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Spiral 2 Encounters

By ShieldHero-
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[center [h3 Notes]]
Parts with (Here) don't read out loud to party ^~^

[center [h3 Social Encounters]]
Roll 2D8

[b Lux Encounter]

[b Hiroshi Encounter]

[b Spots Encounter]

[b Jeremy Encounter]

[b Roth Encounter]

[b Bell Encounter]

[b Himiko Encounter]

[b Volo's Encounter]

[b Meeting Scene]

[b Liam/Lea Encounter]

[b Reaper Encounter]

[b Cerron Encounter]

[b Ethan Encounter]

[b Herron]

[b Alexander]

[center [h3 Combat Encounters]]

[h3 Stone Retrievers]

Stone warriors that have the soul intent of retrieving Kirai Akarui. 

Stone of Brawn
HP: 13
AC: 16 (Takes half from physical damage)
Initiative: -1
Saves/Checks: +3 to STR Checks/Saves rest are flat rolls


Greatsword: +3 to Hit Damage: 2D6+1

Grapple Restrain: DC 11 STR check or grappled, when grappled the target is restrained and takes 1d4 bludgeoning when the grapple starts. 

Stone of Mind
(Starts off 60 Feet away)
AC: 12
Initiative: Flat roll
Saves/Checks: +3 to INT Checks/Saves rest are flat rolls

Attacks: Firebolt: +3 to hit. Range 60 feet 1D10

Feeble: DC 11 INT check or stunned for a turn! 

Stone of Will
(Starts off 40 Feet away)
AC: 13
Initiative: Flat roll
Saves/Checks: +3 to WIS Checks/Saves rest are flat rolls

Attacks: Sacred Flame: Dex check DC11 or 1d8 Radiant Damage

Battle of Wills: DC 11 wis check or frightened of all stone guardians. Or can choose instead a contested roll. If succeeded the stone of will is frightened. If failed getting repeating saves are at disadvantage  

Stone of Heart

(Starts off 40 Feet away)
AC: 14
Initiative: Flat roll
Saves/Checks: +3 to CHA Checks/Saves rest are flat rolls

Attacks: Cure wounds 1D8+1
Can slash for 1D6, +3 to hit

Possession: DC 11 Cha check or the stone of heart can control the party member for a turn. Contested check can cause the stone of heart to serve you with a bonus action on you're next turn. 

Stone of Agility

Stone of Will
(Starts off 40 Feet away)
HP: 10HP
AC: 14
Initiative: 1
Saves/Checks: +3 to DEX Checks/Saves rest are flat rolls

Rapier: +3 to hit, 1D8+1
Sneak damage 1d6

Cutting Blades: Dex save DC11 or take to D8+3 but if passed take zero damage. Can take contested roll to get a free hit back. (Double Damage die if landed) Failing a contested check allows them to reroll their damage die for the 2D8+3

Stone Guardian 

(Starts off 40 Feet away)
HP: 13HP
AC: 18
Initiative: -1
Saves/Checks: +3 to Con Checks/Saves rest are flat rolls

Attacks: Longsword +3 to hit 1D8+1


EXP: 350 EXP

6 Crest (Worth 200 GP but can persuade to be worth more. DC 15 for 300GP and DC 20 for 400GP)


Arcane orbs were powering these sentient soldiers, they have in Elvish written on them "Prototypes" Each type's name and the function they serve in combat. The trait that they embody as well.

Arcana: DC13 they know transmutation and Necromancy schools were used upon them. 

Investigation 13: 6 Crest were used as Catalyst and these crest were family crest. Some were Akarui and others were Chevalier

History DC13: Shows that the crest were from different era's from each family but two of the crest look.. Even more off but these crest are only useful as collectors items to be sold now. (Don't say this but the crest are to cast blame on Akarui's and Chevaliers)

In each stone guardian is an item besides a crest

STR/Brawn: A broken dagger, in Dwarvish the Daggers name is "Regret" (Dwarvish runes could be manifested with emotion)

DEX/Agility: An Emerald with the Draconic word upon it. "Swift" (Draconic was Shroudveils prefered language)

INT/Mind: A tome in complex Arcane (DC15) and will take time to decipher. Draconic and Slyvain both used in this book. This book is how to make living soldiers once desired by some creatures of the Fey due to humans growing curiosity in them. 

Stone of the Will: A broken crest lies within, in Celestial it reads "Embrace and Empathize" (Something that Clara herself embraced can roll DC15 religion check for that)

[h3 Ethan/Reaper Encounter]
LV 2

Could start at warehouse or could have been sent by Purist to collect Akira for the "Book"


Reaper: LV 4 Wizard (Necromancy)

Ethan LV 4 Warlock (Fiend)

If talked to peacefully and things explained perhaps, they can be reasoned with instead the encounter becomes them getting attacked by Purist.

1 Yuan Ti pureblood Name: Strake leads a unit of Purist, he like Ethan wants a world where Drow and Yuan ti can be more accepted, like the more recently somewhat accepted Tieflings. Straus spreads old history of old wars that paint Yuan Ti and Drow poorly but are history accurate.

1CR 1 Yuan Ti pureblood

Two Mastif's: CR 1/8

4 Bandit Scimatar: CR 1/8

2 Bandit Light crossbow CR 1/8

Investigate: They had plans to take them to the mines, to farm Mythril for the orbs. These orbs take the missing kids but the Purist have been attacked plenty by hooded figures. They are supposed to take them to one of the "Revolutionaries" the strongest leaders of the purist. They are studying draconic books as well at the Mines long thought lost.

Ethan tells them he was to meet Purist in the mines (No glistening Ball this time) and that him and Reaper both got caught up in a bad situation.

Investigate: Ethan has and Reaper were told they need that tome to help push Straus back. Ethan was convinced his father would love him and Reaper was convinced that perhaps Drow and his kind could be trusted again. They got caught up with too dangerous a crowd though.

Reward: 250Gold

Boost to LV 3

[h3 Purist/Mine Encounter]

For LV 3

Rookie Knight and Junior Detective will help!
Even if the disagree on the situation

Wooden Golem powered by electricity (Flesh golem stats but no Berserk function) Instead of immune to physial it is resistant. However it's attack force an STR saving throw or a DEX saving throw. DC 15
If failed when hit take an extra D4 damage and go flying 10 feet back and go prone.

There are Purist channeling magic together in an attempt to finish creating a machine. The machine is powering the golem 4 of them around the machine begins to power it up and every turn powering it up the golem heals 5HP.

Throughout the mines is 2 hidden CR 1/2 cultist trying to get the drop on them. While 4 1/8 cultist are trying to charge it. There are 4 more 1/8 cultist scattered waiting to charge the machine

1/8CR Cultist/Block
HP 11
AC: 12
Shortsword: D6+
Charging Machine. (Takes 4 to build a full charge. 1 can only build a 1/4 charge)

Machine's stats
3 Charge and the Golem will go "Hyper Drive" gaining advantage on all attacks for one turn!

The two 1/2 are "Scout" statblocks and are attempting stealth rolls. (To get first hit with advantage.)

Gain: 600EXP 1800/2700
Two lesser healing potions and 400 gold on them!
And materials off the golem for crafting with the artificer!

Investigation: DC14  Find plenty of recently mined Mythril and it's arcana has been used to try and power this machine. It doesn't look complete enough to even have a Mark. In Elvish it says on it the machine/notes "Mythril is but one step to finalizing this machine

Also Ethan's demon necklace is here, Agathor knows of the demon that is tied to Ayumi. He doesn't know how long they have known each other. (Devil took advantage of Ayumi after her fall) Agathor's memory is hazy. He knows he was bound and his memory locked by this greater devil 

[center [h3 Factory Encounter]]
LV 3

LV 3

Reward: Machine materials! Timeskip to LV 4 (If already LV 4 give each player 575 EXP and 775GP)

Investigate: This is under notes but here is a little extra. For the timeskip it can be to either decipher the meaning/code in the languages. Or because the meeting is at a certain date at the forest. (If timeskip for LV 4 is needed)

CR 1/4/ 4 of them
CR 3/ just 1 (The boss)

The boss has loose wires (Weak to water and lightning)

The boss has a generator and also there is a generator (Purple lightning on the map) Powered by four laser blasters.
Each blastor has an AC of 12 and 10HP

If the boss runs out of minions 4 more will appear from the generator/lasors. Take all 4 down the minions stop spawning and the boss is stunned for a turn before re-calibrating.
If the boss is defeated the minions seize to function.

Encounter with the purist orb's machine.
Nature magic involved. Leaves and the like (Druid magic) and the language is in Druidic.

Next meeting place is in Thieves cant (The mountains most likely)

[h3 Mysterious Figures Encounter]

Use Cementary Map (Purist and Shinobi clash here and a correspondence in code. Of an attack planned to kill and stop the purist mining Mythiril in the factory)

LV 3

CR 2

CR 1

4 CR 1/4's

In the situation have a piece of paper either by a purist or otherwise be a subject of something to fight over. Add a twist to this fight beside just a straight fight if possible.

CR 2

Race: Wood Elf
HP: 45
AC 16 (Studded Leather)
Prof Bonus: 2
STR: 10
DEX: 18
CON: 12
INT: 12
WIS: 14
CHA: 14

Attacks: Multi Attack:To hit +6 Shortsword 1d6+4

Can add "Effects" to each attacks up to 4 times.

Trip Attack: DC13 STR or DEX save or go prone.
Can push the DC to 16 to try and make the go prone instead! Players choice.

Push attack: DC13 STR check or pushed 10 feet and knocked prone.

Reaction: Parry: +2 to AC as a reaction

Bonus Action: Shortsword swing.

CR 1 (Sorcerer LV 1 Sheet made)

3 Ninja dogs (Wolf Stat block 1/4)

2 Acolyte's CR 1/4 (Symbol is Tea from Sumia) (have some distance from the fight)

[center [h3 Sakimoto Encounter]]

Do before mountain dungeon
LV 4 

LV 4 encounter

See Evie's parents drive up and ask what she is doing out so gosh darn late? Than have the junior detective come and tell Evie that her parents were placed under curfew for risk of security they could be making these machines cropping up! Himari will try and talk sense into her brother but he.. Won't have it. Can either fight them or go along with it!
If they fight they get compensated as well as EXP afterwards. (700GP)
If they don't fight they get 300EXP as a "Story Mark"

Turns into a social encounter where everyone is brought in for questioning.

Junior Detective (LV 5)

Brought Swat Heavy hitters

Riot Shield
HP: 25
Initiative: 0
AC: 18
Attack: Baton: +5 to hit Damage D6+2
Saving Throw: STR/DEX/Con +2

Guard: Can use action to give cover with Riot shield.

Chem Expert
HP: 16
AC: 16
Initiative: 1
Saving Throw: STR/DEX+1
Attack: Handgun +6 to hit Damage D6+1

Sleep Gas: Must pass DC 11 Con save or fall asleep
Tear Gas: Pass DC 11 con save or blinded

HP: 30
AC: 15 (Leather Armor)
Initiative: 4
Gunshot Multi Attack: D8+4
Saving Throw: Dex+4/Wisdom+3

Evie's parents will throw potions to help! (If they take 3 hits they are KO'd)
370EXP for the battle.

The main detective comes and stops the fight (Thus the compensation.) Evie's parents are willing to answer questions now that he is here.

[center [b Mountain Dungeon]]

LV 4

Mountain Dungeon LV 4

[center [b Lux Encounter]]

The statue is connected to the book. The book is enchanced by magic and tied to the statue.

Book/Statue AC: 14
HP: 100
Half from physical (If not magical)
Heals from corresponding element.
Takes double damage from opposing element.
When destroyed the minions vanish!

1-2: Radiant take double from necrotic

3-4: Darkness take double from radiant

5-6: Water will take double from lightning

7-8: Blizzard: Double from Fire damage

9-10: Fire: Double from water or blizzard

Lux can stab herself as an action and summon a new book/make a new catalyst (Takes half her current HP) to create a "Blood Guardian" a CR 5 elemental that gets advantage on initiative.

By the end anything she creates will crumble.

Winged Guardians are Griffins and will use one attack to try and grapple and fly up.

The big brutes are Rhino statblock and will move 20 feet back and 20 feet forward for that Gore action.

And the archer is a LV 4 Arcane Archer sheet that I had made.


Book: The book will take time to decipher, arcanic runes and as well as Slyvain,Draconic,Infernal all gathered in this book as well as Celestial quite the clash. It's a rather old book with powerful magics but hard to understand. It speaks of "ruin"
(Don't give all the info up so easily)

Also the book is connected to the Grey Book and only together will the words even appear.

Arcana/Religion Check can help gain info

Tea's jealousy toward Luna (For Cerebrum's love the human Cerebrum)
Clara trying to invervene.

Agathor was enslaved to help make this book, for he was once wild and chaotic taking souls to become a balor. In making this book he was leashed and chained, something however caused him to go crazy. He had tempted Ayumi's mind and soul, corrupted her over the years to hunt and destroy Rei. To take Rei's soul but why?

Slyvain is from the Fairy Queen who also aided.

Draconic is from Black Scale

There was many roles

The Guide (Herron)

The Council (The gods)

The Wildcard (Agathor)

Queen of Freedom: (Fairy Queen)

The Scaled Sage: (BlackScale)

Statue: The statue will have divine power but a DC 18 arcana check shows a hint of Infernal as well. Devil's magic

Lux: Knows that Ayumi and the 4th are hiding out in Chi Rai mountains. She herself is refered to as "Fifth"

Reward: (Half way to LV 6)

Scene: Lux will give her life to rectify her wrongs knowing this won't make Klaus happy. Klaus can't accept Straus but he knows what she did was wrong. She will have a letter left behind for him.

Klaus will have only had two children and tied to Clara.

However Klaus will have fought a powerful patron demon and sealed it away long ago. In his journal that Lux had stolen from him (This patron is the mad hatter but don't say this) he was able to seal it ten years ago to a hallowed out ground. Restricting it's movements and the like.

[center [h3 End of Arc Dungeon]]

Mountains (Different Place)

Fort perhaps?
4th's "Lair"

Big losing turn point etc.
Turn LV 6

[center [h3 Explore/Dungeons]]

LV 4 Dungeon (Small) (Push to LV 5)

Least one LV 5 Dungeon (Large and after Lux push to LV 6)


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