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War is Hell {Closed 4 MourningGlory}

By Kuro_Rosey
Backup thread

A demon saves a pregnant captured angel from being a demon toy…


Rosaline {demon} Played by MourningGlory

Juniper {Angel} Played by Kuro_Rosey

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MourningGloryRosaline   106d ago
Lady of the Night


 “I do not ask for anything. I just cannot stand to see someone so pure tortured in the ways of my father and his men. Never have I agreed with their ways..” Words were soft as she spoke them. Her magic at that moment had still been healing the angel who was trying to talk her out of it.

Only when her wrist had been taken did Rose's magic vanish into thin air and stop what it had been doing. She had been about to ask what Juni was doing. About to ask what the last words spoken had meant. But before she could get her thoughts together or even utter them, the angel had found a rock. And worse than finding the rock, she began to beat herself with it. ALL the healing that Rosaline had done gone in a few short moments. Juni was back to the same battered and bloody mess, if not even worse now than she had been and the rock forced into her hand.

Shrill screams filled the air and cold laughter could be heard. It was no wonder that Juni had panicked in the way that she had. The dwmon princess though wished that the angel would not have done what she had. She would have rathered taken her father's wrath yet again IF it meant that for a short while the little angel would have been healed.

Cold gaze went to the demon king and his men as they entered. And without even thinking, a soft and almost gutteral growl slipped from the princess. “You are the one who wished this of me father. Aren't you even in the least but pleased? And as to picking an angel pet... I already have. So if you do not mind, keep your bloody hands off her and those of your goons as well.” Violet tinted green eyes and her magic sparked at her father and his men as a warning. Just because she was "young" did not mean she was not powerful. What was funny, was that Rose was actually even more powerful than her father. That had been another reason the man had chosen to lock her up. He always feared the raven haired beauty that was his daughter would betray him and try to overthrow him.

Her magic continued to spark as she backed towards the angel who was still on the icy stone floor. And as she did, Rose knelt down and scooped the girl up, vanishing with her and taken her back to her tower. Upon reappearing in her room, Rose rested Juni on the bed and got a bowl of warm water and a cloth and began to gently try and clean the blood away. Or at least some of it. “None of what I said to my father is the truth...I have no intentions to hurt you. Either of you.” Once more words were soft and eyes were their normal sweet green.

Kuro_RoseyJuniper   103d ago


Juniper flinched as she heard the demons around her speak and hearing the irritation from both made her curl up unconsciously, doing her best to protect the kin inside her who at this point had expelled all it’s limited magical energy leaving them both in a very fragile state. Juni let out a small whimper when the room seemed to fill with magical energy, then a yelp as she was picked up her eyes shut tight and body beginning to tremble as her fear set in, but suddenly everything was quiet and it wasn’t until she felt something soft and warm touch her arm did she allow her eyes to slightly open. Through her slightly parted lid Juni was amazed to see she was no longer in the dungeon, but rather in a room designed for royalty, though looking a bit unkempt as though no maids tended to it. Moving her eyes downwards towards where she felt the warm thing running along her body, Juni’s eyes fully opened upon seeing Rose. “I… I still d-do not understand Your Highness… Why go through all this trouble for someone like m-me? Why risk punishment or death for someo… something as insignificant as me? I… I can assure you there were many others down there much more willing… and much more powerful that me…” Juni said her voice strained as she tried not to cry, afterall she had never been anything born as the premature 13th daughter of Baron Horcus and to a maid at that, her powers were weak and she had, had a harsh life until she had met her Killian, but then even that happiness got stolen from her, and now wingless Juni was no better off than a human. Juni watched the demon Princess wash her wounds not bothering to try and stop her too exhausted from the earlier events and soon she passed out wondering if in the end she was simply hallucinating and would wake back up once again back in the dungeon.

MourningGloryRosaline   93d ago
Lady of the Night


Oh she knew there would be hell to pay with her father. But she couldn't be bothered to care about that either. Rosaline had only one thing on her mind and that was saving the little angel who had beaten herself to try and save Rose. In her mind, one deed deserved another. And she had never met anyone quite like Juni before. Someone so pure.

The demon princess was gentle once she had gotten the prisoner out of the dungeon and into her room in the tower. It was a room fit for royalty…light purple walls, paintings of the more majestic places in hell, and a soft feather filled bed with violet sheets and a comforter. The room wasn't kept up by maids as the rest of the palace was but that was what she got for being the defiant daughter that she was. The softhearted one who needed to learn her place.

"Maybe I see something in you that you don't. And I have never been like the others. All of the prisoners…there are some who deserve it. But not you. You were…are different. I also saved you because I feel drawn and something makes me want to protect you and help you." Her words were soft as she spoke them. And as she spoke her words, even she realised how much truth there really was in them. Did it scare her? Yes…but she couldn't say she regretted the choice she had made. Everyone needed someone and well…she needed Juni even if she didn't know how or in what way.

When her eyes went to Juni as she was continuing to clean the gashes and heal what she could, Rose was able to tell that she had passed out again. The young demoness only hoped that her words had been heard before she had passed out. It was when she had cleaned her up and healed what she could did Rose gently cover Juni and move to the window's sill and play the flute that she had. The song was something she had learned to play all those years she had been locked away. Somber in its way…but something sweet. In her way, the dark haired girl was hoping it would help soothe the wingless angel as she slept.

Kuro_RoseyJuniper   3d ago


Juni startled a bit at the sound of the flute but quickly faded back into a deep sleep upon hearing it’s sweet sound and she slept for a long time drifting into a kind dream for the first time in forever, a dream where Killian was still alive and they were together and happy with their baby living their simple lives with no threats causing them harm.

Waking after about 12 hours Juni slowly opened her eyes surprised to find herself on a bed and with only a few chain related wounds still on her body and she wondered for a moment if one of the guards had taken her back to his chambers, but then the memories of the night prior came flooding in and she looked around for Rose scared the girl might have already been dragged off for punishment while she was unconscious. When she didn’t see the princess right away Juni got off the bed and headed for the door to the tower her hands trembling as she tried to yank the door open, but to her dismay it wouldn’t budge having been sealed from the outside years ago. Starting to hyperventilate Juni collapsed into a mess of tears until she heard creaking next to her and looked up to see Rose come out of what seemed to be some kind of washroom, and the pregnant woman let out a shuttering tear filled sigh of relief as she tried to calm herself.


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