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Camp black blood

By Kenbloodmoon
Backup thread

(Disclaimer this is similar to Percy jackson but not the same)




Camp black blood is a special camp for special children hidden in the Forrest of Washington. The children who attend this camp are the children of the Asier (Norse gods and goddesses). This year at camp thing are in chaos as the prophesie begins to come true. Ragnorok is upon us can the children of the prophesie stop ragnorok or will they help destroy the Asier forever.


     The Prophesie    


Five children will come in the year of chaos. They will be the saviors of the Asier or the destruction of the nine realms. The child of the wisest shall have to chose between knowledge or family. The child of the most cunning shall have to chose between loyalty to his father or his friends. The child of the bravest will have to choose between saving themselves or saving those that mean the most to them. The child of the strongest shall have to put their strength to the test and with stand great pain. The child of the most just will be forced to choose between justice or trust in their friend. 


  1. Follow all es rules
  2. No God modding
  3. Send me a skelly
  4. No Drama outside the rp
  5. Have fun.








Godly parent:

What are you:(doesn't have to be human)

Gifts from your godly parent:




Camp director:open

Camp trainer:open

Child of oden:open

Child of loki:taken by kenbloodmoon

Child of tyr:open

Child of thor:open

Child of balder: open



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KenbloodmoonKiath   106d ago


Kiath grumbled as his father lead him over the bifrost into Midgard. He was being sent to a

special camp is what his mother the giantess Galfiriva had told him. "Father I dont wanna

leave jotunnhiem."He said as they entered Midgard in a place called Washington. His father loki

just smirked and handed him his sword brihfil and a bag of clothes, and a map then he was left

standing all alone in Midgard the bifrost bridge long gone from his access now. Sighing he

strapped his sword to his belt and began looking at the map. Once he was sure where to go he

began his journey to this camp black blood. He traveled for three days and nights through

Seattle Washington, and was now standing at the edge of what appered to be a run down

orchard. He grumbled again about being here. On the course of his journey he had come to

realize that he was larger then most beings his age at only 15 years old he already towered over

most mortals of 19. Sighing he transformed into his man beast shape the form he was most

comfortable in and crossed the barrier into the camp.


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