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I'm playing with the new system, but I'm also setting up this group roleplay so please do not rp or chat here. You may feel free to pm me or ask questions about the rp here if you'd like though.


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      I crave in-character drama. So-uh, don't take things personally, M'kay?
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      Use that chat or pms to communicate and share ideas.
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The Unwritten Code
There is an unwritten code that has existed throughout the centuries,  one spoken only through word of mouth, from one bloodsucker to another. This code mainly concerns the secrecy and discretion surrounding the existence of our kind, vampires. In order to prevent history from repeating itself most covens adhere to the code, but not all. 

  The unwritten code must never be written down; to write them would in itself be an infraction. Instead, the unwritten code may only be passed on by word of mouth from one vampire to another vampire.

  Vampires should not draw wide attention to the existence of our kind. Any vampire deeded incapable of going about their enteral life inconspicuously or threatening to expose our existence shall be punished by death.

  Never should any vampire hunt conspicuously, it is an extremely punishable offense that can result in death.

  Vampires interaction with humans must not draw wide attention. If a human becomes aware that you're a vampire, you as the one at fault shall be responsible for silencing that human. Whether you choose to compulsion, sire, blood, or kill them does not matter so long as the human is taken care of.

  It is taboo to blood; the insane, the crippled, the maimed, children, or anyone who cannot, even as a vampire survive on their own.

    Master, the vampire responsible for blooding a human is responsible for their newborns behavior and teaching of our ways until the newborns coming of age. Masters reserve the right to intervene and guide their fledglings as well as watch over them (like any parent would) until death.

  Never should a newborn be allowed to hunt unsupervised, both the master and newborn will be punished. 

  Any newborn deemed incapable of our way of life or threatens to expose our kind will be executed. 

  Once a newborn gains their fledgling title they are considered a full fledge vampire and no longer need to be coddled by their master. However, fledglings must still adhere to their coven and obey their masters will.

  Never interrupt any vampire during their hibernation. It is a suicide mission that will only result in a one-sided bloodbath. 


Once transitioned, vampires no longer physically age and can potentially live forever, provided they are not killed. Yes, vampires can be permanently killed off under the right circumstances.

Vampires are first and foremost Hemovores, their thirst can be satiated by blood in general. Although they can learn to control their thirst and drink in moderation. All vampires regardless of age and power can fall into a frenzy given the right circumstances. Vampires wont die from starvation, instead, they will continuously grow weaker, to the point where they become dried-out-mummified husks of their former selves. Fresh blood can slowly rejuvenate a vampire back to its original state. And if a vampire is ever grievously wounded,  blood is always the answer. Consuming blood rapidly accelerates the regeneration process. 

In hibernation, vampires spend only a century awake at any given time, between a decade of hibernation. This is the most dangerous and vulnerable time for vampires since they can be easily killed in their slumber or god forbid awakened. 

During the hibernation process, the body enters a fasting state. After waking from hibernation, a vampire will be incredibly-weakened state, having been deprived of blood for an extended period of time.   Although this is not the case for any vampire that has a familiar, fledgling, mate or belongs to a household. These vampires will wake feeling fully refreshed since they will be carefully watched over and attended to during their hibernation.

The art of transformation is a meticulous and tedious endeavor. One wrong step and you could be spending your eternity as a horribly disfigured monster That being said, Vampires are humanoid bat-like creatures that are capable of contorting and transforming their whole body or various body parts.  Skilled vampires have the ability to completely transform into bat/bat swarm, Higher-skilled vampires can temporarily disguise themselves as their victims for short periods of time. 


The cursed blood-oath

The Transition
Not all blooded humans become vampires.

A human must suffer significant blood loss or be drained of blood by a vampire before receiving vampire blood in some way(it can be drunk, poured into their open wound, or even injected) and the human must be allowed to die with the blood in their system. 

It normally takes a week for a body to rise. Once a newborn rises, they must be watched over carefully, as they are subject to the fever and trauma of transformation, they may inadvertently injure themselves or others.

If a humans wound is healed with vampire blood, the blood will rest dormant inside the human and seemingly have no effect. However, any human who suffers server blood loss will trigger the transformation process. Whether human succeeds or fails depends on their will to live.


All vampires are harmed by sunlight to some extent and can even be killed by sunlight regardless of how old and powerful one may be. Direct sunlight may cause instant burning sensation, combustion, or even disintegration for lesser vampires while greater vampires may resist the effects of the sun.
- Exposing ones self completely to sunlight is a common way for vampires to commit suicide.

Silver material: 
All vampires are susceptible to injuries caused by silver. Not limited to just bullets, touching any silver matter in general harms vampires.
Holy/Bless materials:


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