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Twisted-Wonderland: Welcome to Night Raven College

By Cat22
Backup thread

(This is a roleplay based off of and featuring the characters and setting of Disney Twisted-Wonderland)

Night Raven College


A prestigious four year arcane academy located in a world known as Twisted Wonderland. During the entire century that it has been around for, many students have come and gone from the academy with student life on campus being peaceful for the most part. Aside from a few cases of overblot that have happened in the past, school life is fairly normal for a magic academy.


However, on one seemingly ordinary day, a few new students ended up arriving at Night Raven College from all across Twisted Wonderland. While this appeared to be the only special event on that day, things went by as normal. Classes were still in session, a certain duo was getting themselves into trouble, and after school clubs still met. Will things soon change for the students or will events still remain largely the same?



  1. Keep the roleplay and OOC conversations at a PG-13 rating. I don’t need for the thread to be taken down.
  2. Be respectful to the other roleplayers. Respect goes a long way towards creating a safe and welcoming environment for those who are involved in the roleplay.
  3. Please keep any OOC drama out of the roleplay.
  4. No godmodding or metagaming
  5. No overpowered characters
  6. Please wait for two other people to post before posting again.

Cast of Characters


(The available canon characters are listed by dorm for convenience although Yu and Grim are also on the list since in the game, the two are essentially one student. The OCs will also be categorized by dorm as well. You’ll be able to recognize if a canon character is taken by if they have a name next to their own.)


Canon Characters


♥️Heartslabyul Dorm♣️

Riddle Rosehearts - Cat22

Ace Trappola - 

Deuce Spade -

Cater Diamond -

Trey Clover -


🦁Savanaclaw Dorm🐺

Leona Kingscholar -

Jack Howl -

Ruggie Bucchi - 


🐙Octavinelle Dorm🌊

Azul Ashengrotto - 

Jade Leech - 

Floyd Leech - 


🏝️Scarabia Dorm🐍

Kalim Al-Asim -

Jamil Viper -


🍎Pomefiore Dorm👑

Vil Schoenheit - 

Epel Felmier -

Rook Hunt - 


🎮Ignihyde Dorm🖥️

Idia Shroud -

Ortho Shroud - 



🐉Diasomnia Dorm🐉

Malleus Draconia -

Silver - 

Sebek Zigvolt - 

Lilia Vanrouge -


👻Ramshackle Dorm📦

Yu -

Grim - 




♥️Heartslabyul Dorm♣️

🦁Savanaclaw Dorm🐺


🐙Octavinelle Dorm🌊


🏝️Scarabia Dorm🐍


🍎Pomefiore Dorm👑


🎮Ignihyde Dorm🖥️



🐉Diasomnia Dorm🐉

Aras - Kanedgy


👻Ramshackle Dorm📦

Cithrel Zinellis - SHSL-Clockmaker












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