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Heaven or Hell In Love (Closed!)

By MourningGlory
Backup thread

___________________ is an angel and has been for a long time. They had been one of the less serious. They liked to party, drink, and overly have fun. Imagine the move 'Michael' and that was what the angel, _________________ was. And had yet to earn their wings.


______________ didn't care if they earned their wings or not. Or that was until they were called in and talked to. If their wings were not earned in the next three months _______________would either be sentenced to become a fallen angel or they would be sent back as a human on earth. To give them a chance, _____________ is assigned to a human that had been being watched closely by the other angels.


And it becomes apparent to ______________ that ______________ is just like them. One who doesn't like to follow the rules and have fun. They also realize that their assignment will be a handful.


The angel and human challenge the other. At first they hate the other but then it's like no matter what they are drawn in.


Can they change the other for the better? Does ____________ get their wings and leave their human? Or do they end up together in the end?


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MourningGloryHarley   117d ago
Lady of the Night


You never know when too far is too far. And when you learn, it usually "comes in like a wrecking ball". When you want to fix it, usually there is no way out. So…you have to do what you have to do to keep your head just above the water.

When the word angel happened to be used, Harley was the FURTHEST from the definition that one could imagine. The redhead who appeared as if she were twenty-three or so was as unlike an angel as it was possible to be. The "young" woman loved to drink, play loud music, dance, party, and all that jazz. She loved to be what people called the life of the party and had absolutely NO cares in heaven. The thing was, she should have cared. She SHOULD have been a good little angel and worked to get her wings like everyone before her had. 

"Harley!" Came the booming voice that she had become all too familiar with. Usually though it was softer and less angry. But this time…this time it roared like thunder and everyone throughout could hear it. That was how she knew she had REALLY fucked up this time and was done for.

Turning her music off and quickly dismissing those she had convinced to join for the party, the redhead made her way outside and to the bright light that none had ever seen past. The brilliance had her eyes cast downward and because she could not help it, Harley found herself dropping to one knee in a form of bow. "Yes my Lord?" Came her soft words as she was TRYING to think how best to talk her way out of the scolding she was sure to get. TRYING to think of a way to yet again evade being punished.

"Are you listening to what I am saying to you? This time was your last chance. And you still could not do as I had asked. There will be no talking your way out. There will be no more chances. You are being sent to Earth and you will watching over a girl who is very much your equal. Your job is to help her and make sure she does not walk down the same path you have. This is how you will earn your wings. You will have three months to do this. If you fail, you will be condemned to being mortal or a fallen angel and never allowed to set foot back here."

"I….but that's not fair…You've never been this hard on me about it before." Harley knew damn well it was more than fair. She had been given chance after chance and blown every single one of them. But before she could even try to speak once more, a bright light wrapped around her and she was no longer stood before The Almighty. She was in an already furnished apartment and she dressed in a red and black halter top, tight black leather pants, long heeled boots, and fingerless gloves. On the counter was a book bag with school books, keys and wallet. And beside the bag a note that read "Don't be late. We're watching. And good luck".

A rather loud groan slipped from Harley as she crumpled the note and tossed it into the trash and slipped the bag onto her shoulder. She then slipped the keys into her pocket as she left the apartment and made her way to what she somehow knew was the community college. It wasn't a long walk. But it was long enough for her to get lost in her head. And because she had, Harley was NOT paying attention and ended up bumping into a very attractive girl. "Sorry darlin'." Came her soft words as dark eyes trailed over the girl and drank her in. It was only as she let her mind go to where she wanted to take this girl did she realise that she had literally JUST bumped into her assignment. Fanfuckingtastic…

-BeautyFromPain-ѕerapнιna   115d ago


It was another morning with a hangover. The female decided that she was going to spend most of her night drinking and partying with other people from the college. Totally spacing that she had college classes early the next morning. But at this point, she didn't really care. When the party ended was when she decided that she would just go on back home. She didn't live on campus, because if she did, they probably would've kicked her out. It didn't bother Seraphina anyways. The only thing that Seraphina promised herself when she gets super drunk is that she don't sleep with another female. That was the only thing about Seraphina that seem to make her have an actual heart. She knew that if she slept with another female she would gain feelings for that one and that was the last thing she needed right now. 

Seraphina sighed as she felt her head throbbing. Ugh… This is going to be a long day. This was usually the one day of the week when she had longer classes than usual. She had no idea why she did that to herself, but she just shrugged it off, and got out of bed. She looked at the time. Class would be starting in like 45 minutes. And it will take her 15 minutes to drive to the college. She sighed as she knew she wouldn't have time to take a long shower or even a shower at all. Seraphina walked over to the mirror and looked herself over. She jumped a little at the sight of herself. She needed to fix this and quick. She took her hair out of her ponytail, brushed her hair, and then curled her hair as fast as she could. Then she washed her face off of the old makeup, put her moisturizing cream on her face and then she reapplied makeup. She couldn't believe how fast she did that. She put a light amount of hair spray in her hair and then grabbed her belongings and headed to the school. 

Seraphina got there with 15 minutes left to spare. That was enough time to get out of her vehicle and run to her class. Seraphina sighed and shook her head. The sun was super bright so once she was out of the car she was squinting her eyes. She rushed into the school and kept hearing how the party was a blast last night. “It was pretty great!” She smiled real big and then she was heading towards her classroom when someone bumped into her. She fell down and she was about to tell the person off, but this female caught her attention pretty quick. “Oh thats okay!” She smiled sweetly at the female. Realized she kept her eyes wandering on her for a good five minutes. She tore her eyes away, grabbed her belongings and rushed off to the classroom.

MourningGloryHarley   109d ago
Lady of the Night


'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! This was NOT supposed to happen. I mean yeah I was supposed to find this girl and watch her…but she was NOT supposed to be this goddamned sexy. It's not fair!'


Harley was bitching and moaning internally as her dark gaze continued to travel along the young woman she had literally just run into. She had not realised if it had been seconds or minutes but the ONLY thing to pull her out of her head was the female's sweet voice and smile. 


A small shake of her own head was given and a smile came to her own lips.  "Going to have to let me make it up to you sometime sweetheart." The redhead had JUST managed as the blonde seemed to rush. God did she hope that the most beautiful girl (well second most beautiful girl)l she had ever laid eyes on had heard her. Though as quick as she had rushed off, the angel now posing as a mortal was not at all sure.


Another shake of the head was given and a sigh was let out. When she was ready or rather as ready as she was going to be, Harley did find her way to the first class that had been on the list she had been left. And to her surprise, it was the same class as the young woman she had literally just run into. She wasn't sure whether to burst out laughing at the cruel joke or to maybe count her blessings.


With a shrug, Harley shrugged her bag to her other shoulder and made her way into the classroom as others were still straggling in as well. "Is this spot taken?" She asked as she waved a gloved hand to the seat that was obviously empty beside Seraphina. She could see it wasn't but honestly she was playing dumb for one thing and for another, Harley REALLY just wanted to hear her speak again. In her mind, her soon to be charge had the voice of an angel, which was ironic as hell as she was an angel herself and had heard MANY.


"Oh…and by the way, I'm Harley. Since I bumped into you, only fair I give you a name. Though I would love to also know your name too. Though you are gorgeous, don't think beautiful is the only name I should be calling you." Okay, she shouldn't have said ANY of that…but she was a sucker for pretty girls. 


As she was waiting to see what the other girl would be saying, Harley flinched as she heard a voice no one else could. 


'You are here to do a job. Flirting and having fun is not a part of this. If you can't behave and do what you are supposed to, then I WILL go to our Lord. Is that what you want?'


"No!" Harley all but shouted. She had not realised that she had spoken…well damn near shouted the word out loud. It was when she had did her cheeks turn red enough to make lobsters jealous and dark eyes go to the girl whom she had just been trying to flirt with. "I…um…" But she was tongue tied, which was a fucking first for her and she HATED it. Now the ball was literally in Seraphina's court…what would she be doing with it?


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