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the tea shop ;

By Reiji
Backup thread

teashop ; a private thread

━━━━ a space for me to share whatever i like from drabbles to general brain babble. friends are welcome to watch the thread if you like, or simply ignore it -  but either way, this is my safe space. my own corner on this really poorly made site. commentary on my posts is not welcome, do not message me about my posts. if you take what i say out of context, misconstrue or misinterpret it, that's not my problem. 

thanks for your visit and have a wonderful day

love is all - quartet night

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Reiji     116d ago

so all that was for a site wipe and coding update? The layout is the same and just as hard to read--- I was really hoping this would be a huge ES reboot so the site would be fun and useable again. ; n ;

Reijix -   116d ago

x -

my house now.

Reijix -   23d ago

x -

idk how to make anything look nice here anymore my eyes are bleeding ;; why is everything so floaty


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