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{Pierre Laveaux}

The cottage-esque Air BnB that was Pierre’s temporary home was quite cozy in his opinion. It was not too large, so there wasn’t space to needlessly waste. And being an individual living alone made it the perfect retreat after a busy day running errands or teaching classes. But Pierre’s favorite thing to do at home was sit out on the porch swing and quietly enjoy a hot mug of tea in the mornings before going about the rest of his morning ritual. It was all fairly simple, but Pierre thrived on routine. It made life so much easier in his opinion. And he was excited for the day that lay ahead too. The first class he had that morning was an introductory yoga class and Pierre had prepped the personally curated goodie bags the night before. He made it a habit to make goodie bags filled with sachets of tea leaves, hand crafted soaps, and bath salt mixes to thank his new students for visiting with him. This time he even put in a discount coupon for either a Swedish or deep tissue message during their next visit if they decided to return for his services! Pierre truly loved his work and only hoped to help those he encountered through his trade.


And after having his tea and light breakfast out on the porch, Pierre showered then dressed comfortably for a day at his studio. Pierre’s work studio was roughly a twenty-minute bike ride from the house, so he soon found himself outside again to pack his box of client gift bags into the bike basket before zipping off. The weather was not too bad at all, although it did feel a tad muggier than usual. Perhaps it would rain later that day? ‘Hopefully not before I get home, though.’ Pierre thought as he casually rode along on the sidewalk, enjoying the breeze that wafted by his face. Other than maybe trying to beat the rain, today really was not set up to be all that difficult. Often, Pierre swore that his work did not actually feel like work. He enjoyed assisting others in feeling good about themselves that much. Not all new students kept up with going to his classes or doing yoga. But if even one person left his class feeling more educated and empowered then Pierre knew he had done his job correctly.


Upon his arrival at the studio Pierre immediately began setting up the yoga space for his new students. He placed the gift bags near the entrance so when his students went to leave, they could grab one on the way out. Pierre then went about filling the oil diffusers, turning on suitable music, and laying out the necessary mats so class could start when his students rolled in. He kept his class sizes small on purposes so those who did attend got an adequate amount of personal attention since everybody’s physical abilities tended to be different. Pierre was conscientious about adapting his teaching methods when needed so nobody felt excluded. His vision for his spa studio was to make an inclusive, therapeutic environment that people could trust without fail.


Soon his students began to trickle on in as he was stretching out himself. And thankfully everyone had made it in on time so there wouldn’t be any real delays. Throughout the class Pierre was happy to see his students laughing and enjoying themselves. Some classes were more “zen” than others. And this one seemed to be more on the light-hearted and chatty side than anything. Pierre could appreciate a good sense of humor, so he just rolled with it as the class wore on. They all conversed with each other, so they were not so much strangers to one another which Pierre felt was conducive to relaxation. So, by the end of the class, they all knew each other a bit better. And to top it all off Pierre had heard a couple of clever jokes about him being Swiss. Usually jokes people shared with him were pretty corny, but he really couldn’t complain.


By the end Pierre was satisfied with the progress of his students, although they did get a little sidetracked in the middle by the wisecracking jokes. He chuckled as he stood back up on his feet. “I appreciate you all coming here today as it has been my pleasure to guide you all through class. If you have any questions, I am more than willing to give answers. Otherwise, I hope to see you all again, but feel free to grab a gift bag at the door before you leave…”

Rosabelle Whitlock

Watching as the sun rose over the mountains brightened the young woman's mood a little bit. She was staying with her brother Dawson for a couple of weeks, trying to get herself back on her feet. The man she had up and left treated her like total shit. He yelled at her, and sometimes he would raise a hand to her. It wasn't like she hadn't know what was happening, she just didn't want to walk away from the man she thought she was in love with. Until a couple of weeks ago she walked in on him cheating on her, with her so called best friend and roommate. That was the last straw and she packed up her shit, and left.


She was glad that Dawson offered to let her stay with him for a couple of weeks. She did have a couple jobs lined up, but those interviews weren't till later on in the week. She had heard about a yoga class in town, and she signed up right then and there. She had loved doing yoga back in New York City, until Carter walked into her life. That was when the male turned her whole world upside down. he was a smooth talker, and she had fallen head over heels for the male in an instant. Something she never thought would happen. Her older sibling did warn the young woman, but she didn't listen. Within a month of dating, they had moved in together. A huge mistake on her part.


Her split personality had come out more and more when she was with Carter. She felt like she was losing herself the more that Cassandra was out, and she didn't like it. So when she finally left, she felt like she had full control over herself once more. Something she didn't think would happen again. She sighed lightly and shook her head a bit. 'Stop thinking about the past Rosabelle... You have a whole new future to look forward too.' she breathed out. She pushed herself up from the window seat and went to the dresser, and opened the drawers. Dawson was still sleeping, and would be for a while yet. He worked overnights, and slept during the day.


She pulled out a pair of her old yoga pants, and an off the shoulder t-shirt. She changed and piled her hair up onto her head. She looked at herself in the mirror, and sighed a bit. She looked slimmer than normal, and the dark circles under her eyes were slowly fading. Along with the bruises on her neck and shoulder. She reached up and ran her fingers lightly over her skin. She had been through so much, but she fought so hard to be where she was now. She shook the thoughts out of her head, grabbed her wallet, phone, and keys Dawson lent her and made her way out.


The morning air felt amazing, and she made a mental note to text Dawson when she was done with her class. She walked over to her beat up truck, unlocked it and climbed in behind the wheel. She started it up, put her things beside her and headed into town. It took less than twenty minutes to get there, and the moment she pulled into the parking lot, she knew she was in the right place. She grabbed her things, turned the truck off, and climbed out. She made her way into the building and heard the people talking. She was one of the last to finally arrive. She found a place for her things and set them down.


As the class started, she took in the sights around her. Everything was set in place, the smells hitting her nose were calming and relaxing. The music put her mind at ease, and she felt like she could let herself get lost in this whole new world she was in. As the class wore on, everyone around her were talking, and cracking jokes. She kept to herself listening to the others. It was a nice feeling being here, even though she didn't talk much. When someone mentioned the male at the front was Swiss her mind raced. This was something different, that's for sure. She made a note to talk to him after class.


When the class finally finished, and he told his students to take a goody bag, she walked over and picked one up. She then went over and grabbed her things and made her way to the male before her. “Excuse me, but can I ask you something?” she asked him. She looked him up and down, and knew that Dawson would like what she was looking at. She made a mental note to get the other's phone number for her brother. Right now though she was going to ask a couple questions for herself, before she became too chicken to do so.

{Pierre Laveaux}

Pierre was already thinking about his next couple of appointments now that his intro to yoga class was over. There were two massage appointments back to back, but the man felt there was plenty of time before the first one. He needed to clean up the yoga space and set up the massage room to make sure everything was prepped accordingly. He really had the operations down to a science so appointments flowed as smoothly as they could. But Pierre also had a very high standard for himself. His clients usually had certain expectations as well and he prided himself on doing right by his clientele. As his students filed out of the studio Pierre went around to gather the mats so they could be sanitized and stored away for upcoming classes. But as he did so, the man saw someone in his periphery standing nearby, inquiring.


He carefully set the mats down, straightening himself out as he looked over at the woman speaking to him. She was one of the quieter ladies in the class that day. Rosabelle. The name had stuck out to him when he went through his online calendar bookings when she had registered for the class. Pierre thought it was a beautiful name, honestly. And like his other students, he was happy that she showed up to class today. “You can ask me anything, Rosabelle. What’s up?” he asked, a grin having bloomed on his face. People sometimes told him that he was like a walking ray of sunshine because he was always so upbeat and smiling. Pierre found that to be a humorous idea. But it turns out that what Rosabelle had wanted to ask about was if he had work available! Admittedly, Pierre had not actively been searching for another employee since he was used to running his studio spa by himself. However, that didn’t mean that he couldn’t use extra assistance.


Pierre had toyed with the thought of getting a receptionist/assistant so he could focus more on his classes and appointments. It would certainly take a load off his shoulders. The only thing that was holding him back was that the man knew it would only be temporary since he was only living in the area on a visa. Soon, Pierre would have to go back to Switzerland. Yes, he loved the town for its quaint atmosphere. But the mountainous Swiss valleys were really his home. “I mean, I could certainly use an extra set of hands to keep things tidy and prepared for clients. I will not be here forever, though. But I can guarantee you at least a good six months if that works for you.” he explained. “I would have to sit down and review the financials so I could work out a fair wage for you, though.” He then walked over to the little receptionist desk he kept his work computer and other supplies at. Swiping a business card from its respective holder, Pierre took a pen and wrote his personal cellphone number on the back. Handing the card over to Rosabelle, he nodded. “The front has all the business contact information should you need it. But give the prospect some thought and reach out to me with my number on the back and we can discuss it further if you’re interested.”


After going back to cleaning up and straightening to yoga area back out, Pierre set himself to making up the massage table and setting up the room for his next client. This next one wanted an extensive two-hour deep tissue massage with a variety of add-ons and Pierre was already mentally preparing himself for the venture. ‘I should probably find myself a massage therapist. I know my legs and back could use it.’ he thought while methodically going about his routine. Thankfully, the second client after the deep tissue massage session was due in for only a Swedish massage with aromatherapy. It was a simple schedule, but it was a matter of getting over the hump of an intensive two-hour session. But this was not Pierre’s first rodeo. It would done and over with before he knew it.


And by the time Pierre was finished and used linens were going through the wash he had to stop to take a breath. His next task was to crunch numbers and figure out what exactly he could offer Rosabelle hourly. Sitting down at his little computer at the reception desk he basked in the fresh aromatherapy scents that lingered from the oil diffusers. Pierre felt that he should have had this possibility already accounted for, but he just scribbled away on some notebook paper until he came to an amount he felt was respectable. He then pulled up Rosabelle’s contact information that she registered and shot her a quick text with the proposed wage amount to get her thoughts on it. After sending the message he hummed for a moment. During class, he noticed just how slight in stature she was, and while he knew it was not really his place to pry Pierre couldn’t help but send a follow-up message.


‘I know the gift bag has samples and such in it, but if you take a liking to any particular product, just let me know. I make all of the snacks, teas, soaps, and oils by hand and there’s always extra.’


The village he grew up in was a tightknit community where residents took care of one another. And if there was anything that his grandparents had taught Pierre, it was to always be on the lookout for people who may need help. He didn’t really know how different it was here locally, but Pierre figured there was no harm in being caring…

Rosabelle Whitlock

When she had gotten the male's attention she finally asked him about a job. She wasn't going to get her hopes up, but if he would agree to hiring her, then she would at least have something to cushion her while she's working her other two jobs as well. When he mentioned about crunching the numbers, and gave her his personal cell phone number, her heart raced. “Thank you so much!” she said with a bright smile. She would think about it, and if it would be too much on the male to work with him full time, she would only work a couple days a week for him. That would be just enough for her.]


She pocketed the card, and then gathered up her things and took her leave. Her heart was beating against her chest, and she was already trying to figure out how to work for the male, when she had her students, and art as well. Then again she didn't do her art very much, so that would open up a bit more for her. She bit the inside of her cheek as she went about putting her things into the truck and then climbed inside. She started it up, rolled the windows down, and headed back towards her home. She had stopped long enough to grab something to eat, and add Pierre's number to her phone, before making it home.


Right when she pulled into the driveway was when her phone went off. She read the first message, and a smile grew on her face. She kind of forgot that he had her cellphone already, and she didn't mind it at all. Then the second one came in talking about the goody bag, and that he makes everything by hand. She shut the truck off, and sat there a while longer reading over the messages. She had the job for sure. The pay would be perfect, and she wondered how he would feel about three times a week, and still taking his yoga class as well. It had helped her clear her head anyway. She then hit the reply button and started typing.


'The pay is perfect! I'm just glad you are taking a chance on me, and letting me help you out the best I can. Would it be too much if I worked three days a week, and still took your class as well on one of my days off? Also I will for sure keep you in mind for the teas, soaps, and oils. My brother might need some calming ones when I tell him about my new job, he will freak because of how young I am, but that's not important. I'm willing to start tomorrow for you if you'd like, or a trial run, whichever you prefer. Thank you again for taking this chance on me.' She read over the message and sent it.


She then grabbed her bag, and climbed out. Dawson's car wasn't in the driveway, so she would have to tell him at dinner. She had the rest of the day to herself pretty much. She called a couple of her clients, and asked if their children wanted to come over and do some lessons. When they agreed, she hurried and took a shower to wash off the smell of the oils, but wished she hadn't. She changed into a pair of leggings and a black dress. She slid her feet into a pair of comfortable shoes, and was ready for her first student. She walked into the kitchen and pulled out some lemonade and poured it into a glass.


The doorbell rang a couple minutes later, and Juliet was her first student for the next couple of hours. She smiled lightly at the child, and let her inside. “How are you doing today sweetheart?” she asked her. “I'm doing good. I am so glad you called momma! I was pretty much begging her to get a hold of you and see if we could get a lesson in today!” the child said slightly bouncing on the balls of her feet. Rosabelle smiled at the child and led her to the piano. The two sat down, and pulled out the workbook she had been using.


For the next two hours the house was filled with the beautiful sound of the piano, and Rosabelle felt so much better. She landed a new job, she was taking up yoga again, and her life couldn't be more perfect. She just had to let Dawson know, and hoped he wouldn't be too upset with her. At least she would have a little bit extra cash to pay her brother for letting her stay with him, until she could afford a place of her own. She let herself get wrapped up in her two students, and time seemed to fly by. She made a mental note to check her phone later to see if Pierre messaged her back. Right now the piano lessons were more important at the time being.

{Pierre Laveaux}

Pierre thought that Rosabelle had an incredibly bright and sincere smile. He knew that it was a small detail, but he was always of the belief that it was the small details that truly mattered. He didn’t mind the idea of taking the time to teach a person whether it be for yoga and meditation to actual work. Plus, Pierre figured that Rosabelle needed the opportunity if she was inquiring like she had. As long as she put in genuine effort then Pierre was more than open to the idea of making a team with her for the studio. But time would tell if he made the right decision. But the man was confident in the choice he made.


After tinkering away on the computer to get through business messages, booking requests, and product ordering Pierre noticed his phone’s notification light blinking away on the desk. Checking the message, he could not help but smile. Rosabelle really seemed kind enough. In general, that was the type of impression he had of a lot of people in the area. Of course, there were certainly a share of bad apples, but Pierre didn’t care all that much to associate with them anyway.


‘Three days a week would be just fine. Were there any specific days you were looking for? And you definitely can attend classes if you are interested. Consider them an employment perk. And I’ll make a gift bag for your brother so he’s distracted from worrying too much. I will see you tomorrow at 10am then since I want to show you how to go about handling things before my appointments tomorrow afternoon.’


After sending that message out Pierre leaned back in his chair, setting his phone back on the desk. He thought about going foraging in the nearby wilderness. But the weather did not look too agreeable outside, and Pierre did not want to have to endure wet forest survival time. Any soggy article of clothing was the devil in his opinion. So, Pierre decided he would settle for sifting through his pantry collection of herbs and other goods he made to curate a special gift bag for Rosabelle’s brother. Perhaps a jar of some sweet berry jam, teas, and even a candle? For a second Pierre tried to consider if it was overkill, but if Rosabelle’s brother didn’t like a particular item then it would be up to him to figure out who to rehome it to if he didn’t just throw it away. The Swiss man figured that if Rosabelle’s brother was anything like her then he would accept the bag regardless of what was in it.




The rest of the previous afternoon had been spent collecting and packing a respectable gift bag full of hand crafted goods. Pierre decided to carefully wrap and pack both a jar of jam and a jar of lavender infused honey. He couldn’t decide on just one and decided to include both for Rosabelle’s brother. Additionally, the bag contained a small gift set of aromatherapy oils specifically for calming and clarity. There was also an assortment of samplers for dried herbs and tea to try. Pierre hoped that it would be enough to assist in lessening the woman’s brother’s alleged heart attack. If not, Pierre would think that it would hurt a little bit less at the very least. But the bag was carefully perched on the studio’s desk counter the next morning next to a cannister of tea leaves he mixed for Rosabelle as an official welcoming gift.


So, at the desk Pierre sat. He was sipping tea from a thermos he brought from home as he waited for Rosabelle to arrive for her first official day. He was quite excited to have an extra person around on some of the days he was in the studio. Between classes it sometimes got a little too quiet, although he’d typically kill time by doing his own yoga, cleaning, or anything else that he needed to do his work. Deeply inhaling, Pierre reveled in the aromatherapy scents the diffusers offered as he listened to the soft tones of the meditation music he had playing lowly throughout the establishment. He could feel it in his bones; today was going to be a good day. Pierre just knew it…

Rosabelle Whitlock

As the lessons went on, Rosabelle was getting more and more antsy to tell Dawson about her new job. She honestly didn't want him having a cow over her taking on a third job. She was trying to make ends meet after all. As soon as both of her lessons were over and done with for the day, she checked her phone and noticed that Pierre replied back. He was perfectly okay with her working three days a week. She made a mental note to talk to him tomorrow morning about it, since she didn't know what time he would be home, or if he was still at the studio he now owned. As she was cleaning up the kitchen a bit, she heard Dawson pull into the driveway, and her heart skipped a beat. She was really nervous to tell him.


When she heard the male's car door open and close, she was getting more and more nervous. She couldn't let something like this bother her though. She looked up when he entered through the side door, and a small smile spread across her face. “Welcome home, I haven't gotten anything for dinner yet, let alone figured out what to make. How was your day?” she asked him cocking her head to the side. The male shrugged a bit and put his things down. “It was alright to say the least. Kind of busy, but not at the same time.” he admitted.


“That's good to hear. So I kinda did a thing today while I was at yoga class.” she said lightly rubbing her arms a bit. Dawson cocked his head to the side and looked her up and down. “What did you do now Belle?” he asked her. She bit her lip lightly trying to figure out the right words to say. She knew that Pierre was working on making her brother a goody bag, but it wouldn't help her now. She shifted her weight from one foot to the next before speaking once more. “I kind of got a third job. I'll be working three days a week for Pierre, my yoga instructor.” there, she finally got the words out. Dawson on the other hand narrowed his eyes at his sister.


“Are you fucking kidding me Belle?! Are you trying to kill yourself? Because that's how I feel you are going to end up. With the piano lessons, along with your art classes, I feel like you are taking on too much.” he said. Rosabelle shook her head lightly and wrapped her arms around herself. “Honestly I need this job Dawson.. I really do. It's not going to be forever, but once my art fully takes off I'll drop the new job, hell I might not even have it for six months anyway. I'm just trying to make ends meet.” she said lightly. The male sighed and rubbed his temples lightly. This wasn't what he was expecting at all.


“Alright fine. You can keep this third and final job, but I want to see where you are working, and make sure I know you will get there safely, and meet your new boss. I wanna make sure he'll take care of you as well if and when you need someone to walk you to your car.” he said. That made Rosabelle grin. She threw her arms around her brother's neck and hugged him tightly. The male wrapped his arms around her waist, wondering if he had made a huge mistake letting her take on this third job as well. When they finally parted, they ordered pizza, and called it a night.



When the alarm went off the next morning both Whitlock siblings were already awake and ready to go. Rosabelle was in some pretty comfortable clothes, while Dawson was in a pair of black jeans, light blue t-shirt and his leather jacket. When it was time they left, the two piled into Dawson's car, and he headed into town. He took the right turns and pretty soon the building was in sight. He parked in a parking stall, and then climbed out. Rosabelle was close behind. She was excited to be starting, and to have her brother meet Pierre.


The two siblings walked inside and Rosabelle was the first to speak up. “I know I'm early, but I'd rather be early than late. Also this is my brother Dawson, the one I was telling you about yesterday. I'm honestly super stoked to be working for you, and I was thinking maybe later today we can talk about the days I can work?” she asked. Dawson shot his sister a look and rolled his eyes a bit. “I'm sorry about her, she's a chatter box when she wants to be. It's a pleasure meeting you.” he said lightly looking around the small place. He felt slightly comfortable here already.


As the male was looking around, he left his sister to talk to her new boss for a couple of minutes, before making his way back over to the two. “I know this is none of my business, but how long are you planning on staying? Because honestly I don't want my sister working herself to death, with her other two jobs on top of this one.” he said lightly. That's when Rosabelle shot him the death look and he knew he spilled the beans a little too soon. He looked towards his sister, shrugged his shoulders as if to say he was sorry, and then rubbed the back of his head. He knew he would hear about this later tonight. He sure made a mess of things just now.


“Just because I have two other jobs, which by the way aren't keeping me that busy, I'm more than willing to stay here. Please don't take this away from me now.” she breathed out. She was kind of nervous, and wanted to kill her brother. Dawson walked over and slung his arm over her shoulders. “Don't let the fact I let her little secret slip, just keep her on, make sure she's safe, and I will be right as rain. I'll get out of your hair soon enough as well.” he said with a warm smile. He did feel like he could leave his sister with this strange man. This place was small, and it was the perfect place for her. He turned his eyes to the male, hoping he didn't blow this chance for Rosabelle.

{Pierre Laveaux}

Pierre felt like he was lightly dozing before he heard the entrance doorbell go off, signaling that somebody was walking in. He straightened up in the chair he was previously leaning back in to see who it was, and he was happy to see Rosabelle walking in. And he assumed that the man that was with her was her brother that she had been talking about. Pierre had to stifle laughter because the stark contrast between them was initially hilarious as hell. Rosabelle looked like she’d give you the stars and then some if you simply asked. Whereas her brother looked like he’d eat your soul if you remotely breathed in his direction the wrong way. “I appreciate you coming in early rather than late. And don’t even sweat it, I could use the help honestly.” Pierre noted before his gaze shifted over to Dawson. “Of course. The pleasure is all mine.” he responded with a kind smile. “Please do take the gift bag. It has a few different items in there for you since Rosabelle told me about you yesterday.” Pierre gently insisted as he stood from the desk.


Dawson’s follow-up question caught Pierre slightly off guard, though. It definitely wasn’t the other man’s business what his visa time was, but the Swiss male really didn’t care much in all honesty. “I’m due to go back to Switzerland in 6 months if I don’t renew my work visa.” But then Pierre processed the fact that Rosabelle had two other jobs to contend with at the same time. This made him stop mid-thought with a furrowed brow. He then looked over at Rosabelle, feeling more concerned than anything. “Why would you want a third job? That’s an awful lot to take on at the same time.” Pierre inquired, second guessing his decision. Yes, he could certainly use all of the help, but he didn’t want to be partly responsible for running an innocent young woman into the ground! It really felt like a bit of a clusterfuck in that moment, though, because Pierre hadn’t known about the two other jobs, but clearly Rosabelle didn’t want Dawson to say anything about it.


Pierre then watched the interaction between the woman and her brother with a bit of chagrin given the circumstances despite the instancing from the two. Although, he found Dawson’s positioning intriguing due to his choice of words. “The only vague threats I accept are from bed partners, sir. So, unless you’re trying to actualize that, I believe we’ll be just fine as long as work gets done as necessary.” Pierre crossed his arms before looking over at Rosabelle. He knew that having this position had significant meaning to her. And Pierre didn’t want to be the asshole to actually take that away from her. “A stipulation is that you must take regular breaks as necessary because I’m not going to have you actually exhaust yourself here.” he said. While his expression was light, Pierre was entirely serious. This wasn’t some slave labor type of job. And he didn’t want Rosabelle to act irrationally about anything. “As for you,” Pierre began as he tucked a business card into the gift bag, “If you have any questions for me, feel free to call or text if I don’t answer. Otherwise, I need to show Rosabelle around and introduce her to her new duties before my appointments today.”


“And speaking of appointments, Rosabelle, today are just massage sessions. So, we have to make sure everything is clean and made up in advance, so we aren’t scattering for supplies and wasting time. We can see the schedule here on the laptop if you’d like to take a look for yourself. I try to keep everything in one spot as much as I can because I dislike clutter with a passion. And because of that it’s imperative that we are organized as much as possible for the sake of our sanity and the clients who visit.” Pierre went on, figuring that the best way to learn was being hands on as early as possible…

Rosabelle Whitlock

Rosabelle wanted nothing more than to strangle her brother. She was pissed that he had spilled the beans about her other two jobs, and now she was starting to worry about losing this one. The only job she knew she could relax at, and deal with adults instead of children and teenagers. When Pierre told her to take her breaks like she needed too, she nodded lightly. “I promise you I will take them when I need too. I won't over do it. My other two are somewhat slow anyway, since I teach piano for only a couple hours a day, and then my art classes on the weekends, so this one if pretty much my so called relaxing and unwinding job.” she said with a small smile. She meant it too. She wasn't about to disappoint either one of the men.


Dawson watched his youngest sister and the way she lit up talking about her other two jobs. She was a really passionate woman, and he loved her for it. He knew the real reason as to why she took on this third job, but he didn't like it. He would talk to her later about it. When the other male told him to take a gift bag, he was slightly surprised. He raised a brow slightly and Rosabelle shot him a look. “Don't be an asshole, I know where your mind is going.” she hissed. The male looked at his sister an smiled sheepishly. She did know him a little too well. “Thank you for the gift bag, and I'll make sure to program your number into my phone.” he said with a small smirk.


The comment about bed partners seemed to capture his interest though. He wasn't about to let that one slip. He kept his mouth shut though as the other two started to walk off. He stopped Rosabelle real quick. “I'll see you at home, and we will talk later.” he said lightly The woman looked towards her brother and nodded lightly. “Yes, we will need to have a long ass talk when I get home.” she said back. The male nodded and then slipped out the door. He knew that the woman was in good hands too. He worried about her though, because of everything else going on.


He walked to the car and unlocked it, and slid in behind the wheel. He put the bag beside him on the seat, and then looked towards the building. He knew that Rosabelle was in good hands, but he wanted nothing more than to stick around. He didn't though. He started the car and pulled out of the parking stall and headed back towards the house. Meanwhile back inside Rosabelle was taking notes on what Pierre was talking about. She knew what he wanted, and she was more than willing to make sure everything ran smoothly. “I'll be more than willing to do whatever you need. Paperwork, making sure everything is cleaned up, I'll do my best.” she said lightly.


“I am sorry about my brother though.. He's stubborn, and I just.. I don't know.. I'm also going to apologize for not telling you about my other jobs as well. I promise you I won't work myself to the bone, that's why I'm only working a couple of days for you. If I don't have classes for piano or art, I'll most likely pick up the extra slack here, because I'm trying to get back onto my feet. I'm staying with Dawson, and I guess I feel like I'm being a burden to him. So please understand why I didn't tell you.” she breathed out. She wasn't meaning to sound like a pity party, because that's not what she was looking for. She just needed some sort of understanding.


She bit the inside of her cheek as she wrapped her arms around herself. “What do you want me to do first?” she asked the male. She couldn't wait to throw herself into her work, and just forget everything that had happened ten minutes ago.

{Pierre Laveaux}

Pierre made a mental note to be extra diligent about Rosabelle taking necessary work breaks as she spoke. He certainly noticed how the woman spoke about her other jobs, but Pierre honestly felt confused about having more than just one just. Maybe he could understand two in America. But three? Pierre did not know why, or how, Rosabelle could do that to herself. But he quickly wrote it off as benign Swiss ignorance. “Relaxing and unwinding is usually for downtime and vacations, but if that’s how you choose to look at this then I support that.” Pierre nodded. He then had to wonder if giving Dawson his contact information was a mistake because of the other’s smirk, but this was a purely professional circumstance. Pierre just did not want Rosabelle to panic and think she would lose the job before even getting a legitimate start.


But when Dawson left, Pierre looked over to Rosabelle, slightly confused. “I know you warned me beforehand… But is he always like that?” the male inquired, shaking his head. Pierre then reoriented himself to focus on work so he could get Rosabelle acclimated to her new job. But then the woman began to apologize for her brother, but Pierre only waved a hand in response. “Honestly, he reminds me of people that I know back home, which is quite funny. Aesthetically, behaviorally, all that. Men, I tell you. There’s definitely a fair share of love-hate there.” he chuckled. The man then went on to listen to her explanation about this being her third job. She didn’t have to explain her motives, but Pierre felt great sympathy for her situation. “I get that. Sometimes we might fall on hard times, but there is strength in admitting that you need assistance and asking for it. Although I would wager that he doesn’t feel like you’re a burden if he felt the need to come in here and scope it out for himself.” Pierre calmly responded.


“Just take a deep breath, though. You will be fine. We’ll have a good day.” Pierre tried to reassure her before motioning for her to follow him to the massage room where he had sheets and towels to fold. He liked to keep everything and neat and clean as possible at all times. And Pierre figured the best place to start was showing her how to ‘spa fold’ the necessary linens before setting up the massage table so she knew what it should look like. “And if it helps if you want a massage like once a week or so we can do that. I feel it can help you out with relaxing outside of yoga sessions.” he offered. Pierre wanted Rosabelle to feel as comfortable as possible during her time at the studio. So, and extra appointment or two didn’t bother him in the slightest.


The day wore on and overall it felt routine. While he was in massage appointments Pierre had tasked Rosabelle to keep an eye on social media messages and the studio phone. He did need to show her more how to use the electronic appointment calendar, but in the meantime he allowed her to jot new appointment information on paper for later. And after the last client was checked out, Pierre tossed the soiled linens into the wash before going back up to the front desk. “Hey, Rosabelle, random question. You wouldn’t happen to know of decent local bars around here, would you? I’ve been wanting to go out a little bit more in my free time if I’m not squirreled away in the forest. I have heard about a few places in passing. But I don’t know what’s good around here.” he asked, leaning against the high counter. “Because I have been having a hell of a time finding good beer around here, let alone quality liquors. But if you don’t know, that’s fine.” Pierre added, musing on the subject within his own little thought bubble. “I don’t want to spend my entire time here being a woodland hermit, you know?...”

Rosabelle Whitlock

The female was surprised at how calm the male was. He was so understanding, and warm towards her that she felt a real connection to the male. Nothing in a romantic way, but as a partner, or a friend. She couldn't wait to spend more time with him. When he asked if her bother was always like that she nodded lightly. “Honestly yes. There are only a few people in our lives that he's not a real jack ass too.” she admitted. Which was true on so many levels. The male was a hard ass, but his heart was in the right place.


She fell into step behind the male as she followed him to the back and watched as he folded the towels, and she took note and tried folding them herself. It took a couple tries, but she finally got the hang of it. When they were done with that, she went back to the front of the building and answered the phone, wrote down appointments, and welcomed the clients that came in. She felt at home here. Relaxed so to speak. She talked with a couple of the clients before they left, and made appointments for next week for them. When they were finally done, she sat down and took a breath.


When the male came back asking about bars she perked up a bit. “Actually I do. Dawson happens to work at Dante's Inferno in town. It's one of my favorite places to go. Not just because he works there, but because they have some of the best booze there. The employees are always so welcoming, and more than willing to take you under their wings. They also have some strippers there if you are into that kind of thing. They are in a different part of the building though. The company, the music, everything about the place is amazing.”


“A couple of us were planning on going tonight to unwind, you are more than welcome to tag along if you'd like just to check it out for yourself. If not, then there's always Hell's Angels too. Dante's though is the better bar in town. But then again I could be a bit biased cause of my bother.” she said with a small laugh. She didn't want to rush the male into doing something he didn't want to do. She then fell silent as she went about getting the desk cleaned up, and his appointment paper was sitting on top of everything.


“Thank you so much for taking me under your wing by the way. It really means a lot. I know my sob story wasn't one you wanted to hear, but I felt like you had a right to know. I know Dawson doesn't think of me as a burden, but there's always that little thought in the back of my mind.” she said lightly. She gathered up her things just then, and slid her bag onto her shoulder turning her eyes to the male, a warm smile passing over her lips just then. Everything she had said she meant. She was happy the male had taken a chance on her.


“I did leave Dante's address on a different piece of paper. I hope you'll come out tonight. It'll be fun. You could meet more people, or just go and bother my brother for the night. I'm sure he would love to see you again.” she said with a small laugh. She had seen the way her brother looked at the other male. Something seemed to spark, and she hoped that the other would take her up on the offer, and hopefully it'll get Dawson off her back at least for a little while.

{Pierre Laveaux}

Pierre listened intently to Rosabelle when she spoke about a local bar that her brother worked at. Dante’s certainly sounded like a place Pierre could vibe with, in his humble opinion. “I am always down for strippers, honestly. After I finished my conscription time in Switzerland, I was roped into stripping by a friend of mine for a while. I ended up using the money I earned from that to start my yoga and massage business after going through school and such.” Pierre honestly had to have a laugh. While he did not regret his time stripping, the Swiss man had a lot of interesting stories and wild memories. From gay clubs to fancy kink establishments, Pierre really felt like he had seen more than his fair share of crazy. “But I’m mainly looking for good beer and friends to crush shots with, really. So, I will definitely do my best to make my way out there later.” Pierre nodded. “Bias aside, I trust your judgement. And I figured you had your reasons.”


He then mused at her comment about Dawson likely wanting to see him again. He was quite a handsome person although his personality was a bit abrasive. But it wasn’t anything that Pierre couldn’t handle. He like to think of himself as a pro at handling asshole-ish behavior. Regardless, the man was quite excited to just be going out and trying a new club. Hell, sharing in good drinks with new friends sounded like a good time to Pierre. How could he refuse?




Later on that evening Pierre was busy trying to figure out what to wear to Dante’s. He was not sure if he wanted to wear his favorite leather pants and perhaps a loose tank top or something else. Figuring that he’d likely be dancing as most do in clubs, Pierre ended up opting for a pair of shorts with a tank top and a coordinating long, sheer kimono type of pullover. It was a dark enough aesthetic to suit his person, but practical enough to go out to a club. Pierre’s favorite style was that of an androgynous type. He wanted to be pretty, but not overtly feminine. A nice balance. And when it came time to leave in his ordered Lyft, Pierre had his phone, ID, money in his pockets. The ride to the club was quite relaxed, Pierre sharing pleasant conversation with the kind lady who picked him up.


Upon arrival, Pierre was in an excellent mood, giving many thanks to his driver before lining up outside of the club. He had not seen Rosabelle outside, so he thought that she was either already there or on her way with the friends she talked about earlier. Either way, Pierre was fine as he casually waited to have his ID examined by the bouncers at the door before being permitted inside. And once inside, Pierre took a minute to look around and just take in the atmosphere. For a minute he really was tempted to go seek out the stripper section of the club, but he felt compelled to check out the bar first before considering the strippers. And holy shit, Pierre had to stop for a second just to take in the curated wall of liquor shelves! It was quite a nice set up, he had to admit. But Pierre went and hopped up on a seat, casually looking to see if Dawson was actually there.


Lo and behold, he was! Pierre propped on elbow up on the bar, head in his palm. “Funny seeing you here, Dawson! Figured I would repay the favor of visiting my workplace after your sister told me about this spot. Do you have any special drink recommendations you could give me?” Pierre inquired with a warm smile. He wasn’t going to give Dawson a hard time, but he did want to know what Dawson could offer that wasn’t beer…

Rosabelle Whitlock

Rosabelle wasn't expecting that answer and she looked towards him with pure surprise in her eyes. “You were a stripper? Really? I never took you for doing something like that. I mean that's awesome, but wow.. I don't know what to really say to that.” she said lightly. She was shocked to say the least. She wasn't judging him at all. Just knowing that he used to be in that line of work gave her more respect for the male. Even though they barely knew one another, it was still strange to think. She shook her head lightly and looked down.


She didn't know how to dig herself out of the hole she just dug herself. “I'm sorry if I sounded like I was judging you, I'm really not. I have so much respect for people in that line of work, because of all the crap they also have to deal with.” she breathed out. Her cheeks were turning a slight shade of pink the longer she spoke. She finally shut her mouth, and nodded lightly when he said he might meet up with her and her friends later. That was her cue to pretty much duck out and leave. She hurried and grabbed her things, and rushed out the door.


Her heart was racing, and her cheeks were turning more and more red. She fucked up, and she knew it. She sighed inwardly wishing she hadn't spoke at all. This whole mess was her fault after all. At least for now she had talked him into going to the bar. She hurried to her best friends house, and hurried inside. The moment she did she leaned against the door, and looked up to see her best friend Danielle standing there. “You look horrible. What happened?” she asked crossing her arms over her chest.


The female took a breath and the two walked into the bedroom, Belle talking the whole way about what just happened with her new boss.



The two girls showered and then worked on each other's hair for the night out. When they were finally ready Rosabelle slipped into a short black dress and Danielle was in a blood red one. People always assumed they were sisters because of how close they were, and the fact they almost always wore the same clothes, or at least the same way. Rosabelle's hair was piled on top of her head, and a couple strands framed her face. In about five minutes the girls were walking to the car, and slid inside.


“Do you really think your brother is gonna go for Pierre? From what you've said about him, he seems like a really good guy.” she said as she started up the car and pulled out of the driveway. The other female shrugged a bit. “Honestly I don't know. I hope so, but at the same time I don't want either one of them getting hurt. Pierre is a sweet guy, and Dawson.. Well he's Dawson, and you know how rude and harsh he could be.” she said with a sigh. Danielle nodded lightly, as she took a quick look at the other. “I know, but don't worry so much.” she said with a smile.


The two talked for a little while longer before Danielle pulled into Dante's parking lot. She parked the car and the two climbed out. Rosabelle's eyes scanned the faces for Pierre and wondered if he would even show up. She got in line, and pulled out her ID for the bouncer to check. When it was their turn, they showed their IDs and were allowed inside. The sound of the music made her heart race. She scanned the faces, and then spotted him at the bar. She touched Danielle on the arm. “I'll meet you at our booth.” she called out. Danielle nodded lightly and walked off.


Belle slowly made her way towards the bar, and she stopped when she saw that Dawson was standing there talking to Pierre. She smiled lightly as she turned and went into the bar. Her job was done, at least for a little while. Tomorrow would be a different story. Tonight she was going to unwind, and hopefully go home with another man, or at least a really good buzz. Either one would make for a good night.




The moment that Dawson had left, he knew that his sister was in good hands. He couldn't help but wonder what Pierre was even teaching her. He looked down at the goody bag in his hand and sighed a bit. He was at a red light away from the building, and was wondering what was even inside. He made a mental note to look at it later on that night. Hell maybe he would take it with him to Dante's and check it out there. He shook his head lightly and laughed a bit at himself. Had he really let those males eyes get to him already?


That wasn't like him at all. He was curious though about Pierre and his line of work. Maybe he could go for a nice back massage after all. He was tense, and he could feel the knots in his back once in a while. He looked at the time and knew he had a good hour or two before having to be at work. When the light turned green, he went straight through and headed towards Michelle's neighborhood. He had to turn to one of his friends for help. She was the only one he could think of that wouldn't judge him too harshly.


When he arrived a little bit later, he pulled into the driveway, shut the truck off and climbed out. He left the goody bag in the truck and went to knock on the door. Michelle came to the door in only a towel and she was surprised to see him. “Dawson, what are you doing here? Come in.” she said lightly stepping aside. The male smiled sheepishly towards her. “Sorry I would have called first, but I was just heading towards Dante's and decided to stop by before work.” he said as he rubbed the back of his head. The woman nodded lightly.


“Give me a moment to change, because I myself just got home from work, and just got outta the shower. Grady should be here soon as well. He's taking me to Dante's anyway.” she said with a grin. The male smiled back, as he took a seat on the couch in the living room. He had done good setting Grady up with her. The two had been joined at the hip since then, and he was glad he had made that happen. He sat there and waited for her to finish getting ready. It was strange hearing the love in her voice, because of all the pain she had dealt with in the past. It was good seeing her happy.


When she came back she was in a pair of black jeans, and a blood red, off the shoulder shirt, and her hair piled on top of her head. Her hands were filled with her make up, and she set them on the table and sat on the floor. “Start talking while I do my make up.” she ordered. The male didn't need to be told twice. There was so much running around in his head. “Rosabelle started a new job today, and I met her boss. His name is Pierre, he's not from here, and well I don't know what to think about him honestly.”


“He's already took Belle under his wing, and I couldn't be happier, but when I met him and heard his voice, and felt his eyes on me, fuck Michelle.. I wanted to just take that man to bed and do unspeakable things to him. I've never felt that kind of connection before, and I don't know what to do about it.” he admitted. He put his head in his hands and let out a small sigh. The black haired woman looked towards him, and clicked her tongue before speaking. “You got hit by Cupid's arrow already, nice.” she said with a laugh, resulting in a glare from Dawson.


“Honestly Dawson, test the waters. Get to know him. Maybe take him out on a date or something. He could surprise you. Is he the one that has that yoga, massage place in town?” she asked. The male nodded lightly watching as she applied her make up. “Yes he is. He's not bad to look at either.” he said licking his lips. Michelle grinned and the two talked more about it. By the time that Grady showed up, Dawson had made up his mind. He would talk to Pierre, and ask him out for coffee or something. He stood the leave, when the two stopped him.


“Just be careful, because you don't know anything about him either. Just take him to a public place, and everything will be okay.” Michelle said. Dawson nodded and hugged her tightly. “I will for sure. I'll see you guys at the club.” he said and walked out of the house. He slid in behind the wheel, started it up and barely made it into town twenty minutes later. He had enough time to clock in, change his shirt, and put the apron around his waist before getting behind the bar, and taking orders. He sighed lightly watching everyone enter.


When he turned around a moment later Pierre was sitting right in front of him. The male looked amazing, and he couldn't help but check the other out. He licked his lips lightly when Pierre asked about drinks, and what ones were good. The male shrugged a bit as he leaned on the counter. “Honestly, my boss taught me this really amazing drink. I won't tell you what's in it, because you won't try it. But if you like it, then I might tell you what's in it.” he said with a small smile. He then turned his back on the male and went to work.


As he was making the drink, he made sure to add all of the right liquors and what not to add. When he was done the smell was amazing, and it smelled slightly like oranges. He put a straw into the drink, and then placed it in front of Pierre. “If you like that, then I think you'd enjoy tasting me later on.” he said with a small wink. He was pretty bold just now, and he didn't care. It shocked him a little bit, but it was better to be bold than not. He then turned and helped the other customers letting Pierre try the drink in front of him.

{Pierre Laveaux}

Pierre’s gaze was fixated upon Dawson as the other man spoke about a drink that his boss recently taught him. “The was you say that makes it sound like you either put antifreeze or your whole cock in it. A little suspicious to me, Dawson. I’m on to you.” the Swiss man teased lightly. "I wouldn’t be mad about the antifreeze. But if I see something questionable, we are going to have to fight it out.” Pierre added as he casually watched Dawson go about his business making this mystery drink that he was so secretive about. Dawson had really piqued his interest overall, so Pierre did find himself looking forward to seeing what Dawson would make.


But he also had to take a moment to make sure that Dawson actually said what he did when he handed over the drink. Pierre then took a careful whiff and the drink in question had a pleasant citrusy aroma to it. Taking a sip with the straw Pierre looked at his bartender dead in the eyes. “If you taste like triple sec, I’d strongly recommend that you go see a doctor about that.” Pierre couldn’t help but laugh. “But if we’re both not absolutely wrecked later, then I’d be more than happy to have you for dinner.” he winked before going back to enjoying the cocktail. Dawson, despite having an air of standoffish-ness about him earlier that day, he was still handsome regardless. Pierre had no shame, hence his response. If Dawson wanted to go home together later, fantastic! If not? Then he was not mad either way. Pierre’s main objective was to just have a good time that night. And if that included going to bed with an absolute snack of a man, then that was just extra brownie points in Pierre’s book.


Sliding money for the drink and a generous tip Dawson’s way Pierre hopped off of his bar stool. He felt like letting that drink settle before deciding to have another. Plus, Pierre wanted to go see what the strippers of the establishment were up to. “You and I are not done by any means, Dawson. I’ll be back for you.” Pierre said with a small wave of the hand. “Don’t miss me too much.” And with that he had been roped into a few dance party groups as Pierre scouted out the area of the building that the strippers worked in. Pierre wanted to throw money at them and that is exactly what he did for a decent amount of time. But there had been a man lurking about, giving Pierre a weird vibe as he noticed the other staring him down for whatever reason. This confused the Swiss man a lot, and he just dismissed it as the stranger acting weird. ‘He’s probably far too drunk.’ Pierre figured that intoxication levels of the stranger were what the real problem was.


Pierre was on the verge of even forgetting about the staring stranger after some time had passed, but that went out the window when the stranger approached Pierre with invasive questioning because of how he was dressed. Having smelled the alcohol coming off of the unknown man, Pierre sidestepped around the stranger to avoid giving him any attention. This only triggered the taller man to share some uncalled-for gay slurs, although they were not anything special to Pierre. He felt like there was nothing he had not heard before. So, whatever the stranger was droning on about wasn’t a surprise to hear. But they were not appreciated, regardless. Pierre figured that he’d just stop back at the bar again to spend more time chatting with Dawson, nothing ridiculous. But the stranger hung back, following Pierre and going back to his silent stare of death. Look over his shoulder again at the guy, Pierre shook his head before directing his attention back towards Dawson who was just going about his business.


“If I could get the tallest stein of whatever you have on draft, I’d appreciate it very much.” Pierre sighed. “Do you think I should go tell the guys at the door about this dude?” he added, gesturing behind him towards the dude who was pacing about. “He was getting really belligerent in the stripper hall. I don’t think I’ve been called a faggot more since my conscription time. And that was a few years ago.” Pierre rolled his eyes. “And now he’s just being weird and looking like he wants to fight although he’s definitely drunk as hell. He’d probably end up punching himself in the face!” he had a chuckle despite how annoying the situation was. “That would really be the trash taking itself out, huh?...”

Dawson Whitlock

Dawson smirked a bit, when the male tried the drink. Honestly it was quite interesting the way he was flirting back. Hell if that's what he could call it. He nodded his head lightly as he watched the male go. There was something that made him want to call out, and have him come back, instead of going to the stripper area. He wanted to listen to the male speak longer. He shook his head as he grabbed a towel and started wiping down the counter. A couple of the other customers came up to him, ordered their normal drinks, and paid him. That's all he did for awhile.


There was a woman that came up to him though and leaned against the counter, showing off her cleavage. The male sighed inwardly as he looked towards her eyes. “What can I get for you?” he asked her. The woman cocked her head and reached her hand out and touched his. “Honestly, I wouldn't mind taking you to one of the back rooms, and show you what I can do.” she cooed. That made the male's stomach turn. He slid his hand out from her grasp and shook his head lightly. How was he going to escape this without seeming too rude?


“Thank you for the offer, but I'm not into women sweetheart. If I was, I wouldn't do it in a place like this. I would take you somewhere else for the night.” he admitted. The woman pouted her full lips at him. “Please? Won't you change your mind? You've got to have some sort of female lean? I'm needing a good distraction and you seem to be the perfect fit.” she said, as she reached for the male's hand once more. He pulled both hands away from her, and shoved them into his pockets shaking his head.


“Like I said, I'm not into women at all. You can beg all you want, but it's not gonna change your mind. So if you aren't going to order a drink, then leave.” he hissed. He wasn't in the mood to play these childish games anymore. The woman huffed and pushed herself up from the counter. “I bet you can't please anyone anyway. Your dick must be really small, that you won't even take up an offer from me.” she snapped back. She then tossed her hair over her shoulder and stalked off. Dawson rolled his eyes, as he went back to work. His mind did wander to Pierre again though.


The night seemed to be dragging on, and that's when he spotted the Swiss man once more. He cocked his head to the side, and looked around the other seeing the man. “I'll get it handled.” he said lightly. He called Tony over to the bar, and explained a little about what was going on. He then slipped from behind the counter and walked over to the other male. “Excuse me, is there a problem here?” he asked. He could smell the booze on him from five feet away. The other male looked at him and flipped him off. “Fuck off.” he muttered.


“I'm sorry but I can't do that. I'm going to have to ask you to leave. You can't be following the other customers around, and you've had plenty to drink as well. I don't like when people come into my place of work, and cause shit.”


“If anyone needs to leave, it's that fag at the counter. He's over there watching the men strippers, and paying them. He's not allowed here.”


“Anyone is allowed here. You on the other hand are not. Let's go.” he said as he took the other's arm gently. The other male looked at him full on, and growled. “You are a fag as well. Don't bloody touch me.” he snapped. Dawson crossed his arms over his chest, and made sure the male left the bar all together. He stopped long enough to talk to one of the bouncers as well. “Make sure he doesn't come back. If he does then let me know, and I'll get the cops involved.” he said. The bouncer nodded that he understood, and Dawson made his way back inside.


He went back to the counter and Pierre. “He shouldn't be bothering you again. I could tell he's had too much to drink, and he's pretty much one of those homophobes we hear about. But if you don't feel comfortable leaving alone, I can leave early and make sure you don't get jumped, cause I have a feeling that's what he's gonna try doing if you leave here.” he said lightly. He helped a couple more customers, as he kept an eye on the handsome Swiss male as well. He wouldn't mind going home with him, but he wouldn't push the issue either.

{Pierre Laveaux}

A look of thankful relief came over Pierre’s face when Dawson went along and doubled with the door security to throw the belligerent drunk out. While he was not particularly worried, Pierre was aggravated that his time out had to include the bullshit that was that homophobic prick. But it was over now, thankfully. Pierre only shook his head when the asshole guy yelled a bunch of obscenities, slurs, and threats against his life at him while being escorted out. It wasn’t the first time something like this had happened, and the Swiss man suspected that it wasn’t going to be the last either. C’est la vie, as they say. It wasn’t Pierre’s problem that there were folks out there who were so incensed about what other people did in their own private time. But the male did feel a sense of comfort when a few other people congregating at the bar checked in on him to see if he was alright. Pierre felt like he took the incident in stride. It could have turned out a lot worse, after all. But having other strangers care was a nice contrast against the drunken words of the prick that the security detail was handling.


Upon Dawson’s return, Pierre gazed upon the man as he spoke. But then he felt his eyes drift down to look at the counter. Rarely had Pierre had an issue with a person picking a physical fight with him just because he was gay. And to be honest, Pierre hated fighting. It never felt right to him to hit another person under most circumstances. He was much more of the deescalate and resolve conflict type of guy. Sure, his conscription time taught him wilderness survival and how to fight in a multitude of ways, Pierre had not enjoyed the fighting part. But that was the drawback for him with being Swiss; being mandated by law to serve his time. Thankfully, that had long since ended, but he still kept up with his mandated trainings every year. “That would be supremely shitty if that did happen, I guess.” the Swiss man sighed before running a hand through his curls.  It would be a lie to say that Pierre didn’t feel disheartened by the threat of such severe violence. But at least Dawson was being blessedly kind about the situation.


“Is that type of bullshit really that common here, though? That’s what’s boggling my mind. It is the gun threats for me.” That was one of the things about America Pierre didn’t understand; the swiftness in which gun violence was used for any problem. “Perhaps it is just foreigner ignorance. I don’t know.” The person sitting next to Pierre, though, slid a tequila shot he procured from Dawson over. “Some people are just naturally shitty, drunk and sober regardless of where you are and where you come from.” the stranger said solemnly before going back to scrolling through his phone. “That is most certainly true. Thanks.” Pierre responded, downing the shot. He wasn’t much of a straight tequila type of guy, but he was not about to complain.


“I would appreciate the help with getting home safely, though. I can throw some money and order food for the trouble.” Pierre offered. “And I hoard whisky and wine like nobody’s business if that’s of interest to you.” He really didn’t want to stay and drink more at Dante’s just for the sake of staying sober enough to get home safely. After that, though, he was aiming to get fucked up in at least one way. Alcohol or dick, he didn’t care. Or both. Pierre just didn’t want to cook that night.




Pierre did greatly appreciate Dawson’s offer to help him get home unscathed, though. Having given the other man his address, Pierre went to work on ordering pizza delivery from a local shop he thought was nice. But as soon as they got inside the house Pierre threw his long pull over onto a lounge chair before grabbing some whisky out of the fridge. “The pizza should be here in roughly twenty minutes. TV is over there. Bathroom is down the hall. Whisky is right here.” Pierre motioned with his hand towards the appropriate spots before taking a swig from the bottle of Crown in his hand. “Unless you want triple sec, since apparently that’s what your dick tastes like. But you’ll have to go to the store for that one.” he laughed before dropping himself onto the couch. The bar had been a ridiculous time, but now Pierre was happy to get to kick back and relax with food on the way. It was a better outcome to the otherwise trash evening that had started to unfold earlier…

Dawson Whitlock

The whole thing that had unfolded that night seemed to dampen the moods of everyone. Dawson's eyes kept going to to the door to make sure the asshole wouldn't come back. He knew that his sister was within the bar somewhere, but he knew she was safe and sound with everyone she would be meeting up with. His eyes turned to the other people at the bar, all checking to make sure Pierre was alright. There were still some good people in the world, that's for damn sure. His customers were some of them.


He then turned and looked at Pierre. It was strange to see the male in a different light, that's for sure. He didn't mind it though. It was a nice break from everything else that's for sure. When the male spoke about the guns, Dawson shook his head lightly. “Honestly, people just use them for scare tactics a lot. Not many of them go through with the threats. Unless they are looking for blood shed. You picked an amazing place to come and stay for a while.” he said with a small smirk. He was trying to lighten the mood, but felt like he made it worse.


He excused himself and went to find Toby, and he pulled him aside. “Listen, I know I have a longer shift, and you are just getting here, but can you cover for me? I have a Swiss man I need to take home.” he said lightly. Toby raised a brow slightly and smirked a bit. “Yeah of course, I didn't know you were looking for a good lay, but hopefully your night turns out that way.” he said with a wink. Dawson rolled his eyes, and punched the asshole in the shoulder. He took off the apron, and hung it up, before clocking out. He then pulled his phone out as well.


He scrolled to his sister's number and sent her a quick message. ‘I took Pierre home. I won’t be home the rest of the night. Please be careful, I already had to throw an asshole out, and I don't know how many more there are tonight. I don't wanna get news about you in the hospital or whatever. I love you Rose.' He hit send, and grabbed his things from the back. He then went back out to the front, and found Pierre. He helped the male up, and then they were walking out the front doors. The cool air felt nice on his face.


“Look who finally decided to come outside and leave.” came the sound of the drunk bastard. Dawson rolled his eyes lightly, as he handed Pierre his bag. “Listen, we don't wanna cause anything but please kindly back off, and everything will be okay.” he said. The drunk man just shook his head and laughed. He then punched Dawson right in the side of the face. It took Dawson a second to realize what had happened. He sighed as he grabbed the male around the throat and threw him up against the brick wall. He slammed the man's head against the wall hard.


“I told you not to fucking do anything, and now you've started something you shouldn't have.” he hissed. The male struggled to get out of Dawson's grip. He held onto the male tightly, and then started railing into the man. Punch, after punch. Pretty soon the other was bloody, and near passing out. He then dropped the male to the ground, his knuckles bleeding, his head hurting from where the asshole had hit him, but he pushed that all aside, as he made his way back to Pierre, took his bag and led him to his car.




When Dawson pulled into the driveway of Pierre's place, he sat there a moment longer his hand still stinging, and he sighed. He then climbed out and followed the male inside. “I know that's not how you wanted your night to turn out, but at least now you won't have to deal with assholes again.” he said with a small smile. He nodded his head lightly at the mention of pizza being ordered, and would be there shortly. He went towards the bathroom and washed his hands, and checked out the damage on his face.


It was already turning into a nice bruise, but at least Pierre was safe, and nothing had happened to him. He washed off the blood on his knuckles, and then turned the water off. He then dried his hands, and shut the light off. He shook his head at the thought of whisky. “Not much of a drinker honestly. I can be, but I have to be in the mood for something that strong.” he admitted. It wasn't like him to tell people that. He moved over to where Pierre was and smirked lightly.


“You keep mentioning what I taste like, why don't we put that to the test then?” he asked him. He was slightly kidding, but he wouldn't mind getting laid. The male beside him was easy on the eyes, and he was already worming his way into his heart. He wasn't going to hold his breath though, and he wasn't about to force anything. He just hoped the sexual tension he felt, the other felt it too. Maybe their night could be turned around, and something good would finally happen for the both of them. A person could dream, right?

{Pierre Laveaux}

Pierre couldn’t help but look at Dawson with a softer expression, a mix of concern and appreciation. “I mean, I know he was a certified asshole. But I’m pretty sure you likely rearranged his whole jaw.” the male sighed, swirling the Crown around in its bottle. If it hadn’t been for the fact that the drunken prick had thrown hands first, Pierre would have protested the actual fighting. But the stranger had dug himself his own grave, and Dawson had forced him to lie in it. “I appreciate it, though. I really don’t like getting into fights if I were to be honest. I’m much more inclined to go be a hermit in some snowy mountains than throw hands.” Pierre stifled a laugh. He honestly loved the wilderness. “Although regular mountainous forests are sufficient.” he noted casually before taking another sip of the whiskey and capping it to sit on the coffee table in front of the couch.


The Swiss man watched Dawson as he made his way to the bathroom, presumably to check on his newly acquired injuries. Shaking his head Pierre got up to get Dawson some ibuprofen and water so he wouldn’t be obscenely sore the entire night. That punch Dawson had taken looked like it fucking hurt and Pierre wanted to help how he could despite the circumstances. When the other returned from the restroom Pierre looked at the whiskey bottle and then back. “Making me look like an alcoholic, Dawson… And here I thought you actually liked me.” he teased, rolling his eyes as the American approached him. But Pierre arched a brow at Dawson’s response and followed up with a quick, “If I recall correctly, it was you who started his whole conversation about hyping up your dick game. Now you have given me expectations. You better not disappoint me, Dawson.” Pierre felt bold. But Pierre also felt a knot in his stomach that made him tremble a bit from excitement. If there was anything he thrived on it was sexual tension. And Pierre thoroughly enjoyed playing hard on that tension.


Standing up, Pierre took a moment to look up at Dawson as if he was analyzing the other for something. He could certainly see the sheer want in Dawson’s eyes and it was bordering on comical. “Thirsty?” Pierre inquired, reaching for the ibuprofen and water to place into his new companion’s hands. “I won’t consider blowing you until you have your medicine. And definitely no fucking until after food has been delivered and consumed.” Standards had to be set. Right? Scooping the whisky bottle, Pierre moved to put it back into the fridge since he didn’t want to leave it out, forget, and create clutter. But he was swift in returning to Dawson, though, pushing the whole man onto the couch. Pierre was more than happy to straddle sit on the man’s lap, though, with the most impish of grins on his face. “But, soft affections are not totally out of the question. What do you think?” the Swiss man clarified as he got comfortable on Dawson’s lap.


And as much as Pierre wanted to just dive in and start making out with Dawson, the male knew that there was no fun in instant gratification like that. Not wanting to aggravate the man’s aggravated hand, Pierre took Dawson’s other hand in his to lace their fingers with each other. Placing soft kisses on the back of Dawson’s hand Pierre hummed to himself in contemplation. Continuing to pepper kisses on the male’s hand and up his arm, Pierre was extra gentle when he got to Dawson’s neck. But after that was when Pierre pulled back to take a moment to observe Dawson up close since they were mere inches apart. “Je pense que tu es assez charmant, mon chéri.” Pierre didn’t care if Dawson knew French or not. The male felt that out of all of the languages spoken in Switzerland that French was the sexiest one. It was Pierre’s personal favorite, so that was the one that he chose to run with. Moving to carefully cradle the side of Dawson’s face Pierre smirked a bit. If it had not been readily apparent, the Swiss male was a tactile human. He loved to touch and being touched in return, even if it were not in an explicitly sexual context. Continuing to flirt with Dawson via French sweet nothings, Pierre brushed a thumb lightly over the man’s lips.


“Mais, viens ici… Tu as quelque chose sur la bouche.” Pierre mentioned, but took the opportunity to steal a kiss from Dawson. The tenderness definitely made Pierre feel weak, but he felt a kind of lustful want. Pizza and dinner be damned. To Pierre, Dawson felt more like a whole meal than just a typical snack. And Pierre wasn’t mad about it! Feeling a type of anxious breathlessness, the male broke the kiss. “For someone who likes to present themselves as so tough, you are… dare I say amorous? I like that a lot.” Pierre’s hands trailed down Dawson’s chest and stomach before snaking up his shirt. Sneakily stealing brief kisses Pierre had a mischievous smile on his face. “How about we do this. Have dinner. Then finally convene in bed for the evening. What do you think? Or are you the impatient type?...”

Dawson Whitlock

The night was unfolding in a way, the male never thought it would. He never thought he would be in the same room with his sister's boss. It was strange, but at the same time it was thrilling him like no other. He took the glass and the medication Pierre offered him. He popped the pills into his mouth, washed them down with the water and sighed a bit. He hated taking pills, but the thought of getting Pierre into bed made him shove that aside, and take them. Pretty soon he was being pushed down onto the couch, and he raised a brow slightly watching the male with silent, curious eyes.


He sat there as Pierre made himself comfortable in his lap, and feeling the male there drove him insane. He wanted nothing more than to just pin the male down onto the couch, and have his way. He wouldn't do that though. He didn't want to pressure the other into doing something he didn't want, but his comment about fucking after they ate told him otherwise. He could wait a while longer. Did he want to? Hell no, but he would. It would be amazing when it finally happened as well.


As Pierre spoke and touched him, his heart was racing. Was this really happening right now? He knew that Pierre wouldn't be in the States for much longer, but he wanted to take advantage of everything. As the other spoke in a different language, he raised an brow a bit. “I don't know what the fuck you said, but it sounded sexy as fuck.” he breathed out. He then felt Pierre's lips on his, and he nearly lost all control right then and there. The kiss was gentle, but also filled with lust at the same time.


As soon as he felt the other's hands on his skin, he leaned towards him a bit more, enjoying the touch. “Ya know, it would be easier without the shirt, easy access for you.” he said with a small smirk. He then reached up, took the male's face into his hands, and kissed him again. This time the kiss was a bit deeper, more wanting this time. As he was about to lean in again, the other asked about convening into the bed after their food got there. He nodded lightly, and as if on cue there was a knock on the door.


“Speak of the devil.” he breathed. He gently picked the other up and set him on the couch, before he stood and made his way to the door. He pulled his wallet out of his pocket at the same time. He opened the door, and saw the pizza guy standing there. The male tipped him pretty well, took the pizza boxes and shut the door behind him. He made sure to lock it as well. He then carried the boxes into the living room, a smirk playing on his lips. If Pierre could tease him the way he had been, he could do the same.


“I like the idea of eating first, because in all honesty I'm starving. Then the bed sounds amazing, because I want you out of those bloody clothes.” he nearly growled. He spotted the kitchen, and made his way there. He placed the boxes on the counter, and hunted down some plates. He frowned a bit when he realized the other didn't have paper plates. He would wash them later on, and whatever other dishes they use. He then put a couple slices onto both plates, and carried them back into the living room. He handed one plate over to the male.


He sat down and picked up a slice before biting into it. The food was amazing, the company was even better. If he had his way, they wouldn't be eating right now, but in that bed, clothes off, doing things to the male he couldn't possibly think of. He cocked his head to the side and smirked once more. "I think the bed will be a good place for sure after this." he admitted. Even though he had a moment ago, he agreed to it again. He let the silence wash over them as they ate.

{Pierre Laveaux}

In between the kisses Pierre shared with Dawson, the male lingered on the fact that the other had no clue what he had been saying. But Pierre had to use every ounce of self-control to not outright French kiss Dawson. The more time he spent feeling the American up, the more Pierre wanted to just strip the American down himself. While he did not know how much longer he could purposely deprive himself of a good lay, Pierre was plotting to thoroughly fuck Dawson up with as much French as possible. Just for an extra lustfully torturous factor. If they were going to spend the night together like this, Pierre wanted to make sure it lasted as long as it could. “I could tell you how to make a pizza and you would get a hard on, wouldn’t you?” Pierre smirked. Jesus christ, this was going to be far too much power for a singular human being to have. And was the Swiss going to abuse it? Absolutely. Pierre was not stupid. This was a glorious opportunity and Pierre was not going to let it slip through his fingers!


But when Dawson began talking about his shirt Pierre sat back a little and stared. “Alors enlevez-le.” he asserted while pulling on Dawson’s shirt. But the male found himself unable to say more when the other pulled him in for another kiss. This one felt different, though. This connection sent shivers down Pierre’s spine, weakening his legs. It was that moment that Pierre was grateful that he was already sitting in Dawson’s lap, because he was confident that he would have stumbled otherwise. But as intoxicating as it was to indulge himself with Dawson’s affection, Pierre found himself just slightly miffed when he was physically removed and placed back on the couch when there was a knock at the front door. With curious eyes, Pierre watched the other man retrieve the dinner for that evening from the delivery man. And when Dawson closed the door and started speaking again, Pierre’s eyes popped up in surprise. “And I want you down my throat, but here you are. Standing there with all of the audacity in the world to not be naked in my home. I feel disrespected.” he shot back. Pierre knew that these quips were likely digging a grave for himself. But the whiskey supported some extra bravery. And Pierre just wanted to see what Dawson would do.


But, before the other man could return with pizza plates, Pierre turned on some television for something to watch while they consumed their much-needed dinner. However, as they finished up eating Pierre felt a small sense of panic set in. He was excited, though, and was swift in whisking away their dishes to the kitchen. Honestly, the male figured he would wash those later. He was far too preoccupied with getting properly dicked down to care at that moment. And when he returned to Dawson, Pierre gingerly traced his fingertips around the other’s shoulder and down his arm to grab onto his hand. If there had been any time there was great mischief in Pierre’s dark brown eyes it was right as he was beckoning Dawson to follow him to the bedroom.




The next morning, though, Pierre was out cold. The Swiss man was absolutely dead to the world like nothing could ever have a chance at waking him up. Except for the overwhelming need to piss. But it was ridiculously difficult to wake up enough to even think about sliding out of bed. And by sliding out of bed, Pierre winced and attempted to not hobble too much. When washing his hand, the male noticed all types of hickey marks along his neck, shoulders, and even his chest. Taking a moment to catalogue his new bruises, Pierre huffed out a mild sigh. Those were going to be on his skin for a while.


Additionally, the man noticed his clothing strewn about the floor with Dawson’s. And as great as the evening before was, Pierre did not feel all that hot with a queasiness threatening his stomach. But he pushed on to pull on a random pair of sweatpants from his dresser before shuffling to the kitchen to get water for both himself and Dawson. Normally, Pierre would go outside to do his morning yoga in the backyard field. But he could not be bothered today. His only objective was to consume water and get back into bed.


After setting the bottle of water he got for Dawson on his side table, Pierre strategically slinked back under to covers to reattach himself to the other’s side. “You have water on your side table there.” he mumbled. Pierre didn’t recall drinking all that much, and normally he was really good at holding his liquor. Maybe the ridiculous fucking did not help. But Pierre was not going to complain since it was one hundred percent worth it to him. He didn’t know if Dawson had plans that day, but the Swiss male hoped that if he did that he wouldn’t be in too much of a rush to leave…

Dawson Whitlock

A slow smirk passed over the male's lips as he listened to the other. He wasn't expecting the night to turn out the way it was, but in all reality he was glad it had. He hasn't felt more alive than he did just then. He wasn't one to just go home with anyone. Hell, he would have been blowing his sister's phone up if she hadn't come home. He was glad she wasn't though. He shook his head lightly, not wanting his sister to consume his thoughts. Not when he had a really attractive Swiss man in front of him.


As the two ate, the sound of the television was somewhat distracting him. Pierre's words were swirling around in his mind. He couldn't wait to get into bed with the male. He wasn't the kind of person either to just fuck and leave. Even though a lot of people would claim that he was. When they were done eating, he was about to help take care of the dinner plates, but the other beat him to it. His heart was hammering inside of his chest watching him walk out of the room.


He was regretting not getting some sort of liquor into his system now. He was all of a sudden a ball of nerves. All of this was new to him. As soon as he saw the male coming back, and felt his fingers on his shoulder moving down his arm, and to his hand all of those thoughts seemed to vanish. He stood and followed behind the male. Taking in the small apartment, and noting where the bathroom was for later on. He smirked lightly as he shut the door behind him, grabbed the other close, and crushed his lips against his, forgetting the rest of the world even existed.



A small moan passed through the man's lips when he felt the other slip out of bed. His body was sore, but in a really good way. Last night was amazing. At least in his mind it was. He didn't know what Pierre thought about it. Then again, the hickey's littering the other's skin, and the way he seemed to hide his hobble told him otherwise. A small smirk passed over his lips just then, knowing he had pretty much proved himself. He rolled onto his back, putting a hand behind his head.


It was kind of nice waking up in another man's bed. This time there was no yelling, and cussing, or a jealous girlfriend or wife yelling at him to get the hell out and to never come back, or the cops would be called. Thinking about that made the male wince a bit. He sighed as he heard the male re-enter the room. He watched as he slipped back into bed, and pretty much attached himself back at his side. “Thank you.” he breathed out.


He then wrapped his arm around the other, and reached for the water bottle with his other hand. He managed to open the cap, took a swig and then placed the bottle back onto the table. “So, did I prove myself, or do we have to go another round?” he asked. He wouldn't mind going another round, but right now he just wanted to relax, and if he did he would end up falling back asleep. Something they both needed after the night they had.

{Pierre Laveaux}

Resting his head on Dawson’s chest, Pierre sighed deeply. As nauseated as he felt, having someone physically lying in bed with him felt calming. Everything from the waist down felt sore as hell, but Pierre figured he would be fine if he just stayed in bed as much as he could. Sometimes being lazy was not all that bad! And feeling the other’s arm wrap itself around his body made the Swiss man settle in even more, draping a leg across Dawson’s waist. Pierre could feel himself dozing back off to sleep, though. But hearing the other male’s questions caught his attention. It woke him up enough to consider the response he wished to give. And honestly, Pierre first chuckled in response.


He then shifted a free arm so he could use a hand to redirect Dawson’s face. While tired, Pierre took a moment to gaze into the other’s eyes as if he were searching for certain answers. “It is not everyday someone becomes intimately acquainted with one’s whole ass. So, you tell me, Dawson. Do you have something to prove? Aside from the fact that you have a colorful repertoire for variations of ‘whore’.” Pierre responded. There was no way in hell he could handle another round of what they did the evening before, though, because the Swiss man was not trying to perish thousands of miles away from home like this. “And even if you wanted to go again. I can’t. I am way too nauseated.” he admitted, hand trailing down Dawson’s neck before finally resting on his chest. “But sorry about your back, though. Last night was fun.” he stifled another laugh. That was something he could not lie about. Their evening together was great, and Pierre had thoroughly enjoyed himself.


Eventually Pierre silence, though. He was quite tired, but the quietness had not lasted long when the male’s phone started buzzing like crazy on the nightstand. Furrowing his brow, the male was trying to think of who it might have been as he rolled onto his back to reach for his phone. As he focused more on the caller ID, Pierre found himself staring. Oh, shit. It is my Oma. I’m putting it on speaker.” He loved his grandmother to the moon and back. But he just couldn’t deal with a phone call directly into his ear in that moment. And he was very happy he chose speaker phone because as soon as he answered, his Oma immediately started her rapid-fire German interrogation. Taken aback for a second, Pierre had to gain his bearings. Time zones were a bitch. It was well into the afternoon in Switzerland while it was early morning in the States. Apparently his Oma was aggravated that he hadn’t called to check in in nearly a week and wanted to know if he had been okay. Typical worry wart behavior, but Pierre appreciated the care.


“Everything is fine, I promise.” he tried to his best to reassure her. But the older woman did not sound so convinced. “You sound hoarse. Are you getting sick?” This was almost immediately followed up by a male’s speculation in the background. “You know how Pierre is. Maybe he had a boy over?” Pierre’s cheeks had turned a bright shade of pink. His Opa really had no filter! “Is that it? You had a boy over? Were you being safe?” Pierre felt a little like he was going to implode. Trying to save himself, Pierre simply turned to replying in German, but his Oma was relentless. And his Opa laughing didn’t help. It was too early for this! “Is he still there? What’s his name?” Pierre looked at Dawson for a moment. “His name is Dawson.” To this Pierre’s Oma made a sound that could only be likened to sheer delight. She had always been excited to hear about when Pierre talked about the guys he had been with. “Is he handsome?” This woman was going to be the absolute death of him! “Ouais. Il est très beau, Oma.” The female then took a moment to process this information, chatting with her husband. “Aw, that’s so sweet that you think he’s so handsome, mon petit fils!”


While it was a small mercy, Pierre’s Oma had decided that they could talk later since he was ‘clearly busy’. “So, uh, those are my grandparents.” Pierre stuttered. He was far beyond flustered. “Are you hungry? I can make you breakfast. I’m going to make you breakfast.” the man had to do something to distract himself. “You can stay here if you’d like the tv remote is right in there.” he added, pointing to the nightstand drawer on Dawson’s side. Stealing a gentle kiss, Pierre moved to slide back out of bed although his legs were weaker than usual. Dutifully shuffling out of the room, Pierre collected himself as he cleaned up the kitchen from the pizza delivery the evening before. That could be left over lunch, honestly. One of the few cons to Pierre of being away from home was the lack of chickens and fresh eggs to gather in the morning. But the man was happy to at least be able to garden various herbs and food items.


Briefly, Pierre had gone into the backyard to pick some herbs before heading back to the kitchen to wash them and prepare the other ingredients. He figured a French toast with eggs and bacon were a suitable choice. Thankfully, keeping it simple let Pierre make quick work of cooking and plating the food for the two of them. So, soon he returned to the bedroom with plates and silverware in hand. Pierre then retook his spot on the bed. “Aside from hearing of your new fan club, did you have anything to do today?” Pierre inquired before picking at his breakfast plate. “I don’t want you to think you have to be here all day if you’re busy. I enjoy your company…”

Dawson Whitlock

Being able to relax with the other male, made Dawson feel slightly better. Yes the night before had been wonderful, and he couldn't wait to do it again. Then again he wanted nothing more than to relax and stay in bed all day. When Pierre mentioned not being able to go another round like that had, made him smirk a bit. “I'm glad I could please you then.” he chuckled. It had been a while since he had been able to please a man, and it made him feel better, and didn't worry as much as before.


As he was starting to relax again, and leaning more towards sleep was when he heard the other's phone buzzing. He couldn't help but wonder who would be calling this early in the morning. He shrugged a bit as the other answered the phone, and a woman's voice was heard on the other end. His eyes widened a bit as the three spoke. He seemed to be the main topic, and it made him uncomfortable. He didn't like being the main person people talked about, but he couldn't really say anything. When the older woman asked if he was still there, his name, and if he was handsome, it made him blush even more.


He wanted nothing more than to pull the blankets up over his head, and just vanish into the floor. He didn't like this one bit. He listened as the other spoke in his native tongue, and it made him slightly jealous. He wanted to know what was being said. He would wait until later though. Finally Pierre hung up the phone, and he could tell the other was turning slightly red too. He reached up and rubbed the back of his head. “Honestly, I don't know how to take that. I don't know what you talked about in German, and I don't know if I want to know.” he admitted with a small smile.


He nodded a bit at the mention of food. He was about to offer to help out, when Pierre was already gone. He sighed lightly as he leaned back into the pillows. He smelled like sex, and felt like it too. He debated on going to take a shower, but would wait to ask if he could. He reached into the drawer and pulled out the remote. He then clicked on the T.V. and started flipping through channels. That's when he decided to be a child, and turned on Disney instead. It was better than nothing anyway.


He was still trying to figure out Pierre's grandparents when he came back in with the two plates. He smiled lightly as he took one. “I don't have anything planned. I have the next couple days off work. I know Rose was planning on going in today, but I think you should let her know you have other plans.” he offered. He then picked up the fork and stabbed some of the eggs, and popped them into his mouth. He was still fully nude, and he didn't care. It was going to be a lazy day, and if he didn't have to get dressed, he wouldn't. He would need a shower though later on, that's for damn sure.

{Pierre Laveaux}

Sitting on the bed with Dawson, Pierre glanced over at the other man while taking another bite of his breakfast. “You’re right. I’ll shoot her a text message.” the Swiss male nodded. With his plate in his lap, Pierre reached back over to get his phone to shoot Rosabelle a quick text message so she would not have to worry about coming into work that day and that he’d see her on Monday. Setting his cellphone back on the nightstand, Pierre focused back on his breakfast. “I am told that German sounds harsh, but I promise that it was nothing bad. My Oma is a worry wart and was mostly wondering if I was whoring around. Sometimes I wonder what she actually thinks of me, but I know her concern is out of love.” he shrugged. “Opa tends to respect my privacy a bit more, but sometimes he’s just as invasive with his questioning.”


Pierre then found himself watching whatever Disney movie that Dawson put on, finding it kind of endearing that this was the option that the American went with. “But yeah. She was just wondering about you. ‘Did you use a condom?’, ‘Did he treat you right?’, ‘Is he respectful?’, ‘Did he hit you?’, things like that. So, I told her, ‘Yes, we did. He does treat me right and is very respectful. And he only hit me because I told him to.,’” the male chuckled, “Then I said I even shook some ass, but not for money this time. And my Opa was laughing so hard because he was making fun of me for shaking ass for free. But now they know you do not speak German nor French. Although they’ll probably try to ask if you know Italian since we have so many languages in Switzerland.” Pierre chuckled. He was very open and honest with his grandparents since they were his base support system. Aside from his friends, Pierre’s grandparents were his family. “The plus side is if you ever need translations for anything I can help you!” the male laughed. He then shook his head, continuing to demolish his breakfast.


As the day went by, Pierre tidied up around the house and washed Dawson’s clothing for him. He was also thankful that he regularly had friends visit so shower and related toiletries were of no issue. The male wanted to make sure that Dawson was comfortable while visiting. At some point in the day Pierre went to go take a shower and freshen up from the previous evening of debauchery. However, the Swiss man found himself forgoing a shirt and keeping the sweatpants that he had pulled out earlier that morning. And he teased Dawson about having other clothing to show him if he were interested. And that was not a lie. Pierre did have clothing ranging from leathers to scandalously short skirts and the like. When the male actually wore them depended on his mood on a given day and where he was going. But for the time being Pierre stuck to his sweats since they were soft and comfortable for a lazy day at home.


Aside from the consistent teasing, Pierre offered to share face masks and such with Dawson for skincare to further promote the relaxation for the day. And honestly, Pierre was enjoying himself with the other man. He was happy to not have to worry about much of anything and was more than willing to accommodate Dawson, within reason of course. Eventually his hangover subsided too, so Pierre was feeling more inclined to solicit a round two out of his newfound companion. But the relaxed vibes were more than welcomed by just lying in bed with each other. Looking over at the man Pierre chose to roll over and straddle Dawson. “We don’t have to do it today, but at some point tomorrow we should go down to the farmer’s market. I am running low on a few things. You should come with me. If you want to, of course.” the male smiled, leaning down to steal a quick smooch. But when he pulled back, Pierre stopped to look into Dawson’s eyes as if he were inspecting the other. Silently he contemplated before going back to pressing soft pecks of affection along the other’s face and down his neck. “Tu es un homme délicieux, n’est-ce pas?” Pierre hummed, quite pleased with the situation. But as appealing as a round two was, the man knew he would rather make Dawson wait and suffer at least a little bit.


Pierre enjoyed speaking sweet French nothings to his new American lover. It felt tantalizing in just the right ways since the Swiss man knew damn well what everything meant. And as exciting as it was, he eventually he did roll away to lie next to the other on the bed. Pierre ended up scrolling through his phone, sending a few emails, answering online messages, and other light work tasks. “Do you have any favorite aromatherapy scents? I’m putting together supply orders for the studio.” Pierre casually inquired as he was organizing an order list. “And I did notice your back and legs are super tense. We will have to fix that. Have you ever had a massage done before? These magic hands do many things if you want them to.” he added with a wink. In reciprocation for the evening before, Pierre was open to ensuring that Dawson felt like a noodle if that’s what the man wanted.


And as Pierre spent some time making orders and sending emails from his phone, he had a video chat notification pop up onto his phone screen. He hadn’t been expecting any calls, but it was his grandparents. For a moment Pierre wondered if they were okay since they had called on the phone earlier, but when he actually answered the video call the Swiss man practically burst with laughter. His grandmother and grandfather were seated next to each other with Pierre’s Oma handling a fluffy baby chick. Initially confused he furrowed his brow, wondering why the chicken was inside the house.


“We had to bring in this baby because Pebbles was being a piece of shit trying to peck her.” Pierre’s Opa sighed, shaking his head. “When is Pebbles not being a massive asshole? He pecks anything and everything and everyone.” Turning to Dawson Pierre rolled his eyes. “Pebbles is our dick head of a rooster. And honestly I think he needs to become dinner. But he’s too crafty to allow himself to be poultry meat.” His Oma had squinted, though. “Is that the boy you were talking about earlier? Hello, Dawson! I’m Elisa and this is my husband Berry!” the woman spoke with great intrigue. Pierre stifled a chuckle. “The Laveaux squad, if you will.”


Berry was silent in contemplation for a minute afterwards before piping up to speak again. “You know what? I’m not surprised Pierre likes you. He has always had a thing for bearded men.” This made Pierre draw back a little. He should have known that his grandparents would try to embarrass him! “He did say he thought you are very handsome earlier. I can see why. How old are you, Dawson?” Elisa asked expectantly. On some level, this made Pierre want to die in a hole since his grandparents were clearly on a mission to oust everything about him. And as soon as he tried to ask them in German to please stop, his Oma stopped him. “We are lingually inclusive here so Dawson can understand. Maybe you should actually teach him something to help him instead of thinking pure ass will get you everywhere you need to go?” Pierre’s jaw dropped, not having been prepared for getting roasted. Berry snorted, not even bothering to come to Pierre’s defense.


“Has he even offered to help you, Dawson? Has he fed you? Don’t let him be mean to you. Sometimes Pierre can get an attitude.” Elisa warned. “And you wonder where I get it from, Oma.” the male muttered. “See? This is what I mean. Attitude.” the teasing was abundant, and as irritating as it was sometimes Pierre could get a good laugh out of it. It was banter like this that made him miss home so much. “I know I have only been gone a few months, but this conversation makes me feel like I should stay.” Berry scoffed at this and interjected with, “Your chickens would be crushed!” Taking a second to dwell on this Pierre simply responded with, “I mean, they can become chicken nuggets then.” His grandparents just stared at him after that before Elisa got up with the baby chicken to get it food. “Dawson, do you see what I have to put up with? It’s going to be a shit show when I go home in six months! Please help me.” he said jokingly. “What is he going to do? Fly to Switzerland to duel us? I may be old, but fuck around and find out, Dawson.” Berry cackled.


“I can’t handle any of you.” Pierre pinched the bridge of his nose. “Please don’t duel my grandfather, Dawson. I wouldn’t know who to support.” The whole conversation was absolutely absurd, but c’est la vie…


Dawson Whitlock

The day was turning out perfectly. He hadn't been able to really relax like this in a while. The food was amazing, and the company was even better. He shrugged a bit as he let himself get even more comfortable. When Pierre told him he was washing his clothes, he wasn't about to argue. He knew better than that. He was glad that he was able to borrow some sweats and a t-shirt. He made a mental note to take them home and wash them later. Hell if he really wanted too, he would keep them hostage for awhile.


When the other went to shower, he leaned back against the bed and reached for his phone. He then scrolled to Rose's name and started typing out a message. ‘I hope everything is okay with you. Last night was amazing to say the least. You have a pretty amazing boss as well. He's pretty much spoiled the shit out of me all day. I'm glad I had today off. Did you get his message about not going in today?' He read over the message and sent it. Sure enough he saw the bubbles as his sister was busy typing a reply back.


‘That makes me so happy! I was hoping the two of you would hit it off. When I first mentioned you, he seemed to perk up a bit at that. I’m glad I could somewhat help push you both together. Yes I did get his message about not going in today. It's a good thing, cause Ginger and the girls are coming over. Since you weren't home, I figured you'd be okay if they did.'


‘Just make sure you guys don’t trash the house. I don't want to come home and have it being a huge fucking mess. Pierre's getting out of the shower now, I'll talk to you tonight whenever I wander home. Hell I might just crash here again tomorrow, but not sure. Either way I'll let you know. I love you.'


‘I love you too. Make sure you both use condoms, cause I don’t want either one of you getting some type of AIDS or something.' The male rolled his eyes as he put his phone down, and looked towards the other. A slow, small smile passed over his lips as he looked at the bare chested male. "Honestly, if I had my way you wouldn't be dressed at all." he said with a grin. He leaned up and met Pierre half way for a kiss. The teasing was driving him insane, and if he kept doing that, he would end up attacking him.


As he was slowly getting comfortable being under the male, he was gone again. He let out a low growl and glared at the male. “Keep that up, and pretty soon you won't be escaping as easy.” he said with a small pout. He then rolled onto his back, and placed one of his arms behind his head. He needed a shower, but was too comfortable at the moment. That's when the other asked him if he's ever had a massage and he sat up, and shook his head. He reached up and rubbed the back of his neck and looked slightly ashamed.


“No I never have. Between work, and Rose I've never really had much time to take care of myself so to speak. I mean I've thought about it more than a couple of times, and I wouldn't mind getting one done. But if you are offering one, I just need to shower first before I get too comfortable.” he said with a small shrug of his shoulders. The massage did sound nice. Then another question was asked, and he raised a brow slightly. He wasn't really one to think of smells like his sister would. That would have been a better question for her.


“I don't know. I've never really been into that kind of stuff, so I don't know what's out there. I never really thought about doing things like Rose does. I'm too manly for something like that anyway.” he said with a laugh. As he sat there watching the male work, he wondered what it would be like to step into Pierre's world for a change. Maybe this would be an eye opener for him. That's when Pierre's phone started ringing again, and he sighed inwardly. So much for a relaxing day.


That was until he knew who was on the other end. It was a video call from his grandparents and he broke out into a smile. He shifted so that he was in the frame as well. Pierre's grandmother started complementing him, and throwing question after question at him. He took a breath and started answering the best he could. “Well ma'am, I'm twenty-eight years old, he's been spoiling me a lot today. We have eaten, I was about to make him something this time, or order something.”


“I don't plan on fighting anyone. I promise you that. As for him having an attitude, he's been the perfect gentleman for the most part. If you'll excuse me though, I need to go and shower.” he said. To make things a bit worse for the other, he leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. He then waved goodbye to his grandparents, and then slipped from the bed finally. A small smirk was playing along his lips, as he made his way to the bathroom. He stripped out of the sweats he was wearing, and t-shirt.


He then turned on the water, climbed into the shower and took his time. He could still hear the other talking to his grandparents, and he couldn't help but laugh a bit. He hated being put on the spot like that, but he would have to get used to it. If he wanted something to happen between the two of them, he would have to get used to that kind of attention. He shook his head and finished in the shower, and then shut the water off a little bit later. He climbed out, wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into the bedroom almost fully naked.


“What do you want to eat? Do you want to stay here, or do you want to go out?” he asked. It was going to be his treat anyway. He leaned against the doorway, the water droplets dripping down his chest, as he watched the other male on the bed.


{Pierre Laveaux}

Pierre found Dawson’s smiles to be quite contagious. Feeling a grin of his own forming on his face, the Swiss man processed Dawson’s thinly veiled threats. “Don’t threaten me with a good time, Dawson. You would be surprised as to what will happen.” Pierre responded with the smallest hint of a snarky brow arch on his face. “Because I will make you cry. Whether that is in pain or ecstasy or both is up to you. Make wise choices, Dawson.” Although the male knew that the evening before he definitely cried at least a little bit. So, now he was out for revenge. But how that was actually going to work out was an idea in progress. Pierre was confident in himself, but also a little fearful because if he were not careful Dawson could probably snap him in half if he wanted to. But it was a risk that Pierre was willing to take!


But the male looked over at the other, slightly incredulous. “Too manly?” taking a moment to think about that. “My best friend Dexter’s husband, Matthias, used to say something like that. He is a cocky bastard half the time because of whatever weird surgeon-based ego he has. Definitely rolls with some very… interesting people in their social circle. Very much a crisp suit and tie type of person. But as spouses, they balance each other out. They are both men and they are often clients of mine at home. I personally think they’re the most precious duo I’ve seen in a while, but I’m biased.” Pierre spoke, laughing a little bit as he thought of his friends. He then pulled up a few pictures on his phone give Dawson an idea as to who Matthias and Dexter were. “See, cocky bastard in scrubs. Radiating happiness with his husband and their godsons. But apparently at the start of their relationship Matthias never took much time out for himself.” Men. Sometimes Pierre didn’t understand them, even though he was one! “But I promise a massage can do a world of good for you. I can set up my mobile table and everything.”


And during the video conversation with his grandparents, Pierre watched Dawson as he responded to the impromptu interrogation. Plus, it was sweet how happy his Oma and Opa looked when listening to the American talk. But the unexpected kiss made Pierre turn cherry red. Staring after him, the Swiss man was speechless at the audacity! This triggered a whole slew of questioning from the older couple directed towards Pierre. The man had stuttered through his answers, which made his grandparents question if he and Dawson were actually dating. Pierre was beside himself even after the video chat concluded. His grandparents were fairly confident that he was dating Dawson despite Pierre’s full recount of how they even met one another. They were ridiculous! But the Swiss man had to concede at some point.


Sitting on the bed Pierre was trying to recover from being so flustered. He could feel his heart practically beating out of his chest. Running a hand through his curls, the male looked up to see Dawson coming out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel on. This man was going to be the absolute death of him! “You motherfucker.” he breathed out, feeling his cheeks turn bright red all over again. “Asking about food but acting like a walking thirst trap.” Pierre groaned before falling back on the bed. “You have my grandparents thinking that we’re together, sir. Just so you’re aware.” he couldn’t help but laugh at the whole situation. It was insane. “But some kind of noodles would be great. Maybe ramen?” Pierre proposed as he was sliding out of bed. If they were going out, he knew he would have to change. He then went fishing in the closet for one of his favorite leather jackets. His best friend had gifted it to him a few years ago for his birthday, and honestly? He loved it more than any other article of clothing he owned! Pierre also ended up pulling out some jeans, a tank top, and boots just to keep it simple for their outing. “Sometimes I’m not always pretty. But I think any aesthetic suits me. Do you like it?” he inquired, offering a handful of poses for perspective.


“I love this jacket with the last name stitched on the back all neatly. Then I had added the Swiss flag patch on this shoulder and one of my extra service tabs on this arm because I could. I miss home and love my work there. But the stress of training and running actual flight missions are something I do not miss all that much. Disaster relief and rescue has taken at least five years off my life. And helicopters are loud as hell. But at least my jacket is badass!” he chuckled. But it was true. His duties at home were stressful as shit, but he appreciated his time in the States immensely.




At the market Pierre let go of a small, content sigh. There were so many little shops and restaurants lining the streets with fresh food vendors and live musicians scattered throughout. He always loved to visit this spot, and the fact that he could share the experience with Dawson made Pierre feel warm sense of joy. There were a lot of people also visiting the market, though. But the Swiss man had gotten distracted at some point and found himself observing the goods of a chocolatier. If there was anything Pierre was obsessed with, it was anything sweet. As the older gentleman packaged up his selections in a suitable bag to keep it cool, Pierre noticed he had gotten separated from Dawson somewhere along the way. Upon observing the area, he couldn’t see Dawson especially because of the crowds of people all going about their business. It also did not help Pierre with being on the shorter side of the spectrum either. But he remedied this quickly by scouting out a bench to stand upon so he could see above everyone else.


With this new vantage point, Pierre saw Dawson down the walk way. “Dawson!” he called out, waving to try and catch the other’s attention. He definitely wanted to gift the man some of the chocolates he had purchased as a kind gift. Weaving through the throngs of people, beaming he came to a stop holding up the bag of sweets from the chocolatier. “I lost you, but I thought that you might like a little something special…”

Dawson Whitlock

Dawson felt proud of himself for what he had done, and getting the reaction out of Pierre was enough to make him smirk. When the male mentioned leaving the apartment, he was down. He was kind of going stir crazy staying in all day. It was his thing, but at the same time he wanted nothing more than to just escape into the real world for a little while. He found his clothes, and was glad the other had ended up washing them for him. He didn't want to go out in public in Pierre's clothes, because then people would get the wrong idea.


He wasn't really one to really care what people thought, but he's never really been out in public with a man he's really interested in. Yes the fucking was amazing, and he wouldn't mind doing that more often. But being out in public with a man that wasn't just a friend kind of worried him. The world today didn't like people being openly gay, but he was going to go against all odds that's for damn sure. When they got to their location, he watched as Pierre went off and did his own thing for a little bit.


It was a busy place, and there were a lot of stands and people wandering around. As he let the other do what he wanted for the time being, he was drawn to a stand that sold jewelry and a lot of other nick knacks. That's when he spotted some bracelets that seemed to scream Pierre. He picked them up and looked them over, slowly rolling the beads between his fingers. ”Those beads are meant to bring good luck to you and your partner." came the sound of a woman's voice.


Dawson nearly dropped the bracelets and looked towards her. “What kind of good luck?” he asked her. He was wondering if Pierre would even wear one. “Good luck in your relationship, and hopefully leading you to where you are meant to be. You just need to follow your heart on the whole thing, and everything else will fall into place like a puzzle.” she said. It was kind of strange what the woman was saying. Was this a blooming relationship between himself and Pierre? That's something that scared him.


“I'll take them.” he told the woman. She clicked her tongue and smiled. “Your lover will look amazing wearing this one, and you the other. Make sure to give it to him as soon as you see him.” she said. She rang up the order and handed him the little bag. He took the bag, and thanked her. That's when he heard the other's voice and he looked over his shoulder towards the sound. A small smile passed over his lips when he saw the shorter male coming towards him.


“I'm sorry, I would have followed after you but something caught my eye.” he said holding the little bag in his hand. As the other talked about the little treat he got him as well, a smile broke out onto his face. “You didn't have to get me anything, but thank you. I also got you a little something.” he said as he opened the bag and pulled one of the bracelets out and held it towards the other. He didn't know if he should explain what the woman said or not, but then decided to tell the other.


“So, the woman that sold me these, said they should bring good luck to the people who are in contact with them. It could bring good luck to the relationship, and hopefully bring the two where they are meant to be. I know it sounds cheesy, but she did say  to give it to you right away.” he said lightly. He was feeling like a total idiot at the moment. He was about to just take the bracelets back, but then decided against it. If Pierre wasn't a believer in something like this, at least he was. So hopefully the woman was right.

{Pierre Laveaux}

Pierre shook his head when he heard the other man starting to apologize for them getting separated. Both of them had spotted something that captured their interest, so the shorter male certainly could not blame Dawson for stopping at a vendor’s space. But Pierre’s brow furrowed ever so slightly upon being told that he did not have to get Dawson a gift. “You’re right. I did not have to. But I wanted to get you something. So, I did.,” he began, “I feel like that as a citizen of the Swiss Confederation, I am obligated to be knowledgeable on sweets. Specifically, chocolates. So, I got you a gift bag of sweets from a chocolatier.” Pierre laughed a bit. Usually stereotypes were not all that great. But he always found the one about the Swiss and their chocolates pretty humorous.


But, what piqued Pierre’s interest the most was Dawson’s proclamation about also acquiring a gift of sorts. Watching the man take out a bracelet from the giftbag he was caring certainly was not expected, but it was pleasant surprise! In fact, Pierre that it was actually very cute on the American’s part. The blue-green stone in which the beads on the black cord were made out of looked familiar too. So, Pierre found himself holding Dawson’s outstretched hand while thumbing the beads over as he tried to determine what they were. But as he tried to investigate, his train of thought was interrupted by Dawson’s descriptive explanation. He was not expecting the American to have been a believer of such things, but apparently it was a day for surprises for the two of them. It was kind of cheesy, but Pierre felt a warm and joyful sensation in his heart though from the other’s thoughtfulness.


“Given that it’s likely Amazonite, I’m not surprised.” Pierre responded, eyeing the other slightly. He was a little embarrassed just because of how thick his accent could get from being super flustered. However, Pierre loved the gift more than he could express. But the sweetness of the gesture was even better! The more the Swiss man thought about it, the more he felt his cheeks warm up with a flush. He was beside himself, trying to not laugh as much as he could. “Tu es comme un petit pingouin!” Pierre marveled with the biggest smile on his face. He thought it was hilarious since his immediate thought was how some penguins gifted each other a rock they found to be perfect during courtship. “Is that was this is? Penguin courtship? I think we might have to sleep together a couple more times before you get that privilege.” he teased, placing a kiss on the back of Dawson’s hand.


“Your thoughtfulness is incredibly sweet, though, Dawson. Thank you!” And thankfully the cord of the bracelet had a little bit of stretch, so Pierre did not have to adjust it much at all to be able to wear it. Pierre absolutely knew that he had to tell his best friend, Dexter, about this later. They had a lot to discuss anyway since it had been nearly two weeks since their last phone call. “You have to wear this other one, though.” Pierre added whilst helping to adjust the matching bracelet on Dawson’s wrist. “And now we match.” he felt happy about this arrangement. Despite the occasional run-ins with homophobic persons, Pierre really did not have much of an issue with being out. His father had always taught him to live fearlessly and his grandparents had always wholeheartedly supported him. His grandparents stood by him through all the ups and downs, through painful breakups, the works. They had seen the ugliest, most snot-ridden sobs of tears so Pierre truly did not have anything to hide from them. Knowing that, Pierre wondered why his grandparents were accusing him of not telling them about Dawson and their relationship. Sometimes they jumped the gun, but the Swiss man loved them dearly with his entire heart.


“However, we really do need to get some actual food. I’m about to starve away into the wind!” he exaggerated while taking hold of the other’s hand. “There is this super cozy hot pot type of place that’s really good. You can pretty much choose whatever you want to try and it’s always super filling and delicious.” Pierre explained as he took charge of guiding Dawson along the walkway. He enjoyed the other’s company and was appreciating their time as well as all of the activity going on around them. And if the male were to be entirely honest, he missed home. A lot of the sights and smells made him feel a bit homesick. But Pierre was thankful that he was not alone!


Along the way, there were street musicians playing various songs together to entertain those passing by. The Swiss man had stopped to listen, taking in the melodious sound that was almost jazzy in nature. While still holding onto Dawson’s hand Pierre stepped back until they were an arm’s length apart. “I’ve always been into dance. How about you dance with me?” Pierre asked, a kind bordering on mischievous smile pulling on his lips. “Or I could teach you if you need the direction?” the male added, although he was more so teasing at that point…


Dawson Whitlock

Dawson was kind of worried about giving the male the small gift. He listened to the other talking about the chocolates, and his mouth watered. He hadn't had anything chocolate in a long ass time. The last time he could even remember having chocolate was when he was a teenager. That might have also been the last time he had it as well, because of how badly he broke out into acne. Thinking about that made him not want to even taste the chocolate, but that would have been rude of him to tell the other about it. He accepted instead and smiled lightly.


When the other slid the bracelet onto his wrist, and spoke about this being some sort of penguin thing he smirked lightly. “Honestly I did think of that really old children's movie. Pebble and the Penguin I think it's called. Rose loved that movie with a passion, so she ended up getting me into it. Since then I've always kind of wanted to find my own penguin so to speak. As for the sleeping together, I think that'll have to wait for later on down the road. I was pretty much raised to court someone before bedding them.”


“Seeing that you and I already slept together, I pretty much fucked up on that. But no more sexual shit until later on. Courting first, bed shit later.” he teased. He wouldn't mind sleeping with the male once more. At the moment though, he wanted to be the gentleman he was supposed to be. His parents would be slightly upset that he had taken a man to bed so early on. He had needs, and so did Pierre. That's when he held out his own wrist and Pierre slid the other bracelet onto his own wrist. It was kind of cheesy to be wearing matching bracelets.


It was something he could get used to as well though. He wouldn't mind showing Pierre off to the world, and not having people judging him. He had come out a couple of years ago to his family and at first he had been scared too. His mother was the first one to tell him that she still loved and adored him. She also knew that he was different, and she didn't care about it. Rose was the second. She had been there for him through his first real breakup with a male, and since then hasn't left his side. He knew he could count on her.


He made a mental note to call her later on when he got home. He knew she was dying to know what happened today. As the two walked hand in hand he laughed softly. “Food sounds amazing right now. I seriously could eat a horse with how hungry I am. I'm surprised you haven't heard my stomach growling honestly.” he said with a sheepish smile. He wasn't one to really complain about stuff like that, but he was glad Pierre was the first one to mention it instead of him.


As the two stopped and listened to the music that was playing, he looked down at Pierre and shook his head. “Nice try, but I'm not one for dancing period. I'm not in the mood for you to teach me either.” he admitted. Just thinking about that made his heart skip a beat. The memories were slowly rushing back, and he couldn't have that right now. He wasn't about to let Pierre pressure him into doing it either. He was going to stand his ground, and if it meant him getting slightly mad at the other, so be it. He wasn't going to budge on this either.

{Pierre Laveaux}

Pierre felt a kind of warmness in his heart as he listened to Dawson talk about the penguin movie. It was a combination of sweet, thoughtful, and precious. There certainly were not enough words available to Pierre to accurately express just how cute he thought the whole penguin-like courtship ritual was. But he did get a good laugh out of the idea of wooing a person before bedding them. They certainly skipped that step in the process didn’t they? Pierre was not mad about it in the least, but the irony was definitely not lost on him. “I mean, I could platonically shake my ass for you?” the Swiss man retorted. Their interactions did not always have to end up with them falling into bed together. But Pierre wanted to at least show his interest and please the other man. “But if I did, then you might have to pay me.” he winked. “But maybe if you asked nicely enough it could be for free.” If Dawson could tease him, then Pierre would dish it right back to him. What fun would it be if he did not?


But, when trying to coax Dawson into dancing with him, Pierre quickly noticed the other’s shift in demeanor. While this did catch the Swiss man slightly off guard, he did not take it personally at all. Instead, his own expression softened as he returned back to Dawson’s side still holding gently onto the other’s hand. “Hey, that’s all you have to tell me. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do whether it be dancing or anything else, okay? Let’s go get us some food so neither of us are starving anymore.” he mentioned before continuing to lead them along the sidewalk to get to the restaurant mentioned not too much earlier. Pierre had wanted to make it known as early as possible that if Dawson truly was not comfortable with a suggestion or activity that he would be receptive and respect the boundary. Having had too many bad experiences of his own, Pierre did not want to perpetuate any kind of disrespectful cycle. It was just basic human decency.


And thankfully the hotpot restaurant was not all that busy upon their arrival. It was warm and had an ambient atmosphere with its wooden décor and intimate seating booths. Pierre was keen on settling in for their meal but was super excited to share the restaurant experience with Dawson. This place had become a favorite of his shortly after arriving in the states only a few months ago. He loved the setting and food that he had quickly become a regular. When seated and settled Pierre rested an elbow on the table and rested his head in his hand. He took a moment to just look at Dawson, observing him. Even admire him. “Do tell me, Dawson. What are some of your interests? You strike me as a lowkey art kind of guy, although I don’t know what your medium might be. Music? Although I feel like you have the hands of a ceramicist.” Pierre speculated, genuinely curious. He wanted to get an idea of what the male liked to do outside of the bedroom. If there was anything Pierre liked to do it was planning dates. So, he wanted to make sure that whatever he may have had an idea for would have included something specifically for the American accompanying him…

Dawson Whitlock

Dawson didn't really know how to explain his feelings about the whole dancing thing. It always made him uncomfortable, but he would do it for the Swiss man he was with. He was about to speak when Pierre was leading him off towards the hotpot they had been talking about. The idea of food seemed to make him a bit more happy. He was starving after all and he wanted nothing more than to get something to eat. The walk was short, and pretty soon they were inside the small building. It was quite the sight for sure.


He was surprised he hadn't ever seen this place before, let alone never came inside. Then again he didn't really step out of his comfort zone all that much. Pierre was helping him do that. For that he was grateful, but at the same time he didn't like it. He didn't like change all that much, but he was more than willing to do it because of the man he was slowly starting to fall for. That thought caught him off guard. Was he really starting to fall for this person in front of him?


They had met almost two days ago, they already jumped into bed together, and here he was starting to think he was falling for this man. In all honesty he was falling for him. He could tell why his sister liked the Swiss man and took to his side right away. He was a good person, he made him feel like he could do anything he set his mind too. He was just worried about when the male had to finally leave the states. That would be the worst thing for him. Something he didn't want to think about right away.


That's when he realized that Pierre had asked him what he enjoyed doing. He looked towards the male and smirked lightly. “Well to be honest I do a lot of painting, and pencil art. Not many people know that about me because well not many people have taken the time to get to know me. When I was in High school I was really heavy into art, and it helped calm me down in so many ways. It was like my escape from the real world.” he said lightly.


“My parents didn't like the fact I was homosexual when I first came out to them, but when they say the art I've done they somewhat forgave me. It wasn't much, but it was all I needed. Since then I haven't really done much painting. I don't have the time anymore really. I do miss it though.” he admitted. That's when a waiter walked over and handed them a menu. “My name is Dominick and I will be your waiter. What can I get you to start off with?.” he asked looking between the two men.


“Can I just get a water for now?” he asked. Dominick nodded and took down Pierre's drink order as well. “I will give you a little more time to decide on what you want to eat. I'll be back in a couple of minutes.” he said and walked off. Dawson was glad that the male finally left. He didn't know why, but it was slightly uncomfortable. He turned his attention to the menu in front of him. He didn't know what was good, or what was bad. He sighed a bit as he looked towards the other.


“What's good here? Considering I've never really been here before.” he said with a sheepish smile. This was something else he didn't like. Being in a place he's never been and having to ask someone else what was good to order. There were a lot of firsts for him.

{Pierre Laveaux}

Painting and art had not been on the list of things that Pierre thought Dawson had interests in, but he was happy to find himself pleasantly surprised! “You’re just a lovely mix of surprises aren’t you?” the Swiss man questioned, genuinely curious. “But art tends to be a great escape for anything. That’s like me with music and dancing.” But knowing that Dawson enjoyed making art helped spawn a few different ideas for various dates in the future should the other remain interested in maintaining a connection going forward. “Hey, if anything let me know if you ever need a model. You know that I would love to help you.” Pierre mentioned with a sly wink, resting his chin in his hands with elbows on the table. 


Having been to this establishment more than his fair share of times; Pierre was well acquainted with most of the staff that worked there. Dominick was no exception to this. But it was always nice to see the other being his typical cheery self at work. Pierre opted for a fruity boba drink out of habit since that was what he usual ordered while eating at the restaurant. The man found himself to be contemplating carefully when asked what he would recommend seeing that Dawson had never visited the place before that day. “To be honest, you strike me as a beef kind of person. So, I’d probably recommend that you try the beef broth and slices plus vegetables. It usually comes with chunks of tofu, pumpkin, cabbage, carrot, enoki mushrooms, egg, and a pretty serious ball of ramen or rice noodles. It is ridiculously delicious! And to be honesty, I almost always have leftovers to bring home, so I do hope you have a suitable stomach.” Pierre explained. He honestly loved this place to bits so much that he was truly going to miss it when he had to go back home.


He then reached out across the table to take one of Dawson’s hands into his own. Pierre felt warm, happy, and quite loving. He enjoyed the American’s company and didn’t quite want to let that go. “I appreciate you coming here with me, though. It feels nice.” he noted as his thumb brushed the back of Dawson’s hand. He hoped that the other felt similarly despite clearly being taken outside of his comfort zone. When Dominick came back to take their order, Pierre took the lead to get food ordered for them. “And if you end up not liking it we can just get you something else to try.” Pierre nodded, excited to see what Dawson would think of the food. “And perhaps later this week I can gather us some supplies and we can go relax and draw in the park? I have to admit, I’m a horrible artist, but it would let you have some time to do what you like.” he smiled as he gave the suggestion. “Hell, we don’t even have to go to the park. We can crash at my place again and I can cook us dinner and play a movie in the background?...”


Dawson Whitlock

Dawson was trying to take everything in all at once. The small establishment was really interesting to say the least. It was a cute place for sure. He watched as other people came in and out of the building. Some of them were couples, and other's were with families. He then turned his attention back to Pierre a slow smile passing over his lips."Well, you seem to know me pretty well already and that's kind of scary." he had to admit. He was a beef kind of guy, but he was always open to trying new things as well.


He then lowered his eyes to the menu and looked at the other options of food. When Dominick came back to take their orders he let Pierre order for them. He reached over and took the other's hand in his once more. “Thank you for showing me this place, and for taking my sister under your wing. You honestly didn't have too. She adores you, and I know she's really glad you took a chance on her. Just don't tell her I told you that.” he said with a small smirk. He then raised the man's hand to his lips.


He placed a gentle kiss on the back of his hand and then lowered it back to the table. As he sat there listening to Pierre talking about the whole painting thing, and how he was willing to be a model for him he flushed a bit. “Honestly I don't really draw people I know. I feel kind of pressured when that happens. I like not knowing anything about my model, and the fact I'm not sleeping with them either. But I will keep the offer in mind.” he admitted.


“In all honesty not a lot of people know that about me. I don't want them knowing that I'm such a geek when it comes to drawing or whatever. It's kind of a secret passion of mine. Always has been. I would rather people think of me as a total asshole instead of this kind of person you are seeing me as.” he said as he reached up and rubbed the back of his head. Pierre was bringing out a whole different side of him, and he didn't know how to really feel about it.


Was it a good thing though? That's something he didn't really know how to react with. He felt like a different person when Pierre was around. When their food was brought a little bit later, he sat up a bit straighter and smiled his thanks to Dominick. He looked down at his own meal and his mouth watered. “Shit, I'm going to have left overs for at least two days after this.” he said with a small laugh. It smelled amazing, and he couldn't wait to dig in. His eyes were bigger than his stomach at the moment.


He picked up his spoon and placed it into the bowl, and then took a bite. The flavors seemed to burst on his tongue and he let out a small groan. “This is bloody amazing.” he breathed out. He meant it too. The flavors were amazing, and all seemed to run well together. He smiled a bit as he took another bite, and let the silence wash over the two of them for the time being.


EtherealEquinox     101d ago

Swiss Time Skip


Dawson Whitlock

The next month was enough to drive Dawson insane. He had called Pierre almost every day since. He had been keeping a close eye on Rosabelle as well. He could tell it was eating at her, and he knew she needed to get out of the country. It would be best for them both. The male let out a small sigh as his alarm was blaring, and he slammed his hand down against it. He rolled out of bed and made his way to Rose's bedroom and knocked on the door. “It's time to get up.” he called though the door.


“I'm awake already.” she called back. That was enough for the male to get a move on. He made his way to the bathroom and took a quick shower. He was surprised that Rose was already awake, but he didn't care. At least it wouldn't be a fight to get her up and going. It was going to be a really long day of flying for the two of them. He was glad his sister had gotten ready the night before, so he could have the time to get ready this morning.


Just thinking about seeing Pierre for the next couple of months was enough for him to get his ass in full gear. He took a quick shower, and then was done. He made hurried and dried himself off, and got dressed. He then walked out of the room and ran into his sister. “Do you have everything?” he asked her. She nodded lightly yawning. “That I do. Let's go.” she said. The male didn't need to be told twice. He made sure the house was locked up, and then they were loaded into the taxi.


He was getting more and more antsy to seeing Pierre. It's been the longest month of his life. Even though they would spend hours on end talking, it wasn't enough. He wanted to feel the man in more ways than one. Soon enough he would be able too. He wasn't about to let Pierre out of his sight again. He smirked lightly as he looked out the taxi window, and watched as their neighborhood was left behind. Rose rested her head against her brother's shoulder, and was silent the whole way. He didn't mind it at all.




The moment the plane landed he knew they would have to get on a train, and he knew they were getting closer to their final stop. He helped Rose carry her things, and soon they were on a train. He had checked his phone more than once, to remind himself of the stop they would have to get off on. He was hoping that Pierre would be there waiting for them. Being in a different country was breath taking, and he couldn't stop taking pictures along the way.


As soon as they came to their stop, he gathered up his things and held his hand out to his sister. “You ready?” he asked her. She couldn't help but smile. “Yes.” she told him. Then the siblings walked off the train and onto the platform. That's when Dawson spotted the Swiss male standing there. Rose was the first one to him, and she threw herself into his arms, hugging him tightly, tears running down her cheeks. Dawson let her have her moment with Pierre for sure. The two had been close as could be.


When Rose finally let the male go, it was his turn. He walked up to the two and set his bags down. He shoved his hands into his pockets as he locked eyes with the Swiss male. “God, I've missed you.” was all he said, as he pulled his hands out of his pockets, grabbed the man's shirt and pulled him against him. His lips crushed against his. Feeling the male's lips under his was enough to drive him insane. He deepened the kiss a moment longer, before finally pulling back. He let the male go and smirked lightly.


“I have to admit, this place is amazing, but you are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.” he breathed out. Rose rolled her eyes lightly as she bent down and picked up her bags. “Can we go? I need a hot shower, and I'm tired as fuck.” she said as she jutted her lower lip out. Dawson laughed and picked up his things, waiting for Pierre to lead the way. He was so glad to be back around the male, and he knew damn well he wasn't going to let Pierre out of his sight for the longest time.


{Pierre Laveaux}

Pierre calmly stood in place on the train platform waiting for the siblings to arrive. The air was fresh and crisp when inhaled. And when one exhaled, a cloud of breath could be seen. Pierre was comfortable now in just regular clothing, but he knew that the siblings were likely going to find it cold here in mountainous Switzerland as time went by. It was definitely going to snow soon too. He was excited because that was his favorite time of year despite enjoying springtime gardening so much. The Swiss man was waiting for the correct train, but as each one stopped and went through the station Pierre found himself getting more antsy. He really missed Rose and Dawson. It had not even been that long since he left them in the States, but time really was inconsequential when you dearly loved someone.


Pierre then decided to recheck his phone for the time and the train the duo were supposed to be arriving on. The last thing any of them needed was for there to be a mix up as to which train was supposed to be theirs. But at that moment he hadn’t realized yet another train had made a stop. The sounds of the train and offloading passengers muffled the hurried footfalls that preceded Pierre getting bombarded by a sobbing Rose. Her words were unintelligible. But that was totally fine in Pierre’s opinion. He returned the bear hug and swung her about in a circle, equally thrilled to see her. Rose was the sweetest woman, after his Oma, that Pierre knew. And knowing the hell she had been going through lately only made Pierre fume with rage. Nobody deserved to live in fear like that. And he swore to every god that if he got his hands on the scum that was responsible that the cretin would lose his interest quickly. Pierre tried his best though to dab away the woman’s tears with the end of his scarf, although they appeared that they would just keep coming anyway. The man then took his scarf and carefully draped it around Rose’s neck to keep warm and to have something for her tears.


But after that Pierre could feel Dawson’s infamous stare boring holes into his head. The Swiss man averted his gaze away from Rose and locked with Dawson’s. Finally seeing the man in person was certainly a different feeling than just video chatting on the phone. The American was physically there in the flesh. Dawson’s aggressive side definitely had not changed a bit judging by the way he nearly ripped Pierre’s shirt off to get closer to him. But Pierre’s hands couldn’t help but move to hold Dawson’s face as they shared their kiss. Missing the other was a mutual feeling they shared for sure. But when Dawson let Pierre go, the shorter male’s cheeks were pink and not just from the frosty air. “Nice seeing you too, Dawson.” he laughed before combing a hand through his tousled curls. Dawson’s compliment made Pierre’s already pink cheeks turn red. “I think you might have to retract that statement once you actually do some sight-seeing. There's a special train from the 30’s I’ve been wanting to take you guys on. It is absolutely delightful and the views are stunning.” Pierre mentioned as he straightened out his posture.


“We can head back to my place. I’ve been working on a chicken vegetable soup all day just for you guys. It’s my favorite thing to eat when the weather begins to get chilly.” Pierre noted before leading his way out of the station and to the parking lot in which his SUV sat. He helped the siblings load up their belongings before hopping into the driver's side to make their way back to his little home nestled in the foothills of the mountains of Zermatt. He was super chatty and happy to be back around the two. But Pierre was also thankful that it was only another fifteen to twenty minutes back to his home. He had set up the guest bedroom for Rose so she could have her own space, figuring that Dawson could just sleep with him.


Upon getting home, though, Pierre was quick to point out the bathroom for Rose so she could enjoy a hot shower. Pierre went about adjusting the heater and shuffled to the kitchen to start preparing the soup and bread he freshly made that day. Turning to Dawson Pierre handed him a slice of buttered bread to try before dinner was officially served. “I made the bread and butter today along with the soup. What do you think?” he inquired before sighing and leaning against the counter.  “I missed the hell out of you when I left. Sure, Florida was fun. But I missed you the entire time and when I eventually left to come back home. But what’s the scoop on the situation with Rose?” Pierre asked with a hushed tone, not wanting to alert the woman that she was being talked about in the kitchen…


Dawson Whitlock

Knowing that there would be something warm to head home too, was enough to put Rose and Dawson into gear. It was nice seeing the male once more, and it warmed his heart knowing that Pierre felt the same way. A part of him thought the other would have moved on, but seeing him, and touching him once more he knew that wasn't the case. Dawson helped Rose up into the SUV and then climbed in himself, and looked towards Pierre and smiled softly. It was amazing being back in his company. He couldn't help but smile the whole way.


When they arrived Rose was the first one out of the car, and her breath caught in her throat. “It's beautiful here.” she breathed out. Dawson had to agree with her on that one. “It sure is. Makes me kind of jealous I've never came out here in the first place.” he admitted. He grabbed his bags, along with his sister's and the two made their way into the house. The food hit both of them at once. “Pierre, whatever you made smells amazing.” she cooed lightly, as she unwrapped the scarf and hung it up.


That's when Pierre pointed out the bathroom, and she kissed his cheek lightly and ducked into the bedroom, to gather her things. Dawson carried her things into her room, and smirked lightly as she took the bags from him, and pretty much shooed him out of her room. The male shook his head lightly as he made his way to the kitchen, letting her take a hot shower. He could tell how cold she had gotten. When he entered the kitchen, the smell hit him even harder, and his stomach growled.


He didn't realize how hungry he was until the smell hit him. Then Pierre was handing him some bread with butter on it. He took it and took a bite. The taste was amazing, and a huge smile passed over his lips. “Shit, that's amazing. Don't be surprised if Rose asks you to make her a shit ton for home.” he said with a small laugh. That's when he heard the shower running, and Pierre had asked about what was going on with her. The male sighed as he took another bite, trying to gather his thoughts.


“Honestly, shortly after you left was when it started. I didn't see it at first, because she kept to herself. I just thought she was having her co-workers bringing her home every night, but when she told me that someone was following her, and pretty much harassing her made me nearly lose my shit. I didn't fully know what was going on, but when I saw it happening for real, I called the cops right away and got them involved. The asshole that's been following her, has had his eye on her for ages.”


"They went to school together, and she had tried to date him at one point, but she didn't like the feeling he gave her. So she ended up breaking things off with him. He started coming around again, and it started scaring her. She came home from work one afternoon in tears. She had a really nice bruise under her eye, I don't know if you saw it. It's still not fully healed, but she covers it with makeup really well. She didn't want to press charges on the asshole, and made me promise that I wouldn't."


“Since that night she did try to get a restraining order, but he kept breaking it. I found out the bastard raped her. Pierre, Rose was fucking raped and I wasn't there to do anything to help her! You don't understand how much I hate myself for letting it get this far. So when you brought up coming out here, I knew it would be best for her, and for myself because I would have ended up in jail protecting her.” he said lightly. The pain in his voice showing. He really did hate himself.


He then put his head into his hands, and took a breath. “I honestly don't know what the fuck to do. I don't want to move, she doesn't want to move, but if we go back and he's still following her, I won't have much of a choice. I kind of want to keep her here with you for awhile, or at least until I can figure out what to do with the prick.” he hissed. He hated seeing his sister hurting, and he couldn't do a damn thing about it. He sighed as he lifted his head slowly.


“What should I do? I don't want her hating me, but at the same time I have to protect her.” he breathed out. He made sure he could still hear the shower running, because he had promised Rose, he wouldn't even tell Pierre about all of this. If she found out, she would end up hating him for good. He was torn between what to do, and finally talking to Pierre about it, was somewhat helping.

{Pierre Laveaux}

Pierre felt a sense of pride when the siblings remarked on the beauty of the landscape surrounding them. It was his home. And he was proud of that. It was partly why he posted so much on Instagram. Pierre wanted to share not only Switzerland, but the overall awe-inspiring nature of Europe to as many people as he possibly could. It got great attention, and for the most part people loved it. They loved seeing the hidden gems that nobody talked about. Others loved being able to ‘travel’ to places they could only dream about visiting. “Well now you’re both here! We can do all the travelling and sight-seeing that you could ever want. I promise there is a lot to do, especially this time of year.” the Swiss man remarked. As soon as more snow started to fall Pierre did want to take the duo skiing or snowboarding. That activity in itself was too fun to pass up in his opinion.


Once home the man had hurried to unlock the door to his home. Being outside for a bit was refreshing. But being out for too long really made one start to freeze. So, Pierre was more than happy to help the siblings and himself get out of that situation. He then found himself grinning at Rose’s words. “It’s my Oma’s recipe. I’m definitely nowhere close to her cooking skill, but I do try my best.” Pierre reciprocated the quick peck on the cheek Rose gave him. But the man contently moved about the kitchen, awaiting Dawson’s judgement on the bread. The American’s words cause Pierre to let out a laugh. “I’ll have to ask my Oma if I can divulge a recipe. Hopefully you two can meet her and my Opa on their farm. They’ve gotten super excited to meet the both of you in person.” Pierre confessed. But then he went on to listen to what Dawson had to say, and man did it fucking break Pierre’s heart for the woman.


Pierre saw Rose as a soft and kind soul who would do no harm to others. And he felt horrible about what had happened to her. Plus, Pierre couldn’t imagine all of the emotions both she and Dawson had to deal with. And for once Pierre got very serious. The man looked at Dawson dead in the eyes. “We can at least keep her here for now. I can guarantee she’s safe here with me and my friends. Because I wish a coward would give me a reason to sharpen up my knife skills.” Pierre said while crossing his arms across his chest. He was in contemplation. What should Dawson do? He was her elder brother. And he clearly felt a duty to protect her. But Pierre didn’t want to have him worry so much about it that he ends up hurting himself. Popping open a bottle of wine he poured a glass for all three of them even though Rose was in the shower. “I say that you don’t have a thing to worry about here. Let me take care of business, yeah?” Pierre said before taking a small sip of his wine, soon swirling the glass. “I just ask that if somebody asks you anything you don’t know shit.” he added. Pierre was definitely going to need the help of his military buddies on this one to get anything with this stalker/rapist accomplished. Pierre could only do so much on his own. But he knew that he had the right connections.


“Have some more bread. The soup is almost done, and I want Rose to be ready before we eat anything.” Pierre stated before cutting off another neat slice and buttered it lightly, handing it off to Dawson before pulling out his phone. This rapist certainly messed with the wrong people and boy did Pierre want to make sure the guy got put in a place where he belonged. Pierre held the phone up to his ear with his shoulder while he checked on the soup, throwing in a few last-minute dashes of herbs to help the taste. He chatted on the phone in German with his friend Dexter since they served together and had pretty much the same friend group. They were practically planning a whole operation like they were in the field all while Pierre tinkered away in the kitchen. The two were talking about who exactly they would need based on their expertise and where in the world they were currently since everybody was still considered in active service. Some were special op individuals, some were not. Pierre reasoned that they first needed to figure out who exactly the scum bag was and where he was located to start keeping tabs on him. “And you know if you and Matthias cannot get a hold of Tobias to reach out to Max. But with the two of them the computer bit would be much easier, you know?” Pierre mentioned as he reached for some salt. “Well, right now I’m preparing dinner for me and them, duh. I’ll save you and Matthias some soup. We’ll be alright. Chat later.” The Swiss man then hung up and stuffed his phone back into his pocket.


He then looked at Dawson again and stared in silence for just a moment. “Like I said. You don’t know dick about shit.” Pierre had learned that slang during his most recent trip to the States, and honestly, he loved it. He told all of his friends about what he had learned, and they all found it pretty amusing given the American context. “How about we set up the table? I also have gift baskets for the two of you.” Pierre mentioned. That last bit he wanted to keep a surprise, but he had to spoil it a little bit out of excitement. Pierre then began gathering utensils and such for the dinning room table. He also set out the wine glasses too, so Rose had something to greet her when she was refreshened and dressed from her shower. When the table was set Pierre went to go grab the baskets he curated for the two. He set Rose’s basket in her seat and handed Dawson’s basket to the other man.


Rose’s basket had luxurious body care products like scrubs, lotions, gel wash, face masks, head bands, and chocolate to indulge in. It also included a special hand dyed and knitted pink and white sweater his Oma made. She figured that it would be a nice welcoming gift since it was coming into the colder months. Dawson’s basket included a similar sweater, but a dark blue with a white pattern band wrapping around the chest and back. Dawson’s basket also had a hand-picked selection of sweets, aromatherapeutic blend hand lotions, hand ground coffee bags, and luxury hair and beard care products. He wanted them to feel taken care of while in his home and this was his way of welcoming the two into his home. Pierre then went back to the kitchen to start cutting bread and filling bowls with the soup he had made for everyone. After doing so he took a seat on the left side of the head of the table, leaving that spot for Rose. "And I hope that you understand the fact that the people I’m calling upon are of a sensitive nature due to their type of work so there aren’t many questions I can clarify for you, Dawson. Just know that while you two are here there is not a thing either one of you has to worry about.” Pierre mentioned with a smile on his face. Quite frankly he was thrilled to have the two there with him. But he would like to personally send a message to the person who hurt Rose that he made the wrong decision in doing so. But that was all in due time…

Dawson Whitlock

Dawson was still dealing with the battle in his head, when Pierre handed him another slice of bread. The soup smelled amazing, and the company wasn't bad either. He cocked his head to the side when he watched Pierre make his way around the kitchen while talking on the phone. He didn't understand a word the other was saying, maybe it was a good thing. He felt like he had failed his sister in more ways than one. He hadn't been able to protect her the way he should have. She was broken, and closed off.


He ran his hands through his hair and let out a small breath of air. He felt like he was the scum of the earth. He knew better than to feel that way, but could you really blame him? He hadn't been there, he let the asshole slip right through his fingers. At least they were clear across the country and she wouldn't have to deal with that. Maybe being here would help the woman heal at least a little bit. He did feel a little better about coming. He had been counting down the days until they left.


Now that they were here, he felt like everything was right in his world again. He didn't understand everything at first, and he didn't know if he ever would. That's when he heard Pierre speaking in English once more and he raised a brow slightly at the other man. Pierre always surprised him. He sighed as he stood and helped get the table set up. He could still hear the water running and he shook his head. “I'll apologize if she runs your water bill higher than normal.” he said with a small chuckle.


“She tends to take longer than she should, so if I need to pay you for it I will be more than happy too. You are our host after all.” he said as he set the plates and bowls onto the table. When Pierre mentioned gift baskets Dawson shook his head lightly. This was too much. First Pierre offered to house them for awhile, then he was getting his buddies involved in something with Rose, and now gift baskets? He felt like the worst person in the world, because he hadn't gotten anything for Pierre in return.


He moved behind the male's chair and slipped his arms around his neck, resting the palms of his hands on his chest. “You've done too much Pierre. I don't know how the fuck I'm going to repay you for everything you've done. You didn't have to take Rose under your wing, but I'm sure glad you did. She couldn't stop talking about you, the gifts are amazing as well, so please tell me what I can do to repay you.” he said into his ear. He knew what he wanted, but he would have to wait.


He pressed his lips to the male's cheek as he stood and squeezed his shoulders. “You've really done too much.” he said in a softer tone. He didn't mind it though, it was kind of nice to be spoiled for a change. He walked over to where his basket was, and started going through it. He smirked lightly at the lotions, and the cleaner for his beard. He then spotted the sweater and he pulled it out, and unfolded it to get a better look at it. It was amazing, and it felt warm and soft in his hands.


“Did your Oma make this? Because if she did, tell her thank you a thousand times over.” he said as he pulled his shirt up and over his head, and then slipped the sweater over his head in turn. He then pulled it down and streached his arms out a bit. It fit perfectly, and it was warm as well. He then took his seat and waited for Rose to finally join them. He didn't hear the shower running anymore, and wondered if she was doing okay. He let out a small sigh, wishing things were a bit different for her.


The trip here was enough to wear the woman out. Her body ached, and her heart felt like it was still shattering. She didn't know if Pierre knew the full story of what happened to her, but she had a feeling he would get it out of Dawson sooner or later. She had taken her time in the shower, letting the hot water run down her skin. The water was hot enough to turn her skin red. She tilted her head back closing her eyes. She had been counting down the days to seeing her best friend again.


She knew that Dawson would be a lot happier, but she felt safer having both men around. She didn't feel as weak, and she sure as hell didn't want to show it. When she had first entered the house, the smell of food cooking made her stomach growl. She wanted to get something to eat, and curl up in bed. She wanted nothing more than to break down, and let it all out. When she and Dawson had boarded the plane, she thought she saw the bastard that tore everything from her, but hadn't said anything.


She thought she had seen him everywhere she went these days. Even right now thinking about him made her skin crawl. She still felt the weight of his body on top of her, the way he forced himself on her, and the way she begged and cried for him to stop. She shuddered lightly and shook her head. ‘Stop it Belle. You are safe. You have Pierre and Dawson, and neither one of them will let anything happen to you.’ she thought to herself, and she sure hoped that was the case.


A few minutes later she shut off the water and climbed out. She wrapped herself in one of the towels hanging on the wall. She wiped the steam off the mirror and looked at herself in the mirror. She didn't look the same. She looked tired, scared, and ready to bolt at any sight, or feeling. She knew the others were still waiting on her, so she hurried and dried herself off and got dressed. She pulled on a pair of leggings, and an over sized t-shirt. It was better than nothing. She then found her slipper shoes she brought with her.


She slipped them onto her feet and hung the towel up, and then walked out. She spotted both men at the table, and a basket was sitting in her spot. She walked into the kitchen and looked at her brother and Pierre. “What did you do?” she asked softly walking over to the table. She pulled her chair out and sat down. She reached for the basket and started going through it. Her heart was about to burst with joy at the sight of everything. Her eyes then landed on the sweater.


The small gesture made the woman break down into tears. She held onto the sweater a moment longer before looking towards Pierre. “Thank you so much!” she said as she wiped the tears away. She never had a hand knitted sweater in her life, and it was beautiful. She folded it and placed it back into the basket. She then went and hugged Pierre again, kissing his cheek. She felt so overwhelmed, that she didn't mean to cry. She was a blubbering idiot just then, but she didn't care. The thought was all that mattered to her.


She pulled back and wiped the tears away and her stomach growled. “When's the food going to be ready? I'm starving.” she said with a small laugh. She hadn't meant to break down, but the basket, and all of the gifts made her feel cared about, and it's been awhile since she's felt that from anyone. Ever since her worst nightmare came true, she didn't feel like she deserved anything ever again. She moved back to her chair, and sat back down. She then spotted the glass of wine, and she lifted it taking a sip, before placing it back down.


{Pierre Laveaux}

There certainly was a whirlwind of things going on at the moment. But Pierre was prioritizing making sure that both Rose and Dawson felt welcomed and comfortable in his home. The last thing on the Swiss man’s mind was a water bill. So, when the other man mentioned it Pierre stopped for a moment, looked at Dawson, and just laughed a bit. He then waved off the idea, not bothered in the slightest by Rose taking her sweet time in the shower. If there was anyone in the world that deserved a pampering session, it was her. In the back of Pierre’s mind, he thought to offer the two massages and such once they were all settled and perhaps not so jetlagged from all of their traveling. But Pierre shook his head when Dawson offered to actually pay the difference in his water bill. “I get you are trying to be nice. But I literally cannot be made to care about my water bill right now. But thank you, schatzi. I appreciate the thought.” the shorter male stated. “But Rose can do pretty much whatever she wants here.”


Pierre then looked slightly over his shoulder back at Dawson when he felt the other’s arms and hands rest on his body. “I don’t act this way with the expectation of repayment, Dawson. I just want the two of you to feel safe and comfortable during your stay here. I would really hate for you two to have come all this way, only to end up not enjoying yourselves.” A smile tugged at the corner’s of Pierre’s lips, though, when Dawson kissed his cheek. The American certainly had a soft spot when he decided he wished to show it. That was a bit comical, in Pierre’s opinion. But he loved how tender the other could be when he wanted to. “I feel like I do what is right.” the male’s quiet tone matching Dawson’s. Pierre then watched the other man try on the sweater that his Oma hand made. “I will be sure to relay your message to her. She was super excited during the time she took to make the sweater for you and Rose.”


When the woman did eventually come out of the bathroom, fresh and clean, Pierre casually watched as she went through he gift basket. He didn’t expect her to get emotional over her gifts, but the man accepted her hug and kiss on the cheek regardless. His arms found themselves wrapping around the woman, gently rubbing her back as she cried on him. The Swiss man didn’t say anything to her, though, allowing the woman to take all of the time and space that she felt she needed in the moment. He would honestly kill for her, though, if it came down to it. But the man hoped that Rose could find some peace here during their stay in Europe. Pierre was wanting to connect her with some of his female friends so she didn’t feel isolated and could feel safe among others so she could live and have some fun. “I can go check on the food. It should be ready by now. It’s been a labor of love today, honestly.” he mentioned before heading into the kitchen to confirm that the food was indeed ready to be served.




A group of Pierre’s friends invited him, Dawson, and Rose out to a skating rink for some fun time out and about since it wasn’t quite the weather for outdoor rinks yet. Pierre was quite excited since it had been some time since he last went ice skating. But he also knew that some of his friends were actual competitive athletes in the figure skating sport. Still, Pierre was excited to introduce his friends to Rose and Dawson. He thought that Rose would especially love Kristina since she was a very tall ‘don’t fuck with me’ type of woman. He thought that Rose could benefit from having more female friends that were outspoken and independent. And Kristina was definitely that in Pierre’s honest opinion. Her skating partner Friedrich was also going to be there too. Fritz was definitely going to get Rose to laugh her ass off, Pierre knew that for a fact. Friedrich was such a certified goofball of a person that it was hard to not at least chuckle at his antics. And to top it all off Kristina and Friedrich were both beautiful skaters on their own and together as a pair. So, Pierre was super excited to just see their elegant athleticism at work.


“I am excited for you two to meet some of my friends! I’m positive that you all will get along great.” Pierre mentioned, adjusting his skate bag that was sitting in his lap during their scenic train ride. “I don’t know about you two, but it has been a while since I have been able to go skating. I’m not a professional like my friends are, but have you ever been skating before?” Pierre directed his question to both Dawson and Rose. “And if you guys are feeling up to it, we can trek around the markets and see what kind of food we can find if you get hungry?” The train ride itself was fairly short in Pierre’s eyes. And it was just a short walk from the station to the actual rink. Pierre enjoyed walking outside though. The air felt clean and crisp, and it was relaxing to be a part of. Inside of the rink, though, the Swiss man could hear his friend Fritz absolutely cackling like he just heard the funniest joke on the planet. That was typical behavior for the German.


But as soon as the tall-as-a-mountain Friedrich spotted the trio coming in, he quickly made his way over to scoop Pierre off his feet into a bear hug of a lifetime. Pierre’s legs comically dangled in the air as he did his best to hug the other man back before he was ultimately set back down on his feet. Shortly thereafter, Kristina joined them although she wasn’t as aggressive in greeting Pierre. Kristina had also offered a polite wave to Dawson and Rose while Fritz followed suit. “Pierre has spoken very highly of the two of you.,” Kristina spoke, “It is a pleasure to finally meet you.” Meanwhile, Fritz couldn’t help but stifle a snicker at his own expense. “You just missed it! I completely busted my ass on a jump and slid like a penguin across the ice.” Fritz was an enigma, honestly. Sometimes Pierre wondered if the other did weird stuff on purpose just for a laugh because taking a spill for the comedy would not have been entirely out of his character. In the back of her head, Kristina was hoping that Fritz wouldn’t scare away Pierre’s friends. “Do you want some help getting skates to use?” Kristina asked, directed towards Rose figuring the men could fend for themselves just fine despite Fritz’s outlandish antics…

Dawson Whitlock

As the days wore on, Dawson was getting into a whole different routine, and he wasn't complaining in the slightest. He was glad to be out of the states, he was seeing some of the old Rose too. She was still somewhat closed off, and he couldn't blame her. When the day came to go skating, he was kind of nervous, because he knew he would make a huge fool of himself. He knew that Rose would be a pro at it, because she was so elegant anyway. As they all piled into the compartment, he watched as Rose looked out the window.


There was some sort of childish glint in her eyes, and he couldn't help but smile at that. It was nice to see her so excited. He then turned his attention to Pierre and titled his head to the side. “Just don't be surprised if I take a lot of tumbles, I'm not very good on skates.. Never been ice skating either, so I'm not gonna lie. I might need a lot of help, and I might end up on my ass the whole time.” he said with a laugh.


“He's not kidding either. When we were younger, momma and daddy had gotten him some roller skates, and he ended up on his ass, that I couldn't stop giggling. The neighborhood kids got a good show of it as well.” she said as she turned her head towards the two. She was glad to see how happy Pierre and Dawson were. She was kind of jealous of the relationship they had, she kind of hoped she would find something like that, but doubted it. She then turned her gaze back to the window, watching the trees and buildings.


“I mean.. I did try staying on my feet, but I guess the ground had a different idea.” he said with a chuckle. He saw the look on his sister's face before she turned back to the window, and wondered what was on her mind. Soon enough, they were climbing out, and heading towards the indoor skating rink. Rose had a small spring in her step. "Yes, I would love to do a little shopping later!" she said with a smile. She then seemed smaller than she was when they entered the building and two others came up to them.


Dawson shook his head at the huge male, and couldn't help but laugh when Pierre was swept up off his feet. Soon they were all talking, and the other female was trying to get Rose under her wing. He could tell she was slightly taken back by how large the other male was. “Well, I hope it's been nothing but good things that he has said.” Dawson said as he rubbed the back of his head. Rose looked towards the other woman and nodded lightly, laughing a bit at what the taller man said.


“I mean, if there were children around, I'm sure they would have loved seeing that.” she said with a warm smile. She then turned her gaze back to the other woman. “I would love that. I've never been ice skating before, so I honestly don't know what I'm doing.” she said with a sheepish smile. It was kind of nice being around others for a change. She didn't feel so alone, but knew that sooner or later she would be, but for the time being, she was going to enjoy the company the others offered.


{Pierre Laveaux}

The blonde German woman could only chuckle as she nodded her head to reassure Dawson about what Pierre had told them before their arrival. “I promise it was all positive things about the two of you.” Kristina smiled as she knew that Pierre was a relatively positive person for the most part. The woman knew that the Swiss man was not infallible, but she recognized the effort that Pierre invested into looking for the silver linings of things and remaining hopeful even when he did not have all the cards stacked in his favor. And that was true, but Pierre looked back at Dawson for a second with a curiously raised brow.


“You doubt me, Dawson? Why would I not tell my closest friends good, no, great things about you? I think it’s the least I could have done to give them a fair expectation before you two arrived.” Pierre inquired, but more so in a sarcastic sense accompanied by a light touch on Dawson’s arm with his free hand. Still the American and his mannerisms amused Pierre.


But Friedrich’s attention was directed at Rose when she spoke about the hypothetical of having children around to witness his latest spill on the ice. His expression lit up with a jovial sense of glee. He honestly loved children be it babysitting, teaching them how to skate, or even just letting them watch if they were too nervous. “I’m sure you’re right about that! I know when I am spending time with my younger cousins when I’m not training or with my partner, they find it hilarious when I take a tumble. And I personally think it is funny because there is always this idea that you have to be perfect all of the time on the competitive professional level. I know I fall all of the time, though, when I’m not paying much attention. However, my brothers who are hockey players always make fun of me for it when they also bust ass quite frequently. They just do so with more padding.”


Kristina gave a gentle pat on Friedrich’s shoulder before she really made the move to get off the ice to help Rose get skates that fit her properly. Especially because she did not want her to get too overwhelmed by Fritz’s talkative nature right off the bat. Kristina knew that her friend and skate partner could honestly keep himself entertained for hours and talk to others for even longer if he were given the opportunity. But the German woman was quick, but gentle in guiding her newest acquaintance to take a seat so she could assist with fitting skates. And having been in the sport for so long it was relatively quick work for her. “Fritz is quite the energetic one, so I do apologize if he comes across as a bit much. The difference between him and his older brothers is quite funny if you ever get to meet them. Because no surprise, Pierre is also friends with them. It amazes me personally how he can seemingly befriend anyone that he talks to.” Kristina noted. “Although, Friedrich is actually the shortest of his brothers. I believe by American measurements he’s around 6’ 6”? His brothers are about 6’ 8” and 6’ 10”. And their father? Literally 7’ 2”. Giants, the lot of them. But they’re all very nice people when you understand those funny little cultural isms for Germans.”


The woman made sure the lacing on Rose’s skates were snug, but not done up too tightly. “I did try to get them as even as possible. But try to stand up and see how they feel.” Kristina spoke while she stood back up, offering a hand to help Rose if she felt like she needed it. “I don’t know about you, but I figure some time away from a bunch of guys is refreshing.” She joked a little bit. Unless the shorter woman wanted to be involved in what the boys were doing, then Kristina wasn’t going to stop her. But also, she did not want Fritz going on to bombard Rose and stressing her out. The German woman always believed in making learning fun and casual especially with something like figure skating.


And what Kristina had done for Rose, Pierre similarly did for Dawson. And while it had not come up in their own personal conversations, the Swiss man absolutely loved taking care of Dawson regardless of if the other begrudgingly accepted it or not. Pierre really appreciated the smaller, domestic things that he could do in addition to the more overt, grander gestures of affection. But overall, it was really difficult for Pierre to really explain just how much love he felt for the American and what all he would do just for Dawson. Pierre just knew that he would absolutely go to the ends of the Earth for the other man without him even asking.


After ensuring Dawson was good to go, Pierre laced up his own skates as he listened to Fritz talk about a menagerie of things while he casually spun around with hands in his pockets. “You two are lucky as hell you can get together like this.” Friedrich casually mentioned while Pierre stood up from the bench he had been sitting on. “Oh, has training been getting at you and Stefan?” Pierre tilted his head slightly, understanding Fritz’s frustration. “Yeah, it’s just been difficult when he is always going back and forth between Germany and Iceland. Like Stefan is over there right now for a business and family trip. And then I’m always traveling for competitions or exhibitions, so quality time can become scarce during regular season.”


Pierre certainly did not envy how busy his friends’ schedules were. And it made him appreciate his time with Dawson that much more. Distance really did make things difficult sometimes. “But we find ways to make it work, so it is what it is, really.” the German shrugged after he stopped lazily spinning about. “But how about we work on getting you functional on two feet on the ice. No shame if you need to hold the wall, I promise.” Friedrich said, rather chipper, towards Dawson. Pierre was pretty excited himself because he would get to refresh on general things as he found figure skating to be exciting. But the shorter Swiss man was hoping Friedrich wouldn’t try to snatch him up for laughs since Kristina was preoccupied with Rose…


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