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Love in Detroit - Closed to MourningGlory!

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Cadence, 17, a rough and tumble young man who was born in the slums of south Detroit was walking one day when he spotted three local gang members surrounding a young girl, she looked terrified of them, unsure of what to do Cadence distracted the men and started a fight, his knuckles bruised from hours prior that same day. The Gang members inevitably overpowered the boy, leaving soon after beating him to a pulp, luckily forgetting about the girl.

Jennifer, 17, watched in horror as the boy who had good intentions at the start was quickly overpowered by the three men and viciously beat him, swinging their bats over and over again, until he was puking blood. It was only when the men left that the girl slowly crept towards the boy to make sure he was alive. After confirming he was she continued to take him to her ‘mansion’ on the richer side of south detroit.

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