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regany School of Magics

By Star_child
Backup thread

the story takes place on an island that hasn't been discovered by the other countries but learns about the closest country to it which is the u.s it does learn more about the other countries but that is in the elementary, it also is almost exactly like the U.S but it is better, it has all the good and has almost none of the government bad and everything costs what it should cost instead of being too expensive or it is cheaper :^


ok so here are all the roles for the rp there can be up to four principles once for each level of school and one for all


boss/headmaster of the rp/ school: me of course


my assistant:




school police:














vice principle:


elementary teachers:


middle school teachers:


high school teachers:


bus driver:



elementary students-






1st grade:


2nd grade:


3rd grade:


4th grade:


5th grade:



middle school students-


6th grade:


7th grade:


8th grade:


high school-










and now for the rules and things that i would like for you to do for fun for rpers


#1 be kind to the oc not the rper and if someone is doing something you dont like then tell them about it kindly


#2 no op ocs it's annoying


#3 plz dont make this not a school rp anymore that is what usually happens to school rps, i will give everyone schedules for the ocs and ill be telling time UwU


#4 dont spam random things like links, if you wanna send a like ask me and pm me the like and ill sent it instead if im ok with it


#5 give your oc at least one in rp hour to do their homework


#6 if you can draw and want to draw things that happen in the rp feel free to, it would be fun you can also write a school story from it cause same reason of drawing :3


#7 lets try to stay on the right part of the rp and no time skips, im the only one allowed, if you wanna time skip ask me first


#8 no inappropriate stuff obviously


#9 no controlling other peoples oc, unless it's your oc's  power and if it is get the other rpers permission


#10 dont have your ocs skip every single class, this isnt a rp for you to just do that -.-


#11 the characters have to get to know each other first and dont start out rping with that person wanting a ship, if the ocs are cute together then ask the other rper if they want to ship them and if so then ok, just dont have them getting together so quickly, let them slowely but not too slowly start being romantic but not inappropriate


rules for ocs since this is a school rp after all not just some random rp-


#1 no bullying


#2 be to class


#3 no drugs, alcohol, or weapons


#4 clean up tables after done eating lunch


#5 dont wear anything with cuss words or anything inappropriate


#6 no fighting


#7 respect the staff, the students, and the school


#8 bathroom breaks for class will be after the first 20 minutes and before the last 10 minutes of class


#9 Keep your hands and feet to yourself


#10 no magic in school unless told to by teachers, cops, or headmaster or you have a really good reason like someone is attacking you



rules for staff


#1 be kind to students


#2 keep track of who is in your class and mark it down


#3 dont tell the the students to do anything bad


#4 dont touch the students stuff unless you are the school cops and have a good reason


#5 dont bring anything bad to school


#6 make sure to stay caught up in grading


#7 the students have 9 weeks to turn in there work before you cant take it, but until then the lowest grade they can get if they get everything right is a 60 and it will be getting lower every week when it becomes late


#8 work with your students to see the best way to teach so that every student can learn


(classes will be updated later)


required classes-





some sort of art

some sort of tech or a language

some sort of science


art classes-


 intro to art

3D modeling and animation

interior designs 1, 2, or 3

intro to fablab


nail art 


tech classes-


tech apps

computer science

intro to game design

game design

programming(java script)


language classes-
























science classes-


biology 1 and 2


earth and space science

physical science

earth science




wealth management


magic(if you have it)

animal care class

child care(for anyone in high school)














if there are any classes not on here that you want then pm me the class and i will most likely add it


talk to me and i will get the schedule for the classes for each of your ocs


and now the bell schedule


breakfast 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM (your oc doesn't have to be here for this -w-)


1st hour 8:35 AM - 9:25 AM


2nd hour 9:31 AM - 10:24 AM


3rd hour 10:30 AM - 11:20 AM


4th hour 11:26 AM - 12:16 PM


lunch 12:16 PM - 12:51 PM


5th hour 12:51 PM - 1:41 PM


6th hour 1:47 PM - 2:39 PM


7th hour 2:45 PM - 3:35 PM


bus duty 3:35 PM - 3:45 PM


student Character Sheet














classes you want them to join, an art class, a band class, or choir, a tech or language class, and one optional class and i will determine whether they get it or not:


teacher Character Sheet













classes you want them to teach:


staff Character Sheet













what member of the staff (besides teacher):


student ocs-

name: Kaliyah (Kali) Rodriquez

Age: 18

gender: female

family: Ophelia Perez and Micheal Rodriquez (Parents) James Rodriquez (Older Brother) Luis Rodriquez (Younger Brother)

grade: Twelfth (Senior)

species: (Her father is a vampire so she inherited it)

Powers: Pyrokinesis

Secrets: Her father is the CEO of a successful business

likes: Twizzlers, Nice people, listening to music

dislikes: Aggressiveness, Loud people, overly crowded spaces, garlic

Bio: (Do we have to put one?)

rper: leo_


name: Shadow

Age: 15 (really 105 as a vampire XD)

gender: none

family: none (Wellllllll to her there's none)

Grade: 10th (sophomore)

species: mix (Demon(Hidden) wolf, fallen angel, Vampire)

Powers: Teleporting, invisibility, fire, etc.

Secrets: too many XD 

likes: drawing, technology, Asian food, and that's mainly it

Dislikes: a lot of things XD

Bio: Not much except that her family lives in a different realm and they think she's dead and she wants it to stay that way

rper: Roxy


name: Thomas

Age: 19

gender: male

family: Nimira

grade: senior

species: Time phantom

Powers: Telekinesis, portals, teleporting, (telekinesis makes him tired if he uses it to much, eventually to the point where he gets too weak. portals can be used how ever long her wants but it takes ten seconds to open and he can only go to places he's been before. So no portals to space XD. Teleporting is the same for telekinesis, except he can pass out.)

Secrets: whenever he talks about his old village. He says he tried to steal a dragons fire potion from a market, well, one in the stone district. also called the bandit district, which was filled with mugging, theft, murder, and bartering. Basically the dumps of the village. When he stole it he ran into the corner oof a wall and accidentally smashed the potion on the wall, burning the huge village to the ground. Except this wasn't the case, his village was purged by him, he lead the charge to the leaders quarters and destroyed the village. His reason? He was tired of being scolded and looked down on. Even if he had great swordsmanship. Actually the best in the village. Why scolded and looked down on? Because he wanted to live a normal life. He didn't want to live the life of a hardworking swordsman. He wanted to live a smooth life.

likes: sword fight and duels, parrots, annoying others,

dislikes: being told to stop or no. (By being told to stop, I mean being told to stop being annoying)

Bio: Thomas looked around at the burning village. “Damn…. Im gonna miss this village…” he said. Even though he's the one destroying it. The leaders quarters were just in front of him. He had destroyed all three districts besides the stone district, which aided him in the destruction pf the village. Thomas pushed open the double doors and saw the three leaders gathering their things to flee. Thomas looked surprised as he saw the expression on their face. It was fear. “Hello hello!!” Thomas said as the double doors closed behind him.


Name: Skylit

Age: 16

Race: Russian

Gender: Female

Grade: 11th or 10th

Species: human + Elf

Powers: Shape-shifting

Secert(s):Blind out of left eye, Has hidden scar(s)

Likes: Flowers, Violence, blood

Dislikes: Sun, Peace, Snitches

Bio: Skylit lives alone in the house bought by her uncle, whom suppose to be her caregiver but is all the way across the nation and has left her alone since the age of 7. Skylit never talks about her parents and is usually seen alone. 

Hair color: Ruby + lipstick mix (red but different shades) 

Eye color: (L) white (R) Blue

Skin color: Siennia 

Style: Causal Street Wear

Height: 5'0

Hair length: Tail-bone length

Body Type: mesomorph

Weight: 115-130lbs

Scars: Over left eye, upper thigh

Tattoos: Rose Tattoo on neck


teacher ocs-


name: Jack

Age: 20

gender: male

family: Magestar

species: demi god, half angel, (is this allowed? Theirs a reason for it)

Powers: he only has hydrokineses (control of water) he can also produce it through his right and left palm. If he does this for longer then thirty seconds he will get tired. Going over it will almost nock him out. And at fifty seconds he will be unconscious. He also has a pocket dimension which he inherited from his father. William magestar. He has controll over everything but OCs. Yet he wont hurt anyone in it. Nor will he go into it unless his shift is over.

Secrets: he used to be a priest of the goddess of the moon twilight. (In another world of course) and the son of the goddess.

likes: magic, studying for hours, pulling all nighters, and messing around in his pocket dimension. Fruits, especially mango.

dislikes: misbehaving children in class etc, doughnuts, any kind of junk food or veggie including meat.

Bio: Jack Magstar, or just Jack, who had just been born. opened his eyes and saw he was in the goddess twilight' arms. The goddess did not notice yet so she had a stern look on her face. But then she heard crying and looked down. A smile on her face appeared. He saw the wings of an angel on her back, except they were glowing with vibrant colors. Yet their was this weird yet somewhat intimidating aura coming from Twilight. As if she were a higher being. Twilight dived down towards the ground and landed. a church stood in front of them, which twilight approached and opened the door. “This is your father.” a man who sat on the floor reading a book jumped, startled. He looked to be a normal human. Yet he had an engraving on his cheek. It looked to be a wave. It glowed as he looked at Twilight, then to Jack. “Hello their." He smiled. But after this. Jack soon fell asleep.

Teaches: Magic and Biology.

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