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Its unknown to the world has it was discovered, but one day a portal appeared. Where this portal took a person was far from discovered. For many years the portal remained opened, but no one dared to go through it. Those that did go through it didn't return at the least. The military quickly took control of the portal and tried sending missions through the portal a few times, but got no word back whatso ever. Radio, Living humans, paper notes, etc. Nothing ever came back through the portal. It wasn't until the world agreed to send a mixed task force through the portal that it was finally understood where it was they had come out at.

The land of Days. To be exact it was the Kingdom of Tuesday the task force had landed in. It had taken many years for the joined Military force to establish themselves a small base inside the new discovered lands. It was a rocky start for the first several months constantly being attacked by unknown monsters, and even more unknown creatures yet seemed to stir that hadn't been discovered yet. Six grueling long years the humans fought off their enemies only to discover more. It was this invasion that had set the land of Days into Motion.

The first time a call had been sent out among the Seven Kingdoms all saying the same. The call for aid against this new emerging threat, but who will answer the call? Will the kingdoms aid one another or plot the downfall of each other while playing nice?  Truely it is unknown, but to the adventurers that accepted the call we find out now.


The Kingdoms

Each Kingdom has besides the rulers each kingdom have a Dawn, Dusk, and Noon, these rankings are given to the Highest generals within the Kingdom, each holding a different title in the kingdoms they come from. (An example is found below) Each one of these three is considered also apart of the Royal family/Court (meaning you attack them your attacking the Royal family)

Each Kingdom is Ruled by a single person who holds a key (be it apart of their crown, their sword, an actual key,) They constantly have these on and this key is what gives them power over all in their kingdoms. If one being can get all seven keys they rule the entire land itself.

The Kingdoms have others they hate and like The list for this is also below.

Monday Hates Tuesday and Friday Likes Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday Neutral to Sunday

Tuesday Hates Monday and Wednesday. Likes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Neutral to Thursday

Wednesday Hates Tuesday, and Thursday. Likes Monday, Friday, and Saturday. Neutral to Sunday

Thursday Hates Wednesday and Friday. Likes Monday, Saturday, and Sunday. Neutral to Tuesday

Friday Hates Thursday and Saturday. Likes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Neutral with Monday

Saturday Hates Friday and Sunday. Likes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Neutral with Thursday

Sunday Hates Saturday. Likes Tuesday, Thursday, And Friday. Neutral with Monday, and Wednesday.


Rules and Regulations 

  1. No God moding, This one is obvious, but still gotta be put in.
  2. All characters are to be from one of the seven kingdoms (This means Monday to Sunday not the human world)
  3. If you can I would prefer artish styled photos, however I will accept Anime ones as well
  4. Fill out a skeleton and Send it to me Via link to the character (Obviously I don't need the Puppetmaster on the character profile)
  5. Not a rule, but I ask if you no longer are interested in the Rp you let me know and don't just ghost it.
  6. I like to have detail in posts so with that being said no one liners (Now I'm not saying it has to be a Book length either) as I understand blocks do happen, but I like to be able to reply to something
  7. If you have any problems talk to the person first, if its not resolved or if another problem with a person happens come to me. 
  8. Any details you'd like to have about background/history of a character (for example a love interest or knowing another person) send that person a Pm and discuss it. Just clue me in on the results so I can keep track.



Puppet Master: Who are you? (This should be a link to you)

Name: Last, First, Middle initial

Race: Are you an Elf, a human, dwarf, gnome, what?

Age: How old are you? In your race and human age

Magic: do you have any? If so list 3 max (These will be restricted)

Kingdom: What kingdom do you come from? Monday? Tuesday? Friday perhaps?

Rank: What rank do you hold in the kingdom? Are you a commoner? A noble? A low-born? A royal?

Occupation: What do you do for a living? Are you a thief? An assassin? A soldier? A priest? Perhaps the ruler?

Likes and Dislikes: What are two likes and two dislikes your character has?

Other details: Perhaps there is something interesting you'd like the rest of us to know? 

Kingdom details: Tell me about your kingdom in detail.


Accepted Characters

Aric Blind

J'inta Flare



Video ChatKumospace [Everyone] [Everyone]


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