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Cameron Elizabeth was twenty years old. She had graduated College in May and moved to Nashville right after. She had interned with Radio Stations throughout her entire high school career, some might say she had a helping hand as her Uncle was really big in the music industry, but her heart was with Country. She wanted to a Radio Broadcaster in the heart of the Country Music World. 

There was a country music event tonight that she was getting to cover and she was so nervous but excited at the same time. While she had been an intern and had been to these types of events before, this was her first one being an actual employee for WSM.
polkadotrocker     2h ago

Matthew stood looking in the mirror in his tiny apartment. All he needed was one song, one damn song to get him on the map. It didn't even need to be a good song, just one to get him going. He had no idea what it would be but he had to write it and fast. 

Somehow he had gotten an invite to this swanky radio party and he had no idea what to wear but he threw on his boots and hat and headed out. It wasn't long before he got there and found he was dressed accordingly, he was thanking God for that.


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