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LF RP, y'know the deal (Updated 6/22/23)

By Mercuri
Backup thread

Hi fellow roleplayers.

Looking for some roleplay, the usual.

Interested in a MLP (maybe Fallout:Equestria), FNAF, Warrior Cats, or Wings of Fire roleplay. If you've got any other roleplay ideas though, I'm all ears. Just as long as I'm not playing as any human, I'm down. 👍

I will most likely be using OCs for these roleplays. If you want me to use canon characters, though, you may ask!

Now, onto the fandoms I'm looking to RP:

-- Wings of Fire --

1. A group of adventurous dragons from different tribes goes on a dangerous journey to explore a newly discovered continent. They face treacherous terrain, encounter new tribes with unique abilities, and uncover ancient artifacts that hold the key to unlocking the continent's mysteries.

2. Two dragons that have a history of hostility are forced to form an alliance against a common enemy. The dragonets from these tribes are selected to be ambassadors and representatives. The plot focuses on the struggles and conflicts they face as they try to bridge the gap between their tribes, gain each other's trust, and ultimately unite their forces to overcome the threat.

3. At the Great Library of Pyrrhia, two dragons, both fueled by a thirst for knowledge, encounter one another. Their encounter unveils a hidden scroll that hints at the presence of an evil lurking in the NightWing Kingdom, posing a potential threat to the Tribes. United in purpose, they go on a quest to unravel this mystery.

-- Warriors (or better known as Warrior Cats) --

1. The Moonstone, a sacred object that connects the Clans with StarClan, becomes cursed, causing visions of destruction and chaos. The medicine cats must find a way to break the curse before it drives the Clans to disaster while also uncovering the source of the curse.
(It's recommended that you use a medicine cat OC/CC for this, but you don't have to.)

2. Two young apprentices from rival Clans stumble upon each other in the forest and form an unlikely bond. They must navigate the challenges of their forbidden friendship, keeping it a secret from their Clans while struggling with their own loyalties and the consequences that could arise if they were discovered.

3. Two former rogues, now part of the same Clan, struggle to overcome their dark pasts and find acceptance among their Clanmates. Together, they embark on a journey of redemption, proving their loyalty and courage while battling their inner demons and proving that they can be true warriors.

-- MLP --

1. Canterlot opens its doors to young ponies from all over Equestria, inviting them to attend a prestigious magic academy. The roleplay revolves around the students' magical education, friendships, and the challenges they face while honing their unique abilities.

2. A sudden outbreak of uncontrolled magic sweeps across Equestria, causing chaos and endangering its inhabitants. You must work together to find a solution, investigating the source of the magical epidemic and seeking a cure before it overwhelms the land.

3. Legends speak of a long-lost kingdom hidden deep within the mountains of Equestria. A group of adventurous ponies sets out on a perilous journey to discover the truth behind the legends and reclaim the lost kingdom. Along the way, they encounter ancient puzzles and powerful enchantments, and they must confront their own fears and doubts.

4. You and your friends go to explore a forest, but upon arrival, you all immediately notice some strange hoofprints...pawprints? They seemed to be a mixture of both. With no second thought, you go and investigate.

-- MLP: Fallout Equestria --

1. The RP'ers have the roles of traveling merchants and mercenaries, guiding a caravan through the wasteland in search of valuable resources and safe havens. The roleplay can focus on survival, trade negotiations with various factions, defending against raiders, and the personal stories of the caravan members.

2. Mutant creatures are spreading across Equestria, threatening to overrun settlements and bring chaos to the wasteland. The RP'ers are tasked with investigating the source of these mutations and finding a way to stop the spread. Their journey takes them through hazardous environments, where they must battle mutated creatures, unravel the mystery behind the mutations, and potentially find a cure.

3. In the ruins of Manehattan, two rival factions, the Steelhorns and the Red Talons, are fighting for control of the city. Both groups are heavily armed and are willing to go to great lengths to secure their dominance. You can choose to join one of the factions or play as a neutral party caught in the crossfire, navigating the complex web of allegiances and betrayals to shape the city's future.

4. Set decades after the events of the original Fallout Equestria story, the Equestrian Wasteland has become a harsh and unforgiving place. The RP'ers are a group of ponies who discover pieces of the Elements of Harmony, believed to still contain a fraction of their original power. They go on a quest to find the rest of the scattered pieces of the Elements, facing dangerous challenges and moral dilemmas along the way. Their goal is to restore harmony to the wasteland or decide its fate once and for all.

-- Five Nights at Freddy's --

I don't have many FNAF RP ideas, buuut, if you're willing to, we could brainstorm together!

Just shoot me a PM if you're interested.

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