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amyumino     106d ago

"I wouldn't worry too much about the town since they're more than prepared for something like this",Charlie says as Amy was muttering something, her half feral and cracked mind trying to figure out what they should do then heard a bang noise. Amy jumped at the bang noise and grabbed a pistol that seemingly came out of thin air and pointed it at the door, her eyes narrowing some as she let out an animalistic growl, Charlie putting his hand on her shoulder to calm her down but he knew it wouldn't help.

MourningGloryJohn   106d ago
Lady of the Night


“So they all knew about this and kept everyone else in the dark?” The man was trying to understand. But alas, John's mind was still hoping this was some fucked up dream and that he would be waking up soon. Or he was until the loud bang and Amy's leaping into action with her pistol out and aimed at the door the way it was.

Serena looked at the twins and then the door. The vampire knew them well enough to know Amy would not be calmed even by her brother. “Should one of us check? Or should we just wait and see what happens now?” She asked as she was picking at her nails and leaning on the wall.

amyumino     106d ago

“Like we said before, Red Rock has a very dark history, but we also don't want the town to become a tourist trap”,Charlie says as Amy nodded as she looked over at Serena


“Maybe it was just an animal passing through”,she says as she shrugged some as Charlie removed his hand from her shoulder 

MourningGloryJohn   98d ago
Lady of the Night


The man raised a brow at the twins when they once more mentioned the town havin a dark history. “What would it be like? Draw a shit ton of people in and make them try and ghost hunt or something?” Yup, John as usual was missing what most would consider to be the big picture. On top of that, he was TRYING to get get Amy and Charlie to spill and in his mind, calling their bluff.

The vampire gave both Amy and Charlie a look. After everything, the red head was kind of surprised when Amy shrugged it off and said it was an animal or something. [b “Are you sure about that?”] Came Serena's words as she was playing again with a nail file and picking at her nails. She was just wanting to be sure herself.

amyumino     97d ago

“Something likethat”, Charlie says as Amy was mumbling then said Something quietly in a medieval type accent as she looked for stuff, Charlie laughing some


Amy was looking around for Something and seen a mouse, saying something under her breath in a medieval type accent, something she does constantly and walked to a shelf

MourningGloryJohn   64d ago
Lady of the Night


It seemed that though getting an answer to his question, John had also been simply blown off. The man was hardly paying attention but was watching Amy. She seemed to be in her own little world as she said and did whatever she was doing. To be fair, the male had no right to judge. They had saved his ass and he was TRYING to kind of stay in his own world  too.

“Amy, what exactly are you looking for this time?” Serena asked as she had pushed herself from the wall and was at Amy's side. She knew that the actions were never as random as they seemed with the twins. And she was wanting to help in her way

amyumino     63d ago

“A box, a brown box with a sigil on the side”,she says in her normal Irish accent as she opened a bottle of something and sniffed it making a face and put the cork on it, setting it back in the shelf then thought for a moment and grabbed the bottle again, putting it in her bag, grabbing some old rags as well then heard a noise again, grabbing her gun from the holster on her side. 

MourningGloryJohn   37d ago
Lady of the Night


“When was the last time you saw the box?” The vampire asked as her nose wrinkled from just the briefest smell of the bottle. Green eyes were then going to the shelf and the very back corner, a place that had somehow been missed as Amy was grabbing the rags and apparently heard something which made her draw her gun. “is that that box?" Serena asked, though she was almost sure her words would fall on deaf esrs.

John watched the others and shook his head. The human male was finding that though he hardly could wrap his head around what was going on he still in a way wanted answers. “The boy with the…uh…sigils…what exactly is in it?” He asked, eyes widening when the gun was brought out.

“What are you hearing?” That question more or less came because he couldn't hear shit.

amyumino     37d ago

She looked at Serena as she looked at where she was looking and nodded as her head twitched, as if she was trying to get something to stop making noise in her ear as she walked to the box and grabbed a key from her bag and opened it.


Charlie watched his twin sister than looked at John as he seen Amy's head twitch slightly as he held his hand on his gun as well, watching John like a eagle watching a mouse.

MourningGloryJohn   35d ago
Lady of the Night


John was watching Amy and Charlie both. As seemed to be the usual, he could ask questions but get no answers. It was getting to annoy the once “rich kid” as he was so used to getting anything he wanted. And again he tried. “What's in that box? And how can it help us?” The man asked, keeping against the wall as he had been NOT trusting Charlie not to shoot him if he moved. Just that ferral look had John wondering if he was safer with the twins and their little vampire or if he would be safer trying to chance whatever the hell was outside.

Serena by now was not paying the human male any attention and had flashed to Amy's side. Or as close as she could get without being too much in her space. “So what exactly is in the box and why was it left here of all places?” The vampire asked with a tilt of her head as she was trying to peek inside.

amyumino     35d ago

“Gets em off our backs for a bit, something i mixed together”,she ssys as she flashed a grin, showing her sharp canines as she pulled a bottle of a dark green liquid out and held it up carefully.


Charlie watched his sister then looked at Serena then at John as he seen her pull the bottle from the box and knew exactly what it was as he too smiled some

MourningGloryJohn   17d ago
Lady of the Night


“So this stuff is supposed to be a…creature repellant? How many times has it been used anyway?” John wasn't seeming to get the point how a little bottle of green liquid could help them out of their current situation. But then, the man was still trying to convince himself that all of this was some sort of hellish nightmare. Something in him was still refusing to believe he was awake.

Serena nodded to Amy and smirked. She had seen it used before. “The same stuff you used in the last war?” She asked. But then she rolled her eyes at John and his words. And again she was getting tempted to either A. Rip him to shreds and have a meal or B. Shove him outside and feed him to Bug or the creatures. Green eyes went to the twins as she was begging them now to get rid of the pain in the ass.

amyumino     17d ago

She nodded to Serena as she looked at John then shrugged some as Charlie heard another noise, Amy jumping some and sniffed the air, wrinkling her nose as she caught the scent of almost molding leaves and rotting fish as she looked at Serena, John and Charlie as she grabbed a rag from her bag and stuffed it in the beer bottle she grabbed from the shelf.


Charlie grimaced as he held his nose from the smell snd made a face as he closed his eyes, trying to block the overwhelming smell from his mind as he glanced over at John and Serena

MourningGloryJohn   8d ago
Lady of the Night


John looked at the pair. Amy and Charlie were being strange. Well stranger than usual. But then he did catch some of the stentch and even he made a face. “What the fuck is that?” The man asked, eyes going back and forth between Amy and Charlie as he hoped one of them would give him an answer. A REAL answer and not something short.

The vampire girl groaned as soon as she caught the smell in the air ane covered her own nose. As a human, Serena had had a weak stomach but as a vampire it had become even worse. “Please tell me we can avoid whatever that is.” She whined faintly as green eyes went back and forth between Amy and Charlie. She was begging them.

amyumino     8d ago

She looked at John but stayed quiet as she mumbled something, the bottle staring to glow a bright red then opened the hatch to the bunker and quickly threw it out, closing the door quickly as well, locking the lock.


Charlie watched then helped Amy with the door, both him and her covering their ears as a loud explosio happened outside, the ground shaking from the explosion, a loud screech being heard from outside.


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