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Reading One



A woman hangs above the roaring fire find her ass and you will find the tome that destroyed our friend's f'ing life.



I see a throne fit for a king.



Climb the tower guarded by golden knights in the mountains.



Fucking Friend

Evil's bride is whom you seek.


Final Boss

I see a dark figure above a balcony looking at the land with a twisted smile.











Noble Issues Vallaki.


Wacthers being cultist.

Baron being crazy.


Vistani Camp nearby


Mad Mage in the mountains.

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Isaac Vesper


Possible Bard, but kind of Undetermined


A young doctor that has an addiction to the blood that he collects from transfusions.


As a dhampir he knows that he doesn’t necessarily need blood, but he enjoys it.


He gets found out and chased out by people thinking he is a vampire. Before he could be caught he ran into the mists losing his pursuers.


The mists have always called to him anyway.


He doesn’t remember anything about his childhood and he doesn’t remember how he became a dhampir. He wishes for the strength of an actual vampire…


He doesn’t know where the scars on his face, throat, or chest came from.


He doesn’t even remember having a family.


Isaac suffers when he doesn’t drink blood. Much like any addict he becomes irritable and prone to be a bit more violent.


At his worst he may even bite himself to calm the constant hunger for blood.


Though he comes off snarky and confident…



He is slowly losing himself inside… Blood is a salvation to him. Much like a drug it is almost like euphoria to him. A moment to take him away from his darker thoughts.








Leilani Arvarax


Sorcerer Divine Soul


Leilani is used to the protection of her older brother Everrett. So when he suddenly left only leaving behind a note she didn’t know what to do with herself.


She feared where he could have gone… Into the mists. She didn’t know if she could force herself to follow after him to such a place. Not alone.


She started asking around. People that could possibly help her… She heard a name. One that might be able to help her seek her brother.

So She went to him. A man named Trever Ironwillow. Apparently he frequented the taverns. So that’s where she had gone. She had played there sometimes to help her brother out with money, but hadn’t ever really taken the time to get to know anyone.


She approached him for help once she was able to figure out who exactly he was. Even if he turned her down she had decided she would just go alone.


What she didn’t know was that once she entered the mists… She would be exactly where the lord of those lands beyond the mists wanted her.



















Everett Arvarax


Ranger DrakeWarden


A simple Hunter


At a young age Everett lost his parents and he was left taking care of his younger sister alone. For the longest time it was hard. He had become a hunter trying his best to bring in food and money for them this way. They had lived in Terra for the longest time, but the brutal place was too much for him and he decided it would be best to move his sister somewhere safer. Somewhere less brutal.


Along the way to Straus he noticed that for some reason undead creatures kept trying to take his sister. He became rather quick at killing them. This was awful. He almost regretted leaving Terra, but he wanted a better place for his sister to live.


He continued to protect her along the way to Straus. They may not be able to live at the top, but at least they might be safer.


One night the undead were particularly bad. He tried to fight them off alone as he always did, but he ended up almost dying to these undead creatures.


Something strange happened though. A dragon… At least he thought he saw a dragon froze them all away with its cold breath. When he awoke a silver egg lay next to him. He hid the dragon egg away and took his sister the rest of the way to Straus.


He stayed with her for a while, but he kept having vivid dreams telling him the only way to stop these creatures from pursuing his sister was to go to the mists…


Late one night unable to sleep he left a note behind with money and to the mists he went. He would end this constant pursuit. His sister deserved to live in peace.



Fighter Gunbreaker


  • Chasing after Trevor because he was sent out to do so. He is to capture him. [Dead or alive it's up to you because I don’t know how badly he’s wanted lmao XD]
  • He followed his tracks into the mists with a group of his own soldiers, but he lost them. [Maybe was a captain? Or at least considered strong enough for his own small squad?]
  • It wasn’t long before he got lost alone in the forests and he got attacked by wolves. He was saved by a village of werewolves in the forest.
  • Normally such a thing would probably be looked into, but he is grateful they saved his life. He can see the good in things.


Kalashtar Quirks


  • You prefer using telepathy then speaking aloud.
  • You sometimes apply dream logic to mundane situations.
  • You are strongly influenced by the emotions of those around you.
  • You try to understand the motives and feelings of your enemies.
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Story Notes

Isacc's opening toward the cave.

Isaac escaping Straus Haven to the mist, he is currently being hunted by government officials. On the run he comes through a pass, on the pass there is a cave. Perception check DC 15 (Smell of blood.)
Isaac can have advantage on this check.


The knight's catch up with Isaac. One of them is a young man, a squire by the name of Arthur Chevalier. He is accompanied by two guards himself. Talking to Isaac he will talk with him, if he deems that Isaac isn't a monster but a man who needs help he'll offer his aid against his guards wishes. Causing the two to fight alongside each other.


Everett is already in Barovia, (Unless they head to the Cave)


Passing the gates, and the lonely dark forest her and Trevor make herself way. Trevor will ask her a few questions.

1: So I heard you performed at that Bloody tavern? Is it true?

The grizzled man scratched his lower jaw, skin brushing against peach fuzz a dangle of a broken necklace over the man's broad chest. He had held a torch up trying to see his way through this thick fog.


(Read barovia gates and Svalich forest)


Two guards will approach them and ask about a dangerous man, Isaac giving a description of the young Dhampir and that he is highly dangerous. They will comment on Ironwillow's crest how they are a forsaken family and how he is dangerous to be around.


Have them meet Everett either at the cave or the village. (If Cave give him an intro, either way actually give Everett this intro.)

Everett has been here a few days, with Kolyan and his people, The old man has quickly taking a liking to him. Including his two children as well. Everett had helped Kolyan handle a few of the rotting undead. Now Kolyan himself had taken Everett to the side to tell him of strange reports.


“My boy, we have appreciated the aid you've given us. Telling us of Doru's existence.. Calming down Donavich. Fighting those undead even, I'd be a lucky man.. If you'd take my daughter I'd love to have you as a son haha! Jokes aside however.. there is strange reports of a cave that smells of blood. We've been too busy to explore it ourselves but.. I don't want you to clear it out alone. Just scout out the situation and report back to me.. I'd pay you of course. How does 750 gold sound? 




1. (North) We go down the stairs and reach the first hall. The sacrificed heart on this stone can only serve to increase the atmosphere or your players can already meet the first inhabitants of the dungeon here, who are busy extracting hearts from people.


1 Thug

2 Bandits 

That worship strahd as a god of the people.

Bandits will try to shove to give thug advantage.  (No back tactics)


The doctor/butcher will be here and will leave the grunt work to the others. He wants Isaac alive however.


Investigation reveals that the alter has infernal runes. One's that have vampiric practice and vampric magic. 

The words “Night” “Vampire” “Artificial” “Creation”

All lie in the ritual. A voice may speak to Isaac depending. 


1A: There is a coffin with two healing potions. These coffins have infernal runes (Same as above)

But they are trapped. DC 12 investigation. 

Passive Investigation 12 to know to roll a check. (Perception works too)

Can disable with thieves tools. If failed roll a con save or take 2d4 poison or half as much on a success. 


2. We move to the right (north-east) and find another ritual place with a basin to hold blood. Here I would let the first vampire meet our group. Alone and therefore actually inferior to the group, the monster tries to fight in or around the pool. As long as it is in physical contact with the blood, it has enormous regenerative powers. The group either has to get it away from the pool somehow or kill it until the blood in the pool is used up.

In the pool alone who won't leave it is a Bandit Captain.

Changes involve no dagger attack, uses a longsword instead of a shortsword with two hands. Studded leather and has 34HP.

On it's turn it can use a bonus action to heal 17HP.

The pool can heal up to 34HP itself.

They can pull him outta the pull.

Taunt him or whatever or drain the pool by beating on him. 


4. We move to the labyrinthine room south of the entrance hall (1). This area is mean. The corridors are winding and narrow. I would recommend several quick enemies, which do particularly high damage if they can encircle a victim. Your group must not split up at this point and should always fight back to back.


Appearing around is Strahd Zombies. 1 Appears from behind and 1 from the front in this narrow area.

Round 3: A third appears. (Acting at the end of Round 3) 


5. In the east of room (4) we enter the bedroom: Here we find some coffins. I would in some way tell your group that there is an enemy in one (or two/three) of these coffins. The question here is: How will your group find out which one of the coffins is occupying without waking the sleeper? And how can they render it harmless?

(In the event that they nail up the coffin, this would also be an opportunity for a fun social exchange with the poor trapped vampire)


There is a sleeping Bandit with 30HP. (Can use Dhampir bite attack and has advantage if missing 10HP or more and has multi attack.) 

The party can hear shuffling. (Passive perception 13 or more.) But which coffin is it in? Do they fight or sneak?


5A: They can hear fighting of guards and other creatures in another room previous.


5B: There is a coffin crate, in it is a vial of blood. Worthless to anyone except for Isaac, will heal him 2d8+con modifer as the blood as runes on it too. It's been “Refined” 

6. If we go from room (4) to south we come to the pantry:

Poor mortals are stripped of their valuable innards in this room.
In my mind there is an impressive butcher (with a few servants) to be found. He doesn't really care who or what gets through the dungeon but he looks very very dangerous. His task is to remove organs on behalf of his master. If someone in the group is willing to sacrifice an organ, the group can pass without a fight. (There are a few organs that you can remove do without dying. Alternatively, you could also try to deceive the butcher and sacrifice a foreign organ in a pretended operation)


The Butcher

HP 30
AC: 15

STR: 18

Con: 14

Dexterity: 10

INT: 8

Wis: 12

Cha: 12


+ 4 con

+6 STR 

Skill proficiency's

Perception: +3

Insight: +3

Med: +3

Athletic's: +6 



Harvest: Striking with a scythe forward 
To hit: +6

Damage: D12+4, causes bleeding afterwards. 1d4 at the end of each the creature's turns unless a DC10 med check (DC 20 if want to use a bonus action instead.)

Bonus action: Can shove as a bonus action, setting up for execution. Harvest on prone target's is execution causing them to fail one death save instantly if it knocks them. 

Reaction: When receiving damage he can swing back at the attacker! 



7. We quickly jump to the north-west: In this ritual chamber a cultist/vampire is busy sacrificing prisoners in order to draw power from the ritual circle. This power is temporarily but not to be underestimated. In the associated chamber there could still be prisoners who could be sacrificed by your group in order to give them this temporary buff for this dungeon.


5 Cultist fighting


Round 2 they'll attack the commoners. 


There are 5 commoners.

Every dead commoner turns a cultist into a fanatic stat block wise. 


If sacrificed Arthur will turn (Have Jack meet them at the end instead) but allow a blessing of sorts.

Pearl of power or a + 1 weapon. 



Proper perception check see's it's a bunch of failed experiments except one pearl shows a small bit of promise. Arcana check DC 12 and can use the pearl (only once and it shatters) as a pearl of power for first level spell slots or lower. 


8. (South-East) Room 8 contains a portal or a demonic mirror. In front of that fire bowls are lit with red fire.
Here a riddle with a talking mirror could be introduced. Or there is the possibility of exposition and your party could get an opportunity to talk to the BBEG of your campaign via the portal and find out more about him/her. Or the possibility to reveal a weakness of the boss of this dungeon.


Here in the mirror, is a letter. 


“To my most pathetic's servants”

“I am not a messiah sent to you by the dark powers of this land. I have not come to lead you to immortality. How many souls you've bled on you're altars and rituals. You don't understand it do you? But really how could you begin to fathom? No matter the pain and suffering you have wrought know you did not bring me here to this beautiful valley.”


“You are but worms writhing in my earth, you claim to be cursed with mortality. With loss, being born in poverty with nothing. Cursed to have nothing. Cursed? What do you know of curses? Oh having nothing? What's to gain in you're endeavors the price of hubris!?”


“You had families, you abandoned love for madness you are beast living by instinct and like beast you will meet you're hunters. I enjoy sipping my wine waiting to see the kinda people who will butcher you instead.”


“Save you from you're wretchedness? Ahh, I think not.” 


“You're lord, you're master”
Strahd Von Zarovich


A second letter is here.


"No my lord it cannot be true, I.. you're words.. I bleed. I cannot handle them, it must be that cruel sense of humor yes? You're sense of dark love? I do what I do.. For you, to be you. To show the world more of you're greatness. To be show them the work of Vampyr to make.. Another. I wish to be by you're side.. As you're kind. So that you're loneliness may be eased yes.. To live forever with you. I will have my butcher send this letter and the rituals.. They will remove my memory.. I will forget these harsh words. For when I hear them.. My flesh crawls and my body begins to bleed.. How can words hurt in such a way?


The mirror can't be moved but when Strahd's name is said (Perhaps by the letter.) They can see a vampire eating by his lonesome with a look of boredom in his eyes. (DC 18 insight shows that there is sadness as well)


9. (South of 8) Here you can find the remains of the many many victims that this dungeon has already claimed. Loot, information, tragic moments are conceivable here.
If you want to have a monster recommended for this room, you should have a look at this one: Corpse 
You change the plant into a pile of bones and instead of zombies it creates skeletons and you have an impressive pile of bones, which has an incredible amount of food to incite endless hordes of skeletal warriors to your party.


Corpse Flower

Reduce tentacle damage to 1D6 and poison for 1d6

HP is reduced to 50

Has 6 corpses that are fresh enough to digest. 

Has poison stench DC 14 for being near it. 

Here is a cloak of protection two alchemist fire and a potion of healing. 


Here Arthur will here a voice call to him as his focus glows.


The corpses speak of taking Leliana to their master for his love and approval. 


9A: Can hear a man babbling and ranting down below. 


10. (South-west) A great lake filled with blood. Which loot is in the box? And what's lurking in that hole down there?
Here again a monster would be possible, which regenerates strongly in blood. Here it becomes even more difficult for your group because they somehow have to use tricks or force to remove the monster or monsters from the blood lake in order to be able to fight them successfully.

Two Ghouls that can heal all of their HP worth in the pools. (Only half at a time as a bonus action)

Unless pulled out. 


Here is plenty of loot and jewels. All coming to around 500GP. Not to mention guards and knights from different places and era's. Here Arthur's focus will glow and he'll hold his head. The morninglord calling to him. (If not happened before)


11. We come to the final room:

Here is our villain with a couple of followers. There are also a couple of enchanted statues that shoot magical effects on those who approach the throne without authorization. In the event of a fight, the cultists and the boss would turn out to be a threat, but they would be manageable. When things look bad for the opposing side, the leader has to do something he really wanted to avoid. He tries to get to the high platform and sacrifice some of his blood on the sarcophagus. This will free a much more powerful beast (such as an insane ancient vampire who has been sleeping in this sarcophagus for many thousands of years). Cultists who are already dead will instantly rise again as zombies and the beast will be set free. The real boss fight begins. The only creature that the beast does not attack are its zombies and the person who sacrificed their blood on the sarcophagus.

(In my version, this vampire clan has not one, but two leaders. A couple who sit on the throne together. If they see that the beast has to be freed, they will compete and if necessary fight each other to be the person who drops their blood on the sarcophagus)


Here a man had worshiped Strahd far too much.


Giles De Rai's had wanted Strahd's fervor. His power, he had wanted to love him. To be him, and in doing so used the mirror and his followers to steal but a drop of blood from him. Hoping to be more like him but instead it had turned him into Strahd's Spawn. 


If the letter is read to him he will lose a turn and his body bleeds causing 10 damage and stopping his regen for a bit. His skin will soften allowing physical damage to deal full damage.


To cause this affect again it will take a persuasion or intimidation check of reading it and adding their own words to twist that knife.

DC 13 and increases by a D4 every round after. Showing him the letter as an object interaction will give advantage on the first roll. 


He will talk of taking the egg.. It's soul reborn.. His lord's enemy as a trophy to show him kindness. To give him her for love and to destroy the light Arthur brings.. To stop the Iron willow's from hunting here again. (Will be a surprise to Trevor they came here.)

And that he and Isaac.. Can both become vampires together if he sacrifices his friends. (Make this an actual option for a dark story.)






After 6 or 7 area's the party will become LV 2! After the area is cleared they will become level 3! Or after Butcher



After the party takes one short rest they can hear guards chasing Isaac in the entrance.


After two short rest the guards will be one room behind them.


Three short rest and they will catch up. 

There is a Knight with two guards. (Knight only has chainmal but uses longsword and shield.)

Will use leadership on it's first turn. 


Have the egg rattle during the dungeon.

(LV 2)

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Barovia Village


For Barovia use my own custom NPC's.


Donavich is in the town pleading for help for his son.


There is a man, Alter upset that his wife was stolen. Drinking at the bar.


Kolyan will ask for aid in the horde hearing about their heroic feats. Asking for aid at Leo's village. 


Radu and the three vistani woman debt sidequest.


There is a man in a hood. (Dante Voidstone) that talks to the Everett he tells him his dragon.. Is special and to take good care of it. That he hopes they meet again. 


Donavich will feel a bright light in Arthur.. And a deep sadness he says. (Arthur will deny the weight of his family's crest. The weight of being Clara's champion but failing to gain an oath before and his lack of magical talent.)



Ismark and Ireena are here Ismark will ask Isaac for some help sparring. If he proves himself well Ismark will give him his splint mail.


Ireena will warn Leliana that with her beauty Strahd may liable to steal her. 


Maybe have the town attacked by Strahd zombies.


Run the pasty side quest hook too. 


Ireena will mention a handsome swordsman had helped them fend off the horde once. Brown hair, in heavy armor with a large blade who seemed to love to fight. (Clyde Riverdale)

And of course.. Improvise and and wing stuff ^~^

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Keep what I've got, but maybe add an encounter with Clyde the leader of the Iron Wolves. Ireena and Ismark will visit her to wanna help their father in the battle of the horde.


Clyde will be in the town as well, as when he fights it's mostly against Vallaki so he won't be recognized. He has an interest in Ireena and wonders if he can take her without breaking his loyalty to Strahd. 


Here is also Dante and Mitsurgi the vampire Spawn that loves to fight. Reference arcing story for further.





Svalich Village

Same as before works maybe with a few changes of course.




Need a whole questline here.. 


Kavani Grove

The forest folk here tied to the forest fane. Or the fanes in general perhaps.



Tie Yaegrad in or make it Yaegrad in general. 

Have the mountain folk here wish for the mountain fane to be restored.

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Arcing Story

Notes of the stories and progression of the towns/factions etc.


Urwin had left Vallaki deterimined to rebuild as FallDawn or some call New Vallaki.


New Vallaki has made allies with the Svalich Forest but the commute is dangerous to all except for Wereravens.


Urwin has been looking for a way to dethrone Edward without the need of violence. He and Vallaki deal with attacks of the Vampire Spawn bandits the Iron Wolves.



Thornwall is ruled by Dante Voidstone, a hidden revenant, who hides himself from politics of Vallaki but is more than willing to aid Kolyan Indrovich as he believes him to be a good man. He hopes that alongside the Svalich forest and The Village of Barovia they can stop this zombie horde.


Dante at the end will tell them of Argonsoholt and the truth behind the egg that Everett possesses. Dante has told the people his strength is due to the great dragons of old. Causing the village to worship Everett and his dragon.


Snowfell isn't far off Yaegrad and though agree on certain things such as the Mountain Fane needing to be restored. They cannot agree on how brutal Yagrad can be. 


NPC's Goals


Same goals as usual.





To serve Strahd.

To become Strahd's heir if he's worthy.

Filled with ambition and sorrow for Strahd's plight, not wanting to distrust Esmerlda his own people. At a crossroads of life.




Ireena and to be free to fight as he wishes a parallel to Jack. 



To meet the woman he keeps dreaming of, to drink and to fight for Edward whom he owes his life to. Everything else.. Doesn't matter.


To gain holy power, to guide Vallaki to a new dawn of hope and a world where sorrow doesn't exist and isn't allowed.


To save her daughter to have Victor see justice and his father.


To help the dragon grow, to help Everett grow and to somehow save Vladimir.

Vladimir: To destroy and harm strahd and his forces


Davian: To reclaim the gems


Maybe have the “Doctor” have more bodies around and torment Isaac.




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[center [h3 Custom Strahd]]


[center [h3 Travel Change]]


[center [pic]]


[center [i Each Hex is worth 1 mile instead of 1/4 making travel times four the normal amount. A horse will still half that however.]]



[center [h3 Barovia Change]]



Replace Mad Mary with an old war vet and it was his wife that was stolen instead. 


Frederickstein Alter a man who was once a thug from Baldur's gate, leaving behind his son Frederickstein Alter junior and his much younger Divorcee. He's been trapped her for many odd years and now his wife his missing, Mary Anne Alter, He has the Knight statblock but with Chainmail and greatsword. 



Barovia has a council lead by Kolyan Indrovich (Who's still alive)






He Keeps the barricades around Barovia strong with only a dozen guards and the aid of the old soldier FrederickStein he wants Parrywhimple to become the captain of the guard as Frederick is griefstricken but Bildrath only wishes to protect his own prospects.









Replace Mary's Townhouse with the Frederickstein's home



Guard Barrack



Blacksmith: Makes horse shoes and repairs weapons but has nothing to sell needs materials to work. Grunk Strongbone a Dwarf. 



Instead of a Deathhouse maybe Koylan ask you to investigate a horde, a horde of wandering undead headed toward Barovia after Ireena's latest rejection. And to scout and scour for aid and to protect the village.


[center [h3 Barovia Special Events]]


(Run March of The Dead at sunset)


A vistana woman is selling food that brings longevity they are called Dream Pastries. The hags have used this name to trick people but she is not. Her name is Annabelle and she loves the Kavani Grove and is a reincarnation of Anna a woman Jandar loved once. She is a LV 4 Moon Druid. 


Zombie Attack


Learn of the village in the forest perhaps.


[center [h3 Vallaki]]


Summary: Edward Francois DaValliere takes Vargas's place, Izek's soul is fractured but not destroyed (May change Izek's name but keep the Izek plotline.)

Gave Francois a character sheet and Flora


Edward and Flora have a quiet rivalry while Flora maintains the happy energy, can keep certain aspects of the book but change these two greatly. Keep Stella and Victor the same, but change up the noble heads.


Edward Statblock (With One Bodyguard at all times, one oathbreaker and one arcane trickster statblocks below) (Oath breaker can be Izek and all have Splint instead of plate) 


Edward has the town defended


1 Bandit Captain: (Chain mail and shield with rapier)


1 Bodyguard: 


2 Scouts: 


12 Guards:


1 Arcane Trickster:


1 Oathbreaker:


Flora she has 4 Cult Fanatic's (As Religious folk instead and is close to Father Lucian in fact her husband has passed fighting strahd and Lucian despite being Edward's step brother is in love with Flora)


She also has 6 Guards at her disposal and one spy (Reworked Enerst) 


Edward uses and broadcast the bones and defends the town square over the church. He is trying to trick Lucian out the city to be the town's religious moniker. (Trying to gain paladin powers like Izek did)  and be the new religious figure. All is for the morninglord afterall, and there is no war outside Vallaki no fear no troubles. Outsiders can only enter if they don't speak of it. (Basingse plotline)


[center [h3 Krezek]]


Changes to Krezek,


The Iron Wolves have been causing trouble in the Baratok mountains and so have the werewolves. One Thug from the mountains causes issues.



Gwen: (Paladin of the Crown) she serves the Krezkov's and is also a reincarnation of the wife of Sir Klutz. She fells compelled to visit an area, a grave but isn't sure if she should leave the town due to her duty. (Sir Klutz grave) 


He will have knowledge on the tome but it was just a journal in life. He can serve as a spy in Ravenloft gaining info until caught, once caught Strahd spares him once for his service in life but no longer. 


Edward talks to Dimitri about merging the cities, and that he wishes for Kolyan to join as well that by ignoring Strahd and the darkness. Relishing in love and peace (he will not say Straud's name) They can find peace. (This is why people left to New Dawn)



Another event (Along with the other events) is Dawnfall (New Vallaki) asking for aid with the Iron Wolves.


[center [h3 Dawnfall]]


Outcast from Vallaki come here.


A werewolf


Vampire Spawn Iron Wolf. (Splint and Sword and shield)


Mayor here is Urwin who tries to make up for the failure of the seeds loss.



[center [pic,height=1400/]]



[center [h3 ThornWall]]



[center [pic]]


A town that is helped and aided by Vistani. 


Quest for Splint and Studded armor. 



[center [h3 Snowfell]]


Guardians and Overseers of the evil Amber Temple. 


Winter Wolves are a new threat that may find them. 


[center [pic]]



[center [h3 Kavani Grove]]



Those who believe Kavani is still the true leader even in death, serving nature and balance over the vampire Strahd. 


[center [pic]]






[center [pic]]

Southern Camp



[center [pic]]




[center [h3 Scarecrow Town/Ashenfort]]



[center [pic]]


Creepy Scarecrow town and Barovian witches and warlocks in hiding. 


[center [h3 Svalich Village]]



[center [pic]]


Summary: Werewolves have begun to hideout in the forest, using illusion magic from a crystal left by an old mage. Revealing themselves to those they desire too and it was the captain here who had told Kolyan of the hordes wandering. Him and his wolves hunt the undead endlessly, they have run into Revenants also fighting among the undead but they attack any Werewolves on site.


There is a Druid from the Kavani Grove that visits here, and tries to warn the Hidden Svalich Village of the wandering Druids hiding among the ranks of the undead. However, because they are a druid they are not trusted and the cry for aid falls on deaf ears. 


[b NPC:]


Wolf Captain: Leo Greystone, a rival to Emil and Kiril but mostly keeps to himself hoping to harness his lunar power to defeat Strahd. Has already lost an eye trying to fight him once, 




Druid Ambassador 


[b Locations:]


Weaponsmith: Quest for silvered weapons here


Wolf's Hide Bar:


Chief's House: 


Hunters Brush:









[center [h3 Random Encounter Changes]]



Every 30 minutes is a roll, only two encounters every 8 hour of travel.

 (Once an encounter is used right "Used" once all used resort to old encounters


[center [h3 Barovian Basin]]


1: A team of Barovian Commoners tending to their fields, talking of a rumor that some Druids were seen fighting near Krezek with each other which isn't common to hear in Barovia Village. (Tending their villages)


2: A caravan of Vistani that either have Esmerlda,or Arrigail or going to see Madam Eve or to see the Mad Hatter (D4)


3: A dead lamb with a strange spirit, (Sheperds ghost watching over the lamb)


4: Skeleton Rider that's always looking.. Hunting for something. 


5: 4 Wolves are attacking a wounded Leo Greystone (Can lead to Svalich Forest)


6: An old chapel watched by an old Monk, rundown and destroyed offering refuge but this chapel is never were it seems to be the last time. (Can run this 3 times) the monk is dead continuing his duties. Offering him peace leads to his treasure a +1 Dagger. 


7: 1d4 Scarecrows attacking a wounded wereraven (Roll to see who)


One: Martin


Two: Fyodor


Three: Adrian 


Four: Muriel


Five: Elris


Six: Dag


8: Ireena and Ismark traveling here if not picked up.


9: Dusk Elves looking for a Vistani little girl taken by a vampire spawn (Escher had taken Arabelle)


10: Mad Hatter encounter (Will tell them when they refuse at the brink of death he will be there)


11: A little Vistani girl/tween/teen that needs help, (DC 20 investigation it's Volenta in a disguise trying to learn of the party.)


12: Parrywimple and Bildrath taking loot off old dead adventurers. 



[center [h3 Svalich Woods]]


1: A team of Barovian commoners searching for a missing person abducted by

a pack of werewolves

a vengeful ghost

a horde of hungry ghouls

a pair of cannibalistic druids


2: A pair of Barovian scouts searching for a missing person abducted by

a pack of werewolves

a vengeful ghost

a horde of hungry ghouls

a pair of cannibalistic druids


3: A travelling Vistani family of commoners in a barrel-top wagon heading toward

the Tser Pool encampment

the Vallaki encampment

the outside town of Daggerford/Baldurs Gate

the outside city of Neverwinter/Waterdeep



4: Werewolf hermit that hates violence


5: Archer tracking an elk


6: Travelling werewolves from Svalich Village


7: Barovians that are about to burn a Vistana woman for being a witch (12 commoners)


8: Combat Encounter

Combat Encounters

A pack of 2d6+1 hungry wolves (Levels 1-4)

A thirsty colony of 2d4+1 swarms of bats (Levels 1-4)

A giant boar fending off 4d4 twig blights (Levels 1-4)

A pack of 1d4+1 hungry direwolves (Levels 2-5)

A host of 1d4 ghosts haunting their unmarked graves (Levels 3-10)

A nest of 1d8 giant spiders awaiting a meal (Levels 1-8)

A hostile dryad defending her grove alongside 1d4 thornies (Levels 3-5)


9: A corpse mauled by wolves


10: Watchful ravens


11: Hallucations of regrets and fears


12: Skeletal Rider 


[center [h3 Ravenloft Moor]]


1: Wandering Revent hunting 1d6Zombies


2: A scout rolling stealth heading to Vallaki or Barovia


3: An apprentice (Aspiring Wizard) Communing with a lost soul.


4: A vampire spawn swordsman looking for a worthy opponent (Mitsuri) he will tell you of the Iron Wolves. Vampire Spawn bandits who are causing problems for Dawnfall (As a reward for defeating him.) Chainmail and a greatsword Vampire Spawn. 


5: A raven on a perch watching about


6: An old woman who sells strange potions and the like, (they do work) but she is Jenny the Green hag. (Jennifer is her name) she is at odds with the bonemill coven and will ask you to handle it for a few potions.


7: Ghouls or Vampire Spawn (Iron Wolves) Depending on level.


8: Ludmillia is out and about (If near Ravenloft) researching a long forgotten flower, learning another flower is in Baratok mountains the Snow Lily. She will give you a special blade for the flower. (+1)



[center [h3 Baratok Slopes]]


1: 1d4 mutated bears (owlbears) attacking a hermit druid


2: A cavern with a light source, Escher talking to Arabelle and training her proper in magical arts. 


3: A winter wolf (Or more depending on level)


4: A frozen zombie found underneath near an old broken watchtower with a silver dragon on it. 



[center [h3 Vallaki Valley]]


1: A revenant hunting wolves and a werewolf. (Roll to see Werewolf's alignment) 


2: A homunclus gathering ingreditents for it's master hidden in the forest. (Master is a Cult Fantatic)


3: A guard pursuing a murderer (A bandit)


4: Followers of New Dawn are fighting Edward, he says the Rebellion are foolish and cause many problems


5: Flora are talking to a group of Druids (From the Kavani Grove)


6: Leo (if helped before) will be talking to a man, an explorer claiming there is a long last village called Snowfell near Amber temple. 


7: Wolves/Direwolves attacking the wolf hunters and they seem outmatched.They are curious to learn of New Dawn (New Vallaki) 


8: Bat Spies



[center [h3 Bogs of Berez]]


1: Revenant attacking Scarecrows


2: Shadow Mastiffs prowling the area (1d4 or 2d4 depending on level)


3: An angry Banshee


4: A sunken farm guarded by watchful scarecrows

The farm was abandoned years ago when a pack of rabid werewolves killed its inhabitants. A rotting wooden barn is the only remaining structure on this old field. Tall grasses and cattails border the several swampy streams that trickle through the loamy soil. The barn contains a half-decayed loft and a set of stalls once used for oxen, but is otherwise empty. The scarecrow are spies for Baba Lysaga, and attack any PCs that approach the barn while one scarecrow returns to Berez to inform its master.



5: Scarecrows fighting wereravens


6: Annastrasya encounter



[center [h3 Mount Ghaki's]]


1: Snowvillage hunters fighting a winter wolf. 


2: Berzerker wounded by rac the giant goat.


3: Revenant guarding a path


4: 1d4 Winter wolves


5: 2 Bodaks (Adventerers who made deals with a dark vestige) 


6: Rockslide/Avalanche, a massive boulder threatening them. Dexterity save DC 15 or STR DC 20 to stop the boulder for everyone.

4d10 bludgeniong damage and for someone grabbing and failed 6d10


[center [h3 Milestones]]



14 Chapters (Excluding Ravenloft)



(6 Homebrew Chapters)



Levels: 1-3 (Only takes 1 chapter each)




Levels 3-6: (Takes 2 chapters Each)




Levels: 6-7: Takes 3 Chapters Each)




Levels LV 8-9: Takes 6 Chapters


And Every treasure found (Treasure Won't Affect Chart above making the campaign end at LV 12 cap (Not allowed further)




Ravenloft symbol


[center [h3 Story Beats]]


Escher knows Arabelle's importance and killed Bluto, trying to use her to take Strahd's throne (Will groom her to of course make him the lead but her bloodline on the throne can get rid of her. This is due him and Eva talking about removing his curse)


[center [h3 NPC Statblock Ideas]]


[ Bodyguard]


[ Fencer]


[ Guard Captain]


[ Honor Guard]


[ Knight Errant]


[ Oathbreaker]


[,_Variant_(5e_Creature) Thief]


[ Paladin]


[ Lance Fighter]


[ Executioner]


[ Bladesinger]


[ Battle Master]


[ Arcane Trickster]

ShieldHero-     101d ago

Character Plots

Arthur: Will look like Strahd's handsome younger brother Sergei this will.. Upset him. As his a piece of soul reincarnated into him. Will also be sought out by the Morninglord despite his faith to Clara.


Trevor: His family will have ruins near/in the Amber Temple and have helped guarded it's secrets. As they did in the material plane and tried numerous times to slay Strahd but never could. Some had given into black magic causing his family to not be trusted in many places in Barovia. While others will still see them as heroes so a mixed bag.


Isaac: Was always a dhampir and is a son to a powerful Barvoian noble.


Leliani: Tatayna's latest reincarnation


Everett: Wielder of the reincarnated soul of Argy with his newfound dragon egg blessed by the silver flame.


Useful Tip

Don't prep an area until Player/GF gets there and prep it based off the choices made so far. She will understand ^~^

ShieldHero-     56d ago

Day 2 Evening

ShieldHero-OOC   28d ago


⅔ Trumpet


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