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Roleplay Search!

By Anime_freak
Backup thread

Welcome! I'm currently looking for a Roleplay partner!


I'm looking for something both of us will enjoy, I'm down for an original plot, but I also do fandom Roleplays with CanonCharacter. I wouldn't mind adding your OC along.
(NOTE: I will not do FNAF or MHA. Those two are my least favourite things to roleplay.)

I will not do Crossovers.

I enjoy writing Fantasy, mystery, Romance, and Drama.
I do not mind other plots, those are just my preferred plots. If we were to make a story, I'd prefer it if it was consistent and plotful. I do not want a story that leaves both of us bored, or makes it feel as if we are obligated to reply.


For Romance, I will only do FxF or MxM. Nothing against straight ships, I just find them difficult to write.

You must be 18 or older, I feel uncomfortable roleplaying with Minors when doing serious roleplays.

I'd prefer a solid 300-500 characters minimum, but I can be flexible.

Use the word Season for you Subject in PM to join so that I know you read the Rules and Requirments,

Most fandoms I know are anime, or cartoons, or even games. Unless it is something like Marvel or Harry Potter, I probably don't know most Live-Action shows.

I will not roleplay Non-fiction topics such as Hamilton. I find them difficult to follow.

I prefer animated images over realistic ones.

Please do not take more than a month to respond.

Thank you for reading! PM Me to roleplay!

In tell next time.
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