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Stay out! This is simply a journal for me to keep my roleplaying ideas, Stories and other thoughts that happen to be on my mind!

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Wolfy     116d ago
Bad Wolf

 Wolfy / White Wolf: 

Once there was a wolf who was very lonely. So she work hard on creating a world of her own. A forest for that matter.The forest was fill with many large trees, shrubs, and flowers. The wolf protected the land that soon inhabited  many creatures. Creatures that were feared and misunderstood in the human realm. The wolf was very happy watching all the creatures and animals that played amongst the forest.

 Unfortunately not everyone who entered the forest was happy. The forest was often threatened, by a cranky cat demon named Urami. He was a hateful man that sought to destroy the forest, despite of the White wolf's effort to keep the forest peaceful. The wolf started to grow wary. Her snow colored fur that often shimmer like moonlight like luster started to dual. She decided she needed help protecting this forest of hers. Back in the human world was a boy named Amai. He was sweet, and caring, but the poor man was sick. He had been ill since birth. Surely he was going to die soon. The wolf often visit the male while he was sleeping.  She looked down at the sickly child and let out a deep breath. Waking the male from his slumber. He was frighten to see a large snow colored wolf in his bedroom. 

“Amai” the wolf said in a voice sweet as honey. “Please come with me.” she said stepping closer to the sick man. He shiver watching the wolf before him. “Your time in this world is near its end but please come with me where your new life will begin”  Of course the man didn't understand. When the snow colored wolf soft muzzle touch his hand he felt clam and as if he had seen this wolf before. Amai had agreed to come with the wolf who took him into a dark forest. “This is the Twilight Forest Amai… This will be your new home... ” she said as she carried the male on her back.

 The man held tightly  to her soft fur, as she shown him around forest. She brought him to a hidden spring. The water was crystal clear, had beautiful pink and white lilies blooming. The wolf looked at Amai who stared into the water. “It is time for you to change... Amai I have brought you here to help me protect this forest!” she said. The man had tremble slightly, hearing the wolf's soft but serious words. He had come this far, there was no turning around now. The male slide off the wolfs back. He slowly climb into water. It was warm it felt nice. He closed his eyes as he submerge him self into the water.  The wolf let out a heavy breath, she changed her form shifting in human like creature. She got into the water with Amai. She got closer to the man who was intrigue by her appearance. She bit her tongue with her sharp fangs filling her mouth with blood. She then grabbed a hold of Amai and pulled him under the water. She pressed her lips against his. She slide her bleeding tongue into the young mans mouth. Filling his mouth with her blood. Amai was startle by the woman bold actions. He gasped a little, she press her mouth harder against his. He couldn't pull away even if he wanted to. He was far too weak for that. 

Amai felt strange as the hot liquid slid down his throat. He felt odd, suddenly every thing went black. When he woke up surely he had be dreaming. When he woke he felt different, he even looked different. His hair was long and pink, his eyes could see things clearer even his hearing and other sense seemed to have gotten better.  He looked around the forest for the wolf or woman he met before. She was no where to be found.  A thought crossed his mind clearly it wasn't his. It was hers, she told him he had the most the ability she had. It would take him some time to awaken all of his other abilities and powers. 

He was now the new guardian of this forest. It scared him, his heart was racing and he ran through the large forest. He stop when he came to a clearing. The clearing seem to be full of dead trees and plants. The smell death soon tickled his nose making him almost want to vomit. His heart felt as it had sank in his chest as he walk around the charred land.  The ground crunch and crack with each step he took. The scene was eerie he felt as if something was watching him amongst the smoky fog that flood this dreadful area. Despite desperately wanting to go home or back to where he came from he knew he couldn't. Fear started to engulf him as he walked around the charred lands. He was scared his heart was racing.


Luki / Urami:


Hatred was the feeling this being only knew that was until the day he laid eyes on the white wolf. The wolf of his dreams some might say. He [b wanted] her. He wanted her all to himself for that matter. Despite being a monster, he did know how to charm people. It seemed whenever he tried it only displease the white wolf. The wolf was always so busy protecting her forest and all that creatures that lurked in it.  It [b angered] him to the point that he started attacking her precious forest and some of the creatures that lurked in it. This cause the white wolf to fight back. At first it seemed that attacks hardly did a thing to wolf. Over time it started to weaken her. He planned to use that to his advantage that was until that fateful night.  The white wolf seem to had vanish but only for a little while. A new scent soon filled the air but the scent was sweet smelling, but had a faint stench of death.  Soon the sweet scent started to smell of something else, that sweet intoxicating smell starting smell of the white wolf.   Urami shifting into his cat like form. He looked like a mix of things, but the closest things he looked like was a mountain lion with burning ember eyes. The anger cat snarl with each step he took ground seem to be charred and burned. The large cat search and search for the wolf but the only thing he could find was a strange boy with pink hair. It wasn't until he got closer to him that he noticed that familiar scent. This man smelt just like her, it anger him he lashed out the strange boy. It was clear the boy had no idea what he was doing who he was messing with. Fear quickly consume the boy that would be his down fall. The large cat lunge at the boy digging it claws and sharp teeth into boy throat.  [b Crimson] Crimson soon flood from the boy neck and torso. It was clear that this boy would sound die. Urami had no idea who this child was and why he smelt like the White wolf. The boys eyes soon filled with tears as he looked at the cat terrified.  Something in the cat changed. It was as if a string in his heart was being pull. The cat released the boy. He ran off in the thick fog but only to return in his human liked form. His fiery color hair and orange eyes seem to glow like hot ember. The red hair man picked up the bleeding boy. He took the child to his hide out where he treat the man wounds by roughly licking until they sealed close from his saliva. The scared boy thanked him for saving him from the cat demon. Was this truly what love felt like?  Urami had to keep this child close to him. There was no way he was going to let him go without a fight. The pink hair boy told him about becoming the new guardian of this place. It anger Urami, hearing those words.  Urami snarled as he pin the boy to his bed. He was going to ravage this boy if kept talking about the white wolf and being the new protector. As soon as he kissed the boy Urami knew that boy was telling the truth. He tasted just like her.  Mixed emotions filled the man as he looked down at the fright boy. He couldn't  stop himself from kissing him more. It did take long to get the boy stripped and in a venerable state. He gentle nibble on the boy soft pink buds which cause the boy to let out a cute sound. Urami wanted to hear more of these sounds. He was going to have some fun. Urami held the boy in lustful embrace, by the time the night was over Urami was exhausted. He fell a sleep holding Amai tightly to his chest. Amai wasn't used to such feelings. Nor did he have the strength to really fight back. Amai really never had the chance to date anyone since he was always sickly. The thoughts in the back of his mind told him this wasn't what real love felt like.  The white wolf was the one who truly  loved him. Amai knew what he had to do. He need to stop this red haired beauty. Amai need to think he need to do this delicately so hopefully things wouldn't end badly.  Amai tried his hardest to get Urami to see the good in the forest and all it creature. Urami was soon filled with envy and anger. The red headed beauty to took the form of the cat demon once again. Amai heart sank as he saw the large cat.  He froze with fear but something told him to fight. Before he knew his own form had change. He shift into a beautiful silvery color wolf. This only seem to anger Urami more. He lunged at the wolf who scramble to get out of the way. You could tell boy was not yet used to that form. 


-Shadow / 影:

Shadow really cared for the White wolf. Seeing this new comer get attacked by that damn cat angered him. Shadow was always a misunderstood creature and the White wolf took him in welcomely when he had no where to go. His own family turn his back on him. He had a new family now. This was his home too, he told the White wolf that he would do all he could to protect this sacred place. Shadow walked toward the two fighting figures. Shadow appearance was slightly frightening. His lavender colored eyes that seemed as if they were glowing in the dark. His sharp exposed teeth, and claws. His ebony color hair that was often streak purple or indigo was a mess. Shadow lunged at the cat landing on his back. He dug his nails into Urami. Urami scream as he tried to buck Shadow off his back.  Shadow did his best to stay on the large cats back but he was easily thrown off. He quickly shifted into his own animal like form. He appear as a black wolf with lavender colored eyes. The black wolf fought with the large cat for a while until finally Urami ran off into the eerie fog.  The black wolf shift back into his human like form. He looked at the the silvery colored wollf who smelt strongly of the White wolf. He could tell the boy still wasn't used to this world or shifting yet or fighting for that matter.  [+Orchid "Come with me, I will help you tent to your wounds"] he said as led the boy to large house that was in the middle of the forest.  Shadow could tell thoughts and memories where flooding into the boy mind. Before the boy knew it was even human like  once again. [+Orchid "I am Shadow Claw  you may call me Shadow"] he with a soft smile as the two men step into the large house.  [+Orchid "I am happy I have found you."] he said with a soft smile. He examined  the boy body it seemed he only had a few minor cuts and scratches luckily. [+orchid  "Here"] he said as he cute his own neck with his hair claws. He pulled the boy into his arm. Which seemed to frighten him. [+Orchid "I am not going to hurt... please just trust me"] he said as he force the boy head down. At first the boy struggled but eventually a strange hunger took over. Despite how repulsed Amai was at first he could tell the boy like the taste of his blood. The boy seem to like it so much that he could feel the boy sharp teeth latch into his neck which cause him to let out a small gasp. Shadow embraced the boy welcomely until finally Amai pushed himself way. Shadow couldn't help but to lick the blood off the boy soft rose colored lips. [+Orchid "S-Sorry"] he said softly [+orchid "Let me show you around"] he said led the pink hair boy around the house. Amai seemed to be at ease now. He knew the boy was still scared and probably doubting himself. If the White wolf had trusted him then he could too.  Shadow was really happy that he found Amai. Shadow knew deep down that Urami would be back, something told him he wasn't going to alone this time.  Shadow did his best to training Amai. The two had grown rather close over the weeks. It even seemed Amai was getting use to shape-shifting. 

WolfyWolfy   116d ago
Bad Wolf


 Louvel was a young wolf on his owning looking for his pack. His father was always proud of him told him someday he would make a great leader. That seem liked a distance dream. Being on his own was hard. Food was scare this time of year but to prove to his father he was ready he had to be on his own. It was lonely and rather tiresome at time. Louvel missed his father, mother and even his younger siblings. Louvel held his head up high as he prowling through the forest. The smell other wolves reached his nose. He looked around the forest soon came a cross a she wolf. Louvel smiled as he approached her. [i "Hello"] he said as he looked at he gray and white wolf. Her golden eyes were piercing. He tilted his head as he waited for her to respond. [i "Are you all alone?"] he said again with his head titled to the side. The gray wolf stared at him and then let out a snarl before running off deeper in the frozen forest. The forest was huge and went on for acres. Louvel let out a faint sigh as he watched the gray wolf run out of sight. Perhaps she belong to a different pack already. It was odd to see her out there all a lone. Louvel sighed softly as he ran off. It probably wasn't best to stay in one spot for long. 

WolfyWolfy   116d ago
Bad Wolf


Story for FOXY

Ren sighed softly as she slipped outside into the crisp morning air. Her silvery color hair shimmered in the morning light as she quickly darted way from the house. Her brother was still sleeping silently in his bedroom. He would probably have a heart attack if he realized she had left the house with out informing him. He was always so over protective of her, and it frustrated her. She was happy that he cared about her. It was getting a little out of hand. She longed for these moments a lone. Today was going to be a good day. She was going to stay out of the house all morning all day if she could. She was sure her brother would find her eventually and give her an ear full. Ren smiled as her amber colored eyes danced around from face to face. There weren't to many people out yet but the bustling town was just starting to wake up. Ren found her way to a small cafe. She decided to order a hot beverage and something to nibble on. The breakfast sandwich she order tasted delightful. Maybe it was because she was simply eating on her own for once. Once she was done eating she sat there silently at the table playing on her smart phone before quickly turning it off. She had  been out of the house for about an hour or so. She was positive that her brother was wake by now. Soon her realize she was no longer there. He would be in full panic mode. She try to think of were to go to next. Maybe somewhere they had not been in year? Once she finished her drink she left the cafe in a slight hurry. She decided to go to the town library. She had not been here in quite a while. She hope that it would help keep her brother off her tail. She went to the second floor of the library and began to read a romance novel. It been quite a while since she just sat read a whole book in one day. By the time she had finished it was already late in the afternoon. Since she had turn her phone off that was surely to be floor with 90 missed call and voicemails from her brother. She still didn't want to go home yet, but had no idea where to go to next. As she left the library she came across a small bar. She decided she would go there next. It was probably a mistake on her part. After stepping inside the dimly light bar. She had no idea the danger she was in.  [#f5b2ee "I will have a rose petal"] she said as the bar tender mixed her drink. She had no idea the eyes that were lurking in the shadow. It wasn't like it was uncommon to see a woman such as herself with ears and tail. Human still tented to be cruel calling hybrid animals.  After sitting the silently she felt something grab her tail follow it all the way up to the base. Her eyes widen as she felt someone large hand give her ass a rough squeeze. She gasp before turning around to see a tall man standing there before her. [#f5b2ee "Don't touch me so casually"] she said with a snarl. The drunk man grabbed a hold of her roughly pulling her off her seat. [i "Your nothing more than animal and animal belong on the floor"] he said coldly. Startle by being pull from her seat. It was then her eyes flashed with anger. She scratch the man with her sharp glassy nail. Blood ran down the man face and arms. [i "You bitch"] he said he was about to grab her again. /uploads/4426_5f2849cd78e2e01921033cdd36d365f0.jpeg -Senri- / .King.: [center Ah the bar. The perfect hunting ground. That’s what most people seemed to think of it as. A watering hole for all the prey to gather at. All this prey not knowing about the predators in their ranks. That could mean different things though couldn't it? People looking for their next lover… People looking for their next victim.  Hyde enjoyed drinking here. All alone in a corner booth where he was mostly concealed. He was hunting. Always hunting. Feeding upon a hunger that no other could understand. It was always slow in the mornings and nothing was going on currently. No one tried to move to sit with him and he was fine with that. He wasn’t looking for company. It was late in the afternoon when something finally caught his attention. A girl came in. Ears and a tail. Ah something like him. He kept his hidden at all times though. He looked away from her no longer interested. At the sound of her voice and then the voice of some idiot caught his attention once again. Ah now that was what he was looking for. Someone itching for a fight. Someone willing to do something stupid like he was doing here. He was up quick and had put himself between the girl and this intrusive man. He had grabbed the man’s arm stopping him from touching her. There was a dangerous and cruel grin on his lips. Eyes glittering with malicious intent. [+crimson “I don’t think you heard the lady just now..? You must be fucking deaf… Let me put it in a way you may understand.”] He shoved the man away putting himself in a better position so that he was completely in the way of the girl. He waited. What kind of person was this drunk idiot.] -Foxy / .:Kakurenbo:.: [size20 [center [google-font] [Indie+Flower Ren shiver as the tall figure got in between of her and the rude man. She smelt danger on the man in front of her. Her white color dress was now stained red. It wasn't any of her blood but she knew when she got home her brother was going to flip out.  [i "Look I didn't mean to be so rough but a dog should know it's place..."] he said in a slur of words. The drunk man was getting nervous the look of this sick bastard in front of him made him uneasy. He quickly threw his beer in the mans face and made a quickly made a run for the door. Hopefully temporally blinding the male. The drunk man manage to make it outside but he didn't get too far. It seem there was something else lurking in the area. The man scream was quickly silence as he was dragged into the alley way by a large cat. The cat snapped the man neck in heartbeat silencing the screaming. It seemed that no noticed the man quick demise. The large black cat quickly flew from the scene only leaving a few bloody paw print that were soon to be washed way as the sky was filling with thick grey clouds.  Ren slowly made it to her feet. She help out a few napkin to the beet stain man. She wanted to run, everything in her mind told her to get way from this man. Yet stupidly she stayed.  [#f5b2ee "Thank you for helping me."] she said as place the napkins in the man hands. She felt bad about just leaving but at this point she was ready to go home. [#f5b2ee "I wish I had more to offer..."] she said as she nervously rubbed the back her neck. 

WolfyWolfy   116d ago
Bad Wolf

Wolfy Uramu / Amai: [center [font "century gothic" Like a dream Amai was just a faded memory now. It had been a long time since he walked the world of the living. Amai didn't remember how he we brought back or even why. His death was also blur so where most of his memories. Amai sighed softly as he his golden eyes danced around the room. Where am I ? He thought to himself.  He slowly sat up and in the bed. He let out a sigh as he ran his hand thought his ivory colored hard. He didn't understand what was going on. Where was he? Was he still dead? If he was still dead would explain the pain he felt in his chest? Amai tilted his head as he heard foot steps. He quickly laid back down, slowed his breathing as he listened. He didn't know who was coming.  The man open the door to the room. Amai nose twitched, the scent, of the man who walked though the door seemed familiar. Amai heart was racing, he didn't dare to open his eyes. Part of him wanted to part of him was scared. Amai open his golden colored eyes to see a male standing before him. [+pink "Who are you..."] he said wary. -MoonRabbit / .Kingyo.: [center [+aqua “Master was it a good idea to steal this guy away like this..? Isn’t it wrong..? Those people trusted you... Plus... If they can bring someone back from death... I would hate to think of what they could possibly do to you...”] [+lime “Hush. If he hears us before we enter the room and wakes...”] He didn’t finish his sentence just let it hang in the air as he opened the door. The male was still sleeping wasn’t he..? No. No he wasn’t. He could tell. It was so easy to tell. Sighing he walked towards the bed. Great. Now what was he going to do. Surely he must be terrified. He would never understand that this place was much more safe than where he was previously. Oh well. Ah he spoke. He tilted his head slightly wondering if he should give his name to him. He had once before. That had been some time ago. A time before this male had died. [+lime “For now you can call me Kingyo. This little guy on my shoulder is Shikimo.”] [+aqua “Oh I see my name isn’t a damned secret.”] Sighing the man calling himself Kingyo decided to ignore the cat for now. [+lime “What do you remember..?”] It was important to know. Kingyo tilted his head slightly watching the male. If he was like all the others had been... The ones that Kingyo had not saved then... He wouldn’t have much of a memory would he..? He had only saved this male because he knew him. They had met before. Though that would be a long explanation and too much for this male’s foggy memory. Right now it was best to see what he did know before adding too much more to the male’s mind.] Uramu / Amai: [center [font "century gothic" Amai sat there watching the male and the cat. It was rather rare to see such a friendly cat that could speak. Amai lashed his tail slightly. He snicker at the cats remarks. He then heard Kingyo speak. [+Pink "I don't remember much... my name that is about it....Amai... I mean I think that was my name... I remember another name but it is rather fuzzy... Ura... Urami.... Most of it is just a blur anymore..."] he said with a soft sigh. Amai closed his golden colored eyes. He then opened them again and let out a sigh. [+pink "So where am I? This place seems to be different? I mean the sounds and smell are different..."] he said as he tilted his head to the side. -MoonRabbit / .Kingyo.: [center Ah exactly as he expected. He didn’t remember much. Good. He gave a slight nod as he spoke. The cat on his shoulder listened his ears twitching before he looked away. [+aqua “Well that seems normal. It doesn’t seem like they have learned on how to get them back with their memories, but they seem to like it better that way.”] Sighing Kingyo held up his hand silencing the cat. That was enough they didn’t want to confuse Amai anymore than he probably already was. The cat sighed softly. In his mind he felt they needed to hurry things up or his master may end up dead and he didn’t want that. Could end up even worse actually... He could end up like Amai was... And then put through things that would make him wish he was dead. Didn’t he remember anything of what he seen at that place..? [+lime “We are at my home, but sadly there won’t be much time to get comfortable. We will end up on the move to a safe place I have set up.”] Was anywhere really safe though..? No not really. Any place like that would only be temporary. Kingyo knew that. They could be on the run for the rest of their lives unless they had a way to stop that place. Kingyo sighed softly. Right now he had to help Amai though. It wouldn’t do either of them any good if he remained without memories. That and right now he was kind of useless. He probably couldn’t fight and if he could he may not remember. Moving and constantly hiding would be the best bet right now. He would try and feed Amai some information slowly to work on the memory thing. Some of it sadly Kingyo didn’t know and it would have to be things Amai had to remember on his own or at least help Kingyo to help him. [+lime “we may have a day or two to spare here, but after that we will have move quickly to that spot I set up. You can at least get more rest. Eat and start piecing together your memory slowly.”] He tried to be gentle, but there was an urgency hidden behind all that. He knew his life was in danger now. He had taken a valuable test subject. One that showed promise... But in the end they said that about all the failed ones too. Why had he chose to help again..? Oh right... His father was involved in it. Not the leader, but he was one of the top people. He sighed softly.] Uramu / Amai: [center [font "century gothic"  Amai nodded some more sleep would be great right about now. [+pink "More sleep would be nice. Right about now."] he said with a soft smile. Amai let out a soft yawn. His long tail curled around him and the blanket. It wasn't long after his head hit the pillow he was asleep. Amai dreams were filled with fear, agony and face he didn't remember. Amai woke up sweating, he sighed softly as he sat up in the bed. Perhaps it would be good  to get a drink of water. Amai sighed softly as he stood up. His legs were still shaky and sore. It was almost hard to move.  He slowly made his way to the door. He opened it slowly to see darkness. It was a good he could see in the dark. He quietly walked down the hall looking for a bathroom.  He sighed softly as slowly moved down the hall his slender finger tracing the wall as he walk. He finally came to an open door. Inside the door was a sink, small tub and a toilet. He sighed softly as he step inside the room. He closed the door behind him. He looked around the room and seen a small cup. He filled it with water and took a drink. The cold water rushed down his throat.  At first it felt great then suddenly a sharpe pain fill his body. Just drinking water hurt. He coughed a little as blood pour out of his mouth. He fell to the floor. Everything went black. -MoonRabbit / .Kingyo.: [center Letting Amai rest seemed like a good idea. For the time being Kingyo would rest as well. He was tired and knew that the next few days would most likely be difficult for the both of them. Well all three of them. He couldn’t exactly exclude the cat. That would be a terrible thing to do. Shikimo had heard Amai up and moving around and had gotten up to watch him. He didn’t think the boy would go anywhere, but it was still best to keep an eye on him. His tail flickered back and forth. Everything seemed normal for the most part except when the boy started coughing. The blood startled the cat and he quickly ran to get Kingyo up. Kingyo found the boy on the bathroom floor where the cat had said he had fell. He picked him up and took him back to the bedroom. Shikimo followed quickly behind looking worried. [+aqua “That can’t be good. Do you think something bad is going to happen..? Will he die? What do we do..?”] The questions were unanswered as Kingyo laid the boy down and went and got a cool washcloth and a glass of water. He sighed softly and cleaned the blood up around Amai’s face.]

WolfyDread   115d ago
Bad Wolf

Character Sheets 

Character Name 




Sexual Preference- 

Love Interest-


Hair color and Length- 

Eye color- 


Weight/ Build- 

Markings / Tattoos- 

Friends / Family- 

Extra Information- 

Weapons / Special Abilities-

Clothing / Jewelry-

Speaking color- 

WolfyDread   114d ago
Bad Wolf

Storing this in here

Other possible pic 

WolfyDread   114d ago
Bad Wolf

I am worried about Mr. Grey. His little foot isn't looking good. I am pretty sure he broke it or fractured it, since he been walking with a limp. I just hope I can catch and take him in Wednesday. I hope they can save his foot. I hope he will be okay. Part of me is really worried they are going to put him down. People have told me they wont. i just hope they can help him. He is a beautiful cat. I know he isn't actually mine but I do care for him. I wish more people where nicer to strays and feral. I am not sure what happened to him… I am not blaming anyone. 

WolfyDread   108d ago
Bad Wolf


You were happy once, you remember it. The feeling of being in love and being loved. You were suppose to be going on your honeymoon. You had just gotten married it was the best time of your life? It seem fate has something else in store for you. Your happiness was cut short, as you watches your wife get murder before your very eyes. This was suppose to romantic trip it went very wrong…

WolfyDread   109d ago
Bad Wolf



Wolves of four season rewrite idea one (not DND)

Long ago there was a large wolf pack known as Yasuragi. This pack was special, each elder has a special gift. These gifts of seasons. Each elder had a special had a different season. Hikage was known as the sun wolf or summer. She brought with her warmth sunshine some might say. Her brother on the other hand had the blessing of winter. Aki was blessed with gift of autumn. Yayoi was blessed with the gift of spring.

For the longest time, the pack seemed to live in harmony. Everyone seemed together along great that was until Hikage and her brother Fuyu seem to get into a disagrement.

WolfyDread   103d ago
Bad Wolf


You had been searching for her for a long time now. It was getting harder and harder to remember. What she looked like, how she acted, even how her voice sounded. It hurt…It was a painful feeling. Despite your memories of her fading you remember how you lost her. She was murder right before your eyes. After seeing that you feel into a deep depression you wonder why. Why did you have to suffer this fate? Did the gods despise you that much? 

You tried many times to end your own life but no matter how many tried you couldn't die. It seemed your twisted fate wasn't over. A familiar figure appeared in your dreams. You continued to have this dream over and over. Until one day you seen this mysterious woman. Instantly your mind knew exactly who it was. It was her the love of your life. You wanted to approach her but part of your was scared, would she really except you they way you were now?

Many thing has changed about you. You were no long a human in fact you where now a damphir force to walk the world alone being misunderstood. It seemed someone wanted you this way but who and why? Did they really enjoy watching you suffer? Before you got lost deep in though the slender woman approached you. She spoke to you so sweetly....

WolfyDread   63d ago
Bad Wolf


Old Profile format ~

Wolfy ~ Twenty-Nine ~ She Wolf ~ Tamed ~ Lovely ~  Feral 

"The Truth is everyone is going to hurt you.You just have to decide who's worth the pain" 


"I fell in love with you because you loved me when I couldn't love myself..."

The art on my profile isn't mine credit goes to the original artists!

WolfyDread   43d ago
Bad Wolf



Her lavender colored eyes scanned across the email congratulating her for getting hired. She would be starting a new job today. Working with people in prison cells. Of course she was advised not to many time by several people but that didn't seem to stop her. She was grateful she was good at persuading people. She knew of course the job was dangerous but she felt she could handle herself if she need to. Tricks and illusions were her specialty after all, that was for little to know. Young woman who looked to be about twenty-thee would start work tomorrow at 5am. After reading the email throughly she decided it was time for her to got to bed. For it was morning she would dread.

 The young blonde sighed heavily as she heard her phone alarm screaming at her. It 4:00 am that was just too early to be awake. The woman groaned as she felt the small fuzzy void next to her stirred. Even Shadow did not want to be wake yet. She slowly got out of bed then headed to the  bathroom to start her normal routine. She stepped into the shower after brushing her teeth. The hot beads of water felt great against her bare skin. She stood there for a while before she started cleaning herself properly. Once she was cleaned and rinsed off. She got out dried herself off with a rather large fluffy pink towel. Thankfully she remembered to lay out her clothes last night. 

She sighed softly as struggled to get into her black opaque pantyhose, after she put on underwear of course. Finally she was able to get them on after sitting down on the bed forcing her foot through the silk mangle mess. That was always the hardest thing in the morning. She slipped into the black shirt that was not too long nor was it short. There was a nice slit that went up the left side almost to her thigh. She then slipped into a tight but supportive brassiere that was also black and not as opaque as her pantyhose. She then put on the dark red sweater that seemed to be rather form fitting show off a good amount of her assets. It was then complimented by a small gold chain and earrings. Only thing left was to slip on her red and black heels that seem to clatter against the floor with each step she stood. She walkd down the hall and into the bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror and did her make up. She quickly brushed her long honey colored hair and then tied it into a messy bun.

Once she was fully dressed she grabbed a light jacket that she had neatly hanging by the door. She said goodbye to her beloved Shadow who was still sound asleep in bed. Oh the life of a cat she thought to herself. As she made the way out the door to her small black car. The car was nothing special to her, an older car with slick black paint. That seemed to purr like a kitten, every time the woman hit the gas petal. The drive was only about a 15 minute drive so it really didn't take her long to get there. Once she pulled into the underground parking garage, and  parked her car. She walked up to the elevator and typed in a code. The steel door open slowly, she stepped inside. Of corse she hit the wrong number and was put on the wrong floor. 

She step out the elevator her lavender eyes danced around the room. It was there she seen you. Her heart almost skipped a beat as your eyes met her. What a strange feeling. She never really love anyone or anything other than her cat Shadow. She shook her head softly before breaking eye contact with you. It was then she seen you get shoved to the floor so roughly right before her eyes. One of the guard snarled and ask you: “What are you looking at?” It was then the guard turn his head and notice her standing there, so elegantly. “What are you doing here?” he quickly said in loud voice. Ciel felt as if she had all eyes on her now. She bit her bottom lip, before speaking carefully. "I am the new hire. The new doctor…I think I have the wrong floor.” she said as she turn to go back into the elevator. The guard shouted you need to go up a floor and to the right.  "Thank you"  she said before the door closed. The guards spoke between themselves as the pulled you back to your cell . “Man I would love to do her… ”  the other guard seemed to laugh at that comment. “Yeah…I am sure she love to do you too”  the other guard muttered before place you in your prison cell. Of course since you were just recently arrested for mass murder or attempt of it, they seemed to treated you very poorly. Giving you little food to no food at a time.  Also a good beating, but that didn't seem to extinguish the fire that was burning so brightly in your eyes. Who was going to stand up for a criminal? No one would.

Ciel made it to the next floor where she was greeted by a very stern face. Of course the older woman was pissed with how she was dressed. She told her not to wear earrings, or a necklace again. Also to wear something more reserved. Ciel sighed softly as she was hand stacks and stacks of paper work that need to be filled out and filed by this afternoon. The young woman was then lead into a dim room. With a very tiny window that really didn't seem like it would open even if she tried. She sighed softly as she turned on the old dell computer that seemed to struggle to run. Once it finally turned on, the woman turn on the welcoming tutorial. Ciel sat there in the uncomfortable desk chair for what felt like an eternity. Until the older woman asked if she wanted to get a coffee. Ciel nodded and happily followed the woman down the hall and to a locked room. The woman punched in a code and lead her into the break-room. The room was older, the tile on the floor was cracking and the walls were yellowing. The heavenly scent of coffee filled the room. The older woman sat down at one of the table. Hanging on the wall was an older tv that seemed to have the News on. The man on the screen was talking about how cold front was moving in from the north that temperatures were going to drop through the day. Ciel was also informed that one of the locker in here was now hers, that she could keep her purse, and jacket in here. Ciel put her jacket and other belonging away in the locker. The older woman pour her a cup of hot coffee.

Ciel happily took the hot cup and added two sugars before taking a big drink of the steaming hot liquid. It burnt a little but she need the caffeine boost or else she was going to fall a sleep at the desk. She couldn't be doing that. After their small break. They went back to the same dual room. Ciel was shown how to file the paper work. Of course she was more known for her first aid skills and being a fairly good psychiatrist. The older woman didn't seem to believe that so here she was doing most of the paper work. Ciel could only hope that after gaining the woman trust that maybe she would be able to work with some of the inmates. It was then popped back into her mind. Just who were you? What did you do that was so bad that you get beaten like that? Ciel felt her cheek getting red so she excused herself to the bathroom. She sighed softly as she shook her head. She need to get you out of her mind. Why. Why did those eyes look to her so hungrily. Perhaps that was just because the was a potential murderer or maybe he was one. She wouldn't know, until later that afternoon. 

She followed Juniper down the stairs. She was told that she was going to be administering first aid on one of the inmates. To her surprise it was you again, it was clear you were in a lot of pain. The old woman told her to just put a few band-aid on you here and there but that wasn't going to stop all the blood that seem to be flowing like a river from your face, and torso. “Umm.. I think this man is going to need some stitches… Do we have any topical anesthetic?”  Juniper laugh and said do we look like a hospital?  “N-No" She said softly. She then turned back and looked towards you, she carefully lifted your chin making you look up towards her. Her delicate slender fingers were under you chin. Her index finger grazed you bottom lip ever so slightly. “I am sorry but this is going to hurt… so you are going to have to try your  best to stay still." She said softly as she open the small first aid kit. She used an alcohol wipe to clean the wound above your right eye. She did he best to be gentle. She took the hooked shaped needle then quickly did a few stitches along the laceration. She then put a large bandage over the the stitches keep them covered. Juniper decided to leave the room since she wasn't a big fan of blood. Once she left was only the two of you in the room. There was a guard or two standing outside the door.

She then moved to your chest that seem to be seeping with blood. The slender woman sighed softly as she did her best to pull the orange jump suit down. She slid the orange fabric down your shoulders revealing your broad shoulders and muscular chest. Of course there was only so far she could go with all the chains, hand cuffs. It seemed like they really didn't want you to be able to move. She put pressure on the laceration. Ciel got to work doing the same process over. Cleaning the wound before going in with the hooked needle. She felt bad for you, seeing you wince in pain every time she made a stitch. She would pause for to give you a break from the pain. She even laced her fingers between yours. Held your hand firmly. “We are about halfway. Sir do you think you will be okay if I finish job? Or do you need a small break?" She said in a voice sweet like honey. Perhaps it was stupid of her to be holding the hand of a criminal. She felt bad about seeing the man in pain. It was then Juniper came back into the room. Asked her what the hell she was doing? She let got of the mans hand. “ He  was in tremendous amount of pain so I was just giving him a small break. I also told him he could hold my hand if needed too that is all…" Ciel could feel Juniper icy glare. “It is not my fault we do have any topical anesthetic here.” She said as she glare back at the woman who left the room once again leaving the two alone.  “Criminal or not no deserves to suffer…” She as she looked back to find that they were the only two in the room.

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