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Bug Report by the Ignored

By Kuro_Rosey
Backup thread

Okay hello and welcome here are the bugs I've noticed so far and if you are not in the ‘In Group’ feel free to use this as a place to complain <3

Kuro-chan's Complaints 

  1. Chat box doesn't stay gone on threads marked ‘Not a Chat’ if you edit thread.
  2. Tried to do multiple headers for a group roleplay new system deleted half of them and when I go to edit nothing changes it's all borked. {Note: Has something to do with the Underline option}
  3. Adding a 6 digit color code when styling a thread the checkmark doubles as the Create Thread/Edit Thread Button
  4. Chat Boxes are not protected/privet on protected threads.
  5. {Fixed for those who use dark mode}
  6. Pictures put on threads will not keep the edits you make {Size and location}
  7. Picture URL's claim to be invalid when editing character info {I do not give you permission to steal my art for your AI gen's so I refuse to upload directly to the site, not that the option is avalible when editing but still.}
  8. Will add more as they come in.

Well that's all I got for now feel free to add what you've noticed below and maybe SOMEONE in the ‘In Group’ will see this and talk to the very very ‘busy’ man we ‘lovingly’ know as Webmaster Jimmy. 

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TheEndless     105d ago

So a bug I noticed is you arent notified when you get a PM anymore, like when it becomes red, now it doesn't do anything and you can have a PM but not notice

Kuro_RoseyAkuma and Kori   104d ago

Akuma and Kori



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