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NullificationNeila   116d ago


“Where are we going?” Neila asked quietly after some time but she didn't get a response. She just waited and finally they were brought to a restaurant of some kind and she was immediately escorted to a private room in the back that was empty, aside from a table with some food and drinks. She eyed the placard, reading Denis Ivan and she rolled her eyes. Of course, if it were fancy it could only be Denis. Neila sat at the table, fiddling with her fingers and glancing at the food. She didn't recall when she last ate, probably that breakfast back at- 

She didn't want to think about him. 

Neila understood she had been stupid to think anything. Myles still loved his dead wife and Neila was just a child in everyone's eyes it seemed like. She took a glass of water and drank from it as she did so. She was frightened, Myles had seemed so angry and if this was Denis' doing then he was probably going to throttle her to death. She had failed Izzy but she didn't regret it. Myles was too nice, he had too much life ahead of him to simply end it all. Anything else she had imagined, was just fantasy. 

Myles burst through the door right then and she gazed at him, 
“I was okay- I was at a motel.” Neila said to him quietly, she didn't want to be found but of course if Denis was involved, money could pay for everything. She watched Myles, curious about why he had even come here. She didn't quite know what to do or how to really address him. She supposed she owed him an explanation of sorts. She chewed her lip and set the water down. 

“I know you think I'm crazy, and I don't blame you and I'm not angry…” She wasn't angry in truth, she was hurt. She was sad, upset and an array of other emotions but looking at Myles, she couldn't let him see that. 
“After everything- After life, it's not what any of us imagine. We get another chance, for a different life and we exist in the galaxy. It's like-” She couldn't describe it. 
“I met Izzy. I was due for reincarnation before her and-” She cut off, “She's very beautiful, she's…” Myles only love. She didn't finish it. 

“She wants you to join her in that place but I'd have to…" Neila had thought of ways to do it, a gentle overdose, just going to sleep and not waking up, “I can't do it…” She said to him, “And you can't do it to yourself, people who do it to themselves… They don't go to the same place.” She whispered softly. 

TasteMyRainbowMyles Porter   112d ago

Myles Porter

Denis stayed in the car as Myles got out. He wanted to help him however he had other important matters to attend to. He reached for the door and pulled it closed. 

“Uh yes, driver?”

Denis threw his legs up over the unoccupied seat and made himself comfortable. 

“I need you to take me to my dad’s office. He has some matters to discuss.”

It was unusual for his father to send him a text asking for anything so the chance of a meeting wasn’t something he was abuts to miss. 

As he adjusted himself in his seat properly his phone lit up once again. It was another from his dad. 

‘Leon, your brother, is also here.’


Myles practically threw himself through the door, falling on his face once he reached the inside. He nodded to two of Denis’s bodyguards and picked himself up off the floor as they turned to leave. Before he could say anything, she already was. All the questions he had thought to ask on the drive over were pouring out of her like water. He was perplexed, absolutely stunned by the weight of the situation. It was something only believable if you could see it with your own eyes. He felt his heart skip a few beats as she came to a stopping point. 

“You’re not crazy…”

He paused and caught her gaze with his. 

“Though if everything you’re spouting off really is true then…Neila, you must help me get back to her. Please Neila, please.”


Myles felt a flood of emotions rush though him. If only he could just look upon Izzy’s face once more, he knew, he just knew everything would be okay. His face flushed red as the excitement began to show through his voice.

“So…how then? How can I die the right way? Or how can we speed up Izzy’s reincarnation?”

If he had this much information, then he only needed a little more to be on his way. If he needed to die, sure he would do it. If he needed someone else to die, sure he would do that too. Anything for her, he would do anything. 


“And this is your second life, right? Do you only get two?”

NullificationNeila   112d ago



Neila stared at Myles, he looked… happy. She hadn’t expected that. She expected him to be angry or sad. He wanted to go back and be with Izzy, he must have truly loved the woman. Neila watched him, her heart breaking for the peaceful man she saw before her. He was such a good person, and yet he welcomed death.

“I- Myles, I don’t know. I don’t even feel like I should be here. I didn’t do what she asked, they’re going to come for me…” Those biting shadows would come and drag her back, she hadn’t upheld her end of the bargain.


“You two must love each other very much.” It wasn’t something Neila could relate to. It wasn’t something she could sympathise with him in. She was scared of what might happen and had never had another feel so strongly for her. Not that she could remember though her memories of her first life were foggy.

“We need to research it, I don’t know what to do.” Neila was no killer, she didn’t have the heart or stomach for it.




What time was it? How long had it been? Time had lost all essence right then. It was cold though, and she was hungry. Her latest pills acquired made way for other essential business. Tattered red hair lay around her face and her hands were shoved into the large Parker jacket she wore as Maisie trundled down the street. It couldn’t be late, maybe afternoon. She didn’t know really. She didn’t see the lights change or hear the beeping as she stepped out into the road.


There was a crunch of metal meeting bone, bone lost out as Maisie crumpled on the road and people gathered.


Everything had gone so downhill since losing her job, the rent was already overdue and she had been turned out on her ass. Everything dear to her was in a satchel at her hip. A phone, a charger, her purse with identification in case she ever needed it again but she had become nameless out here.


And a crumpled, worn out photograph. It was stupid, one of her and a blond man, he wasn’t smiling. A promo photo for that stupid island trip. She had been happy then, hadn’t needed the pills to make her anxieties calm down and make her feel happy. After the island, she had been prescribed them, her influencing personality had fallen off and she had gone back to the mundane. Everything Denis had said was right, she was washed up and poor and beneath him. She should never have expected different.


“Oh, sorry Mr Ivan, seems the local wildlife is out. Insurance claims, no doubt.” The driver said. He got out.


Maisie stared up at the sky, there was actually a gentle relief despite the excruciating pain in her leg. She never figured she’d die on asphalt but- She wasn’t dying. She could move her fingers and when she tried to move her leg, she bit back a cry and breathed hard. People around her had their cell phones out, recording and chattering among themselves and she looked up at the driver.


“Ma’am, I’m going to hail an ambulance for you, okay?” He said and made his way back to the car.

“Begging your pardon, Mr Ivan, it seems the young lady is rather hurt and I’ll need to call her an ambulance. Shame though, rather pretty thing with that red hair.” The driver said as he started to call for an ambulance.


Tears dared to drip down Maisie’s cheeks as she lay there, helpless and in agony as she did so. Her fingers gripped the satchel strap tightly.

“I want to go home.” She whispered, that was all she wanted, to go home and be safe and looked after.

TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   103d ago

Denis Ivan

The beauty of the moment turned tragic in an instant. Myles paused as he looked at Neila’s pale complexion. He didn’t want anything bad to happen to Neila however he knew that deep down he would do anything for Izzy. He kept silent for a few minutes and made his way over to the hotel bed. He took a seat and rested his head on the palm of his hands in a thinking position. 

“Who is going to come for you?”

He didn’t really have any wanting to truly know the answer to the question yet it was the only thing keeping them from moving on. Did everyone look like Neila when they passed? Did they develop powers? Would Izzy look and act the same if she returned? 

“Can I do anything?”


He was desperate to help. Desperate to do anything his little mundane hands could. He didn’t care about his job, his television shows, or even microwave dinners. He let his hands drop between his lap and he lifted his head once more. 




Denis nodded to the driver annoyed that something was stopping him from getting to his father. He knew that if he was late-he wouldn’t live it down. His father was a stern and professional man and anything short of that wasn’t welcome. 

Denis moved in his seat anxiously as a few minutes rolled by. 

“Can we leave yet? Just kick the body out of the road.” 


The driver leaned in the window, 

“Yes sir, give me just a couple minutes.”


With a dramatic roll of his eyes Denis opened the door of the vehicle. He would move the body himself if no one else would. He pushed past the driver and rounded towards the front of the designer car stopping when he realized who they hit. 


He scurried over closer to her and bent down trying to make sure it really was her obnoxiously average face staring back at him. Of all the people they could have hit, why did it have to be her? 

“Look, I’m in a hurry so can you like scoot closer to the side of the road or something? The insurance can take care of the injuries or whatever…maybe ill throw in some plastic surgery on the house.”

He couldn’t help but laugh at his own joke but stopped as he felt her fingers graze his pant leg. His dead heart felt a slight beat as he took in the truly pathetic sight before him. 

“Driver…cancel the ambulance…put her in the back and take her to my private hospital for immediate care.”

NullificationMaisie   103d ago


Maisie stared up when she saw Denis. Of all the people, why did it have to be him? She was embarrassed, not only because she was in pain but because of how wrong everything had gone for her. Denis had loathed her before, he would pity and hate her more now. She huffed a little when he mentioned her scooting over, as though she could and just watched him when he laughed at his own joke, brushing her fingers against his pant leg. He could drag her to the side all he wanted, he could leave her in the gutter but it was nice to see him again. She hated his good looks and intolerable attitude, but there was a ghost of a smile on her lips as though she was amused by his joke.


“No-don’t!” She objected as the driver gently scooped her up and her leg jostled uncomfortably and she clutched onto the driver jacket. He was gentle though, easing her into the back seat and letting her splay out slightly. Maisie couldn’t believe Denis travelled like this, so fancy and plush leather. The world was swimming and she couldn’t really keep awake very well.


“Be out of your hair in no time.” She whispered groggily to Denis, a promise she intended to keep. If they could patch her up and send her on her way, she would be just fine.


There must have been surgery. Maisie didn’t remember much as she opened her eyes and she could hear beeping sounds. It wasn’t like a regular hospital though, it was fancier. She drew in a breath and tried to move but it was uncomfortable. She gave in and just eased down in the bed some more. Even the blankets seemed posh. Denis’ place.


Her blood ran cold.


She was in Denis’ little private infirmary thing he was always bragging about. She swallowed the dryness in her throat, she was medicated so it was sort of nice, that feather light feeling she had right then.


“Ah, sir.” A nurse approached Denis with a chart, “Perhaps I could have a moment of your time to discuss your guest.” She said as she gestured to a side room.

“I’m glad to say her surgery went well, a nasty fracture, thankfully nothing broken but she’s going to need crutches for a while and some care. However, we found something concerning when we ran her bloods.” She said and closed the door, “I usually wouldn’t tell you this, patient confidentiality but we checked her records. There’s no address listed and her next of kin is…” The nurse looked a little awkward, “You, Sir.”


She cleared her throat and smiled,

“Anyways, Maisie has a high level of opioid in her blood. Some of it is the anaesthetic but… not all of it.” The nurse divulged to him, rather quietly. Denis was known for being brash and blunt so people tended to watch their manners around him.

“It’s been extensive, I believe she’s been addicted to some sort of opioid for a while.”


Maisie had managed to sit up and look around, rubbing her temple and lifting the blankets. A flimsy hospital gown covered her decency and she sighed. She ought to get out of here, scamper back to the street and try to make ends meet again.


“Excuse me, but when can I go?” She asked when a nurse came in.

TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   95d ago

Denis Ivan

His father was not happy at the cancellation. Denis couldn’t believe he defied his father to take care of some dumb girl he met on the gameshow. It was completely out of character for him and he knew he was sick. It was the only reasonable explanation for him doing something so stupid and selfless. He took in a deep breath and clicked his phone off. Tomorrow he would deal with the repercussions of his actions. As for now, he figured he might as well see to the job of making sure the poor girl was alright. 


As the nurse approached him, he heard her out fully before reacting. He wasn’t her caretaker or anything so he wasn’t sure why this information was being given to him so easily. Curiously he nodded the nurse away and stood outside Maisies room. The drug problem didn’t come as a shock to him because of her social status. He knew of many poor people from the lesser class that got addicted to silly things because they were sad or dealing with mental instability. It was pathetic to him. Even his own cousin was cut off from the family because of his cocaine addiction.  He didn’t have any previous respect for Maisie but now-he never would. She proved her worth the minute the nurse opened her mouth. 


He wanted to give her a piece of his mind. She was going to get his perfect teeth kicked in by his father because he thought he was helping someone. Instead, he was just nursing a drug addict back to health so she could go get her next fix. He scoffed by the door, feeling himself grow angrier by the minute. Finally, when he heard her voice, he turned and opened the curtain to her private space. A nurse was behind him and he gave her a look. The nurse quickly understood and left the room hastily. They knew who was truly in charge. 


He stared at her for a few seconds as she was laying like a pitiful sickling in his hospital bed. Part of him wanted to call Myles but he knew that was pointless. He was more than occupied with his alien companion. 

“You can leave now.”

He answered her question coldly without an ounz of emotion in his voice. 

“I should’ve had my driver hit you and put you out of your misery. It would be a better look than this.”

Denis licked his dry lips and took a seat in the chair directly across the bed. He folded one of his legs over the other and settled in. He knew she couldn’t explain her way out of this but the entertainment would be worth getting comfortable for. 




“Set the place on fire.”

“Do you want to evacuate the children first?”


A rather evil smile formed across a pale mans face. He had hair as white as snow and a slender build. He was staring down at a few of his men as they waited for the last order. 

“Cut out their eyes, tie them out back, and set the place on fire.”

This was the last order he would give on the matter. If they asked anything else he would set them on fire as well. Three of his men scurried into the dark house to carry out the deed. They knew that Mr. Ivan wasn’t joking as they had seen what he was capable of. If there was anyone to cross-it wasn’t him. 


Seeing that the job was being carried out, Douglas Ivan made his way back to the car that was waiting for him and let himself in the back seat. He gave a nod to his father who was directly across from him in the back seat indicating the job was done. 

“The kids won’t be able to identify anyone.”

His father gave a light hearted laugh as the car began to move out of the lot.

“You’re too soft, it’s best to eradicate the weak my boy.”

NullificationMaisie   95d ago


Maisie stared at Denis and for the first time, she felt like everything he said was right. All the judgements he had made about her, all the insults, he was right. She swallowed and got to her feet, as best she could given she had just had surgery. She braced on the bed and looked to Denis. 
“Shut up.” She snapped, the haze of anaesthetic washing over her. 
“Maybe you should have. Then I could wait on you in Hell.” She muttered, “And besides, wouldn't want to dent your precious, stupid, rich boy car.” Maisie said, angrily. She sighed out and realised she couldn't go anywhere as she sank down in the bed. 

She watched him, he must have thought she was awful, just an addict. 
“The nurse told you then.” She murmured to him and sighed out. 
“I lost my job at the diner, after the gameshow…" She trailed off, why was she trying to explain? He didn't care. 
“I had a nasty run with depression an anxiety. Everywhere I went, people recognised me. I was the sad little girl that had her heart broken on television by some silly blonde asshole.” She muttered, “I thought I had stockholme at first, I thought I was just sick. They gave me pills, then they… Well, I got hooked. After the diner it fell apart properly.” She had no one to reach out to for help. She couldn't have called Denis or Myles, they were alwas busy and Denis would have laughed and hung up. 

Maisie took a drink and eased down in the bed, 
“I'll go, just- Give me a day, Denis.” She looked over to him, he looked nice surrounded by white lights with that stupid expression on his face. He always looked good though, the bastard. 

This was not her usual spot in town, in fact she had to be wary not to get jumped or pulled into an alley. Someone had told her who to look for, a sweet redhead who got her fix from these guys and she had met with a couple of goons. 

“Hey boss! We have a pretty little thing for you!” One of them said and shoved her forwards. Jenny stared at the man before her. Well dressed, stern and she narrowed her eyes. She cleared her throat. 

“Yeah, right. Thanks for that.” She chided at one of the men who had ‘escorted’ her. 
“I'll cut to the chase, you seem like a busy guy. I need a job. And a job that pays well.” She explained to him. She didn't know his name and she didn't give hers. Maybe being anonymous was best right then. They weren't friends and Jenny was no fool. She had a hard stomach, she had seen everything she thought. She was a trauma nurse, but it wasn't paying the bills anymore. Her father was sick, he needed treatment and she was done playing nicely. 

Her eyes looked him over, 
“Some pretty little redhead gave me the people to talk to. I can do patch ups, I can do whatever you need me to but I need cash.” 

TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   95d ago

Denis Ivan

He listened to her sob story without remorse. It was her decision to get addicted, not the pills. If she had the will to get up and out of the hole, she had dug herself, she would have. The fact that she allowed in her own self-pity infuriated him. It was one reason he hated commoners. They were all the same in how they would sit in their own shit and let it get worse. As she finished her tearful speech, he rolled his eyes but kept them fixated on her. 

“Sorry, I’m not too good at acting so I can’t force a tear for your show.”

He paused, seeing if she would clap back. 

“You can have a couple hours to gather what dignity you have left and leave my sight for good. You’ve wasted enough of my time.”


“Driver, make a stop by the infirmary.”

“Yes sir.”

Douglas turned towards his father in confusion. He hadn’t ever heard that order. 

“Are you not feeling well?”

“I’m fine. However, your brother couldn’t meet me because he had business to attend to there. I find it rather funny that Denis would know how to conduct any business.”

Douglas let out a small smile thinking about his clueless brother. He was so sheltered and innocent and knew nothing of the real world. He had to admit he was jealous; he wished he could too be ignorant. 

“What do you need to talk to Denis about?”

“I think it’s time that we let him in on the true family business. When I’m gone, you will need help running this enterprise.”




One of the men finished tying up the last child and escaped out the side fence as the house ignited. He caught up to the rest of his gang at the end of the block and caught his breath. He knew they didn’t have much time before the police showed up. It was hard to not notice a raging fire and the agonizing screams of children. When he finally caught his breath and took in his surroundings, he noticed a girl with the crew that hadn’t otherwise been there. 

“Who is this?”

“Hopefully our new bait.”



Douglas felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and took it out quickly. If it had anything to do with the job he needed to know. Seeing that it was one of his men he gave a look to his father and answered. 


“Sir, Ive got a girl here that can do patch-ups. She needs cash and we need a disposable slut.”

“Brilliant. Bring her to the infirmary.”

He clicked off the phone eagerly. He had a drug lord he had been trying to take down and this might be the lucky card he needed to accomplish that. 

NullificationMaisie   95d ago


A few hours.

Denis was cold as ice. Maisie felt pathetic and she closed her eyes.

“Okay, Denis. An hour.” She promised him, she didn’t have any fight left right then. Usually she would snap back, or plead or something but she couldn’t. Not right then. She didn’t have the energy and the shame she felt was enough to make her want to disappear. She was exhausted, she was in pain and she wanted another fix.


The doors opened and in waltzed Douglas and his entourage.


And a girl with blonde and black hair. Maisie looked up and swallowed, was this a set up from Denis? She looked to him, actually nervous. She forced herself to sit up and look somewhat presentable for the visitors. She recognised some of them, the less important ones that seemed to guard the two main guys. An older man and a man a couple years older than Denis. 

“Huh?” What were her drug dealers doing here? She didn’t owe them money, she always managed to pay up front and she cleared her throat some.

“I don’t- Please don’t do this here.” She said to them, Denis had suffered humiliation enough for now.


Actually, now that Maisie saw them together, there were similarities. Maybe the anaesthetic was getting to her and she looked to Denis,

“Sorry, I’ll deal with it. I didn’t-“ She cut off as a few of the men laughed and folded their arms. What was so funny? Maisie looked to the woman with them, she looked adamant and fierce, everything Maisie wished she was.

“Look, I don’t have all day. I said I’ll work so what do you need me to do!” Jenny remarked, haughtily and impatient. Evidently she couldn’t read the room at all in her fierceness and Maisie almost envied her. To not be soft, to be frail. Maybe then Denis might look at her differently.

“Not your usual type, Denny.” One of the men grunted with a low laugh.

TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   88d ago

Denis Ivan

Denis swallowed hard. He wanted her to leave now, not in an hour. She was agonizing to look at, agonizingly pitiful. He stared at her for a few more moments before getting up out of the chair. He was prepared for a fight or some kind of clap back yet she wasn’t doing anything at all. She accepted his words and the game wasn’t fun anymore. As he was about to announce his departure, a hoard of people entered the tiny room. 


His father’s presence surprised him the most. He hadn’t seen him in a while and was prepared for a lashing after the cancellation. 



“No welcome for your big brother?”

Douglas smirked at Denis and turned to the business in the room. 

“I see you’re housing a paying customer in our infirmary?”


Denis froze. He hadn’t a clue what his brother was talking about. How did Maisie know these people? How could she succumb so low as to know drug dealers? And why did his family know them? He felt like he would drown in the number of questions popping in and out of his head but he couldn’t waiver. His father was present and any sign of weakness or confusion could lead to an argument.  

“I don’t know her. She was almost hit by the limo so I brought her here to check for injuries. I didn’t want any problems for our family. It would be rather shitty if we were in the news for bullying a commoner. “

Denis tried to remain calm but he felt his face turning white. 


Mr. Ivan spoke up then and the room grew silent. 

“Douglas, tell your men to leave the room. The only people I want in here is the two girls and my two sons.”

Douglas did as he ordered and waited patiently for his father to speak again. The room had an eerie silence to it as if a man of royal blood was speaking. 

“Denis, I think it’s time that you joined the family business.”

He gave a smirk before carrying on. 

“We host the largest international drug smuggling ring In the western world, and you will take over with Douglas. It is brilliant that you already have a disposable rat.” He looked to Maisie in the bed. 

“Because, I have your first job. I’ll pay the girl enough money to get her fix and if she dies…well…who would even notice?”


Denis still couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Is that how his family was so wealthy? A bit dumbfounded he looked to his brother and back to his father only nodding. There was not much he could say. If he even tried to speak back to his father, he couldn’t imagine the consequences he would face. They would be far worse than any job where he had to bring around the drug addict for help. 

“What job?”


“You’ll receive the paperwork necessary to complete the job in the morning. All the preparations will be made. All you two need to do is follow through.” His father spoke without an ounz of emotion. 

“As for Jenny….I have another special use of her for you Douglas…but you already know that. I’ll let you take the girl to a room for the night and explain her responsibilities moving forward.”

He didn’t look at jenny as he spoke about her finding her just as worthless as the other red head. 

“Now…I’m off to catch a flight. Don’t disappoint me, my sons.”

Mr. Ivan walked out of the room slowly, letting the door shut behind him. 

NullificationMaisie   87d ago




She had definitely fucked up.


Denis’ family were her drug dealers. Her heart almost fell through the floor and she suddenly felt incredibly embarrassed and tiny. Denis hadn’t known though, he hadn’t had idea that his father and brother were into that sort of business. Now they wanted him to join and she figured that was it. Any hope of Denis being a better man was lost and she looked towards the father, Mr Ivan.


It stung when Denis denied knowing her. Like a knife in the gut and she looked away.




No, Hell no. Not for all the drugs in the world or all the cash, she wasn’t helping Denis get into this shady business. She let the two talk and used the moment to get up from the bed and tug out the IV and cannula as she fumbled to grab her things. No, she had to go. She could not watch this go down. That world had swallowed her up, preyed on her anxiety and desperation that now she was just some urchin.


When they were given a moment, Maisie looked to Denis and then away.


“Look, I might be a rat.” She said to him, the words hurt her to say but they had hurt so much worse when Denis had said them to her.

“I might be worthless and pathetic.” She echoed his previous statements about her,

“And everything you’ve said about me might be right but Denis-“ what was she going to say? Tell him not to do it? Maisie just shook her head. There was no use, he had never listened to her before and he wasn’t going to now.

“Just- Be careful out there.” She finally managed, Denis had all the cruelty he needed to be some nasty little top dog.


“And I don’t want money.” She added, “I’ll be fine. I’ll-“ She had nowhere to go. She had nowhere to stay. And Denis could pick up her lies easily.


“I want to get clean, I don’t want to be like this anymore.” She told him, and she wouldn’t be like it forever. She supposed now Denis would just see her as some poor little customer.

“But I don’t want any part in this, Denis.” He was probably in shock about it all.




Jenny watched the lovely family reunion and raised an eyebrow. Who was the little red head in the bed? She actually looked besotted with the youngest Ivan and Jenny tutted, poor, pathetic thing. These were not the sort of men anyone got involved with. They were dangerous and cruel.


“Uh, excuse me? I won’t be staying with anybody tonight.” She pointed out and she looked at Denis, she scoffed some.

“Well, glad to see the older men got the looks in this family.” She remarked and tossed her hair as she turned around and looked to Douglas.

“Let’s talk business.” She said as she started off out of the room and eyed the goons over. She let him lead the way until they had privacy.


“Right, so. I’m an ER nurse, I’ve done all the trauma and emergencies and I can patch up someone. But, only for a price.” She remarked to Douglas, better to be blunt about these things.

“My father is sick, I need money for his treatment. Insurance won’t touch it, and frankly, I don’t blame them. And the hospital is cutting my hours.” She said to the eldest Ivan brother as she folded her eyes and watched him. These were tough people, they wouldn’t bend to a pretty face and a flutter of eyelashes.


And Jenny wasn’t like that anyway.


Wiggling her ass wouldn’t get her what she needed from this guy and she sat in a chair and figured he wasn’t terrible looking. He had more presence than his little brother, didn’t stink of desperation to please either. Refreshing.


“I won’t breathe a word to anyone, not sure how exactly I can make you believe that but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.” She said to him with a shrug as the brunette eased in for some bullshit negotiations with the drug lord.

TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   87d ago

Denis Ivan

He watched in silence as his father left, and then the others until it was only him and Maisie left. For some reason he felt he could breathe properly again when it was only them. The clouds filling his head began to dissipate and clarity began to shine. Not the clarity he was seeking however it was better than fainting from shock. Denis walked towards the only door at the end of the room and plopped his body in front of it. 


Although clarity was seeping back through, he still felt the weight of the situation. It was more than he could ever imagine to be possible. Every little thing he had ever believed-all the good-everything was a lie. His family had dirty money and he didn’t want to be involved. He wanted to live his pampered life and fulfill his modeling contracts. 


He felt like a helpless child in that moment. There was nothing he could do for himself, no way to get out of the cards he had been dealt. Nothing was a perfect reality anymore. Denis brought his knees up to his chest making himself appear small for the first time in his life. 

“I may be an asshole…”


If there was one thing in the world he didn’t want-it was to be alone. He couldn’t fathom the idea of having no one. It didn’t matter if he tried to scare others away with his harsh words, he still wanted to be loved too. If his father thought of her as disposable, he would kill her if she decided not to participate. He didn’t previously think his father was capable of murder but after the night things had changed. He knew why his father was always absent and silent. Everything from his childhood made sense. 

“But…if you don’t participate in this…you won’t…”

He felt his voice break almost unaware it could. 

“My father will kill you. This isn’t about money you fucking idiot. He will kill you!”


He cared about her. A small fraction of himself really cared about the drug addict staring back at him. He didn’t want to see her die-he just wanted to see her out of this mess. Denis let his head fall into his lap so he could cover his flushed face. He didn’t know how to show weakness, didn’t know how to be completely out of answers. 

“Just stay…”




Douglas smiled at the frail little thing barking in front of him. He had seen many like her before, all trying to prove their worth by putting on a show. She was nothing special, and he would make sure she knew that. He folded his arms as he looked at her, towering over her presence. He was a very tall man and an intimidating one at that. It was rare for a smile to appear across his face yet she was amusing. 

“I don’t really care about your family troubles. This is a job, sweets.”

He licked his dry lips.

“Tomorrow, you will be working at a hospital off the coast. Your name is Mary Sue and you just graduated your nursing program. You will work there for two days and on the third you will complete the job.”

He paused a moment, making sure he still had her attention. He could never tell with the young ones. 

“On the third day, I’ll have men stationed out to cut the electricity of the hospital. In that moment you will kill the pharmacist on duty and let my men in. We want all the narcotics we can get to fill an order in Mexico. Understood?”

He cocked an eyebrow waiting for her ‘yes sir.’

“Oh, and the pay is $5,000.”

NullificationMaisie   87d ago


It was whiplash. She stared at Denis in shock as she grabbed her things and just held them close to her. She knew Denis was in shock right then but in an hour he would be calling her names and making her feel like shit and she was unsure if she wanted to continue this blow by blow. She couldn’t though, she couldn’t just leave him as she set her things down and sighed. She sat down beside him and reached out to touch his leg,

“It’s alright.” She assured him, she would stay for now. It would be a bed for the night at the very least and she looked around. His father would kill her?


“Well, if he does then you won’t have to worry about me anymore then.” She remarked to him and sighed some as she tipped her head back. She would stay, but she was under no illusion Denis’ nastiness would show back up and she would be the punching bag for him, it wouldn’t take any time at all.

“You uh, you really didn’t know?” She asked him, evidently he hadn’t and she figured maybe this was some sort of karma. Maisie couldn’t turn off her emotions though. She couldn’t just stop caring.


“Look. Maybe- Okay. Let’s take this slowly.” She said to him, “Take your time, get something to eat.” She said to him and she moved so she was in front of him. She gently reached out and tilted his head so she could look at him,

“No one’s gonna kill me, I’m far too ordinary and plain for that, remember?” She said to him with a half-smile. She had just accepted how little Denis thought of her and that whatever she wanted to happen, simply wouldn’t. Even Myles had told her one day to just give it up and Denis wouldn’t ever change.


“Here, look. We won’t even have to go out or anything, you can stay here until you’re ready.” He didn’t want to be seen in public with her and she knew the best she could do was to just obey his wishes for then. She told a nurse to get some food down there for Denis and she sat back on the bed.




Jenny raised an eyebrow at him. Well, at least he didn’t fight her on any of it. Douglas was a crass man, beautiful too.

“Oh I’m aware, we both have family issues.” She said, as she clued away that she had witnessed the reunion earlier. She wasn’t interested, she wanted money and she would do whatever she could to get her hands on it.


“Mary Sue, really?” She remarked as she looked him over. She shrugged, she’d go with it just fine. She faltered when he mentioned killing someone.

“Uh, sorry? Woah, wait.” She said as she threw up her hands and looked him over, “Not to be like, all sugar and sweetness here, but I’ve never killed anyone and don’t get me wrong, five grand is five grand but…” She figured he didn’t care and she sighed at him.


“It’s a good thing you’re pretty.” She remarked and gave in. She would do it. Adrenaline was making her agree but she knew when it came down to it, she was going to struggle to deliver a killing blow. Maybe she could do it nicely, knock him out and then bop him on the head, no mess? She eyed Douglas over,

“Right well then. Is this where I get a burner phone and some weird black van drops me off at home?” She asked him, just like movies. So far though, this hadn’t been anything like those academy award winners and Jenny was terrified but she was more scared of losing her dad.

TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   81d ago

Denis Ivan

Denis didn’t flinch as he felt her presence nearby. The shock was overwhelming no matter how hard he tried to it swallow away. The amount of information was impossible to process and engage in over one night. He let a few minutes tick by until he heard her sit back onto the bed and peeked out from his crumbling castle of limbs. 

The only positive light was that he wasn’t completely alone. Even if it was his partner in crime to be. At least it wasn’t someone he completely loathed. 

“I didn’t know anything. Does this face look like its ever had a drug touch it?”

He pointed to his clear face with furrowed brows. He was still able to spit out comments so he knew he was still himself to some degree. 

“And you’re plain and ordinary…no one will care if you go missing. Don’t you understand you’re common?”


He didn’t think he was being mean; he was being honest. This was the real world not some washed up fairytale where the pauper is an orphaned princess. 

“I’ve learned my entire life that people like you…people without status and money and respect from the elite…you mean nothing. You are nothing but a pawn in the game of money. You are there to use and to abuse and to take advantage of at whatever cost. Don’t you understand that?”

She couldn’t be so dense as to not know her place. 

“So, I’m sorry to be harsh regarding that but you will be killed without a thought. If my father is going this far then you’re nothing, okay? You are nothing.”




Douglas eyed her coldly waiting for her answer. If she wanted the money badly enough then she would take the deal without question. A life for your father’s life shouldn’t be a hard bargain. His expression stated the same as she agreed and he could tell her demeanor had changed. Her confidence and strength were dwindling because of her emotional attachment to the human life. 

She really was no different than the others, completely breakable. If she wanted anything in life, she needed to separate that. She needed to shed the skin that keeps her mundane and unleash the true monster underneath. 


He uncrossed his arms and put his arm on her shoulder directing her forward. Her questions didn’t matter because she was there to do one thing. 

“I’ll be dropping you off and picking you up from the hospital to make sure everything goes smoothly.” 

He stopped in front of a door outside of the main hospitals wall. He opened it and led her into a tiny bedroom equipped with a full shower. 

“Clean up, and sleep. Clothing and breakfast will be brought in the morning. I will pick you up at 8AM for your shift at 9AM.”

He let his hand drop from her shoulder and backed out the door he came.

“Sweet dreams.”

He locked it behind him and dropped the key in his back pocket. 

NullificationMaisie   81d ago


Maisie withdrew, his cutting remarks hurt. He didn't even seem to understand why that hurt so much and Maisie knew it hurt more because it was him. She had adored him, she still did. She listened to him and forced a smile, he couldn't be helped. 
“All your status and oney, Denis.” She breathed quietly, “It won't save you or me from your family.” It wouldn't stop her being taken out. 
“You'll maybe be prettier than me. With my luck they'll slit my throat or throttle me in some dirty alley and I won't even have a funeral. You'll get better than that, some poor victim story about how you fell from a high place.” What went up, had to come down. The red head watched Denis. She might have been common and plain, but at the very least she knew what empathy was. 

She had no choice, Denis was right. She had to help or she would be offed at the easiest opportunity and despite what she said, she was worth more than a throttle in an alleyway. She hadn't had what he had growing up, she hadn't succeeded too much and unlike him, she didn't have dirty money in her family to keep her going. 

“Can't you speak to your father, get a better partner?” She asked him, dully. The flash of spirit and love she had displayed for him moments was gone, bottled up and pushed down by his cruel remarks. He saw her as nothing. He would never see her as something. She should have listened to Myles, to her friends when they told her that he wasn't ever going to change and she deserved better. Everything itched, she wanted a pill to get her through this. Bad timing. 

Maybe his father would find someone else for him to be partnered up with. A death in an alley didn't sound too bad if this was all she was every going to get from life. She wasn't a bad person, she had always tried to be good and compassionate and where had it gotten her? In love with a man who despised her, who publicly humiliated her and saw her as a waste of life? No home, no job… 


Jenny looked towards Douglas. She wasn't entirely sure what she expected, this was business after all. Besides, he had a whole lot of family stuff to figure out and she didn't envy him for that.
“Oi! Hang on.” She wanted to tell him that her father should never find out about any of this, it would finish him off. The door was closed and locked before she could say anything though and she stared for a moment. What had she gotten herself into?

8am rolled around quickly and Jenny finished pinning her hair up into a neat bun. She certainly looked the part and she sighed out a little. What was she doing? Would she really kill someone for money? She was an assassin she realised, but she wanted to keep her father around. He had been a good father, a good husband and had worked until his fingers seized for his family. She didn't want to leave him in his time of need to die to a cancer that was slowly chewing him up on the inside. She could do this. She knew she could. She just had to do it quick. No second guesses. 

She applied some lip gloss and looked herself over. She would pass, at the very least. She wasn't the most beautiful creature to have walked the earth but she was genetically gifted with great bone structure and clear skin. Not to mention a tight body and if it were another life, she would have been a model or socialite. No such luck, people had to work. They couldn't all be rampant drug dealers and kingpins. 

“Right, ready.” She whispered as her dark eyes scanned the room and she fixed a few strands of hair. Douglas wasn't about to take any prisoners on this and it was her first job, she had hoped she would just be patching up injuries. 

The hospital was busy, no one even looked at her twice, she blended in as a nurse without any bother and she did well to avoid looking at the clock. She just had to wait for the signal. She had a scalpel, sharp and ready for surgery. It would make it quick and quiet. She could be out of there in no time, right? 

TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   76d ago

Denis Ivan

He couldn’t help but laugh at her question. Could he get a new partner? He didn’t have a say in her so what made her think that he would have any kind of leverage with his father. He knew he was never the favorite son. It was more evident now than ever since Douglas knew everything and he had been left in the dark. Why though-was what he could not cognize. Why did they see him as less than his own flesh and blood? Was he not capable of upholding the family secret and tradition of this dirty money he was accustomed to? He was plenty capable, and he would show them. 


Denis stretched his arms above his head and made a few obnoxiously loud stretching noises before giving a yawn in Maisie’s direction. Main character syndrome was still his disease, and he had to make sure it was still being spread. 

“Unfortunately, just like in the reality television show, we are partnered up.” Another yawn escaped though this time it wasn’t planned. “I still find you to be a filthy drug addict however I don’t want you to die. I just want you to…”


Another yawn followed by another interrupted him and he laid back on the bed careful not to touch the other human. He didn’t realize just how drained he had become. Denis let his eyes close and he draped his hands over his chest in a dainty way. In almost an instant he was out like a baby with an innocent face to match. 



“Little rabbit has two hours left of her shift. She should be slightly familiar with the building now and have an idea of the visual layout.” 

Douglas crossed his legs underneath the circular table he was sitting at with his father. They were having their usual brunch where they would discuss business matters and transactions. The restaurant they picked was tiny and they always reserved the entire building so they would remain undisturbed. It was nestled in-between a high traffic street and some Hilton hotels. 

“Everything is going perfect…as usual father.”


“As it should.”

Mr. Ivan was a man of little words and little emotion. He rarely even spoke though when he did people listened. 

He finished the last bit of mashed potatoes on his plate and pushed it to the side waiting for someone lesser to take care of it. 

“Go over details before you leave her for the night. Do me a favor and check on your brother as well.” Mr. Ivan didn’t ask the favor because he was worried about Denis. He asked because he wanted to make sure he was falling in line. He was not sure how much longer he could remain as the head of the family and he needed Denis now more than ever to accept his destiny. 


“Denis and the druggy he is with received the details of the job this morning. They should be or close to arriving in Farmington, New Mexico.” Douglas paused and collected his coat from the backside of his chair. “Though if anything is out of place, you know I will see to it.” 



Myles awoke next to a sleeping Neila with a throbbing headache. He pressed his hand to his front temple in frustration trying to take away the pain. When it didn’t work, he rolled over from the bed quietly and sat up. He didn’t remember falling asleep but he knew he needed it. With the overwhelming news he received and the realization that Neila was from a different world-sleep was a necessity. 

He looked back at Neila as she lay sleeping. She was curled into a ball with the squishmallow hopefully dreaming of her favorite things. Myles was truly grateful to her. In the beginning she was an annoyance that disrupted his average life. Now, she was his ticket to happiness. She was his second chance at a happily ever after. Neila was truly the luck he needed. 

As he stared at her face, he saw her eyes flutter and quickly looked away. She would probably think he was a creep for watching her sleep. He even felt like a bit of a creep. Myles felt her leg move and grabbed the remote trying to look busy. He turned on the television to the local news station and watched casually half expecting Neila to pop up and know the details of the murder being blasted on air. 


[Television Transcript]


Reporter 1 : This morning four children, a mother, and a father have been found dead in their homes. Neighbors called police reporting a fire. Rescue rushed to the scene but they were too late. The entire house was engulfed into flames and no one has been charged at this time. 



NullificationMaisie   75d ago





Maisie didn't mind driving, it relaxed her a little, watching the world go by. She could mostly drown Denis out too, which was always helpful when it came to this sort of thing. It was something standard apparently, there were barely any details. Go pick up the package from some shady little shack, make it back over the border. She could have been waitressing still, just filling out orders, chatting to her regulars and have a nice little house. She had been stupid though. 

Hell, she could have had a family even, maybe a kid and a really nice guy who saw her differently. No, instead she was stuck with someone who hated her guts but now had to have her around and she loathed it. The scenery wasn't that decent either but her leg was healed up so she wasn't a cripple. Turns out it was just a minor fracture. The concussion had been worse. 

She had been driving for hours straight, refusing and declining to take a break unless it was to fill up the car or eat something. The red-head always felt self-conscious around Denis. He was enough to invoke a want for plastic surgery or an eating disorder with his callous remarks. She wondered if he was actually happy, she had often wondered that on the Island, if he was happy or if he was masking his own inadequacies under his nastiness. She didn't really know. 
“Well, tell me.” She said as she looked to him for a moment before keeping her eyes on the road, “You hate most women you come across, enough to want them to just stop existing- There had to have been someone though, right?” She did have another question though. 

“You never speak about your mother.” She remarked to him. His dad seemed terrifying and she wouldn't have blamed any woman for walking out on that, especially given the family business. 




Neila opened her eyes, she had felt herself being watched. She peered at Myles, curious as to whether she had done something to upset him. She stifled a yawn and curled up, tighter and tugged at the blankets. She really wasn't much of a morning person, it was pointless though. She was awake now and she listened to the transcript from the television.
“Not a great way to go.” She grumbled as she managed to sit up and she looked to Myles, “Why did you do that?” She asked him as she rubbed her head, drinking the night before hadn't been fun at all and she sighed out, shielding her eyes from the light. 

She groped around for water and lazily drank it down before Myle's little rommate hopped up on the bed and she squealed in delight, giggling, evidently it didn't take much to make her forget it was early morning as she reached out and he rubbed himself against her. She was going to miss all of this. 

“You know I can't stay now, right?” She said as she looked to Myles, “I have to go back to the other place.” She mumbled, “They'll want to see me.” She truthfully had no idea what would happen to her. She had heard that you were simply erased, every remnant of you destroyed and no one ever remembered you. You just dissolved. It was actually the nicer version of the stories she had heard. Myles didn't need to know that though, she was sure she could make it nicer for him, like she would always look out for him if she could and all of that. 

Neila hesitated for a minute before smiling, 
“We should find some breakfast though. I've watched you make it enough, I know how to- I think?” The last time she had made breakfast, he had kicked her out, so hopefully it went better this time around. She would like to say goodbye to some of the people she had met while staying with Myles and she would miss him. He had been the nicest person she had ever known. So sweet and broken, Izzy had truly had a wonderful man. 

TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   68d ago

Denis Ivan


Denis hated long car rides. A plane was much more efficient and could take you to and from faster than any car. He was not thrilled about sitting next to Maisie either because she reeked of poverty. Denis leaned his head back in the uncomfortable seat and let out a few obnoxious sighs. He didn’t know how long they had been driving just that it was too long and he desperately wanted to be back on his feet. 


Denis cocked his eyebrow without looking in her direction perplexed by her question. She really believed he hated most women, did she? 

“I just hate the poor. I hate the common type.” Denis kept his eyes fixated on the road ahead. “Just stop being poor and I probably won’t hate you. Simple right?”

He didn’t really have anything else to add. He felt like she was digging at him for answers though she should have already known them. 


The road narrowed into one lane as they neared their exit. He felt uneasy as they approached the ramp, unsure of the place they were entering. He stayed quiet as he watched Maisie navigate the car into the long gravel driveway. He was used to brick and well taken care of roads-not the hillbilly shit he was going into. They drove for a few minutes before arriving at a white building with no numbers on the outside. 


“I’m starting to think my mother hates me too if she would let my father send me on a job like this.” He made his realization outload in shock of his surroundings. They were in the middle of nowhere without even a tree in sight. He opened the car door and got out waiting for her to do the same. He wasn’t about to go first and chance an attack on his pretty face. 





Myles let out a lighthearted laugh at Nelia’s comment concerning the news and turned to her. 

“Well, we can go back together. I’m not letting you go alone…and besides…I want to see Izzy.”

He paused after saying her name and looked away flushed. This time he was not saddened by it, he was excited. He no longer had to use her name in the past tense and it only added to the overwhelming situation laid out before him. “You say ‘go back’ but…how did you get here? The only place I know-besides where I found you- with alien sightings is New Mexico.” He thought for a long moment trying to remember back to the lore surrounding the area. He never paid much attention to aliens only believing them to be a myth until now.


Izzy had always believed in aliens and often talked about going to the desert so she could see if she could be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one. Myles could remember a specific conversation they had over dinner one night. She was trying to convince him to stay the night at the of the watch towers. At the time the idea seemed foolish and dangerous and he was a nonbeliever so he refused. Now, it seemed like a pretty great place to start.

Myles smiled at Neila from ear to ear as she was working away on their breakfast. 

“Do you know anything about New Mexico?”

NullificationMaisie   68d ago


His words hurt more than he would know, like nails dragging down her chest. She hated how he could get under her skin and take hold, she wondered if he knew he could do that and he used it to his benefit or if he was genuinely dense to everything. Maybe he didn't realise her feelings, maybe he did. She watched the road and didn't respond, his words cut and she had no idea how to even reply. She pulled up outside the building and drew in a breath, there was no way Denis' father would send him into a trap or something but Maisie was expendable. She was human shield, basically. It was such a depressing feeling. 

She looked around and watched as a tanned man with a moustache came out to greet them with a smile and a cigar poking from between his teeth. Maisie watched him, he had a machete and gun strapped to his waist. 

“Ah! The other son! Well, you certainly look like your father, got your mama's eyes though.” He greeted and Maisie stayed quiet, she wasn't the VIP here, “Oh, you have good taste, a spicy little habanero pepper.” He grinned and Maisie drew in a breath. Good to know someone thought she was interesting. 
“I got your package, the boys will load it up.” He barked something in Spanish and some men came out with boxes and crates, beginning to load them into the trunk of the car and Maisie stared at them. How did they expect to get all that back across the border? 

“Don't you want a drink, amigo? Come on!” He said and his machete glinted in the light. Maisie looked to one of the tall, well-built men who caught her eye and he smiled at her. Dark features and a stern face. He was attractive to look at and their leader chuckled a little. Maisie moved to help cover up the shipment with blankets and bags, like they were just a couple who had been on holiday, honeymooning maybe. 
“No eres una belleza deseada?” The man breathed in her ear from behind and Maisie didn't speak much Spanish but she understood he had called her attractive. His hand slid over her waist and their leader cleared his throat, 
“No touching the bosses merchandise!" He called and Maisie and her dark stranger separated.

“Denis, let's go.” She said to him. She didn't want to stay here.  


Neila looked to Myles, like he was insane. He didn't understand, and she could tell. Izzy truly was a lucky woman. 
“I dont know if they'll let you.” She explained, it was complicated and truthfully, Myles had his whole life in front of him. There would be other chances to marry and fall in love and have children and everything. Neila had hoped for her second chance but it wasn't going to work out and she eyed him over. 
“They go to the deserts a lot.” She murmured as she moved around his kitchen and got some things together for pancakes, they had become her favourite and she wanted to enjoy every last second she had here. While she could. She didn't want to make Myles sad though, by being sad. 

“If they do let you come with me, well… With Izzy, you should say goodbye.” Neila said to him as she shrugged, “Most people don't get the chance, you should say goodbye to your friends and-” Her eyes fell to his ginger cat and she wondered who would take care of him. That was sad, to think of leaving such a sweet creature behind. She started work on breakfast and wondered if Myles had many friends. She had seen him with Maisie and the unkind blond, Denis the Demon, she had aptly named him. 

“I think izzy will be glad to see you.” She said to him, “Or at least know you wanted to join her.” Neila said to him with a soft smile as she started to dish up and serve breakfast as she handed him a plate and she sat with her own. She was going to miss all this. Maybe she didn't understand because she had never had a partner that dedicated, she hadn't had a romance or anything, nothing serious anyway. She hummed a little and pushed around her food slightly, before actually eating. 
“We can go to the desert, it'll be a nice drive out there.” If they were wrong then they could try something else but she remembered them talking about sand and heat. 

TasteMyRainbowDenis Ivan   63d ago

Denis Ivan

Denis found it rather cute that Maisie was making such a fuss about covering up their merchandise. He understood this was his first step into the unknown however he had money. Even if they were pulled over at the border and inspected closely-he could pay off anyone. There was no need to use blankets and luggage; Maisie was so naïve. 

Denis took a step closer to Maisie staying quiet. He was more concerned with his surroundings. He was fairly used to being known by people he didn’t know but this seemed unique. He felt completely out of his element. 


“She can’t drink.” He motioned to Maisie and then back to the man with the mustache. “She’s my driver and I don’t need her getting a fix on the road.” Even he had to pause and admit it was harsh but he had no intention of sticking around either. 

Denis clapped his hands together loudly trying to remain cocky. “Now, if you will excuse the two of us…”

He began to walk towards the passenger side door before giving the men one last glance. Hopefully it would truly be the last. Denis got in and waited for Maisie to follow. They just had to get across the border, drop off the shipment, and then they could book a private flight home. Wasting time was the last thing he wanted and so he waved his arms out the window for her to hurry. 


Once she was back in the car he waited until she was well out of the dirt road and back on the main road to breathe again. 

“Do you know-“Denis was abruptly silenced by a loud pop that sounded like a small bomb. The car immediately jerked and slight panic set in as Maisie regained control and pulled over onto the shoulder. 

“What the fuck was that?” He opened the car door mid-sentence and stepped out seeing the problem. The back tire had a large gash in it and had already gone completely flat. It was draped over the rim not holding on to anything. Upon the realization he popped his head back in the passenger side door and gave Maisie a wide smile. “You killed the tire.”



Myles took the plate waiting for her to get her words out. He admired how hard she tried to get her message across even if it was a bit hard to follow. He eyed the food happily not caring what it would taste like. The worst breakfast in the world couldn’t break his mood. 

“Thank you for breakfast.” He gave her a warm smile. “And thank you for letting me come. I appreciate that you want me to be able to say goodbye but the only person I want to say goodbye to is where I’m going.”


Myles took a bite of his food finding it to be quite good and swallowed before continuing. “And hopefully…I won’t ever have to say goodbye…do you follow Neila?” He continued to dig into his plate wondering where she learned to cook so fast. It was better than most things he could do himself. Once finished he brought it over to the sink and gave his cat a few strokes along the back. 


“As for New Mexico if they go there a lot…then let’s go now. Why waste more time?” He looked down at his cat and then scooped the large animal into his arms. “Denis isn’t answering his phone so Big Mac has to come too.”

NullificationMaisie   63d ago


“Why're you smiling like that?” She said to him, they had blown a tire and he was smiling like some deranged person. She didn't want to be baking out here in the middle of nowhere and she honestly didn't believe that Denis knew how to change a tire either. Manual labour and Denis didn't mix and they couldn't hire a tow truck because they were weighed down with drugs. She got out the car and inspected the damage. Oh boy. 

Maisie started to rummage around for a spare tire and luckily there was one as she eyed it over. She had no idea what she was doing, 
“Don't suppose you have a private mechanic?” She asked him, stupid question but they would be stuck here for a while either way and she leaned on the car. She had a few of her own pills tucked in a bag but she didn't say anything about it, she couldn't handle Denis screeching at her. 

She didn't feel like being stuck in the desert with him any longer than she had to be and she watched him, the sun looked good on him though. He hadn't insulted her really in a whole few hours and that was nice, for a change. 
"How's Myles doing"?" She asked him, conversationally. She wondered if he and the girl he had brought to the diner had hit it off or not. She seemed nice, a little strange honestly and the last time she had seen them both, Denis had been in a real weird spot. Then again, she also knew his weakness now, if he got too much, she would give herself a papercut and let him faint for a few minutes of peace and quiet. That would be the best way and most efficient. 


Neila watched Myles, her heart bled for him. He had no idea how things worked and she wasn't sure it would ever be that simple but maybe, if the others were in a kind mood, they would at least let him share a moment with Izzy. 
“Myles.” She said to him quietly. She got to her feet and looked to Big Mac.
“Myles, you don't understand….” She said to him softly, “It's not that easy.” And he would have to say goodbye, even if he did get to be with Izzy in the end, Neila wouldn't be there. She had failed her task, her mission and she would be ripped apart for it. But, he said the only person he wanted to say goodbye to was where he was going and she didn't want to upset him. 

“Forget it.” She said to him gently and gave Big Mac a stroke. The only thing she took with her was the squishmallow Myles had bought her all that time ago. She wouldn't need anything else, not where she was going. Maybe they would give Izzy a second chance, after everything. Maybe they would all see how desperate the two of them wanted to be together and it would all work in his favour. She truly hoped so. 

“Come on." She said to him as they headed to the car and she pointed out a place on his phone, middle of the desert and she figured that it would be the best shot of finding where they needed to be. Where she needed to be, not Myles. He was supposed to have a good many more years but his heart was broken and couldn't be mended, not the way he needed it to be. She was silent as they drove, the squishmallow on her lap as she looked out the window and watched everything go by. 

It seemed like a few hours, maybe more. 
“Myles! Wait, look.” She gestured to a broken down car and peered out. There was no way it was Denis and Maisie, she smiled some, it would be nice to say goodbye to them and maybe Denis could convince Myles to stick around a little longer. Maybe Myles would realise he would be missed. Denis wasn't a good person and Neila had no doubts he would be awful but he did care for Myles, even Maisie. He didn't want to admit it though. 

TasteMyRainbowMyles Porter   56d ago

Myles couldn’t remember the last time he had felt this happy. It had been so long since he had felt anything for that matter. It was as if the heavens had gifted him a second chapter-one with a happy ending. He glanced over at Neila who wasn’t appearing to be as cheerful. Now that he thought about it, she hadn’t really been herself since he found her again. That curious youthful spirit had disappeared leaving a sad young woman behind. 

It was strange but he didn’t want to press it. He was sure she had many things buzzing around in her head and poking around wouldn’t help. He knew what he needed to know. He knew he was going to see Izzy again soon. 

“Is that…?” 

Confusion washed over him as he pulled over in front of Denis and Maisie. It didn’t seem likely that they would run into them in the middle of the desert. It was honestly the most unlikely of things. Myles was in shock as he turned off the car and stepped out. His mind was overflowing with questions he didn’t particularly want answers too. If Denis was in the middle of the desert with little to no cellphone reception, something bad was brewing or had already brewed. 

“Uh…” He approached their car slowly unsure of how to greet him. “You alright, dude?”


Denis cocked an eyebrow as his best friend approached. He could see Neila slowly catching up and he glared in her direction. He couldn’t unload everything in front of her so it was tragic that she was there as well. 

“Can you change a tire?”

Denis grabbed Myles by the wrist and began dragging him along some distance away from their cars and the two women. He needed to unload and this was the first sane person he had seen in days. 

“Myles…I’m transporting drugs across the border for my father.”


Myles began to drag his hand along his face not making any sense of the sentence Denis just spit. He peered out between his fingers at Maisie down below and shook his head in disbelief. 

“Is she blackmailing you? Holding you hostage? Denis, I can help you.” 

He was concerned because this was unlike anything Denis had ever uttered. The Denis he knew wouldn’t ever go near a drug much less transport them across a border. 

“Denis…talk to me buddy.”


Denis didn’t know how to explain it any better. He thought he was speaking basic English when he explained his situation but perhaps not. Sometimes he forgot that even his best friend was poor and less educated. 

“My family is like the mafia and I am nothing but the product of dirty money.” He swallowed and went on not pausing for long. “Long story, Maisie got wrapped into the mix however she is not holding me hostage. She wouldn’t dare be that stupid. We are on our way to drop off the shipment but my life is in the hands of a crazy driver and she popped the tire. Can you help?”


“Yeah…” Myles had too much information. He was traveling with an alien to see his girlfriend who he thought was dead until a couple days ago. He didn’t know where he was going or even if the place had oxygen for him to breathe. Now, his best friend was in the drug business and working. He couldn’t believe Denis was holding down a job that didn’t involve getting his picture taken. The whole sight seemed more like a dream than the actual reality. 

“Let’s get that fixed.” 

Myles kept his smile and put his arm around Denis casually. If this was truly the last time, he would see his best friend he didn’t want it to be full of his own selfish curiosities. 

They walked back down to where the cars were and Myles gave a wave to Maisie and reached for the jack to start propping up the car on the passenger’s side. 

NullificationMaisie   56d ago


Neila didn’t say a word, she didn’t say anything as they drove and even when they saw Maisie and Denis, she couldn’t bring herself to be excited. It felt wrong leaving now. Nothing was better. Myles wasn’t better, Maisie, Denis, none of them were better and she got out the car and approached Maisie. She glanced to Myles and Denis as they wandered off and Neila gestured for Maisie to come join her in the shade.


“I have to ask you something.” Neila said, evidently manners weren’t her forte and she looked Maisie over. She looked like Hell and there was a sadness in her that Neila had never seen before, even with Myles. Maisie was grieving for something that wasn’t there to begin with.

“Why him?” She asked and Maisie looked to her, a little surprised.

“Sorry- I-“ It was pointless to deny it anymore and she sat on a rock and fidgeted with her hands.

“Don’t know. Can’t help it. I tried, and I still try but every now and then, he’ll say something genuine and I see what he is under all of the uh… Asshole tendencies.” Maisie said and looked over when Denis and Myles came back and she gave a meek wave to him and looked to Neila.


“It’s strange though. The two girls are the sad ones and these two, they’re both happy.” Maisie knew there was something going on with Neila but Myles seemed happy. Neila hummed a little, she nodded to the other woman.

“I think you deserve better than him, and if he can’t see that then… it’s his loss.” Neila said to Maisie. It was fruitless, she was stuck in a cycle and Neila knew she would never break it. Denis had her where he wanted her and she gave Maisie a fleeting hug before going over and watching them change a tire. She glanced to Denis.

Maisie had stayed in the shade, watching the empty road. This would be the last time she would see the stuck-up blond and she eyed him over. She wanted to call him an asshole and ping out he was absolutely inferior in every imaginable way but she decided right then, it wasn’t worth it.

Maisie came back over, that perfect smile painted on and masking all her sadness and hurt.

“Hey, thanks. Really, you guys are lifesavers!” She thanked them both.


“Why are you guys out here?” Neila asked and Maisie glanced to Denis,

“Denis was taking me over the border for some plastic surgery, he wanted to fix my uh… Everything.” Maisie said. No matter what Denis did, he didn’t deserve for his business to be branded around.

“Hit a hole and uh, anyways! Thanks again!” She smiled.


TasteMyRainbowMyles Porter   52d ago

Myles Porter

Myles was no mechanic but he knew his way around the basics of a vehicle. He could change the oil, blades, tires, radiator, and other miscellaneous things so the task wasn’t too heavy for him to handle.  It took him approximately thirty-five minutes to finish the job. He stood back up to his feet when finished and wiped his greasy hands along his pant legs victoriously. Even if he was still clueless as to Denis and Maisie’s real situation, he was glad he could lend a hand. Denis was always the one helping him out so it was time the favor was returned in such a way that couldn’t be bought. He found his way back over to Neila and stood by her side eagerly. 

“Well, we should be off. We must get somewhere by nightfall but it was nice seeing you two. I never expected this to be the place we meet again but nonetheless I am glad the encounter helped.” Denis waved and began walking back towards the car. The tower was only a couple hours away and even if it took weeks of waiting, he was sure that was the spot. Now that he was a believer, he couldn’t deny the legitimacy of the previous sightings and his new friend, Neila. 




Denis yawned as Maisie pulled the car to a stop at a gas station off the interstate. He lost track of time but the sky was dark, his stomach was growling, and he wanted his Villa Valencia solid wood canopy bed more than anything. He knew they would have to stay somewhere for the night and the idea was daunting. His father owned plenty of luxurious hotels but the only ones around were 3 stars at best. 

“Maisie, I’m booking us a room at a common hotel a few blocks away.” He paused hoping not to regret his decision. It wasn’t like he had another option. “We can order room service for some food with the hope of not contracting a merciless case of food poisoning.”


He made sure never to ask her anything. He needed the control and if she was still underneath him in theory, he had it. Denis felt the car come to another stop at the hotel and he stepped out, stretching loudly. He walked ahead of Maisie and made his way into the entrance stopping at the front desk. He had never checked in before but he had seen the process on movies and knew it wasn’t too hard. 

“Denis Ivan suite for two.”

He flipped his hair to the side in a movie star way and flashed a smile at the middle-aged brunette behind the counter. She had dark circles under her eyes and sunken in cheeks. She should be more than privileged just to be in his presence and he knew that. 


The brunette smacked her lips loudly and began to type into her computer. She didn’t seem to care of notice the blonde boy’s pretentious attitude. 

“Room 27, second floor. Check out is at 11:00AM.” She took a long breath before continuing. “No smoking in the rooms. If you need extra towels, please dial 1 on the phone inside your room. The emergency exits are located on each end of the east and left wall and the ice machine is upstairs to the left. Any questions?” 


Denis looked to Maisie with widened eyes. He couldn’t believe this lady expected him to get his own ice. 

NullificationNeila   51d ago


Neila watched Myles and wondered if he understood this would probably be the last time he saw Maisie and Denis. And anyone else for that matter. She was going to miss Maisie a lot and she hoped she took the words she spoke to heart, she was a delicate soul and deserved someone willing to show her patience and understanding. She looked to Myles as they got back in the car and carried on. She looked back at the other couple as they went separate ways and she looked to Myles. He was so keen, part of it stung Neila for unknowing reasons. She wanted to express it but it was difficult. She didn’t want Myles to die. She didn’t want him to go to that place.


“We should stop and rest some place.” She mumbled to him, if he was truly going to go through with this then she figured she ought to thank him and she swiped at his phone. She scrolled through and tapped away, a five star hotel not too far from here with a view of the desert. One night in style, one night to really enjoy this life. Money would be no object, she could work a little of her powers when they got there.


“Here. Up ahead, we’ll stay there for a night. If I’m going to give breathing up again for a while, and decent food then it should be one last night in style.” She murmured. Room service, television and a view of what she would never see again. She clicked in the directions,

“Please, Myles… One night. Just give me one more night.” She asked him quietly, “Let me live a life I never did.” She remarked to him, pleadingly. She wanted nothing more than that. Then he could go and be with Izzy for eternity and never have to think on her ever again.


Maisie looked to Denis as she drove and sighed out some. Common this and common that, one day he would realise he could fall just as easily as everyone else but Maisie kept her mouth shut. There was something different about how Myles and Neila had acted.

“I’ll get you takeout instead of room service, okay?” She said to him, it was like trying to stifle a brat.


She eyed Denis and the receptionist, shaking her head slightly.

“I’ll get the ice.” She said to him and sighed as they moved up towards the room. It wasn’t exactly a classy establishment but it was better than nothing. She opened the door and then the bed. One bed. She sighed and looked to the armchair,

“I’ll sleep there. Let me get the ice.” She murmured, not up for a fight with Denis right then. She was tired, they had a trunk full of drugs in their car and she was stuck here with a man who despised her.


Maisie grabbed the bucket and went to fill up the ice, rubbing her temples as she made her way back and set the bucket down on the desk by the television and she pulled out her phone.

“Here, I’ll get us dinner.” He didn’t have to eat it but she did know a great burger chain.  She clicked in the order and made sure to get them some drinks too, including water given Denis wouldn’t drink from the taps no doubt.


“It’ll be here in a while.” She said to him as she put on the television and set in the armchair. She was tired from doing all the driving and now she had a night in a lumpy chair to look forwards to. At least the burgers would be the highlight and she looked to Denis. He was a lost cause, truly. Neila was right, she had tried everything to try and entice him and teach him humility. Nothing worked. He was never going to change.

She looked away and finally the door was knocked on and she got to her feet, opening the door and taking the bags as well as the drinks.“Here. Eat something, or don’t.” She murmured as she set down his meal. A bacon cheeseburger with some fries and a drink. She placed the bottles of water aside and sat with her own portion as she looked to the television.



TasteMyRainbowMyles Porter   47d ago

Myles Porter

Myles couldn’t believe he agreed to staying the night in a fancy hotel. They were so close to their destination yet she begged him to wait just one more night. The unpleased feeling quickly faded as he saw Neila light up at the grand hotel before them. It looked to be about nine stories tall with massive windows overlooking the ‘Great Sand Dunes’. He stood there awkwardly taking in the sight of the place for a few moments before immediately worrying if this would break his bank. He didn’t know if he would need money once he saw Izzy again so spending his savings on one night would be a fallacious act. 

“How about…we camp outside instead?”


The idea came out of him randomly having not considered it previously. It was free and it was something his alien friend had probably never done. 

Myles stepped out of the walkway letting some pedestrians pass and when he reapproached the sidewalk, he could see Neila heading into the overpriced hotel. 

“Oh boy.”

He took a deep breath and followed behind her into the lobby. He didn’t think his idea was that bad but maybe she was just a traditional female at heart and wanted nothing more than a hot shower and a cozy bed. 



Denis eyed the greasy bag next to him with distaste. He felt just one bite of the disaster would kill him in an instant. The only thing worth putting into his body was the bottled water. He picked one up and drank half of it before capping it again. 

“I have a limitless wallet and you pick the cheapest fast-food chain imaginable.” He pushed the bag farther away from him and laid back on the bed. 

Maisie was right to know her place on the armchair. It was nice that he didn’t have to remind her anymore. Maybe she really was becoming an obedient peasant like the rest. 

“I want green curry. Can you manage that?”

The question was more of a demand. He was done with the conversation and wanted nothing more than to be home. 


He set his attention on the television as some pushy commercials were blasting away. He didn’t know people still watched commercials. As the program came back on his eyes widened at what was broadcasting. It was the game show they had been on together, somewhere in the middle of the season. 


He jumped in excitement and pointed to his face on the screen like a little kid. 

“Damn, for being stranded on an island…I look great. You…. not so much.”

He laughed at the screen trying to remember back to the filming of that episode. 

NullificationNeila   47d ago


Neila looked to Myles, raising an eyebrow. Why would they go outside? 
“It's all paid for.” Neila said to him, wondering if that was his worry. It was just a night, one night wouldn't change anything and she went up to their room after taking the card for the lady who was surprised to see that they were complimentary VIP guests. 
“Oh! Of course, right. I will make sure there's champagne and our best dinner sent up for you ma'am.” The receptionist said and Neila smiled, she could mess around all she liked, it was her last night here. 

“See? VIP.” She said to Myles with a grin as they headed up. It was like a small apartment and she sighed as she flopped on the bed, white hair splayed out around her as she grinned. She hugged the squishmallow to her chest and looked over to Myles. She wondered what his reaction would be like to her world. He would want to see Izzy first and foremost and then they would likely part ways. 

Izzy might be different from what he remembered, she hoped they still worked out. It wasn't long before a bottle of champagne was sent up along with a trolley of fancy foods and Neila grinned at the server, thanking him as he left and she put on the large television, eyeing what was on. 
“Oh! It's your friend!” Neila said, giggling at the sight of Denis and Maisie. This must have been that show they were on together and Neila reached over to take some food. 
“What will you do first?” She asked Myles, “When you meet up with Izzy?” 

Maisie looked to Denis, sighing. She could have fought him, she could have told him to order it himself but what was the point? She ordered a green curry on the app and checked her bank account. She was close to being out of money but she didn't say anything. It would just be ammunition for him and she didn't know if she could take it right then as she looked to the television screen. 

Maisie thought she looked pretty, all dolled up for a show and she smiled to herself. 
“I think it's fair to say Denis was very controversial. Most people really disliked him, the social medias during the show blew up with comments about how hateful he was with everyone. But he had a group of people who were all over him. Loyl fangirls, fanboys, he definitely catered to the upper class.” A presenter was talking, this was some sort of flashback episode by the look of it and Maisie sighed softly. 
“Maisie though, was well adored. But after the show, she stopped uploading videos and went dark on her social medias. It's a shame, her following grew hugely during the show and the support she got." The presenter said and Maisie looked away, setting aside her food. 

“It's just trash TV.” She said to Denis quietly and handed him the remote, he could watch it all he wanted. She pulled out her phone and scrolled through some things. The door was knocked on and she got to her feet, taking Denis' precious green curry and handing it to him. 
“Maisie uploaded one video after her appearance on the Island.” The screen switched to shots of comments, “Denis' loyal fans did nothing but tear her apart. They told her to kill herself, that Denis was too rich for her, comments on her weight and her looks.” Screenshots of the vile comments lit up the screen, some were intense and Maisie clacked her tongue, 
“We really don't have to watch this.” She said to Denis. 

TasteMyRainbowMyles Porter   43d ago

Myles Porter

Myles was stunned as the trolley of food and champagne was left for them to enjoy. He couldn’t understand how Neila paid for everything. When he met her, she was wandering around the streets without knowing what currency even was. Now she was buying fancy suites for a night with room service?

His mouth started to water and he no longer cared. He dove straight into the finger food wondering if this would be one of his last meals on earth. He tried not to think of what he was leaving behind because he was gaining so much by leaving. However, he knew he would miss some mundane things. He would even miss Denis. 


He looked over at the television momentarily and then back to Neila. He had watched the show once before and admitted it wasn’t that good.

“I’m hoping it will be a moment of little words. I just want her to embrace me and never let go.” He felt the cheese in his words but didn’t care. 

“You know what I’ll do. You’re even helping me achieve what I’ll do. So…what about you…what will you do? Will you see your family?”

Myles felt BigMac brush against his pant leg before diving underneath the bed. Hopefully the little guy would like a new planet. If it has cat food then it will probably pass the test. 



Denis sat quiet for a few moments as he heard the trash coming from the television box. He was pleased to hear the good things but the bad? How could they defame his name like that on public television? Part of him wanted to call his lawyer but it could wait until they got back into the city. He kept watching the screen, annoyed that Maisie was getting the same amount of screentime. 

“They are only saying good things about you…why wouldn’t you want to watch this?”

Denis noticed her long face and made a tragic sigh. 

“You could be rich. Lok at all these average girls that are looking up to you.” He turned to her trying to understand why she didn’t ride off on the horse of fame when she had the chance. 

“Just start a youtube and get sponsored by a razor company or something. It’s better than waiting tables and dealing drugs, right?”


Technically they were both dealing drugs now though Denis would never admit that part to himself. 

NullificationNeila   43d ago


Neila looked to Myles when he spoke, cheesiness aside, it was a cute to think he adored a person that much. She grinned at him, it was a nice thought. She hoped it worked for him, and for Izzy. 
“Me?” She thought for a while and shrugged, “I'm not sure.” She said, honestly. There wasn't a lot back there for her and she doubted that she would ever be allowed to leave again given how catastrophic of a failure this had been on her behalf. She sighed out and just enjoyed the food. 

She looked to Big Mac and smiled some, maybe she could at least have him around now and then. Myles wasn't really ready for how different things were going to be, was he? He might well flourish and she hoped that was the case rather than him floundering. Izzy would keep him right, she would be different than he remembered her. Would it matter? 

“Won't you miss everything, Myles?” She asked, “Denis, your home…” There was a reason the living were supposed to carry on their lives before transgressing to the next part. Neila felt her chest tighten, she was making a mistake, she should never have told him about all of this and now it would be his downfall. 

Maisie looked to Denis, apparently he didn't understand and she couldn't really blame him. He would have to look past himself to understand. She snorted a little, 
“Sure, let me tell your dad and brother that I'm not being a mule anymore and I want to make pretty videos.” Maisie remarked to him and rolled her eyes, he was pretty but he was also dense as they came. 

“You didn't see the comments, Denis.” Maisie said to him, “I had models, big stars who adored you and thought I was muscling in on their territory. As if you even gave me a second glance.” She remarked to him with a dry laugh, “I had a threat put through my door, you had more followers than I did and your followers were out for blood.” She said to him, “And I'm stupid, I get that.” She remarked to him, “You never saw me as a woman, or… a person.” She drew in a breath and set her drink aside. 

“You saw me as filth and you treated me like it, but I kept trying. I just wanted you to look at me once, the way I looked at you.” She murmured quietly, she might have cried if she hadn't cried so often before over it. She slowly looked him over, 
“Back in the car, the night you cut you finger at the place I worked, you said something. I know you don't remember but-” She cut off and looked out the window, “I think that's the closest I'll ever get.” She said, finally. She would never get him to be genuine with her. 
“I looked past your flaws. Your pig-headedness, your greed, your hatred, your anger, your ignorance.” She shrugged, “Even the fact all your money is from drug money, I'd look past that. But you couldn't look past me being ‘beneath’ you.” She shook her head some, “Enjoy the bed.” She muttered. 


TasteMyRainbowMyles Porter   40d ago

Myles Porter

Myles wanted her answer to be much more exciting than it was. She seemed to be nonchalant about the whole thing feeling neither bad nor good.  He wanted her to tell him about all the adventures she had on her planet and how excited she was to return home. Instead, he was met with a feeling of nothing and the feeling that had been eating at him was true. She really didn’t seem too keen on returning. He felt it in his gut since they started their journey but he didn’t want to sour the mood. Or so he thought. Now, he realized that he was just being selfish. 

“I’m only thinking about what I will gain.”


He finished picking at the food and clicked off the television after some time. Neila wasn’t paying attention anymore and he wasn’t too keen on trash television. 

“I have a feeling that you’re keeping things from me, Neila.”  Myles spoke in a soft tone hoping it would get her to open up a little. There was something going on and even if it didn’t deter them from going-maybe he could offer a solution to make it slightly better for her. 

“I’m grateful…so grateful for you…so please confide in me a little bit.”



Denis wanted to give her a standing ovation. Finally, she was speaking up for herself. Finally, she wasn’t being a worthless doormat like her bank account expected. He liked it. This was the Maisie that he met on the train-the little spitting red head. 

“I don’t remember what I said that night. Probably for the better since I know I didn’t mean it.”

He looked her over waiting until her pity party was over. 

“I can’t speak for my adoring fans and loyal followers however I never bad mouthed you online. Anything I ever had to say to you or about you was to your face.” 


He had no reason to lie or be petty. He was Denis fucking Ivan and he saw everyone as beneath him. Maisie shouldn’t feel singled out because her treatment was considerably less harsh. 

“This is who I am. I’m not going to apologize for other people and I never apologize for myself so…” He shrugged at her passive aggressive comment and assumed she was in a mood that only affected the poor. 

“How about you stop apologizing too?”

NullificationNeila   40d ago


Neila sighed and relented, easing down in her spot and putting her drink aside, 
“Myles, I'm happy for you. I'm glad you get to see Izzy and I hope you both have a really great time.” She prefaced her words, “But this was my second chance at life. It's boring up there, everything has this metallic sheen and nothing feel natural, like it's all made in a laboratory. I don't have anyone up there, waiting on me. Izzy was always nice to me, don't get me wrong. But I'm hardly going to be a third wheel for the rest of eternity.” Neila said with a small laugh at the thought. 

“I wanted to experience a lot. Everything you had with Izzy, I wanted to get married, have a home, maybe some children. I couldn't kill you though, still can't. I'm okay with this, it means nobody has to die.” Neila said and shrugged a little, “I don't want you to be sad, I really enjoyed the time I had with you, even the time Denis the Demon.” She murmured, she supposed there was nothing for her here, either. 

“Let's not be all sad and everything, not tonight. We get to live all rich and stuff.” She smiled at him, determined to at least make sure they had one good night before going back. It would be wonderful to see Myles reunited with his love. 
“I'd like to still come and visit you and Izzy, and Big Mac.” She said as she reached over to stroke his orange fur, “I wouldn't get in the way or anything, obviously.” 


Maisie looked to Denis, he was infuriating. 

But he wasn't wrong. 

If they were going to do these jobs for his family then she was sure she wouldn't remain poor. Maisie clenched her jaw, it was so much more infuriating because he was right. Denis had never spoken about her, not poorly at least and he had spat his venom in her face. 
“You know what, you're right.” Maisie conceded, managing to untense a little as she looked to him. “You're right.” She repeated. 

“It's worse when you're right. So, I'm going to start right now.” She remarked as she got to her feet, tossing the blanket on the bed, “I drove all day today, so I'm taking the bed. You can have the chair or you can stick to your side.” She said to him as she flopped on the bed and put her hands behind her head. He wasn't so scary, and if he truly didn't love her, despite what he had said in the car, then she had nothing to lose. Maybe she had to start playing her cards like she had nothing to lose, but she had everything to gain. 

“Do you think your family will pay me a bit for this whole thing?” She asked him, “Maybe soon I'll be able to buy designer clothes.” She remarked, “Then you'll have to find some new insults that aren't me being poor.” She said to him with a small laugh, he would pick on everything else no doubt but she could accept it. It hurt to hear him say how disgusting she was to him. 

“Can you be honest with me, just for ten minutes?" She asked him, sitting up and eyeing him over, “If money wasn't an issue, if I was suddenly a millionaire, would you see me differently?” 

TasteMyRainbowMyles Porter   37d ago

Myles Porter

Finally, she was being honest with him. Myles listened to her, taking in every work she said. He hadn’t thought of her home as being boring. It seemed like the most exciting place he had ever heard of. Yet-earth had become boring to him so he understood the point she was trying to get across. This was new for her, exciting, thrilling, and a chance at a do-over. In all reality he knew he was taking that from her. 

He didn’t think anything would make him waiver on seeing Izzy again though Neila was a friend and he hated hearing her sound sad. 

“You keep telling me I’m going to miss people and I need to say goodbye.”

Myles touched her arm lightly trying to offer up a bit of comfort. 

“In truth I don’t know anything about your planet or any other planet. I hardly know anything about this one…but If you’re here now…. then it means it’s possible for you to be here again.” 


Myles felt the sense coming to him. Neila told him of all the rules about coming and going and only being allowed one chance but was it really like that? Loopholes existed and he owed it to Neila to find them. 

“I just want my girl back. I don’t need to have an adventure somewhere else, okay? We can grab Izzy and then just come back.”

He knew he told her it was impossible but he wasn’t backing down. Neila needed something out of this too or it was no longer worth it to him. 




Denis almost leaped out of his clothes as Maisie forced herself onto his claimed bed. In his entire twenty-seven years of existing, he had never been met with such a barbaric human. He quickly scrambled for his dignity and made sure he wasn’t touching her. It didn’t matter if they both had the worst sleep of their lives-he wasn’t about to sleep on a chair or worse, a floor. Just the thought shot an imaginary pain to his back. 

“If you are no longer poor, I can still insult you about your poor upbringing, awful class, disastrous looks, unfortunate fashion choices, your intelligence, education cost, and even mannerisms.” Denis would never not have an insult locked and loaded. 


“If I catch a disease by your body being this close to me…you won’t receive any pay. Instead, you will be paying my medical bills and ensuring I have everything I need while I try and beat your gross infection.” He scoffed without looking at her. “I have never lied to you. I don’t see a point in it. Anything I have to say I say with a blunt force.” Lying was for cowards who hid behind a wall of premeditated dialogue. 


“If you had a million dollars and owned your own island, I would still see you as a barn animal.” He was being meaner because she was in his space and he didn’t fancy having it invaded. It wasn’t like he could do much about it in the situation they were in except use his tongue. “Just because you put lipstick on a pig doesn’t mean it magically becomes a princess.”


NullificationNeila   37d ago


Neila liked that Myles was hopeful, maybe he was right and she could come back but she didn’t know if she wanted to.

“You could come back with Izzy.” They could pick up where they left off but Neila didn’t have that. Neila knew Myles was a good man, too good it seemed and she smiled to him, we’ll figure something out, okay?” She said to him and reached over, “But you should try this chicken, it’s good.” She encouraged him. There was no use in pouting and being sad, it would ruin everything for Myles and Neila grinned a little.


“So, I spoke to Maisie.” Neila said to him, “About Denis.” Demon Denis, that was.

“She really loves him, which- Okay, I don’t get it? Did you ever act like that with Izzy?” She asked him. Maybe it was some weird courtship thing that people did nowadays but she couldn’t ever imagine Myles being so hateful or Izzy. They had both seemed like gentle souls to her. She hoped Myles had never acted like that towards someone, especially someone he liked. Then again, Maisie needed to toughen up too.


“People are weird these days.” Neila said as she peered at the food and smiled some, less tense than she had been as she just tried to let it go and talk about lighter topics. She knew it was difficult for everyone and maybe Izzy would get her chance and they could both be together and it would be cute, she sure hoped that was the case.


Neila got up and went towards the windows, looking up at the stars, somewhere up there was her new home. Myles would like the different skies, Izzy had.

“It has two suns and three moons.” Neila murmured, “The sunsets are purple and the nights are like… silver glass.” She hummed to herself a little. It was at least pretty up there.

“They have a liquid where you can check on your loved ones from time to time. Izzy used it to check on you, she’d be crouched by the water all day some times, just watching you. Especially right after she died. She didn’t want to leave you alone.” Neila smiled some at the thought of such dedication.


“Oh, do cry me a river while you’re at it.” Maisie remarked as she looked over to a Denis and rolled her eyes,

“I’ll have you know I went to private school, one of those all girl boarding schools that were super expensive. My dad was a military man.” She shrugged, “His side of the family were super rich, richer than you. Then he died and all the money went to my Uncle Gavin.” She shrugged, he had his own kids she was sure, she would never see a dime of that money. Then again, Denis would insult her anyway and she peered at him, raising an eyebrow,

“You were always the cutest when you were looking for an insult. You get a line on your forehead when you think.” She said to him.


Maisie was determined to let his insults roll off her and not phase her for a day as she wriggled out her pants and left herself in a T-shirt that covered her panties and she got under the blanket.

“Denis, you’re not the one paying me, your father is, or brother.” She said to him pointedly and smirked some. Sure he could advise them not to pay her and everything but it was strange. His father and brother seemed cold and hard but oddly… Normal. They weren’t pampered and spoiled, like Denis.


“Hm, probably right. Terrible barn animal that I am.” She murmured as she closed her eyes,

“And just because your family are drug dealers and mafia lords doesn’t make you rich. Just makes you dumb and spoiled, and apparently they didn’t want you in on the family business. Can’t imagine why. Maybe it’s because of all the whining.” She muttered, if Denis was never going to see her as a woman then she wasn’t going to and she didn’t have to take his shit anymore.


“Night, Denny.” She said as she stifled a yawn and curled up, red hair splayed out down her back as she closed her eyes.



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Myles Porter


“But…how could we come back if you were supposed to kill me?” Myles had many questions and simply hoped that things were just different. So different that it was almost backwards to what he knew. He awkwardly smiled and reached for a piece of the chicken. He took a bite and his taste buds quivered in ecstasy. Neila was being serious; the chicken was really that good. He finished the piece and reached for another as Neila went on about his friend. 


“Denis doesn’t know how to love. I’ve known the guy most of my life and I really don’t think he is capable of something so selfless.” He took another bite eagerly. “It’s not really his fault either. His mother and father never paid any attention to him. His brother was never around and so he just grew up with money and the authority to boss people around because of said money.” Myles paused wondering if Nelia’s planet was as obsessed with money as Earth was. “Maisie will realize this as has every girl that’s ever fallen for my mate. However, I would never disrespect anyone for no reason much less my Isabella.” The thought disgusted him to the core. 


Myles reached for the last piece of chicken and followed Neila over to the window. He was trying to paint of picture of her description in his head but simply could not. From the different colored skies to the multiple moons and suns-it seemed unreal. He gently put his hand around Nelia’s shoulder hoping they were good enough friends to invade space. “I used to visit her grave every day and just talk to her….so I’m on cloud nine just thinking about her talking back.”





Denis rubbed his forehead terrified about a line. Once he was back in town, he would need to schedule treatment if her comment had any truth. He shrugged it off for the time being and moved closer to the edge of the bed. Her exposed skin was giving him the ick. She should know by now that he was not interested in the show or prize. 

“If I tell my father, you were rotten and useless…I’m sure he will cut your pay or just not even bother paying you.” His father would always believe him over some drug addict. He at least believed it to be so. 


There was no denying that Denis was a spoiled rich kid. He embraced his identity because it was all he knew. Maisie’s sob story about her uncle Gavin was not about to convince him she was anything like him. She was clueless on how far apart they were in status alone. “I am spoiled and I am rich and you know nothing about my family so shut up, Maisie.” His tone deepened as the mood grew serious. She was stabbing at him and finally hit the spot. He also wanted to know why his family didn’t involve him in the business before. 


“You’ll regret saying that, mule.” Denis said the words loud enough so she could hear them and closed his eyes. He just wanted the nightmare to end. 

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Neila grinned at Myles’ reaction and she was glad that he enjoyed it. She shrugged when he mentioned Denis being incapable,

“No one’s incapable of it. Just gotta not be a proud brat.” She commented and grinned a little more to herself. It was unlikely Denis would ever not be a proud brat. It was a shame and she hoped Maisie got whatever she was looking for. Myles and him were like chalk and cheese, complete opposites and she figured Myles saw something redeeming in him to carry on being his friend. The same way Maisie kept pining after him.


Neila looked to him when he spoke about going to Izzy’s grave. She looked to his hand and smiled a little,

“Well, I’m glad to help you guys reunite.” At the very least they would see one another and there would be happiness, what happened after might not be as happy but she hoped it was. She didn’t want either of them hurt by this.

“I hope it all works for you.” She murmured to him, “Really, I do.” She said. She didn’t have anyone to watch over at the pools but she figured now she could watch over Maisie.


Neila moved to the bed and sighed out a little, it would be the last time she slept on earth and she was going to miss it. She wanted to have longer but it wasn’t in her cards. She grabbed the squishmallow and hugged it to her chest as she burrowed down in amongst the blankets. Big Mac hopped up on the bed and cuddled into her as well and Neila finally seemed to fall asleep.

Maisie rolled her eyes,

“I’ll tell my father…” she mimicked him, “Grow up, Denis.” She remarked towards him as she lay on her side, facing away from him and tired of engaging him.

She had hit a sore spot though, she realised and she felt a very small song of guilt in her chest, she didn’t want to hurt him but he had said worse to her.


She frowned a little when he called her a mule,

“Better than being a jackass.” She chided back at him, “Your father and brother don’t even trust you to do any of the business stuff.” She muttered, “God you’re so blind, so used to everyone handing you everything you don’t even recognise when someone is trying to give themselves to you.” She snapped and so what if she didn’t paid? She’d do more jobs and she’d do them without Denis if she had to. He could live his pampered life in his big house and be the dumb blonde, Maisie would get her own money and she would find an apartment or something as far from Denis as she could. Maybe then she would forget him, the sting would go away.


Maisie didn’t speak again, laying in the dark and watching the occasional car light flicker outside as cars passed by and at some point she must have slept because the next thing she knew, it was bright outside. There was still some travelling to do and she got up, rubbing her eyes and moving towards the shower as she brushed her teeth and showered and pulled on some clothes.


She wanted coffee, and to get back on the road and wait for this nightmare to be at an end. She wanted some cash so she could find a place to live, maybe she could do others jobs to survive. She hoped the Ivan’s wouldn’t take Denis’ word as gospel and she would have some sort of neutrality in their eyes but she doubted it, Denis was family. Maisie was just Maisie.


“Get up, we’re going.” Maisie said as she grabbed her things and headed down,

“I’ll leave you here, move.” She muttered, not in a good mood and certainly not up for Denis’ bad attitude.

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Myles Porter



The next day Myles awoke suddenly to nothing. The sun wasn’t up, no one was knocking, and the entire room was silent. He thought his nerves were making it hard to sleep or the excitement that today was finally the day. It was the first day of his life. He dangled his feet off the bed and brought himself up into a sitting position. Neila would be waking up soon so there was no use in even trying to get a little more sleep. 

Myles yawned and stretched his arms out far careful not to disturb Neila. Even when she slept-she looked sad. He felt like he was taking a child from her favorite candy store. He folded his hands in his lap and turned his head to the window waiting for the sunrise. It was only temporary. He knew that he wasn’t setting up camp just operating a rescue mission. 


The thought of all of them becoming a big family made him smile. He always wanted kids with Izzy and having Neila around would be even better. They could help her get work and maybe some education and find a place. She could find a human of her own to love and even a cat like Big Mac. Myles couldn’t help but smile at the happy ending they were after and nudged her. He didn’t want to wake her but as the time ticked, he knew they were in a race. 



Denis awoke to her cruel words and the slam of a door. He tossed for a few moments before throwing the blanket off him dramatically and sighing out. He felt like he didn’t sleep five minutes much less a whole night. He spent a few seconds collecting his thoughts before he rubbed his temples and crawled off the unpleasant sleeping experience. He would need a chiropractor after this adventure. 

Denis slowly began to gather his things not too keen on meeting up with Maisie again. They would be stuck in a car together with even more tension. He liked the talking back but he also just wanted to keep his hold on her. He could feel the leash slipping from his grip and it irritated him. 


He made his way to the lobby, threw his key card on the counter, and strolled out the front door without a look back. Maisie was already at the car putting her items in. He could tell she was in a horrid mood.  

“I know we are on the last leg of the trip but don’t speed or drive recklessly. You are carrying very precious cargo and I would like to make it to the dinner party this weekend.” It was an elite party, thrown once a year by the Ivan’s. It was the only time he would ever see his family together growing up. 

“We can always use servers if you are needing some extra money for your habits.” 

He got in the car without another word. 

NullificationNeila   30d ago


Neila moved under the blankets and shuffled a little as she woke up. Today was the day, Myles would be reunited with his love finally. Neila reached over and hugged Big Mac to her chest. She selfishly wanted to keep him here, but he had made it clear that wasn’t an option. She hummed a little as she woke and opened her eyes when she was nudged and she made an awful scowl.

“Hey- Come on.” She groaned and sighed out, pushing herself up. Her hair was messy and fluffed up as she slouched and sighed.


No more putting it off. It was time.


Neila pushed up and moved to the grand bathroom they had, showering and pulling on clean clothes. She yawned and washed her face before tying her hair up. Didn’t really matter what she looked like.


“Clean up, I’ll get breakfast then we can go.” She said as she stifled another yawn and got room service. Breakfast sandwiches!


“I love these!” She said with a smile, she had to be happy, she had to have a smile on her face or Myles would be sad and she wouldn’t allow that. She grinned as she tucked into a sandwich and some coffee, it was her last day so a little coffee wouldn’t hurt.

“They’ll be here at noon for a pick up, there’s a rock that looks like a cat in the desert.” Neila finally disclosed. It wasn’t far.



Maisie glanced to Denis when he made his way out and she rolled her eyes.

“I’ve been off if.” She said when she got into the car and checked her phone, smirking to herself.


‘Time we got to know you. Dinner, our stylist will take care of you.’ A date and time followed and she eyed the number, Denis’ father. She didn’t say anything though as she set the phone down and started the car. She pulled out and back out on the road as she adjusted the mirror and slid on some sunglasses. She fiddled with the radio and found a station, listening to the latest songs as she hummed along and looked to Denis. Why was he always so miserable and hateful?


“Also, after the diner I’m never serving you again.” She remarked to him with a small laugh at the memory, hindsight was a beautiful thing she supposed. She didn’t want to be a server again, at least this way she was making decent money.


“Besides, I can’t go clean completely. Withdrawal is a bitch and no one’s going to hold a bucket for me to puke in. Unless I can borrow your infirmary for a while.” She remarked, if she had a facility like Denis’ then she would manage. She doubted that it would be a possibility to have that, maybe his family would want her clean. A girl could hope.


Maisie looked to Denis, thinking for a second. She didn’t say a word though as they made it into the home stretch of their journey. She was just glad to be back in familiar grounds.

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Myles Porter

Surprisingly enough Myles didn’t have an appetite. For the first time since they left, he felt a tinge of anxiety. Nothing would make him go back on his decision but he to admit the nerves were working their way up. As he got ready, he tried to distract his thoughts and free up his mind. Myles flipped on some music from his phone and washed himself over in the shower. He hummed along quietly and finished up his routine. 

When he popped open the bathroom door and saw Neila the distraction disappeared. She was ready; he was ready. It was time to embark on what he previously thought was not possible in his lifetime. He didn’t speak and instead went over to Big Mac and lifted him up into his arms and headed out of the room. 


A few minutes passed before they both made their way to the car. Myles strapped Big Mac into the back seat and crawled into the driver’s side. 

“Can you just lead the way to the rock like that looks like a cat?” He felt odd saying the sentence and couldn’t help but smile as he finished it. “Not a bad hiding spot for a portal…I would usually be looking up and not down.” 

He started up the car and waited for her to buckle herself in before pulling out of the lot. Any moment now he would see Isabella…any moment now. 



Denis ignored her existence for most of the journey back home. He was growing tired of her and desperately needed a break. He needed their dynamic to run true again and couldn’t wait to have her serve him and the family. Maybe it would finally open her eyes and she would really see who held the power. 

He peered out his window recognizing some familiar road signs and sighed out with relief. In less than ten minutes he would be done with this.  

“Finally…I can get away from your scent.”

He said the words loud enough so that she could hear them over her music and stared out the front window enthusiastically.  

“And finally, you can get the money you need for drugs. Since you can’t just quit and all.” He spoke sharply hoping to cut. He couldn’t understand why she couldn’t just stop. If it was ruining her life-then stop? What was the issue? It was like smoking a cigarette. You know it will shorten your life so why do people keep purchasing them? 


The car came to a stop in his driveway and Denis leaped out leaving his belongings for someone else to deal with. He sprinted towards his front door and closed it tightly behind him before Maisie even had a chance to get out of the car. It was very clear he did not want to be in her presence any longer and he wasn’t shy about making it known. 


“Finally, you’re home!”

Denis didn’t expect to see Douglas in his hallway and tried to shrug him off. He had too many things to do before the dinner and couldn’t be bothered with small talk. Even if it was from his own older brother. “I’m busy.”


Denis finally faced his brother realizing the look of seriousness on his face. Douglas didn’t usually show emotion so this was one of the few times Denis saw a bit of human upon his brother’s face. “What?” 

Douglas swallowed and glanced to the door.  “Dad’s dead.”

NullificationNeila   13d ago


Neila started to direct him and set up the GPS, she had actually become pretty good with technology as she looked out the window. Myles seemed nervous, she was good with reading emotions that way. She could see it with everyone, he was anxious and she smiled. She was sure that would go away when he saw Isa, and then everything would melt away. She hoped so anyway, he had really pushed hard to get to where he wanted to be. He would do anything to see her again and she smiled a little. 

“People always think aliens come from above.” She remarked to him with a shrug and fell quiet. She still didn't know what would happen to her. She figured they would find out, if it was something bad then she just wouldn't tell Myles. He deserved to be happy, he was so kind and so sweet. He really did deserve to be happy and never sad. Neila looked towards him as they drove and finally the rocky formation came into view and she swore she could feel the portal. Her body tingled and she gestured for him to park close by. 

“Come on then, Myles. Let's get you back with Isabella.” She said to him quietly as she got out and she looked to Big Mac. She started to walk into the formation and looked around. It seemed abandoned and she knew it wasn't. The rocks were slick with a glowing algae she recognised and she smiled at him. 
“Here.” She came to a pool, it glowed unnaturally and she sighed a little. 
“You just have to jump in. It's not water.” She said to him. She figured she ought to go first. She looked to Myles, there was still time for him to turn back and she jumped in. There was no splash, a soft hum. 

Neila tumbled out into a lush garden and looked herself over. She smiled a little as she looked around and she waited by the portal. 

Maisie didn't say a word, she just drove. Of course, she had to drive him home because he was an entitled brat with money. She looked to him when they pulled up and she wanted her pay. She needed to go cold turkey, she had been surviving off just a little a day but she knew it was going to suck. She got out and followed Denis inside, pausing when she saw Douglas and she looked around awkwardly. She cleared her throat, she was going to just ask for the payment but then Douglas broke the news and her eyes shot to Denis. 

He wouldn't want her around, no matter how much she wanted to comfort him. He was still a man who had lost his father, she took a step back. 
“I-” She sighed out a little, “I'm so sorry.” There was nothing else she could say and she looked to one of the security guards who approached and lead her to a different room and closed the door. 
“Mr Ivan has organised an apartment for you, the dinner is soon and there will be a team of people waiting to make sure you look presentable and represent the Ivans well.” Maisie only nodded to the man. He handed her a key, gave her an address, from now on, she worked for Douglas Ivan and she sighed out. 

She left and headed to the address. The apartment was better than anything she had ever lived in, it had a nice view. It wasn't particularly glamorous and she looked around. It was furnished, probably close enough they could grab her for a job if they needed her. Maisie didn't care, it was a home and she just wanted to shower, take a couple pills and sleep. She did just that, showered and made herself feel more alive. 

Speaking of which, when was that dinner?

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“Dead? How? He was perfectly healthy last week when we spoke.”

Denis began to turn a shade of red as he balled his fists tightly. He never learned how to channel his emotions and instead just blasted a wave of hatred at the closest victim. It was a good thing Maisie had been ushered away. This was not something he wanted her to know about. 


Douglas breathed out through his nose slowly and waited for silence to fill the room. “He was murdered however for the press; he had a heart attack. We can’t let this get out about our family.” He reached out to touch Denis on the arm but Denis pulled away coldly. They had never been affectionate brothers; they only exchanged a few words a month. “The hospital we raided last week belonged to a red tier member of the society. I think they wanted revenge and poisoned our father.” Douglas paused making sure it was only the two of them. “Our tech department is hacking into their systems so by morning we should know more.”


Denis felt one of the worst headaches of his life come on. It radiated through his head blocking out any sense that could be made. He reached up and rubbed his temples trying to regain the ability to think. It was all a nightmare. He just wanted to sleep and wake up with his old life. “Where is mom?” 

He knew she was more than likely locked up somewhere in grief. She loved his father very much. 


“She is with Uncle Ivan and Aunt May. She needs some time to herself while we handle this.” He emphasized on the ‘we’ hoping to make Denis realize just how involved he was now. With the head of the Ivan’s dead-Douglas gained everything. The responsibility of their empire rested in his tiny hands and he knew he couldn’t do it alone. 


Denis still didn’t know what to make of the situation. It seemed every day was something new; something worse. “I need to rest.” He felt his fists loosen and he began to relax for the first time since arriving home. “We can speak more on this after the party, tomorrow.” He just wanted to be alone. The freedom of his isolated kingdom had been torn away and he desperately wanted nothing but. He gave a slight nod to Douglas and headed down the hall to one of his rooms. 



Myles Porter



Myles watched Neila jump and knew it was now or never. It didn’t seem like it would work but as soon as he jumped, he was being catapulted through a tube of pastel colors. He couldn’t tell if he was going up or down but he could see a bright light getting closer. Within seconds he fell onto a pile of luscious grass and squealed when he saw Neila. They had done it; they had really done it. It seemed too simple to be true. It was just a random pile of algae that led to an entirely different universe.  Too excited to contain himself he reached over and pulled Neila into a tight hug. He was so happy she had brought him here; she couldn’t even imagine. 


As he pulled out of the hug, he saw it. Before him was the brightest place he had ever seen. Thick tubed connected the skies and buildings floated effortlessly. No trees but instead flowers that seemed to touch the heavens. He couldn’t even follow some to them to the top. The fear of being unable to breathe had quickly left him as he took in a deep breath and exhaled accordingly. 

“Neila, this is the absolute coolest place I have ever seen.” It wasn’t even a lie. He just wanted to see more. Once they found Izzy hopefully, they could look around and satisfy his curiosity. Grinning from ear to ear he turned back to Neila once more. 

“So, freaking cool!” 


Loud sirens began to fill the air and the skies began to close. He watched as a thick metal door drowned out the light above them in shock. Even the tops of the flowers were cut in the process and he could see the petals raining down. How did something so beautiful disappear so quickly? His smiles quickly faded and he grabbed Nelia’s hand unsure of what to do. 


Did they set something off? 

NullificationNeila   8d ago


Neila looked around and tensed, this wasn't good. She gripped Myles' hand in her own and sighed a little. This might go terribly and she looked to Myles, 
“It's okay- Don't say anything, I'll handle it.” She whispered to him and stayed put, waiting and looking around expectantly. 
“Neila.” A voice sounded and Neila cringed, it had to be him, didn't it? She looked over when an older man came in, dressed in regal clothes and fine silks. 
“What have we here?” He asked and gestured behind them. She looked to Myles and she swallowed all of the dryness in her throat. 

“Let me explain.” She said to him quietly and a garden table and chairs appeared. Neila took the hint and sat down, keeping wary. 
“You know not to bring the living here.” The man said to her, sternly and Neila looked away and then to Myles, 
“His wife is here. She wanted me to bring him- Well, she wanted me to kill him so they could be together but I couldn't and he said he wanted to be here.” She whispered a little, unsure of whether she was in trouble or not and the older man scoffed a little. He looked to Myles, 
“We do not accept the living, you will die here, young man.” He remarked to Myles, “We cannot allow you to go home.” Myles knew too much. 

Neila shrank in her chair, 
“And you, I will deal with later.” The man remarked to Neila and she nodded, in understanding. She was unsure what her punishment would be but at least Myles would have his reunion. 
“I suppose your wife is Isabella? She's been watching the pools for days. Come.” He rose and Neila did too, following him as the alarm systems powered down and they were guided to a huge greenhouse. It was littered with butterflies and great flowers that were unearthly in appearance. 

Neila was quiet as she watched. This was unreal. 

Maisie looked around the place, she was unsure what she could and couldn't do. She pulled out her phone and debated on texting Denis but she figured he was in a raw place right now and she was likely the last person he wanted to hear from. She instead, searched the fridge and everything was stocked. She decided to cook, she hadn't cooked in so long. She eyed her phone and clenched her jaw, god damn that boy for invading her heart the way he had. It was a damn travesty. 

‘I’m sorry, Denis. If there's anything you need, please just let me know. Even if you just need someone to be angry at or someone to make you dinner. Maisie X' 

Maisie sent the message and set her phone to the side, she didn't expect a message or any acknolwedgment but she also hated the idea of leaving Denis out to dry when he was hurting. They had that dinner tomorrow, Denis didn't think she would be attending but Douglas had made sure she would be. She hesitated for a moment and swallowed her own fears again. Was she really this stupid? All she ever wanted from Denis was affection, a slither that he felt the same as her and that he loved her. She wouldn't get it though, he was heartless and he had built his walls so high even he couldn't escape them. 

Maisie sat on the couch and stared at the television, until it was late into the night and she must have passed out on the couch because next thing she knew, it was morning and someone was knocking at her door. 

“Ah! Darling, oh lovely hair! Yes, we can work with this.” A jovial man entered followed by others and she stared at him. 
“Sorry-” She started but he cut her off. 
“All paid for, the Ivans must like you, sister. Now, I'm thinking we tame that mop, I'm thinking… Gucci on the feet but Louis on the dress?” He said as he started sizing her up and Maisie was in disbelief. This was a dressing team, here to do her hair and her make-up and kit her out like she was a luxurious item. 

TasteMyRainbow     3d ago



As the man approached them Myles scooped up BigMac and held him tightly in his arms. He stayed quiet as they exchanged words and gasped at the mention of death. Still silent, he followed the two of them through the greenhouse unsure about what type of move they could make. Some sort of magic existed since he could make a garden table set appear out of thin air. Myles wondered what else they could do on the planet. 

“Excuse me.” He waited for them to come to a stop before continuing. “I’m just here to see Isabella and then I’ll leave. I wasn’t trying to disturb the peace or cause any trouble… “ 


He had to admit he didn’t really know what to say. He knew that it was dangerous but he had come this far. Izzy was close and nothing would make him back down from seeing her again. Myles watched as the butterflies danced and played with one another. They seemed much larger than the ones he was familiar with and more energetic. Still holding BigMac tightly he stepped closer to Neila not wanting them to separate. He didn’t know who this man was or the level of importance he carried in society but a fight would be put up if needed. 


As a few seconds of silence hovered above them rain suddenly began to fall. It was different shades of blue as it touched his skin. It was neither cold nor warm and seemed to dissipate almost immediately after touching a surface. He wondered what kind of rain they used in the greenhouse. It didn’t seem like it was watering anything if it disappeared so quickly. The thought began to perplex him and distract him from the dire situation. As quick as it came it left and he turned to Neila finally seeing the look of horror on her face. It didn’t matter what he did, there was nothing lighthearted about the situation and he knew it at heart. 



Denis awoke the next morning without the headache. He was relieved as it had bothered him through the night. He rubbed his face and tossed the blanket off him. He glanced down at his phone and read through the messages without replying. He didn’t want sympathy, he just wanted revenge. He knew that after debating the situation over in his head. If someone really did murder his father, he wanted them to suffer the same consequence. An eye for an eye seemed like a justice if nothing else. Even though he wasn’t close to his father, he was given everything by him. 


Denis got out of bed and waited for the entourage to come in and dress him for the party. Hopefully Maisie would be long gone and paid off and he could just enjoy the night with the elite men and women who worshipped his father and family name. It seemed to be more normal than a drug run with a rodent. Part of him blamed her for the chaos in his life. Before he met her everything seemed to be perfect. She was nothing more than a black cat waiting under a ladder to him. 


Hearing a knock on the door he clicked a white button on his wall that unlocked it and waited for the people to pour in. He was more than ready to be pampered after his week of useless torture. Unfortunately, it was his brother who entered, already dressed in style. Denis folded his arms annoyed, “What?”


Douglas was dressed in one of his father’s blue suits, handmade from Taiwan. He remembered the detailing on the cuff from a dinner party in Italy when he was fifteen and made sure he would be in line to inherit the gem. “I just wanted to check on my younger sibling, is that so wrong?” 


“I’m fine, leave.”


“Denis, after the party I have a meeting with some investors to go over some steps after the funeral. Before father passed, he was making large deals in India and I refuse to let his hard work go to waste.” 


Denis eyed him curiously wondering what that had to do with him. If he was not attending the trip then why did he need to know? Business was never talked about in conversation before. “Cool, you can leave then.”


“While I’m gone,” Douglas began to grow annoyed not having time for silly games. His younger brother was a brat and working with him seemed like a lost case. “You will oversee the mansion. We have daily jobs going on and I need you to make sure things go right on the inside, alright?” 


Denis rolled his eyes, “I may or not be intoxicated. I mean my father did just die; can’t I have a little time to cope?” He smiled at his brother and then gave him the bird before trying to push him back through the door. 


Douglas grabbed Denis by the arm and man handled him to the ground. He rested his knee on his chest and looked down at his younger brother with distaste. “I’m in charge of this family. Don’t forget that.” He pressed his knee into his chest causing physical pain to his brother before releasing. He casually stood back up and dusted off his suit before exiting through the door.


Denis layed still in the current position for a few moments trying to hold back his frustration. It seemed he had no choice in anything anymore. No free will, no contracts, no hope. He heard another knock and slowly got up from the floor. He repeated the button process and opened the door. A group of familiar faces poured in with equipment and he took a seat on the bed waiting. 


“Denis! Look at your hair! We have to fix these ends my boy!”

NullificationNeila   3d ago


Neila looked around the greenhouse and met Myles' face. Something was wrong and she swallowed, thickly. 
“It's alright.” She attempted to soothe Myles' emotions right then. She moved down the paved path and towards a pool where the visage of a hunched over woman was. This wasn't how Neila remembered Izzy, she was like a shadow of herself and she realised that was why the man from earlier had been okay with them visiting like this. She felt a tug in her chest and looked to Myles. She didn't know how to explain it in a way he would understand. She had never really seen it before and she drew in a breath. 

“She's waited for you, for a long time.” She explained quietly and kept her distance, “Sometimes… people can lose themselves.” Mybe Izzy was still there and seeing Myles would bring her back from the brink. Neila hoped so, she knew of another way to bring her back but she wanted to see how the reunion went first. Maybe it would be enough to siren call Izzy back from the edge and Neila looked to Myles, gently ushering him to go to her. This was what he had waited for, after everything, wasn't it? It was everything he wanted and she took a few steps back, they didn't need a third party involved in the reunion. 

“You understand you will punished for this, Neila.” The man said and she watched from a distance, nodding once in affirmation. SHe was unsure what the punishment would be, so long as she saw Myles happy once again then she wouldn't mind it. She wanted nothing more than to know everything she had risked, everything she had done for this man, was finally worth something. 

Maisie felt like she was being pulled apart, yanked in all directions. 
“Ah, this hair, we need something fresh. Something wild.” The man said as she was pushed into a chair and her hair was cut into. She was bewildered, watching the red hair pepper the floor and she sighed. If this was Douglas' request then she knew better than to deny it. 
“Emerald green, I think.Oh and make sure her eyes are smoky” The man was directing everyone else and she swallowed a little. She had never been pampered like this even on the island show. 

“Ah, right.” The man was digging through her drawers and he turned his nose up in disgust. He clicked his fingers and Maisie was wrapped in a silk robe, every item of clothing being handed to her to dress in. New everything, expensive everything. 
“No ones going to see my- Well, my undergarments.” Maisie objected and the man laughed, 
“Darling, this is an Ivan dinner party, they can smell poverty. Put them on. Then Sandra will help you with the dress.” He explained and Maisie grimaced but did as she was told. 

The dress hugged all the right spots and accentuated her figure. The man approached and put a few finishing touches to her hair before her face was worked on. Eyelashes, her eyebrows, everything was impeccable. 
“Not too much make-up, we want her to look expensive.”
“Definitely a coral red on the lips.”
“Shoes.” There was too much going on and Maisie looked at them all when she was finally released and the man gave an excited clap, 
“Social media?” He remarked and Maisie supposed she still had her Instagram. The man nodded and took a few shots with perfect lighting before kissing his fingers and laughing as he posted it. 
“Fantastic. Right, bag.” He offered her a purse with the Gucci logo and gestured for her to get going. 

Maisie stared at the door. She didn't want to go in, but she had no choice. She had been invited by Douglas Ivan and from what the richest and most affluent people around her were saying, he was now the head of the Ivan family. A glass of champagne was placed in her hands and she stood alone, watching everything going on. She did turn heads though, a few of the younger members of the richest families giving her a look of adoration and lust. People wanted to know who this new, daring redhead was on the scene. 

TasteMyRainbow     3d ago



Denis felt stunning as he looked himself over in the mirror. His team had done a fantastic job as always in enhancing his natural good looks. He winked at himself before fixing his jacket and heading down the hall to the party. Luckily it was being held in his own mansion so he only had to walk around 20 feet to join in on the entertainment. He arrived at the doors a little past starting time on his end of the hall. He could hear the violinists on the inside and chattering amongst the guests. With grace, he pulled them open and stepped inside. 


Immediately he was swarmed with guests excited to see him. He loved the attention and bathed in the complements he received. Denis smiled brightly as he saw a group of young women approach him cautiously. He gently kissed the most attractive one’s hand and wondered what wealthy family they had the privilege of being born in. “Please help yourself to anything and enjoy the party.” He gave them one last dazzling smile before moving on to the next. It would be a night of endless praise and he was overjoyed with the thought of a ‘normal’ night. 


An hour passed before Denis heard a spoon tapping on a champagne glass. He looked up at the marbled stage to see his brother awaiting silence from everyone. He slowly made his way through the crowd and to the side of the stage where he awaited the speech. This year it would of course be different, without his father present. 


Douglas smiled warmly at the people beneath him. He took a sip of his glass and set it on the stand next to him before grabbing the microphone. 

“Thank you so much for attending our family’s annual celebration.” He paused as the clapping started and faded. “As many of you are aware of by now, my father has tragically passed.” He licked his lips, ready to commit. “He had been battling cancer for quite some time and it finally became too much.”


Denis swallowed hard, not daring enough to interject. Deep down he knew the truth couldn’t be shared with the public but he didn’t want his father to be taken by a common disease either. He bit his lip and scanned the crowd hoping his brother would hurry and finish up. As he was looking over the familiar faces, he noticed one that was far from the usual sore. He rubbed his eyes as his brother blabbered on about the great man their father was trying to see if what he was seeing was reality. Indeed, it was as he couldn’t help but stare at the Maisie 2.0. The thought of ‘why was she here’ didn’t even cross his mind as his eyes widened. 


Douglas outstretched his arm towards Denis motioning for him to join him. Denis followed accordingly as Denis continued. “However, our father did want me to announce the wonderful news and a new chapter for our family. “Denis cocked his eyebrow a bit confused. “My little brother here,” He laid his arm on Denis’s shoulder. “Is engaged.” The audience grew loud chattering amongst themselves. They had no idea who it could be. 


Denis almost passed out as his brother muttered the forbidden words. He tried to keep his composure as the dizzy spells came. He forced a sincere smile at the crowd and playfully wrapped his arm around his brother’s shoulder playing along with the charade. 


“Father didn’t want me to keep the amazing news from everyone so…” Douglas raised his hand giving the cue for the light crew to shine their spotlight directly on Maisie. “How about we give a warm welcome to the newest addition of our family, Maisie”

Nullification     3d ago

Maisie stared around, she felt so lost. She felt completely out of her depth and she couldn't quite believe she was here. This place was beautiful and she swirled the champagne in her glass. She turned when the crowds clamoured Denis and she observed from a distance, she knew better than to approach him. She didn't want the virile he would spew at her and she looked around, she caught Denis' eyes as he was called up by Douglas and she offered up a small smile towards him. It was fragile though, it was easy to see she felt completely lost and wanted nothing more than to go to Denis just for a chance at some familiarity. She didn't move though, just sat and listened to Douglas. 

She immediately felt her heart drop when Douglas announced Denis' betrothal and she looked to him with a weak smile. She lifted her champagne glass and nodded to him. That was it then. He would forever be out of her reach and she took a drink, wondering who the lucky lady was. Someone rich no doubt, there were rich girls everywhere, dressed opulently and she sighed softly. 

The lights moved to her and she stared in complete disbelief, engaged? She stared at Douglas, he was joking right? Did he not understand how much Denis despised her? 

Maisie wanted to object, she wanted say something but she was frozen. Did Denis know about this? Her eyes flew to him and then the whispers started, 
“Who is she?”
“Never heard of her.”

It was overtaken by congratulations and she swallowed thickly. She wanted to run away, she wanted to ask questions and instead, she just looked stunned. She didn't even have a ring, this wasn't normal. Denis' father wanted him to marry her? She was stunned, completely shaken as took a drink from the champagne. Her eyes drifted to the others at the table. She didn't know any of these people, she was a stranger and she cleared her throat, 
“Sorry I just need- Some air.” She said, bumbling an excuse as she made her way to the balcony and the fresh air hit her like a brick. She was going to marry Denis Ivan, part of the Ivan empire and she braced on the marble balcony. 

TasteMyRainbow     3d ago


Shock couldn’t even describe what he was feeling. This had to be a joke; there was no absolute way his father would have wanted him to marry someone from poverty. It was the biggest nonsense he had heard all night. Though he was stuck, he couldn’t act on the emotions crying out. He had to be the well behaved and mannered son. The Ivan image was everything and sometimes even he had to admit that he wished it wasn’t. 

Calmly he cleared his throat and grabbed the microphone from his brother. “Please introduce yourselves and become acquainted. This has been important news for a long time and I’m very delighted and honored to be able to share it with you all.” He stared down at Maisie, the light illuminating her hair. She shined like a ruby even as he saw her sprint away. 


As cheers filled the room, he jabbed his brother in the back letting him know this was to be discussed and fled the stage through the back. He caught a glimpse of her dress down the hall and followed her out to the balcony. He had no idea what was going on either but he felt a fire inside of him to reach out to her. If he was this confused, she had to be too. Or maybe, just maybe, she knew even more than he did. 

He finally reached her and stared at her backside unsure if she noticed his presence. 

“I want to jump off the balcony at the thought of marrying you as well but my father paid a lot of money for our garden down below and I would hate for your blood to stain it.” 


He approached Maisie and grabbed her arm pulling her away from the edge. Even if she was really contemplating the unthinkable-she needed to do it somewhere else. 

“I haven’t a clue what is going on either.” He looked at her pained face, trying not to get lost in the artificial look plastered upon her. “I have a bad feeling about my brother and when he leaves tonight, we need to figure out some things.” 


The last thing he wanted to do was spend more time with his bad luck charm. He simply had no choice. Now the world thought of them as lovers. The papers would be splattered with their faces and the only thing he could do was play along until he could find a way out. That meant that she had to play along as well. 

“Come back to the party and we can discuss this after.” He grabbed her arm ushering her. “You’re representing a powerful name and if you don’t get back in there and look ecstatic then more trouble will follow. Understand?”

Nullification     3d ago

Maisie turned when she heard Denis. She looked him over, surely he had to have known this would happen but the look on his face said otherwise. He hadn't known a thing about this and she sighed out softly, Denis pulled her from the edge and she looked to him. Yeah, they had a part to play and she watched him. Part of this was a dream come true, it would be if Denis held any emotion for her. But he didn't and this was fake, all of it. She didn't understand. Was his father trying to have a last laugh at Denis? She didn't know exactly but she felt like running and hiding. She sighed out and slid her hand to his, holding it loosely. She gave his fingers a gentle squeeze, whatever happened, they were in this together. She didn't want the consequences. 
“Alright.” She murmured, gathering some strength she didn't know she possessed. If this was to happen, then she would keep her grace and dignity intact. 
“Just please, don't hate me more for this, Denis.” She pleaded with him quietly. 

For the first time in a while, she felt incredibly vulnerable. She wasn't sick, she just felt like she was going to be thrown to a pack of hungry wolves. 
“You know, at one point, this would have been a dream come true for me.” She said quietly as they started to move back to the party, her eyes fixed ahead because if she looked at Denis right then, she might fall apart. 
“I imagined it differently, warmer.” She said to him and then the well-wishers were on them and Maisie forced herself to smile, people were introducing themselves and clamouring for pictures of the happy couple and to know exactly who Maisie was. 

More champagne but Maisie wanted to keep her head clear as she looked over to Douglas, what was the plan here? It was humiliating. She felt tiny and like a pawn on a chess board. 
“Oh you are so lucky! Ugh, my father tried to get me and Denis married, isn't that right Denny? Oh, you have no idea how lucky you are.” A blonde beamed at Maisie and she looked to Denis, trying to think of what to say, 
“Yes- I am lucky.” She managed with a smile. 

Lucky to be in an engagement with no love, no freedom and no way out. She felt trapped. 

TasteMyRainbow     21h ago


Denis looked down at his watch finally and noticed that it was nearing midnight. Through all the talking and commotion-time sped and he couldn’t believe it had already gotten that late. He finished up his conversation with an oil heiress and looked around the entire room. Douglas was still mingling which meant it wasn’t time to leave yet. 

He could feel Maisie’s presence behind him and didn’t know how much longer he could do it. The alcohol was starting to do the trick too as he wobbled over to the wall and used his hand to steady himself. He didn’t think he had that much to drink but maybe he had overdone it. The shocking news would send anyone into a dreadful hangover. 

“Maisie, are you having the time of your life yet?”


He wondered if she was enjoying the attention. Usually, a low-class citizen like herself would jump at the chance to be on a magazine but she looked a bit scared. He cocked his eyebrow at her wondering if she needed to drink more too. Without asking he grabbed a champagne glass from one of the passing waiters and handed it to her. As he did, he could see the flashes of cameras directed towards them. Probably planning an article about the romance in bloom. 

“This is heaven to me personally.” He flashed a big smile for the camera and leaned into his soon to be wife. “I’m not sure how long this charade will go on. But while it is…you might as well bask in the glory of what it’s like to be rich and famous."


Denis began to spin as he posed. Everyone started to blend like a painting and he needed an excuse to book it. Without hesitation he grabbed Maisie’s hand and led her out the side door. The plan was to make it to the bathroom but before he could he stopped, turned towards the wall, and let the chunks flow. He began to sweat as he pushed the hair from his forehead and waited for more to follow. He hated puking but it was better that only Maisie was there to witness the hell. If anyone from the party had seen it, then only bad press would follow. That was something they certainly didn’t need in the heat of things surrounding their family matters. 


He leaned his head against the wall for a few moments before reaching for a napkin in his pocket and wiping his face. Satisfied, he tossed it to Maisie knowing that she would dispose of it. 

“Only an hour or so more and then” Denis rubbed his eyes and slouched into the wall once more. “Then you, then we, then.” Even the words were slurring and he couldn’t seem to remember what he was saying. “Then we sleep”. He mumbled the words almost too quietly to hear and sunk deeper down the wall narrowly avoiding the pile of vomit. 


There was no way he drank this much and even if he did it wouldn’t make him suddenly exhausted. Denis tried to speak but instead only mouthed nonsense as his eyes fluttered shut. 

Nullification     12h ago

How did Denis do this? Everything was a blur of smirks and congratulations and the flashing of cameras. Maisie wanted nothing more than to go and find somewhere to hide and probably drink. She looked over to Denis and was hopeful they could get away but Douglas was still around so appearances had to be kept up. She lowered her eyes and took the champagne, taking a nip from it as she looked to Denis. He was a natural and she didn't understand how. He hated this, this whole thing was going to make him miserable and Maisie was going to be the one to blame. And yet, he posed and flashed brilliant smiles. 

Suddenly, Denis had her hand and they were moving. He didn't look too great and she looked over her shoulder to make sure no one had followed as Denis emptied his stomach and she hesitantly placed a hand to his back, 
“Hey-” He wasn't alright, she knew that and she sighed out quietly and rubbed his back as gently as he could. Surely they could call it a night now. She took the napkin and shook her head a little, 
“Woah, alright there.” Maisie said to him and watched him sink down, “Hey, you can't sleep here. Let's find you a bed.” She said to him and glanced over her shoulder again to make sure no one was going to catch him in this state. 

Maisie pulled him up and slung his arm over her shoulders as she started down the hall, checking the first door they came to and she was relieved to find an office of sorts. She eased Denis into a chair and sighed out. She didn't know where they were or whose office this was but it would have to do for now. She looked over some of the books and things and then over to Denis as she found a bottle of water in a small fridge, 
“Drink, it's just water." She coaxed him as she set the bottle to his lips. 

“You know, I'm sorry about all this. Maybe it'll just be for a little while. We can find you-” The champagne did seem strong and it was making her lips looser than she had liked, “We can find you someone who deserves you, and all of this.” She murmured as she looked around at the extravagant room. Denis had ground her down enough that now she truly didn't believe she would ever deserve him or this. 


The job had gone off without a hitch and Jenny had rather enjoyed it. Being in control, being able to make the calls and make the rules. Sure, she answered to Douglas but he didn't care as long as the job got done. She sighed out and read over the toxicology reports. She had showered using the private wards showers, she figured the Ivan's owned this place and she had been entrusted to look over Douglas' body and find out what had happened. 

Douglas was safely back in the freezer and she glanced over to her phone which was blowing up. She checked and saw it was some celebrity engagement and smirked. Denis was engaged, poor sap. She looked to the reports and ran a few tests before sending a text to Douglas. 
‘Can you make it down to the ward, found out some things.'

Jenny sat at one of the computers and inspected the blood she had drawn from Douglas. It was a nasty way to go, and there would be Hell to pay for this one. She wore a black vest with her dark hair tied up and a pair of shorts that hugged her figure, shielded by a white lab coat. 

“Alright.” She said when Douglas showed up, “Congratulations, by the way. You're getting a sister-in-law, saw the news.” She said as she gathered the paperwork and started setting it out so he could see it, 
“Now, I ran his bloods and checked his body. There was no sign of injections or anything.” She said as she tapped a piece of paper, 
“My best guess, is your dad had dinner, it was in his stomach and was partially digested and then there was wine.” Jenny explained, “Not digested but something more interesting.”

“Inland Taipan venom.” Jenny said, “In a large amount. He wouldn't have tasted it in the wine. Usually it wouldn't be deadly unless injected but it absorbs through the stomach and any cuts or something.” Jenny explained and folded her arms, “Taipan venom burns. Whoever did this, really wanted him to suffer.” Jenny explained, “It would have taken around twelve minutes for his heart to stop.” Douglas was a tough man, he could take the news and she sighed out. 

“Fortunately though.” She said to him with a small smile, “I know a worse way to go with poison. You find out who did it, I'll make up some wine. A couple drops is enough to kill seven men. Or better still I can freeze them, paralyse them. They'll feel everything but won't be able to move an inch.” She explained to him. Vengeance, it was in them all and she aimed to please. She eyed over Douglas, raising an eyebrow, expectantly. It was his call. 



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