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Nullification     105d ago


Mazzie smiled some at the thought of the festival. It was always wonderful and gave ample opportunity for everyone to mingle. No one really cared about the parent figures then. She smiled at him, gleefully at the thought. She looked her arms around him and felt the kiss atop her head as she just listened to the steady beating of his heart. It was such a comfort to her. He would never know how much she needed to know his heart still beat. Rose’s disappearance had affected them all so deeply.


Alruic was her reason for keeping on, as selfish as it sounded.


A night walk? She grinned at him softly. That was a great idea. She started her way back to the shore and pulled on her clothes, looking over to him,

“Do you remember our first festival together?” She asked him, pulling on her shoes as she sat on a rock.

“You were so timid, so shy.” She said thoughtfully, she hadn’t been any better. They had only begun to really see each other in a romantic light. She giggled softly,

“And Matthias and Aric squabbling like true brothers.” She mused on the idea.


“I don’t think it ever lost its magic, the festival I mean. It was just… We made such wonderful memories. It was like the dream before all the missions.” She expressed to him with a bright smile. She got to her feet and approached him, looking him over. She could barely believe they had all come so far, grown together.

“And a year later, we had our first kiss.” She said to him, it had been so romantic. She never understood what he saw in her given her lack of powers but she was grateful he saw something wonderful in her.






Matthias stared at the man before him, he knew nothing of him. He couldn’t. He hesitated for a moment and narrowed his eyes. Aric knew so little of him but the way he looked at him made him feel like the son of Anubis could see into his heart. Matthias didn’t love when he advanced, he just stood there and glared at him.

“Your nightmares aren’t my concern.” He muttered but was cut off when Aric placed a kiss on his lips, brazen and bold.


And then he ran.


Matthias stood there in silence for a while. He was shocked. How the Hell? Who did he think he was? Matthias looked to where he had run off and for a split second he thought about chasing him down and throttling him but he didn’t. He just stood int he corridor like some startled rabbit.


Matthias cursed and turned, heading towards his dormitory. He didn’t sleep though, he paced endlessly. He wanted nothing more than to go and find the bastard and ask him what the Hell he wanted. He hadn’t shoved him off though, he had just let it happen, perhaps even returned it slightly. He dragged a hand down his face and stared around the empty dormitory. There was no one here, not yet. Everyone was still celebrating and eating downstairs and his sister had gone off gallivanting with Alruic.

Alexander Dawn

Alexander had a smile on his face when she spoke so care free. It was like she had never seen the evils in the world, and he would hope to have her that way again one day, but knowing that they could constantly have their life cut so short was always on not only his mind, but everyone at the Academy. It was their missions dangerous as they were more and more experienced people think they are to experience for a mission and overestimate themselves or underestimate the things they have to do to complete the mission and live. It was what had kept the four of them alive so far. When one was being to big headed the other three always knocked some sense into the one, be it for real or just words.


hearing the water slosh around Alexander followed behind Mazzie replacing his clothing on himself, feeling the sand between his toes instead of putting on his socks and shoes he elected to walk bare foot. Hearing about the festival the smile grew even bigger.

“I can't wait for the festival this year. I am told it will be bigger than ever before sense we have so many new faces in the academy this year." Taking to a pathway he started walking down knowing that one direction lead back to camp the other to a light house which stood out over the great water for ships to come into port at the docks. Or for those Demi-gods of Nu the God of the ocean. Grabbing onto Mazzie's hand with his own a laugh escaped him.

“If I remember correctly, you were just as shy as I was.” patting her noise with the tip of his finger. 

“I do remember our brothers indeed fighting like actual siblings when we were at the festival. Especially when Aric was so thin and small and Mattius couldn't understand why Aric never backed down to him.”]  The talks about their brothers got Alexander to thinking. pausing a moment Alexander took a deep breath.

“Have you ever thought of those two as actually being together? Like how you and I are?” The questions he asked was for real, but the feeling he had of confusion about his brother was still there. Was it because his brother was so fragile looking, and yet was far more powerful than most of the Demi-gods around his age including himself.



Aric had stopped running once he saw the housing was in sight, but before he could make it he stopped completely and sat down on the ground just off the pathway. Heavily breathing his knees bent upward and his arms placed on his knees. A few drops of sweat dropped down his face as he looked up, this was the farthest he had run from anything or anyone. The spot that had happened was all the way on the other side of the Isle, he had ran a total of maybe seven miles Perhaps it was the lack of oxygen in his body, or the blistering Egyptian heat that was finally getting to him. As he sat there his vision became slightly hazzy and blurry. There wasn't anything he ate or drank as the only hands that touched it was his own. There was no way it came from Mattius either as the kiss was just as much of a Suprise to the boy as it was to Aric himself. He hadn't thought about doing it, he just did it. Laying down Aric flattened out and placed his hand on his lips. What was it that had drove him to do it? Did Mattius kiss him back like he thought? Or was it all Aric and he probably just made things even worse for him, and more so for Alexander? It wouldn't matter much once missions started at least that is where his thoughts took him.

After all Alexander and Mazzie didn't get much alone time, and he doubted Mattius would want to openly admit in front of his sister, more so to the person he hated the most in camp if he liked the same gender as him or not. Either way things at the Academy would be more awkward for Aric after that. Beating himself up in his own head he didn't notice that his vision went even more blurry, it was the very loud calling of his name that caught his attention and made him realize he had no control of his own body.

NullificationMazzie   101d ago


Mazzie looked to Alex as he took her hand and she giggled a little, 
“Of course I was shy, I was hanging around one of the cutest boys in the school.” She remarked to him and stuck her tongue out playfully. She could never quite understand the electricity between Aric and Matthias though, they had always been at loggerheads with one another and each side being incorrigible with one another. She wanted to ask Matthias but anytime he did, he avoided the question. She looked to Alex when he spoke and tilted her head slightly.

“I-” She had never really thought about it, “I mean, Matthias was with Rose.” Then again, she had never seen them be intimate with one another, save for holding hands. She always thought Matthias was just private, not as open about his relationship as Alex and Mazzie were. And she had never seen Aric with a woman. 

“I mean, has Aric ever had a girlfriend?” She asked Alex, tentatively. It wasn't something she would ever judge her brother for. She would love her brother regardless and she wouldn't think any differently of either of them if they did ever pursue that course. Her eyes traced Alex's face and she smiled at him, 
“I'm sure they'll figure that out, if it is… that sort of thing.” She supposed if they got involved the two would clam up pretty quick. Their brothers were wonderful and strong individuals, they could take care of themselves. 

Mazzie reached up and stroked Alex's cheek gently, 
“And if they do get together, then it'll be nice to see more love in the world.” 

Crimson | Red hair men, Red hair blue eyes, Short red hair


Matthias couldn't believe the gall of the child of Anubis. He was in shock, he was confused and frankly, he was unsure if he wanted to throttle or kiss the boy again. He flexed his fingers and sighed, he knew he ought to talk to someone about it but Mazzie was off for her nightly endeavour with Alexander and Aric was out of the question. He still wanted to confront him. He didn't know what was going on, he had only ever confided in Rose about all of the mess he felt, never even Mazzie. He had to be strong, he had to be an unmoveable force to keep her safe through all of this. He couldn't be soft. 

He cursed and started to grab some of his things from his bunk before striding out to the training fields. It was easier to exert his emotions this way, he barged past a few first years who scattered when they saw him. He wasn't like his sister, he wasn't like anyone and right then he wanted to be left alone. He didn't know what he wanted. He embraced the night air and moved towards the training dummies, built to be resilient against most forces and he summoned up some of powers, expelling heat and flame onto the dummy as he glared at it. He didn't know where Aric had gone off to, he didn't care either right then. Matthias missed Rose, he missed the simpler times when they had all just been allowed to exist. 

There was no guarantee his sister's name wouldn't end up on that black stone in the hall, or even Alex's and he knew Mazzie would never recover from that sort of loss. He sighed as he tired himself out and slumped to sit on the sand under him and groaned in frustration, dragging a hand down his face and trying to come to terms with it all. He hadn't been okay since Rose had vanished and he wasn't sure if he ever would be again, or if any of them would be. 

Alexander Dawn

Alexander only shrugged. He really hadn't seen his brother with anyone before. He claimed he was always too busy to meddle in the affairs of relationships, more so when they were here at the Academy, he had even less time. Was it because he was secretly seeing someone? If he was who could that person even be? Moreover could Alexander really see his brother with someone? It had after all been years sense he seemed even interested in someone and that crashed and burned really fast. Alexander knew Aric was interested in a girl during their fifth years, at least he seemed like it, only during that year she had gone on a mission and never came back. It was that same year her name appeared upon the Death stone. Sighing deeply Alexander took ahold of Mazzie's hand and started running down the pathway.
“Come on silly I want to show you one more thing before the barrier is locked.”

Running as fast as the pair would be allowed they only slowed down when they came upon the Spine Mountains themselves. a natural barrier that covered most of the isle with the few points to pass through them. The main gate being the only one everyone knew of. Alexander being here long enough knew of each point. There were a total of Five points in which you could pass through them. The two in the South of the Isle. One side known as the White Tower for the glittering Marble white Lighthouse that was carved out of the mountains themselves. Ever watchful of the sea and the boats in and out of the Academy itself. The other side called the Twin's peak was a marvel in itself. A statue standing at the edge of the mountains like the Lighthouse, it mirrored it was a giant statue carving of Serket the Goddess of protection. It was upon this statue that the barrier laid. the runes, magic, and ancient enchantments placed by all the gods.

Going much farther North you had to the Northeast a simple pathway blocked by a red sandstone wall with guards posted from the camp itself. Higher years even yet then Alexander and the rest had made. While the barrier stood it did not mean the Academy itself let its guard down. This wall pass was known only as the path of sand. It led to a really beautiful red sand beach with water so clear you could see to the bottom outside of the waves crashing in and out of the beach itself. It was down this pathway that. Alexander lead Mazzie. 
“I found this place last year when I was put on Patrol with Aric as punishment. We came by the wall a few times and out here onto the beach. Its this way that is the least guarded its why the patrols start and end at this gate.”


It wasn't long after realizing he had no control of his body did Aric understand he had pushed himself to the point of exhaustion. While yes he emanated power from himself, he was still very frail in comparison to Mattius and his brother. He was a child of Anubis. His body was always meant to be weaker than the rest of theirs, after all he was not meant to be alive. None of the demi-gods of Anubis live long, not unless matched well. Aric had the power, Alexander god the better deal by being stronger physically and in much better health. Trying, no willing to have his body move Aric felt himself lift, but it wasn't him doing it. It was clear to him someone was carrying him, but who it was he couldn't tell. It was dark out already and his vision blurry as it was didn't help any either. The almost muffled voice kept calling his name to make sure he was still alive, as much as he could tell it was a person who knew him at least by name. 

The voice belonged to a darker male at that. the contact between their skin gave off a warm touch on Aric's body. He felt one hand on his left lower calf. The other hand handing onto his wrist to make sure that he didn't fall forward or backwards. He also felt the uncomfortable sensation pushing on his stomach of a shoulder being pushed into it. It must have meant he got slung over someone's shoulder and was moving as quickly as they could to make sure he wasn't going to bump to far left or right. It was then he realized where they were headed. It was the medical tent. There was no way he was going to be the first child in the infirmary this year. as he tried to push himself harder his body just seemed to get heavier.

It wasn't until he could no longer fight back that his hearing cleared up the voice wasn't calling out his voice anymore it was calling for Help from anyone close by. The voice was most definitely belonging to a male. If Aric remembered the guys name was Zachary or something close to it. He was a child of Heka god of Medicine and magic. The man was a year above Aric, but was constantly close to him and his brother. His skin almost as dark as the black stone itself he was of Nubian decent. It also did not help that he had Melanism. Running past the fields themselves Zachary had dropped Aric into a cot and started his diagnoses as more rushed around him. The words fuzzed out again all he caught was something about Ice. Something also about his brother, or Mazzie. Either one of them, but he was hoping they wouldn't get the red head. As the last of his fight was given up Aric had one last sense the sense of smell. The sweet smell of sweat and cinnamon mixed with earth and copper. they had gotten Mattius.

NullificationMazzie   99d ago


Mazzie looked to Alexander and smiled a little as she followed him, 
“Wait, where are we going?” She laughed, he would never lead her into any harm, and for the most part the area was safe as she followed him and looked around. It was rare she ventured so far by herself but with Alexander, she found the entire ordeal much easier. She couldn't fight like Aric and Matthias, she wasn't as powerful as either of them, even Alexander excelled beyond her reach sometimes. 
“Punishment?” She smiled, “What did you do?” She asked curiously, it wasn't like them to get into trouble, Aric could be a loose cannon sometimes. 

“It's beautiful.” Mazzie said after a moment as she looked across the peaks and she was utterly stunned. When they kept on the red sand beach and clear water, Mazzie was shocked into quiet. This was incredible, she grinned at him. 
“Alex, this is beautiful." She said to him quietly, the view was breath-taking and she was speechless as she looked out, a gentle breeze played with her red hair. She couldn't quite believe this place existed and that Alex was showing it to her and she looked over to him. 

“We should agree, if anything happens to either of us. We should come back here and wait.” She murmured, if they were ever separated then they would come here. She wanted nothing more than to believe they would be alright but she also knew they had thought the same for Rose. If they ever happened to the same fate, then Mazzie would come here and she would wait. She hated the thought oof Alex simply being gone, not knowing what happened to him or if he would come back. It was worse than just knowing his was dead. 
   Crimson | Red hair men, Red hair blue eyes, Short red hair


Matthias looked over when there was a kerfuffle about something. He got to his feet as he looked to the medical tent and tilted his head. Weird for there to be injuries this early on, usually it was around the time of missions that the place was bustling with injured and sick. He raised an eyebrow and he was about to move on back inside when he was stopped by a young woman. A healer, like Mazzie. 
“Sorry to bother you, Aric Dawn has taken rather unwell and we know Mazzie and Alex tend to go out on the first night, would you mind sitting with him?” Matthias' heart dropped in his chest as he looked her over and sighed. He couldn't leave him alone, Mazzie and Alex wouldn't forgive him for that. 

“Yeah, send word if you can to Alex and Maz though.” Matthias agreed, tersely. This was the last thing he wanted. It was already difficult enough to try and process his emotions. He wanted to just forget everything he had done with the boy, forget any emotions but this made it rather confusing. He stared at Aric when he entered the tent and looked him over in the cot. This was awkward and he rubbed the back of his neck. He didn't quite know what to do or say as he sat down beside the cot and was careful to keep out of the way. He cared for Aric, of course he did, but he didn't know how much he cared. He hadn't hated the kiss. He just didn't want to betray himself. 

Matthias reached out, hesitantly and touched his hand gently, before finally taking hold of it. He sighed, 
“Idiot.” He muttered quietly and glanced around. She wasn't sure if he was conscious or not and he gave his hand a gentle squeeze, marvelling at Aric for a moment in the quiet as medics and healers set about cooling him down and hydrating him. Matthias wondered what had happened, he didn't quite understand everything going on with the children of Anubis. 

Alexander Dawn

Thinking a moment, a chuckle had escaped from his lips as she spoke about his punishment. “You remember the time Mattius and Aric got into an argument and almost got into a physical fight. Well Rose stepped in and both them stopped. Aric came back way late that night with a few broken ribs and a black eye. so Mattius and I got into an actual physical fight, because I did not know the pair were training when I stormed off to confront Mattius about it. Both Mattius and I had gotten punishments for the fight. Mattius had gotten patrol like I did only our patrol times were different to prevent us from fighting more.” Blushing slightly he pushed beyond the gate and onto the beach with Mazzie close behind him.

Alexander had smiled as Mazzie saw the red sand. Allow the air to run through her still brighter red hair then before. It wasn't long before the comment had come up. It was that Mazzie had wanted for the pair of them to make a promise that if they ever get separated when something happened, they would meet up here.

“I doubt anything would happen to use while here at the Academy, but I will promise you that no matter what if we get separated for whatever reason I will always come here first. That is outside of us being sent on separate missions, or for some reason here at camp we aren't together.” Both rare to happen the pair always were together, especially while at Camp if they could. Alexander had closed his eyes as the last words came off his lips. A simple deep breath was what he had taken for a moment and let the sun beam on his skin and letting the rest of the worries just blow away from him.

Aric had heard Mattius, but he couldn't say anything back. His body still refused to work for him. When Mattius had grabbed onto his hand his heart skipped a few beats. Was this truly happening? Was the boy he had just kissed earlier the boy who was likely furious with him now was sitting with him all because he was stupid enough to cause himself exhaustion and being over heated because he ran off away from the problem. As his thoughts gave away again to the pitch black the last few words he heard was a female calling out something about needing more Ice. Calling for a child of Tefnut to call on potential cold water to help chill his body faster then the physical ice could. Not even understand as he came through again with a little more blur he felt the chill around him. Was it the ice that was around him? or was it the natural state his body had gone into after unlocking his powers that finally kicked in again. The feeling around his body had slowly came back, but the numbness was a curious thing. Hearing more words the female who had called out things earlier voice came booming into his ears.

“Ah you are alive, Good. Our Ice supply is limited here and you've used more then half of it now to keep you alive. Nemes is not going to be happy about this, but I'm not gunna have us loose a person on day one because of heat exhaustion already.”

Trying to sit up Aric looked over and saw Mattius still at his bedside, his hand still gripped in the red head's powerful grip like he didn't want to let him go or to make sure he was still there. The soft face pressed to the white cotton sheets looking peaceful. Placing his own hand now ontop of Mattius's head expecting him to jump up out of being asleep. Looking to the female a smile on her face.

“You've been out of it for a couple of days, and outside of meals and camp training he has been here.”

Looking back to Mattius Aric's blue eyes fell upon the boy a small smile on his face now along with a tear in his eye.

NullificationMazzie   93d ago


Mazzie looked to Alexander as they stood on the beach and she slipped off her shoes, grinning to him. It was important to look at the positives and she was convinced this place could be their recluse. She was so sure that having some hideaway would keep them safe but it wouldn’t, they knew what was out there and how bad it could get for all of them. It only took a moment, one moment and everything could just be lost. She moved towards the water and looked to Alexander, if they were ever to be torn apart then let them remember one another properly, like this.


They wouldn’t be missed for a night.


She gazed at him with soft eyes and let the water rush over her feet, cooling but not cold. There was so much she wanted to see if this world still, not just here. It seemed an impossible dream to want to travel and see other places, with Alexander at her side. Without danger or looming threats, they could just exist in a place and see what it had to offer. Maybe they would find a home in all of it. Live a life Rose wouldn’t be able to.


“Let’s stay out for a whole night, they won’t miss us, they’ve got their hands full with the first years.” She pointed out, looking to him. It wouldn’t be a big rule break either, so long as they reported tomorrow, everyone would just assume they were safely tucked away and like Alexander said, it wasn’t as though they could get into any trouble on the grounds of the academy.


She just needed a memory, memories with him and the others. It would give her something to hold onto.


Still, life went on and when they returned they found Aric’s condition and lessons and training had swamped them for a while. Mazzie visited Aric when she could and strangely enough, so did Matthias.



Matthias looked to Aric when she felt his hand stop his head and he sat up slowly, dragging his free hand down his face. He looked around, it had certainly been exhausting.


“Hey.” He felt a touch awkward and let go of Aric’s hand. He cleared his throat from the sleep and eyed over Aric. He was alive at least.

“Mazzie and Alex have been worried, they kept stopping by. They stayed out the night you got uh… sick?” Matthias was unsure how to word it and he always talked when he was feeling nervous or awkward. Aric was awake and so that was something. Matthias was relieved. He had been worried and he looked around.


“They should uh, get you something to eat, I guess. I should let Mazzie and Alexander know you’re awake.” He didn’t know what to do. So much of him disliked this man but the other part of him adored him. It was a terrible catch to be in. He hadn’t spoke to Mazzie or Alexander about everything, he didn’t even know what to tell them. He had left out he and Aric’s encounter previously, afraid of causing some sort of hassle. He didn’t even know how to process it and Mazzie would likely give him a lecture about how lovely it was and Alex, well he didn’t know for sure.

Alexander Dawn

Alexander was all for disappearing for a night. God knows how long ago it was the two of them got to do anything outside of the Academy with all their rules and regulations that they put into place, especially for the older folks anyways. It wasn't much though and ontop of that with their numbers going down each year as it was the missions seemed to double up somewhere between their first year and this one anyways. A smile played on the male's face as he stepped into the water next to Mazzie 

“I'd be happy to star gaze all night with you if you'd have me.”

holding out his hand he motioned with his head back to the beach. Normally the water would be cold in the world this time of year, but because the Academy takes its temperature and such from the Nile and from Egypt itself the water while still cold was more like a light chill instead of the freezing cold of the northern areas like what Alexander was use to. The light breeze coming in from the ocean brought the scent of salt, vanilla, and fresh water. It was like it reminded him of home mostly, but more importantly the Vanilla scent had thrown him off a little. Almost like something was wrong, but what it was at this point didn't matter to him. He wanted the memories with Mazzie and would do anything to get just one more for them to share together. 

As the night climbed on Alexander could hear the faint buzzing in his ear again like from earlier. It was the same buzzing he got every time the Obelisk stone had another name etched into its surface, only this time it was far less demanding and more like an itch in the back of his head. Laying down on the sand Alexander had tapped the beach next to him waiting on Mazzie to sit or lay down next to him. The sun slowly setting out over the water making it go from a crystal clear to a rainbow of colors. 

“Besides my girl is asking of me at least one night, I have to listen. And as you said I doubt anyone is going to be missing us.”

days following

After returning to camp later that morning Alexander and Mazzie both had been told that Aric had gone to the medic tent and because they couldn't be found Mattius had been asked to watch over him. It was however bad, because as they got the report that Aric was in the medic tent they also got told that half the Camp's ice supply was used just to bring Aric's temperature down and to make matters worse New years had already started swarming into the medic tent on day one. It seemed sense Aric went into the medic tent Mattius started drilling the first years even harder than normal even if it wasn't intentional. Alexander had taken over training the first years so Mattius could get rest, and mostly watch over Mazzie. The news of Aric had hit her kind of hard and Alexander understood that the two acted like siblings even if they weren't. So he could imagine how she felt knowing that he was in there and still not waking up. 

Alexander had visited Aric in the medical tent repeatedly to have updates on him, and to constantly check to see if his sibling had waken up yet, but the last time he went the news still had not changed. His sibling had not yet woken up, and the medic team was going to start pushing him with fluids to make sure that he at least got the nutrition that he needed while unconscious. It was however also no longer a big concern of the medical team that he was still there as it was no longer a critical thing, only they didn't move him as he hadn't woken up yet. 


Aric had watched Mattius the worry in his eyes as he looked over Aric's face. Hearing his voice seemed to sooth Aric over. “What day is it?”  Aric looked to the Medic person first, then to Mattius and back. It was the medic that spoke up first. 

“You have been unconscious for a week” Aric's entire head went down in a slump his eyes growing big and unblinking look at his hands. How could he have been out that long? It was just a little bit of heat that had gotten to him wasn't it? 

“You nearly died from your heart pumping to quickly, and the lack of air in your system. The heat on the first day also didn't help, but your body temperature was higher then it should have been even in the heat.” The medic pointed to Mattius and went on about how he said something about how he admitted to being the last one around him, but wouldn't go beyond that.

“I have to ask what happened prior to you come to the medic tent. Before you fainted” The flat tone seemed really uninterested in what happened, more of just getting the visit done. 

“ We just… We had some stuff happen and I ran towards my room. I stopped because I couldn't breath and didn't expect to go and faint.” If Mattius hadn't said anything about them kissing Aric was for sure not going to do it either. Even if the feelings were still there Mattius was a warrior first and foremost and Aric was not about to get into the way of that. It seemed his answer was accepted as the medic just scribbled away on the paper she had with her and walked away. 

Aric looked to Mattius as he was about to get up and leave. Reaching out for his arm and taking ahold of it.

“Please, wait…I…I know we have some things that need to be talked about..” Looking up from his own hand around Mattius's wrists he was half expecting the boy to refuse and rip his arm away from Aric and walk off. 

“I know you don't want to have that out, and…and I know that if it does that it'll hurt you, so you won't have to worry about me.” pausing a moment his eyes went back down to his hand as he let the male go. 

“I won't tell anyone, and you won't have to worry about me being around anymore.” Aric took in a deep breath. Feeling like he already said to much Aric started to stand up, a couple of times almost falling back into the bed a few times as he did. 

“Please, also don't tell Alexander or Mazzie I am awake yet. I don't think I could handle either of them yelling at me just yet.”

NullificationMazzie   82d ago


It wasn't only Aric that Mazzie was worried for, she was worried for Matthius too. He seemed so concerned about Aric, keeping watch over him and she had to wonder why that was. She didn't judge him, of course but she wondered if maybe it was a little frightening for him to see one of the strongest members be so vulnerable. It was hard to try and understand her brother sometimes. She sighed as she looked at some of the new starts and tore her gaze away from the medical tent. 

“Ah, no. See, it goes like this.” She said to one young girl and smiled as she corrected her form slightly. 
“What do you do?!” One boy asked and Mazzie looked to him, she supposed she had never really explained her prowess to any of the newcomers she was helping to train. 
“I heal people, and I can shape light.” She said and the boy pulled a face and blew a raspberry, 
“Boring! Isn't your brother super strong?” He asked and Mazzie laughed a little at that. Kids were rough, they had so much to learn and understand about their own powers and what strength could be. 

Mazzie finished up and sighed out as she went in search of Alexander, 
“Kids are hard work.” She said as she sat down beside him and sighed out, nearly flopping down. She supposed it must have been boring for them to be taking training and advice from someone like her when Aric and Matthius were around, people who had strong and elaborate powers. Still, they could be somewhat blunt. 

“Are you visiting Aric today?” She asked Alexander quietly, it must have been difficult for him, to see Aric like that. Mazzie was worried too, it had been such a long time and it felt like they were incomplete without Matthius and Aric arguing and bickering about stupid stuff constantly. 


Matthius looked towards Aric when he woke and he sighed out in relief but look surprised when his arm was held and he sank into the chair again and watched the man. It was strange to see him like this, vulnerable and he didn't really know how to react. He had been sat beside him for days, only leaving to train and do his duties. 

“What- Hey!” Matthius said sharply when Aric tried to stand and he put a firm hand on his shoulder to keep him in the bed, “I don't think you're going anywhere soon.” He remarked and set his blue eyes on the man. Truthfully, he didn't know what he wanted right then. It was a mess, the entire ordeal was a mess and his emotions were faring no better. 

“Look- I won't say anything to Mazzie or Alexander but they're probably going to come visit you. They've been worried sick.” He said to him and ran a hand through his red hair as he tried to think over everything. 

“Look, I-” He cut off and watched a few nurses scuttle by like busy little crabs and he couldn't help but feel frustrated. 
“I'm just… Confused.” He admitted quietly to Aric and eyed him over, “I don't know what I feel, or- Well, any of that.” He said, factually. He knew there was something there, buried so far down he wasn't sure if he could pull it up. But he also knew he didn't want to lose Aric. His absence had been felt everywhere, even Matthius' sister had been worried sick over him. 

“I- I don't want you to vanish or leave.” This was hard for Matthius and he got up to pull the curtains around his bed, giving them some privacy. It was a tricky situation to try and work out. 
“What happened between us, I'm not against it… I just don't think I'm ready for everyone to know.” Things were hard enough and Matthius wasn't even sure this was the right move. 

“Let's… Lets keep it between us. For now, a secret I guess.” He said, it was a little thrilling, he figured. He sighed and balled his fists, “And don't go doing that again. Seriously, you've had about a million visitors and people getting upset." Matthius looked him over in the bed, how small the other man looked with lines going into him and pale and malnourished. He reached out and took Aric's hand in his own, clasping it tightly. 

Alexander Dawn

Alexander had just barely finished his meal when Mazzie sat down with him. It was hard to deal with his brother being sick, but it was not something that has really happened in the past. Aric had been so big and fearsome that to imagine him anything but was just to Alexander a perverted version of the boy. He had seen him grow up even grew next to him. He went from this frail sickly boy to this super strong almost godly. Why that was still baffled Alexander but he knew he grew up and to fall back down to that sickly boy was something that likely hurt Aric just as much as the camp with his presence.  

I can't, not right now anyways. I saw him earlier he was still unconscious when I saw him.” Smiling he lifted his cup in the air and felt the thing grow a bit heavier with whatever was inside its content. Downing the thing quickly Alexander stood up coming around the table he gave Mazzie a hug and a kiss on her lips. 

“Right now, our focus is on the little ones. With your brother spending as much time as he can in the medic tents with Aric you and I are keeping an eye on the little ones. While its his turn I told him I would take it this time so he can get some rest. The boy needs it just like you and I do, but until Aric is recovered its just the three of us to watch Hundreds of little ones.”

Looking towards the medical tent he had hoped that his brother would recover soon.


Aric had no strength to fight when being pushed back into the bed. Oh how he so wanted to fight it and force himself to be better. The camp needed him, more so Mattius, Aric, and Mazzie needed him. They were likely being ran ragged with him gone. Hearing his words though had slightly stung. Aric was not about hidding, he had done that enough behind his brother as the pair grew up, but he also wasn't going to force the man in front of him now who just confessed somewhat that he wasn't fully against the two of them being together only he didn't want anyone to know yet.

A small nod came from Aric as he pulled himself up using Mattius's shirt mostly for help. Once fully standing Aric just realized that where Mattius stood at over six feet Mattius had a much smaller size and frame he had only stood at five foot ten while not much shorter it was still noticeable when you stood the two together. Putting his arms around Mattius he just stood there a moment taking in the scent. 

That is fine. I am not going to make you come out to anyone, least of all me.Taking in a deep breath Aric had drawn the scent in one last time. Whispering under his breath so only Mattius could hear as the sheets were super thin even if no one was in the medical tent those outside could potentially still hear their conversation if they paid attention to it.

I just hope that you will at least consider me as a partner.”  letting him go Aric stepped back and landed back on the bed. 

You may want to go for now, before your sister or my brother walk in.” 

NullificationMazzie   78d ago


Mazzie grinned into the kiss and nestled down by Alexander, looking towards the tent. She figured they were both picking up the extra work so it wouldn’t be so stressful for Aric when he woke. She did wonder why her brother was spending so much time there, maybe the two had fought and Matthias felt guilty about it all. She didn’t know exactly. Still, her brother would be hungry and there was nothing wrong with a visit.


“You sound like a father.” Mazzie said to Alex with a giggle and she looked around, “I’ll take some food to Matthias and I’ll come see you, maybe his condition got better.” Mazzie was always optimistic, she always tried to be at least. She finished her meal and got up, fetching a plate for Matthias as she stopped to press a kiss to Alexander’s cheek which earned a few laughs from the kids that were watching accompanied by a few of the boys groaning immaturely about how ‘that was gross’.

“Have fun, love.” She said in his ear and promised she would come find him later. She moved towards the medical tent with the plate and smiled to a few nurses as she did so, seeing the curtains drawn around Aric’s bed and she sighed. Hopefully that meant he was awake. Mazzie stepped around the curtain and stared at the scene before her. She almost dropped the plate as she went a little pink, unsure of what to do. She would never have imagined walking into that scene.


“Sorry- I, I brought food! I’ll just leave it here- Don’t mind me, I don’t- How?” She flustered as she stared at them both. She wasn’t against it, she just didn’t expect it at all right then. It was a bit of a shock and she looked to Matthias. She was a little hurt her brother hadn’t come to her about any of it but she didn’t blame him.


Matthias looked to Aric and raised an eyebrow. He really was impossible sometimes and he supported the man as he stood. He wrapped his arms around him, like it was instinct.


“Partner?” Matthias echoed his words and cleared his throat, “Is that what you think it is?” He asked Aric as he got back on the bed and Matthias watched him carefully. He was surprised by Aric’s lack of defiance, it was the first time he had ever seen the man be vulnerable. Everything was a mess but Matthias didn’t want to leave his bedside, he didn’t want to leave him when he was like this.


“I’ve been morning, noon and night, waiting for you to wake up. I rehearsed what I would say, I thought-“ He thought it would be easy to just walk away but he couldn’t right then. Matthias sat in the chair and reached out, hand cupping Aric’s face and forcing the other man to look at him.

“I’m not going anywhere.” It was going to be a real hardship to keep this quiet and even more so to keep Mazzie from figuring it out or Alexander.


Matthias leaned in and pressed a kiss to Aric’s lips, keeping his hand in place as he shared a proper moment with him, a proper kiss, a heartfelt and tender kiss. Not rushed, not brief. He wanted it to last. The curtains opened and Mazzie made her debut.


Matthias broke off and stared at his sister, panicking slightly as he reached out and grabbed her wrist to stop her from fleeing.

“Mazzie! Mazzie, will you calm down, stop!” He said and finally he seemed to wrangle her attention as he closed the curtains and sat her on the bed beside Aric.

“I uh- We-“ He couldn’t quite find the words, “It’s complicated but you can’t tell anyone Mazzie. Let us figure it out first.” Matthias said and Mazzie looked at them both and then she finally giggled.


Matthias rolled his eyes at his little sister, always cheery and always happy. Nothing seemed to affect her these days.

“So… You’re like… together?” Mazzie asked and Matthias raised an eyebrow, looking to Aric,

“Uh, I think so?” He said and Mazzie squealed and threw her arms around her brother and then Aric.

“This is lovely! It’s a bit of a shock- I thought you two hated each other and honestly I wouldn’t have ever thought but this is great! No more fights, oh Alex is going to be excited too!” she was cut off when Matthias put a hand over her mouth,

“Mazzaleene if you say a word, I’ll lock you in a cupboard for a week.” He threatened and Mazzie huffed as she moved his hand.



Alexander had just gotten out of the food tent when he heard the commotion on the training field. It seemed the first years were a bit rougher than the Academy had seen in previous years. It had brought memories back for the young male, He and a few others from the first years had started getting into fights with one another constantly trying to one up each other or constantly fighting to prove who was the best of them all, but Alexander always had back up from his twin Aric who even at a year one was very scare for their age group. It was the arura of power he had around him and that had only grown as they grew older. It was that powerful arura that had everyone scared of Aric, well everyone but those who truely knew the male. Alexander wasn't scared of his brother himself, his power however was a difference. Most of all it was very obvious that Mattius had grown accustom to the power that aric gave out and wasn't scared of it at all. Mazzie while she was the smallest of the group was the bravest of the entire camp when it came to Aric. She would mouth off to him if he needed it even called him on his shit more so than even Mattius did. Nemes was even supprised at times with Mazzie when it came to Aric.

As he reached the top of the dune he saw the flat land area full of first years were gathered to train in. This year the grounds seemed to be split up into several different areas of training. Some were training in archery, others in spears, others in how to use their magical abilities, others useful skills for survival, others combat training. This was where Alexander was in charge of Combat training. As he came down the dune he just stepped up to the circle to see what was going on hearing the call of ‘fight, fight, fight’ coming from the group that crowed around two boys that both had real swords in their hands swinging them at each other. It was then that Alexander stepped passed the otter ring to push himself in between the two boys grabbing both of their wrists forcing them to drop the swords before they could move anymore.

If you insist on acting like children I will treat you as such. You are Demi-gods to the Pantheon of Egypt, act like the nobility you are expected to behave as.” His voice booming over the crowd so everyone heard his words of course he words also left no room for disrespect out of the first years. 

“Also if your going to act like children you don't deserve real steel in your hands. Return your weapons to the blacksmith and return with wood.” Releasing both boys arms to let them pick up their swords it seems they thought it was a mistake and both nodded and dove at Alexander himself. 

“I am not an easy target.” he spoke the words and without looking at the boys they froze in their attack only to drop their weapons to the ground and roll over into a fetal position in pain. Snapping his fingers Alexander pointed to a pair of first years.

“Take them to the medical tent, and be quick about it once you have returned our lesson begins.” Fear is what he could see in their eyes, and it was fear that he knew quite well he had held it for his brother, even for Mattius, but he would look that fear in the face and take it on head on.

After the pair returned Alexander began the training even having the folks pair off and fight other pairs. Making sure they understood the use of the blunt and sharp ends of a blade, or the side of a blade. Even though other trainers believed they were worth training using real metal Alexander did not and made them wrap up their blades with cloth while fighting one another. It was still leave bruises and feel like a true blow, even causing some cuts to happen nothing would be lethal unless intended to do so such as aims at the neck, head, or intentionally. unwrapping the blade.


Aric had let his body slip back into the comfortable spot he had before he tried to sit up earlier. Closing his eyes he jerked them open when he heard the squeak of the chair moving to see Mattius had sat back down this time closer to him in a chair that he moved to the bedside. Hearing the words, he spoke showed Aric that he had cared more deeply for him then he had thought. Even if the nurses in the medic tent had basically put Mattius in charge of Aric instead of his brother it was more touching knowing he had taken it not as a job or a hazard having to do it but closer to a personal matter to himself. 

It was unexpected, Aric expected Mattius's hands to be a lot closer to a normal human body temperature, but he seemed to run higher as if he was standing in direct sunlight on his face where their skin touched. Aric however was more shocked at how close Mattius got. Very tentativly he saw the worry and confusion in the male's eyes before he made the move for a kiss. Instead of pulling away instead of attempting to run or push the man away Aric had closed his eyes and let the full feeling he had for the red head push through the kiss.

The rush of air and sound of the sheets moving didn't cause alarm, but when Mazzie's voice chimed through his ears did Aric's normally pale skin turn redder then mazzie's hair.  Her frantic panic was an honest reaction and had caused Aric to smile a little bit. Reaching his hand out he knew he couldn't reach her before she rushed off, but her brother had caught her just in time and pulled her into the room and the sheets closed again. This time telling her to calm down and how the two of them would figure out what they were. 

It was posed as a question really from Mazzie to the pair of them asking if they were together, but Aric had held out hope they were and when Mattius spoke that he had thought so his heart fluttered with butterflies. Mazzie's scream of course had set off ringing in Aric's ears as he wasn't use to the loud noise again just yet. Seeing Mazzie hug her brother the male sat up just in time to have the girl's arms around him also in a sort of congratulations between them. She was super excited and it definitely showed... That was short lived through when she said something about Alexander. Aric's heart sank quickly. Aric knew his brother was going to be hurt not knowing that sort of thing about Aric. Most of all that Aric didn't come to his brother first for support incase Mattius rejected him. Hearing Mattius's words about locking Mazzie in a cupboard for a week if she said anything caught the boy off guard more so. Her huffing meant she was going to tell him even if her brother told her not to, so to save it Aric spoke up.

“Mazzie this is important, my brother cannot know just yet.” his words rang the truth, but most of all Aric wanted to be the one to tell his brother not have someone tell him. 

“I am asking Mazzie, please do not tell him. Let me be the one to do it.” Aric's ice blue eyes looked to Mazzie with a pleading look in them, but towards Mattius with a guilty one. 

“I need to be the one to tell him. He would be so hurt if anyone else told him, even more so if he finds out from you Mazzie. My brother and I are supposed to trust each other with everything including our lives, how could he ever trust me again if he knew I had kept this from him?” Aric's eyes dropped to his hands which were turned palm up towards him. the guilt he felt slipped into his voice.

“I know that he is going to be hurt knowing he wasn't the first to find out, but he has to hear it from me.”

NullificationMazzie   77d ago


Matthias watched Mazzie and Aric. Perhaps Aric could get through to Mazzie on this one. His sister only believed in happiness and everyone getting along and wanting the best for one another but it didn’t work that way. It never did.


Mazzie stared at Aric, she felt in a terrible situation now. She didn’t want to lie to Alexander and she was sure that he would understand. She had just walked in on it all by accident it wasn’t as though Aric and Matthias were telling her everything. She had just sort of discovered it. She shifted uncomfortably and looked at Aric. Usually he was so stern and strong and tough but he looked so defeated right then.

“I-“ She didn’t want to make the promise, Alexander would know something was wrong and Mazzie was a terrible liar and secret keeper.

“I’ll try, I promise I’ll really try.” She said to him, and she meant it. She hated keeping such happy news from everyone, it was something to be celebrated but she understood Aric’s position. He wanted to tell his brother and it wasn’t Mazzie’s place. Mazzie looked to them both,

“Why didn’t you tell us?” She asked them both, quietly. Neither of them had ever confided their feelings and she could only imagine how difficult it had been.


Mazzie had always asked Aric about Alex and confided her feelings for him to Matthias. It just seemed natural and she sighed out softly.

“We- It’s really early. We didn’t plan for it, Mazzie. It just happened.” Matthias said to his sister. He would never willingly keep something from her and he glanced to Aric,

“I think we’re still figuring it out a little.” He said and Mazzie just nodded,

“Okay- No that’s fine. Really, I’m so happy for you both.” Mazzie said them with a smile. She meant it, she really was thrilled there was something to be celebrated even if the two wanted to keep it quiet for a while. Mazzie smiled to them both and got to her feet,

“I really am happy for you both. And if you need anything just come and tell me.” She said and gave them one last smile before giving them some privacy.


Mazzie stepped out into the air and sighed. Something had happened, some sort of commotion and she looked over to see Alex with some of the first years. She wanted to tell him, she really did but she also didn’t want to betray her brother and Aric.

Matthias watched Aric and Mazzie. Aric was good with talking to Mazzie and appealing to her empathetic side. He sighed out a little and watched his sister go, he knew she was in an awkward position but he just hoped she could keep it quiet until Aric told Alex. He eased back in the chair and looked to Aric,

“I love my sister, but she’s terrible at keeping secrets. She fidgets when something is bothering her, let’s just hope that Alexander hasn’t figured that out yet.” It was unlikely, Alex and Mazzie were made for each other. As much as he hated the idea of losing his sister, Alexander was a good man and he couldn’t fault him for that.


“Maybe we should prepare for Alex finding out.” Matthias didn’t like the idea of everyone knowing so soon but he did know Alex and Mazzie wouldn’t go spreading it around the academy. He also didn’t want Alex or Aric fighting given they were usually the reasonable ones of them all.


Matthias dragged a hand down his face and sighed out, what a right mess they had gotten themselves into. He sighed out some and shook his head. There was little could be done now and he did like Aric as more than just a friend or brother even. It was complicated and there was so much going on. They were better taking things slowly right then so they could come to terms with it.

“So what do we do now?” Matthias was sort of lost, he wasn’t exactly experienced and he looked to Aric. 
“Do I take you out to dinner?” He asked with a small smile of amusement at the idea. Aric would need some time to adjust and recover and it would be difficult for them to accommodate a relationship with so many people around. 

Alexander Dawn

Alexander had taken the lesson slow. Of course he was not allowed the same curtesy when he was younger, but this time with how many of them there were they had to. especially sense most of the time these young ones spent would be here on the training field when not on missions or in the medic tent. Looking towards the medic tent he could barely make out the building, but he could see it. The tent itself was not exactly a tent more like an old ruin that had been shaped up just off the training field to to take over as the medical area. They had strung up sheets on the inside on tracks so they could be drawn and give the patient privacy, but still easy enough to remove if they had to move it quickly. Oc course the outside itself was just four pillars with sheets hanging to close it off from the outside world also.

Turning his attention back to the training field he saw some of the younger years were getting into a fight again, this time shoving and hitting was going on. Trodding over Alexander's booming voice over them. 

If you insist on acting like children…” a moment pause as he drew out his sword and placed in in the hands of a first year close by. Reaching for the wooden sword in their hands. “Come then. Show me what you have learned.” the group all sneered. a group of two first dove at Alexander only to have him dive out of the way and the both of them hit the ground hard and face first. Turning he pointed his sword at both of them tapping them just below the chin with the tip of the wooden blade. In a stone cold and stern voice he spoke outload.

Dead, both of you.” turning to the others in the group of hundreds he spoke up. 

Anyone who can land a blow on me will be excused from training for the rest of the day.” Allowing his words to sink he a few whispers went out over the group as he stuck up a finger.

Anyone who attempts to and fails.. Will have to train not only the rest of the day, but all the way until midnight.” This statement caused even more of an uproar. It meant they would have to train half their sleeping time away. Training lasted from sunrise until sunset which was around ten at night, but to train until midnight cut their sleep time down to only four hours. Several of the bigger first years came to the front and nodded to one another. The first attempt was met with a slap on the boys wrist and a drop of the wood in his hand like before the tip of the wooden sword in Alexander's hand tapped just below his neck. Another three dove at Alexander just for him to side step and all three fall into each other their own blades leaving bruises on them between their ribs and arms. 

Raising his eyebrows Alexander spun around in a circle. His arms held out like a cross, the wooden sword in his left hand. 

No one else?” It was then a solid male stepped forward. His most notable feature was the almost obsidian skin he held, but more over was the fact he stood nearly a foot taller then Alexander as well. His weapon of choice a spear Alexander turned to his left his sword held in his back hand curved from his wrist back to his elbow. The boy lunged spear head aimed just above Alexander's waist, but low enough it would still be considered a wound. Lifting his foot Alexander stepped back a few times as the male swung the spear around his head. Grabbing the weapon itself he forced the male to let it go only to slowly before he stumbled right into Alexander's range. Like all the others he jabbed the wooden blade's point right below the male's chin.

If there is no one else. Pay attention." Tossing back the wooden sword to the first year he had gotten it front he bent down to be on the same level as everyone he had just beaten. a total of six tried. 

Remember, Now all of you will train until midnight. I will not teach lessons a second time.” the words were cold, and flat. almost like a threat. Turning to the rest of the group he called out again.

Now line up. And get back to Practice.” He stepped back to being in front of the group to watch them like a hawk. It of course wouldn't last much longer. 


Aric looked at Mattius and laughed a little bit. 

In my condition I am not going to go anywhere besides maybe to my bed from this one right now.” While phrased sort of like a statement it was also a silent sort of plee. a smile came across Aric's face though as he looked to Mattius. he was just as worn out as he looked and Aric could definitely tell that he was likely spending as much time watching him as Mazzie was while his brother put himself through hardship of taking on the extra work of training the new students while Aric recovered. Lifting himself up into a sitting position again his back against the headboard of the bed Aric scooted himself slowly to sit next to Mattius.

Here, I have an Idea.” trying to stand up again Aric grabbed onto Mattius's shoulder to steady himself a couple of times. a smile of victory on his face he motioned for Mattius to follow him.

"While I know I can't stay here, we can perhaps grab something in the Dinning hall and take it back to my dorm. Curl up together to a movie." 

NullificationMazzie   74d ago

Mazzie approached to see what Alex was up against and she sighed. First years could be so testing and she remained quiet as she watched. They had some really strong first years in their midst, Mazzie was slightly on edge when the obsidian skinned man stepped forth with his spear and she swallowed back her trepidation. She wouldn’t interfere, not unless it got out of hand. It was wonderful to see Alexander fight though, he was strong in his abilities and she smiled gently towards him. Once his test was finished and the youngsters went back to training, she finally moved up to stand by him. She wanted to tell him what had happened, but she had also told Aric and Matthias she would do her best not to.

“Hey.” She said to him, “This lot giving you trouble?” She asked and smiled to him. She would wait until after they were finished and she kept watched, Mazzie being the soft touch that she was helped a few of the polite youngsters with their bruises and chastised them for ever believing it was a smart idea to go against their mentor. They were all exhausted by the time they were finished and Mazzie looked to Alex.

“I have to talk to you.” She said to him softly and tugged his hand, she hated this situation and she ushered him to just sit with her for a minute.


“Okay- You know I love you. And- I love Matthias and Aric too.” She explained, this situation really sucked and she looked at Alexander.

“Please don’t be angry.” She murmured to him quietly as she reached out and took his hand. She wasn’t even sure what to say and she drew in a deep breath.


“Aric’s awake, I went to drop off some food for Matthias and he was awake.” That was good news and she looked away for a moment. Everyone was going to hate her for revealing this.

“But I walked in on him and Matthias… Kissing.” She said to him and bit her lip. She was so happy for them both, still.

“They didn’t want me to tell you, Aric’s so afraid you’ll be angry he didn’t tell you and I only found out by accident l, I just walked in.” She said to him, feeling flustered and stressed with it all.


Matthias looked to Aric and raised an eyebrow.

“You really don’t understand what rest is, do you?” He remarked and smirked some as he helped him up and made sure he could walk on his own as he followed him to the dining hall. He figured it was the easiest way to get him to relax and not overdo it. He glanced around, of course people were curious what had happened to Aric and why he had been absent for so long but Matthias kept his head down as he got some food and helped Aric back up to the dorms.


He looked around the dorm room and then towards Aric’s bed. It still felt awkward and somewhat uncomfortable but he grit his teeth as he looked around on the television for a movie.

“Just eat and rest.” He said to him, finding a movie to put on that wouldn’t keep the blond awake for too long. He relaxed and picked at his own food. He figured Aric would be tired despite all the time laid up in bed and it was going to be a challenge to keep him from getting back to his duties too quickly.


“Here.” Matthias wrapped an arm around Aric and smiled at him. It felt natural, but he had spent years suppressing himself and being too afraid to give into his own wants and whims, his own desires and his own true self. But they were in private then, it was quiet and only the two of them. He could spend the night if he wanted, they could be just like everyone else if they truly desired to be. And he did, he wanted to understand what love was and how to give it and receive it.

Alexander Dawn

Alexander had watched as the training went well. It was the soft sound of shoes on the sand that grabbed his attention. His loving red head Mazzie was coming up a smile on his face as she did. he watched her closely as they were not only chastised them for attempting an attack on him, especially the first years who always gave it a shot at least once in the year. Alex figured it was easier to get it out of the way early so they could focus on their training which would be helpful as they continued at the Academy. This was their new home and while they did not have to defend it they may have to one day, but it was for sure that they would have to defend themselves out in the world away from the academy when they are sent out on missions.

When she was all done Alexander heard her stern words of having to talk to him. It was very serious if her tone and body language changed so drastically. She tugged on his hand and more so to have him set. Setting himself on the sand next to her. Moving some of the hair out of her face he could tell something was bothering her, but she was conflicted about it. Was it that bad she didn't even know how to tell him? More so was it so important that she knew she had to tell him? Holding himself still he placed his hand on Mazzie's. Her words worried him a little bit, but he still didn't know what to say he wanted her to be comfortable telling him what it was that was bothering her. It was then that she had asked him not to be angry about what she was about to tell him. Was it that bad she was worried he would get angry? He was normally calm, collected, and even more so than most when dealing with things. 

It was right then that her words had came out she had told him Aric was awake. How was that so bad? Of course he was over joyed his brother was alive and getting better instead of laying in the bed like he had the past three days. It was so joyous that Alexander missed the next bit of information that she spoke to him.

Thats a good thing Aric is awake. We should go see him later.” Thinking a few moments a smile was on the man's face. His brother was awake he didn't have to worry anymore about losing basically his second other half. Mazzie was his better half in their relationship, but Aric was another piece of Alexander that if he lost him he wouldn't know what to do. It only took a few moments for the rest of her words to click into Alexander's head. Standing up his words came off cold almost like his father was Moryana instead of Anubis.

Where is my brother?” his hand tightened around the blade in his hand turning it from his normal tan skin ton to red in some areas and white in others. 

Aric had only laughed at the man as he said that he didn't know what rest was. It was mostly true both figuratively and in reality. What little sleep he did get was mostly nightmares or induced by drugs so that he didn't or couldn't dream. as he was about to speak up his stomach growled outload which had given Aric a sly smile and earned it a chuckle out of the male. It was then a Medic person came into the room and checked on the pair again sense the sheets were drawn to a close. Aric only nodded towards the person and a smile. Signing the paperwork to leave he was told to take it easy the next couple of days, but after that he would have to return to his duties especially training the new campers sense the four of them were all designated to train them this year. Gronning a little about it Aric nodded to the medic and left.

Going towards the dinning tent he got a bit of his favorite food mostly fruits, veggies, and a couple of pieces of grilled chicken with rice on a plate. Looking to Mattius a little blush appeared on his face. he was going to look like a pig, but not eating for three days would do that to anyone. Making his way towards his dorm the pair stopped just outside. The building looked like most around plain sandstone single level building, It was of course a deception anyone that stepped inside would see its inside was more customed to those who occupied the space and even more so when it came to the private areas. Walking up to the door he swung it open to a very open room. In the very center was a little glassed in pond with fish inside of it and a single standing tree upon an island in the middle. Its leaves glowing gold its bark itself a silvery white.  Walking around the tree itself Aric motioned for Mattius to follow him.

Going around to the other side from the door they came in lead to a hidden staircase carved into the stone itself. Walking up the stairs Aric looked behind him to see Mattius looking around in wonder. a smile on Aric's face as he kept looking to the man. This was when he realized that Mattius would be the first-person Aric brought home outside of other children of Anubis who would only be brought home, so they knew where it was. Walking back down and collecting the man Aric walked back up the stairs and took a left turn walked down pretty far and stopped in front of a door. Opening the door with a little trouble and nearly losing his plate of food it showed into Aric's bedroom. While the outside of the house showed sandstone the inside was solid glass except for the one wall that led into the building itself. His bed placed against the wall in the center both sides having a nightstand. one with nothing but a simple lamp on it the other with a lamp and some of Aric's things.  Placing his food on the bedside table Aric looked back to see Mattius studying his room. Looking around and following his eyes. At first nothing seemed out of the ordinary. His bed, side tables, a closet door on the other side of his bed. A red cedar wood desk sat in one corner of the room with his computer against one wall and the other side with a little art station on the other side of the desk. 

Aric handed Mattius the remote after pushing a button on it to have the windows ‘disappear’ and become solid walls. As that was going on a Tv came down from the ceiling across from the bed but far enough away from the door it can be opened without covering the tv up. Hearing that he wanted him to eat and rest Aric only nodded he did want to refuse, but couldn't. Hurrying up and eating Aric curled up to Mattius's chest. the sound of his heart had caused the male to fall asleep. 

NullificationMazzie   73d ago


Alex changed so quickly, Mazzie had never seen him like that before and she stared at him for a while.

“Wait- Alex?” She got up, following him. She had made a terrible mistake, a really bad mistake telling him and she didn’t expect him to be so angry as she followed him. Someone mentioned Aric had gone to his dorm and Mazzie followed,

“Alex! This isn’t a bad thing- Wait, what is-“ Her pleas fell on deaf ears as they moved towards the dorm and Mazzie realised things were explosive right then.


She broke into the dorm and stared at the scene. It was really sweet, Aric curled up with Matthias and she smiled at her brother. It faltered though.


“Sorry- I’m sorry!” She said, getting flustered and upset that she had broken the trust with her brother and Aric. She had expected Alex to be happy, to be overjoyed but there was something else going on.


Matthias stared at her, realising what had happened as he gently peeled himself from the bed and got to his feet,

“Are you serious, Maz? That wasn’t even an hour!” He said to his sister and looked to Alex, warily. He looked furious and he looked to Mazzie,

“This isn’t what he needs, seriously Mazzie, you couldn’t keep your mouth closed for five minutes!” Her brother fumed.


Mazzie looked at Matthias, guilt washing her and she looked away. He was right,

“I’m sorry, I thought- I thought it was good news. I thought everyone would be happy.” She said, her optimism had backfired on her and she felt horrific. She wanted to cry, she didn’t expect everyone to fight like this.


“And you! I don’t know who you think you are bursting in here looking like some pouting kid, but he needs rest and to recover.” Matthias turned on Alex and Mazzie looked between the two. This was going poorly and she just wanted something everyone could celebrate together. Now everyone was just fighting and angry.


Mazzie pushed between Matthias and Alex,

“Please don’t fight!” She said to them both, “Please, I didn’t mean to tell anyone I just- I’m sorry, just don’t fight anymore.” She begged the two of them but Matthias was furious. Not only had his sister divulged a secret she had been begged to keep, but now Alex was strolling in here all geared up for a fight that Aric didn’t need.

“Mazzie, move! Will you just stop acting like a fucking baby!” Matthias pushed Mazzie aside and she landed harshly on the floor. Her temple was bleeding, but there was a shimmering gold to her blood. She had long since found out it was connected to her ability to heal others and safe guard them from harm.


Mazzie was silent, reaching up and shaking off the dizziness from the knock as a wash of emotions coursed through her. She hadn’t meant to upset anyone and she hadn’t meant to make Matthias angry or Alex. And now Aric was trying to heal and recover and it was all a mess.

Alexander Dawn

Alexander had not waited for Mazzie to answer him. He had gone to the Medic tent first. Only to be told he had signed himself out and left and that Mattius was with him when he left. The words only seemed to fuel the fire inside of Alex even more. While he felt betrayed by his brothers actions it hurt more than anything not being told anything and to have held on so long just to have someone else tell him made matters worse. Reaching the Dinning Hall Alexander had looked around a couple of times to see if he could spot the very noticable white hair of his brother. Not seeing it he was at this point fuming. Not only did his brother leave the medical tent, but instead of coming to see him after getting food he went somewhere unknown to do gods know what with a guy he was just kissing not that long ago.

Alexander had heard some talks about how Aric was out and about, but looked super tired yet and likely headed back to his own dorm instead of staying in the medic tent. Many more words were said, but by this point Alexander was seeing a red blur around the edge of his vision. Heading towards the Dorm the children of Anubis shared it turned dark and quickly, not because of the actual weather outside no that was still bright as the noon sun, but Alexander's vision had started to turn black. Rage had taken over and while their father was not known for his anger, it was hard pressed to understand that their father had it still in him. He had to be calm when dealing with the dead, but those who did not obey the laws of the underworld were pressed to fear him. Now this time Alexander would be the one to be feared not his brother. 

As he came into the Dorm Mazzie pushed passed him and rushed to Aric's bedroom door and going in trying to shut the door behind him so Alexander didn't get a full view of what was going on. As the door came off its hinges Alexander's hand were balled into fists ready to throw down. Looking at first to Mattius his vision went even darker, however as he looked behind him everything seemed to go out of focus his brother laying there peacefully in bed. Releasing his fist Alexander waved off Mattius's words like an adult would a child to take care of another one who just got hurt. 

He is actually sleeping? No one has been able to get him to sleep like that.” Stepping up next to the bed Alexander looked down at his brother. How could he have betrayed him so, more so he wanted to yell so much, but seeing his brother at peace made his anger disappear. He was ready to scream, to yell, to throw down with anyone including his own sibling if it meant getting the rage out, but seeing his frail brother who constantly had problems finally at peace broke him. Having a few tears roll down his face Alexander turned around to look at the two of them. Looking first to Mattius glaring at the male daring him to make a move as he knelt down next to Mazzie wiping blood and tears off her face. 

Don't worry my love.” Lifting her off the ground he cradled her into his chest her blood soaking into his shirt as he only held her closer. Placing a small kiss on her forehead he whispered into her ear.

Everything will be fine." Turning his full body to Mattius his eyes burned with a passion. 

You and I will have words, but for now know I expect my brother to make a full recovery before you return to training campers.” his eyes returned to his brothers body laying on the bed his words became more serious then he had ever done so before.

I also expect a very good reason why this was suppose to be kept hidden from me.” the words burned as they came out, he was still seething with rage to the point anyone around him could tell it was pouring off the man, but he was not about to wake his brother for something like finding a person he was truely happy with. He would have to wait to have words with his brother and Mattius both.

Aric had just woken up to see Mattius standing between the bed and the door. The door itself gone and on the floor broken from its hinges. a golden liquid on his bedroom floor almost like it was blood from Mattius or another child of Ra. Standing up and hugging Mattius from behind Aric looked around the room, but Mattius seemed fully concentrated on the door deep in thought. 

What has you distracted so?” waving his hand around the room with a confused look on his face. 

And what happened?” 

NullificationMazzie   69d ago


Mazzie stared at Matthias in shock at his actions, she understood everyone being tense and the only relief she got was Alexander cradling her to his chest. She felt a little dizzy and unfortunately her abilities didn't extend to herself. She hauled herself up and looked between the two. She had never seen Alex so carefully furious. Matthias fury had scared her and so had Alex's. She placed her hand over the injury to stem the flow of blood. She wanted nothing more than for all of it to end, they should be happy about all of this, not fighting and angry. 
“Stop it.” Mazzie said quietly to Alexander. She understood him feeling betrayed because he wasn't told but Matthias and Aric hadn't told anyone. 

She shrugged him off as she started to walk out, a little wobbly on her feet as she recovered from the tumble. She didn't need a medic, she just needed something to hold to stop the bleeding for now. Some tissues or a rag. She just wanted to sleep and she sighed as she walked down the corridors, avoiding any staff because she didn't want to explain this to anyone. 

“And don't even blame Matthias, if someone had broke into our room like that, you'd have reacted the same way.” She said Alex and found a place to finally sit down under the open sky and she took a few deep breaths. She just wanted everyone to be happy, be pleased at what had happened. Given how much loss they had suffered, surely a little new love in the world was needed. It was a shock to everyone, she couldn't deny that and of course Alex would want to talk with Matthias, that was his brother and she wouldn't interfere. Matthias had made sure to have a good talk with Alex when they first started dating. 

“Sorry- I just…” She trailed off. There was enough anger and hatred in the world and Aric and Matthias were going to have it rough no doubt from small minded people. They didn't need it from their siblings.




Matthias stared in disbelief of what he had done. He had hurt his sister, his little sister. He looked at the door and then his eyes trailed to the blood on the floor, golden blood like all of Ra's children. It had always suited Mazzie, delicate thing that she was. Alex was pissed, he had every right to be but they hadn't kept it from him deliberately, they just needed some time. They didn't even know what was going on right now. He understood Alex's want for a chat but he didn't need to rip the hinges off the door. Matthias was silent for a while before looking up and over at Aric. He didn't need the stress. 
“Nothing, it's alright. Go back to sleep.” He said quietly as he went to the bathroom to soak and rag and clean up the blood that was spattered on the floor. He returned and sopped it up with the rag, being careful and then tossing the rag in the garbage as he did so. 

He eyes the door and propped it up, someone would fix it tomorrow and he returned to the bed, eyes lost in thought. He hadn't meant to hurt Mazzie, or Alex in fact. If Mazzie had just kept it to herself none of this would happened. He looked to Aric, 
2Really, get some rest. I'll explain everything tomorrow." He said quietly. He had every intention of talking with Alex and easing his concerns but he had to make sense of everything going on first. He looked to Aric and his eyes softened as he offered up a small smile to the other man. There was little that could be done right then and he knew Aric needed to recover. He put on another movie and wrapped a protective arm around Aric. 

Alex had to let go of Mazzie as she struggled to get out of his arms. He didn't want her hurting more then she was already. Following close behind her and keeping an eye on her he watched as she reached outside with minor incident other then several almost falls to the floor or running into things. hearing her words about him breaking into the door he blinked a few times at her. 

Someone breaks into our room like that and they are going to be getting a rude awakening. We have been together going on five years now.” he held up a finger and continued while they walked on. 

Secondly, if I remember correctly Mattius did the first time he found out we were alone in your room with the door shut after we had been together for three years. Him screaming how we couldn't have the door closed to your room with just the two of us and how we couldn't be having sex before we were married. I also recall him screaming profanities and attempting to fight me the entire time." letting his finger and his entire hand fall back to his side he watched as Mazzie sat just off the pathway the sunlight still beating down on the Academy. Mazzie had taken a few deep breaths, but was still holding onto her forehead. Tearing off the bottom of his shirt and dipping it on his tongue he started cleaning up the little bit of blood that was dried onto her face. The gold still confused Alexander even to this day. She was the only known demi-god to have gold blood, but there was past children of Ra to have it as well, rarely, but there. Alex remembered trying to look into it only to have it stopped because the books gave little details and many contradicted each other or were unbiased opinions of writers and Mythology writings.

Ripping off another piece from his shirt he took Mazzie's hand and placed the rag quickly over the open wound pressing it with his own hand as he placed a kiss on her forehead. 

I am sorry I scared you. I am also sorry I caused you to get hurt.” still concentrated on the wound on her head Alexander took the original torn shirt piece and returned to attempting to clean off the blood from Mazzie. Looking down at her clothing though it had some of her blood on it also. Looking directly at her a look of guilt was in Alexander's eyes. He had been hurt his brother didn't tell him, but perhaps he hadn't told him for a really good reason which he would know and understand later. As Mazzie said she walked in on them on accident its not like she had been told either until after she found out.

'lets go back to the room and get some rest. I am sure the dinner call will be in a couple of hours we can wake up then and maybe have a picnic together." a smile now on his face, but the guilt look still in his eyes Alexander was dead staring at Mazzie.

At first the male looked concerned towards Mattius, but as he trusted the man he was laying in bed with he curled back up with him and slowly drifted back to sleep. It wasn't long however before the nightmares started up once again. This time different then before. He saw images flashing before his eyes of old Egypt, of new Egypt, of a futuristic like Egypt. and images of the Academy on fire, but this fire wasn't normal at all it was black almost like it was from the between worlds realm where their father's domain was. It was there people were judged and given to the different versions of the underworld they would be in until the time of reincarnation. It wasn't possible though because everything in that realm was black and white, there was no gray area to prove to anyone who entered you would either be considered good and lighter then a feather or bad and heavier then a feather, either way it did not matter when you enter how you leave. It wasn't until that bright flash of memory before being sent to the underworld did anyone ever see color in that between realms. 

Waking up with a jolt Aric had seen Mattius had fallen asleep curled up around him. Smiling a little to himself Aric stood up feeling the same sensation he did every time he had nightmares the stickiness of sweat and the wetness on his chest and back. Standing up Aric looked to Mattius one last time making sure he was still asleep before dropping all his clothing to the floor and stepping into the door opposite the broken one into the room. It was a bathroom, but not an ordinary one. It was almost like an Olympic pool had been placed into the ground and on the other end was the constant running water to make sure it stayed cleaned and filtered. But instead of the water being clear it was milky white. However as you walk into the room it goes oddly dark. The difference though is a light peers from the sides of the water across crystals that surround the pool itself. Walking himself into the water Aric felt the chill of the water against his skin, but knew the water was naturally warm to anyone else. The water was after all passed over a bed of active lava before being put into the pool itself which still sat close to the lava to make sure the temperature didn't fall to far. Letting his head go under the water and back up he heard splashing come from behind him.

Turning Aric saw the red head he had just left in bed coming towards him the water just above his belly button. showing off the muscles that were always shown on his arms, but now more revealed were the muscles in his chest that were somewhat hidden by the shirt he wore. Hearing a slight huff Aric blushed a little, perhaps the water was a little to cold for the man now standing not even three feet from him.

I didn't mean to wake you. I just woke up drenched in sweat and can't exactly say that I'd enjoy another trip to the medic tent already.

NullificationMazzie   67d ago


Mazzie relinquished and let him fix her up and fuss over her. She really hadn’t meant for any of this to happen or for anyone to get angry. She listened to Alex and offered up a rather desperate smile, forced. She didn’t need to be angry, not at Alex or Matthias. She dread to think what Aric would do to her once he found out. She had promised him she would try after all and she regretted it. She regretted everything.


She looked at the golden blood, she never really knew what it meant. Everyone had a different story for what it meant. She felt like some of the adults maybe knew but didn’t tell her for some reason. She figured at least if she got stabbed she would die prettily.

“Oh, dinner.” She murmured and nodded to Alex, she was glad he was calm now and had managed to reign in his temper. She got up and started back to their dorm.

“And for the record, Matthias wasn’t wrong. He just wasn’t ready to accept I was growing up.” She said to him, it had been hard on Matthias and maybe that was why Alex had reacted how he did with Aric.


Mazzie opened the door to their dorm and stepped inside, changing her clothes and getting into something more lazy and comfortable as she climbed onto the bed and thankfully she had stopped bleeding. It was a graze and she would be fine after some rest and a few hours being lazy. Hopefully Aric would be back soon to his duties and everyone would have a little more free time.

“Come on, come sit with me.” She encouraged Alex as she nestled down. Everything was a bit of a mess and she still felt bad for managing to cause the entire ordeal. She really hadn’t meant to and she was going to have to do a lot of making up for it.


“A picnic sounds nice.” Mazzie said as she stifled a yawn and closed her eyes.



Matthias huffed out as he felt Aric leave the bed. He groped around to try and get him to stay but he was gone. He pushed himself up and looked to the door he had gone through, getting to his feet and following. He was still angry Mazzie had told Alex but Aric needed time to recover and extra stress would only hinder that. He stepped in and shed his clothes at the sight of a pool, perhaps a dip wouldn’t do him any harm. It might refresh him. It was cool, being a child of Ra he preferred it warmer but it did wonders for waking him up and helping to make him feel better. It cleared his mind, too.


He looked to Aric. He hid a decent body behind clothes and Matthias admired him from his spot not too far away.

“It’s alright, we can be lazy for a few hours before dinner.” He said to him, Aric didn’t need to be sorry and Matthias didn’t want him to go to the medic tent either. The chairs there were uncomfortable after all. He grinned to Aric, content in the water as he watched him.

“Don’t look so embarrassed.” Matthias said to him, raising an eyebrow. They would be just fine and they would figure everything out in time. For now, it was best to take everything slow and at Aric’s pace. He didn’t recall ever seeing the man in a relationship and rushing things would only cause him harm and humiliation. Matthias could wait.


“Do you want to go to the dining hall for dinner? Or should I bring you something up?” He offered. He would have to show his face some time but if he wasn’t ready then there was little that could be done. It might be better to keep him and Alex separated for a while too, just in case. He wanted to apologise to Mazzie but it wasn’t the right time. The water helped to ease his worries as he stretched and found a place to lounge near the edge. He worked hard to keep his body in fighting form and he wasn’t ashamed of it. Matthias was confident that he had a rather nice body in or out of clothing.


“Feeling better?” He asked Aric as he watched him, carefully. He looked better, not as pale as he had been or as done in. It was a relief, frankly speaking.

Alexander nodded to Mazzie. he grabbed her hand and placed it on the bandage. While he knew she would refuse going to the medic tent he knew she would bleed for a bit yet so they couldn't yet let the rag off her head just yet. Looking over Mazzie once again Alex walked around her and checked for a few things first. The first thing was any other open wounds, even small some cuts could be deadly. The second was any bruises or other damage he may not have noticed at first outside of the small bruise starting to form on the palm of her hand now on her forehead. Seeing a couple of bumps, but otherwise no major damage he held up his arm like they were going to be heading off to a formal dance. 

Come, my Love. First to the dinning hall to find food. From there we go to a hidden little place I think you may like I recently found." As Mazzie took his arm a smile appeared on Alexanders face. He knew he was still upset with his brother that much was true, but Mazzie did nothing wrong and to be scared like the way she was to the point of tears was something he did not want to repeat. Perhaps one day she would see him fully angry, but at a completely different person for a completely different reason. As the thoughts passed through his head a shutter went down Alex's spine. 

Maybe, we should at the least stop at the medic tent for a bandaid for the wound though.” moving her hand out of the way as they walked Alexander saw the wound had all but healed up nearly disappearing accept for the small golden tint color to her skin where the wound had been. It still stunned Alexander exactly how powerful Mazzie was compared to everyone else. Yeah she couldn't fight like the three boys could, but if it wasn't for her many a folk would have lost their lives for many different reasons. Infection, poison, loss of blood, etc. It was almost like her powers while didn't stem from Ra like the other children she was closer to him. Mazzie also had such amazing powers anyways outside of being able to heal folks. She could use her light to reflect the entire area back to her and she can show it to everyone with her and they didn't even have to move from a single spot. She could even take away wounds from people, the down fall was that they were inflected on her instead. It had caused her a trip or two into the medic tent even had caused a couple of fights between the pair of them even between Mattius and her cause she was always wanting to take their wounds, even if they were small scratches. 

Aric turned to fully face Mattius as he approached closer to him speaking of being lazy for a few hours before dinner. Blushing and turning a red, he looked down to the water Aric could feel the heat coming from his face and the water temperature got a little colder as the embarrassment ran down his entire body. Looking at himself he could see that while he was not as muscled out as his brother and Mattius he still had a defined muscle toned body. It was what people would call a swimmers body. It was an embarrassment to Aric he had liked people before of course, but never really had time for relationships, especially not one like this. He had relationships with friends, and with his half siblings, and even his parents both his mother before she passed away and Anubis even with him being super active. 

Hearing the water move around he looked up to see Mattius had found himself a comfortable seat next to the edge of the water. Making his way around the pool he pushed his head under the water and back up letting the water fall off his face back into the pool. As he made his way back to the edge where Mattius was sitting at hearing what he said something about going and getting food or going to the Dinning Hall themselves.  The male turned a bit redder as he got closer as the water started to think out even there on the sitting edge. Stuttering a little bit Aric spoke up.

I…I think we can go to the dinning hall. I…I should be fine to go.” Once again his body temperature seemed to go up as the red crawled on his body giving him a more normal peach color. Sinking into the water though up to his shoulders Aric looked towards the door first then to Mattius. He had started to wish that he had brought his cloths in here with him not left them in the room. Yeah they were together now, but other things would happen when they were ready not rushed. This was unexpected, but Aric also knew Mattius wanted to keep an eye on him to make sure he wasn't going to have to make another trip to the Medic tent before the night was up.

I…” pausing a moment Aric had to think of what to say.

I have to admit something to you Mattius.” once again his eyes met Mattius's standing up in the water yet blocking just below his belly botton. 

I…I am a virgin." thinking to himself and calling himself stupid a few times in his head he waited for an answer from Mattius, but the fact he wasn't reacting with words more his body language gave Aric his answers already. It was like Mattius had not suspected that sort of thing to be what Aric wanted to admit to him. 

Stepping back several steps Aric looked away from Mattias flustered a little bit. It's not like he wanted to be one, he just hadn't had time to really do anything outside of learning to control powers he had and no one to teach him how to. Ontop of that he had the constantly nightmares which just kept getting worse and worse, but this red head had stopped those in one night for the most part at least. 

NullificationMazzie   66d ago


Mazzie looked to Alex and smiled some, he worried too much. Whilst healing took energetic and she couldn’t use her powers on herself, she had an accelerated healing process and she eyed Alex over.

“It was only a graze.” She said to him, it would bruise probably for a day but besides that, she was okay. She took his arm and grinned at him. He seemed to know all of the secret places around here. It was wonderful and he always surprised her. His anger earlier had scared her, but only because she wasn’t used to him getting angry like that. It was rare she had ever seen him lose his cool. Aric and Matthias could get angry, they had hot tempers but to see Alex lose it like that had worried her.


Still, he wasn’t like that. Not naturally.


Mazzie eyed the offerings for dinner and decided to take a chicken sandwich along with some fruit. Her powers tended to wane at night, she needed the sun to invoke them it seemed. The gold blood remained a mystery and she had been meaning to try and talk to Mendes about it sometime and see if he could figure out why it was that way. Matthias bled red, she had seen it when she tended to wounds. She hadn’t ever seen anyone else with gold blood before. It was rare and she figured maybe it was just one of those things she wouldn’t know the answer to.


“I always miss the fruits whenever I’m not here.” She said to Alex with a bright smile. A few of the watchers kept a close eye on the new first years as they all dined and chattered and Mazzie looked to them. They would find their place soon enough, the strong ones would emerge and friend groups would form.

“I barely remember being that age now.” She said to Alex with a wistful look in her eyes. Everything had seemed like a game back then, they had nothing to worry about.


Matthias watched Aric. He was nervous about something and Matthias had never been ashamed of his body. He had worked hard to make sure his body was ready to fight and physically strong at every opportunity. He had encouraged Mazzie to do the same but she had remained a wisp of a woman, more focused on healing and protecting.


Matthias watched Aric as he confessed he was still a virgin and frankly, he was surprised. Many a person had seen Aric as a prize. He was good looking, with a good body and keen personality. He was bewildered nobody had snatched him up. Matthias was more experienced than Aric but by no means was he an expert, especially with another man. He watched Aric get all flustered and he grinned a little as he stood up and approached him. He supposed it was difficult for him to express and he placed a hand under the man’s chin and tipped his head up so he could look at him.


“That’s perfectly alright. We go at your pace, then.” He agreed and smiled a little, pressing a kiss to his forehead as he rinsed his body and stepped out of the bath. He looked over at Aric,

“However, you have nothing to be ashamed of.” He said with a nod, Aric looked mesmerising, attractive and Matthias knew it was going to take a lot of self-control to slow things down to Aric’s pace.


“Want me to get your clothes?” He asked as he wrapped a towel around his waist and fluffed his wet red hair out. Aric just needed some confidence, he would soon realise that Matthias found him incredibly attractive  and he did want to explore more of Aric but he wouldn’t rush it.

Alexander Dawn

Alex nodded he had to agree the fruits here were exotic and hard to come by even if they had the sort of markets to come by. On top of that the school seemed to have a constant flow of the taste like they were always at peak of season. Taking a tray of mostly finger type of foods. Holding up a finger while thinking a moment as he grabbed several bottles of liquid. one in particular the pair had fond memories of and with. It was the first drink the pair shared, It was the first drink they had right after the full night of bedroom activity and a cool dip into the lake where they had carved their names into the tree that still yet stood. 

Hearing the laughter and dishes banging around with the first years Alex looked to Mazzie who seemed to be lost in thought for a moment. Looking towards the Watchers their cat like features still to this day creeped him out. Even as a child to the God of the underworld knowing that the watchers had taken after the guard of the underworld and creatures that made sure none of the dead returned to the land of the living before their time were cats only made the matters worse. The Watchers had embodied this fully and whole heartedly. They were creatures of stone like the sphynx only their magical life didn't come from a single god, but all of those who had children here. Her comment about barely remembering being that young had caused a slight twist in Alexander's heart.

If we were yet that young we would not be together. Or all the adventures we had together.” It was true as first years they were paired off with another first year true, but they also had an older person running around with them as well until about year three. It was usually children of the same god parent that got paired up, however in their third year when Alexander and Mazzie met, and even got together they had been paired up for a five man mission. Rose, Mazzie, Mattius, Aric, and himself were all sent to find a white oak tree said to have some sort of special properties for the Academy, but what it actually did was unknown. They had gotten the tree seed like they were sent out to do, but it was that exact same mission a year later they had lost Rose to. 

Thinking back now Alexander smiled. 

Besides, If we were still first years I am sure Mattius hated me so much more back then.” placing a kiss on her nose the pair had gotten many ewws and awes from the collection of first years now staring at the pair. Nodding to the door Alexander held up his plate as the pair went passed some new years crowded in-between the benches that lined the dining hall. Not long after leaving the dining hall did Alexander lead Mazzie almost the exact same way to the red sand beach as earlier. However right before getting to the beach he turned to the right and started trudging up a very steeply slopped hill, however the hill seemed to have stepped carved into it like they had been put there by nature itself. 

Reaching the top soon after he raised his head to the sky It had been maybe a total of thirty minutes sense they left the wall behind. Looking towards the beach a smile on his face he placed the blanket just far enough away from the edge of the cliff they wouldn't fall off, but also close enough they could still see the sand of the beach and the waves of water crashing on the shore. He also placed it far enough from the stairs so from the bottom they couldn't be seen. Placing a few stones on the corners so the blanket didn't fly away in the small breeze from the beach itself he placed the plates on the ground. 

Welcome, my Love.” he said as he bowed a little. “To the Old Dragon Watch tower.” It was where the original school's center had been placed, but long sense moved to better accommodate the academy and students itself. The Old dragon watch was where the two of them had originally entered when coming into the school. The portal was located just inside the tower, long sense sealed and closed up so no one could use it to go back and forth to the school and the main land anymore. The tower yet stood still high just a bit farther down the landing. The tower also was used to watch the northern side of the Isle the academy was placed on. 

Aric had felt the warmth of Mattius being so close to him. It made him turn even more red as he could feel himself starting to become aroused. Mattius's hand on his chin his grip not really threatening or forceful, but he lifted Aric's face to look him in the eyes. Looking from left to right eye Aric could feel himself relax a bit as the words came from Mattius that they would go at his pace. While Aric had just confessed, he was yet a virgin Mattius made no claim and even if he did Aric found it hard to believe considering him and Rose were together when they had joined the Academy and it wasn't until four years later that she ‘disappeared’ something had to have happened by then right? 

Feeling the light touch of Mattius's lips on his forehead Aric pushed all thoughts aside and focused on now. Watching as Mattius walked out of the bath his form having the water fall around him he wrapped a towel around his waist, but even still the muscles moved like he was a mimic for a giant cat or a lethal predator. Taking a deep breath Aric blinked and tried forming words but nothing came out. His eyes not leaving Mattius for but a moment the red hair ran his fingers through his hair only drove the arousal even more.

Shaking his head no for fear that if he spoke now words would not come out, but instead he would make animal sounds or squeak like a mouse. Sinking just a little bit more into the water so it hid just below his nose Aric watched Mattius closely as he left the room and returned placing clothing for Aric on a shelf close by even though he had said no Mattius could tell something was different for Aric and even though the white haired male said no he didn't want to already ask for things. Seeing Mattius leave the room one more time Aric swam to the edge of the pool and slowly moved out of the pool to not make to much noise hoping not to draw attention from Mattius already.

As he left the pool the cold air hit Aric and it felt both good and a little painful. Getting dressed Aric approved of the clothing he was chosen, but was slightly confused. Picking up the underwear he placed those on first and then the jeans. Next was the solid black Tee which he always wore. After that he picked up the last thing that was on the bench and noticed it was a Hoddie, but one he did not recognize. That was until he held it up fully and the smell had caught to his noise. The smell at first was of just clean and fresh, but he recognized it more deeply It was the hoodie Mattius was wearing when they were in the Medical tent, and the hoodie he had on when they came back to the room. 

Putting it on Aric went through the doorway to see Mattius casually sitting in the chair at the desk rummaging through the drawings that were in the open. Going to the closet Aric pulled one of his own hoodies out. Walking over to Mattius he draped it just Infront of the man's eyes partly to hid his drawings, the other was to show him he knew what he did.

You didn't have to give up your hoodie for me, but thank you for it.” placing a kiss on the top of Mattius's head even with the wet hair he could still smell the distinct scent the male gave off. 

Have one of mine to replace it.” his words while not meaning to be commanding came out in a sort of tone that didn't let Mattius reject it. This relationship was going to be new, and Aric already knew he was going to have to work on himself a bit for this man, but he would do it. Releasing the shirt as it got tugged on from Mattius grabbing ahold of it. Spinning the chair around Aric laughed a little bit a playful smile on his face.

I also do believe sir we owe each other a first date, so what would you like to do for it?” the question genuinely hanging in the air Aric had never really thought of a ‘perfect first date’ he never had time for a relationship until now, and those moments he thought he could have had one were crushed quickly. 

NullificationMazzie   65d ago


Mazzie looked to Alex as he picked up the bottle and she smiled. She remembered that drink fondly and she giggled at the first-years and their grossed-out nature of anything remotely romantic. At some point, if they were lucky, they would have the same experiences. The road had been hard but Mazzie wouldn't change it for the world. She was so grateful for everything they had both been together. She followed Alex up the steep hill. 

For a moment, she thought they might be going to the beach he had discovered not long ago but instead, they were taken up and she looked out at the view, it was stunning. Alex had a penchant for finding pretty places that left her speechless and she smiled at him. She couldn't believe it. She looked over to him on the blanket and grinned. 
"You're just trying to steal me away, Child of Anubis." She teased as she sat with him and let the breeze play with her hair. She loved it here, anywhere inf act so long as Alex was there and she eyed the drinks as they both started on their picnic. 

"I remember the first time we had this drink." Mazzie smiled to Alex, it had been such a memorable night. They had carved their names in the beautiful tree and it still stood. A testament to their five years of adoration for one another. It wasn't often they got privacy like this and time together. Mazzie planned on using it to her advantage as she leaned in and kiss Alex's lips gently, he tasted like the sweet drink they were both enjoying and something distinctly him, spiced. 

Kisses trailed to his neck and Mazzie gave into the feelings of want and desire she had for him. She removed layers of clothing, unabashed or ashamed of how she looked as she took control of the situation and only when she was sure they were both on the brink, did she give in and relent. 

Mazzie lay at Alex's side, naked as the day she was born and she smiled, giving a breathy laugh. She relaxed and curled into his side, resting her head on his chest as she enjoyed simply being content, satisfied and at one with him. 
"I love you, Alex." She breathed quietly. 


Matthias watched how flustered Aric got and he actually thought it was cute and worth exploiting in the future for sure. He smirked a little as he dug his way through some drawers to try and find something to wear but opportunity presented itself in the form of Aric and he looked over the man, slowly, like a lion watching prey. Keeping it slow was really going to be a problem. 

It was nice to see Aric playful like this, bright and full of life. Matthias tugged on the hoodie and reached out, snaring Aric by the waist and pulling him onto his lap. 
"A first date?" He commented as he buried his face in the man's neck and grinned. He inhaled his scent and breathed out. 

"That depends." He said as he held Aric close for a while, "We could go stargazing, we could find somewhere to have dinner with a spectacular view, I could steal you away for an entire night. Or we could curl up with food and watch a movie and you could take it easy." Matthias remarked with a small laugh. This was nice, he decided. He relinquished his hold on Aric and let him get up and get himself sorted as Matthias cleared his throat and awkwardly pulled on some comfortable cotton pants. 

"We could get some food, head down to the waterfall, eat there? Not sure I can trust myself for a whole night though." He teased and laughed a little. Aric was still recovering and Matthias had no intention of pushing them any further down the temptation path but it was still fun to laugh with him and be playful. Nobody else ever saw this side of him, not even Mazzie most of the time.

Alexander Dawn

Alexander had paused and waited for Mazzie to follow him up the hill he wanted to make sure she didn't need any help, and obviously when she reached the top it answered what he had thought. While secluded from the beach itself and from the Academy it was still a romantic spot for the pair. Pouring a couple of glasses of the liquid he handed one to Mazzie and drank at one himself. The difference out here though was that they had to limit their intake unlike in the Dinning hall that seemed to have a constant flow you removed anything from the hall itself and it wouldn't refill plates of food included. 

Taking a deep swig of his drink he heard her words about trying to steal her away a soft but sly smile on his face. Watching as she trailed the pathway he had taken he took a moment to admire Mazzie. Yeah she was not much in the way of fighting, but she still held her head high and had a sense of dignity to herself. She was a child of Ra and she knew that, but did not let it get to her head like many others of the big gods even his own siblings in their first years had a big arrogance about them until they faced someone stronger and they couldn't overcome that being.

Having Mazzie flip herself to be sitting on top of him Alexander still had the playful smile on his face. Kissing her back as passionately the male leaned his head back as her kisses trailed from his lips lower. Pulling his shirt up over his head it was a paused moment right before it came off he could feel the slight tremble that happened every time they would push their limits. It was at the climax of it all that heavy breathing from both of them came out in gasps. Both of them drenched in the sweet mix of their smell melding together and the liquid of sweat drenching their bodies just as much. Laying down on the cloth he was now thankful for naked yet and partly aroused still he was using their cloths as a pillow so he could still see out instead of up. 

Having Mazzie curl up to his left he placed his arm around her and ran his finger up and down her ribcage to just above her waist where his arm wouldn't go any farther. Turning to face her as she spoke the words of loving him the smile appeared again on his face. 

I love you too Mazzie.” placing his finger under her chin and bringing her face up and placing his lips on her he went once again to bring them both to a peak of energy and frustration until it came out of both of them. Once again huffs of air came from him. This time he lay back and placed his arms around Mazzie both now even more drenched in both the sweet smell and the watery liquid of sweat. Reaching to his left Aric grabbed a small plate of fruits that he slowly began to feed to Mazzie.

I do hope we plan on eating though. We are going to need the energy after all that activity.” a playful tone to his words as he fed himself a grape from the tray and one also to Mazzie. 

Aric wasn't expecting the grip around his waist and even less to be dragged back to be placed into Mattius's lap of all things. He had thought he had recovered enough at the least he could have put up somewhat of a challenge, but he couldn't even do that. Turning around while still seated in Mattius's lap his grip wasn't hard, but it was strong enough that he wouldn't let Aric up until he wanted him to be. Once he finished moving himself around Mattius placed himself at Aric's nap of the neck. Snuggling into Mattius himself Aric heard the options of what they could do for a first date.

Stargazing sounded nice, but being out all night could potentially prove hazardous for the pair. They were trying to keep things under wraps for now, so as lovely as that option sounded it was out of the question. Having a dinner date with an amazing view was a good idea, but where in the entire school could they go and get away from everyone to have just the pair of them. That was out of the question also as unlike his twin Aric didn't explore the island much outside of the nooks and crannies of the library or the hidden rooms within the Dorm he was in himself. While yes leaving the potential for a hidden spot to Mattius was an option the possibility of running into people while there would nix their idea of keeping things under wraps so that idea was out as well in Aric's head.

Hearing the third option slightly made him aroused again this time far more noticeable sense the water wasn't hiding it and jeans could only hide so much before it became obvious. That was for now also out of the question Aric had an understanding that while he was still uneducated in the matters of the bedroom Mattius was not and feeling the growing hard surface under him it was unlikely the pair could control themselves all night long being stolen away just one another. Especially if they had such a romantic setting as a waterfall in the background with just the pair of them together. Hearing the fourth option of getting dinner and curling up to a movie sounded like the best option to Aric, but he had an idea himself.

How do you feel about we do the dinner and movie, but this time in your room instead of mine.” He would learn a little bit about his partner. sliding off Mattius's lap he watched the male fix himself after standing up Aric did the same, but a bit faster as it was easier to hide in jeans then sweatpants. a wink came from Aric as he stepped up to Mattius and placed a kiss on his lips again. 

NullificationMazzie   65d ago


Mazzie was completely and utterly spent after Alex had his wicked way with her. She took the grape and grinned at him,

“Well, you worked me up to an appetite.” She commented towards him. She was more than content to stay like this, forever if they could. No concerns, everyone and everything just seemed so far away and she lounged by him, hair messed up from their passions and she felt like she could have slept like this. The dorms were nice but there was always the risk of being interrupted. It hadn’t really stopped them before but it was exciting going out.


Mazzie felt completely comfortable and Alex was about the only person she was so confident around and playful. Alex was strong, he had never once wavered in his feelings towards her or gotten angry, he had always been so wise and logical. And he loved her like no one else ever could. She would never love another man in her life, she didn’t care if people didn’t approve or they wanted the bloodlines to be pure without mixing. Alex was the only one she would ever love and she chose to spend her life with him. It was more than physical, it was as though they were forged to be together.


“So tell me.” Mazzie said as she propped herself up and picked at the fruits, “Do you really disapprove of Matthias and Aric?” She asked him curiously, “They might end up just like us.” She pointed out.


It would take them both time to adjust and over five years Mazzie and Alexander had taken years to get to this point. They were practically a married couple by now. After all of the missions and things though, they had never really settled down and spoke about making a family or marriage itself. There never seemed to be time these days. They had children to train, missions to complete. Maybe a in a while.


Mazzie leaned up and kissed Alex’s cheek softly. He shouldn’t be so worried about Aric, he was strong and resilient and Matthias was always fiercely protective of those he cared for and would sooner die than have any harm come to those he loved.


Matthias watched Aric, a small smile of amusement on his face.

“I suppose my dorm does have a door that works.” Matthias remarked as he looked to the broken door. Alex would have to fix that. No one ever really disturbed Matthias either. They knew better, unless it was Mazzie but he didn’t think he would be seeing her until tomorrow given how explosive everything had been earlier. He cleared his throat as Aric got up and he nodded.

“Deal.” He agreed before kissing the man back, a little more passionate and he broke off with a small growl.


“Come on, we should get some food.” He said to him, “Before I commit unspeakable acts.” He said and kissed Aric’s head. He pulled on a pair of shoes and took a deep breath. For now, they had to appear as friends. He started down towards the dining hall and strode in, a few first years staring at him with wide eyes as he filled a plate with some food. Hopefully a full stomach would make him more sated and take his head away from uncouth places.


He waited for Aric before letting him into his dorm. It wasn’t really anything fancy, deep orange furniture and thick curtains. He pulled them closed and switched the television on as he eased into the bed with his dinner, they could be lazy for a night. He looked to Alric,

“When do you think you’ll be back to training? Those first years have been running us all ragged. Poor Mazzie, they tease her all day for not being a fighter.” He chuckled a little at the thought. Mazzie was patient and empathetic but sometimes she needed to be tough. Luckily, Alex always looked out for her and put people in their place if Matthias wasn’t around.


He wanted to tell Aric what had happened, but it would only stress him out further. He needed to recover properly and sleep. Matthias actually liked the feeling of being in bed with someone, having another presence right there, warm and soft. He didn’t need to put up some bravado macho routine with Aric.

Alexander Dawn

As the pair lay intertwined with each other the skin contact bouncing heat between the pair and having an effect on Alexander peenting up some more desire, but he also knew that going a third time would be less advantageous over leaving it alone for now. Feeding Mazzie several more grapes he kept his finger pacing up and down the ribcage to her hip and back up Looking out over the waves of the Ocean just enjoying the company and the scenery. The silence grew, but it didn't grow lonely or oddly instead it grew peaceful. The silence was broken though when Mazzie had asked him about his real feelings about Matthias and Aric or more exactly asking if he truely disapproved of their union.

I do approve of the two being together. I believe however that both you and I should have been told not had it kept a secret from us.” looking down to see Mazzie looking up at him he paused a moment, but continued on.

I remember how we had told your brother about us getting together before we actually did. My thing is out of everything this was the thing Aric tried to keep from me when he has told me everything else. Why would I care who he has in his bed or chooses as his partner in this life or the next? We are still siblings at the end of the day and I want him to be happy. If that means being with Matthias then fine, if that means being with another guy then fine I'm not going to make him feel guilty for loving the same gender as him.” placing a kiss on Mazzie's forehead he looked up to the sky.

Placing his hand above his head to block the sky he looked through it as he spread his fingers out. 

He has told me everything else, and I understand not fully understanding his feelings, but he could have at the least still told me about them instead of trying to hide it. After all sneaking around like they are going to do with the rest of the Academy it will put tension on them. Aric while cool and calm he is not the person to just hide stuff and it will wear on him.” Letting his hand fall back to his side Aric just looked down again at Mazzie a smile on his face. He was glad they had come out here. While their time was spent mostly with groups or recently training the first years it would calm down once everyone got into a routine. Even the first years eventually could train themselves after the summer festival honestly, but it would be more precious their time until then as no one would be sent on missions until then. Their focus for now was on the first years and training them the first bit.

After a while Alexander rolled over to have Mazzie under him his arms just above her shoulders. Placing several passionate kisses on her lips first he moved to her neck and lower to her belly button where he paused letting the warmth of his breath brush over her skin. Pushing himself up again to kiss her on the lips he pulled away.

Are we sleeping here like this or would you like to sleep in our bed and get some actual rest?” It wasn't that long until he got an answer Mazzie chose the bed of course. While the open air was nice Privacy was much more inclined for the pair. Standing up Aric put on his underwear and pants, but just swung his shirt over his shoulder. Helping Mazzie up he placed a kiss on her shoulders as he pulled her shirt over her head. Getting her head through he placed another kiss on her lips a warning of going again in his eyes. Reaching their shared room it definitely was a combination of both of them. Their bed centered against the far wall a window behind it and on either side away from the door. Each side having their own style to it, but some what matching. His side had a bedside table made of old cedar wood with three shelves of the same wood hanging on the wall. At the foot of the bed was a locket where they put the extra pillows and blankets which they regularly switches out. Across from the bed was the Tv centered on the wall the door in the right corner of the room. The closet was a walk in behind their bed with doors on either side of the bed. Their connecting bathroom was through the closet itself. 

Undressing again to nothing Alexander had placed his cloths in the laundry basket. 

"Care to join me in a shower my love?" He spoke as he walked towards the bathroom turning on the water and stepping in. He let the water drench his body the muscles relaxing under the hot water. 


Letting out a chuckle when the comment about the door had happened he looked over to it. It was broken and off its hinges at that. Something must have happened and he still had not yet been told what it was. It didn't really matter much now, but it was still a topic that would need to be discussed at a later time. Right now the pair had to go get food. Aric had heard the growl after the kiss and shuttered a little bit a cold chill ran down his spine from it a very curious thing as he never had them before and more so when it was this warm. Following closely behind Matthias he came into the Dinning hall with the male. Hidding himself behind Matthias a little bit this next bit would be a bit of work.

Grabbing for a plate at the table of Anubis Aric didn't notice anything until after he had grabbed the gold plate. lifting it off the table he looked up to see several pairs of eyes were on him. Firstly was a first year blonde who was bright red like she was angry already. Curious he made a face at her to make her realize he was looking at her while she glared at him. Boldly she opened her mouth to speak. 

Yeah, I heard this Aric dude suppose to be the strongest Student here, but he went to the medic tent on the first day. Pathetic if you ask me. Let alone having his brother and their love group constantly checking in on him. I even heard that he isn't even really a demi-god, but managed to get here on account for his brother.” Her words had stung a little bit, but Aric paid it no mind as the plate slowly filled up with the things he was thinking of. Nothing more then finger food of course he didn't know what to expect in Matthias's room after all. Looking over to the male also he wanted to engage his reaction to what the lady had said really loud but it was to late he was already striding over to her ready to fight. Aric had to be quick witted about how to handle the situation before Matthias blew up or everything spilled. Turning his attention dead sqare on the girl he called out.

If I am here all because of my brother, then at least have the courage to say so out loud and to my face don't hide behind the fact that your in the lunch hall.” Pushing a grape into his mouth the girl looked him up and down as she stood up.

“Name the place and time and I will show you up.” Aric pushed another grape into his mouth as he stepped right up next to her. This time putting power into his voice alone. 

You will sit.” Instantly the entire room went silent and cold. Looking at the pair as the rush of power filled the room. The girl sat almost instantly and began to mumble words under her breath which were coming out as apologizes. Releasing the power from his voice he spoke up.

You wish to see my powers fine, You will see them tomorrow. I will be on the field tomorrow." Turning to face everyone he spoke loud enough for everyone to hear. 

Crack of dawn I want every first year on the training field.” putting his eyes dead onto the girl that spoke up he said super coldly. “Anyone who does not show up will no longer be at this school. Anyone who shows up late will get a punishment deserving of the time.” leaning down to get even closer to the girl their faces now inches away.

I also mean all first years, Not just those who I am to train either.” standing back up Aric took the plate of food and left the dinning hall. Matthias had followed close behind Aric could tell fumes still coming off of him. Going into the room with Matthias the coloration was much different than his own, but a splash of color change was not bad. It was definitely a male type of room. Bed pushed to one wall TV across from the bed. Black out curtains hung on three windows all of which pointed out over some gorgeous view of the Academy grounds. Placing the plate down on the side table Aric placed himself on the bed. At first picking at the plate itself the fruit and veggies were good, but less appealing then he originally thought they would be. Pulling the second plate from the table only to have a bowl in the center of it. The bowl filled with some sort of rice and chicken. Taking all of the bowl down Aric wipped his mouth clean.

Matthias had put on a show on the tv, but it seems he was more intent on getting details out of Aric. The first was that of When he would go back to training, Maybe not the first years specifically, but training in general. He never said he would return to training tomorrow, only that he wanted all the first years on the training field and that he would be there tomorrow as well. It was the comment about how they were making fun of Mazzie that Aric had decided on his plan of how to show off his power, not just to the first years, but to everyone around. He normally only used minimal usage of his powers most of the time on missions it was all battle experience and little use of his actual powers. 

I would like to go back to training at the earliest possible time, but it seems the first years need to be taught to respect those who have been here longer.”  Going into deep thought Aric finished off the food he had brought with him to the room and left the thoughts for a later time. Curling up next to Matthias Aric had sat up a moment and removed hoodie and with it off came his Tee shirt as well. Trying to pull the shirts apart he caught Matthias half way paying attention to the tv and partly paying attention to him. 

What?” he said with a chuckle. “I was thinking I could sleep here tonight, but I gotta get comfortable to sleep.” a playful wink Aric laid back down placing his head on Matthias's chest which somehow managed to also become shirtless. Curling up to watch the movie Aric wanted to ask what he put on, but recognized it instantly as Hocus Pocus. 

NullificationMazzie   63d ago


Mazzie always preferred sleeping in a comfortable bed over outside. Besides, it was more private and she pulled on her clothes and wandered back with Alex. She was grateful there had been no more run ins with Matthias and Aric. She understood Alex's frustrations at not being privy to his brother's social life and everything. She supposed she had always been the little tagalong with her brother. He had always tried to shake her off but never really managed. She smiled at him when they got back to the dorm room. 

They had made it their own over the years, that was for sure and it felt like a home. It wasn't though, not really. She didn't know if they would ever have their own little place and she could only hope so. She watched Alex strip off and smiled to him, 
“Of course.” She obliged as she followed his lead and disrobed before stepping into the shower with him, letting the water rinse away the remainder of her worries. Aric and Matthias would figure everything out and she was sure Alex and Aric would sort their own issues. Mazzie instead set to work exploring Alex and using soap as her excuse to help him clean. She pressed a chaste kiss to his shoulder when she was finished and she draped a towel around herself, looking over her reflection for a while as she wiped the steam from the surface. 

The students were right in some aspects. She didn't look strong, in fact she looked as though a strong breeze would knock her over. She had always maintained fair skin and red hair, no blemishes though. They always healed before they got a chance to scar. There was always something about her though, as though there was a storm brewing in her gaze. Something was different about her, she wasn't blessed with combat or fire or water like many others. She was a defender, a protector. 

Mazzie sighed out at the thoughts and dried her hair, glancing to Alex. He had seen past it all though, never really minding what she did or that she wasn't a warrior wielding a sword and shield. 


Matthias looked to Aric, a little wary of what he had just done. He was barely recovered from his stay in the med tent. Picking a fight wasn't the wisest of ideas but he figured the new students had picked up on how thin everyone was spreading themselves. It wasn't like them to go against Matthias or Alex, Mazzie always had a rough time because she wasn't teaching them to be combat ready. 
“You can stay the night.” Matthias groused out and wrapped a protective arm around Aric, holding him close. Some of the new students were tough and had a lot of spirit. All of them against Aric and Matthias, no doubt Mazzie and Alex would turn up for the fray but it would be a rough ride. 

Aric had already chosen to fight and Matthias wouldn't abandon him to the wolves so readily. He would stand and fight beside him. Maybe it would show the first-years that they were a force to be reckoned with and that they still had much to learn before they could rise to their level. 
“Sleep.” Matthias murmured as he dipped his nose into Aric's hair and pressed a kiss there, revelling in the scent of him. He had to push thoughts of going further with him to the side but they were skin to skin and he tightened his hold on him as he just let the other man rest. He would need his strength for tomorrow. 


Alex and Mazzie weren't going to be happy with what happened in the morning but he knew they wouldn't turn their backs, his sister especially would step in and deflect and protect as she always did. 

Morning came sooner than he would have liked and Matthias woke with a start, realizing that Aric had stayed and he smiled a little. Well, they would find out just how strong these kids were then. He shifted slightly and leaned down to press a kiss to Aric's lip, 
“Time to get up.” He said softly to him, running his hands up Aric's sides gently and for a moment he just wanted to pin the man to the bed and keep him there for the day. His pride would never recover though and Matthias was unsure if he could keep himself from going forwards. Instead, he trailed lazy kisses down his neck and to his collarbone before groaning in frustration and getting up.

Letting the water wash away the pain from that day's activity from his muscles the male stood there his legs slightly spread apart letting Mazzie drag the soap across his back as the water washed away the soap, she placed small light kisses on his back. Causing a cold chill to run down his spine. Spinning around to face her Alexander held out his hand for the soap. Once placed in his hand he did a spin motion with his finger. Once Mazzie had done so he began to lather her back up as well. Once the water washed away all the soap Alexander had kept Mazzie facing away from him though as he hugged her from behind placing small kisses along her neck and shoulder. 

The pair had gotten out with the bathroom all steamed up. Wrapping the towel around his waist Alex just stood there and watched Mazzie for a bit she had tried a couple of times to remove the fog on the mirror to allow herself to look at her features. Stepping up behind her he wiped away the steam on the glass and smiled to her. 

Don't let it get to you my love.” he spoke softly. He knew that she would understand what it was he was refering to. He had heard some of the bad things the first years had said to her in training saying they would prefer she didn't teach them, but Mazzie's skills in survivability and healing was what had saved the three boys many more times than alexander himself could remember. She was not weak by any means she could stand on her own, but that is what the academy was there to teach people not only would they learn survival skills, but basics in healing and combat training as well. They would become Soldiers and those that lived long enough could potentially become captains and generals one day becoming the Grand Commander of them all like Aric and Matthias were. 

Smiling as he placed more kisses on her shoulder,, he looked through the mirror at Mazzie.

They just don't know necessary the skills you are teaching them will be until their first mission on their own.” The truth was coming out of his words. drying himself off completely Alexander placed a new set of red underwear on his body and pulled on some Halloween snoopy pajama pants. laying on the bed he tapped Mazzie's side of the bed. He knew they would sleep really well tonight either way, but more so as Matthias had the first class of the day meant they could partly sleep in.

The Next Day

Alexander had woken up before the sun just like every day he had sense they returned to the academy. Slowly rising himself up looked over to the still sleeping Mazzie. Leaning over he brushed her hair from her face to place a kiss on his check and some whispers in her ear. 

Come my love, Breakfast awaits.” of course he spoke of the fact he was going to make them breakfast and not just go to the dinning hall and collect two plates like the rest of the academy. Getting out of bed and stretching like a cat he fixed the underwear and pajama pants he had on before walking around a bar wall with two stools on one side and an open kitchen on the other. Putting on coffee and a tea kettle first he pulled from the fridge eggs and bacon. Placing them on the counter he jumped a little when a cat appeared on the counter next to them. Grabbing the animal, he placed in on the ground to turn and grab a pan from a bottom cabinet close to the stove. Pulling also from the fridge creamer for the coffee and milk. Also pulling down sugar from the spice cabinet.

No, Sir Pickle you cannot have any bacon today. Its for your mommy she is going to need it.” It wasn't long before he started cooking that a loud bang began on their front door. Opening it still in his Pjs the third year looked to Alexander kind of concerned and a bit confused. Then to the bed where Mazzie now was sitting up and back to Alexander again. Whispering to the male about his brother and the first years. Alexander nodded and shut the door. Walking into the kitchen without a word he put everything away accept for the coffee and milk even turned off the tea pot. Pouring two cups one for him one for Mazzie he walked back in and placed a cup with milk and sugar into her hand and downed his quickly. 

It seems, Aric called all the first years to the training fields This morning at dawn they all gather as we speak and Aric is still not shown up.” placing his cup into the sink he dressed himself quickly in jeans and a Tee like he did everyday. Grabbing his blades as he went to the door. and out to the mustering field to see every single first year had indeed gathered on it standing at attention waiting on two things. The first for the sun to rise, the second for Aric the child of Anubis to appear. Waiting himself Alexander held Mazzie's hand and squeezed a little bit out of nervousness. His brother after all had just gotten out of the medic tent and not fully healed or rested yet.


Aric had smiled when Matthias had said he could stay the night. Of course, the pair would likely do it that way going back and forth between their rooms until they made their relationship official to the entire academy, but until then they would keep their separate rooms. It was not that the idea bugged Aric, but the thought that people could potentially still flirt with either of them sort of bothered the male. He wanted to lay his claim on Matthias already, but that would wait for now until the pair was more public about things. Right now those who knew were their little group of people outside of that it was all shady and back ally workings. It didn't matter though to see the two males constantly around each other sense they would always go out on missions together and while their siblings were dating they were always trying to get alone time and leave the pair in the air to have alone time.

Aric curled up even more into Matthias's chest as he looked to the Tv to see what movie was playing. Looking up at Matthias with a cheesy grin.

I didn't know you liked Hocus Pocus.” a little bit of laughter coming from him as he took in deep breaths memorizing the smell that came from Matthias. Playing with the male's bare chest with his finger Aric looked towards the bare skin that he was pressing his head into. Looking back up to his eyes Aric had spoken softly.

You don't think I should have called the first years do you?” while putting it into a question Aric knew it was more of a statement he could see it on Matthias's face as he watched him thinking Aric didn't notice he was watching him. The concern flashed on his face when he spoke up in the dining hall and again when they got to his room this time, he let it stay on his face instead of putting up a mask of indifference in the hall. Waiting on an answer Aric didn't get one only a simple concern for him to sleep. Aric nodded and snuggled more into Matthias. The difference this time was both of them were in nothing but underwear this time. It seemed they both slept more comfortable with no shirt or pants on. The blankets while orange and bright they looked kind of thin but were thick enough to feel like he was floating on a cloud, but not so thick that it made the male sweat even being curled up with a man who acted like a heater. The sheets were of course Egyptian cotton like all the others were given, only they were a sunset yellow. The single pillow was under Matthias's head, but Aric didn't mind he was using the male's arm as a pillow anyway as the pair entangled themselves. 

Falling asleep Aric didn't seem to dream, at least nothing that he could remember.

The Next Day

Moaning a little bit Aric pulled the covers over his head. He regretted calling the first years to be on the mustering field at dawn, but they all needed to be shown just how much different they were going to be once they hit the same year he was now. Most of all he wanted to prove to the entire class that they needed to work together to be able to beat anything of difficulty. Ontop of that he also wanted to prove to them that even though there was a lot of them not all of them would survive being sent on missions even if on their first year. The missions were going to be far more dangerous it seems this year than beforehand and he wanted them prepared for that. Aric sat up to be presented a cup of tea. Taking it he looked up to Matthias a bit confused only to have a kiss planted on his face. Mazzie must have told Matthias that the twins liked tea over coffee and would only drink Coffee in a rush. He was so thankful for the tea, and for the delightful sleep he had gotten that night. 

Downing the tea before pushing himself out of the bed he looked around but could not seem to find his own clothing. Looking to Matthias again the male only pointed to the cloths on the bedside table. Looking to Matthias he had to have already had a plan to have Aric sleep over, but when did he have time to go get cloths for him? Looking at the cloths a smile on his face appeared. putting on the cloths they were baggy like he enjoyed them when training, enough room to breathe and move around in while still getting air, but not enough room for his own cloths to become a weapon against him.

I will have to thank Mazzie next time I see her for the choice of cloths.” looking over his shoulder the face Matthias made as he spat out the coffee only confirmed that Mazzie had gotten the cloths for Matthias likely while he was out cold. Setting himself Aric pulled on the pants, but left the shirt neatly folded up. He put on instead just the hoodie Matthias had given him yesterday. He placed his hand out in front of him and from where his hands stopped a mirror appeared. Not one of his making, but one more like a portal. Stepping through it a white Jackel like creature. 

Yes Lord Aric?” the creatures voice cracked and sounded more like the wind cracking through the forest in a deep cave. Aric only nodded to the creature. It went back through the portal and came out only to repeat the process several times. As it did it placed an arsenal of blades upon the made bed. Aric looked to the bed a moment after a pause and to Matthias who looked both ready for a fight with this creature and shock or awe. Turning to the bed which was now covered in blades of all sorts Ranging for the common Khopesh to a Tauan Bellintani Aric started placing them upon his being. Two on his left hip, one on his right hip. Several placed on his back in an arrangement that looked somewhat like a star. Several more went on his arms and boots. Several rings were shrunk and placed upon his wrists. The very last Aric looked at before shrinking down this weapon was placed around his ear, however the weapon made of Solid obsidian was very noticeable against his pale skin. Not a single person besides Aric knew what the weapon actually was, outside of Matthias who saw it in a smaller version before it went on his ring. 

Making his way to the field he saw that all the first years had made it and were already all lined up ready to move out like an actual army. Aric had seemed off to the side Mazzie, Alexander, and even Matthias were all standing off to the side. With an ever growing crowed of everyone above a first year the world went silent for Aric. The wind whipping around his body letting the air into his clothing Aric made his way down the hill to stop in front of the first line. Taking a few steps back Aric called out.

I want Teams of Ten, out of those ten pick a leader. Out of the leader groups of Ten pick another until there is less than five in front of me. You have Twenty minutes." Walking back up the hill Aric pulled from a bag on his side a notebook as he wrote things down he saw a group of four approach him. Two males and two females. The first male got to him first, Red haired like Matthias and Mazzie he was however a child to the God of War Horus. His dark brown eyes while beautiful were offset to harshly by his ivory like skin. His mother must have been from India and while he got his father's hair color, he got his mother's skin tone and a mix of their eye colors. He stood shorter than Aric by far and likely wouldn't grow taller.  The second male happened to be a boy he knew already. Another child of Anubis he like the first had bright red hair, only his was a dye job that seemed to be fading out to the natural white color. His skin tannish in tone his body thinner than usual and his eyes a sharp green in color like the first he stood shorter than Aric. The females were almost twins. They both had blonde hair one had it tied up into a ponytail where the other had it braided and pinned up into a bun. Both had a dark blue eye color and their skin flawless, but like Aric were almost ghost white even for being out in the sun a lot. Both stood shorter than even the males they had come to stand next to.

The group waited in front of Aric as he finished writing down in the notebook. Looking up at the group as he placed the notebook back, he looked at each one then to the field of first years. Nodding he let the four return to their lines in the mustering field. As they returned he called out again.

These people you have chosen will be your leaders while this year is alive. That is if you or them live long enough. I am not here to teach you medicine or healing like Mazzie, I am not here to show you fancy skills of war like Matthias and Alexander, or even Johnathan. I am here to show you how to control your powers.” many of the first years started gossiping among themselves, but it was a single one that drew the attention of everyone as their hand shot up. It was the girl from the Dinning hall the day before.  Putting her hand down as Aric drew closer she spoke out.

How are you going to teach us anything? You've been in the medic tent the entire time. Your wasting our time.” Nodding Aric stooped in front of her. Drawing in a breath he let it go slowly. The girl started shivering and rubbing her hands on her arms. As Aric kept releasing his breath Ice seemed to start forming on her arms the rest of the group kept looking onto the group. The girl only screamed as she realized what was going on.

Stop, It hurts, Stop." Letting the rest of his breath out Aric let the girl warm back up. Turning to head back up to the front of the group. It was then the girl charged at him her weapon drawn and ready to kill him. Without even turning around Aric stopped the blade from hitting him on his neck with just his finger. Snapping the blade off at the hilt he looked over his shoulder at the girl. 

If you are done being dumb you are far weaker then you think.” His Ice cold voice made her stumble back several feet her broken sword dropped to the ground. Aric looked around to the first years. 

You want a demonstration of difference in our powers. In our training? Fine pick four of us above fifth years against Everyone…single… one of you first years.” the words were out of his mouth he was challenged every first year to a fight against four older students. Of course it was instantly that Mazzie, Matthias, and Alexander were chosen.

We will start this at noon. That leaves you…Four hours to prepare. We will do this at the Temple training grounds.

NullificationMazzie   57d ago


Mazzie  turned over when she woke and watched Alex set about to make coffee and she smiled some,

“Pickles gets bacon.” She decided with a sleepy laugh and she often enjoyed the company of animals. They were soothing to her, relaxing to be around. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and stifled a yawn,

“Care to make me breakfast in bed?” She said with a teasing tone but they were disturbed by a bang on the door. She looked over and watched the interaction.


“He did what?” Mazzie remarked as she got up and started to pull on some clothes. She had no idea what Aric was thinking, he had only just gotten out of the medic tent!


She headed down with Alex, and sure enough there was a growing crowd of first years and she looked to Aric when he arrived with Matthias. The atmosphere was chilling and evidently, Aric had heard of the disrespect being thrown around by the first years to their superiors. She didn’t like this though, unsure if it would teach them a lesson or if it was just a solemn way to drive home whether he was well enough and recovered. She looked to Aric as he displayed his power and she drew in a breath.


Four hours.


Mazzie didn’t have weapons with her, she had never been much good with them and she looked to Aric,

“Don’t mean to be rude but exactly what are you doing?” She asked him, “Aric you’re only just out of the medical tent.” She said to him and sighed. Maybe the others weren’t used to the disrespect they were receiving from youngsters but Mazzie was used to it. She shook her head, today was going to hurt. She would have to see the injured and protect her friends. For now, while everyone was warming up and preparing, she looked to the gap.


She waved her hand slowly and a glittering barrier formed between the two sides, no cheap shots would be taken and she glanced to Matthias and then looked away, still unable to face him after yesterday and she looked to Alex.


It was four of them against an entire year group and she wasn’t sure how they could do it. Some of them were strong and she wasn’t sure they were ready for this. She wanted to tell Matthias to keep a close eye on Aric, he was so at risk but she figured he already knew that. It was going to take a lot of energy to heal and protect her friends. She sighed as found a place to sit and rest, she really ought to have eaten breakfast that morning so she would have some strength.


“Hey, I’ll be back, you guys wait here.” She murmured as she got to her feet and started towards the academy. Once there, she managed to put together a sort of breakfast picnic into a basket as she made started to bring it back and she placed the basket down,

“Breakfast for everyone.” She said, she didn’t want to be at odds with everyone, she wanted to be happy for Matthias and Aric. Did Aric even know that Alex knew about him and Matthias?

Matthias didn’t like any part of this, it seemed stupid and like it would go wrong. He had no doubt of anyone’s strength, but he also knew Aric was just out of the medical tent and would end up right back there if something happened. It didn’t stop Aric thought from displaying his powers and he glanced to Mazzie and Alex. He wondered if they were worried about all of this too. Aric gave them four hours after showing off and Matthias clenched his jaw before stalking off and going to sit down, it was a hot day so he was able to draw on the suns energies at least. They simply wanted to display their powers, he didn’t intend on harming any of the kids. He had been cocky once, thought he was better than everyone.


He looked over to see Mazzie get up and go off somewhere and kept his mouth shut before looking to Aric.

“You still think this is a good idea?” He asked him. Matthias was all for teaching them a lesson and making sure they understood that this wasn’t a game and they would really lose people. Every year group lost people. He shifted and sighed out. It really wasn’t his idea of a good time to do this so soon after Aric was out of the medical tent but the best he could do was keep watch over him. And Mazzie. Mazzie hadn’t even brought a weapon and he ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.


Speaking of his sister, she returned with a basket for breakfast and he raised an eyebrow but nodded to her, gratefully. Everything had been such a rush this morning he hadn’t had time to eat and he took out a sweetbread and started picking at it.

“Didn’t you bring a weapon?” He asked Mazzie, looking her over slowly and he scoffed, “If you get cornered, they’ll beat you into submission.” He commented and glanced over to the wall she had put up. She couldn’t protect herself forever, it took energy when they used their powers, a lot of it. Still, she was a grown woman and he had warned her numerous times. Maybe she would finally have a lesson taught to her now.


“We have to have each others backs in this. We’re outnumbered at least five to one.” He said as he looked to Alex, they all had a lot going on interpersonally and he was concerned the frayed spots in their relationships with one another would take affect and something would go wrong. They needed to have one another’s back and Matthias worried they were not in a good spot to do this.

Colorful_insanityAric Dawn   55d ago

Aric Dawn

Aric had gained gasps and more waves of shock as he did his proclamation against all the first years. Of course, many called it unfair to have only four against almost a full thousand and that was just those that had managed to make it before the portal closed. He was however set in his ways and would stick to it. As he returned to the group of older years, he nodded to everyone. Each of them looking down to the first years on the training field. It wasn't long before that vision became blurry from Mazzie placing a force field between the groups She would have no cheating even if she was in the battle itself, she still would not win if she knew her team had cheated instead, she would help the other team win it was her greatest strength was her willingness to lose.

Aric had taken a seat on the hill and looked up to Alexander and Mazzie expecting them to scowl him, but it never came. She just only asked him what it was that he was thinking.

I will not have a first-year act like she is better than anyone here.” putting his hand and waving it Infront of him at the Academy itself as he continued on.

This School was built for all of us, to teach us how to control our abilities, and to protect us from the outside world. Not to have to face bullies while we are here to.”  Pausing a moment, he looked to Matthias who was eyeballing Alexander and vise versa for a bit. The air could be electrified between the pair with the tension. Returning to looking at Mazzie he saw she went from super concerned to a little distressed. Likely the lack of food in her stomach was the problem. Hearing her stomach growl a bit Aric had to stifle back a laugh as it was not the best of times to let one out. It was almost like they knew he was going to do it even before he did it. Which knowing that they had said both him and Mazzie were weak in comparison to their siblings was over the line no matter who it was. Looking to Mattias then he saw the scowl on his face, but no words came from the male. While he didn't want it public, yet their relationship Aric knew that Matthias would watch over him just as much as he would his sister. The only thing is now the four of them would work far better as a team with everything out in the open. The issue now was the rift between Alexander and Matthias. The tension between the pair of them sliced the silence like a heated knife into butter. As Mazzie left Aric turned to the two males. 

I don't know what is going on between the two of you, but enough is enough. Get whatever is bothering you out in the open right now before we go into this.” His cold eyes turning more towards his brother this time.

If you have a problem with the two of us you are going to have to get over it.” Like back in the dinning hall when he commanded everyone to hush and take their seats his voice took a tone that would leave no room for questioning what he was saying or even put in a word after it.

I don't know what caused the two of you two have this rift between you, and I swear if its me or Mazzie we will do this fight without the both of you.” once again putting it as a statment instead of a question. Looking up as Mazzie returned with food and blanket. He had taken a banana and a little bit of water before speaking again.

Mazzie, You know the Abandoned temple of Anpu? Can you bring up a 3D for us please.” waiting a few moments he watched as the stand started swirling and forming into the structure he had asked for. While the school had no longer made use of the Temple, it was still very well maintained and used as a duel purpose. The first is for a dueling arena, the second as a sort of terrain training area. As there was more than just sand in the area. Cliffsides, Water, Grass, etc. While seen in several places before the Temple was useful in its own right. Aric pointed to the main doorway.

They will tunnel through here.” he put it bluntly and outload, but many looked puzzles and he could feel them all looking at him so confused.

You would be wrong brother to assume that.” Aric only nodded to his brothers statment, but still held to the statment.

Trust me, this will be the only way they can come in and out of the temple, that is without major loss on their team. Alexander, Matthias you will guard this door. Mazzie will be right behind you." he knew they would ask where he was going to be, but he held up a single finger before they could ask.

I will be at the top of the temple overlooking everything making sure it goes according to how I believe it will go down.” Standing up he brushed the sand off his pants and drew a few blades off his back placing them in front of Mazzie a smile on his face. He knew she never carried weapons unless necessary and even than it was rare to see. He however always came prepared. Nodding they were small enough she could handle them, but also not enough to hurt herself or really anyone else either. 

Alexander had watched his brother. as he stepped over the hill on the training field. His white hair like most children of Anubis was a giveaway of who it was. It was however not what he was hoping to see. Matthias had climbed the hill to stand next to Mazzie and him watching and waiting, it seemed everyone was curious as to what the child of Anubis was going to do to the first years. Looking out over the field it seemed like a lot of for first years just shy of a thousand. Thinking that the number was slightly low he remembered how Nemes had said he was closing the gates after only a single day and any who had not reached the Academy in time would be, locked out until the next year. Squeamish a bit about the idea of having to be in the real-world fending for oneself with developing powers and monsters that people thoughts were myths constantly trying to kill him was an idea that made him shutter. 

The words had come across his ears and rang the rest of the world silent. His brother had challenged the entire group of First-years to a duel. They could pick any four members of the fifth-year or higher group. They had chosen blindly and taken Alexander, Matthias, and Mazzie to support him. That would mean their group would fight nearly a thousand first-years to prove a point that even Alexander knew wasn't going to last much less be useful to them in the real world. Hearing the words about how Aric was not there to give them skills in survival like Mazzie, or skills in fighting like Matthias or Combat like Alexander. He was there to teach them the harsh reality that all of them had to face. That not all of them would live to see even their third year when they would start going on missions without a higher year. Let alone that more than half of them would die, not because of the fights but because of a lack of survival skills. Poison, infection, or the weather itself would get to them long before they would die from an actual fight. That wasn't even including the traps they would face on some of the missions. 

As his brother spoke even more he said they had until noon. Four hours from the gathering to prepare for the fight. Watching as his brother showed some of his power to the group his hand instantly went to the blade that swung at his hip. His brother had however had done far more damage to the girls ego then he could have to the blade itself. As his twin was walking up the hill he wanted to yell at him for being so stupid, he just got out of the medic tent and yet he was already throwing himself back into the battle. Of course Alexander knew he couldn't and either could Matthias really as that would make both of them hypocrites as they have done the exact same thing. As the groups separated Mazzie placed a barrier between them. Alexander stepped up to her and hugged her tight. Placing a light kiss on her head he heard the gurgle of her stomach before she disappeared. It was then his brother spoke up about the tension between Matthias and Alexander, only he wanted the air cleared out or the two of them would not be fighting it would be Aric and Mazzie doing it themselves. Alexander looked towards Matthias, but before he could say anything his brother spoke up about how he would have to suck it up if he had any issues with the two of them.

He wanted to say he had no issue with the two of them being together, but with the public he couldn't say anything so instead he stayed silent. The white-haired male listened to his brothers plans and only spoke up when his brother had said something. As he was looking towards the temple Mazzie returned blanket and food. He had taken some of the eggs she had placed and some of the toast as well eating it quickly. Taking water for drink just like his brother. Their minds needed to be clean and clear to do this fight. As he dove deeper into his thoughts his brother spoke up and got everyones attention. He went over a plan which Alexander had only spoken up about once. His brother was silly thinking the entire first years would funnel themselves through the main door, but hearing the words that came out of his brother he guessed that he had plans to make the others less…desirable for the first years to try and push for.

Nodding once the battle plan was done Alexander stood and prepared, only to hear Matthias giving Mazzie a lecture about not having a weapon. Reaching for one Aric had beaten him to giving Mazzie a weapon. Stepping down the pathway The male stepped onto the stones of the temple. 

NullificationMazzie   52d ago


Mazzie watched Aric as he spoke, that man could command the mountains to bend if he really wanted to. She watched him confront Alex and Matthias but they stayed silent. She brought up the image of the temple with a wave of her hand and watched as Aric formulated a plan. He had a knack for tactical thinking and she glanced at them all. This was risky and truthfully she didn't know the first thing about battle plans. Her eyes looked to each of them, she wasn't built to inflict pain on others, quite literally. 

She was more adept at helping others, easing their pain and suffering. Protecting people from harm. Still, she had to admit the jokes and general mocking of her had gotten a lot lately and she eyed the blades Aric handed to her. He wasn't angry at her and she took them in her grasp. Whilst she preferred not to fight, Matthias, Alex and Aric had all taught her how to. She held firm to the hilts of the blades and sighed out. It was as good a plan as any and better than any she could come up with that was for sure. They were outnumbered, massively but tunnelling them in and breaking their forces down would help greatly. 

“Right.” At the very least she would be fighting with her brother and Alex at her side. Aric would be safer overlooking given he had only just come out from the medic tent. He wouldn't be as at risk that way and she gazed at him. She still wanted to keep a close eye on him, he might need some her healing but she had a funny feeling he would be okay. She looked to Alex and raised an eyebrow. She followed him and eyed over the temple. If they lost this, they would never hear the end of it. She chewed her lip and glanced to Matthias, maybe he felt different now he had Aric to look after and he would worry about him. looked to Alex, 
“We'll be alright. I won't let anything happen to you.” She promised him, like she always did before they fought together. 

Aric's words were stirring, in more ways than one as Matthias watched him take control. It was admirable, he knew the man wasn't long recovered and seeing him like this only made Matthias want him more. He glanced to Alex and Mazzie, neither of them had a problem with them being together and he eyed the temple Mazzie brought up an image of. Her powers lay in different places but it still bothered him that anyone would dare treat his sister with disrespect and open mocking. He watched Alex stalk off and he looked to Aric hanging back a moment. 
“Be safe.” He said as he leaned in close so his breath brushed the man's ear. He smirked some before following the other two. Of course, he worried that Aric would bite off more than he could chew given his recent condition. 

He looked to Alex and Mazzie, part of him still hurt at them both but he didn't say anything. It could wait until this was done. They were his family, he would protect them with every inch of his being. 

Aric's prediction was right, it wasn't long before the first years were on them. Their numbers didn't count in the narrow corridors and Matthias used his brute force to keep as many back as he could. Some of them were powerful and had great potential to become powerful fighters. They had a reason to be cocky but they were sloppy, their cockiness proving to be their downfall. Their attacks were miscalculated and Matthias realised, they had no plan and each of them wanted glory. 

They were fighting among themselves for who would get to go after who. He glanced to Alex and Mazzie, hoping they had figured it out too. He pushed back a few of the first-years that swarmed him. He was certainly going to be sore tomorrow. He saw Mazzie get knocked off her feet by a large first-year and pinned to the ground, 
“YIELD! I got the little healer bitch!” He bellowed in her face as he pinned her by the throat. Matthias pushed off some of the first years and looked to Alex, 
“Get her on her feet!” He yelled as he held off as many of the first years that he could, lighting his flames to create a wall of fire that would last a few seconds to split their ranks. 

Colorful_insanityMenes   49d ago


It seemed a duel was going on, but this was an unexpected one that Menes had not been told about, least of all agreed to. To put the lives at risk of four of his best fighters, more so was the fact that the one was already injured, the two had some sort of beef going on between then be it already that Matthias and Aric were now officially together or not was up for a debate. Then there was Mazzie who outside of the medical tent attendants themselves was the best healer the Academy had. It was not very often if at all that something happened at the Academy that Menes did not know or learn about quickly. When he had heard Aric had challenged the entire first year class to a duel Menes wanted to step in and put a stop to it, but hearing the rumors going around about how he was weak and powerless and Mazzie was no better outside of basic training. Menes had picked them to train the first years for a reason. They were the only group that had started the missions themselves and still had all their members around. On top of that their group while small seemed to out match every other group around no matter how large they were. Menes understood that the first years needed to be put into their place, but he questioned of if it had to be so soon.

Walking to the training fields Menes saw the barrier between the two groups and understood Mazzie would not have the cheating for the training. He applauds her for that and even accepted the fact that she could easily use that barrier to listen into or even spy on the other group, but she would not. Instead, their group seemed to already be formulating a plan on how to deal with the battle ground and the massive disadvantage they had of nearly one thousand to their four. Looking to Matthias and Alexander it was a surprise when he learned Aric had taken charge instead of one of the other two. Normally Aric made the plan, but the two boys would always take charge of the situation, but this time Aric had done so.

Before the fight began Menes voice boomed across the entire temple grounds allowing everyone to hear him clearly.

I will have all of you know, while I do not accept this type of behavior or battle, I will allow it, however you must follow rules or be disqualified. Firstly, there will be no killing of one another. You may injure, you may knock unconscious, etc. No deadly blows. Secondly as the first is no killing that means in order to get one of your enemy team members out you must capture and hold them until the end of the battle, knock unconscious, or get them to surrender or incapacitate them in some way. This said you can also free one of your allies by cutting them loose if they are captured or having it so they are no longer incapacitated. If one surrenders, there is no returning to the battlefield you are considered ‘dead’.  Thirdly try and remember this is still a Temple to the Gods try and keep any damage to a minimum. This is after all still academy property as well. And last, but not least the most important you are not allowed to help your enemy team, none what so ever." pausing a moment Menes went over his list of rules in his head and continued on.

Other than that, have your all out battle.” The white haired young male stepped up to the top of the sands to watch the battle field unfold, only on a screen like that that had come out so that the entire academy could watch the event unfold.


Alexander had listened to his brother and agreed with the plan, only that would leave them with three blind spots, and to make matters worse Aric wasn't going to be with the group. Normally he took on the responsibility of watching their backs and making sure Mazzie was protected at all times no matter what, but now he wanted to control the battlefield and make sure that things went how he was planning for it to. With that and before he could even object to it Aric was gone rushing upstairs to the top of the temple. It wasn't long before groups of first years swarmed the main entrance not knowing that Matthias and he waited in ambush. Mazzie standing in view to act first as bait so they could catch groups off guard as they came rushing up, but that plan was shot out the window. He had jumped out after the first group had come far enough, but he noticed more and more of the first years joined into the fight. As he pushed more of the first years back it was like fighting piles of rocks that didn't want to budge but had to be moved. Forcing the first years back into the doorway however Alexander had taken a more defensive line then offensive like Matthias had. 

Being pushed by several students it wasn't until a scream had come from behind him that Alexander knew what had happened. Mazzie had been knocked to the ground and pinned down. Their support was taken out which meant they were likely to follow soon if Aric didn't do something to help them. Where was his brother anyways he should have came back by now? Matthias had called out for Alexander to go and save Mazie, but it was to late by the time he turned to go and save her more First years were rushing past Matthias to get to him. Himself pinned now to fighting groups of First years made it hard to go and save Mazzie. Frustrated with himself Alexander put his blade away and was going to make a run for it towards Mazzie, but in an instant a white flash passed his eyes and the boy that had Mazzie pinned was now himself pinned to the floor a white dog snarling at him while on his chest. Another appeared at the boy's side. It was then that he understood what had happened. They had been saved by an unknown factor was it one of the first year's powers? no it couldn't be that would be breaking a rule and that person would be disqualified and no first year wanted to be kicked out of a battle for something so stupid. then who could it have been that saved them? As the words processed in his head a White Anubian appeared in front of him his blades at the ready to defend himself, but he never moved. His red eyes went and looked both Alexander and Mazzie up and down like he was scanning them but didn't move to take them out.

Nodding its head, the creature moved to the front door and gave a low, but very threatening growl. As it did so many of the first years stepped back trying to figure out what the new enemy they faced was. As it approached the now free Matthias he did the same to him as it did with Alexander and Mazzie, but like before did not attack him either. Nodding his head also to Matthias the creature just nodded towards the stairs that Aric had ran up earlier. Alexander didn't have time to ask the thing what it meant only that first years began to swarm the group once again. putting the pair on the defensive again. As the first years kept swarming and swarming their bodies piling up unconscious being pulled away by Mazzie's powers to make sure that the boys didn't get tripped up or piled under bodies themselves. As the battle raged on it stopped a moment when a loud scream came from the battlefield and a giant foot stopped right in the doorway blocking off the first years from going on, but not the view. Taking the moment for a break Alexander started breaking heavy feeling the room start to spin a little Alexander stopped that with deep breaths. 

Looking out over the growing crowed of first years he became more and more worried. How could his brother be so stupid challenging all of the first years like this? How could any one of the three let him do it in his conditions? And most of all his brother just disappeared to have the three of them take on the first years? It was the loud howl from the White anubian that had taken his attention only for it to point out to the battlefield. It was then he noticed it the sand changing colors from its normal goldish yellow to as black as Obsidian. It was then the creatures started to appear out of the sand. As each one did the sand disappeared a little at a time until no more sand was there and an entire army of mummies and Anubians appeared from the sand. More confused the summoned army started taking on the first years, but that wasn't all as the foot lifted out of the doorway it showed Six Giant figures that stood the same height as the doorway, They seemed to be paired off one set for each doorway all representing a different god. The first was the Crocodiles from the eastern door, they represented Sobek, the god of the Nile. The second was the Crows from the western door, they represented Nephthys the goddess of death. the last was from the front door Jackles which represented Anubis himself. 

Confused even more now Alexander went to check on Mazzie, she had to be hurting sense she was knocked full force to the ground and nearly had her arm dislocated as the guy was pinning her. “Are you okay my love?” he asked as he pulled her close to him. While the battle was not over the first years couldn't seem to get past the six giants at the door, least of all the fact that they were now on the defensive trying to fight off the mummies that constantly seemed to just come back after being beaten. Looking around Alexander didn't see Matthias anywhere. Expecting the battle to continue he heard it then. The hissing of a giant creature outside and saw the snake's head in the doorway. 

Aric had rushed the stairway up to the top of the Temple. He needed the vantage point for a better view of what he was dealing with. It wasn't long after he had placed himself that Menes had spoken over the battlefield, but this didn't seem to stop Aric as he rushed preparations around. Once he was done drawing the Magic circle at the top of the pyramids, he knew that would be his last set up. First, he grabbed obsidian from his pockets placing a decent sized pillar in each circle on the outside leaving the middle one empty. Looking around each side of the temple he noticed that while it had four doors into it one set didn't seem to have guardians on it which bothered him a little bit. That was until he saw that the temple was originally supposed to have been built like a pyramid, and the back door was out into a private garden instead of an area open to the public. It was why they had it walled off from the world. he could see the design now floating in his head as he paced back and forth. Once it clicked in his head how he had to do it the light in his eyes only seemed to burn brighter. Going to the closet doorway he bent downward and pressed the seal on the statues, but as soon as he lifted his hand the seal disappeared, and the statues went back and deactivated. This was going to be much harder than he had originally thought. Trying it again on the other side the same reaction had happened they only worked as long as he kept himself by the seal if he went too far from it, they stopped and returned to their positions at the door and returned to stone. thinking about it he heard the battle cry of the first years coming. The statues would have to wait for now.

Rushing from the door he was standing Infront of he placed himself in the center of the circle he drew earlier and lifted his arms to his side. As he spoke some Ancient Egyptian words a single figure appeared in front of him. The male bowed to Aric but did not move. Speaking still in Egyptian he motioned to the doorways and spoke about activating the statues first. The figure nodded and bent down picking up sand and letting it fall through his hands. As the sand did fall it summoned three smaller mummified beings who without anything went and activated the six figures. Aric then spoke about how he wanted the two side doors guarded well with the armies of the dead, but for those inside to not see anything nodding the creature went first to the eastern gate and raised its arms up into the sky. The black sand first appeared slowly but grew to cover the entire doorway from the base of the steps down its side passages and hidden pathways. Turning and moving to the western door it did the same process as it did. Nodding Aric looked out across the battlefield. The ringing of steal on steal and the howls of first years either in fear, or in pain, or being captured themselves. 

Aric had noticed the work of the armies guarding each of the doorways they had ambushed the groups as they rushed the doors pinning them between two set of armies, but those who weren't scared and fought back had a hard time. figuring out how to beat the army. The only person who knew was Aric himself. In order to beat them you had to cut off their heads, but even then, as long as he didn't leave the circle's proximity which was the entire rooftop the armies would constantly be coming back. Aric saw the black spots on his vision and knew he had to be careful to he was reaching his limits and would either knock himself out because of the overuse of his powers. even fully healed this was pushing his limits, but while still healing meant his limit would be far less than if he was healthy. Sitting down as he started to black out he had focused fully and only on the scream he had heard. It was one he had gotten so use to; it was Mazzie. Standing up the male turned to the figure that he had summoned and spoke again in the ancient language saying he wanted the fighting at the front door to stop. It was then the figure started to change Rushing down the stairs in a flash of white blur his skin molted off him and was replaced with fur his jawline no longer human but formed into that of a Jackle's muzzle. Hearing the howl it meant the creature succeeded in its mission it had been sent on, and instead of coming back it had stayed there to complete its other mission he sent it for to stop the fighting at the door. It was then he saw the colossal creature put its foot down right where the front door entrance would be. Peering over the side of the temple he saw the creature began to stand up. The temple itself only coming up to the creature's knee. 

As the creature lifted its foot the six statues were at the door already and armies of the creatures were already forming in the pathways and fighting the first years. Smiling he placed his hand on his left ear feeling the movement of the creature wrapped on his ear. “Hush little one its almost time.” Taking the creature into his hand he pet it a little bit before throwing it out into the open air where he began to grow and became even bigger then the colossal. Changing the Snake was solid black, but had gold eyes and its venom dripped gold. As the snake landed it wrapped itself around the temple for defense. Before he could see the creature finish however the sky went black and he felt like he was falling. It was stopped though and he felt the tug on his arm, he also felt something solid against him. Had he fallen and finally hit the ground? Did he hit the rooftop and his abilities were still active? It was then he felt heat coming from it, only it was not natural it didn't seem to be growing in temperature, and yet it still felt warm against his body. The smell of caramel and brown sugar with a warm cup of tea hit his nose. He knew that Matthias was holding him, Opening his eyes he saw Matthias holding him to his chest checking him like he was again injured. 

I am fine.” he spoke in a soft tone as he gripped onto Matthias tighter. “I can't have Alexander or Mazzie seeing me like this. They will send me back to the medic tent or try and heal me themselves.” struggling to stand Aric looked around and saw while the battle had ended in most of the first years were knocked out many were captured by the armies he had summoned. which were still active on the field. Nodding he went over to the side of the Temple. Matthias holding on him from behind. Aric called out. 

You asked to see my power. This is but a small taste of it, You wanted to see exactly what I meant today. Many of you would be dead.” waving his hand over the group those paying attention all upset for sure, but those who were captured are far more upset. “Every single one of you could have died at anytime during this battle had I wanted it to be done.” pausing a moment the male continued as he leaned back into Matthias. 

This will teach you don't take weakness for granted, and understand even the weakest member is important, but also know that this lesson was to teach you that not all of you will live if you fight each other as much as you do the enemy. Glory is only important if you make it that way. None of us have Glory, we have developed our skills and our powers to be useful to our survival and nothing more. Beyond that everything else is reputation only.” Holding up his arm in the air a battle cry came from Aric, and it was repeated by every single mummy and anubian on the field. As he released his magic he felt a bit better, but definitely not at full strength. Turning around Aric nodded to Matthias,

I need to get back to my room.” 

NullificationMazzie   48d ago


Mazzie was set to be knocked out, to yield and lose the fight as everything blurred together. She had hoped Menes woould put a stop to this but instead it was truly to be used as a test. Then there was a wolf, larger than anything she had seen before and for a brief moment, as she stumbled to her feet, the two blades in hand, she thought she might get devoured but there was a silent understanding as the wold nodded to her and she stared in disbelief. This was Aric's doing and she pushed her way to the others, using shards of light to distract and protect others from being harmed. She was exhausted, the mix of using her powers and combat was not something she was used to. 

A rogue weapon caught her off guard across the face, splitting her lip and causing her nose to bleed. She wiped at it impatiently and knocked back the aggressor. Giants erupted and Mazzie stared, caught off guard as the first years backed off and she took a moment to breathe. Amidst the fighting, she was sure she had broken a rib if the pain in her side was anything to go by but for all of her short comings in combat, she was able to power through it. She couldn't see Matthias, but Aric's powers were in full swing. She was stunned. 

Alex was there and she winced as he pulled her close, 
“I think I broke a rib.” She said to him quietly. She looked him over for any sign of injury, he seemed to be okay and she breathed a sigh of relief. She would be okay too, some rest and TLC would see her back to form and she would just have to take things slightly easy on her bust side. Her gaze turned upwards and towards the snake, 
“He's going to hurt himself.” She said quietly to Alex, Matthias had likely gone to his side and she realised they had won the battle. 

The first years looked worse for wear and she sighed, drawing in a deep breath. 
“You should go and rest.” She said to Alex, he had fought so well and she admired him, “You did wonderfully.” She said to him and wiped the blood from her face, a smear of golden as she fished around for a cloth and got rid of the worse of it, 
“I would kiss you but I'd hate to ruin how handsome you look right now.” She said to him with a smile and she started off to heal up the worst of the injuries. There wasn't many, the others had done a good job of disabling the first years rather than harming them. 
“I didn't mean to do that to your face.” One of them said as she knelt down, with effort as her side pulled. Mazzie smiled to him. 
“Your strategy was good, to take out the healer and protector, besides, this is nothing.” She promised him as she eyed him over. He had a nasty cut on his shoulder and she set to work, placing her hands over it and watching the skin knit together. The same injury appeared on her shoulder and the first year watched her, stunned. 

“What's that?” He asked and Mazzie got to her feet, wincing slightly. 
“For every gift, there's sacrifice, young one.” She said and managed a few others but then looked around for Alex, “I think I should go now.” She said to him. 


Matthias stared around at the chaos, the first years were terrified. Whilst it was impressive, he immediately worried about the man orchestrating this, he was pushing himself and Matthias clenched his jaw as he nodded to the wolf. He roared back into action, walls of flames pushing back the enemy as he started to make his way towards the white-haired man he had come to love. By the time he found him, there were giants and a snake. 

Matthias had arrived just in time. He grabbed Aric before he could fall and pulled him close to his chest, breathing hard as he held the man tightly. He knew Mazzie and Alex would worry if they same him like this and he tightened his grip of the man, he needed rest. He stood behind Aric as he made his point clear to the first years. Matthias' temperature was up. The amount of heat from using his powers had risen his temperature and he sighed out. He hoped Mazzie and Alex were alright, he couldn't see them from where he was. He watched Aric give his speech, Matthias just wanted to get the man back and resting. He eyed him over, keeping hold of him from behind. 

“Yeah, let's get you home.” He said to him when he was finished and he figured they could go the slightly longer way back. Matthias was worried, scared even. It was weird having someone to care about, someone outside of family that he was scared of losing. He kept an arm wrapped around Aric, everyone would be too involved in what had just happened to really take notice of them heading back to the sanctuary of a dorm room. Matthias had to admit, he had no idea of how to deal with any of this. Mazzie was always the healer, she knew how to dress wounds and take temperatures down and when that failed, she would rely on her gifts. This was different, he looked Aric over when he got him back the dorm room. 
“I- Do you need me to do anything?” He asked as he looked Aric over and pressed the back of his hand to his forehead. 

Alexander Dawn

Alex had made quick work, but also fast enough to reset Mazzie's rib back into place. While she could heal herself, if stuff was set wrong it would be set that way until it was broken again and with the pair it was unlikely she would be touched so soon. This was a test battle, and this had proven most of all to the first years that a single group of seventh years could take all of them on. Looking towards the entrance still confused about the magnitude of the power his brother held fear crossed his eyes. Was this all the presence he felt? No that couldn't be in there was a far more ominous more…godly like being that his brother held within his thrall of power, but more so the snake itself was a powerful creature itself an offspring of Apophis held within his constant reach. Perhaps his brother secretly guarded all of them and it was his power that marked the academy as a zone of safety, but to have him end up in the medical center was bad and if rumors got out anything could have happened.

Wiping away some blood from his forehead from a gash on his head he had gotten it from being hit on the head. with a shield trying to knock him out or more exactly trying to get away from Matthias and the army that stood outside. The creatures outside had rounded up the rest of the first years and placed them in groups making sure they didn't move. returning his attention to Mazzie he watched her closely. She had to deal with more pain and physical torment then she was used to especially and this group was not their normal creatures that the group would go after instead they were being just like them. Hearing that she had more concern for him then she did for herself he chuckled a bit before pulling her by her waste really close to him placing a soft kiss on her lips.  

Ruin my look, by all means. After all I am yours so you're just claiming what's your right?” letting her go to help the first years that were in the temple themselves drag out those that had been piling up so as they woke up, they wouldn't be piled upon one another. As he dragged a redhead, he guessed it was a child of Ra and that was why he had gotten past Matthias so easily was he had snuck around the pair using the sunlight to his advantage. It was his brothers voice that had rang out in Alexander's ears. He had spoken out about how this battle was to show all the first years that not all of them would live even through the end of this year, even with the older years they would be paired up with the older years would put priority on the missions and not saving them that would be their own doing. When he brother was done Alexander returned to Mazzie to see her having a conversation with the person who attempted to capture her earlier and nearly had his own body ripped in half by the animals his brother had sent out.

Sorry about the hard whipped tumble you had earlier. My brother's power is amazing, and this is not even his full power.” Holding out his hand the man took it and the look of shock and awe in his eyes was apparent to everyone. He stutters a bit about how the single person could have taken on all of them solo had he wanted too really. Alexander had gone outside to check out the work around. looking towards the top of the temple he saw nothing of his brother only a slight glow which did not assure him that his brother was safe. 

Aric had leaned heavily into Matthias, but to those who would look at the pair it looked more like the pair were talking in secret about stuff that had just happened. While not wounded openly Aric could feel the heat in his body began to rise rapidly. It was a long time before the pair got back to Aric's dorm room where they were safe. Perhaps the fact that his improved door would prevent anyone from bursting into it or breaking the door off its hinges was the best option especially sense no one would really think of coming to look for the pair themselves. Aric was breathing heavy before they had gotten back, but he knew why Matthias had taken the long route and not the direct one. Had they made it look like they were rushing somewhere the pair would be stopped which would take more time than going this far. 

Once they had made it past the Dining hall Aric had seen the medic tent and the pair walked past it quickly to his dorm. Making it inside Aric had taken several deep breaths as he did so however the world blurred for a moment. Stumbling a bit he gripped onto the bed and only to land on it his back against the mattress. As he sat up however Matthias's hand instantly went to his forehead. Aric couldn't seem to get words out only he struggled to take off the hoodie he had on. While he loved having the smell of his boyfriend close by it was also making him burn up a lot faster. Eventually getting the hoodie off of himself Aric struggled again to get off the shirt. It was at this moment Matthias stepped in and helped him.

Attempting to stand up Aric couldn't find words. Falling back on the bed Aric finally screamed at the annoyance of not being able to find words. Once he was finished screaming, he could feel the harsh heat in his throat like he was going to lose his voice. Aric had managed to struggle out words finally. “I need to cool down.” he motioned towards the doorway that went to the bath, the water would be cold enough to chill his body back down to the correct temperature. As Aric stood once again with a stumble to get up he stripped off the few remaining pieces of clothing to be standing fully nude in front of Matthias who still had some clothing on. Starting to turn red Aric stumbled on his words this time.

Wo..wou…would you care to join me?” the male didn't wait for an answer he went into the bathroom and instead of wadding his way into the water he went far enough into the chilled water he dove under the water. Coming up from underneath it he kept his eyes closed but could tell Matthias was right behind him. The cold water did nothing to change the heat that had come from Matthias. Turning around Aric saw Matthias was fully nude like himself, but he was standing more like a guard over a charge instead of like a person in love. Stepping up to him Aric had placed a playful kiss on Matthias's lips and trailed the kisses down his neck so he wasn't standing on the tips of his toes. Eventually placing them on the center of his chest. 

Looking up Aric looked into Matthias's eyes and saw the burning desire. A bit scared Aric went on anyway. 

I want you to take me.” as the words left his mouth he felt the heat from Matthias grow a bit hotter and he then felt the desire he had urged on against his thigh. It was the passionate kissing that had managed to distract Aric from the exhaustion he was feeling now. Matthias had somehow ended up behind Aric kissing him from behind, at first it was playful and more nervous, however it grew more into desire and a more animalistic in nature. Matthias had bit into Aric's shoulder and with a slight yelp of Suprise and a sound he had never made before. as the pair went into full craving of each other. As the pair climaxed Aric definitely felt the exhaustion now, but he didn't want to stop just yet. Aric this time pulled Matthias in close and it was almost like a full repeat of exactly what had happened, only in reverse with Aric taking the lead this time. 

NullificationMazzie   46d ago

“Hey.” Mazzie caught up with Alex sometime later, “I think we should go, the medic tents will find everything easier now.” She had healed the worst of the injuries but her own body lay as payment to such a cause. She would heal much quicker than everyone else but she would need some time.

“Come, I could use a hot bath and your company.” Mazzie said to Alex softly, his brother would be okay. Matthias was many things but he was not a monster and he would look after him. Her bruises would fade in but a day or two, and with any luck they would have a couple of days to simply relax.


“Come, my love.” She said to him softly as she started to head back up to her dorm room. Her rib had been set and the bone would mend in time, it didn’t hurt as much. She moved into the room and made for the bathroom which was a hot spring with a warm waterfall, as though set inside a rainforest and she shed her clothes.

Bruises marked her skin, the odd graze and they were not her injuries. They were payment for her healing others, a payment of flesh and blood.  It was a small price to pay for the help she could offer and she wouldn’t suffer it long, her godly parents seeing fit to bless her with a quick recovery. She looked to Alex as she slid into the water and let it relax her as it washed away blood and sand. Birds flew overhead in her own enchanted escape and she rested her head against a rock, sighing in complete content.


“I think they learned their lesson.” She said to Alex from where she relaxed. It didn’t matter to her that Matthias and Aric were far stronger with their powers, none of it mattered to her. What mattered to her was that they were all safe and they had been victorious. She looked over to Alex,

“Do you need me to take care of any injuries, my brave warrior?” She smiled playfully at him. She had to admit, he had looked fierce in the throws of battle and unrelenting. Nobody compared to him in Mazzie’s eyes.


She moved closer to him, coaxing him into the water and resting against him, she relished the skin to skin contact with him. She always wanted to be close to him.

“Have you ever given thought to what we might do after all this, Alex?” She asked him quietly. One day they would have to leave the academy, or become teachers in its walls, she supposed she wouldn’t have minded taking up the mantle of being a teacher here. She had never really given it too much thought, so many of them didn’t make it this far. She placed a soft kiss to his neck and hoped that one day the fighting would be over and they would have an offer of a more serene life. Then again, she would take what life she could with him. Any life was better than something without him in it.

She shifted so she was on his lap with the water all around them and she looked him over,

“I love you, Alex, you know that, don’t you?” She said to him quietly as she wound her arms around him. He never shied away from her or her bruises. And he had never been more magnificent to her in the field of battle. She placed a kiss to his lips and stayed like that a while, letting the heat grow between them.



Matthias watched Aric, he had to admit seeing the man in his throws of strength had been a huge turn on. He kept watch over him in silence, looking him over as he stripped and he tried to keep his thoughts clean.

“Yes.” Matthias said plainly when he was offered to join the man and he grinned a little as he removed his clothing. He was worried Aric would overdo his limits. He wasn’t used to having someone to look after and protect, Matthias had always been a lone lion, but now-

His thoughts were cut off as Aric placed kisses that elicited plenty of response from him and he wrapped his arms around the man, holding close.


He pulled back when Aric made his request and he sighed out a little, he couldn’t be serious. Matthias was a slave to temptation however and he guided Aric, at first making sure to be gentle and slow, it was important he was ready and when Matthias was entirely sure, his let his primal urges take over. Aric was his and his alone, no other would ever touch him or lay a hand upon him while Matthias yet drew breath. He would never allow such a thing.

Matthias thought the man would be spent and exhausted but he surprised him as he took up the reins and Matthias complied, Aric was the only man he would ever allow to take control of him and the two became one in a courting that was long overdue. Exhausted, slick with sweat and fully satisfied and content, Matthias pressed a passionate kiss to Aric’s lips as he guided them both toward the deeper waters of the bath, just above their waists and let his hands explore Aric, cleaning sweat from their bodies.


He pressed a kiss to the man’s neck and smiled softly,

“You are a wonder.” He breathed in Aric’s ear gently and held him close. He could have stayed in that bath forever, enjoying and relishing himself with Aric but they both needed rest and replenishment.

Alexander Dawn

Alexander had hears Mazzie calling from behind him. Still concerned for his brother a little bit he wanted to go and check the medic tent to make sure he wasn't there again, but yet no news about him going there had come yet. More so he wanted to make sure Matthias was okay as well. While Alexander knew Matthias was a strong man and a powerful fighter, he had kept most of the first years at bay on himself and kept them off him so he could guard Mazzie. That didn't work a whole lot, but that didn't mean the man didn't have injuries himself. Of course, that didn't matter the both of them had disappeared without a trace likely to go spend time together. just like him and Mazzie would do. After today no one would again question any one of them being trained. Hell he would be more surprised if the first years didn't try and get them to train them more especially Mazzie who had shown the best skills on the field outside of combat and godly abilities.

Walking back with Mazzie to their room he had a sense of euphoria, this was a nice and well-deserved rest for the pair of them, but they definitely needed a more relaxing rest of the day. It seemed the battle had lasted a little over an hour, so while it was only one in the afternoon now that meant they could spend the rest of the day together. It was once they got back to the room that he noticed really the bruises that had begun to form on Mazzie's body. As she removed clothing from both of them Alexander inspected her closer. Some would fade in the next few days, but a few were for sure in concerning places and made him wonder how they happened in the fighting. One thing had caught his attention which was the bump on the back of her head liking from it bouncing off the temple marble floor which was actually her injury and not someone else's.

Following her around the outside he wanted to pushed his entire body into the water up to his shoulder even if it wasn't meant to be that high on him. Letting the warm water take away the sorness in his muscles and allowing him to relax even more he knew why Mazzie picked this sort of escape for their bathroom. It was a place to help heal them and relax them quickly. He also knew that it had another attachment also off to one side which he put in. It was a sort of bath house styled room with a small one person pool which could be filled with candle wax. The wax would help seal up cuts and heal wounds faster if they needed to and Mazzie couldn't. Sitting down up closer to her Alex sat next to her letting his eyes slip closed as the song of the birds, water, and just natural air flow take hold of his body putting him into an even more peaceful state. It was Mazzie who broke the silence at first. 

She had spoken of the first years learning their lessons and even came up to him as she inspected him for injuries while asking if he had any. As she coaxed him into the water he let the warmth of it evaporate into his muscles and skin like he knew it would. Having the bare skin contact made the water seem even more warm and while he wanted to take advantage of the warmth but knew both of them were way to tired to do so. instead he leaned down and placed small kisses on Mazzie's nap of her neck where the shoulder and her throat connected. As he did so he also rubbed her back. “No, my love I have no injuries that need tending to.” he spoke in-between the light kisses. 

Her question had caught him off guard a little bit. What were they going to do when they were going to do after the Academy. While he had thought about it a few times his answer kept changing. He had thought about becoming a teacher at the Academy help those like them gain control of their powers or learn how to use them. Even if it was other older students that taught them how to fight and basic needs while they are out on missions they still had faculty to teach them how to control their abilities. Some of those members lived here on the Academy grounds and were granted their own house here on the Isle itself of course set apart of the buildings themselves, others chose to live among the humans. 

A smile appeared on Alexander's face as he whispered into Mazzie's ear as she shifted so she was sitting on his lap. 

To have a family with you, whereever we decide to go. Be it to stay here and teach the younger generations, or to leave the Academy and attempt a normal life among the mortals. Maybe pick a spot out and start our own little group for those like us that the Academy cannot reach or those that don't make it to the Academy before the gates are closed.” he smiled as he placed more kisses on Mazzie's neck this time with her facing him. Of course the contact had made it hard to concentrate on the bath, but the tiredness in his muscles had made sure he didn't do anything past kisses. 

I love you too Mazzie, Yes I know you love me. I know nothing will change that.” it was the sudden push of their lips together that had drawn Alex to his breaking point. He had taken and wrapped Mazzie up in his arms and pulled himself and her out of the water while doing so having the pair reaching into exhaustion as they went to peak of tension more then once. Placing both of them back into the water he grabbed a cup from close by and had the water poured into Mazzie's red hair as her eyes closed her head leaned back onto his chest.

Aric was huffing breaths heavily as the pair had finished. While now they had a reason besides the battle to be in the bath the water had relaxed the pair for sure to the point of exhaustion, but he knew they couldn't stay in the water forever. As he peeled himself away from Matthais he washed up and made sure to return to the shallower part of the pool before attempting to get out. He was still very weak from earlier, but he definitely felt much better. While not his original plan to jump right into the activity it was well deserved, and it felt just right. As he exited the pool Aric grabbed a towel from the side and looked back to Matthias. This time light shown on his back the tattoo sprawling across his entire back of a giant serpent, but as he stood there a few moments the creature went from a giant Serpant to an Ouroboros, it seemed to move on his skin reshaping itself and moving around. before leaving the room he grabbed Matthias's clothing up in his arms and spoke up.

Are you coming? I am sure food, and a nap is in order for the both of us.” the male left the room and grabbed the clothing he had on earlier placing both his and Matthias's into the basket. He pulled out another hoodie from the closet. As he was standing in the closet, he felt the mass presence of Matthias behind him. Was it a good thing or bad he didn't know but he felt safe. It wasn't until he felt more kisses along his neck and the goosebumps down his body that he realized the towel was now in the laundry basket as well with their cloths. The kisses had gotten a response that Aric wasn't expecting as his body was exhausted, but it seemed not as much as he physically felt. As the male went to turn around and face Matthias he felt the male's arms around his waist pinning him in place, so he leaned back and placed kisses on the man's neck and lips. It was into the lips he softly biting them as the pair reached the max of their carnal knowledge. Feeling his legs shaking he had to grab onto the wall as he turned to face Matthias who was standing their proudly. 

As he pushed the hoodie into the man's chest he chuckled a bit. Walking out of the closet he paused a moment just by the door's mirror to see the hickies that Matthias had left during their heightened temptations. Grabbing some sweat pants and a tee shirt he tossed both also to Matthias. Grabbing himself also a pair of sweats and a tee he put them on. 

Lunch Hall first, then we can come back and rest and who knows maybe that date under the stars could be nice.” half teasing half serious Aric went towards the door only to see the hoodie and tee he had on didn't cover the Hickies on his neck and they were in full view. 

NullificationMazzie   36d ago


Having a family, it was such a wonderful thought. She smiled at him, she was unsure when their lives would be calm enough to accommodate children and a family, but she couldn't wait for that day. 
“You make it sound so tempting.” She practically purred to him as she nestled into him, her favourite place to be was safe within his arms. She tipped her head back as he placed kisses there and marked his territory. She grinned at him, 
“Our own place, for the way wards and strays that don't make it here?” She murmured, it was a good idea. A better idea in many ways. Her thoughts were clouded by his intentions when their lips met and they expressed their love as intimately as they could. 

Mazzie was spent as she felt the water running down her hair and she leaned into Alex, relaxed and tired. It was hard to imagine a future sometimes, with how hectic things could get. At the very least, they all had the respect from the year ones and wouldn't be disrespected again. Hopefully it had taught them a valuable lesson not to underestimate people and Mazzie rested her head against Alex's chest. 
“I could make us soup?” She offered to him with a smile, “And coffee.” She murmured with a smile. She rinsed her body and placed a kiss to Alex's cheek as she climbed out of the water and dried off. She loved their little bathhouse, it was a tropical getaway and she had always loved beautiful places, something Alex had always shown her and catered to. 

Mazzie moved to the little kitchenette in their room and looked through the cupboards. It was nice having their own space sometimes, away from eyes and noise and she glanced over to Alex with a smile, draped in a towel as she started to cut some carrots and vegetables on the counter as she started to brew some coffee in a pot. 
“I'd like to grow my own vegetables, maybe?” Mazzie said to him, she distracted herself as she got dressed and then poured. Mazzie smiled in her comfortable clothing, she hoped the other two were okay and part of her wanted to check on them, make sure that Aric was okay. He must have been exhausted. 

Matthias was unsure if the afterglow of the events would ever fade away as he sighed out. He got out and towelled off, looking to Aric with a cheeky smile. He pulled one some clothes and eyed the hoodie Aric gave him, grinning some as he pulled it on. It was comfortable, it smelled like Aric too and it was their own subtle tell that they were together, nobody else would know for a while but it gave him a sense of togetherness. He smirked at Aric and nodded, 
“Food and a date under the stars?” He mulled it over and nodded. It sounded like a good idea and he would take any time with Aric right then. It was much easier for Mazzie and Alex, able to be out and about. 

Matthias looked to Aric's neck and grinned a little, somewhat smugly satisfied he had marked the man as his own and he leaned in and placed a gentle kiss to his neck, 
“We could stay in? Or we could go have dinner with Alex and Mazzie? I bet she's cooking something good." They could get anything they wanted in the Hall but Mazzie seemed to enjoy cooking. It might not do them any harm to try and reconcile properly and enjoy a night together like they usually did. He smiled some at the thought, before the battle, he had struck his sister and he figured they all had to talk. 
“Yeah, let's do that.” He said to Aric and tugged his hand as they started down the hallways and Matthias stopped at Mazzie's door, knocking on it. He could smell food and he grinned when Mazzie opened the door, 
“Room for two for dinner?” Matthias asked his little sister and she gazed at him for a moment before hesitating and then nodding, 
“Fine, but no more fighting.” Mazzie said as she let them in and looked to Alex. 

Matthias stepped inside and smiled, trying to shirk off the awkward energy as he found a seat. Mazzie always got the room with a view and the balcony that overlooked the grounds of the academy were beautiful. 
“Thanks, it's been a while since we've done dinner together.” Matthias said.

Alexander Dawn

Alexander nodded towards Mazzie. He went to the closet to dig through cloths mostly to gather up the dirty ones sense they really hadn't done laundry yet and that was one of the chores he had taken on. Placing them into the washer and starting it before anything. She had mentioned soup and a deep satisfied taste came to his mouth and into his stomach. 

Soup sounds amazing.” he called out from the closet as he was digging through the cloths some more. Finally finishing he returned to their little kitchenette in just pj bottoms he had started to grab plates and such when a knock came to the door. Taking over stirring the soup he nodded towards the door as Mazzie had went to go answer it. hearing a slight surprised squeak come from her he put the spoon down and grabbed a kitchen knife, he didn't know if it was a bad kind of Suprise or a good one, but as he came around the corner, he put the knife on the counter. Matthias and Aric stood in the door to have Mazzie nod and make her comment about no more fighting as well Alexander put a smile on and embraced the pair as guests in his house. Alexander had stepped up to the pair of them and hugged the both of them.

Glad the two of you are okay. After what happened today I got a little worried. Both of you disappeared.” concerned a little Alexander watched closer to Mazzie's eyes which was solidly on his bare chest. letting out a little laugh Alexander just held up a finger. 

Excuse me, We weren't expecting peoples. Let me go slip on a shirt.” disappearing into the closet again he grabbed a shirt and returned this time dressed in a full set of Pjs grabbing some more plates and such from the cabinet he placed them on the table. Of course their fancy table could easily hold over twenty people on it if they put the leaves in, but they never had a reason to, so it was a cute round little table that currently sat six. As everyone sat down Alexander had grabbed the coffee pot along with put sugar, creamer, and milk all on the table for everyone. Also grab some tea bags as well and a put of hot water as well. This felt like home, even if it wasn't just him and Mazzie he always felt that no matter what the four of them would go and do everything together even almost to the point where one day the four of them would live together. Thinking about it Alexander wanted to say how Mazzie and him had made plans for after the academy days, but another knock came at the door. Standing up Alexander he made his way towards the door to be met with a younger white haired male at his door. Stepping aside Alexander looked at Menes confused.

What is it Menes that you need of the four of us that you came during our meal time?” the young male just snapped Alexander a look and the male stiffened up. While Menes was younger looking he was far older and far more then capable of taking on all four of them at once if he wanted. He was not head of the Academy for no reason at all.

“I have come to let you know that your cousin James will be coming to stay at the academy for a few days. He is being sent with a message from the Camp that he goes to. Camp Nord or whatever. I want him to report directly to me and I know that he is likely to stop to see you and Mazzie. After all he had the biggest crush on her has for a while.” Holding up his hand before anyone could say anything he kept going.

“Also the Mid summer festival is coming up and I want the four of you to put together a theme for the festival this year. Along with come up with a final displace, performance, act, whatever its called for the festival as well.” with those words Menes turned to the door and made his way towards it only to stop at the threshold. 

“Its also good to see you back on your feet Aric.” looking over the group one last time he left without another word.


Aric had just barely recovered from the exhaustion of the activates in the closet that had happened, but the smug look on Matthias's face had caught his attention. while he had tried to hide the hickies the one just poked out above the hoodie had had on. and no matter how much pulling up on the edge of the shirt he did it always went back to showing the thing. As he fussed over the shirt Matthias had spoken about going instead over to Mazzie and Alexanders to eat. While the thought had caused a little muddied feeling that was still his family, and he did not want the gap between them to grow any bigger especially sense he was at the center of it. Swollowing the saliva in his mouth and getting over the upset stomach he agreed to go over there for dinner. Mazzie's cooking sounded amazing of course, and when the pair got close enough the smell hit his noise only caused his mouth to start watering and his stomach growl with hunger agreeing with his mouth earlier about how it would taste amazing. 

Sliding himself behind Matthias as he knocked on the front door to their little house Aric appreciated that they would always be welcome, even if there was problems between them they would never be turned down. Seeing it was Mazzie who had opened the door a warm smile was on Arics face. Being ushered into the little house was a relief of course, and it was all caught up in emotions when Alexander had came up and hugged them. While it would take time the group seemed to be back to normal for the most part. Holding onto his brother a little longer Aric had started getting teary eyed, but quickly dried it up as Mazzie came up and also gave him a hug. Aric of course returned the hug to his favorite potential sister-in- law. Aric's eyes returned to watch as his twin disappeared into the closet to return with a shirt on. Laughing a little bit Aric pulled up the hoodie he had on to show that he was wearing the exact same set of Pjs catching that Mazzie let out the loudest laugh out of everyone and even Matthias was trying hard not to laugh himself. Alexander had returned to the kitchen and grabbed more plates and cups and set everything out like nothing had ever changed and they were just casual having dinner together with Mazzie cooking. 

Sitting down at the table Aric slid to the side as Mazzie came over soup in her hands hot pads wrapped around the handles. She quickly left the table again and grabbed a ladle for the soup along with a small loaf of bread that Aric had guessed Alexander had made. Not many knew that Alexander loved to cook also, but he liked it when Mazzie cooked as her food always tasted better then his, but he loved also to bake and usually deserts is where he came into play when they hosted peoples that didn't know the pair. As the group sat down to eat a knock came at the door catching everyone by Suprise. Alexander was the first to react opening the door. It was Menes at the door and as he entered the house Aric turned in his seat to see the male.

Hearing Menes's words about the day the Festival had been decided and what he wanted the four of them to do was both an honor and a scare. While they had all worked and been around each other for years they really outside of combat never tried doing anything together as all four of them. Even more so hearing that their cousin James would be coming to stay at the academy meant something was going on and Camp As guard needed help from the Academy. It was no secret to Memphis academy about Camp half-blood, or Camp Jupiter, or even Camp Asgard. The only information the Academy did not hold in public knowledge was where each one was located, and if it was known by anyone who did know. Besides the teachers or leaders of camps only far and few students or campers knew. Most of them being from the Child of Death, Anubis, Hades, Pluto, Hel whatever he goes by for each religion. 

Looking over to Matthias and Mazzie and seeing their look of confusion and concern he returned his attention to Menes as he left and spoke about how he was glad that he was back up and running around. Alexander had shut the door and returned to the table for the food. Of course as the conversation over dinner started out as kind of a struggle it became more smooth. First the conversation was about how Aric and Matthias were going to let the Academy know to which both boys answered that they weren't, so it led to the questions about how they would sneak around without anyone finding out. It was however the Whitty remark from Mazzie that had caught Aric off guard when she mentioned about how it was going to be hard with the hickies already showing up on Aric. The comment had made him nearly chock on the soup he had in his mouth causing him to cough really hard and spit some of it out. It took a turn from their newly founded relationship to what they were going to do about the summer festival final show. Matthias had something about doing a sort of Japanese styled battle dance, Mazzie had said something about just showing them a dance. Alexander had mentioned something about using their powers in the show. Aric had only pipped in that they should put a musical band as the final show. To show the students that the school was not just a place for soldiers, but to actually keep them safe. It was meant to show them they had a family here at the school even if they didn't think they did. 

NullificationMazzie   23d ago


Mazzie looked to them all and smiled. It felt just like old times and she eyed Alexander over, in a bit of a daydream as she watched him able around shirtless. It was easy to imagine their lives together, maybe with children and teaching at the Academy. She looked forwards to it, actually. She smiled a little when he went to pull on a shirt and she pouted at him but went back to the soup.


She looked to the three men. It was her family, it would always be her family no matter what happened and she smiled softly. Mazzie started to serve the soup and bread to the others and looked over when Menes entered and she exchanged a look with Alexander.

“Menes!” She was a little surprised as she glanced around. Had he come for soup? She listened to him speak, James was coming and she sighed out. There was nothing wrong with James, she had just never connected with him that way and she looked away when Menes mentioned it. She wanted to ask about Rose but now wasn’t the time.


Menes was always straight and to the point and she looked to Aric. Menes was gone and Mazzie sat down to enjoy her meal, listening to everyone talk about the festival.


“I like the band idea, we can incorporate everyone’s ideas that way, right?” She said to them as she tasted some of Alexander’s bread. It was delicious as always and she smiled to him.

“But I can’t play any instruments?” Mazzie said, thinking for a while. She sang in the shower from time to time, and to make herself feel better when she was frightened of something but there was a flicker of self-doubt.


“I could do some pretty lights?” She offered up, she knew she could do that safely and she looked around at them.



Matthias was glad there was no tension with them and everything sort of just went back to how it was and he was completely relieved as he eyed his sister. He wondered if anything would ever take the spring out of her steps, make her cry or just not smile. He never wanted to see that, she was so focused on keeping everyone together. If something happened, she was right there trying to make it better. He should never have pushed her away like he did.

“Nice soup.” Matthias said and eyed the door where Menes had left and then the hickeys on Aric’s neck and he chuckled smugly.


“A band could be a good idea.” He agreed and looked to Aric and Alexander. He had to admit it would be pretty hot to see Aric all done out for a band and he cleared his throat,

“I used to be half ways decent as a drummer.” He remarked and looked to Mazzie. He frowned a bit, it didn’t seem right to just have her making a light show and everyone else being lit up by them while she remained in the dark. It was her choice though, there wasn’t much he could do to convince her otherwise.


He looked to Alexander and Mazzie,

“Sounds good, we could get matching themed outfits.” He said and chuckled at the idea, snaking an arm around Aric’s waist.

“Let’s catch up tomorrow and talk about it, before Mazzie’s little lovesick puppy gets here.” He said, regarding James. He hoped nothing untoward would go on, Mazzie adored Alexander and any idiot could see that.

“In the mean time, I have some stars I want to go see with someone.” He pressed a kiss to Aric’s temple and got to his feet,

“Dinner was great, we’ll have to host next time.” Matthias said and grinned, Matthias wasn’t a cook, he would probably get some good food from the kitchens and play it off as his own. He looked to Aric.


“Cmon, I intend to steal you away for a night.” He commented with a smirk as he looked to Mazzie and Alexander,

“Enjoy your night, we’ll meet you guys tomorrow.” Matthias said and guided Aric out, “Still want to see those stars?” He asked him with a charming grin.


Alexander Dawn

Alex just smiled as the group seemed to be once again in its old routine. While things were awkward at first when the pair had arrived things definitely seemed to change when Menes had said they were required to put on a show for the first years outside of battle they had earlier in the day. As the group talked about what they could do a band idea definitely came up. Thinking about it Matthias had said he could be their drummer. Remembering in their younger days that him and Aric learned instruments growing up. Looking to Mazzie her glowing always happy face kind of went down hill from there she said something about going and putting on lights, or background stuff, but both him and Matthias would have nothing of the sort. Before they could hash everything out though both Aric and Matthias had left in a somewhat of a hurry. Perhaps to do some of their own stuff together instead of completely returning to their routine whenever someone came over.  They would spend hours just watching movies or just in general spending time together like a family night sort of thing.

Having his twin leave Alexander cleared the table and cleaned up while Mazzie got ready for bed. Pulling her in close while she was finishing her nighttime routine. 

“My love you don't need to worry about background stuff.” kissing her neck up to her ear he had a playful smile on his face. 

“Besides we need a singer for our grand show and the only one I want singing is you.”


Aric had downed the food after Menes everyone seemed to be talking about what they could do for the summer festival final show. It was the four of them that would be put on the show, but everything they needed would be taken care of. Mazzie had said something about doing lights or something, instantly Aric's eyes went to Matthias, then went to Alexander both of them look hurt, angry, and surprised all at once. Before he could say anything though Matthias spoke up about how it was enough talk about what they were going to do for the show and instead Matthias had said something about the pair of them going to watch the stairs together.

Leaving Alexander and Mazzie's house the pair went off in the dark. Aric drew a little closer to Matthias while he wasn't scared of the dark he wanted to make sure nothing happened once again with him, and the activities from earlier had warn the pair out, but Matthias definitely didn't show it at all. Aric however looked around and to Matthias.

“I know you want to go look at the stars, but where are we going for that? Especually that we are alone so we dont have to hide us?”

NullificationMazzie   1d ago


Alex was a fiend. Mazzie looked over her shoulder when he approached and pulled her close and she gave a breathy laugh. She felt his kisses and she was like putty in his hands. 
“Fine, but it's not because you're cute.” She joked and captured her lips with his. It was such a relief for everyone to be back on good terms and it felt like a real family. It was just a relief, like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She wrapped her arms around Alex and looked him over, they still had the night to themselves and she hummed a little, she had a few ideas of how they could spend it. 
“Come to bed.” She murmured quietly in his ear and tugged him to bed. 

Mazzie made sure both of hem were completely spent and satisfied before she relented. She never tired of lavishing his body and having him at his most vulnerable and most attractive. She wanted for them to be safe, to be together and to have a life. They had to make it through so much first, though. They had to survive and she hoped she would survive that long. Things were so dangerous, all of them were at risk and Mazzie lounged at Alex' side, entangled in the blankets and she smiled to him. 

“I love you, Alex.” She said to him, as though it were the most important thing in the world right then. And it was, she wanted him to never doubt it, if anything ever happened to them both or just one of them, she didn't want him to think there was ever a point where they didn't love one another. 


Matthias looked to Aric and smirked a little, 
“I have the perfect place. Follow me.” He said. It wasn't often he found spots he liked, Matthias was hardly one for pretty sights and was usually in the training arena. He led the way up some of the hills and into the dense oasis jungles that surrounded the academy. There was an incline as they began going upwards and then the jungle split and he sat down on the edge of a cliff. Before them was the academy, below and a little far away. Above, the stretching of millions of stars and not a cloud in sight. 
“I came up here after Rose vanished.” He said to Aric, “I didn't want to show anyone I was upset. Mazzie needed me to be strong, even you and Alex. I come here when I want to just… Be weak.” He completed and looked to Aric with a grin. 

He was a child of Ra, strong and unyielding like the flames he wielded. It was often forgotten that Matthias was just a young man who went through the same trials as everyone else. 
“I figured if I were to share it with anyone, it would be you.” He had never brought anyone up here. Not even Mazzie. Aric was the first and likely the last. The backdrop of the gentle and thick forest was scene setting and he breathed out as he lay back and stared up at the stars. He pulled Aric down with him and kissed his lips passionately, wrapping a protective arm around him. He released him and just let himself be content. 

People would find out about the two men eventually but for now Matthias just wanted to enjoy Aric, have him to himself for a while without people whispering. He kept an arm around Aric and grinned a little, 
“You shouldn't act so rash, when you fight. You're a born leader, you have to let others take care of you sometimes though.” He remarked.



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