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The Start of Something New [An Enhypen and HAWW Fanfic] [In progress]

By AkiraSanogame
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When Jake is assigned to keep an eye on a familiar face as his first mission under King Hwon, how will he be able to handle that and potentially finding his soulmate too?






Hai~! Author-nim here with another story! Jake is here with his story and he is about to meet someone very familiar to him.


For those who don't know, Jeonggeun is a part of the group HAWW! He is Rocky's younger brother and for reasons I won't say I don't think I'll add Astro to the series. For those who follow my wolfau series that's where they're featured but since this is a completely different series I will refrain from adding them.


Anyway, onto the characters~!




Jake: A college student who became a member of the king's guard for Hwon. He originally wanted to get help to keep his own father from being fired from his job but when he found out something about why his father was about to be fired he chose not to continue helping his father. He has yet to find his soulmate, but his soulmate mark is a tattoo with a rose. He is majoring in engineering with a minor in science.


Jeonggeun: A college student who was under Hwon for a while due to having no place to go after being abandoned by his parents. He initially is hesitant to go with Jake, but ends up heading back to Korea with him to finish his degree. His soulmate mark is also a tattoo with a rose, but he doesn't think that he and Jake are soulmates. He is majoring in engineering with a minor in biology.


I hope you enjoy the story~!


Thanks to for the poster~!

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Rest in peace, Moonbin

Chapter 1


Jake, once he got away from Jay and Keonhee, felt like everything just left his body as he let himself drop his happy façade. He let out a breath as he stood in front of the gate that would take him home to Australia, wondering how he managed to get this far.


“Having second thoughts already?” Came Allen's voice as he walked over after speaking with Hwon on the phone.


“No,” sighed Jake as he shook his head. “I just feel like a big burden was placed on my shoulders,” he explained. “But I know that if I don't do this my father's debt would be passed down to me if he does something stupid,” he added.


“Hwon, despite everything, does care,” reminded Allen as he shrugged. “He only wants what's best for you and right now that's to get out of your father's debt and to make sure you and your brothers are not going to be affected by it,” he explained.


“I know,” mumbled Jake before he let out a sigh. “This is just something I'll never get used to I guess,” he mused, looking thoughtful.


“Well, I'm here, if you need me,” commented Allen as he nodded his head.


“I know,” muttered Jake as the call for boarding started. “I'm surprised you didn't go with Hwon when he had to head back,” he remarked as they stood in line.


“Hwon wanted to make sure you made it back,” responded Allen as he shook his head. “Granted, nothing should happen but we don't know at this point,” he added.


“Right,” hummed Jake as he nodded his head.




The plane ride back to Australia was shorter than Jake had expected, even if he had slept through most of the flight in first class.


Allen was there for the most part, making sure Jake was really okay as they made their way over to where Hwon was waiting in the terminal after landing in Sydney.


“Jake, Allen,” greeted Hwon as he stood there with someone Jake had assumed was a part of the guard.


“Your highness,” greeted Allen as he bowed in greeting.


“Hello,” greeted Jake as he bowed in greeting.


“I assume Chan is here to accompany us back?” Asked Allen as he nodded at Chan who nodded back at Allen.


“I am here more for the arrival of the new guard,” responded Chan as he nodded. “Felix would've been here but he had classes to attend to,” he added. “But yes, I am also accompanying you back to the office,” he explained as an afterthought.


“Well, let's go then,” commanded Hwon before he turned and walked away. Everyone quickly followed after him.




When they got back to the office building that had become Hwon's base of operations Jake was told to wait in the waiting room while Hwon had a meeting to attend to in regards to another person that was in his care.


When it was time to go see Hwon Jake felt extremely nervous. He knew that he was in the guard now, but he wasn't sure what Hwon was thinking when it came to himself but Jake was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice if it meant saving himself and his brothers from their past mistakes.


As Chan escorted him to Hwon's office Jake couldn't help but feel his nerves acting up again. He knew how much this was going to help them, but he wasn't sure what would happen after this point. He just hoped that his first official mission wasn't too daunting of a task.


“You'll do fine,” chimed in Chan as they stood outside of Hwon's office. “If you're anything like us you'll do completely fine on your own,” he reassured as he turned to Jake.


“Yeah,” breathed out Jake as he let out a soft sigh. “I can do this,” he told himself as he stood straighter, nodding to Chan. Chan nodded back and opened the door, letting Jake step inside before closing the door behind him.


Jake stood before Hwon with his head held high, an air of indifference surrounding him as Hwon watched him closely from behind his desk in a thinking pose.


Allen was standing behind Hwon to his immediate right, quietly judging Jake as he kept his expression blank.


"What lengths will you go through to guarantee you and your brother's financial safety?" Asked Hwon.


"I will do anything, including kill," replied Jake as his hands twitched at his side a sign of nervousness that he had picked up from his mother. He knew he couldn't follow through with killing someone, but he was desperate, and it was the first thing to come to mind.


"What kind of king do you think I am?" Scoffed Hwon as he shook his head. "I will not have you kill someone, do not worry," he explained. "I just need you to keep an eye on someone for me," he added. "I think you two are connected in some way," he explained. "Come in," he called, causing the door to open.


Jake turned to the door, blinking in surprise at who walked in.


“You needed me?” Asked the new person who went to stand beside Jake.


“Jeonggeun,” greeted Hwon as he moved back, leaning in his chair as he kept a hand on the table in front of him. “I know you wanted a way out, and I'm giving you this opportunity,” he explained.


“You want me to keep an eye on Jeonggeun?” Asked Jake as he turned to Hwon.


“You two know each other then?” Asked Hwon.


“We were neighbors for a time,” responded Jake as he nodded. “But I wasn't aware of him being with you,” he added.


“I came to Hwon after you did,” responded Jeonggeun as he shook his head. “But I'm not going to do anything reckless, I don't need a bodyguard,” he added.


“You have no choice right now,” remarked Hwon as he raised an eyebrow. “Either go with Jake or become homeless,” he explained. “I'm the one paying for your college education since your parents didn't want to help after abandoning you when your own brother left you,” he added.


“You leave Minhyuk out of this,” Jeonggeun nearly spat out. The only thing that kept him from walking out the door was the fact that everything Hwon had said was true. If he declined the offer then the money would stop flowing in and he wouldn't have any way to pay for his college education other than taking out loans.


“Well?” Asked Hwon.


Fine,” grit out Jeonggeun, rather reluctantly. “I'll go with Jake back to wherever he came from,” he added.


“Good, your plane leaves tomorrow,” responded Hwon as he nodded. “Escort them out Allen, and make sure they make it home safe,” he added, motioning for Allen to step forward.


Allen bowed before walking around the desk to where Jake and Jeonggeun stood, letting Jake take the lead as he turned and walked out the door. Jeonggeun followed after him after Allen nudged him to go and Allen followed after them after turning and nodding at Hwon before leaving the room and closing the door.




Jeonggeun didn't look too happy to be leaving Australia after everything he had gone though up to this point. He knew better than to go against a king's order though, and just took it for now. He knew he was going to be done with school soon enough so he just went with it until he could finally finish his degree.


Jake hadn't seen much of Jeonggeun since before he officially become a part of the king's guard and now it seemed like he was stuck with him. He didn't mind it too much, but it looked like Jeonggeun was more against the idea.


Allen could only sigh as he understood where Jeonggeun was coming from, but he knew Jeonggeun had no choice but to comply with Hwon's orders. He just hoped that the two of them wouldn't be ripping each others throats out by the end of it. Whenever that moment came.

AkiraSanogame     85d ago
Rest in peace, Moonbin

Chapter 2


Jake let out a breath as he looked at the home he was staying in with Yeonjun and the others. Jeonggeun stood beside him, looking at the house before turning to Jake.


“This is where you live?” Asked Jeonggeun as he took in the home that would be his place to stay for the foreseeable future.


“Yep,” responded Jake as he nodded. “This is the guard house I'm a part of,” he added, adjusting the pack on his shoulder before walking up the stairs and opening the front door. “Come on in,” he called, turning to Jeonggeun before heading inside.


Jeonggeun quickly ran after him, entering the house and closing the door behind him. He turned when someone cleared their throat, coming face to face with someone unfamiliar to him.


“He's finally here huh?” Asked Yeonjun as he eyed Jeonggeun with a calculating look.


“Leave him be Yeonjun, we literally just got back,” Jake shouted from the kitchen.


“You're no fun,” huffed Yeonjun as he relaxed into a more neutral stance. “Welcome to Korea,” he added.


“Thank you,” mumbled Jeonggeun as he blinked at the sudden change in demeanor.


“Well, come on,” demanded Jake as he walked out of the kitchen. “We'll be sharing rooms,” he added. “I hope you don't mind?” He asked.


“I'm fine,” mumbled Jeonggeun as he turned to Jake, lowering his head as he took in Jake's serious expression. “We can go,” he added, motioning for Jake to go ahead.


Jake seemed to judge him with a calculating stare before turning and heading towards the stairs that would take them to the hallway up to their rooms.


Jeonggeun moved around Yeonjun before following after Jake.




Jeonggeun found himself falling into a familiar routine as he started the new semester at the university that Jake had been attending.


It was hard to understand his classes at first, since it was mostly in Korean and he knew very minimal Korean. It got better when he had been transferred once again to the English speaking classes, and found himself sitting with Jake and Allen during those times.


Most of the time he was by himself though, and that was fine with Jeonggeun. He didn't want to deal with everyone more than he had to, especially when Jake gave him the cold shoulder. All Jeonggeun wanted was to finish his school year and be done.




Jake had never given Jeonggeun the cold shoulder, but Yeonjun apparently had pointed it out after Jeonggeun got back from school and was sulking in their shared room.


“Why are you sulking?” Asked Jake as he entered his and Jeonggeun's room.


“I'm not sulking,” mumbled Jeonggeun before he shook his head and turned to look at Jake. “Who told you I was sulking?” He asked.


“Yeonjun hinted at it,” replied Jake as he shrugged, going to throw his bag into his computer chair before going to flop face down on his bed and bury his face into his pillow.


“I wasn't sulking,” sighed Jeonggeun as he shook his head again. “What's wrong with you?” He asked.


“Long day at school,” grumbled Jake, his voice muffled by the pillow.


“We all have those days,” remarked Jeonggeun before he got up from his bed. “I'm going for a walk,” he added, making sure to grab his phone and wallet before leaving, making sure to close the door behind him.


Jake let out a soft sigh before glancing at his wrist where his tattoo was before pushing himself up and getting out of bed. He went to grab his phone before going to follow after Jeonggeun, putting his phone in his back pocket before stuffing his hands in his hoodie pockets.




“You didn't need to follow me you know,” remarked Jeonggeun as he and Jake walked in mostly comfortable silence.


“You didn't stop me when I went to join you,” retorted Jake as he shook his head. “Besides, who's going to keep you from getting lost?” He asked, laughing at Jeonggeun's frustrated sigh.


“You have me there,” grumbled Jeonggeun, though he didn't look too displeased. He didn't know where he was, just how to get to school and home when Jake or Yeonjun weren't there to accompany him to school, which was for the one morning class he had every other day.


“I mean, GPS works too, but you'd still somehow get lost,” remarked Jake as he shrugged.


“True,” sighed Jeonggeun before the continued to walk in silence.




They ended their trip at the cafe just outside campus, Jake offering to order them both coffee before they headed inside.


“Long time no see Jake,” greeted Sunghoon as Jake walked up to the counter.


“Hey Sunghoon,” greeted Jake as he grinned in greeting.


“Jake's actually here for once?” Came Jungwon's voice as he stepped out of the backroom.


“I wanted to show Jeonggeun around,” responded Jake as he shrugged. “Two coffees please,” he added, going to pay for the coffee.


Suunghoon rung up the coffees before handing the cup to Jungwon who went to start on the coffee.


Jeonggeun was left to look around the cafe, examining the area around him as he took in the little things.


“Any new workers recently?” Asked Jake as he kept an eye on Jeonggeun while waiting on their orders.


“We have some more members of the morning crew,” responded Sunghoon as he shrugged. “I think their names were Minyoung and Chanyoung,” he added.


“Morning crew means freshman and sophomores huh?” Asked Jake as he nodded in response.


“Yep, it makes it so much easier to do scheduling for the owner,” explained Sunghoon.


“I would've been part of the afternoon crew then,” mused Jake as he looked thoughtful.


“It's never too late to come back you know,” remarked Jungwon as he passed their drinks down to where Jeonggeun was waiting.


“I know,” hummed Jake as he walked over to grab his cup and go to sit down by the windows. Jeonggeun followed after him, sitting across from Jake before sipping his coffee.




“Well,” sighed Jake as he looked at the tattoo on his wrist again, noticing something new with it. “It's finally been colored in?” He asked, blinking in surprise as he realized what that meant. “But what does it being in all black mean?” He asked himself as he stared at the colored in rose.




Jeonggeun looked at the tattoo of the rose in the palm of his hand, noticing that it was also colored in before he clenched his hand into a fist, huffing a sigh before focusing on the ongoing droning of the professor. He had better things to do right now than worry about what the color implied, instead choosing to pay attention to the class.

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Rest in peace, Moonbin

Chapter 3


Jake examined the tattoo on his wrist, looking closely to make sure he was seeing things correctly.


“What are you looking at?” Asked Yeonjun as he walked over and leaned on the table Jake was sitting at.


“I think my tattoo is colored in,” responded Jake as he showed Yeonjun. “But what does black mean?” He asked.


“It means either you've met your soulmate and they haven't realized it yet, you've met them and they rejected you, or they're dead,” responded Yeonjun as he blinked in surprise. “I don't sense anything wrong with you, so it's not the rejection or death part,” he mused, looking thoughtful.


“Huh,” hummed Jake before he turned to where Jeonggeun was sitting and reading something on his phone. “Jeonggeun did your tattoo get colored in?” He asked, causing Jeonggeun to look up and at Jake.


“No,” lied Jeonggeun as he shook his head. “I didn't see anything new with mine anyway,” he added.


Yeonjun looked skeptical, but shook his head at Jeonggeun before moving away from the table. “Alright, I need to head out for a few days,” he explained. “Ivan had some business to attend to so I must get around to doing that,” he added.


“Be careful,” mumbled Jake as he turned to Yeonjun.


“I'll be fine,” sighed Yeonjun. “But yeah, I'll be careful," he added.




“Who else did you say lived at the house?” Asked Jeonggeun as he and Jake sat in the cafeteria eating lunch.


“Other than Yeonjun?” Asked Jake. “Seoho does, and Allen,” he explained. “Though Soobin has a room, if he wants it,” he added. “It used to be Beomgyu's room but well,” he explained, shaking his head.


“Is that why no one took the last room?” Asked Jeonggeun.


“For the moment,” responded Jake as he nodded his head.


“Interesting,” hummed Jeonggeun.




Jake looked down at his tablet when it pinged, seeing a message from the main guard group chat. “Ah,” he hummed, typing up a reply before pressing send. He leaned back in his chair and let the tablet sit on the table.


“Who is it?” Asked Jeonggeun as he looked up from the book he was reading.


“Seoho's coming home,” responded Jake before he got up and grabbed his phone and tablet before leaving the room. “I'm going to make lunch,” he called before footsteps faded away.


Jeonggeun took a minute to finish reading the chapter he was on before closing the book and getting up. He left the book on his bed before grabbing his phone and leaving the room to head downstairs.


Jake was preparing fried rice in the kitchen when Jeonggeun entered the kitchen, Jeonggeun deciding to sit at the kitchen island and watch Jake prepare the food.


“Who is Seoho again?” Asked Jeonggeun as he watched Jake cook.


“He's under Jahan, from what I understand,” responded Jake as he concentrated on the vegetables as he cut them. “I was also introduced to him and the others through Seoho,” he added. “So it was nice to already know someone within the kingdoms and get initiated into the guard,” he explained.


“Didn't you know people in the guard already?” Asked Jeonggeun.


“I know Yeonjun and Soobin, yes but I knew them before becoming part of the guard,” explained Jake. “Same with Beomgyu, when he was alive anyway,” he added as an afterthought. He turned and went to grab a wok before going to the stove to turn it on. He poured oil into it before letting it sit for a few minutes.


“I see,” hummed Jeonggeun as Jake started frying up the fried rice.


“Any other questions you have?” Asked Jake as he kept an eye on the food.


“Not at the moment, no,” responded Jeonggeun as he looked away from Jake to stare at something at the wall.




Seoho got back as soon as lunch was done, and Jake left him a bowl while he and Jeonggeun ate at the kitchen island.


“Welcome back,” greeted Jake as Seoho entered the kitchen.


“Thank you,” replied Seoho as he nodded, going to grab a plate of food before going to sit beside Jake.


“How was the time spent with Jahan?” Asked Jake.


“It went alright,” replied Seoho as he nodded in confirmation. “I'm just happy to be home for a little bit,” he explained.


“Yeah, that's understandable,” remarked Jake as he nodded his head. “It's good to see you back though, Yeonjun headed out a few days ago,” he added.


“What, you want to spar again?” Asked Seoho as he looked at Jake.


“It's something to do,” retorted Jake as he shrugged. “Besides, I want to be able to try and beat Jay in a spar some day,” he added.


“Keeping at your sparring currently does help,” agreed Seoho. “But I'd be wary of overdoing it of course,” he added.


“Yeah,” mumbled Jake as he let out a soft sigh. “I've been bad at overdoing things,” he grumbled to himself.


Jeonggeun listened in silence as the two before him talked about things he could barely understand. When Jake was at home in Korea it seemed he just fell into the habit of speaking Korean when the others were home. That was fine with Jeonggeun due to him wanting to learn the language a bit more so he didn't have to struggle as much.


He also wanted to know if they were talking badly about him, but Jeonggeun wouldn't admit that to anyone. He would rather take it to the grave.




Jeonggeun stared at the menu behind the barista, almost struggling to read it as he tried to remember which words meant what.


“You don't speak Korean do you?” Asked the barista in front of him, startling Jeonggeun out of his thoughts as he looked stupidly at the barista who spoke English.


“I don't know that much,” Jeonggeun finally replied with a sigh. “But I'm learning,” he added, shrugging as he shook his head.


“One coffee then?” Asked the barista.


“Sure,” replied Jeonggeun as he went to pay for it. “Thanks, Minyoung?” He asked, making sure he read the name correctly.


Minyoung nodded, handing Jeonggeun back his card before passing the cup down to the person making drinks. “It'll be ready in a bit,” he added.


Jeonggeun went to wait on his coffee, fumbling with his phone as he got a message. He took a look at it, reading through the message before stuffing his phone back in his pants pocket with a huff.

AkiraSanogame     43d ago
Rest in peace, Moonbin

Chapter 4


Jeonggeun felt frustrated when he found himself alone for the first time since arriving in Korea. He knew that Jake and Seoho were just a phone call away but Jeonggeun felt like he was suddenly abandoned by them even if it wasn't the case.


For now he had to focus on his tattoo and why it was colored in black. From what he understood that meant he had already met his soulmate, but he didn't know who his soulmate even was.




“There definitely are ways to find out who your soulmate is, but I don't think it's a good idea to look for that information,” reminded Seoho after Jeonggeun asked him about it. “Who knows, you could be in your first life and your information isn't even in the archives,” he added.


“How was Jay able to find out about his then?” asked Jeonggeun.


“It wasn't his first life, if Beomgyu was able to find Jay in the archives,” explained Seoho as he shrugged. “The archives keep tabs on those who have more than one life, otherwise it'd be full of every person in history,” he added.


“So there's still a chance then, that whoever my soulmate is is also going through their first life?” Asked Jeonggeun.


“Yes,” responded Seoho as he nodded.


“Interesting,” remarked Jeonggeun as he looked thoughtful.




Jeonggeun looked at the archive building in front of him, looking thoughtful as he debated on whether to go inside or not. He knew there was a chance that it wouldn't become an archive for him, as those who can't access it only see a business warehouse, but he wanted to take this chance.


He took a steadying breath before entering the building, hope filling him as he wished for it to be a giant library. “Damn it,” he cursed, finding the interior to be a bunch of offices.


“Just my luck,” he grumbled to himself before turning and leaving. He looked around before deciding to walk in a random direction.




Jeonggeun found himself lost, wandering the streets of Seoul in a daze. His phone was off for once, but that was because Jeonggeun didn't want to be bothered until he was ready to go home.


It seemed that luck wasn't on his side today as Jeongeun found himself in front of the cafe just outside campus.


It took a few minutes but Jeonggeun entered the cafe, taking in his surroundings as he looked around.


“You're back again huh?” Asked Minyoung as he recognized Jeonggeun.


“Yeah, I guess so,” responded Jeonggeun as he walked over to the counter to order. “It seems rather dead right now,” he remarked, ordering his usual and paying for it.


“It's usually dead around now,” responded Minyoung as he nodded, getting his drink order and passing it down to his coworker. “You're not around for the afternoon crew, it's usually busy then,” he added, shrugging.


“I guess,” mumbled Jeonggeun before he moved to wait on his drink.


After getting his drink Jeonggeun went to sit down, staring off into the distance and trying not to focus his attention on the tattoo in the palm of his hand.




Minyoung joined him after his shift, sitting across from Jeonggeun as Jeonggeun still sat in his spot a couple hours later.


“Was I here for that long?” Asked Jeonggeun as he turned to look at Minyoung.


“I'd say so, the afternoon crew is here,” responded Minyoung as he nodded.


“I should get going then,” mumbled Jeonggeun as he stood, making sure he had everything before turning and leaving.


“Let me accompany you home at least,” Minyoung encouraged as he got up and went to follow after Jeonggeun.


“I guess,” mumbled Jeonggeun before he continued out of the cafe. Minyoung followed after him, making small talk and trying to keep the mood light.




Jake answered the door when Jeonggeun knocked, looking sheepish as he forgot his keys when he left earlier that day.


“I forgot my keys,” explained Jeonggeun as he shrugged it off.


“You're lucky I was home,” remarked Jake as he let Jeonggeun in, turning to look at Minyoung who stood awkwardly on the doorstep. “Come on in,” he added to Minyoung before letting Minyoung walk in and closing the door behind him.


“I've been looking for you,” remarked Jake as he turned to Minyoung once they were in the livingroom.


“For me? Why?” Asked Minyoung.


“For the crimes you committed back home in Australia and the death of your soulmate, who you rejected,” explained Jake.


“He's dead, huh?” Asked Minyoung as he kept a blank expression on his face. “Who are you to try and arrest me in the wrong country?” He asked, his eyes narrowing in suspicion.


“The name's Jake,” responded Jake as he introduced himself. “And I am under King Hwon,” he added. “But you are correct, I'm not in my rights to arrest you, but you stepped into Dann's guard house,” he explained, taking a few steps back when he heard footsteps from the hallway.


“I have it from here, Jake,” came a new voice as Dann stepped into the livingroom with Soobin behind him to his immediate right with his hands in his pockets. “You were lucky,” he remarked, turning to look at Minyoung. “You were this close from being home free but you made a mistake,” he added, moving closer to Minyoung with Soobin keeping a close eye on things.


“Do you know what happens to those who reject their soulmates?” Asked Dann as Minyoung tried to look for a way out of this situation. “They are executed,” he emphasized, raising a hand to signal for Soobin who rushed forward to grab Minyoung, bringing him to his knees as he twisted his arm behind his back rather painfully.


“How is rejecting my soulmate a cause for execution?” Spat Minyoung as he struggled to get out of Soobin's grip.


“Because,” started Dann as he walked, coming to a stop in front of Minyoung and leaning down in front of him. “Soulmates are meant to be right? Who in their right mind would go to such lengths? Did you hate them that much?” He asked.


“I didn't,” spat Minyoung.


“If it was to force reincarnation that's not how that works my friend,” remarked Dann as he moved away from Minyoung, starting to pace as he put his hands in his pockets. “You know this, everyone knows this,” he added. “So, what was your reason?” He asked.


“Why should I tell you if you're just going to kill me anyway?” Asked Minyoung.

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Rest in peace, Moonbin

Chapter 5


“Jake,” started Dann as he turned to Jake who stared right back at him. “Take Jeonggeun out please?” He asked. “This is something that neither of you need to witness,” he explained. “Well, Jeonggeun doesn't,” he explained. “You will get your chance I'm sure,” he added.


Jake bowed his head before turning to Jeonggeun who stood in the kitchen doorway trying to keep the look of fear off his face. It seemed to not be working though, as Jake could tell from his posture. “Come on Jeonggeun,” commanded Jake before he walked towards the backdoor. Jeonggeun followed after him, pausing to listen to Dann as he spoke once more.


“Now, time for your execution,” commented Dann as Jeonggeun hurriedly closed the door behind him.




“Is this what everyone goes through?” Asked Jeonggeun as he flopped down in one of the lawnchairs in the backyard. “Is that what Yeonjun was out doing with Ivan?” He asked.


“Probably,” responded Jake as he shrugged, sitting down next to Jeonggeun in another chair.


“Will you end up doing this too?” Asked Jeonggeun.


“I think so, but Allen is Hwon's main guard,” responded Jake.


“There's not much you can do right now though,” remarked Jeonggeun as he looked thoughtful.


“No, not when I'm keeping an eye on you,” responded Jake as he looked down at his phone when it pinged.


“Who is it?” Asked Jeonggeun as he turned to Jake.


“It's Sunghoon,” responded Jake as he got up, walking over to the back gate to open it and let Sunghoon in.


“Dann told me to go around back,” mumbled Sunghoon as he walked into the backyard.


“Sorry, I found someone who was sentenced to die,” explained Jake as he led Sunghoon over to the lawn chairs.


“I see,” sighed Sunghoon as he flopped down in a chair, huffing out another sigh as he got comfortable.


“Are you okay? How's things at the dorms?” Asked Jake as he examined Sunghoon with a concerned look after sitting down.


“I'm fine,” reassured Sunghoon as he nodded his head. “Dongju being at our dorms has been quite the experience,” he added. 


“I heard Dongju tends to cause a ruckus,” remarked Jake.


“Only when really excited,” explained Sunghoon. “He's actually pretty chill most of the time,” he added.


“Any new people lately? Other than Dongju of course,” inquired Jake.


“Chanyoung joined us, but that's it,” responded Sunghoon as he shrugged. “How's life in the guard so far?” He asked.


“It's alright,” responded Jake as he shrugged. “Hwon doesn't need me for much right now due to finishing school and all that,” he explained. “Though afterwards is another thing entirely, who knows what I'll end up doing,” he mused, looking thoughtful.


Jeonggeun tried to understand the conversation to the best of his ability, his head tilting to the side in thought as he leaned forward in his chair. He could understand something about someone named Dongju and someone else named Chanyoung but that was about it. Maybe something about school and Hwon? “Ah,” he mused to himself, leaning back and shaking his head at Jake and Sunghoon who turned their heads to look at him.


“I forgot that he doesn't speak much Korean,” sighed Jake as he slapped his forehead in frustration. “I'm sorry,” he apologized, switching to English as he turned to Jeonggeun as he let his hand fall to his side. “It's out of habit, I'm sure you understand that,” he explained.


“No no, it's okay,” reassured Jeonggeun. “I'm picking up on more of the conversations now, but I don't think I'll be able to have a full conversation yet,” he explained.


“I wish I learned to speak more English, now I feel bad,” commented Sunghoon as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand.


“Don't feel bad," reassured Jake as he turned to Sunghoon, speaking Korean again. “This can't be helped right now,” he explained. “For now we can deal with this,” he added.


Everyone turned when the back door opened and Dann stepped outside with his hands in his pockets, letting the screen door close behind him. “Sorry about that,” he apologized with a sheepish grin. “He was an unexpected find, I'm surprised he managed to stay low for as long as he did,” he explained.


“I was surprised to see one of the people on the run here in Seoul, I thought he'd be somewhere more obscure,” remarked Jake as he looked thoughtful. “But enough about him,” he dismissed, shaking his head. “Is there anyone else?” He asked.


“I'd say, but his relative is here,” replied Dann as he walked over, standing next to Jeonggeun, putting a hand on the back of his chair, with Jeonggeun blinking in confusion as he turned to Dann before turning to Jake.


“Ah,” hummed Jake as he nodded in understanding.


“How are you holding up, Sunghoon?” Asked Dann as he turned to Sunghoon.


“I could be better,” replied Sunghoon as he shook his head. “But I needed a break for a few hours from the dorms, I hope you don't mind,” he explained as he looked up at Dann.


“I don't mind,” reassured Dann as he nodded in confirmation. “Sometimes you just need to get away from everything, so it's understandable,” he explained. “Stay as long as you need,” he added.


“Thank you,” mumbled Sunghoon as he nodded his head.


“I must get going, Soobin will be out to check on you soon,” Dann said in farewell before turning and leaving.




Soobin came outside a few minutes later in new clothes, fixing the sleeve on his shirt as he went to join the others in the backyard. “Hello everyone,” he greeted as he sat down beside Sunghoon.


“Hey Soobs,” greeted Jake. Sunghoon nodded in greeting while Jeonggeun bowed his head at Soobin.


“What's up with you guys?” Asked Soobin.


“We've been here hanging out, Sunghoon needed a break,” replied Jake as he shrugged his shoulders. “Jeonggeun can barely understand our conversations but,” he added with a shrug.


Jeonggeun blinked at his name being called, turning to Jake who shook his head at him. “I'm still learning okay?” He grumbled with a small pout, figuring it was the lack of understanding of the Korean language despite taking classes to try to speak and understand more Korean.

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Chapter 6


Jake huffed out a quiet sigh as he listened to his professor drone on and on about whatever the subject of today's lesson was. Honestly he was anxious and jumpy, his attention not really there. One of his brothers was coming to visit, and he wasn't sure if Mujin had kept his promise to keep an eye on his brother or not. He just hoped so, otherwise his warnings about his father had fallen on deaf ears.


For now he just had to hope that Seungmin had heeded his warnings and had managed to find Mujin before their father had gotten in touch with him.




Jeonggeun opened the front door, blinking at who was standing there. “Seungmin?” Asked Jeonggeun.


“Thank god, I thought I had the wrong house,” commented Seungmin as he shook his head. “Is Jake in?” He asked.


“He's in class but I'll let him know you're here,” responded Jeonggeun before he moved to let Seungmin in before closing the door.


“Who's here?” Came Seoho's voice from the kitchen.


“It's Jake's older brother, Seungmin,” responded Jeonggeun as he led Seungmin into the kitchen.


“Ah, I'll let him know you're here,” Seoho reassured before going to do so, texting Jake on the tablet to make sure he knew that Seungmin was, in fact here.




Jake got the message and slumped in his chair in relief, choosing to pay more attention to the class as he didn't have to worry about his brother being targeted by their father anymore. He just had to wait until the rest of the classes were done before finally leaving and heading home for the weekend.


“Good news I'm guessing?” Asked Dongju who sat beside him taking notes while discreetly texting his brother and getting updates.


“Yeah,” sighed Jake as he leaned back in his chair, tapping his pen on the desk as quietly as possible to not draw attention to himself. “My older brother's here,” he explained, letting his pen drop from his hand onto the table with a small clang.


“That would explain Dongmyeong coming over from Japan with Mujin,” remarked Dongju as he responded to a text from his brother. “Can I come over?” He asked.


“Sure,” responded Jake as he nodded. “Seoho's making dinner though," he added, quietly snickering at Dongju's poorly disguised noise in disgust.


“I don't understand how you can stomach his cooking,” whined Dongju, answering a question their professor suddenly asked him to make sure they were paying attention.


“Usually I'm cooking,” mumbled Jake as he shook his head in amusement. “But this time Seoho's cooking due to the busy weekend I'll be having with the others, and my brother,” he explained.


“Right,” sighed Dongju as he nodded.




When Jake got home with Dongju after their classes were done for the day they were greeted by Seungmin and Jeonggeun having an intense battle of chess, the both of them staring at the board with looks of concentration on their faces.


“Who's winning?” Asked Jake as he went to observe the game. “Also Dongju's here,” he called out, getting Seoho and Dongmyeong's responses from the kitchen.


Dongju immediately went into the kitchen to see his brother after observing the game for a minute.


“I think we're at a stalemate right now,” responded Jeonggeun as he made a move, scoffing as Seungmin immediately countered him. “Well nevermind,” he grumbled, soon making another move.


Seungmin scoffs as the move Jeonggeun made before countering him and declaring a checkmate, smirking at Jeonggeun who looked offended at the board before huffing in defeat.


“It's good to see you again, Seungmin,” greeted Jake as Seungmin got up and turned to Jake.


“Same to you,” replied Seungmin before he pulled Jake into a hug, surprising Jake as he stood still for a second before returning the hug. “I'm proud of what you're doing to help us, okay?” He asked before pulling away, laughing at Jake's shocked expression.


“I thought you came here to tell me how stupid I was for doing what I'm doing?” Asked Jake as he shook his head in exasperation.


“Nah,” replied Seungmin as he shook his head. “Jeongwoo contacted me before you did, so I know what's going on back home even if I can't go see him as much as I wish I could,” he explained.


“Sadly I'm in the same boat,” sighed Jake as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. “But I know by the end of the school year I'm heading back,” he added. “I have to confront our father by that point,” he explained.


“Yeah, I'm looking forward to the day he learns he can't touch us,” remarked Seungmin as he nodded.




“Did you find your soulmate?” Asked Jake as they sat in the kitchen after dinner.


“I did!” responded Seungmin as he nodded. “Hyunjin is the most understanding person ever,” he sighed as he took a sip of his drink before putting it down. “We're taking things slowly right now, but I'm starting to see colors here and there,” he explained. “I recently found out that he's also starting to see them," he added.


“That's good,” commented Jake as he grinned in happiness.


“How about you?” Asked Seungmin. “Have you found yours?” He asked.


“No,” sighed Jake as he looked down at his wrist. “It's colored in though, so I know we've crossed paths before,” he added. “I just don't know who it is,” he explained.


“Interesting,” hummed Seungmin as he looked thoughtful. “I wonder who it is,” he mused, thinking of who they both knew.


“I'll be fine, I have to focus on other things at the moment,” dismissed Jake as he shook his head. “I'm sure they don't mind waiting a bit longer,” he added.


“Just don't keep them waiting for too long,” reminded Seungmin.


“I'll try not to,” responded Jake as he nodded in agreement.




Jeonggeun felt like an outsider looking into Jake's life as he spent time with his brother. He had to tag along of course, for he was Jake's responsibility, but sometimes he wished that Jake just handed him off to someone else for the day. He just felt like a third wheel, even if Jake did include him in every conversation to not feel left out.


“I guess this is my life now,” grumbled Jeonggeun as he watched the two brothers playfully bicker on where to eat lunch.

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Chapter 7


Jake stood in front of Seoho, panting as he tried to catch his breath. He wasn't about to give up in a spar but he could feel how sore his body was getting from the blows he had already taken. “I concede,” he eventually declared, dropping to the floor in a sitting position once Seoho relaxed into a more neutral stance.


“Not too bad,” praised Seoho as he went to grab a bottle of water before walking back and handing it to Jake. “You're getting better at this,” he added. “You're also getting better at knowing when to stop,” he mused, looking amused at Jake's scoff.


“I may be known for overdoing things but I've come to respect when to stop a spar before something breaks,” mumbled Jake before he took a gulp of water before closing the lid. “One day I'll beat Jay in a spar,” he declared with determination, huffing at Seoho's chuckle.


“You'll have to defeat me first,” reminded Seoho before he went over to help Jake stand, grabbing him by the arm and helping him stand.


“I swear Yeonjun isn't as harsh at this than you are,” grumbled Jake as he brushed himself off.


“Yeonjun is also holding back in most of the spars,” pointed out Seoho as he shrugged, turning and walking towards the back door, opening it and entering.


“Yeah but so are you,” retorted Jake as he went to follow Seoho, letting the screen door close behind him as he entered the kitchen.


“Had fun I see,” remarked Seungmin as he turned from the stove to look at Jake and Seoho.


“It's been one of those days,” grumbled Jake, pouting at Seungmin when he chuckled at Jake's antics. “What 'cha making?” He asked, wandering over to the stove after closing the back door.


“Ramen,” responded Seungmin as he turned back and stirred the noodles with a pair of chopsticks. “It's not much but it'll do,” he added. “When is Jeonggeun coming back from his classes?” He asked.


“In a bit I'm pretty sure,” responded Jake before checking the time. “He may stop by the cafe later, who knows,” he added, shrugging before he went to shower and change out of his sweaty clothes.




“Do you think those two are soulmates?” Asked Seungmin as he went back to focusing on the stove to make sure the noodles were done.


“I know they are,” responded Seoho as he went to lean against the kitchen island. “But neither are smart enough to realize it it seems,” he mused, looking thoughtful as he grabbed his tablet and looked through his messages to make sure he wasn't missing anything.


“Did you figure it out from the way they acted around each other or is it that their tattoos are the same color?” Asked Seungmin as he turned off the stove, picking up the pot and bringing it over to the kitchen island where Seoho put down a pad to set the pot on. Seungmin put down the pot and grabbed some chopsticks for Seoho before handing them to him. He then started digging into the ramen, grabbing a small bowl to use in case of spills.


“I'm immortal remember,” reminded Seoho as he shrugged. “We can sense this kind of thing,” he added, taking the provided chopsticks and digging into the ramen. “I've known from the first meeting, though I think due to Jake's responsibilities he won't pursue it until Hwon gives the okay or things sort of resolve on their own,” he explained.


“Do you think it will resolve on its own?” Asked Seungmin after he slurped up some noodles. “It seems like being a part of the guard is a lifetime commitment,” he remarked as he went to scoop up some more noodles.


“The lifetime commitment only goes for those who are like me,” reminded Seoho as he shook his head. “Besides, in my years of living I've never seen any of the kings prevent soulmates from being with each other, well except Dongju and his soulmate but that's an entirely different issue anyway,” he explained.


“Ah,” hummed Seungmin as he looked thoughtful, slightly tilting his head to the side in thought as he continued eating.




“I hope you didn't eat all of it without me,” called Jake as he ran into the kitchen after getting dressed. He nearly slid into the kitchen island before stopping himself at the last second, going to grab some chopsticks before digging in.


“We saved some for you don't worry,” reassured Seungmin as he pushed away from the kitchen island, being done with his portion for now.


“Now that you're done I'm going to take a shower now,” declared Seoho before leaving the two brothers alone.


“What'd you two talk about?” Asked Jake as he noticed how serious Seungmin looked.


“Nothing you need to worry about,” responded Seungmin as he waved his hand dismissively. “I just had some general questions for him and the kings as a whole is all,” he explained. “I wanted to see things from another guard's perspective,” he added.


“Do you think I made the right choice?” Asked Jake as he paused in his eating to look at Seungmin.


“I think so,” responded Seungmin. “But there were other options out there,” he explained. “But in terms of making sure we were fine, I think this one was the best choice,” he added as an afterthought.


“I see,” hummed Jake as he nodded his head, going back to eating and occasionally checking his tablet for anything from the guard chat.




Jeonggeun eventually came back to the house, looking troubled as he contemplated something that had happened earlier that day.


“Are you okay?” Asked Jake once he noticed the troubled look on Jeonggeun's face.


“I'm fine," mumbled Jeonggeun. “Something happened in class today but it'll be fine,” he added.


“Is it the one you're sharing with Allen?” Asked Jake.


“No, just some people not thinking twice before starting stuff,” mumbled Jeonggeun.


“Ignore them,” sighed Jake. “We'll be home before you know it and there won't be much other issues,” he added.


“Right,” hummed Jeonggeun as he nodded.

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Chapter 8


“I'll see you again soon yeah?” Asked Seungmin as he stood in the terminal with Jake. “I'll see if Hyunjin wants to come along,” he added, shaking his head at Jake's suddenly evil expression.


“I get to threaten him, heheh,” mumbled Jake, jokingly of course. “Just be happy,” he added, smiling at Seungmin before Seungmin walked away. He watched Seungmin head into security before leaving the airport, sighing in resignation as he knew he wouldn't be seeing his brother for a while. At least, not until everything was over.




“It's going to be okay,” reassured Seoho as he noticed Jake looking depressed when he got back from the airport.


“I know,” mumbled Jake. “I just- I wish I could've spent more time with him,” he explained. “I didn't get to do that too much back home before he went to Japan,” he added. “These days I barely get to see him or my younger brother,” he explained.


“The time will come when you'll see each other again,” reassured Seoho. “I know when I had family Jahan never stopped me from visiting them, and it was the same for the others,” he explained. “Hwon will let you see each other again I'm sure of it,” he added.


“Hm,” hummed Jake as he nodded.




Jeonggeun rubbed the palm of his hand on his knee, grumbling about the itchiness in his hand. It had to be the tattoo that was bothering him. What else could it be? He had no idea why, however, as as far as he was ware there was nothing going on with his soulmate. At least, from what he could see. He wondered if his own soulmate was feeling the same thing as him? Jeonggeun wasn't sure if he wanted the answer to such a question.


“Are you okay?” Asked Allen as he sat down beside Jeonggeun. “You seem troubled by something,” he added, turning to Jeonggeun who grunted in response.


“I'm fine,” grumbled Jeonggeun as he clenched his hand into a fist. “Just my tattoo bothering me is all,” he added as an afterthought.


“What do you mean it's bothering you?” Asked Allen as he looked concerned.


“My tattoo has been really itchy lately,” responded Jeonggeun as he shrugged. “I don't think it's anything too serious though,” he added. “I'm just trying my best to ignore it for now,” he explained.


“I have an idea,” mused Allen as he looked thoughtful. “Try to touch Jake's tattoo with yours?” He asked. “He may even let you do it as an experiment,” he added. “I don't know what will happen, but maybe it'll make the itching go away,” he mused, nodding his head in encouragement.


“Do you think that's going to even help?” Asked Jeonggeun. “What if it doesn't and it was all for nothing?” He asked.


“Just trust me on this one, you'll be fine,” reassured Allen as he smiled reassuringly.




Jeonggeun approached Jake, hesitant as he stopped a few feet behind Jake. “Jake?” He asked, freezing in place when Jake turned to look at him.


“What's up?” Asked Jake, his eyebrows furrowing in question as he took in Jeonggeun's rather stressed posture. “Are you okay?” He asked.


“My- the tattoo has been bothering me,” mumbled Jeonggeun, repeating it louder for Jake to hear. “Allen gave the suggestion that we touch our tattoos together?” He asked, almost unsure of himself as he looked down at his feet to not look at Jake. He was not sure of what Jake's reaction would be, somewhat feeling afraid of Jake's answer.


“Ah,” hummed Jake as he walked forward, going to stand about a foot away from Jeonggeun. “If Allen suggested it, would it be better for you then?” He asked, holding out his arm after rolling up the sleeve of his shirt, revealing the rose on his wrist.


Jeonggeun blinked, looking at Jake's wrist before looking up at Jake. “You- you're not weirded out by this request?” He asked, still hesitant on going through with it.


“Why should I be?” Asked Jake as he looked confused. “Is it because you think we're not soulmates?” He asked.


“No! No,” Jeonggeun exclaimed as he let out a soft breath. “It's- I don't know,” he eventually muttered, sighing as he hesitantly reached out, grabbing onto Jake's wrist and letting their tattoos touch.


Jake held still, watching Jeonggeun as Jeonggeun visibly relaxed at the touch. “Better?” He asked, his hand closing around Jeonggeun's arm out of reflex.


“Much better,” sighed out Jeonggeun as he felt the itching finally stop. “Thank you,” he added, hesitating before pulling his arm back and letting it drop to his side. “I need to thank Allen for that suggestion,” he mused, turning and walking away.


Jake shook his head in amusement, looking at his wrist and blinking when something changed with the tattoo. “Huh,” he mused, examining it before bringing down the shirt sleeve and turning back and continuing on to wherever he was going.




“You seem happier,” remarked Yeonjun as he met Jake in the kitchen a few days later, having finally returned from whereever he was with Ivan.


Jake never really cared enough to ask where he went anyway, choosing to remain ignorant to what the others did. “Mhm,” he hummed, examining the tattoo closely as he looked thoughtful.


“Did something change with the tattoo?” Asked Yeonjun.


“The stem, it's colored in green,” responded Jake as he showed Yeonjun. “It used to be blank, but now it's colored in,” he explained. “The leaves remain black though, I wonder,” he mused, bringing it closer to his face to examine it.


“You know who your soulmate is then,” inquired Yeonjun as he raised an eyebrow.


“I always knew it was Jeonggeun,” retorted Jake as he shook his head, letting his arm drop to the table with a huff. “The other day Allen had texted me mentioning what Jeonggeun wanted to try,” he explained. “I had an idea of why he wanted to try it, but this just confirms my suspicions,” he added as an afterthought.


“I'm surprised you knew right away,” remarked Yeonjun. “He seems like he doesn't know though,” he mused, looking thoughtful as he hummed.


“Yeah, Jeonggeun was always like that,” agreed Jake as he let out a soft sigh.

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Chapter 9


Jeonggeun wasn't sure why he was standing on a bridge overlooking the Han River but he found himself leaning against the railing, watching the river flow under the bridge in silent contemplation. Jake had left him alone for the day, stating something about having to do something with Allen so Jeonggeun had wandered around until he found himself standing in the middle of the bridge overlooking the Han River.


“Do you know what bridge this is?” Came a voice as someone walked over and stood beside Jeonggeun. “Lots of people tend to die from jumping from this bridge,” explained the new person as he looked out over the water. “Don't tell me you're here to do that?” He asked.


“What?” Asked Jeonggeun as he turned to person who decided to stand beside him. “I don't understand?” He asked, unsure of what this stranger was saying due to his limited Korean vocabulary.


“Do you have a phone?” Asked the stranger, bringing up his thumb and pinkie to his ear like a phone. “Can I call someone for you?” He asked, making a gesture like making a phone call.


“A phone?” Asked Jeonggeun as he looked even more confused. “You want me to call someone?” He asked, taking out his phone and dialing the first number he saw in his recent contacts, not really paying attention to the name before handing the phone to the stranger.


I told you to stop contacting me, Jeonggeun,” came Minhyuk's voice as he picked up the phone, the stranger blinking at the voice before deciding to speak after putting the phone on speaker.


“I don't know who you are but Jeonggeun was it? He's standing on Mapo bridge alone, something about his demeanor makes me think he may try something,” said the stranger.


Mapo bridge? Jeonggeun is in Seoul?” Asked Minhyuk as he spoke in Korean now with concern in his voice, Jeonggeun blinking as he recognized his brother's voice.


“Yes,” replied the stranger as he looked up at Jeonggeun before looking back down at the phone.


I'll be over in 10 minutes, what's your name friend?" Asked Minhyuk.


“Chanyoung, and I'll be here with him until you get here," replied Chanyoung as he nodded in determination even though Minhyuk couldn't see him.


Okay, thank you Chanyoung,” Minhyuk said with a small chuckle before hanging up.


Chanyoung looked almost smug as he handed Jeonggeun back his phone.


Jeonggeun took his phone from Chanyoung, feeling numb as he hadn't seen Minhyuk in years by this point. Who knew that Minhyuk was hiding in Korea this whole time? Jeonggeun certainly didn't.


“Who knew that saying I was at this bridge would cause my own brother to come out of hiding,” mused Jeonggeun as he put his phone in his pocket before leaning against the railing again, staring off into the distance while Chanyoung kept a watchful eye on him.




Minhyuk appeared close to 20 minutes later, walking over after getting dropped off by a taxi. He put his hands in his pants pockets in a neutral stance as he came to a stop in front of Chanyoung and Jeonggeun who both turned to look at Minhyuk.


“I told you I'd still be here,” boasted Chanyoung as he puffed his chest out in pride.


“I have it from here, thank you Chanyoung for making sure Jeonggeun didn't jump,” responded Minhyuk as he nodded at Chanyoung.


“No worries! I'll get going now, see you around Jeonggeun!” Chanyoung said in goodbye before leaving.


“I know you, you wouldn't jump without a serious reason,” remarked Minhyuk as he spoke English once Chanyoung was out of earshot. “What brings you to Korea anyway?” He inquired, tilting his head to the side in question.


“I'm finishing school,” responded Jeonggeun, knowing that Minhyuk wouldn't believe his real reason for being here. He also had a feeling it was best to not let Jake know that Minhyuk was here. Even though Jake was probably keeping an eye on him already from the CCTV on the bridge. Though that one Jeonggeun wasn't completely sure of. He knew his location was being tracked at least, from his phone anyway.


“Finishing school?” Asked Minhyuk.


“Yeah, I decided to move to Korea after saving up enough money and finish the school year on a good note,” explained Jeonggeun as he nodded.


“Hm,” hummed Minhyuk as he looked skeptical but let it go, figuring that Jeonggeun would tell him at some point anyway.


Jeonggeun's phone started buzzing in his pocket so he took out his phone and looked at the message, finding Jake asking where he was. He sent a quick reply back before putting his phone back in his pocket. “I must get going I guess,” sighed Jeonggeun before he shook his head. “I'll see you around, maybe?” He asked, uncertain as he studied Minhyuk's expression.


“Yeah, I'll see you around,” mumbled Minhyuk before he turned and walked away.


Jeonggeun watched him go before turning and walking the other direction, finally heading home after spending most of his day at the bridge.




“Welcome back,” greeted Jake as Jeonggeun entered the house. “Where were you all day?” He asked, curiously as Jeonggeun joined him on the couch to watch a drama that Jake had started.


“I was at Mapo bridge,” responded Jeonggeun as he settled into the couch with a soft sigh. “Though it seems you already knew that?” He asked.


“If I didn't I would've called you earlier, yeah,” hummed Jake as he focused on the tv.


“I do have a question though, is my brother on this list of people you have to find and kill?" Aksed Jeonggeun.


“Did you meet him today?” Asked Jake as he turned to Jeonggeun.


“Briefly?” Asked Jeonggeun. “I kept calling him like you asked me to, and this guy, Chanyoung I guess? Finally got him to answer when he thought I was apparently going to jump from the bridge,” he explained with a huff. “Is that why you kept asking me to call him?” He asked.


“I can't give you the answer to that question,” sighed Jake. “But yes, he is on the list,” he explained. “It's not my mission to fulfill anyway,” he added. “So whoever it gets given to will find him, I'm sure,” he explained.


“I see,” grumbled Jeonggeun, focusing his attention on the drama when Jake seemed like he wouldn't answer any more questions.

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Chapter 10


Jake studied Jeonggeun as they sat on the couch, Jake with his head tilted to the side as he bowed his head slightly to adopt a non-judgemental stance. “What's wrong?” He asked, his voice flat and emotionless for the most part, trying to stay as neutral as possible.


“I don't know,” Jeonggeun replied, being honest. “I don't know if my tattoo is bothering me again, but I feel the need to touch your tattoo with mine again,” he explained after some thought, being hesitant with the idea as he wasn't sure what Jake's reaction would even be.


“I don't mind,” reminded Jake as he held out his arm after rolling up the sleeve of his hoodie, revealing the tattoo as he turned his wrist to face upwards. “What has you so hesitant anyway?” He asked, watching as Jeonggeun reached out and grabbed his wrist again, letting their tattoos touch.


“Just- just seeing what this kind of thing did to my brother?” Asked Jeonggeun. “I don't remember the details of what happened to cause him to leave but I do know it had to do with him rejecting his soulmate,” he explained.


“What was his soulmate mark?” Asked Jake, genuinely curious because he wondered if Jeonggeun even remembered what had happened to them back when they were kids.


“I think it was a tattoo," mumbled Jeonggeun, trying to remember. “Minhyuk and his soulmate were the best of friends even before finding out they were soulmates,” he added. “But there has to be more to it right?” He asked.


“I don't know, probably," agreed Jake as he nodded his head.


“I don't remember much about it though,” sighed Jeonggeun as he shook his head.


[continue tomorrow]


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