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My flame (mha rp) dabi x M/C

By Annabelle_woods
Backup thread

ashline has been thrown from house to house and from family to family her whole life so its a relief when she finally makes it into UA where she knows she can settle for once until her whole life is lit on fire by one villain when her class goes on a camping trip

(in this rp dabi is younger then he is in the anime so it isn't a minor and an adult just to make things clear)

ashline info:
age: 16
quirk: disability(she can take away quirks completely but isn't able to use them herself)
personality: ashline is quiet but when provoked enough or in a mood she will burst into a fit of rage that only a few people can calm her down from
looks: she has auburn hair but has dyed blue highlights through it, she has hazel eyes and loves to wear oversized hoodies rarely ever wearing anything that shows her body off to much


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