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Start of a New Chapter

By _Apocalyptic_
Backup thread

     Random writings that I do. I dunno maman Okay? Most likely they suck.  If you read them feel free to tell me what you thought.

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_Apocalyptic_Miss me not   104d ago

Miss me not

A young lady would storm into a building the old door hitting the wall with a loud Thud, then followed up by her heavy boots hitting the old wooden floor beneath them. Her hood covered her face all if her face they would see was her l9nd bl8nde hair and her slinder mouth that was turned into a frown. One of the many people in the old building would rise to his feet. His beard littered with grey hairs which stuck out every witch way, his once vibrant blue eyes dull with age and worry. 

“ My lovely child she had returned!” The old father would chear yet the woman mad no move towards him nor one to get away. She took off the hood that over shadowed her face.  The once free spirted child has changed into a independent woman who no llonger needs tge help of people whom find her ununworthy To be the heir to the throne.  She knew of some whom thought of her that way. She stood up glaring at the people around them. 

Yet her ice cold gaze would stop when a prude woman would start to walk up and put on a facade of fake joy. “ Oh my dear how I missed you,” 

Before the woman would finsh the lady turned to silence her, “ Ye, miss me not, but ye miss the supid and ignorant child that I once was.” Her blonde hair now off to once side as she ponited a finger to her, “ for I am nothing like you. Nothing like this so called woman whom force that child to leave and never to be seen again. If I was anything like her this woman whom many of ye poor fellows call a friend  I would scream, ‘off with her head!’ ” 

_Apocalyptic_     93d ago

Acheron had been at the bar for a few hours now. His blue eyes would scan over the bar everything seemed to be going descent, no fighting, How boring. 

 He looked down at his black vest over his button-up to see that something had been spilled on it. He would roll his eyes and let out an irritated huff before walking from behind the bar. He would go from group to group and sweet-talk to each person. He would move to the next when he had his fun. Acheron would look at the doors when he heard them open the man that walk through would and wouldn't recognize him. He must be new around here. 

Acheron would take his leave and make his way closer to tthe unknown man so he would be able to get a closer look. One of the bar-keeps would look up to the unknown ," Well if it was a hard day then maybe a Bourbon Sour, or would you like something a lot stronger?" The new bar-Keep asked. 

Acheron would keep his distance to see how his new barkeep would do to see if he would keep his job. So Acheron would talk to a few of the customers seeing the two of them out of the corner of his eyes. the man would give a slight nod to the bar keep after they spoke. Thr black handed man walked ever so slslightly Closer.

_Apocalyptic_     72d ago

Title: The Shattered World

In a realm where fractured dimensions and shattered realities coexist a group of unlikely heroes find themselves at the nexus of a cosmic conflict. Bound by fate they embark on a perilous journey to restore balance and bring unity to their shattered world.

As the sun set over the once-prosperous land of Eldoria a mysterious portal materialized in the heart of the capital city. Out of the shimmering rift seven strangers emerged each displaying unique abilities intertwined with elemental forces. They were Selene the enigmatic sorceress; Lucius a stalwart knight with the power of earth; Elara a cunning rogue and master of shadows; Aiden a druid with mastery over the natural elements; Aurora a celestial priestess wielding healing energies; Leon a skilled archer hailing from a distant kingdom; and Lyra a gifted technomancer.

Though complete strangers they soon discovered that they were somehow connected chosen by an ancient prophecy to save their world from impending doom. The very fabric of reality had been fractured by an otherworldly force causing chaos and devastation across Eldoria. It was up to this unlikely band of heroes to mend the shattered dimensions piece together the fragments of their reality and bring harmony back to their land.

Their first journey led them through treacherous forests plagued with sentient plants and venomous creatures. With each step they discovered fragments of their world scattered around distorted echoes of places that once thrived. The ruins of cities once bustling with life stood as grim reminders of the destruction that had befallen Eldoria.

As they ventured deeper into the wilderness their unique abilities began to intertwine merging the elemental forces within them. Selene's sorcery resonated with Lucius' earth manipulation creating impregnable barriers and formidable attacks. Elara's mastery of shadows intertwined with Aiden's control over nature forming a veil of concealment and enhancing their abilities to strike swiftly and lethally. Aurora's celestial healing powers intertwined with Lyra's advanced technology allowing them to mend wounds and restore vitality with technologically augmented precision. Leon's precise archery and quick reflexes melded seamlessly with the combined might of his newfound allies providing unparalleled accuracy and protection.

Together they faced an array of adversaries spawned from the rifts between dimensions. Horrific monstrosities and twisted entities emerged from the fragmented spaces. These creatures embodied the very chaos that had ruptured their world. Over time however the heroes discovered that the rifts were not solely the source of evil. Within the cracks of reality they found lost souls trapped and tormented yearning to be freed. With each liberation a fragment of their world began to heal knitting itself back together.

United in their purpose the heroes traveled through majestic landscapes and enigmatic realms unraveling the secrets behind the shattered dimensions. They faced perilous trials and daunting puzzles that tested not only their wits but their trust in one another as well. Through their shared experiences friendships forged and bonds deepened transcending differences in background and origin.

As their journey reached its climax the heroes faced the embodiment of the chaos a manifestation of shattered reality known as the Archon of Discord. It was a battle of will unity and resilience. Drawing upon the strength of their newfound unity the heroes confronted the Archon in an epic clash of power. They channeled their merged elemental forces their combined prowess overwhelming the Archon until it was shattered much like the dimensions it had fractured.

In the aftermath of the battle the heroes stood among the remnants of the Archon witnessing the fragments of their world reassembling. Light seeped through the cracks spreading warmth and essence into every corner of Eldoria. The once-fractured dimensions merged seamlessly and the land flourished anew revitalized by the courage and perseverance of these extraordinary individuals.

In the end the seven heroes became legends their names etched in the annals of Eldoria's history. But more importantly their story served as a reminder to all that unity and cooperation could mend even the most broken of worlds. In a realm that had witnessed the power of shattered realities it was the unbreakable spirit of hope and camaraderie that triumphed ushering in an era of profound harmony

_Apocalyptic_Smokey   65d ago

Name: Smokey 

Age: ??

Breed: German shepherd 

Calm sweet bold happy-go-lucky 

_Apocalyptic_?   55d ago


what about with this one?

_Apocalyptic_Riley Mason   53d ago

Riley Mason

The fungus grows while the host is still alive, with hosts undergoing four stages of infection. Stage one begins within two days of infection, wherein the host loses their higher brain function (and with it, their humanity), rendering them hyper-aggressive and incapable of reason or rational thought. Within two weeks, the host enters stage two of the infection, wherein the fungus begins altering their sight as a result of progressing fungal growth over the head and corruption of their visual cortex. After a year of infection, the infection enters stage three; scarring their face and blinding them, resulting in them developing a primitive form of echolocation to compensate. In very rare cases, if the host survives for over a decade, they reach stage four. They develop hardened fungal plates over most of their body. When the fungus kills the host, the host's body grows stalk-like fungal projections which release infectious spores. The infection can also be spread through bites from living hosts. Hosts can only be infected while alive, as the fungus is unable to infect dead bodies due to its parasitic nature, though dead infected can release spores regardless of stage.

To protect themselves from airborne spores, survivors wear gas masks

inspired by an episode of the BBC documentary Planet Earth titled "Jungles", narrated by Sir David Attenborough. In the episode, it features an infected ant being killed by Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, as well as showing a variety of other insects and arachnids that were killed by different species of the fungus.

_Apocalyptic_Riley Mason   53d ago

Riley Mason

Outbreak Day is the date that the Cordyceps brain infection reached critical mass. It occurred on September 26th, 2013, and reached Austin in the early morning hours of September 27th, 2013.[2]

Originating from South America, carrying into humans through infected crops, the infection soon reached the United States and rose in intensity for days that it reached such a state when people began to be admitted to hospitals. The infection spread quickly in cities like Austin, eventually being confirmed to have spread nationwide.

A state of national emergency was declared. The military and the National Guard were mobilized quickly in the early hours of the morning, blocking the highway, setting up a base for residents to flee to for refuge. News networks tried to inform people of this safe area, including Rose Graham, but many went off the air shortly after the start of the outbreak. Outside Austin, several infected patients, having transformed into runners, escaped from the nearby hospital and attacked people trapped on the highway due to the high amount of traffic.

Much of the city erupted into chaos due to the outbreak. Police cars rushed to various areas in the city, setting up roadblocks to contain citizens believed to be infected, only to be overrun by them. Buildings were set ablaze, some even exploding due to gas leaks despite the army's efforts to intervene.


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