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The Silver Wolf {Closed}

By Kuro_Rosey
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A twilight roleplay we know what we're doing…


Lucinda Eclaire Maxwell Played by {Pending}

Samantha Black Played by Kuro_Rosey

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Kuro_RoseySammy   118d ago


Once Luce responded the magic around the two flickered before erupting in a bit of a mini fireworks show meaning the promise was sealed and Sammy smiled before moving back onto her seat as the ride finally started it’s decent. Back on the ground Sammy was slightly surprised when Luce threaded their hands together and asked if this was a good first date and Sammy could hear a hint of not wanting this to end in her voice and Sammy was all about to suggest they spend a few days sightseeing on the way back to Buffalo when Sammy heard the sound of a portal in a nearby alleyway and looking towards it Sammy saw Tegan who looked miffed before he spotted Sammy and Luce and pouted before running over to them looking very apologetic.

“...I am SO sorry to interrupt you two… but please you need to come with me.” he said and Sammy growl sighed of course this was all to good to be true and she turned to Luce smiling meekly.

“Looks like our time is up. Tegan this is Lucinda my truemate of this lifetime, Lucinda this is Tegan one of the last soulchildren warriors born of the previous Silver Wolf I know he looks young but he’s I believe 157 this year along with his twin sister and I must warn you other than Roy whom you met earlier most of the people you are about to meet call me Mom as technically I am the same soul as the previous Silver Wolves I just have a fresher body and memories.” Sammy explained as the three made their way to the portal and stepped into what appeared to be a room that you’d expect to see in FBI dramas or space documentaries with several monitors showcasing maps of the world all with little red dots and sitting in front of them were several rows of computers lining what looked like large stairs similar to that of a college lecture room.

Once fully inside the 50 or so people there turned their heads and smiled and several moved to stand but a quick glance at Roy’s face had them sitting back down and Sammy slipped her hand out of Luce’s her face no longer smiling as she walked to the elder warrior leaving Luce to Tegan who smiled at her and lead her to a nearby computer desk that had no owner asking if she needed anything to drink or eat.

“What’s the sitch?” Sammy asked and Roy only lightly glanced at her as he grabbed a remote off the desk and pressed a few buttons causing the maps to shift, some zoomed in while other’s switched to what looked like Live CCTV surveillance.

“Unfortunately our attack last night has caused several of the other hives we’ve been monitoring to decide it’s time to go into fuck everything mode and many reports have already come in that women all over Dallas, Monte Crisco, and Moscow are being attacked and raped in broad daylight by sparkling monsters. I’ve already sent out Halford, Montie, and Ragina’s teams to try and get a handle on things” Roy explained and Sammy hissed lightly.

“Good… Any movement from the Volturi?”

“Nothing yet, but I doubt they’d let this slide… unless…”

“Heh seems we’re on the same thought wave, but until they actually start showing signs of being a part of this in any way other than the passive aggressive way they have been leave them be I really don’t need to get on their bad side any more than I already have, plus you know the Cullens are still pretty much loyal to them now that Ness has proved to not be a threat.”

“On that topic My Leige I suggest you head back their through the portal once we finish here or you might find there no home left.” Roy said as he flipped a screen showing the cameras looking over the Cullen’s current residence along with a live video feed of the rampaging 9yo in a roughly 20yo’s pregnant body and Sammy groaned earning several giggles from the warriors behind her.

“...and there’s the headache again… Any clues on the main hive or are we all still just in hypothesis territory?”

“No the outbreaks and lack of manpower have us pretty much stuck here… as I mentioned before…”

“Don’t start Roy I know, but we literally just started getting to know each other again I can’t ask her to start impregnating me with warriors at least until we’ve hit the third date at least.” Sammy muttered quietly turning red.

“And yet she’s already willing to move in with a bunch of vampires and your rather disgusting excuse for an older brother.” Roy said and Sammy bristled glaring at the man.

“These two are COMPLETELY different topics Roy did you forget what the imprint crap does to someone’s will? Especially when the mate is The Silver Fucking Wolf?” Sammy hissed under her breath and Roy let out a chortle before glancing back at the others before handing Sammy the remote, saluting and wandering off to check on the others leaving Sammy confused until she turned and saw Luce right behind her. “H-hi… h-how long have you been standing there?” Sammy asked her face now completely red.

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Lucinda Eclaire Maxwell

The little magical burst of fireworls had taken Luce by surprise. She honestly had only thought it would be a promise made. Something simple like the romance novels she read and the movies of Hollywood. But of course given their lives and WHAT they happened to be, in the back of her mind the hybrid girl knew that was too simple.

When they had gotten back to the ground and were off the ride, fingers laced with Sammy's. She had been wanting to hold her hand all night but until that moment had not braved it. And she had even dared to ask if the first date was a good one. In her mind it had been great and MUCH better than she could have hoped given how the night had started. Hell, Lucinda didn't want it to end. And  that wish somehow had even slipped into her voice though not at all meant. She ALMOST even thought to ask the Silver Wolf girl if they could prolong the trip back. Have a little fun. But that was all shot to hell when one of Sammy's warriors had come to find them and Sammy was explaining most of those around would be klder than them and even refer to her as mom as she technically was in previous lives.

Her hand stayed in Sammy's until entering the portal and the giant FBI like room with all the cameras and little red dots upon screens which marked Vampire hives and actions. The redhead was led off by Tegan as Sammy went to find out what was going on since she had not been “on the clock” for the last hours.

“You know it was nice to see mom smile like that and to be free… Hate when we have to pull her away from her happiness and make her work.” Tegan was saying as he looked at Sammy's mate whom she had JUST found again after all this time.

Luce blushed faintly as she heard the man's words and was keeping an eye on Sammy as she was suddenly all work and no play. “It was nice getting the time with her. A reminder of the girl I have always loved and missed… Now that I know about all of this I wish that I could help make it easier…Wish that I could see her smile and be as relaxed as she had been while we were able to be on our date." Her words were soft as she spoke them and did tear her gaze away from Sammy to look at Tegan who seemed to be giving a rather guilty look.

“She will kill me for telling you this… But right now we are down in numbers. What's left of us is what you see here. Being the Silver Wolf, mom has the responsibility of keeping the peace of the world…and keeping humans safe from vampires who go rogue like what you are seeing on the screens…” 

“What exactly are you meaning?” And when she was given a pointed look, Luce blushed almost as red as her hair as she got the point. She…she would have to help Sammy repolutate her ranks…and something deep down told her that meant impregnating the Silver Wolf…something her past lives would know all about.

For a couple moments the hybrid was silent before she walked closer to where Sammy was and talking to Roy. And when she got to them, Luce had heard the man say almost the same thing as she had been told by Tegan. It was when Sammy turned and saw her was a dark blush still in her cheeks and she gave a weak smile “Almost all of it…that I have to help with the warriors…and well the stuff about your brother…” God she hoped her words had not crossed a line. But she HAD to be honest with her imprint. And even though she should not have, Luce even told Sammy what Tegan had told her too.

Kuro_RoseySammy   41d ago


Sammy’s face went bright red at Luce’s words and she collapsed into a sort of kneel as she sighed into her hands. “Ugh please forget the stuff about the warriors you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” Sammy muttered too embarrassed to look up. After a few moments Sammy stood back up and looked back up at the monitors, stopping at the one showing ‘home’ Jake and Ness had gone back inside and since the house wasn’t trembling Sammy bit her lip and offered a hand to Luce. “Ready to meet the rest of my ‘family’?” she asked her face still pink.

Upon Luce taking her hand Sammy lead her back up the stairs and to another room that already had a portal open and waiting and going through spit them out in a cave, in the forest a few miles from the house. “We’ve got a bit of a walk from here, can’t keep the portal to close to home for the sake of privacy, we can go in wolf mode or just wander… or we could go that way and head into town get some brunch, give us another couple hours until my brother catches my scent and comes after me.” Sammy smirked though a slight bit of fear ran through her as she realized she would have to actually introduce Lucinda to her brother and the Cullens.

Lucinda Eclaire Maxwell

Was she ready to meet Sammy's family? Honestly not at all. But she had already promised that no matter what she was in it for the long run. So now she would have no choice. Of course Luce knew Sammy had promised her that sue would not be forced into anything…but who were either one of them truly kidding? Being imrpints and mated as they were, both Licinda and Samantha really did not have choices.. They did not have a full sense of free will. To anyone else, it would have seemed like complete and utter shit. But to the girls, both of them knew they were bound to the other and what the other would want or need.

Hazel eyes went to the monitor that Sammy had looked up to. The one that not even twenty minutes earlier had shown who the redhead assumed to be Sammy's brother and his imprint. But before she could even ask, Sammy was asking if she was ready to meet her “family”. A slow smile and nod was given as she did take the other girl's hand. “About as ready as I can be. I'm more worrie what they'll think when we see them..” Those words probably should not have been spoken, but she could not lie to Sammy.

Soon, the pair had left the room with all the monitors and went to a room where a portal was already opened. Before Luce could ask anything about the portal, both she and Sammy were sucked in ans apit out in a cave and the Silver Wolf girl was explaining to Luce where they were and what they could do. And for a moment, the redhead with the hazel eyes went silent as she contemplated the actions that they could take. Everything in her screamed go into town. Draw out their date and meeting with Jacob and the Cullens. But she knew that Sammy was in hot enough water and she didn't want to make that worse.

A small smile was given and Luce did take a few steps back before she knelt down. After she had, her clothing ripped and her body morphed into that of a great red wolf. That was her telling Sammy that they could make the journey back as wolves and get it all over with. Or that was what she had intended. “Since it's early and you did seem a little tired… how about I stay like this and you can ride me back? This way your ‘family’ know that I am a wolf as well…and that way you can speak to them directly..” In truth, Luce was scared to meet them as her human self straight away and for a little while did intend to stay the wolf her. At least until she got a feel of what the Cullens and Jacob were like. 


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