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Never Gonna Change (Closed)

By MourningGlory
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Two girls are sent to a correctional school when their parents find out that they are lesbians. Both were expected to be the “perfect” daughters but instead were left to the school and their devices to make sure they came out “right”. Along the way, the two girls meet and find they have an instant connection and form a close bond. Even start to fall. And fall hard. 

Now they have to decide what to do. Escape and live lives on the run and let their love lead the way? Or stay and play parts they were born into betraying who they really are.

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MourningGloryChiles   57d ago
Lady of the Night


I hate it here! The teachers are always watching us and we can never have any real conversations. And what's worse is even if I wanted to reach out and to talk to anyone I can't. I am too shy and well not good at opening myself up to the others who are in my classes. Being here for six months and as awkward as I have been has not helped my case. None of them want to try and get to know me. They all watch me and think I am some kind of a freak. It's both sad and funny because all of us are here for the same reason. To be corrected and be a proper part of society…


Society…or what they expect is how I ended up here to begin with. My best friend Lexie had been my friend forever. She was the only one who understood me for who I was. Also we were REALLY close..some would have suggested we were attached at the hip. She was my PIC. One weekend dad and Nancy were out of town and I invited Lex over to spend the night like always. The two of us talked and well it came out that we had been crushing on the other for years. One thing kind of led to another… Dad and Nancy came back in the morning WAY earlier than expected and caught us asleep together in bed entangled in the other's arms… Lexie was kicked out of the house and told she was NEVER welcome there again…and then dad and Nancy turned on me. They scolded me for my sins and said how they would forgive me if I admitted what I had done was wrong. I didn't do it. I couldn't do it. For the first time in my life I was being true to who I was…And it landed me here. Now I am NEVER allowed back home even IF I get out of this school.


Dark eyes stared down at the page that she had been writing. It seemed that once again the young woman had gone into one of her rants of how much she hated the school and how she had ended up there. Honestly, Chiles thought she was over her bitterness by now and had come to terms with the fact that she would NEVER be the perfect daughter or a part of normal society. But this morning and the words that glared back up at her from the page proved to the girl just how wrong she had been. It seemed she would always be bitter and harbor a resentment towards her father and step-mother for just throwing her out because she wasn't normal and they couldn't accept that about her.


Brown eyes continued to stare down at the page until a shrill and unholy ringing broke through the silence of the room. It was enough to almost make her ears bleed and had given her a good jolt out of the spiral that her thoughts had been taking. For a moment, Chiles sat still as she tried to rack her brains for what the unholy ringing had been. And when she realised it was her alarm to get up to get ready for school, the brunette facepalmed and closed her diary, locked it, and slipped it back into its hiding spot. Once she had, the girl got up from where she had been sitting at her desk and began to go about her normal routine of getting a shower, getting dressed, and eating.


When she had done eating (since she got her shower and dressed first), Chiles wandered around her room to make sure she had EVERYTHING she would need for class in her bag. The chocolate brown eyed girl sometimes was forgetful and so she checked her bag two or three times just to be sure she had everything. After the final check of her bag and around her room, and being sure that she had everything, Chiles was FINALLY out the door and on her way to the school which was only a block away from the dorms. The girl could have taken the bus as she didn't have a car, but she loved the cool bite of the early morning air as it was the one thing to fully wake her up. Well that and the walk just gave the brunette the chance to try and completely forget the remaining thoughts from earlier that morning that once again she had written down in her journal.


"Today will be a good day. I've already gotten through three months…what's another six?" Chiles muttered to herself, KNOWING she was stuck until she was deemed cured. But these were the things she had to tell herself in order to get through her days.


Twenty minutes later, Chiles was making her way up the sidewalk towards the stairs when she heard the revving of a car. And just because curiosity got her, the brown-eyed girl decided to stop and look over her shoulder to see a car pulling in she had never seen before. But truly it was not the car to catch her eyes but the gorgeous redhead who got out and looked as disdainful about being at the school as Chiles herself felt. Her first thought was to get back to walking. Her body however had other plans and she was glued to the spot, seeming to be waiting for the new girl to join her. Oh! What was she getting herself into?!

-BeautyFromPain-cнeryl   15d ago


The red haired female could not believe this was happening. It was the night before she was supposed to be starting college. But instead she was going to some janked up other school. A school basically to make it where it tries to change her from being lesbian. She knew it wasn't going to work. But she came out to her parents a few weeks ago. And the reaction she was expecting was not the reaction she got. This was the whole reason why people struggle so much on coming out to their parents. She knew whatever they were trying it was not going to work, and she already knew it wasn't going to work. 

The nice thing is she was able to get her own place in this weird town. Her parents had no control over that. She ended up packing up what she needed which was just her clothes and other small items. She heard a knock on her door as she was getting ready to leave. It was her dad. She sighed. “Come in,” was all the words that seem to come running out of her mouth. She looked up and watched as her dad shut the door behind him. Cheryl was closer with her dad than her mom. He sat down on her bed, and looked at her with sad eyes. “I came in here to tell you that I don't want you to change. It's just your mother. I do not expect this place to work at all. Your a very strong-willed girl. I'm begging you, Cher. Please don't let this place change you.” She was in shock at the words she was hearing come out of her dads mouth. When she looked into his eyes, his eyes were pleading as well. 

She realized she needed to say something before her mother tried to come in here and talk to her. So the only person she really needed to be mad at is her mother. Because her dad just admitted that he accepts her the way she is. She just needed one person on her side. And it was her dad. That was enough for her. She smiled at him, and nodded, “Nothing will ever change how I feel about females, dad. Not mom, not some school. Nothing.” When her dad heard those words come out of her mouth, he kissed her on the forehead. “We will talk more once you get to the school. Also, me and your mother are getting a divorce. Hate to tell you all of this now. But I can't be with someone that can't accept our daughter for what she is.” Hearing those words made Cheryl happy but sad at the same time. But she supported her dad's choice 100%. “I understand, dad. I have to go, now. Call every day please.” He nodded and told her that he loved her and walked out the door. 

Cheryl sighed as this was now heartbreaking for her to leave her dad. But this was the only thing that was going to make her mom happy. Cheryl grabbed her belongings and made it down the stairs to head to this new town and new school. Her mom looked at her. “Save it. I don't want to hear it.” There was coldness behind the words she just said to her mother. She looked at her dad, kissed him on the cheek, and then left. She wanted to do with her mother at this time. 

It didn't take long for Cheryl to drive into this new town. She already hated it, but she was holding onto what her dad had to say. It didn't take her long to find the school. Part of her was at relief knowing that she wasn't the only one going through this as well. But it's crazy to see how many people are homosexual. Because that's all this school is known for. Sending homosexuals here to try and convert them to like the opposite gender. But Cheryl knew it was going to be a dud for her. 

She pulled in and parked her car. She got out of the car as she saw someone that was standing on the stairs staring at her. She was kind of cute. And right there, she knew this was not going to work at all. Especially if she decided she was going to attach herself to that brunette. Cheryl walked up to where she was at and smiled at her sweetly. “I see that maybe you might of been waiting for me. I'm Cheryl.” She smiled at her as she looked her up and down and then glued her eyes on the female once more.


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