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The Tea Garden

By Wolfy
Backup thread

  Come one come all.


The tea is always warm, the flowers are always in bloom. Enter this delightful wonderland!


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WolfyWolfy   108d ago
Bad Wolf


Making tea was one of Amai favorite things to do. It made her think of her dear friend who went by D. The woman had taken her in when she had lost herself. Amai never seemed to leave D side until one day she vanish. She was gone with out a trace. Amai was heart broken that her close friend had just disappear. Amai wasn't let empty handed. Even though D had left, she had D's tea shop to look over. She hoped that one day that D would return. Amai was't truly alone, over the years she had gained some faithful companions. A fox named Shadow, and friendly cat named Yokubari. The trio had become very close. They keeping the tea shop safe from any harm that tried come to it. 

Harm did seek out this peaceful oasis. Not everyone was happy, in fact there was a bitter man that wanted nothing more than to see that tea shop burn to the ground. The heartless man went by the name Uragiri. He wasn't alone in his rein of destruction. He had companions as well that wish to see this peaceful land burn. Every time he tried it ended in failure which made him ever more bitter

 He wanted to bring that peaceful woman to her knees. He truly wanted to see her suffer but whenever he got close to something would stop him. He could never bring himself to finishing her in the end. Still to this day he hadn't figure out why. Until one day Amai had told him. There was no way it could be true. Amai told him the reason why he could never finish her off was because he loved her.

 He was out raged by the woman words. How could he ever feel love? Impossible, he was stumped by her careless remarks. Uragiri defeated yet again return home where he plotted and plan another attack. Amai, Shadow and Yoku were peaceful making and serving tea to all the people that might step foot into their delightful shop. Amai favorite place to serve tea was he garden. D had shown her many things but taking care of the garden was her favorite task. There were flower as far as the eye could see. 


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