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Note: If you request access to this thread, it will be ignored. This thread is not to roleplay in but to merely showcase my strengths and weaknesses when roleplaying so that those interested in partnering up for a roleplay are aware of my capabilities and incapabilities.       


Hello there!



I will write with any age but do keep in mind that I am a minor. If you are uncomfortable with roleplaying with anybody under the age of 18+, then you have every right to ignore all of this.



I am homeschooled, so I will be very active. I am also quite active on other things as well, so I will be hopping on and off throughout the day for minutes to hours at a time.



I am a female but will play as male characters and will most likely be seen playing as only male characters. I am willing to double/tripe up on characters if necessary out please keep in mind that I don’t do so all that often.



For the sake of my sanity, please no one-liners. I write 600-3,000+ characters per in-RP reply but will match my partner the best I can (If I go overboard with my replies then I want you to know that it just means that I really like the roleplay πŸ’€). We all have sanities here, so I promise you that I will not be doing 1-3 sentences.



I have grammatical OCD. Please, so I don't have to be your personal autocorrect, try to at least have some sensible grammar. I completely understand if English isn't your first language, so I'll try to be tolerable. 



Remember that my inactivity can change depending on what will happen in my week. These are mere estimates so if I have something going on that will effect when I get out a roleplay reply I will let you know in PMs.


Inactive 9 AM to 12 PM (Church hours), 4 to 6 PM (Weekly family movie)



Inactive 10 AM to β‰ˆ2 PM (Schoolwork)



Inactive 10 AM to β‰ˆ2 PM (Schoolwork)

(PS: I have an orthodontist appointment on Thursday. I’m unaware of the approximate times in which I will be unavailable)



Inactive 10 AM to β‰ˆ2 PM (Schoolwork), 5 PM to 8 PM (Church hours)



Inactive 10 AM to β‰ˆ2 PM (Schoolwork)



Inactive basically the majority of the day either watching YouTube or screaming at my younger sibling to shut up-



That is all! Feel free to ever PM me if you're interested in partnering up for a roleplay. And, as always, stay howlin' and happy!

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