she realized she had a crush on Adeline.  Adeline and Eleanor had been friends since middle school, and had been best friends ever since.  When Eleanor asked Adeline and Malachi to create a band with her, she was ecstatic that she would be able to spend more time with her friends.  It even seemed like Malachi and Addy got along well anyway. The first rehearsal when she was first able to hear her best friend sing, she could feel the crush on her friend grow.  It was hard to keep her crush on her best friend a secret, but she didn’t want to ruin their friendship.  What if Adeline didn’t accept it?  What if she didn’t want anything to do with her again?  Besides, she didn’t even know if Adeline liked girls in that way.  She always spoke of guys when speaking about people she liked, so it seemed safe to assume she was straight. 

As Eleanor made it to her apartment, she knocked on the door before pushing the door open.  She smiled as she entered, seeing Adeline by the window, the sunlight hitting her perfectly.  “Hello!  I have coffee and food as well, your favorites!” Eleanor spoke as she entered the apartment, placing the food and drinks on the table.  She went over to Adeline, pulling her into a hug as she approached her.  She smelled amazing, and she loved having the woman in her arms.  

“So, do you want to talk about what happened back there?  Or do you just want to have a good night starting now?  We can drink, go out, stay in.  Whatever you want.” Eleanor spoke, grabbing the woman’s hand and leading her to the couch, grabbing the food and drinks as well.  She took a sip of her chai latte.  “Also, I’m going to apologize for Malachi being an asshole as always.  He truly doesn’t know how to act like a decent person half the time.” 


Adeline patiently waited for Eleanor to show up. Next thing she knew is she heard Eleanor's voice popup behind her. Adeline jumped a little bit and then looked behind her. “Man! You scared me.” Adeline giggled slightly. She didn't even see Eleanor walk up. Adeline must of gotten pretty lost in her thoughts and everything that was said between her and Amber. She really didn't want to think about it anymore. But she knew that it was going to be some type of a topic between Adeline and Eleanor. It was very obvious that Eleanor was worried about Adeline, because she just up and disappeared. She knew that Eleanor was probably going to have a lot of questions to ask. The problem was… Was she going to tell her best friend about Malachi? She didn't even know herself. 

Adeline looked at Eleanor again. “I want to tell you something, and it will make sense why I'm so upset about this…” Adeline was really scared to tell her because she had no idea how Eleanor was going to take it. She didn't know if she would be upset at Adeline or Malachi or even both of them. Adeline gulped and joined her at the table. She grabbed her drink, and took a small drink out of it. 

“So.. Like a year ago. I had feelings for Malachi. They weren't like big feelings or anything. It was there. Well, I decided that I wanted to talk to Malachi about it. He told me that he felt the same way. I was pretty shocked about it. But he said that he wanted to date and stuff like that. Well. When I showed up for our date, I couldn't find him. So I came back to the studio and he was being intimate with another female. I caught him.” 

Adeline remembered this whole situation like it was yesterday. It stung so much. But that was the moment that she was done with men. That was when she told herself that she would only be interested in women. She was already bi-sexual, but what Malachi did. It killed any type of feelings she might have towards any man. “He's the whole reason I'm lesbian. And now I have to pretend that I'm dating him AND be lesbian? I feel like I'm just lying to the entire world about me and him and about myself.” Adeline sighed and took another drink and then looked at Eleanor. Adeline was very concerned on how she was going to respond. Adeline could feel her heart racing in her chest. The silence was literally eating Adeline alive.

Eleanor Hadley Kingg

Eleanor got herself comfortable in her chair as the woman told her she wanted to tell her something.  Had something happened between Malachi and Addy?  They were both her best friends so she was surprised she hadn’t heard anything about something happening between them before now.  Listening to Addy’s story, Eleanor was shocked.  Neither Adeline or Malachi ever mentioned liking one another to her, and there was never any mention of a possible date either.  Maybe the whole thing was so awful, neither wanted to speak of it again.  Maybe that was why Malachi didn’t mind about the dating thing so much, but she could see why it would bother Adeline so much.

But then she heard something she never thought she would have heard from Addy.  She was a lesbian.  Now, THAT was something she wasn’t expecting either.  “First of all, I am so sorry that happened.  Malachi is a piece of shit, I’ve known that forever.  He’s like a brother to me, but a piece of shit. I’ll kick his ass if you want me to.” Eleanor started, trying to lighten the mood at least a little bit.  She knew he was a bit of a player, but never thought he’d do something like that to his bandmates/friends.  She would have a long conversation with him later.

“Second, I had no idea you were interested in girls!  You should have told me, we could have been gossiping about women this entire time.” Eleanor continued, keeping the mood as light as possible. Now that she knew about this, maybe she could actually shoot her own shot with Adeline.  Well, after what happened to Malachi, maybe Adeline wouldn’t want to even attempt anything with another friend or bandmate.  Eleanor wasn’t a player by any means, but she did have her fair share of one night stands, and hook-ups as well.  Maybe Adeline would assume something between the two women would end in her getting hurt again.  But Eleanor would never do that to Adeline.  

Eleanor took Adeline’s hand across the table, a smile on her lips.  “I’m so sorry this is happening.  I was excited about getting signed until they started making us do stuff or threatening to drop us.  If we weren’t about to go on tour, I would have just let them drop us.  Maybe we can ask them if it’s not an official relationship, and just that you guys are interested in each other.  Then you can still go meet other people, and you guys won’t have to be all over each other.  We can keep it as ‘awkward flirting at a distance’ or something.  Would that be something we could try?  I want you to be comfortable.” Eleanor squeezed her hand, before letting their fingers tangled together.  She kept it friendly, even though her own heart was beating hard.  

Eleanor had had this crush on Addy for as long as she could remember.  She never wanted to risk their friendship, but she couldn’t help it.  She wrote songs about her where she would just change her name out to babe or baby.  “How about we go out to a lesbian club and we can party and not worry about any dudes at all for the rest of the night?  Have you been to one before?”


Adeline was quite surprised on how well Eleanor took the news. She expected her to be upset. But at the same time, she was a bit upset. At Malachi, though. Not her. Adeline felt like she could let out a sigh of relief. But it still bothered Adeline that the band wanted to do this. Well, most of the band. Adeline was the only one on that wasn't on board. But she knew it would be a fight in a half. And if she was the reason why they weren't a band anymore, that would devastate her. Adeline sighed lightly, realizing she was lost in her thoughts once more. She was easily distracted. That was for sure. 

What brought Adeline out of her thoughts is when she felt Eleanor's hand inside of hers. Adeline felt her heart was racing. She hasn't had a woman touch her in a while. She wasn't sure how to feel about it. But she kind of did love the feeling of Eleanor's fingers intertwined with her. She looked down at their hands. Like was this really happening? Adeline listened to everything that was said, and immediately Adeline was shaking her head. “No, don't talk to him about what happened. I feel like it would make things worse.” The entire time that Adeline was talking, she didn't dare let go of Eleanor's hand. 

Eventually they got off the topic of Malachi. And then she asked one question that Adeline never thought of doing. Going to a lesbian bar. She has never been to one. Would she even like to go to one? What happened if things would get farther with Eleanor than Adeline attended. Adeline felt like she has so many questions. But she definitely wasn't going to ask any questions. 

“I have never been to one! But I will go get ready!” She took a second to stand up because she was enjoying holding Eleanor's hand more than she should be. Once she was ready, she let go of her hand slowly, and then headed to her room, and changed into a dress. It was a bit revealing, but not too much. She put her hand down and her curls bounced off of her shoulders and then she touched up her makeup. She put on some flatts. She looked at herself in the mirror. For some reason, she was hoping that Eleanor would love how she looks right now. She headed back to the kitchen/living room area, and then smiled at Eleanor. “I'm ready!”

Eleanor Hadley Kingg

Eleanor was happy to get off of Malachi, especially when Addy didn’t want her talking to him about it.  She would have, she would have gladly kicked his ass for this.  For hurting Addy.  Even if she had her crush on Addy, seeing her crushed and defeated like she just looked was enough for her to punch anyone who would dare do that to her.  And she had before, even if Addy didn’t know why they had a black eye the next day.  Eleanor would always have her back, no matter what.

Eleanor let Addy’s hand slide out of her own, a smile on her face as she raced off to get ready.  Should she go home and get ready too?  She wasn’t super girly in general, more masculine and a tomboy more than anything else but maybe getting more dressed up would be nice for once.  She didn’t need to wear a dress to be dressed up anyway, and besides, maybe it’d have Adeline look at her a bit more…enthusiastically?  She could at least hope so.

As Adeline called out, Eleanor looked up from her phone and her mouth immediately went dry.  The blonde looked insanely beautiful, and was a little jealous that other women were going to be able to see her.  She took a large sip of her coffee, trying to hide her own blush and dry mouth.  “My god!” she stood up, walking over to her and taking her hand again.  “You look…” she spoke, moving her hand for the woman to spin around, “...perfect!  I’ll drive you to my place just so I can get ready and we’ll head over. It’s called Cherry Bomb.  They have great drinks and great music.” Eleanor smiled, before letting her hand slowly slip out of Adeline once more.  

The pair made their way to Eleanor’s apartment, and the red-head let the girl in.  “Make yourself at home.  It shouldn't take too long, and we can pre-game a little bit before we go.  If you want, I have some vodka and tequila in the freezer.  Take your pick.” Eleanor smiled, before she headed off into her room.  Her normal style was larger t-shirts and baggier jeans, but she wanted to show off a little bit.  She grabbed a black and white patterned button down shirt and pulled it on, leaving the buttons undone, showing off her bralette and her tattoos on her collarbone, neck, and arms.  She then grabbed some black jeans, much more form fitting than normal, rips and various parts to show off more of her tattoos on her legs.  She rolled her sleeves up to her elbows, before adding a bit of mascara and eyeliner to complete her simple look. She knew it wasn’t much, but it was a bit more interesting than her usual.  

Eleanor pushed her hair to one side of her head, more than usual before heading out into the living space to find Addy. She walked up behind her, reaching over her to grab two glasses for them to drink from.  “What did you pick for us to drink?” she asked.  “Oh, I tried something different. What do you think?” she asked, doing her own little spin as well, a laugh escaping her lips.  (Outfit)


Adeline loved that the other woman loved her outfit. That made Adeline super happy. And then the other thing was that Eleanor was doing everything in her power to cheer her up. This is why Eleanor was more her best friend than Malachi. Adeline didn't want to think about what happened between her and Malachi anymore. She just wanted to have a great time with Eleanor. And then she can think about the fact that she has to pretend to date Malachi. Not like this is the first time this would be happening. Adeline rolled her eyes at her thoughts and then smiled when Eleanor's hand was in Adeline's. Every time they touched it made her heart race. She didn't really understand why, but at the same time. She wasn't really questioning it either. 

Adeline nodded, and then followed Eleanor to her car and enjoyed the laughter and the fun they were just having going to her best friend's house. Addy nodded her head, and waited for her to come back out. She was debating on what she wanted to drink. She had a few shooters in her bag, so she grabbed those and set them out on the table. That way Eleanor could choose which one she really wanted. Addy waited some more and than watched as she came out. She didn't even recognize Eleanor. She has never seen her in clothes like this before. She smiled real big at her. “You look great!” She smiled real big, and then she just looked at her. Addy didn't even realize it but she was staring Eleanor up and down. She loved how she looked. 

Adeline was having different thoughts about her best friend. And she didn't know if that was going to be okay. But Adeline loved the idea of grabbing her, pulling her against her body, and kissing her. The thought kept repeating in her mind. But on the same note, she was so afraid that it was going to ruin their friendship. And could she honestly be like that with her - if it ever happened - and then “pretend" to date Malachi. Adeline was very confused. But she didn't really need to think about it right at this moment.

“I already drank some vodka! Buuuut. I did have some options for shooters if you wanted any of these.” She smiled sweetly at her and then looked up at her. She was ready to go and hit the club. But at the same time. She didn't want this moment to ever go away. Adeline was just so tempted to kiss her. But she knew it was a bad idea. Immediately, she felt her cheeks start to get a little pink. She bit on her lip lightly and then sighed intently as she waited to see what Eleanor wanted to do next. 

Eleanor Hadley Kingg

Eleanor smiled when Adeline complimented her outfit.  It wasn’t something she would usually go for, so she was happy that Adeline liked it.  She usually was pretty content in her baggy t-shirts and jeans, but it was nice to go out of her comfort zone once and a while, especially when they were going out to the club.  She walked over to the counter where the girl had been waiting for her. She smiled when the girl mentioned she had something to drink, and she pretended to pout.  “You started without me? I guess I have to catch up with you.” she smirked, grabbing one of the shooters and taking the whole thing down at one time.

The redhead smirked as she pulled the empty bottle from her lips.  She looked over to the shooters, a thought coming into her mind.  The alcohol was probably giving her a bit more confidence, but she knew that Adeline was usually up for anything. “I have an idea I’ve seen before, if you’re up for it?” she smirked, taking one of the shooters in her hand.  She rolled the tiny bottle between her fingers, before heading over to Adeline.  “So, you close your eyes, and I’ll pick one of these at random.  I’ll pour the shooter into your mouth, and you have to take the whole thing at one time.  Then you guess which one.  Afterwards, you can do one for me.” she spoke, walking behind the woman as she placed the bottle back down with the other ones.  

Eleanor had always had a crush on Adeline, but right now she had been feeling so much more confident about it than ever before.  After learning that the girl was interested in women, she knew her chances were higher than before.  She also was worried about making a move; what if Adeline wasn’t interested in her like that and their friendship was ruined.  Her friendship with Adeline was one of the most important things to her, and she didn’t want to harm it in any way.  But that didn’t mean that she couldn’t wish and think about wanting to kiss the blonde.

Eleanor placed her hand over Adeline’s eyes, before leaning over to her ear.  “Close them…” she spoke softly.  Picking a vanilla flavored vodka, before opening in up and moving her hand to have Adeline lean her head back.  God, all she wanted to do is kiss her at the moment.  She placed the bottle on her lips, tipping it back to have the girl finish the whole shooter. She slid the bottle into her pocket, making sure to hide it so she would see it.  Eleanor moved her body to face the woman, a smirk on her lips. “Alright, what do you think?” she asked, leaning over, her face close to the woman next to her.  


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