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Honey and Glass (MourningGlory)

By SmileBright
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SmileBrightCora Jae Tucker   104d ago

Cora Jae Tucker

Cora listened to Penny as she spoke, soaking in every word and kiss she received.  As soon as Penny stopped speaking, the smile on Cora’s lips grew.  She pulled the girl into her lap, wrapping her arms around her as she pressed her lips against hers.   “You don’t have to tell me twice.  I’ve been wanting to do this since the party.” she smiled, before falling back against the bed, showing her exactly what she had said.  That she was all in. 


Cora leaned back against the bed, her breathing heavy and ragged as the two had finished their fun.  The woman looked over to Penny, laying an arm over the woman’s waist, pressing a kiss to her cheek, before trailing a few down her neck as well.   “You are absolutely amazing.” she whispered into her ear, pressing a kiss right next to her ear.  Cora sat up, letting the blanket slide off her top section as she stretched her arms over her head.  She looked to the floor, putting her bralette on, before standing up and putting her panties back on.  “I’m going to grab a drink, do you want anything?”  she asked, listening to Penny’s response before heading out of the room, throwing a wink toward Penny.

Cora walked around for a minute in the house before finding the kitchen relatively quickly.  She went into the cabinets, the cabinets still stocked with cups, plates and bowls.  She grabbed two cups, filling them both with water in case Penny wanted some water as well.  She leaned against the counter as she took a sip of water, reeling in what just happened between the two.  They both had given their all to each other, making sure both needs were met.  It was never like that when she was ever with Izzy, as Izzy made sure her own needs were met and never checked in with Cora.  This was the first time she felt taken care of and appreciated.  

Cora took the other glass and walked into the bedroom once more.   “Hi.” she spoke softly, crawling onto the bed, handing the water to Penny.  “How are you feeling?” she asked, brushing a piece of the blonde’s hair back. 

MourningGloryPenny   98d ago
Lady of the Night


Words were not always a strong suit for Penny. For her to be able to tell Cora what she did and to show her was much more than the blonde had hoped to be able to do. She was only thankful that Cora accepted her and what she was able to show her. 

When she had been pulled onto the other young woman's lap, her hands rested on her shoulders and she kissed her again. This kiss being one of her softer and sweeter to yet again try and let Cora know she meant all she had said. “Good because so have I. I couldn't get enough from the first kiss we shared to every one after.” Penny breathed against her lips, also showing Cora that she meant EVERYTHING she had said.


Oh she had been with others before Cora. So many others. But none had literally left her feeling as good or as breathless as the brunette whom she had JUST finished having some fun with. Delicious shivers ran down her spine when she felt the soft trail of kisses along her neck. “Mm..that my love is you. Amazing and incredible.” Penny purred as bright eyes were on the other young woman and drinking her in. In the honey blonde's mind, Cora was a Goddeds and a real force to be trifled with. When asked if she wanted something to drink, Penny had said she did but had not gone further than that. She was going to let Cora decide on the what.

During the time that Cora was roaming,  Penny did rest back on the bed again, eyes on the ceiling as she was thinking about how lucky she truly was. She had NEVER had anyone who cared how she felt. Who had wanted to make her feel as good as she had made them feel. For the first time she could say that she honestly felt completely loved and like she was equal. And in her mind, the blonde NEVER wanted to lose what it seemed she and Cora were trying to build.

She didn't know how long Cora had been in the kitchen or how long she had been letting her thoughts run wild. The ONLY thing that brought her back was the soft movement of the bed and the sound of the brunette's voice. “Hey beautiful…amazing and I have NEVER felt this way before…ever..” She whispered as she leaned forward and did kiss the other. And after, bright blue eyes locked with dark brown. “How are you feeling? Hopefully as amazing as you made me feel.” Those words that slipped from soft pink lips were a little more timid as she REALLY hoped she had not disappointed Cora. 

SmileBrightCora Jae Tucker   96d ago

Cora Jae Tucker

Cora leaned herself against the headboard of the bed, letting one leg rest outward and one was slightly bent.  She rested her glass on water on her knee, yet kept her hand holding the glass cup.  “I’m glad I could make you feel amazing.  That was my whole goal.  I used all my moves on you.” Cora teased, a giggle escaping her lips before taking another sip of water.  When Penny asked her how she felt, she let her eyes wander back to Penny’s bright ones.  “Absolutely incredible.  You really know what you are doing.  I was worried you would have thought I wasn’t as experienced as you, as you did some things that I had never experienced before.   You’re gonna have to teach me your ways.” she teased, before leaning down to press a kiss to her temple. 

Cora tapped her fingers against the glass, taking another sip of water before placing the cup on the bedside table next to her.  She went back under the covers, pulling Penny’s body against hers. She let her hand trail up Penny’s side, before pulling the woman’s body tightly against hers.  “Don’t worry, I’m not going to push you into anything more tonight, I just like having you so close to me.” she smiled, pressing a kiss to her lips softly.  She closed her eyes, sleepiness taking her over quickly as she felt how truly tired she was.  “Good night, beautiful.”


The next morning Cora woke up, not wanting to leave the comfortable spot she was in.  She slid out of bed, letting Penny sleep until her body woke her up naturally.  She went to the kitchen and it was void of any food.  She ended up ordering a spread of breakfast food from a nearby diner and was able to get it delivered to the cabin.  Once the food arrived, she set up a little bit of everything on two plates, bringing it in for her and Penny.  “Rise and shine, gorgeous.  I have breakfast.” she smiled, before placing a plate down on the bedside table next to Penny.  She pressed a kiss to her lips, hoping that it would wake her up if she was not awake from her words.  She moved a piece of hair from her face, letting her thumb also brush her lip softly.

MourningGloryPenny   58d ago
Lady of the Night


The honey blonde smirked faintly as she watched her beautiful brunette take her seat, keeping the hold on her glass. Bright eyes never left Cora as she spoke her words and even a giggle snort slipped from her. Trust me my love, there is nothing you want nor need me to be teaching you. You are very talented and even showed me some new tricks as well.” Came her soft words as she gave a wink.

Silence did seem to fall between the two young women as Cora set her glass aside and so did Penny so that she could once more nestle  beneathe the covers. She had taken to being on her side as that was how she was most comfortable. Eyes closed but she could still feel the movements beside her which told her that Cora was once more joining her. But what really solidified that notion was the hand on her side and then having her body pulled tightly against the other woman's and kissing her back as gently. “You know it wouldn't be forcing me into anything… I could and would do anything with you or for you..but I do very much like the idea of being in your arms like this.” Penny whispered as she did turn to be able to hide her face against Cora's chest and even nuzzle against her. “Good night darlin'…”


When she woke, Cora was not in the bed with her. And for that reason, the honey blonde ALMOST thought that all of the night before had been a dream. Albeit one of the best dreams she had had in so very long, just the notion made her sad. So to try and conjure it back up, bright eyes closed again.

Was it seconds or was it minutes before Penny heard the voice of the angel? She wasn't sure but it was telling her that it was time to rise and shine. She REALLY didn't want to listen to it. But the kiss was what did it and really woke her. And with it, blue orbs opened as she soon was staring up at Cora, thankful to find that she had NOT been dreaming. “Mm mornin'..” She whispered as she did slowly sit up and pull the other girl into a kiss before seeing the food that had been brought in, stomach growling. “You are perfect and the most amazing woman ever!” Penny squeaked as she did pull Cora down to sit with her and withoit thinking feed the other a strawberry she had found on one of the plates.

SmileBrightCora Jae Tucker   42d ago

Cora Jae Tucker

Cora smiled seeing a very sleepy Penny wake up, pulling her into a kiss.  She sat down on the side of the bed, as Penny exclaimed how great she was.  She waved her hand at her, trying to blow off the compliment.  “I am just giving you what you deserve, which is everything.” she smiled, taking a bite of the strawberry the woman held out to her.  “I just wanted to make sure you know how you should be treated, and that I will always be that person for you.” she pressed a kiss to her temple, holding out a strawberry now for the blonde.  

The pair cleaned up the cabin just as they had found it and got ready for the day.  Heading out to the car, Cora opened the passenger door for Penny.  “I had an amazing time on our first date.  I couldn’t have wished for a better date, besides seeing Izzy.” Cora spoke, trying to brush away the encounter with Izzy at the ice cream shop from her mind.  “I hope you enjoyed yourself.” Cora spoke, taking Penny’s hand in hers as she drove, heading back to their shared apartment.  “I have work today for a couple of hours, and then I was thinking I could come by your workplace too.  I’ve never been and I want to see what your job is like. Would that be okay?” 

Cora has been interested in what Penny’s job was like, as she knew it was different from just normal waitressing.  I know she danced as well, and she was curious on what it would be like.  She also wanted to support her girlfriend in whatever she did, even if it was completely out of her comfort zone.  Her comfort zone had always been libraries, quiet corners, and empty coffee shops; and Cora knew it was very different from all of those places.

“I’ll even wear something cute, just for you.  You can even pick it out.” Cora teased, pressing a kiss to her temple at the red light, a cheeky smile following the kiss.

MourningGloryPenny   36d ago
Lady of the Night


How she had gotten so lucky in finding Cora, Penny had NO idea. But the blonde of twenty-four knew that now that she had the brunette and that they WERE together she was never letting go. Those were Penny's thoughts when Cora tried to brush her off when she told her just how amazing she was. “You are everything I've ever wanted and more…I hope you know that. I also hope you know that I will always try and be the person that you want and need. You deserve it and so, so much more.” Those were her soft words as Cora gently fed her a strawberry in turn.

After breakfast, the two young women got up and dressed. They even cleaned the cabin to look JUST like it had before they had decided to stay the night. Well almost like it had been. There were a few things that Penny had forgotten where they went. But as long as they didn't break anything or leave a mess, the blonde with the bright blue eyes knew her parents wouldn't care. They only paid to have the place kept up…they didn't come and spend time there like Penny did. 

“Our first date has been amazing. It was all I hoped for and more. I can't wait for more to come.” Penny said with a smile as her hand gently squeezed Cora's as the pair were in the car and Cora was starting to drive. 

Blue eyes stared ahead as she listened to what her girlfriend (wow that would take some getting used to, but she couldn't be happier) was saying. She even found herself leaned against the other when her temple had been kissed. When she took it all in, a faint smirk crossed  soft rosy pink lips. “Honestly, I wouldn't mind you coming in. I've told you about it but you've never seen. Just hope you don't hate me for it. Annnd if you're good and like what you see, maybe I can even do a special dance just for you.” She was half teasing her girlfriend but was more serious. The truth was, Penny had been dying for Cora to join her at the bar and to see her dance. She even hoped that she would be able to convince Cora to dance just once with her. Not on the stage, but just a dance out on the floor…a dance that would be like the first night they actually admitted having feelings for the other.

“Oh and about the dressing. I can help dress you and turn you into my own personal Barbie. Oooor you can wear something like you did for our date. Either way, I love you and think you're drop dead gorgeous just the way you are.” and with that, Penny did bring Cora's hand that was in hers to her lips and kissed the back of it gently.

As soon as they got home, Penny was actually the one out first and around the car, opening Cora's door for her. “After you darlin'.” 

SmileBrightCora Jae Tucker   18d ago

Cora Jae Tucker

Cora made a face while she was driving.  “Babe, I would never ever judge you for what you do.  I know it’s your job and I support you in whatever you do.  As long as your not out kissing other girls, I don’t care what you do.” she smiled, a small chuckle escaping her lips.  She knew her girlfriend’s job was a bit unconventional but she didn’t mind it.  She wanted to be able to support her in everything she did.  “I would love a special dance.  You’re just going to try and make me blush the whole time I’m there, aren’t you?” she smirked toward her girl.  Penny knew how shy and reserved Cora was in comparison to herself, so Cora knew she’d be a blushing mess.

“I will be your personal Barbie, whatever you want.  I have a feeling I might regret this later on.” Cora smirked.  Her cheeks heated up as she felt Penny kiss her hand, “I wish I could kiss you right now, but I’d end up crashing the car.” the woman smirked, as she continued driving back to their apartment.  Once they got back, Cora was about to go to open Penny’s door, but Penny beat her to it.  She took her hand as she got out of the car, pressing a kiss to her lips. “Thank you, love.”

Once the two got upstairs, Cora immediately headed to the shower.  “I need to shower.  You can go through my closet or your own and you can use me however you want.” she spoke, before she realized what she had truly said.  “Well, you can do that.  And then dress me however you want.” Cora winked, before heading into the bathroom.  She had a nice long shower, washing her hair, making sure she was clean and smelled great.  She did skin care and brushed out her hair before she turned off the water.  Wrapping herself in a towel, she walked back into her room, looking at herself in the mirror. “Are you doing my hair and makeup too, or should I work on that now?  Or at least my hair?”

MourningGloryPenny   17d ago
Lady of the Night


Penny knew Cora was different and would never judge her for being who she was. But something deep down did worry that the other may not like her line of work so much when she saw it. Or more like now that she had the girl that she wanted and had been pining for since she had moved in, the honey blonde did NOT want to fuck anything up between them.

It was Cora's words that dragged Penny from her thoughts and she could not help a laugh from slipping or the smirk that came to her lips. “Oh I will definitely make sure you are a blushing mess the whole time. There isn't a colour more lovely on you than red.” Of course the blonde had to tease her girl. But only because Cora had left herself very much open to it and had known that Penny would take the bait.

“You can kiss me all you want later. We don't need you crashing the car. And as to regretting this? I dunno. You'll have to make that call later.” 

When they had gotten home and Penny had beaten Cora to the door opening for the other, she was more than happy to be back in their appartment. The moment she was told that Cora was going to be getting a shower, there was a part of Penny that wanted to ask if she could join. And she ALMOST did before Cora spoke again and said how she could be used any way Penny chose, which had her cheeks a bright red as she laughed. “Careful in what you say my love. I may end up holding you to it tonight after work.” Came her soft words in a purr as she gave a wink of her own.

It was when her girlfriend had gone and gotten in the shower was Penny  washing her own face and getting her make-up done for the night. She also put her hair up into pigtails and got into a tight fitting red halter top, very short denim blue shorts, and long black boots. This was only one of the many outfits she wore for work as each week seemed to be a different theme. This was one just seemed to be the sterotypical southern girl theme.

Penny once ready herself began to go through her clothing, pushing the clothes back and forth again and again until she settled on a black thigh lengthed dress that she KNEW would hug Cora in all the right places. She also found mini boots too. When she had them, the twenty-four year old went back to Cora's room and was sitting on her bed waiting for her. “What would you prefer? Me doing your hair and make-up or you doing it? Also….are you okay with wearing this?” Her words were soft as she stood and showed the other what she had found for her to wear. IF she hated it, Penny would of course find something else. So now, the ball was in Cora's court and so was the rest of them getting ready to go.

Cora Jae Tucker

“If you have time, I’d love it if you'd do it for me.  I feel like I do the same thing all the time, I’d be nice if someone else does it for a change.  Besides, I don’t even know how to do makeup for a club.” Cora smirked, before watching Penny as she held up the outfit she had for her to wear.  Cora raised an eyebrow, before standing up and walking over to the outfit.  The dress looked tight and short, very out of her comfort zone.  But that was what she was trying to do, go outside of her comfort zone.  “I’ll try it.  I don’t think I’ve ever worn something like this before.” she smiled, taking the dress and heels to lay them down on the bed.  

“So, I’ll dry my hair so you can style it and do the makeup.  And I’ll get dressed so you have some time to get ready as well.  I’ll wait in here until you’re ready to help me.” Cora smiled, pressing a soft kiss to Penny’s lips before letting her go to get ready.  The brunette blow dried her hair, which normally fell pretty straight, but with the heat, it tended to have a bit of a wave to it.  Her hair was relatively short, so it didn’t take very long at all as well.  She took a large clip and pinned it up, keeping it out of her face as she began to get ready in the outfit she was given.  The only addition Cora added were some fishnets on her legs, as a little extra addition.  She’d let Penny decide if she should keep them or not.  

Pulling the dress over her frame, Cora looked at herself in the mirror.  She never wore something like this. She tried one time, and Izzy told her she was looking for other  women to look at her and she wasn’t allowed to wear it anymore.  It was nice to have someone like Penny who encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone and trust her to stay faithful to her.  She actually liked how she looked in the dress and hoped her girlfriend agreed once she saw her.  Adding the fishnets on and the boots, the whole outfit looked really great, but so different on her body.  She was even more excited to go out tonight now.  

Cora entered Penny’s room, spinning around.  “What do you think?”. She walked over to her girlfriend, wrapping her arms around her shoulders, pressing a kiss to her lips.  “I think you should be dressing me more often.  I really like it.  I added fishnets, what do you think?” she smiled, stepping back to show off the outfit. 

“Whenever you're ready, come join me in my room.  I’ll be waiting for you, love.”


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