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Roleplay with Riu5kizuki

By Undertale_lover_
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Riu5kizuki     7d ago

(Im here! Who would like to start?

(Can you start please?)
Riu5kizukiMitch   7d ago

(Sure! Also i couldnt find someone exactly like my character so i did it close) 

Mitch walked along one of the Higher levels, gently brushing his hand along the wall, memorizing the floor. He usually wandered the lower floors, he and the Projectionist were pretty close friends, as they don't immediately kill each other. His ears listened, hearing every noise and shuffling of paper on the entire floor. This was the only way he survived.

Samuel was walking around trying to be quiet as he walked. Soon he looked around he would go for floor to floor but this floor was still fairly new to him. He hummed quietly trying to stay calm. He was fairly small and easy to miss.

( it's okay I like the photo)
Riu5kizukiMitch   7d ago

(awww thank youuu) 
Mitch heard soft humming, and he froze, silently listening. He also heard soft footsteps, someone small, as if they were trying to be quiet. He stepped back into a shadowy spot, so he could listen without being in imminite danger.

(Your welcome!!)

Samuel humming was broken and nervous as he got closer. He gulped and looked around. He heard someone but couldn't tell where it was coming from. " H-hello?" He called out in a broken startled voice.
Riu5kizukiMitch   7d ago

He hesitated, before replying, very wary. His voice is deep and smooth, and on guard. "Hello...?" He listens again for the stranger, not moving from his spot in the shadows.

" wh-who's there? I don't recalled t-that voice " he would state but slowly creeper closer. And looked around his eyes narrowed as he tried to find the unknown person. He was ready to defend himself if needed.
Riu5kizukiMitch   7d ago

" Mitch.." He says softly, listening tentatively as the stranger comes closer. He tenses, hissing under his breath. He would be VERY willing to fight if he heard any sign of a threat.

He could be seen he was taller than cartoon bendy but still small.  " Mitch? I-im Samuel..also called Sam." He replied as he got in tge showdows to hide. " where are you? "
Riu5kizukiMitch   7d ago

"In the shadows....That's where I always am.." He says flatly. He carefully steps into the hallway, listening intently. He is very tall and thin, with a quiet danger and caution about him.

Sam would stepped into the light even fir his short Hight and cartoon like appearances hus eyes seemed deadly as if he could cause damage. He seemed to be hunched slightly walking a but closer.
Riu5kizukiMitch   7d ago

Mitch's head tilts slightly in his direction, hearing every sound he makes. "Are you....hostile.." He asks the question carefully, his entire body rigid with tension. His blindfold twitches slightly, as he weighs his opponent only based on the noises he made.

" that depends." He paused jumping on a few boxes climing up. He bent over he had a small rip off of a devil tail. " if you are. Are you hostile?" He asked trying to stay our of reach of anyone.
Riu5kizukiMitch   7d ago

"That depends on whether I have a reason to be." He says warily. He could hear several scuffling nosies.....boxes, maybe..? He was unfamiliar with that sound.

" well I'm not going to give you a reason to." He thought for a moment in silence, " why don't you meet me here?" He asked getting down and walking to the middle of the hall.
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

He tilts his head curiously, mildly puzzled. "Whatever do you mean...?"

(I'm so sorry. I ment meet not need.)
" well so we both know we don't want to harm each other." He paused, " we can meet right the hallway. If you want to." He added as he ponited to the hall.
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

"hmmm..." He considered, weighing his odds of survival, before taking a few tentative steps to where he heard the small person speak.

" o-oh, y-your real tall-" he would studder as he looked up to him. " I haven't seen you before." He would state confused slightly.
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

He chuckles at the irony of the statement. He points at his blindfold. "And I have not 'seen' anyone, at this point." He jokes drily, sitting down in order to help the smaller person feel more comfortable, height-wise.

" oh-" he didn't know if he should laugh or not so he wouldn't. When mitch sat down so would Sam, " so you've been here for a while I take it?" He asked quizzically as his small tail flicked.
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

He nods slightly, listening to the sounds around them. "Since it begun." was all he said, as he sighed, going quiet.

" oh...well yeah...I have been too. I was a trashed character." He would say in a quite voice " did you work here?" He asked him as he put his hands on his own lap.
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

He nods slightly, smiling faintly as black drips from his lips. "I was the Violinist." He says softly, as if recalling the days when he was not a monster, but a simple human being, with a passion.

" you was part of the band? I loved the band, it was so that the word ?" He seemed to cheer up before trying to think of the right word, " or well upbeat." He would say with a shurg.
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

He chuckles slightly, pleased at Sam's opinion on his art. "I-...I loved it too..." He smiles faintly, before sighing again. "But those days are gone now....I haven't even touched my precious Violin since my hands became so dirtied." His tone was very bitter, as he lifts his hands up halfway to his face, as if he could see them.

" oh that's why I haven't hired any music in a while." Sam would frown,  " maybe if we can find some watter then clean your hands you can play?" He asked him as he keep trying to think of other ways, " or gloves!" He piped hopefully.
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

He sits up slightly. "Gloves....why haven't I thought of that..?" He sighs again. "But I have not seen any just- lying around for me to claim..."

" oh, that is a issue. " His tail would say as he thought for a moment, maybe in the stores, we could find a pair for you?" He questioned in a low voice, " it's worth a try."
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

He shrugs. "Obviously I have nothing to do, why not?" He stands up, unsure of his sorroundings. "Why were you scrapped...?"

" well I was going to be the 'Bendy' but then they didn't like how I turned out and got a better design for him and just didn't like me. Not even enough to have me as a back ground character." He huffed as he stood up, " but that's all over now. I can give you if you need.' Sam offered.
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

He shrugs. "It's completely fine. I was a mere prototype, the first 'human sacrifice.' it was very excruciating..."

" oh I'm sorry. That was painful. " He fiddle with his hands unsure of what to say to help. "  a small shop is near by but the bigger ones are a few floors down."
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

He nods. "Let us go then. I wonder why you wish to help me, though.."

" huh oh well. I don't have anything to do and I really liked the music." He told and shrugged, " that's why I want to help you."
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

He smiles softly. "Alright then..." He chuckles, amused. He then gently runs his hand along the wall, beginning to walk in the direction of the nearest store

Sam would go slightly ahead of him but stoped every so often so he could catch up before walking a bit more. When they got to the store Sam held open the door.
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

He cautiously felt his hand along the door frame, before walking in. "Apologies for my slow mannerism- I do not know the higher levels very well..."

" that's okay. I don't know the lower levels well." He stated " but I go to fast for my own good." He looked around and shut the door as he looked for some gloves
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

Mitch, being blind, instead lightly brushed his hands along the merchandise, searching as well. Mostly it was plushies and old toys. He seemed nostalgic, as he picked up a Bendy plushie, before hurriedly putting it back as he got ink on it.

Soon Sam found some gloves. They was older but would do until they could find newer ones. Sam walked over to him, " these are old gloves but they will work till we can find newer glove." He offered them to him holding it to them.
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

He turns slightly, His hands feeling the gloves, and he slips them on, smiling faintly. "Thank you, must find my beloved Violin.."

"  is it in the lower level's?" He asked slightly nervous as he fiddle his his hands. " I can try to help" he would say and give a small smile
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

"'s on a lower floor, yes. But Projectionist will not attack you, if he knows you're traveling on my side."

" i-if you say so." He would give a small nod. As he walked he stayed with Mitch.
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

The deeper that they got, the less he needed to touch the wall, until he was completely sure of where he was. He walked forward confidently, tilting his head as he listens for noises out of place.

Unlike Mitch the deeper they went the slower he got and the more on edge he would become. He jumped at the smallest of sounds but tried to seem like he wasn't.
Riu5kizukiMitch   6d ago

He smiled reassuringly, breathing in the deep, smell of must and ink. "We're about to enter Alice's area. Just stay by my side and I can threaten her into submisson, it usually works." He chuckles darkly, knowing these spiraling hallways by heart.

" Alice angel? I've talked to her before sometimes she's nice then the mean Streak." He said looking around for her himself remembering when it was new and a happy place.


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