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☽Beyond the Kingdom's Walls☾ ♛Closed♛

By _CommanderXephy
Backup thread

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The Land of Axea had known peace for millennia under the Conservatorship of the Kingdom of Vitae - the largest royal family in the world. Travel between countries was monitored but unrestricted, trades were abundant, and the people were happy.

When Lord Cy'zian Silika took control of the Land of Axea, this all changed.

Straining once-important relationships unless they were to his benefit, executing or jailing anyone that disagreed with him, and even going as far as trying to forbid races to breed with one another, Axea began to fall apart. Though Vitae thrived due to its wealthy status, the countries that surrounded it did everything they could to survive.

There was one who could sit by and watch this no longer.

Princess Krista Silika, the sole heir to the Vitaen Kingdom, had seen enough. Though she was often considered frail and timid, her budding magic and determination were strong, and she refused to watch her kingdom suffer any longer. Slipping out of Vitae in the black of night, she marched onward to grow stronger, looking forward to the day when she could dethrone her father and restore Axea to its former glory.

But she knew she couldn't do it alone.


⚜Casting Call⚜

Okay, this is where I ask for people to join. This will be a fantasy/action roleplay. I would like at least two other people before starting, and more are welcome to join after. The cap will be four. Krista will need a “party” to help her restore Axea, and who better than you? Here's the info I'll need! PM it to me - please do not request access to send it to me!


[Character Name]:

[Character Age]:

[Character Gender]:

[Character Race]: [See “Countries and Races” below!]

[Character Class]: (Example: Mage, healer, fighter, barbarian, etc. Use whatever you'd like!)

[Self-Portrait]: (Photo link) (Note: Do not link the photo, just give me the link. Thanks!)



So, all things have rules. I'm not terribly picky.

-18+ only. [Exception can be made based on RP ability.]

-One well-worded paragraph required. Quality over quantity - give me something to work with.

-Please message me if you'll be out for an extended period. Life happens and that's fine! Just don't ghost us!

-In lieu with the previous, if you decide this isn't your thing, let me know and you're welcome to drop this. Just don't ghost us please.

-Fantasy/decent anime photos please. Portrait-like real photos are also acceptable.

-You'll be developing this world with me, so please feel free to inject ideas. Use the chat on the side of the thread to spread ideas around.

-Do not request access to this thread. PM me with the character skeleton!



[Username]: _CommanderXephy

[Character Name]: Krista Silika

[Character Age]: 24

[Character Gender]: Female

[Character Race]: Half Air-Dweller/Half Forest-Dweller. Elf/human.

[Character Class]: Elemental Mage



[Username]: MercuryFoox

[Character Name]: Linnae Shadowrunner

[Character Age]: 23

[Character Gender]: Female

[Character Race]: Air-Dweller. Elf

[Character Class]: Fighter/Assassin

[Self-Portrait]: 🌿


[Username]: Aserox

[Character Name]: Garak Stoneguard

[Character Age]: 110

[Character Gender]: Male

[Character Race]: Mountain Dweller - Dwarf

[Character Class]: Knight



[Username]: Sarina342

[Character Name]: Utsubo

[Character Age]: 28

[Character Gender]: Female

[Character Race]: Ocean-Dweller. Merfolk (Abyssal)

[Character Class]: Healer/Barbarian



[Username]: _Apocalyptic_

[Character Name]: Rachet 

[Character Age]: 120 

[Character Gender]: Male 

[Character Race]: Elf 

[Character Class]: Rogue

[Self-Portrait]: 🗡


⚜Countries and Races⚜

Here's a list of the countries and the types of Dwellers that live in them.

Air-Dwellers- Lithe, agile people. Typically elves, nomads, humans, and faeries.



Mountain-Dwellers- Hearty folks. Dwarves are common here.




Forest-Dwellers- Strong but agile. Elves, nomads, humans, barbarians. A good mix.

-Silva/Forest of Silva

-Marsh Villa


Cave-Dwellers- Hearty folk. Few Dwarves flit about with barbarians and hefty humans. 


-Anterrum Caves

Sky-Dwellers- Perpetually mad when mistaken for Air-Dwellers. Harpies, half-Griffins, winged folk. Live on floating islands. Definitely not Air-Dwellers. They're not landbound.

-Parliament of Volant

-Fallen City of Accipiter

-Hawk's Peak

Plains-Dwellers- Most common type. Humans, mostly, but faeries hide here too. Ideal for anyone.



-Kinzia Theocracy




Desert-Dwellers- Rough-and-tough on the outside, kind on the inside. Faeries, lizardfolk, and other unbothered kind live here



Ocean-Dwellers- Merfolk. Water lovers. Rhaeadrans. You name it. Gentle souls. Coastal or islands.







Thanks for reading! If you're interested and you made it this far, just title the PM of with your favorite color! Hope to write with you soon!

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Krista Silika

Walking was beginning to grow tiresome, running even more so. It had been a while since Krista had seen a town. Had it been three days? A week? She couldn’t remember. She just knew she was beginning to feel dirty, worn-down, and hungry. The young priestess would settle for a campsite with Dwarves if it got her off her feet.

Krista had been lucky so far. Her white top, black skirt, and navy-blue cloak – while growing quite filthy – had remained in good repair. Her shoes, however, had not met the same fate. The leather had begun growing thin two towns ago and was now beginning to tear. The shoes themselves had been soaked and were caked in dry mud, making them stiff and uncomfortable. She would have to purchase new ones when it was safe.

The moonlight from Axea's two moons - Gaia and Ia - were shining through the trees, speckling the forest floor below. The natural moonlight and her dimly-lit lantern were the only sources of light in the forest – the Forest of Silva if she remembered correctly. Tetsu, an old monk she’d met in Elkar, had warned her against travelling through the wooded area on her own. “Silva’s Forest is a natural-grown maze!” he’d said. Krista hadn’t listened. She hadn’t the time.

She had to avoid being found by him.

It was unlikely that he would look this far for her; the Kingdom of Vitae was two weeks’ travel from the last town, and Krista was not a fighter. It was likely that he would assume the elements, or a creature would get to her before she’d make it away from Vitae’s mountainous range. He never believed her magic would be of any benefit to her. The Moon Goddesses, nor her blossoming magical abilities, had not failed her thus far. Krista would show him one day.

Krista would be strong enough to rescue Vitae and Axea from his tyranny.

With the wind at a standstill, the forest grew quiet. She stilled her footsteps and listened to the creatures of the night. The gentle chirping of crickets was followed by the distant howling of wolves – and likely werewolves – that resided in the mountains of Vitae, Viribus, Honoris, Imperium, and Capitosus. She had seen a herd of behemoth a few miles back, though they tended to be daytime dwellers, and docile unless threatened. What had the old monk worried himself for? She was doing fine.

The crack of a branch brought Krista to attention, her brown eyes sharp and alert. She raised the lantern but said nothing, instead focusing shakily on the trees in front of her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Come on Krista, you’re doing fine. She opened her eyes and looked out into the forest again. Who would be out at this time of night? Daring not to speak, she stepped forward slowly, trying not to alert whatever was lurking in the forest.

[OOC: Your opener does NOT need to be this long! I wanted to give you a setting AND a way to bring yourself in! I left my opening open-ended in case you wanted to use this as a way to bring yourself to meet Kris here, or I can just make the noise a wild animal at my next post. Thank you! -X.]

AseroxGarak Stoneguard   99d ago

Garak stepped out of the hot confines of a tavern into the crisp night air; with a belly full of beer and a song in his heart, he strode down Traders Way towards the city gates, humming to himself all the while. He carefully adjusted the straps of his burgeoning backpack as he spoke aloud between hums. “Now this is walkin' weather.” He said to noone in particular. It seemed nothing could bring his mood down today. He was on his way to deliver a very important letter after all. He, a Stoneguard had finally been given such an important quest! No more standing guard for countless hours while elders droned on in whispers, he was moving up in the world. He'd never been all that far from home, but he was sure that with his skill? Why he'd accomplish his task splendidly and be welcomed back like a champion. Maybe they'd petition for him to join the royal guard. He could see it now.

 It wasn't even the storm some days back that was the worst of his journey. It turns out that after heavy rains, everything outside the city just turns to mud. Puddles and mud. Muddy puddles. He'd come ready for a long journey but it turned out that walking for days on end was harder than expected on his poor, now waterlogged feet. He'd spent a little too much coin at the last inn too, and his purse was starting to look a little sad. What was it that the innkeep had said? It was a left at the third crossroad, and a right at the fork to get onto the Kings Road? Or a right at the third crossroads, and a left at the fork? The shortcut would lead him into a wooded area used for logging, but it would only be a few hours walk through that, supposedly. Maybe he should've written it down, and drank a little less. Well he knew for next time, and he couldnt really spare a day and a half trekking back just to ask. He was bound to run into a logger or hunter out here, and he resolved to march left. Nothing would get in the way of him completing his quest now. 

 It was probably a bad sign that the muddy path had become more overgrown and rocky than before. It was probably an even worse sign that the path turned more into a game trail than even muddy path. Garak was about to turn and head back when he'd spotted a small clearing ahead, several felled trees laying arranged neatly in a pile. He was right after all! Joy course through him as he practically charged forward through the underbrush. A song returned to his spirit as he hummed his happy tune once more, his pains easing. 

 Lost. He knew it. It was the wrong bloody road and he was a certified idiot. He should've gone back but no, no he was the mighty Garak Stoneguard, he knew what was best. Yes well, this is what became of his arrogant notions. Royal guard. What future royal guardsman would be sent into the muck to deliver a message? He'd been trudging for too long tonight already, and thought to settle down and make camp for the evening when he'd spotted something. A gentle flickering light moving through the woods ahead. A lantern! Thank the gods, people! It didn't even matter if it was an elf at this point! Someone who knew their way around this forsaken woodland! He barreled eagerly forwards at first, stopping dead in his tracks only moments later. Howling echoed eerily through the forest canopy. There were evil things like witches, out here in the dark woods, right? He'd heard about that from his uncle Gaffer. Stepping carefully now, he snuck as best a laden dwarf could. It was better to be safe than sorry after all. A figure ahead sat cloaked, probably murmuring something to itself, evil incantations no doubt. He was sure of it. He watch as the witch sat huddled by lanternlight. Creepy, who talks to themselves like that? Noone sane, that's who, definately a witch. He'd turned to leave when he stepped on something hard. Cra-ack! A chill ran down his spine, but now the cat was out of the bag. The witch knew he was nearby and he had to do something. His mind raced. 

“I have uncovered your meeting place, dastardly witch! S-surrender to me, before the paladins arrive, and we will show mercy!” He called in the bravest tone he could, stumbling only a little as he stepped out. His shield was already weighing him down and his entire lower body was mud. What wasnt armored was covered in scratches, twigs and barbs from the forest. He was probably quite the sight himself, but he puffed out his chest nonetheless, standing his full mighty height of 4'10. It was only after a half moment that he really examined the witch. She was, kind of small and ragged, kind of dainty really. The cloak had been the thing to throw him off. An, elven girl maybe? He deflated visibly as relief flooded through him. “What are you doing out here, erm, Miss?” 


[OOC: Likewise, no pressure for long posts folks. I just like to do a bit of a longer first post, especially since we had no established backstories yet]

Krista Silika

When Krista saw the Dwarven knight before her, she lowered the wind spell in her hand. There was no need to torch the poor fellow; he was not a wild animal coming after her, nor would a Dwarven knight be with the Vitaen Kingdom. With how awful Lord Silika had been to the Dwarves of the mountains, he was lucky the mountains beneath Vitae hadn’t caved in.

Most importantly, her father had not found her. Yet.

The blonde sighed, her heartbeat settling to a normal speed. “I’m… traveling?” The quick response was bumpy at best - she hadn’t time to think of what to say if she was confronted. Her mixed traits gave her leeway to pretend she was a Forest-Dweller; the fewer people that recognized her, the safer everyone she passed was.

She would not let anyone get hurt in her quest to become stronger. This was her fight.

“I could ask you the same thing.” Krista’s accent was gentle, though she put up a stern front. “It’s moonhigh; don’t you have a family to get home to?” A soft breeze passed through, causing the flame in her lantern to sway. The flickering fire created dancing shadows beneath the lantern, the patterns odd and beautiful. Clouds began to cover Ia, Gaia still shining through the growing cloud cover. Are we due for another storm? Krista wondered to herself. She was ill prepared for it, not that she would admit that to a stranger.

Sarina342Utsubo   99d ago
Rampant AI


Bait. That’s what she’d been before. Nothing more than a hardy morsel to be fed to a behemoth. But not one of land, but of sea. Dark gray flesh, a body that stretched almost fifty feet. She could remember the sight of its many rows of teeth. Just before they’d gnash down, she’d wake up. A soft hiss came from her hair as she’d lift her hand to it. “Shh, there there… I’ve just had a little nightmare is all.”

She cooed to the eel before it would give almost a huff as it eased itself. Utsubo looked forward to the dying fire of her campsite. A long way off from any body of water and low on supplies. She cursed to herself but was glad for one thing. At least she could create water to douse herself in if she ever needed it. The Abyssal had set out on this journey only to prove a point. That she was not someone who could be used. A tool for only healing, for closing wounds of greater warriors than her. But she’d show them, show them that she could survive and make it on her own on the surface! Where to start though? She’d borrowed a map before she headed up from the depths. Listening to many land-goers, she figured the closest thing would be the forest maze. Or, was it the maze of forests?... Amazing Forest? The thoughts hurt her head but she’d continued onward. The terrain changing from beach, field, to forest was simple. What she didn’t entirely expect was the forest to be a swamp when it rained. 

Sure she could trek easily through the mud as she usually would with wet sand. This did not mean she enjoyed it at all. Nor did the moray that hissed or sputtered at times whenever they’d rest to camp. Utsubo has long since abandoned her tent after it was soaked through early on. Food was never an issue so long as she could find a stream or pond. Roasted frog had soon become her favorite. Of course she’d never seen one within the ocean so firing a mote of her magic at one was a bit difficult. But once she had and cooked it up, it soon became a new goal to find some spices to make it taste better. All she had to do was find a village or something, and no way it’d be that hard to find…

…And yet here she was, later into the evening and wandering once more. The smell of rain in the distance noting a possible storm. Then, two more scents began to grow stronger the closer she got. Her bioluminescent eyes glowed faintly as she focused in a direction that she slowly followed. The eel within her ‘hair’  hissed softly while she’d approach the area. It certainly looked ominous, two glowing and predatory eyes staring at the pair through the trees and coming slowly closer. The faint hissing coming from a second smaller pair that writhed back and forth growing closer. But the Abyssal would slowly lift a hand to wave it as she stepped into the faint lantern light. 

“Ah… Greetings. I am sorry to intrude here but, do either of you need healing assistance?” The woman asked, tilting her head a bit. She’d wanted to make her entrance something interesting, something unique that would’ve wooed the two. Instead, she bumbled forward and blurted the first things she felt might be best to say.  “I am not interrupting something that's really important, am I?”  

AseroxGarak Stoneguard   99d ago


 “I’m… traveling?” The dainty one had said. It was more of a question, really. Garak took a deep breath as an odd feeling welled up inside him. He couldn't help but think of her as a small child. Elves should age pretty slowly. If this was some young forest dweller out without her parents permission, that ought to be pretty dangerous, right? He couldn't help but take an almost stern stance as he eyed her. "Young ladies shouldn't travel alone at night, it's not safe you know." shaking a finger at her as if to scold her, half jokingly.

 “I could ask you the same thing. It’s moonhigh; don’t you have a family to get home to?” A bitter expression plastered itself across Garaks face. He definitely shouldn't be trudging out in the middle of this muck-filled forest, and yes, he'd much rather be at home with his family. He forced his expression back to stern; "Now now young miss, I think we're both in an odd spot. I didn't expect to find you out here is all. Are your parents nearby, or do all Wood-folk walk around in the woods in the dark of night? Maybe you're here to meet someo-?" he cut off as yet another set of footsteps entered their small clearing. In a blur he spun to face the newcomer, shield bared and hand darting to his sword, not entirely calmed from his earlier witch-fright. Instinctually, he'd also taken a half step in front of the elf girl, now that he felt that she was otherwise defenseless. 

 “Ah… Greetings. I am sorry to intrude here but, do either of you need healing assistance?” Shock. An expression of absolutely unbridled shock sat stuck on Garaks face. Was that . . some kind of creature? No, it kind of looked like the ocean dwellers that had visited some years ago, but this one had glowing eyes, multiple glowing eyes. Was it some kind of medusa perhaps? A distant cousin? “I am not interrupting something that's really important, am I?" She spoke!? It took him until now to even process that she'd said something. He wrestled with himself to ease back down and get his mouth working, only now noticing he'd activated the runes in his shield, their soft blue-white glow further lighting the clearing. "Er, I, uh. No, good lady? That is, to say I mean, I think we are quite, uh, healthy." I'm staring. He couldn't stop. What was with those eyes? "Please, uh, come sit by the fire." he said, awkwardly shuffling aside and gesturing towards the elf before realizing. "Er. that is to say, I shall make a fire, at which we can then sit. Uh, right?" He very briefly glanced back towards where the young elf was, looking for help.

MercuryFooxLinnae Shadowrunner   98d ago
Mistress of nu rock and Slim Shady

Linnae Shadowrunner

Linnae perched carefully on a tree branch, high above the girl's head. She had been tracking the girl for some days now, since she had left the last town. She had originally done it out of pure curiosity, since she was still a young elf and exploring the world. But now she realized that this girl was simply wandering, and into danger at that. So she had decided to tail the girl should her assistance be required. As yet she had needed no protection, but Linnae had not seen the girl carry any weapons or make any sort of display of martial skill.

Linnae's bow scraped the bark as she shifted on the branch.

Krista Silika

Part of Krista felt bad for being so inherently stubborn - it looked like the Dwarf genuinely wanted to be helpful. The other part of her was immediately offended that he thought of her as a child. She was a mage, an adult, a bloody princess­-

She forced herself to take an internal breath. Throwing a fit would not help her case, and if she gave herself away, it would possibly make things worse and more dangerous. "You have me mistaken, good sir," Krista replied politely, bowing slightly. "While I appreciate the concern, I-"

How did she explain her parentage? Her mother had been dead for years. but her father? He was alive and well.

And the most hated being in Axea.

Luckily, the arrival of a newcomer kept her from having to answer. As the female came into the light, Krista felt almost starstruck. She had heard of Abyssals in stories her mother had told her, but had never seen one. Still, she needed to be polite. Abyssals were living creatures, not toys. "I appreciate the offer, miss, but I'm... fine." She didn't need to draw attention to herself.

Krista panned so the two of them were in her sights. "I really do appreciate the offers, but.. I don't want you involved with me. I don't want to get you hurt... I'm sure you're both wonderful, but-" A faint scraping sound caused Krista's head to snap up, and she whipped her lantern into the air. "Did you hear that?"

MercuryFooxLinnae Shadowrunner   98d ago
Mistress of nu rock and Slim Shady

Linnae Shadowrunner

Linnae froze where she was. At this point she was not willing to talk to these other people, and certainly not ready to reveal herself. She knew if push came to shove then she could handle herself, but she figured the tree was safer.

Sarina342Utsubo   98d ago
Rampant AI


The moray turned itself in her hair, even if itself seemed as though it was the multiple tails of this one creature. Utsubo’s eyes seemed to almost grow a touch dimmer but still glowed in the faint light. Her waving hand moved to gently pet its head while she’d listened intently. A dwarf who bore a magic shield. It’d certainly hurt but she might manage it. But with the two of them staring, she tried to keep her composure even if she averted her gaze a moment. A faint purple showed on her cheeks as she’d brush her hair. Her ears twitching slightly before she spoke again.

“I-I see, but I’m not blind to these sorts of things.” She’d explain while wagging a finger, her eyes locking to the dwarf’s then to the girl’s.

 With her stepping closer, it became more noticeable. Her teeth were sharp, two more prominent canines on her top and bottom jaw shown past her lips. The moray moved in her hair to keep eyes on the dwarf as she’d tilt her head, looking over the girl. Now with less foliage she was able to stand straight. And to her surprise, she was taller here. Standing just an inch or two below six feet, she lowered herself only slightly.

“You are covered in scrapes, and your feet likely hurt with shoes like those. And you-“ she said while turning her head, the moray switching to look towards the girl now. “You are both going to catch a cold with your clothes like that, s-so maybe I’ll need to stick around to be sure you’ll be alright.”

Being forward towards the two was difficult and she’d almost bit her tongue. Which again up close, seemed to emit the same dull glow that matched her eyes. But being notified of the sound, she’d tilt her head a bit. It was noticeable yes, but judging from what she’d seen in her land wanderings? She figured it was the wind or a squirrel but she’d give a nod that she had indeed caught it.

AseroxGarak Stoneguard   97d ago

“Erm, yes. Wonderful. We're all wonderful here.” Garak said, scratching at the side of his head with his free hand looking awkward. He had heard something above, but at this point so much was going on that he just dismissed it as a squirrel, or something. He tore his eyes away from the most recent arrival. She was more or less right, not that he felt it right at this moment but, his feet were quite sore and the damp wasn't doing him any good, but that was nothing that needed the tending of a full blown healer. “My thanks, good, erm, lady. I am well. But you seem a kind sort, so uh, feel free to join us.” No, in his mind he just needed to do, well, anything to get his thoughts in order. 

 He strode to one side and shrugged off his still bulky backpack, its contents rattling loudly as it thudded to the ground. He leant his shield against a tree as its glow faded, the small runes dulling quickly with the release of the handle. “A warm cooking fire and a stew will do me well now I think. And surely we can all agree a short sit will do no harm.” he declared, nodding to himself. Turning on his heel back towards the others, Garak put his hand to his heart and made a quick, low bow. His cheery smile returned to his face, if a little put on. “Garak Stoneguard, at your service.” His eyes lingered a little too long on the ocean dweller again, but he hurriedly brought out his flint and tinderbox. Any kind of busywork to make him less awkward would be ideal here. Still glancing at the other two, Garak deftly bundled some sticks and wood shavings together to start a fire. He'd feel much better warm and dry, and got to work on starting a flame; Wet sticks were annoying to work with. “I have some salted pork and a carrot or two spare for a soup, if you're interested.” 

Krista Silika

Krista wasn’t quite ready to dismiss the noise she heard, but at least allowed herself to relax. If she needed to act, she would. “Right… I guess I could use a minute off my feet.” She lowered her lantern, taking a deep breath. “My name is Krista…” She decided to keep her last name to herself. I won’t… I won’t get them killed… The mage kept her eyes on her feet; would sticking around get them hurt anyway? Maybe she’d be able to sneak away once they were distracted.

For now she glanced through her bag. She didn’t have a lot. “I… have an onion I collected a town back. I meant to collect more to feed myself, but…” Krista cut herself off. It was pathetic how she was fending for herself, but she was still alive. That meant something, right?

MercuryFooxLinnae Shadowrunner   97d ago
Mistress of nu rock and Slim Shady

Linnae Shadowrunner

Linnae relaxed somewhat as she was convinced that the group below had not registered her presence. She adjusted her bow on her back so that it rested more horizontally, to mitigate the risk of another sound. I'll remember that in the future, she thought grimly. I'll have to wrap the ends of my bow in cloth or some other material so it won't make as much noise.

Now, it seemed that the girl had made some acquaintances, Linnae realized that she most likely would not be needed in case of danger. She decided to stay hidden, however, at least for the time being.

AseroxGarak Stoneguard   97d ago

“Nice to meet you, Miss Krista.” He said with a nod and another smile, finally sparking a small flame. “Aha.” He cooed, pleased with himself. Garak hurriedly stoked the flame, adding small sticks as he went. Soon enough it would be a fine little fire. He retrieved a cook pot and flask along with a small metal stand from his backpack, glancing again towards the ocean dweller.  “And you, erm, good lady?” He was trying to avoid staring this time.

Sarina342Utsubo   97d ago
Rampant AI


Garak. Krista. A warrior and a girl who seemed like a somewhat seasoned traveler. Though the seasoned bit faded off hearing just what she had in regards to food. A bit of worry crossed her face before she'd look towards Garak again. While she'd give a nod towards him, the Abyssal began to open her pack. “My name is Utsubo. It's nice to meet you both.” The woman would state while rummaging a bit in her pack. The eel in her hair chuffed a bit as it seemed to be peeking in as well. She certainly didn't have too much either but she was more than willing to share. “Not much good meat on my end. However, I have found these to be just as fine when it comes to protein.” The woman explained before lifting five, rather crispy, frogs from her pack. Setting them beside herself, she checked again before mumbling.

“I am sorry if it's not the best. But I also have these if it may help? I got them from a farmer along the way for helping with water.” she said and held out a small bag that held three potatoes. Not the biggest, but it was something to her at least. Setting the pack near Garak, she'd settle back and gently move her hands along her hair a bit. This was a curious meeting but she felt it would be another chance. That maybe she could prove herself even just a tiny bit. Though these thoughts filled her head and, without thinking, Utsubo simply giggled to herself as her ears twitched.

Aserox     97d ago


“Good to meet you, Lady Utsubo.” Garak said cheerily. “Is that a common name where you come from?” Garak eyed the crispy offerings a little warily, careful to keep his smile broad. Frog was probably fine to eat, but he wasnt sure on the taste. Besides, with what they had they'd already be able to make a fine stew. He made small bowing movements as he accepted the onion and potatoes. “These will do finely, stew up nicely I'd say!” He got to work readily, pouring water into the small pot from his flask. “Let me show you a little something that makes it go all the faster.” Drawing out a small wooden board from his backpack Garak carefully arranged the vegetables on top, placing the board on top of a small folding stool he had to wrestle open. 

“Now, as you may know us knights may not have all that much in the way of magic.” He said conspiratorially, winking towards Krista. “But, we are taught a series of weapon arts.” Easing out his knife he focused down on the vegetables arrayed in front of him. For a moment, his face turned serious as a glint of strange light shone along his knife. Three quick slashes, and the dagger was put away. All the vegetables slowly slid apart, cut into large chunks. Admittedly, the pieces were a little larger and more oddly shaped than what he'd like in a stew, but he thought it a neat little party trick nonetheless. “Ta-da!” He exclaimed, raising both arms outward as if to show off. “Thank you, thank you. I'm here all night." he added with a few short bows, adding the vegetables into the pot. “And of course, the salted pork.” carefully taking out a waxy satchel and gently transferring a few pieces. Now that he was starting to relax, it kind of dawned on him how tired he was.

“Say, we never got to what you folks are doing all the way out here? If there's some kind of elven town nearby I'd be much glad to hear it.” He settled himself back into preparing the fire for the pot, setting up the stand and bringing over a few more sticks to break down. 

Krista Silika

Krista looked away from the pair, feeling her face grow slightly red. While she was grateful Utsubo and Garak weren’t looking at her like she was a complete idiot, she was certain they knew she was a novice at best. She’d have to work on doing better if she was going to prove she was worth her salt.

She knew she had a lot of work to do.

 “I’m on… a personal mission.” It wasn’t a lie – going out of her way to leave home so she could overthrow her father and the rest of the corrupt kingship, so Axea was no longer a terrible place to exist, was a personal mission. She just didn’t know how much she dared say. “I have a lot of growing to do.”

Shaking her head, she sighed. “Unfortunately, I don’t know any of the towns around here. I left Elkar almost two days ago and been stuck in this bloody forest maze ever since.” Krista frowned. “I was… hoping you might know the area a bit better.”

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Sarina342Utsubo   96d ago
Rampant AI

“It is common-ish. We use many different variations of languages we hear. Usually, just what those who live on the Upper Shelf tell us of.” She said while nodding her head slowly. Watching intently while he began to prepare the ingredients, she almost drooled a bit at the thought of a better meal than what she'd had the past few days. While the trick was… certainly interesting, she gave a light clap and a smile that ended up seeming more like a smirk. Listening to his question and then Kriststa's answer, she'd tilt her head. 

“My reason isn't really anything interesting. To prove my worth is all. Gain some new stories of being of use other than, well healing and such. That I can be involved in a fight just as much as anyone.” The Abyssal answered while setting away the frogs and resting her pack away. Though while she did, the moray within her hair turned itself. Those glowing eyes didn't alert her, but they'd noticed. The eyes narrowed towards the figure within the trees just before it turned to almost nuzzle into the hand Utsubo brought up to it. 

AseroxGarak Stoneguard   96d ago

His little show hadnt quite gotten the reaction he'd hoped for but, then again these were strange people in a strange place. He chalked it up to culture and let it go. “A personal mission you say? Must be important. And I daresay all young elves such as yourself have a lot of growing to do.” Garak nodded sagely at the explanation. “After a certain age, all the growing us dwarves do is outwards.” He joked, patting his belly with a jovial laugh. 

He wasnt sure exactly what the upper shelf was, but it was probably like the inner quarter of the city. He nodded along politely regardless.Not so important, just to prove your worth?  Well, which is it? He asked laughing. “I'd feel thats fairly important, proving yourself to your peoples! Though plenty to fight in the woods I s'pose, not that anyone would see." He added, still in his joking tone.

He settled in to gently stir the stew in its now bubbling pot above the small fire, humming softly to himself. “Afraid I'm not much familiar with these particular woods, despite my wilderness experience.” Clearing his throat with the obvious lie, to him at least. The furthest he'd ever travelled before was the next town over. “Yes, the open mountain steppe, fresh air and country roads. Sounds good to me!” He added, going back to humming merrily, thinking more on a warm tavern than any cold woods or barren steppe. “Where are you headed, then?”


MercuryFooxLinnae Shadowrunner   93d ago
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Linnae Shadowrunner

Linnae shifted once more on the branch, moving slowly to avoid making noise. She carefully laid down on her belly, resting her chin on her forearms. She half-listened to the dwarf's milquetoast attempts at conversation. She snorted quietly when he mention wilderness experience. She could tell just by watching him that such a statement was a lie. Dwarves, she thought scornfully.

_Apocalyptic_Rachet   92d ago


Rachet was walking about the woods though if he was to be caught he'd surely be questioned but he shoved that miniscule though far from his mind for a moment.  He had walked many woods in his time to keep hidden from many. His glowing eyes turned to the right of him he heard some commotion the elf didn't recognize any of the voice of them, so in the moment he had no clue if that was a good or a bad sign. His moment was swift and almost completely silent as he tracked his way through the darkened forest making a attempt to maybe just get a glimpse of whoever was near hopefully without being seen himself.

The voice was more clear now he hard one speak about the  wilderness experience that he had. This could be a issue if that was true and something was to happen. He hunched down as small as he could make himself  he could now see the fire and some of the people around said fire. One, two three people. The elf made a mental note still making no move to get closer not until he could make a clear judgment himself that is.

Krista Silika

The question Krista was dreading – where she was headed. She had no idea where she was headed – only that she had to prove she could survive on her own. That she could continue to grow her blossoming magic and be stronger than her accursed father said she was. How did she explain that without giving herself away?

She didn’t really have to though, did she?

“I’m not sure yet,” she admitted. “I’ll… figure it out as I go, I guess.” She lit a small fireball in her hands, watching the flame glow. “As I said, I do have a lot of work to do on myself… I have something very important to do, and… I can’t let anything get in my way.” 

Sarina342Utsubo   87d ago
Rampant AI


She was, confused by this. To her this would be an important mission yes. But to others she’d imagined it was a silly goal. Something not meant to waste time on if it wasn’t bettering yourself for hunting. None of this personal feeling stuff. But she’d slowly tilted her head now as she pondered it.

“We… Abyssal, tend not to worry about becoming better. Just good enough to live and provide for whatever village you are in. We are below the Shelf in Umida. Where you see all the wonderful and beautiful coral cities. Merfolk with bright shining scales, long flowing hair, and so beautiful that the tales of old certainly didn’t lie. Any sailor certainly would follow them to the depths…” She brought a hand up to gently pet the head of the moray now as she smiled slightly.

“As for us Abyssal? I doubt many see any of our kind. I am an example, not nearly as ‘bewitching’ as those above. Seeing as we’ve adapted to the harsh ecosystem” She said, patting the moray before parting her lips a bit to show her sharp teeth, as well as glowing tongue, for only a second. “We do most of the hunting and defending deep beneath the waves. The dark trenches that cover the world. Making sure that whatever lurks beneath is kept at bay. Wake, train, hunt, eat, sleep.” She grimaced a bit now as she muttered “Prove your worth or be bait…” 

Though she’d quickly shake her head and smile still. “But… I suppose it might be of importance. Especially if it means I can make sure others can make it home in one piece.” The abyssal said while those dimly glowing eyes wandered towards the girl. Krista. “And I suppose, I’ll be upfront and say, I’d like to help you. Wherever it is you’re going.”

AseroxGarak Stoneguard   87d ago

"Well, explains why you're out near lost in these here woods! Going nowhere and found it mighty fast!" He guffawed a laugh at his own joke, pausing only as the flame lit up. He contemplated a little as he watched that fiery glow, expression slowly turning stony; Something to her words, normally coming from a young inexperienced girl might it not really have all that much depth, but there was something more to this story. His eyes darted back to Utsubo as she spoke.

He pondered a little, stroking at his beard. Duty. She hadn't used that word but that was exactly what she spoke of. Duty. Now that was a heavy word. Weighty and vast. Did Garak really know what it meant? Maybe this wasn't really the time to be thinking about it, but somehow it all matched up, aligned. Come to think of it, this young elf girl also held something behind her eyes, a fire hardened steel that burned for something, if only for a flicker. Was this her duty? He wasn't nearly drunk enough for this.

Garak put his smile back on and turned to Utsubo; "No offense intended my lady Utsubo, for the staring. For what it's worth I'd say you're quite pretty, I just, hadn't seen hair like that, moving and all. I cant say as I've seen anyones parts glow either. Pay me no mind." he nodded, as if that settled everything he had to say on the matter. "As for your journey, well it might just match up with my own. See, I'm to deliver a letter to Alberin. I'm not sure which-ways away that is right now, but if you're even headed in that direction, I'm sure even a few days traveling in company would be welcome to all."

Krista Silika

Krista narrowed her eyes. She didn’t know what to think of the two beside her. Surely, she should be pleased – a party of three, once trained, would be much stronger against the King and his guards than just herself. She just… didn’t understand. They didn’t benefit from helping her. No one had ever offered anything to her unless they were being paid or benefitted in some other way. 

But these two were suddenly offering their company?

“Why… would you want to help me?” She didn’t mean to sound distrusting; she truly wanted to feel grateful. Utsubo and Garak seemed like genuinely decent folks. “Do you want money?” Krista glanced at her bag. She had taken as much gold from her savings as she could before she’d left the castle, and she could give them something if they wanted. “I just…” Her voice grew quiet. “I just don’t understand why you’d offer help to someone you’ve just met. Especially since I don’t know the potential danger that lies ahead.”

She felt her eyes mist up and blinked it away quickly before glancing at the pair. “Why would you put yourselves at risk for a stranger? I haven’t offered anything to you.”

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Sarina342Utsubo   82d ago
Rampant AI


Utsubo tilted her head a bit as she listened to the dwarf now. But she blinked and averted her gaze a bit, her hand gently petting the moray a bit more. Obviously he had poorer eyesight in this lowlight then she thought. Shaking her head a bit, she gave a slight smile before speaking. “That is, kind of you. And I understand. I don’t think anyone on land unless they are in caves, would have need for bioluminescence. But even some are attracted to a light in the dark up here I bet.” A giggle came from her, though it came out as a cackle for only a moment. Her eyes seemed to shimmer for a moment as they looked towards Krista.

The young woman was now asking why. For money? No, Ustubo had no need when she could forage. Maybe for components later on that she may need if she learns some new land magics, but that she could get herself. A wave of her finned hand and Utsubo stood up. Slowly wandering around the campfire, she’d take her seat closer to Krista, but giving them a good three feet apart. “Why would I put my life before a stranger’s, you ask?” she tilted her head a bit.

“Because, I do that every single day of my life, Miss Krista.” she said as she’d give a smile now. Her ears twitched atop her head and she'd hold out her hands near the fire, a mist matching the color of her eyes gathering at her fingers. “We Abyssal are born into a world and ecosystem that tells us to fight or die. But it’s not just that. It's to fight, or those above might die as well. The ones on the Shelf might be great warriors but I doubt they’d last against a leviathan.” she explained as she’d wave her hands a bit. Her eyes seemed to glow brighter before the mist moved to form an ‘image’. A long serpent, then turned into a hulking beast of a shark, then to a tentacled horror before the mist faded. 

Her eyes looked back and directly into Krista’s and her smile never fading. The silly dwarf over there, with all his loud words and fun tricks, might have the same sort of reason I am about to state. But Krista…” she’d hold out her hand towards her now. “I wish to better myself, sure. Yet that is all I really want out of this. Because you see Krista, I believe that helping you with this personal mission of yours, whatever it might be… is just the right thing to do. So if you’ll allow it, I would gladly follow along with you. B-Besides, I still need to be sure neither of you catch cold.” Utsubo said with a soft giggle.  

AseroxGarak Stoneguard   82d ago

Garak went back to stirring the stew slowly, staring into the fire as he listened. He wasn't usually the best with words, or reading the air. But even he understood the young elf was hurting. They'd offered her the smallest kindness, and she'd gone all misty eyed. 

He grunted a chuckle at Utsubo's comment, but then she spoke of duty again, drawing him back into his own thoughts, missing her light hearted jab. He exhaled a rumbling hmm as he peered into the stew. Just about ready. 

He took out a clean, or well, mostly clean bowl from his ruck and scooped some of the now steaming stew in, resting a wooden spoon in the pewter bowl. He walked to the young elfs side and eased himself down, trying to find the words. “I don't know much of you, Miss Krista. And I suppose the same is true for you.” He struggled to explain his thinking, pausing; “My uncle Gaffer, wisest man I know, once told me two sayings; A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet- And - Helping someone in need is just common sense." He offered across the steaming bowl to her, staring ahead as he continued to think. “I think maybe you are in need, Miss Krista.”

Krista Silika

“I…” She sighed, blinking to clear her vision. She hadn’t meant to offend these people – she truly hopes she didn’t. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be distrusting.” Krista pulled at the hem of her skirt, hiding her face in her arms. “I’ve… never had people I can rely on. I promise I don’t think you’re bad people. I’ve also…” She hid into herself further. “I’ve got dangerous people that could be following me… I don’t want to get anyone hurt…”

Krista took a deep breath. She didn’t want to hide who she was but getting people involved with trying to kill a tyrant king was not on her to-do list. She was too weak to do it – maybe she would die before she did. She wouldn’t die letting him get away with thinking he was right.

He may be her father, but she would not stand by and suffer. And let the world suffer.

_Apocalyptic_Rachet   76d ago


Rachet would stay by the tree he had almost stood up then he heard the small elf as the group, why are you helping? Ah, so the young elf needs help? he asked himself before give a nod to himself to quite down before his amber eyes looked over to the second Lady of the group a lady that he had never seen one quite like her she said she was a Abyssal witch Rachet took note of. Then as she spoke the Elf got slowly closer to the fire so he could hear what everyone would say. The second Lady seemed to be a gentle soul would be the revelation that Rachet had. At least she seemed like that. The a harty voice caught his attention the one of the Elf. The Drawf seemed to be open to helping people more open than most anyways. He was a positive things it seemed. The young elf seemed to be called Krista. 

 The poor lady must need some help and I don't see why I can't just help her or try to any how.  Rachet stood up on his feet and started to walk closer into the line of sight of the three at the fire. His hands hung at hid side as he tried to seem as not threating as he possibly be to the group. He didn't quite know what to say and he stayed quite.

Sarina342Utsubo   75d ago
Rampant AI


Utsubo smiled slightly again before glancing over towards Garak. “Oh dear, she might have dangerous people around her…” she said, only to give a slight giggle as she'd slowly move her hand closer. A gentle pat to Krista's head before she'd move it away. “Then, you've sealed your fate I'm afraid. I don't think I can scatter to the winds now. Besides, what's a few more scars here and there?”

The Abyssal said with a shake of her head before resting her hands on her lap. “I understand the distrust. After all, Garak does have that sorta face that maybe he's plannin' something, or that he's just super mean…” she trailed off, leaning forward a bit with her eyes narrowing at the dwarf. A few seconds and she'd shake her head. “No, just a silly knight doing his duties.” she teased and gave another giggle, almost a cackle for a moment. The moray within her hair slowly lifted itself a bit, turning to look towards a noise it had picked up. A soft hiss came from it before Utsubo turned her head. Those glowing eyes of hers seemed to glow a touch brighter before she tilted her head. “Hmm?.. Another visitor to the camp?” she asked, but remained on guard knowing Krista had mentioned she could be followed. 

AseroxGarak Stoneguard   73d ago

“No sense in trusting everyone you meet Miss Krista, but it sounds like I was on the mark with you needin' a bit of help.” He eased the still steaming bowl down gently to her side before turning to Utsubo. He nodded at first, not quite following the joke; “My face is fit for a kings, thank you. Admittedly, it could currently use a kings bathhouse.” And I'm not silly he thought, huffing a little internally. He turned his head to watch the newcomer as he arrived, another elf of sorts; Not likely to be the danger that his new companion Miss Krista was afraid of, considering how they approached, but still; “Hullo there, friend. Quite the timing. Say, you out here in these woods looking for company too?” He was a little suspicious, but it's not like all sorts weren't coming out of the woodwork in this strange woodland. He eased himself up off the log and took a few steps towards the man, but gestured out a hand towards the fire; “Perhaps you could join us for a meal, stew's fit for all I think.” He glanced briefly back at Krista, maybe she recognized the man? 

Krista Silika

“I don’t… think I could ever trust everyone I meet.” But Krista looked up at the pair and gave them a soft smile. “I… do appreciate the help, though… If you insist on sticking around, I won’t stop you. I… do think more than one person would be beneficial.” Slowly, Krista felt her heart settle down. She would take her time trusting them, but perhaps she could grow fond of Utsubo and Garak.

The sound of another voice set Krista’s anxiety skyrocketing again, and she whipped her head in the direction of the voice. The man in question didn’t look out of the ordinary, and that was the problem. She stood, ready to back away. “Who are you?” she practically hissed. “Why do you want to help me?” She knew her father didn’t like dwarves, and probably didn’t even know Abyssals existed. But a rogue? An Elven rogue? He could be here to- “Why are you here? Did someone send you?” Krista backed away. Her brown eyes were filled with both anger and fear.

_Apocalyptic_Rachet   69d ago


Rachet looked over to Utsubo, “  Yes I'm-” Rachet would try to respond to her softly before more questions was blasted at him. “ why hello there, no thank you for the…soup” his eyes snapped over to Kirista, “ Pardon-” Rachet took a small step back. Rachet would wait a long moment just blinking making sure everyone was done quizzing him. 

May I speak?” The elf questioned with he was met with silence he began to respond to all the questions. “ I am Rachet. No one sent me here I was was walking in the woods and I thought I was hearing someone laughing. I slowly came closer and saw the fellow over there was whom I was hearing.”  Rachet ponited over to Garak, “ then I saw a fire and thought it wouldn't hurt to stop by for a while”  Rachet states to them before taking a small step closer. “ If you would wish me to leave I will, Miss.” 

      Rachet looked to each of them in turn not moving yeyet, but was ready to leave if the young elf told him to do so. so many questions at once I'm regretting showing my face. 

Krista Silika

 Krista continued to back away, unsure that she could stay now that she had potentially been spotted. “How can I trust that you hadn’t-” She stopped herself. Making a scene wouldn’t do her any favors – she would need to get away. Krista truly didn’t know if the other elf was from the Kingdom or not, but she couldn’t risk it.

Not yet. She’s come so far.

“I’m sorry…” She threw a basic wind spell at the ground, causing leaves and dirt to swirl around and surround the area. Once she was comfortable they wouldn’t see what direction she was going, she took off in a sprint, heading off into unknown darkness. Perhaps she’d run into Utsubo and Garak again someday, but…

She needed to make sure she was safe.

And right now, she didn’t feel safe.

Sarina342Utsubo   67d ago
Rampant AI


The flurry thrown at the poor newcomer made Utsubo blink, but she understood it herself. This was someone that had put Krista on edge, so her questions seemed more than fitting. Though she did have to hold back a huff when she herself hadn't been given any stew just yet. But she felt it now. Those primordial senses letting her almost smell the emotions in the air. It was more difficult above water but she caught it. The spike of adrenaline caused by… fear? Her eyes shimmered a moment as she'd processed it. To calm the emotions would be difficult, but she was certain she could-

Magic. This one smelling of a sea breeze to her senses before she covered her eyes. The moray within her hair giving a sputter and hiss before Utsubo lowered her hand. Blinking away dust and dirt, the Abyssal stood and glanced around now. The moray was still trying to get a lock on where their new friend had fled. But Utsubo had been put on edge and was fighting herself to keep calm. Her markings and patterns started to give off a faint glow as she rubbed her arm. 

“E-Easy there… nothing is wrong. Misunderstanding. That's all, just a b-big misunderstanding, right Garak?” The woman's eyes darted towards the dwarf for a moment as she spoke to herself. Her pupils constricted before she looked towards the elf. The abyssal's cooling breath seen past her lips as she panted. Not again…” she thought to herself before shaking her head. Her patterns slowly went back to normal as she'd let out long sigh. “Right. Right…” she trailed off as she'd rub her forehead. 

“You, have bad timing it seems. I do not know the reasoning, but it's obvious that she's been on edge for quite some time. Too many strangers at once maybe. Overstimulated the poor girl? I wish I knew, just-” Shaking her head again, she glanced around the area with a sigh before looking between the two. “…Garak, we need to find her. We can't just leave her alone. Sure she's not defenseless, but she needs help considering the state she's in. I can see well in the dark, so I can lead if you need me to. As for you…” she looked towards Rachet “If you might want to help, keep your distance is all until we clear things up… somehow.”

AseroxGarak Stoneguard   61d ago


Garak patted himself down, blinking dust from his eyes almost nonchalant. It's not that he couldnt appreciate that she was a jumpy little thing but, everyone's timing could have been better. He scratched at his beard as he thought, glancing to the newcomer in the now guttering firelight. “Well, hullo Ratchet. As you've heard I'm Garak. Afraid our new charge has run off without us.” Garak said in an easy tone. He watched Utsubo again as she spoke up, seemingly agitated. She was still fascinating, but there was no time for that. “We dwarves can see quite well in the dark, but I'm no kind of tracker. Say, erm, Ratchet, was it? Much of a tracker? Or, no, perhaps you could stay and mind the stew til we return? Seems a waste to leave it.” He sighed, hoisting his shield and half emptied pack. “Lead on, Lady Utsubo. Our charge needs us.” 

Krista Silika

Don’t let them find you.

DON’T let them find you.

Don’t let them FIND YOU.

Krista ran as fast as her legs could carry her, occasionally using a gust from a wind spell to propel herself forward. She would have gone further if not for an unseen root in the ground; her ragged shoe caught on the root, sending her tumbling into the dirt and twigs beyond.

The blonde coughed as she came to a stop, her arms and legs throbbing as new scrapes stung. Her ankle throbbed as well, but a quick test of its movement proved it was just bruised, not broken. She would be able to continue forward.

Krista couldn’t hear anyone coming in the distance, so she slumped over to a nearby tree and breathed hard. She was exhausted, not used to using so much magic at once, and not having rested much since leaving the kingdom.

That elf… That other Air-Dweller just happening to show up? Krista could think of a million reasons that he could be working with the kingdom. She knew she could also be overreacting, but her life was at stake. She didn’t have a choice.

She felt bad for ghosting Utsubo and Garak. She’d have to go back for them and at least apologize. Krista knew they’d likely not want to bother with her after this, and she understood, but she owed them an I’m sorry at the very least.

_Apocalyptic_Rachet   59d ago


Rachet looked to Garak then to Utsubo. They did have a ponit he wouldn't be much help finding the poor girl. “ I am terribly sorry. He told both of them with a slight bow of his head his timing could of been better but sadly it wasn't.  Rachet was snapped back into reality by Garak speaking to which he looked over to. “ well I am a fairly good tracker but I wouldn't be much help if the poor girl saw me she would bolt away again” 

Rachet looked to Garak then to Utsubo once more before looking to the pot of warm soup. “ well I will stay here watching the soup. We wouldn't want it to go to waste.” The elf rubbed the back of his neck. “ if you two are not back in a while I will go looking for the both of you.” He paused rethinking his words but to late they sounded harsh though he didn't mean that. “ Ey, well if it is okay with you and Lady Utsubo” he addedadded in a bit of a softer tone. 

Sarina342Utsubo   55d ago
Rampant AI

Utsubo was already becoming a bit impatient, not with her new companions(?), but with herself. How could she not have noticed the magic being cast sooner? Why didn't she try to negate it? Was she also too forward? These thoughts nearly settled in her head before she'd quickly shook it with a grumble. The Abyssal looked towards Rachet once more before she'd give a nod of her head. “That… is a good idea. You keep an eye out for things as well. I'd hate to come back to see that something was dining on more than just our soup.” she'd say with a slight giggle. 

Though there was a moment before she scratched her cheek and turned around now. Closing her eyes and taking a long, deep breath, she'd open them again and began to head forward. She'd keep at a steady pace so to somewhat memorize where they headed, but also to make sure she didn't outpace her new ‘hunting’ partner. 

It'd become fairly easy for her to switch her hunting skills for land just as she did in the sea. Her eyes gave off more of a glow now as they adjusted to have near-perfect night vision. Scent traveled just as well as it did below water so this was nothing too new. While the faint scent of blood from any tiny scratches she had certainly helped, it was just as easy for her to pickup where she'd ran. The forest made it easier with snapped branches and disrupted foliage. Not to mention she noticed small areas of leaves and debris had been kicked backwards.  “Krista!? Krista it's okay!” she called out while pushing past a few branches now. “I-I know you're scared but-” Utsubo was cut off as she herself nearly tripped up but had managed to drop to a knee for a moment. A wince and a grumble before she'd stood up again.  “B-But Garak and I are both here to help, if anything were to happen…” she trailed off again but only because her ears perked up only slightly when a gust of wind passed. They had ground to cover, but she felt they were on the right track and gaining…


MercuryFooxLinnae Shadowrunner   55d ago
Mistress of nu rock and Slim Shady

Linnae Shadowrunner

This may be as good a time as any, Linnae thought, watching as Utsubo quickly stalked off into the forest, Garak trudging after her. She returned her gaze to where Ratchet sat by the fire, thinking. Then she raised from her squatting position on the branch and jumped down to a lower branch that was nearby. She continued to climb down in this way until she had reached the lowest branch on the tree, about ten feet off the ground. She leaped from the branch, landing lightly on her feet, bending her knees to absorb the shock. Then she straightened and slowly walked towards the fire until she was a few feet from it, then lowered herself to the ground and sat cross-legged, saying nothing.

AseroxGarak Stoneguard   49d ago

Garak had come bumbling after Utsubo in his usual fashion; Face first. The underbrush of the woodland was too thick for his liking. Though the flow from his companion was even more apparent away from the fire. He wasnt any kind of tracker, relying on Utsubo as they moved forward. "Miss Krista, your new companions are getting mighty lost looking in the woods for you!" He called, gasping a little as Utsubo half fell, rushing forward to help her up a little. He frowned a littlr to himself, thinking on it, it was actually pretty dangerous to be traipsing through the woods. "Miss Krista, I understand! You're scared, and even worried for what might happen to us! But that is what friends are for, young miss, put your faith in us!" He kept moving along, grumbling in between call outs, various plants and fronds thwacking and needling him as he followed.

Krista Silika

Various miniature faeries and lightning bugs swam around her head, creating faint trails of light behind them. Attempting to calm herself, she followed the trail of a single bug, her eyes tracing the intricate swirl patterns it made as it flew around. The dark night provided perfect cover for the insect light show, each beat of light, each hum, each buzz fitting in together in perfect harmony.

Eventually, Krista’s mind slowed down enough that she began to hear voices in the distance. Slowly, she stood, her body aching. Who had followed her? She took deep breaths as her mind attempted to race once more. She needed to move; couldn’t be caught.

But she was so tired. Her body hurt so much.

Krista dragged herself forward, regardless of her body telling her to slow down. She would make it. She would survive.

_Apocalyptic_Rachet   43d ago


Rachet would quickly turn on his heels and glare at the newcomer his eyes moved left and right trying to find a weapon. then the newcomer would just sit there causing Rachet to let out a Tch of annoyance and surprise. his glowing eyes narrowed.

“ Why are you here?” Rachet in all wasn't the kindest looking of people. maybe that was another reson Krista ran. “Who might you be?” he quizzed titling his head ready for a fight.

MercuryFooxLinnae Shadowrunner   43d ago
Mistress of nu rock and Slim Shady

Linnae Shadowrunner

Linnae glanced over at Ratchet. Who are you, elf? she wondered.

“You'll find out soon enough,” she said dismissively, then shifted her gaze to where voices emanated from the forest, marking where Garak and Utsubo stumbled through the brush in search of Krista.

Sarina342Utsubo   38d ago
Rampant AI


The Abyssal gave a slight smile and nod to the help given by Garak. She was doing all she could to keep pace as best she could, and so not to be too quick for her search partner behind her. The most she could do now was to call out between catching her breath or dodging plants that stuck out towards them. Keeping up with the scent was easy, but keeping calm was growing more difficult. Each time she'd run into something or nearly trip, the markings along her arms and cheeks seemed to flare and glow faintly for a split second.  “D-Dammit Krista! Just-” she bit the inside of her lower lip at break in calm, but shook her head before speaking up again.

“Just stay where you are and we will go back, together! We'll help protect you if they are bad, just… try to give them a chance to explain” She finished as she'd lift her hand up a moment. A huff came from her as she'd activate a spell, multiple eerie blue motes of light surrounding herself and Garak. Giving them extra light, as well as possibly something for Krista to notice and head towards.. she hoped. 

_Apocalyptic_Rachet   26d ago


“not good enough” Rachet growled as he narrowed his glowing amber eyes as he stood his full height. As he glared at her ver clearly untrusting of her. The elf was ready to fight more so than flee. His eyes would look to where the others went to then to her. He was trying to put everything he knew to try and think of who she might be.

MercuryFooxLinnae Shadowrunner   14d ago
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Linnae glanced at him.

“Were I you, I'd refrain until my companions returned, lest I be overwhelmed, killed and looted by the stranger before me,” Linnae said smoothly. “Unless you believe you can best me in single combat, a prospect which I find unlikely.”



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