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Preafith’s Institute of Arcane

By SHSL-Clockmaker
Backup thread

In the heart of the Kingdom of Valensir, the Reigons largest and most esteemed institution of education and arcane stands. Nobody knows who built it, nobody knows how it got there, one day it just was to be, and royal status’s from around the 8 kingdoms/Isle’s came to Valensir to enroll their kids into Preafiths.

Preafith is a School/College for Royal students who are heir to the throne or some type of overarching authority such as priests, bishops, governors, barons/baronesses, duch/duchesses and even prime ministers/presidents. All of which is spoken of and even those who are not have somehow found themselves in this fine palace one way or another.


With many halls, dorms and classes to attentend, nobody will be bored. The assortment of faces and stories will excite and intrigue the likes of many, all you have to do..


Is join.





The dorm based around mystery, magic and fate. Devianzis is known for their astounding students when it comes to future and temptation. Always finding a way to lure you into an unfortunate situation which will change the fate of your story for years to come, students selected in this dorm are ones of shady backgrounds of families. The main characteristics for this house is mysteriousness, calm and cunning. Their emblem is the infamous “all-seeing eye” or an “👁️‍🗨️” clip. Students must also wear house colours which is Purple and Black, aswell as a purple landyard they must have around them at all times.



Students who are lucky enough to be placed in the lavious category of Aquantelle have been proven to show creativity and cunning skills and personalities, known for being able to slide their way in and out of situations with an ease and having a knack of manipulation. It would be very unwise to trust an student from Aquantelle without knowing them prior to preafith, you may not know what state you’ll find yourself in, wether it be for the better or worse. The main personality traits of a member of Aquantelle is bravery, mental strength and determination. Their emblem is an sea creature, dorm members are allowed to choose between: Fish, Seahorse, Jellyfish or Octopus. This should also be accompanied by an blue landyard and their house colours which is blue and orange.



Quadradres is known for their world reknown knowledge of astronomy and science, being the more smarter lot of the students, always having the upper hand and higher grades in any situation. They are reliable, yet you shouldn’t trust everything they say, as it may go into further subjects such as star signs, religions or even straight up nonsense. Their main personality traits are that of confidence, intelligence and a slight superiority complex laced with narcissism. Their emblem is a star which students have free choice of choosing the shape, they should also be accompanied by their house colours which is yellow/gold and white and of course their landyard.



Chōphology is an house which believes in environmental protection, sustainability and justice. Being known for their work and plant mage graduates, chōphology is by far one of the most peaceful and loving house of them all. The students may be a bit eccentric at first, but after a couple of chats you’ll find yourself to realise they’re very kind. Their main personality traits are compassionate, caring and sympathetic/empathetic, their house emblam is a four leaf clover or an butterfly and they must be accompanied by their landyard and house colours which are green and brown.



Mavreon is the house nobody would really like to be in. This house is specfically for misfits who dont fit the criteria for other houses and students who can’t behave properly. Known for having the most eccentric and clumsy students, this house hasnt got the best reputation, especially from the fact most people in this house dont have any magic decent nor genes. But hey, who knows, maybe with the right people in the dorm they might just have a chance at gaining social acceptance..if they want it. Their emblem is a symbol from a playing deck: spades, hearts, diamonds or clubs, but they must be black. They also must have their landyard and their house colours which are Black and Grey.


Dorm members:


Student council representative:

House warden: Mael balvorn - SHSL_Clockmaer

Vice house warden:

House member 1:

House member 2: 


Student council representative:Baseballfan123 - Brayden Esposito

House warden:

Vice house warden: 

House member 1;

House member 2:


Student council representative: SHSL_Clockmaker - Soleil winch 

House warden: Cat22 - Riddle rosehearts

Vice house warden:

House member 1;

House member 2: 


Student council representative:

House warden:

Vice house warden:

House member 1: Sakura Ichika Hayashi 

House member 2:


Student council representative:

House warden:

Vice house warden:

House member 1:

House member 2:



First period: Homeroom

Second Period: Maths

Break 1 - 20 minutes 

Third period: Potionology/Science of Magic

Fourth Period ½ : Literature and Linguistics 

Break 2 - Lunchtime - 1hour

Fourth Period 2/2: Creative and dramatics arts and performances 

Fifth period: History of the world/Magic and Anthropology 

Break 3 - 20 minutes 

Last period: Geography and D.T

Dorm time/After school clubs

Extra Curricular/In school Clubs/Activities: 

Art scholars:







Math scholars:


-Maths homework club

-Maths tutoring 

-Advanced Maths

English Scholars:


-Debate club

-Poem crafting


P.E scholars:









-Table tennis





-Technology based magic




-Base guitar

-Electric guitar 


-Electric Piano






Mandatory classes:

Geography Or D.T (choose 1)

History of magic Or Anthropology (choose 1)

Creative arts Or Drama (choose 1)

Languages: (no more than 3)


-English (if chara’s first language isnt english)





-Pig latin




-Basic Arabic

(Any others you need to dm me with forum.)


Character Form:

Eye Color.
Hair Color.
Magic or non magic.
Best Subject.
Favorite Food.
Least Favorite Food.

extra details:


1-D: Riddle rosehearts, Soleil Winch, Sakura Ichika Hayashi 




1°A: Mael Balvorn, Brayden Esposito




Character Ages: 17-20


1°: Leave any OOC drama out of this RPG, OOC chat is fine aslong as its not the only thing you do

2°: Dont let this RPG go off topic or into another RP, i will delete replies that’re off topic if you decide to ignore me

3°: Keep it fun and lively, this RPG is for people’s enjoyment not a chore for them to do.

4°: Fill out the forum before you join, any unwanted joiners will be banned from the chat until otherwise

5°: Ships and crushed are allowed, please ask for permission from the other player before doing so and dont make them go into a relationship after 1 hour, pace it slowly and healthily

6°: Any fandom character/Oc is allowed in here just as long as they correspond with this thread’s lore.

7°: Timeskips will not be allowed unnecessarily unless im gone and cant monitor the chat. Each class should approximately take 4-5 hours of RPG time if needed, and if asked for permission you can timeskip. Im still currently thinking of an appropriate way to monitor time zones.

8°: No NSFW or triggering mentions or actions. I can understand things like knives or drugs if its for a characters lore but No NSFW as a whole and please keep it at a moderate level

9°: Don’t make the RPG all about your character. You’re free to have more than 1 character and it will be fun to see people using it to their advantage to create fun and lively conversations. Characters should interact with each other and please dont exploit angst or any other type of interaction/behaviour just for attention

10°: If theres any issues or problems im unaware of please notify me immediately so i can take proper action with it.


-Any face claim is used wether it be picrew, IRL or Ai generated.

-if you want to change anything please let me know prior to you doing so

-We need 2-3 People before this RP can start

-Please have somewhat literate responses, unless necessary One liners/2-3 sentences will not be allowed and will be warned

-Use the texting format to make responses more creative

-have fun! ^^


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SHSL-ClockmakerSoleil winch   105d ago

Soleil winch

In the quarter’s of Preafiths Walls.

News of newcomers had spread like wildfire within school walls, students and school council members scrambling to get the place into tip-top shape for them. From what rumours had said, dorms will be rearranged and remade brand new! So new interior, new dorm uniforms, new banners and most members. It was exiting yet exhausting for everyone, especially student council.

Each dorm had a stall in the main gymnasium/hallroom, banners, balloons, deserts and pretty much everything was there for the special welcoming party. They really wanted to set a good first impression to the new students, and they were going too no mattet what. They had pretty much worked overtime to get everything cleaned and ready.

"Balloons..check, cakes..check, stalls also check! Everything’s going to plan!”

The Student Council representative for Quadrades mumbled to herself in glee, the lady panicking and rushing around, making sure everything was in place. She wouldnt be able to sleep at night knowing something had went wrong and it was her fault, she wasn’t paranoid! Just extra cautious. Checking things 3 or 4 times was like a daily routine for her to the point other students became desensitised to her behaviour. But hey, atleast it didnt hurt anyone.

The girl hurriedly ran behind her staff, playing and fiddling with some star and sun shaped stickers, having a row of emblem badges for the newcomers aswell as their landyards, stickers, pantalets and some Sun cakes she made last night in the school Kitchen. Soleil looked around with a wide yet awkward smile, her ginger braids starting to frizz up slightly from anticipation and stress.

“Oh my! They’re here! They’re here!” the girl chanted to herself, side-glancing the first of many groups of students who have been accepted into preafith, being led inside the building by the headmaster Lilan Preafith.

The passed the school library and which was made with oak wood and golden embroidery, the dorms which were 5 doors that led into the house’s main room students would go into after the last period to chillax and rest, each door having different themes, decorations and obviously names. The dining hall for lunch, it was large and elegant, the ceiling made of a type of glass so people could look outside at the sky and trees, having around 3 floors for seating purely for students to eat. And lastly they passed the kitchen, the lunch ladies and even some kids preparing the lunch for the day since the first day for new students was like a “fun” activities day just to get them adjusted to the new environment and routine. 

And at last, the groups entered the main hall, getting assigned their dorms beforehand as the doors opened, revealing the setup.

_Apocalyptic_Sakura Hayashi   104d ago

Sakura Hayashi

    A blue eyed girl slowly walked around looking at the school as it was shown. To her.her.all of this was all so new so fresh. Her light brown hair fluttered in the wind behind her. Her thoughts would wonder as she walked from everything she had saw so far at this new place. The school alone looked so magnificent all on its own. I wonder if they have a conservatory around here?  Sakura titlied her her as Lilan Preafith would lead her and many of the other new students.

              As they got closer to the dorms the slower she would go the more she looked up to the dorms and then the door.door. Sakura was in awe of how nice the set up was.

         “ How-” she paused as she started to think of the English words to convey what she felt, “ How pleasant it looks. ” was what she stayed her accent thick as she spoke in a foreign language to her.  Though she understood English enough to have a conversation and such she still had a hard time understanding the language as a whole.  Her slinder hand would take the landyard that was given to her as she put it on slowly.

Cat22Riddle Rosehearts   103d ago

Riddle Rosehearts

Upon hearing the news that there would be newcomers at the school starting today, Riddle walked out of the Quadrades dorm and chose to remain completely silent. While he seemed to be somewhat nervous about his attempt at baking star shaped lemon tarts gone wrong, he was also nervous about something else that he dared to not speak about. However, the housewarden of Quardades chose to try and hide the nervousness that he felt as he walked into the main hall with a plate of tarts which were mostly burnt. While he didn’t seem to know how he messed up baking lemon tarts that badly, he still ended up placing the plate of tarts on the stall for Quadrades before walking over to the wall and sitting against it.


However, despite the fact that he was rather nervous, Riddle attempted to keep a calm demeanor for the time being albeit he also still chose to remain silent for a few moments up until he decided to speak.


“Am I late at all? I don’t wish to set a bad example for the newcomers nor do I want to break any rules about tardiness if such a rule exists.” He said. While he seemed to be slightly concerned about the possibility of accidentally breaking a rule, he also didn’t want to set a bad example for the new students.

SHSL-ClockmakerSoleil winch   103d ago

Soleil winch

Soleil Winch:

Soleil looked over at Sakura, a smile creeping onto her lips as she walked over happily, waving her hand with a welcoming gesture, the girl clearly excited to meet one of the many newcomers. 

“Oh my! Why hello there! It appears you in Chōphology? How splendid! My names Soleil winch, the student council representative for Quadrades! May i know your name?”

Her tone was as friendly and sweet as ever, the giving having a good reputation for her upbeat and friendly personality which often overuled her stressed and perfectionistic attitude towards most things. She happily handed Sakura a key-card for her locker, also handing her a map of the school campus and some other accessories to help with navigation.

Mael Balvorn:

“Very ashamed in you…senior” the housewarden of Devianzis, Mael, spoke up. The entity’s body appearing out of thin air, similar to the chesire cat, the girl lazily slumped behind him with her arm rested on his shoulder, it’s heels making them ever so slightly taller. Mael didn’t have a set of pronouns..and nobody really knew what gender they were since they looked androgynous slightly, but they always insisted they were a girl…somewhat.

“Lemon splendid..very out of character for you though…”

Mael laughed again, looking down at the plate in Riddle’s hands with a wide shit-eating grin, her emblem themed badge blinking like it usually done since the dorms whole basis was necromancy /spiritual themed magic. 

“i assume you’re here for the newcomers? Wouldn’t put it past you. Since, yknow.” 

she concluded, walking up so she faced him and taking a tart off the platter with a sleazy and tired grin, throwing it in the air and catching it in her mouth as the entity slowly faded away until there was nothing left of her.

Soleil winch:

The girl looked over at her dormmate and waved happily, Giving a thumbs up at riddle’s attempt at making tarts even though it didn’t go as planned, turning her attention back to sakura nonetheless with an caring smile, holding her sketchbook and notepad in her hands with a few papers sticking out, her sun shaped emblem badge glowing in the sun aswell as the light illuminated her hair and face slightly. Who could blame her? The girls name literally translated to “sun/sunny” in french to english.

_Apocalyptic_Sakura Hayashi   101d ago

Sakura Hayashi

She seemed ever so slightly started by the new voice as she looked up and saw the ginger, “ Oh why yes I am.” Sakura would take each of the things that was handed to her giving them a quick look before looking back up to the other girl, “ Yes I'm Sakura it's a pleasure to meet you.” She nodded her head before slightly bowing as a greeting before hearing the other voices and turning to look at the others in the room. She was putting away the things she was handed.


She was quite amazed when Mael would apper out of nowhere but would find it odd but dare not say a word not yet. And would just observe everything that was happening. At first glance Sakura found them ever so slightly rude but perhaps  they was someone who you had to know before judging? The blue eyed girl saw the tarts and had no clue what they was but didn't know if she should ask or not.

 She would see the art book in Soleil's hands. “ Oh, you draw?” she questioned.  Her voice quite as she spoke it had a calming aura to it. She would see Riddle and give a small wave trying to be kind and polite to everyone 


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