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Hell v Heaven: Act 1

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The Story

"It's been what? Thirty- no- Seventy billion years since the war started, current year on earth: 70,000,002,008, heh, time seems to become erelevent when you've been a prisoner for as long as I have.


new Long ago…

Current year: 2008

War status: 2,000,000 years in

Dimensions involved: 5

Dimensions aware: 4

Dimension names: Heaven, Purgatory: Heavenly, Earth, Purgatory: Chaotic, Hell

In year 2001 a new G-nome began appearing which Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell-kinders alike started calling the A-Gene due to the holders of this genes name: The Awakened. They were ordinary humans who somehow had the ability to see past the human disguise that the Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell-kind would transform into, of course some awakened were stronger than others, so the dimension leaders came together and gave them five different levels of power, one being the weakest and five being the strongest.

In year 2002 the A-Gene advanced so far that it was given two sects: Alpha A-Gene, Beta A-Gene, Alpha A-Gene had power levels of 1-5, 1 being the weakest and 5 being strongest. People who heald the Beta A-Gene were different, obviously, they were able to learn different powers based on their mentality, some had a knack for light 'magic' and others a knack for dark. During this point in the war both sides terribly needed all of the A-Gene holders they could get their hands on, Soldiers were running dangerously low and technology was advancing quickly with very little 'magic' to power it.

Skip to year 2008, the current year, A gene holders are very rare, nowhere near as common as they were just six years prior, Alpha and Beta have no meaning, only 1-5 on the power scale, humans still don't know about the A-Gene, it is nothing more than a mystery to them. The war has started to leak into different dimensions, but only purgatory has taken an active role in it.


The Rules


-The A-Gene is extremely rare

-The year is 2008 in the story currently, please keep all mentions of earthly music, technology, politics, and so-on and so-forth in the year (if you need help with phones and such, look here

-18+ themes will apply (Drugs, Murder, Suicide, Alcohol, etc)

-800+ character limit

-I require digital art or illustrated images for this roleplay

-If you have any questions do not be afraid to ask me or MourningGlory

The Character Sheet













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