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The Living Asylum

By Kuro_Rosey
Backup thread


If you are having problems with mental health or thoughts of suicide please find and call a crisis line near you LIST AVAILABLE HERE!

The year is 2022 everyone with more than two brain cells and mental problems has a therapist and true Asylums have all turned into museums or simple help centers for those that just need some place to rest and heal, no longer are they prisons for adults with basic human emotions… at least that’s what they want us to believe. Welcome to The Living Asylum a crazy house located deep in the Northern Rocky Mountains and now that you’re here you will never leave, as The Living Asylum will bring out the demons within you and boy are they mad.




~No Godmodding {the demons only truly have power over their Human}

~No Cybering {I mean seriously} {take it offsite and timeskip if you absolutly have to do it}

~You MUST play a minimum of 2 characters a human and their ‘inner demon’ if you can’t do that don’t join.

~Yes you may have multiple demons attached to one human. And you may play multiple humans as long as they have a demon attached.

~If you want to play someone else’s demon 1. Clear it with them and 2. TELL ME in your PM as I won’t accept a skelly if it doesn’t have BOTH a human and Demon skelly attatched.

~Anime/Cartoon/Digital Art ONLY

~Password is ‘I’m not crazy, the demon is’ please include somewhere in your PM {title Preferred}

~Humans can hurt other humans and Demons can hurt other Demons, but Demons CAN ONLY hurt the human they are attached to.

~The ONLY way to die is suicide, or assisted suicide with the doctors/nurses. Demons can’t kill each other and can only harm their humans so much but the Human must take their own life for both the human and demon to die.

~When separated from their Human demons are weakened but can still use light powers based on what they represent.

~Doctors, Therapists, and Nurses will all be played as NPC’s a list of named personnel will be available for reference.

~Medication is used to ‘bring out’ your demon and they are kept separate from you except for 2 hours every day when you’re talking to your therapist, or if you stop taking your meds.

~I will only make a separate chat thread IF there is a big enough demand for it. Keep shit IN character and deal with IRL stuff via PM’s

~More rules will be added as I think of them. If you have any questions ASK.

~Send Skelly via PM BEFORE requesting access.


The Human

Name: {First and Last}

Age: {13+}

Pronouns: {what is this character’s preferred pronouns?}

Reason: {Why has this person been sent to The Living Asylum?}

Demon: {Name of attached demon}

Extra: {Anything else we should know about this person?}


The Demon

Name: {Just first name is fine}

Represents: {What does this demon represent? {ex. Depression, Anxiety, Self Harm, ADD/ADHD, Autism, etc.}}

Goal: {What is this demon’s goal for the human? {ex. I want them to stop existing, I’m trying to protect them, I just want them to suffer, ect.}}

Human: {Which Human are you attached to?}

Extra: {Anything else we should know about this demon?}




Name: Kori Nelson

Age: 27

Pronouns: They/Them

Reason: Their mother died and their therapist forced them to go after Kori was found by a neighbor trying to commit suicide.

Demon: Akuma

Extra: Has been at the Asylum for 3 years, but dreams of one day moving to Canada and having a big family. Has a tendency not to take their meds. Has girl parts.


Name: Akuma

Represents: Everything negative as well as Kori’s creativity

Goal: He want’s Kori to kill themselves and return their soul to his father.

Human: Kori Nelson

Extra: As Kori tends not to take their meds since it kills all of their creativity they are always under attack by Akuma who’s dead set on getting Kori to end their life. Akuma is SUPER abusive and never leaves Kori without at least one new wound everytime they’re together. Akuma also loves to misgender Kori while belittling them.



{The characters listed below are the Doctors, Nurses, and Therapists of TLA as well as their color codes for those that like coding their replies. Everyone is free to use these characters and though I’m not perfect I will continue to add named Staff that you put in your replies.}

Nurse Bailey #FF00AB

Mr. Koi #00FFB2

Video ChatKumospace [Everyone] [Everyone]


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Kuro_RoseyAkuma and Kori   118d ago

Akuma and Kori

{Reader Discretion is advised this shit gets DARK Trigger Warnings: Domestic Abuse, Mental Abuse and Attempted Suicide} {This is a work of fiction any resemblance to person, place, or setting is pure coincidence}

The day was warm as Kori sat outside under a tree reading a novel assigned to them by one of the nurses it was boring, but it kept their mind occupied, well it would have if a sudden gust of wind didn’t blow the book out of the 27yo’s hand. Glaring at the book Kori moved to get up when something moved in their peripheral, but before they could get out of the way they were suddenly pinned to the tree by a tall blonde haired man who smirked at them with a sick devilish smile.

“Good Morning dear I see you’ve stopped taking your meds again. Tsk, Tsk, the doctors will be ever so disappointed.” The figure falsely scorned laughter very clear in his voice as he dropped the other who quickly fell into a couching fit as they tried to get air back into their lungs. The man hummed happily seeing the human in pain before kneeling over them. “Now then let’s see what you’ve been up to shall we?” He said before placing his palm over the other’s eyes and closing his own as the memories flooded in. “My, my what a naughty little girl you’ve been…” he hummed running his free hand down the human’s body causing goosebumps to rise on the pale skin. Once finished the man removed his hand and yanked the other to their feet before grabbing them around their waist and teleporting them into the tree onto a fairly high branch of which he straddled and backed the human up to the trunk pinning them there smiling hungrily at the fear already in the other’s eyes. “Now then where should I start? Oh how about your little boyfriend? He doesn’t love you, he’s using you to get away from his partner you know that right Kori?” the demon asked and Kori’s eyes went from fear to anger quite quickly.

“Shut up you don’t know anything! Aiden loves me he has for a long time!” Kori snapped but of course this was what the demon wanted and he took in the other’s anger with glee.

“Oh yeah how can you be so sure? Because he said so? My, my Kori still as naive as ever he hates you do you think he wouldn’t? After everything you did and now using him as a rebound from Landon all the while still pining after what’s her name? Sabrina? No that’s the character you based off her ah right Trinity a lovely couple they are leaving you all alone but then the puppy came running back and you clung to him the moment he showed you a hint of attention, but he so desperately wants you to move in all the while spinning you a story about the abusive husband something he would know you can’t help but want to help, and he can’t even spell your name correctly.” the demon droned and Kori hissed and shook their head.

“SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP AKUMA! You can’t do this to me anymore I won’t stand for it. Don’t talk bad about him or my friends!” Kori yelled tears falling from their eyes despite how hard they tried to hold them back. “Aiden loves me, and I’m the one who brought up moving in! I can’t stay in this stupid asylum forever!” Kori hissed but Akuma only laughed as he leaned down to bite Kori’s neck hard enough to taste blood and earn a scream from Kori.

“Hush my princess you know you’ll never be able to escape me or this place, and those ‘friends’ oh they hate you they hate you soooo much. The only reason they still talk to you is because of pity you’re so disgustingly stupid they can’t help but find you an interesting creature to study, but there is no way they think of you as a real friend, after all they’ve already abandoned you how many times? Now back to the ‘boyfriend’ you know if you move in that abusive partner will use you right? You with your virgin pussy he wants you to move in so he can break you just like he broke that little boytoy of yours. After all the little boy can no longer reproduce so he’s agreeing to let you move in so he can make more children, oh but wait you’re only due for how many? and how many does your little boyfriend have… that would make you infertile wouldn’t it? Poor wittle Kori can’t get pregnant your worst fears coming true.” Akuma sneered smirking as Kori paled and tears began flowing faster.

“I hate you…” was all Kori could mutter through a sob but of course this only provoked the blonde demon as he licked some blood off Kori’s neck.

“Oh but you don’t if you did you would take your meds like a good girl. And while you fall deeper and deeper into that life your little puppy with run off with his little ones leaving you the girl with no support network alone with an abuser in a state that hates you’re very existence, and you’ll at least fulfill one wish to be a wille housewife and maybe once your ‘prince’ abandons you you’ll get a bun in the oven after all no child likes the homewrecker who took Papa away from Daddy right? Why would they ever come to think of you as Mommy? Of course if your lucky you’ll go through early menopause.” Akuma teased lessening his grip on Kori’s arms which he had pinned to the tree. “Of course you could always just end this life right here right now come back to me and Father you know we’ll always love you always cherish our cursed little fae, plus you get to see your actual babies again the one’s father and I have so gratefully given to you… oh but wait do your little ‘FriENdS’ know how seriously you take your little ‘stories’ do they know that you’re cursed?” Akuma asked and Kori shook their head. “Of course not they wouldn’t believe you right? If you told them they’d know just how much of a freak you truly are. And does your little ‘boyfriend’ know how you believe Tad’s soul to be your soulmate and that you refuse to see him in anyone except a wayward musician who left the internet almost four years ago? And that drama oh The DRAMA didn’t that start because you were trying to make a play out of the cursed, out of your truth? Tsk Tsk Kori, Kori, Kori my sweet innocent Kori. Everybody hates you, everybody wishes you were dead so why don’t you just grant them that wish let me back in Kori and we’ll go home back to Father, and back to a life where you’re guaranteed at least one pregnancy… let me in my love and let’s go home.” Akuma whispered leaning in once again to the sobbing Kori and placing a clawed hand on theirs tearing into their flesh as they started to reassimilate.

Gasp 14;23 WE HAVE A 14;23 REASSIMILATION ON PATIENT 1709 Kori Nelson I NEED ALL AVAILABLE NURSES OUTSIDE OF SECTOR B FOR IMMEDIATE RECOVERY AND PROCESSING. HURRY!” came the panicked screams of Nurse Bailey who had left Kori alone to read and was coming to check on them realizing all too late what state the adult was in as the moment Akuma fully vanished Kori tipped over and fell from the tree landing head first on the ground and passing out to the horrified screams of the new nurse who just learned the hard way what happens when you don’t keep a close eye on the patients of The Living Asylum.

When Kori next opened their eyes they found themselves in the hospital wing of TLA and they could see it was already dark, when they tried to move to sit up several alarms started blaring and several nurses rushed to Kori’s side telling them to lie back down before they flashed lights in Kori’s eyes and poked them with what Kori knew instantly was sedative as their eyes drooped and they fell into darkness once again.

Kori woke again several days later to the face of their very disappointed Therapist Mr. Koi who was flipping through Kori’s chart. “13 new fractures, 17 new flesh wounds, and brain damage causing seizures and a light coma Kori do you realize just how dead you should be right now?” the man began nagging at the twenty seven year old.

“Yeah that’s kinda the point of suicide sir I’m not supposed to be able to get up.” Kori groaned earning him an angry hrmph from the Psychologist as he sat down in the chair beside Kori.

“Can you at least tell me WHY you stopped taking your meds?” the older male grumbled and Kori sighed.

“Same reason as every other time sir… I just wanted to write with my friends…” Kori said tears welling up in his eyes as Akuma started up again in his head about how they had no friends and after ghosting them for this long Kori would be lucky if they ever talked to them again.

“These the internet friends you keep going on about?” Mr. Koi asked and Kori nodded flinching at the pain that shot down their spine. Mr Koi sighed again and started scribbling down on his notepad. “I’m revoking your internet privileges this is the 3rd time in two months you’ve gone off the medication and causing yourself physical and mental harm, these ‘friends’ of yours are seeming to be more hindrance then helpful.” Mr. Koi muttered and Kori’s eyes widened.

“No sir please, please I’ll never go off them again don’t revoke my internet privilege please they're all I have PLEASE I’m sorry!” Kori pleaded sobbing having never truly connected with anyone in the Asylum in the 3 years they’d been here. Mr. Koi only glared at the scene unfolding in front of him before rolling his eyes and jotting down some more.

“And that’s 6 months in the soft wing as well. Kori you know this is all for your own good you’ll never heal if you continue to let Akuma order you around. We’ll be putting partner therapy on hold until your stay in the soft wing is over. Now do us all a favor and TAKE YOUR MEDS! I’ll come see you tomorrow.” Mr. Koi finished before standing up and walking out leaving Kori to sob themselves back to sleep with Akuma laughing all the way as he fed off Kori’s misery.

Another week passed before Kori was well enough to move into the soft wing of the asylum, a place every patient, with even an inkling of sanity remaining hated due to the childlike atmosphere to everything, the soft wing was padded from roof to floor in thick soft padding and not a hard edge could be found anywhere, it was a plush lovers paradise, but filled to the brim with the craziest of crazies the ones who were a harm to themselves and others, though the violent ones were usually stuck in their straight jackets screaming in the back of the room. Kori was wheeled in and placed on a soft chair in front of a padded sheet currently being projected on, some kiddie movie Kori didn’t have the patience for. They made a cursory glance around the room at their current roommates thinking this was going to be a long stay.

Akuma meanwhile had been once again separated from his host and was sitting in the demon wing grumbling to himself and throwing back a pint of blood beer wondering how everything had gone wrong they were so fucking close and yet here they still were in this fucking universe in this stupid crazy house with these wretched humans.


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