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(Mha based)~Choose a Side~

By Undertale_lover_
Backup thread
I've only seen up to the thrid season so please donr spoill to much please?
Tis is in the world of My Hero Academia.
Playing main character I mean it's okay!
I'll be playing at lest two a hero and a vigilante..
(I'm still working on my hero one at tge moment). I would like someone to be able to write at lest 100 character per post or well anything but one liners all the time.
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Kenji was walking around the city as the sun was falling. He wasn't really paying much mind to where he was going, but every so often he looked up so he wouldn't faceplate into someone.  Even though not to many people was around.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

Humming amusingly to himself, he walked comically along the stone sidewalk in long strides, his black staff thumping against the pavement with each said stride.

Kenji looked up pausing his movements. His head looked left then right tring to find where the thumping was coming from. It echoed through the town. Shortly after he would turn the corner and looked upward to the taller, man Demon. He back up some looking him up and down trying not to get into a fight at the moment.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

He halted in his steps, looking to the stranger.

“Hello there!” he greeted. His voice was rather strange, seemingly muffled despite the fact that his mouth moved without complication. It sounded as if his voice was coming straight from a radio, but it was the vocal chords rather than what it seemed.

He looked puzzled as he heard the voice but would nod before replying to the stranger,

"Hello." His voice seemed oddly calm and quite compared to the way he looks. After a moment Kenji would pause, " I don't belive I've seen you before have i?" He titled his head still in thought, " Pardon me, you can call Me ky- I mean Kenji-"
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

He stepped forward and outstretched his hand in a welcoming manner, an eerily long smile upturned on his face. 

“Edwin,” he replied rather abruptly, shaking Kenji’s hand with a rather firm grip and rather quickly for an average being, the two merged hands seemingly a blur before Edwin drew his hand back from the shake.

He was surprised by the sudden movement of Edwin and how only strong he was. His head seemed to spin when he was let go. His golden eye seemed to glare at him coldly before changing back to a unknown look. 

" Please to meet you I'm sure." He nodded. Trying to find something anywhere before his eye stoped on a crack in a way then he smiled looking back all of that seemed to happen fairly quickly.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

“May I ask why such a cold-gazed fellow such as you are doing on this fine dusk?” he grinned. He never seemed to stop. His large, wolf-like, fur-adorned ears twitched toward the sound of the wind whisking through his violet-shaded hair, but he kept a bright and joyful gaze upon his new… friend.

" I've never been called a 'Cold-gazed fellow' before." He would smirk for a moment, " Oh well I was just headed to where I work that is all." He would say calmly and rase a eyebrow.

" and what of you my wolf-earred fellow? Why are you out and about?" He asked as he calmed down some.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

“I just- woke up here!” his hands outstretched into the air, seemingly excited. He dropped them back to his sides, chuckling. “So, I suppose this is what you mortals call ‘Earth,’ eh?” he’d inquire, suddenly gazing around.

He would tense for a moment and look at the crack on the wall beside him. With it would get biger before relaxing and looking back to him 
" Yes, this is Earth...tell me what do you know about us?" He asked quickly with a nod still looking at him dead in the eyes, clearly intrigued.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

“You mortals are social creatures. Despite that, you seemingly still hold hate against one another every now and then. An investment into ongoing entertainment for you all!” he twirled, putting his foot out to stop as he began to speak again. “And what type of work do you supposedly do here?” his head tilted in question. His tuft-adorned ears tilted with it.

He would smile, " I make my own entertainment." He replied looking at the crack this time he would glare until it fell apart.  "  also something else you need to know some of us have powers."   He looked at the rubble the looked to Edwin 
( sorry)
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

“Oh, goodie, goodie!” his smile grew larger. It never seemed to stop. His creepy chuckles sounded like a broken radio… twisted and broken. His pupils dilated until no longer were they visible amongst the joyfully gleaming bright violet that engulfed them. 

He turned. The unholy sounds evolving from his mouth followed but never left. One finger overlapped against the another.

“Snap,” was the sound it created.

Edwin summoned a number of large, black tentacles. These tentacles had an ethereal, otherworldly appearance, with a slimy, oily texture and a powerful, almost magnetic pull. They had an almost hypnotic effect on those they touched, and were able to instantly consume the three gigantic buildings they were attached to, leaving the rubble and remains to symbolize their grave.

His own pupil dilated slightly first seeing them but soon a twisted smile spread across his own face. He watched as the budlings crumbled right in front of them. People would start to scream.  His golden eye would start to glow in the dusky lighting. 
"Kyūjitai! Kyūjitai is here! Help!" Some one would scream then scream louder seeing Edwin. 

" We better go before the heros show up." He whispered still smiling. He begain to quicken his pace as he looked for a way out. He would start to widen a crak in a wall before looking away seeing another person rushing over, " better hurry." He mumbled under his breath as the crack grew and grew causing a big enough hole to get through.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

“Yippee!” he giggled, jumping into the opened exit with ease. As he landed, he caught his staff in his right hand without effort, skipping after Kenji. The endings of his coat lightly blew back from the passing air.

The tentacles would continue to destroy and corrupt, eating all that stood in their way.

Kenji would chuckle as he lead the way after they was good enough distance from the chaos he would ask,

" now don't you think you should get the tentacles away? I mean you can't destroy the whole city that's no fun." He looked back for a small moment before leafing him to a alleyway and knowing on the wall. It seemed to be I'm Morse code. Shortly after a portal opened, " come on now." He said walking through it.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

He sighed, but his eerie grin kept its place on his face. He snapped, and the ground trembled. It was merely a few seconds until the shaking ceased. It appears the tentacles had disappeared.

“Onward!” he held his staff high in the air as he stepped through the portal, his grey-stitched scarf trailing behind.

As he walked through the portal he was in another budling four other people was there. One seemed to look just like the portal they walked through in color. He was wearing a white dress shirt with great pants and a vest his eyes a misty yellow. 
Then one was sitting on a seat had blue long hair wearing all black with red eyes. 
The first to talk was seemed to be a young lady. With blond hair in a mess bun a typical school girl almost.

" Oh hello Mr Tall man and Kenji!" Her voice seemed somewhat child like as she smiled she showed sharp teeth with eye eyes glowing yellow. The other people all that could be seen was black Hair and a long black jacket.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

“Hel-lo, darling dear!” he smiled, brushing lightly against the lady as he swept past.

She would giggle and look to Kenji, " so what did ya do?" She asked." just bummed into a few things. " He would tell before the blue Hair one would stand up.
"N-Now you know I don't l-like strangers here Igarashi!" He explained pointing to Edwin." You know I-"

"Tmura Shigaraki, calm down please be kind to our guest, besides you know Kenji wouldn't bring back someone who would be unwelcomed here." The portal like man would say as he sat back down.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

“ Consider my arrival as an investment in ongoing entertainment for you all and myself!” he turned to the stuttering one. “I want to watch the scum of the world struggle to climb up the hill of betterment! Only to repeatedly trip, and tumble down to the fiery pit of failure,” he laughed, leaning atop his staff. 

“This does seem rather bland, now, doesn’t it?” he inquired, gazing around the place. As always, an eerie grin was upturned on his face. It had been since he and Kenji had met a mere 20 minutes or so ago. That hypnotizing smile never seemed to fall… it stayed… and followed…

Soon the unknown man looked up, he had a frown plastered on his face. His ice blue eyes looked to him.
" Don't you ever stop with that stupid smile?" He asked his voice was deep and cold toned.   As he walked a bit closer. " you know how to pick them Kenji." He rolled his eyes. 

" Dabi. " kenji would say walking to Edwin.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

“A smile is the best outfit one can wear!” he laughed. He light bonked the unknown man on the head with his staff, comically drawing his staff back after. 

His head seemed to glitch and his eyes turned to static for a mere second. As they did so, the lights flickered for the same mere second.
Undertale_lover_Dabi   22d ago

Dabi's eyes would flare as he got bonked in the head. His right hand went to his head his left had blue fare come out of it for a moment. The fare would go up his arm before mumbling something and it faded away. 
" I'd beg to differ. " He replied moving his hand from his head crossing his arms. It was clearly not afraid. 

" Wait how did you do that? "
Tomura asked turning to face him interested
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

“This?” his voice seemed to distort with that inquiry, his head twitching again. Once more, the lights flickered. “Heck, I don’t know!” he laughed.

Edwin turned to Dabi. “Don’t forget to smile! You’re never fully dressed without one!” he giggled.
Undertale_lover_Dabi   22d ago

Dabi rolled his eyes sighing, " yeah yeah sure thing boss man" he would looked to them.

" well..i-is it y-you quirk or park of it?" He asked titling his head slightly.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

“It’s o- o- one of f- few a- abilities I have a- a- acquired,” his voice continued to distort. Static engulfed his twisting tone. His eyes seemed to dilate every now and then. He held up a single finger and turned away. 

Why was this happening now…?!
Undertale_lover_Dabi   22d ago

Tomura would talk to the portal man whispering something.  The blonde hair girl walked to Dabi. Then looked to Edwin. 

" you okay, Edwin?" Kenji asked looking to him.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

The demon had a hand to his head, seemingly irritated by something. He’d lowered into a crouch, but the sinister grin was still upturned on his face.

His fur-adorned ears pinned to the sides. Edwin tensed at the slightest. “H- H- Happens o- often!” he giggled, trying to assure the surrounding mortals.

Screams… horrible screams… they echoed through Edwin’s mind and his only. It was ear-splitting… 

craved attention…

Kenji would look at him trying to find out what was happing.  He knew something was off but he didn't know what exactly. 

" What does, Mr tall man?" The young girl asked smiling as she spiked to a near by seat. Dabi would look at everyone then to the TV.

" How bout some Tv...might help with..whatever?" Dabi asked as he walked trying to find the tv remote.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

“The souls of my victims,” he grimaced, having kept a smile on his face. “They long for attention…!” 

He forced himself up and slipped into the shadows of the room, waiting out the screams, hands to his head. He kneeled once engulfed by the darkness, inhaling sharply.

Tomura paused hearing him, " Crazy...much..?" He asked his voice was quite as he turned on the TV. It was on some random station nothing seemed to be really happing.

The girl paused but was still smiling, " Um Mr. Tall man you can go up stairs one if the rooms is real dark." She hoped down " I'll show you the way if you want?" She asked walking to the stairs. 

Kenji looked to her, " Toga he might want to be left alone." He'd reply noting to him.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

“It’s fine!” he quickly dismissed the offer, his voice distorting. “I just have to wait them out.”
Undertale_lover_Toga Himiko   22d ago

Toga nodded as she skipped up the stairs herself humming some kind of tune. Dabi at sat down in a seat playing his his power of blue fire a small smile as his face as he watched the Flames, but as soon as his smile apared it faded away just like a snap. 
 Kenji had Sar near by trying to read a book but would every so often look to Edwin. Worry flickered in his eyes whenever he'd look to him.Tomura had started to make a plan in a h7shed voice as not to disturb Edwin.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   22d ago

He rested his head against the wall, attempting to wait out the screaming of the souls that populated his mind. Edwin had always been a patient one, so waiting them out worked numerous times before.

His eyes slitted then dilated as loud whispers joined the orchestra of screams. It was almost over… when the whispers began, they were just about to give up on getting attention… despite the fact it being the worst part.

His eyes shut closed for a split second, a forced smile still upturned on his face. His foot repeatedly tapped the floor, trying to keep the creeping headache at bay.

Occasionally, he’d glance back at the gathered mortals. He truly did feel bad that this had to have happened now rather than later… 

Was he insane…?
Felt so real…

Kenji would keep a eye on Edwin. At one ponit or another Toga had walked back down stairs and sighed falling asleep on a beanbag. Dabi had moved to Tomura and was arguing about the plan that he has made. For once he would change somethings and not act like a child. 

" Yes yes fine, but we still have to wait, Dabi." He told. Davis eyesvwould almost mock those of angry white cartoon eyes.

" What do you mean wait!' For portals appeared as the none of the men was able to touch the other luckily.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   20d ago

Edwin listened to the commotion. His eyes shut closed for a second, starting as slits before opening fully. He dropped his hand to the floor, the other against the wall.

Pushing himself upward, Edwin stumbled to his feet. The noises in his head had diminished. The pain wasn’t as horrible. Edwin’s eyes would dilate for a mere second before returning to their bright, intrigued selves. They continued to do so every now and then.

“Ah, such entertainment,” he grinned, looking to the arguing duo. He leaned on his black-painted staff comically while doing so. His radio-like voice returned to normal. No longer was it twisting and breaking with static and out-of-his-control switching frequencies.

" enter- you know whatever man." Dabi would say shaking his head, " Hey, Crazy get down here." He called he was still clearly on guard with Edwin.  He seem to be in though iching his face. 

As soon as Dabi said Crazy Toga would be seen skiping down the stairs. " Yes, Dabi? And mr. Ichy?" She asked looking to Tomura who always seemed to be iching his face. 

" we are coming up with a plan to get into U.A with the brats...your one of the best people to do that." Tomura told, " and You." He ponited to Edwin, " can you change looks or something like that..Edwin was it?" 

Kenji sighed and shook his head. " you are okay right?" He asked him as he stood up himself.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   20d ago

“I’m fine,” Edwin smiled in reply to Kenji, turning. “And, I do believe I can change my looks.” With that, he stuffed a hand into one of the many inner pockets of his coat. Out he pulled a hat. How such an item fit into such a small pocket was beyond anyone’s logical thoughts.

Edwin wore the hat, and the shadow it gave covered his face. Undoubtably did he think that this mere accessory was the perfect disguise despite the fact that it was only a single addition to his original outfit.

Tomura would sigh, " no no no like that show him." Toga would drink something and would transform into someone completely different. She also sounded different. 

" See like that another not look exactly how you would with a hat." She piped and danced happily.  Her power is transformation if she has blood for someone even a drop and drinks it she can send ans look just like them. The more she has the longer it last and she can use their power.

" Smart. But you must add other things to it. Also have people seen you?" Dabi asked walking around him thinking that even a small amount could help Edwin out. 

The portal man would nod with Both ideas and would think well try to before looking to the paper and plan to read it himself.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   20d ago

“I would suspect not. I had only arrived on Earth for a mere few minutes before Kenji there discovered me,” he shrugged briefly. 

“They might’ve seen my tentacles, though,” he shrugged again then giggled sinisterly, looking back upon the sudden mischief he’d caused a ≈30 minutes before in order to show Kenji his abilities.

Kenji would chuckle, " most likely. Quite impressive I would like to add. " He would nod with a smile. " also you ate going to a school so don't go like before act as if you are just getting used to it. I will be there to help somewhat bit I can't be seen nor dabi or Tomura Shigaraki, Kurogiri" he ponited to the portal man, " Kurogirl will be our way out if something happens." Kenji explained after reading the paper also.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   20d ago

“Good to know!” he tossed his staff to his other hand.

“So, when do we leave?” his grin widened, excited.

Tomura would sigh, " after we eat something. Also Toga you have information-"
" of course Mr..I mean Tomura!" Toga said getting a bag of stuff. 

" I will get you some new clothes Teeshirts jeans and hum shoes eye contact and.." dabi was making a list " your horns'll have to think of a reson why you look that way and a fake name Toga can help you with that or well anyone can" he stated as he smrikered, " I'm off " he walked through a portal leaving.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   20d ago

“This’ll be interesting!” he chimed with a slight twirl of excitement. Never before had he gone undercover. Usually, he’d just make his presence known right then and there as his usual self. This really would be interesting. 

Not only that, but Edwin hadn’t been to a school… in years! If not longer! 

He grinned as he turned to Toga.
Undertale_lover_Toga Himiko   20d ago

" It's going to be so much fun Edwin! Oh name for undercover um I'm Rosalie undercover..." she thought, " let's wait till your ready then a name...what about basic story? " She asked as she aslo thought if her own while helping him.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   20d ago

“I do not know,” he shrugged, placing two fingers to his chin as he began to think.

“That is also quite a charming name, my darling dear,” he said abruptly. “Even if it isn’t your true identity.”
Undertale_lover_Toga Himiko   20d ago

" oh thank you..oh the way you talk is can say you are from somewhere else and moved her because of family? Oh, oalso nice hat!" She pinited to the hat.
MoonTheWolf_GamingEdwin   19d ago

“Appreciated! And, I suppose that’d be the best backstory,” he shrugged.

He turned for a moment and frowned slightly. In reality, he’d been abused by his father his entire life despite him being the only family he had. He never spoke of his past and promised to never do so either way, so he didn’t speak of his obligations toward Toga’s suggestion.

He turned again, having fixed his smile as if nothing happened.
“And, I do suppose my way of speech is rather sophisticated,” he grinned.


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