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Simply_RandomSasha Mari   22d ago

Her life is ending. She’s getting a divorce. One that he filed. He’s the one cheating and he filed for a divorce after she confronted him. Them. She was willing to work it out…

He packed his things and left. He said she can have the apartment. She doesn’t want it… it holds memories of them. 

Sasha packed her things and left. Tears began to stain her cheeks again. Sniffling, she gets in her car. She went to two different peoples home to crash for a night but they weren’t home. It is Saturday night. Praying as she pulls up to ___ home, Sasha slowly got out the car. It didn’t matter if it was raining. It’ll hide the fact that she was crying. Please be home. Please…

“H-hi… he left. My husband left me…”
polkadotrocker     10d ago

Lewis hadn't heard the car pull up but he heard the knock on the door. He had just put dinner in the oven. Answering the door he looked to Sasha, she had been his best friend for years. 

"Come here." he said and hugged her, wrapping his arms gently around her. "I want to know what that bastard did but first come in, you are welcome to stay, the guest room is all yours." he said in his Scottish accent. He had moved to America when he was 12 but was unable to shake it, not that it mattered, it made him who he was.
Simply_RandomSasha Mari   10d ago

The way he speaks always gets to her. She can hear the concern on his voice but it also made her giggle for these seconds. It was enough to finally, wipe her face semi-dry. 

Sasha filled him in. It was a surprise. She did see a few signs. His car smelled like perfume, strands of red hair here and there, seeing a receipts for jewelry that she never received, etc. Yet he would come to on time. J less he was at the gym which they normally go together... They were supposed to go to a mutual friend's wedding but she wasn't approved to have the day off. At the last minute, they approved it. Needless to say, she was surprised to see her husband's arms around another woman all lovey-dovey. A handful of their mutual friends were there and acting as if they knew and accepted this betrayal. It was the bride who saw her and when everyone saw her facial expression they saw Sasha...

She doesn't know what hurts. The fact he is cheating or that their small group knew and didn't say a word. His reasoning doesn't make sense. She's smothering but never home, he doesn't like her cooking or how she organizes... Like what?!
polkadotrocker     10d ago

"Hes an arse and you can do better." He said after listening to what happened, " and like I said can stay here as long as you need, I just hope my guitar playing and song writing doesn't bother you but I'll try to keep it down Sash." He said calling her the nickname he had since they were kids.

"I made chicken parm, are you hungry?" He asked getting up, "It'll be done soon, do you have more luggage outside?" He said as he looked out the window to her car, "I can get it for you."
Simply_RandomSasha Mari   10d ago

Sad thing is, she barely has anything. Not anymore. She may have sold and donated a good chunk of her things. That being said she has 3 suitcases and two duffle bags. It is raining so everything can stay in her car. She doesn't care. 

“I'm not hungry and I do but it can wait until morning. It's raining,” she says sighing. 

Sasha is tired. In every way possible. Food doesn't sound appealing. Alcohol is a different story. She won't ask for some though. 

“So you cook know? Since when?” she eventually says chucklong. Sasha got up to go wash her face. She looks are horrible. It looks like eyeliner began to smear down but she doesn't have makeup on. What on earth... She looked flushed as well. Perhaps she should eat...

Sasha sighs before leaving. “Alright. I should eat... It's been... Some time since I ate.” she says feeling slightly refreshed after washing her face. “What's the miracle you're not out? Everyone seeks to be busy.”
polkadotrocker     9d ago

Lewis nodded when she said it was raining, “Aye I can get the rest of your things in the morning and for your information, I had to learn to cook if I wanted to eat.” He said smiling, “It’s chicken parm and it’s my favorite so I hope you’ll like it.” He sat down on the couch and sighed, “I am home because I have been working on a second album and my now ex girlfriend left be abruptly, so here I am.”
Simply_RandomSasha Mari   9d ago

Chicken parmesan. Hmm. Sasha wanted to know what kind but she will find out. She can possibly go for some chicken parm spaghetti. Although her go-to is normally a chicken parm panini with fries. Yum.

Sasha didn't feel like eating again after hearing why he was home. At least she was a girlfriend and not a wife... They can walk away clean. Broken but clean. She needs a lawyer and probably several court meetings and whatnot. At least that's why she was seen on TV. It could be different in the real world. 

“Sorry to hear that. So this new album is going to be like a sad album?” she asks curiously. 

Sasha hasn't bothered listening to music. It's as if all the music platform knows what you're feeling and wants to make it worse. Mostly when you're down of course. She doesn't need that. He already said some harsh words that stung and its cutting too deep for her to forget. She hasn't even good Lewis about it.

“Did I mention he gifted my cat to his new girl? Apparently, she loved her... I need to find a lawyer to get my cat and a divorce.” she says looking at her plate of food.
polkadotrocker     9d ago

"Can talk to my lawyer for you?" He offered and nodded, "All my albums are sad, if your looking to listen to a chubby guy sing sad songs, look no further." He said starting with the self depreciating humor. He was trying to get her to laugh or at least smile. 

He got the food out and looked to her, "I hope its okay, I can get whatever you want grocery wise delivered, don't worry about it and you can stay here as long as you want, and we will get your fucking cat back, but for now you can cuddle mine."
Simply_RandomSasha Mari   9d ago

Sasha played with her food. She isn't one to ask for help or easily accept it. That's what her husband liked about her... The thought of him wanted to make her cry.

“No, I know of a good one. Just need to get his information from work.” she says dropping her head on the table. "I thought you hated cats? Is it really yours or your ex's?” she asks turning her head to rest her check on the table.

“As for my music, no. I'm already down. Don't want to make it worse. However, I will listen to some Kane Brown... Man got a voice.” she says smiling, “So what's new besides the ex?”
polkadotrocker     9d ago

He nodded, "Its my cat and no not from my Ex, thought I needed some company and turns out hes fluffy and doesn't care when I am singing at 3 am." He said flashing her a smile. 

"Working on album two, trying to write but I've hit a wall there." He admitted, "Got a upbeat but sad song about the ex, one about my mum, and thats about it." He said sighing, "Are you free tomorrow? Maybe we both need to get out of our own heads for awhile."
Simply_RandomSasha Mari   9d ago

Sounds like he's full of his share of pain. He can make money out of his pain. She can't. She doesn't sing, dance, or model. Although, she never attempted to model. She's read the bullshit the girls go through and needing to stay in shape. She can't do that. She loves to eat. 

Sasha continued to play with her food. “Got wine?” she asks perking up. If not she has some in her car. “I'm free. I have two weeks off. I need time for myself. Why?”
polkadotrocker     9d ago

"Do I have wine? Fuck yes I have wine and anything else to get drunk with, I was asking as it sounds like we both need to get out of our own heads so maybe we can do something together." He said suggesting it. They had been friends for years so having a fuck it day wasn't out of the question. 

He went to the kitchen and pulled open a set of doors, "Pick your poison milady." He said of the alcohol. He would drink anything but he did like to try new things now and then.
Simply_RandomSasha Mari   9d ago

Sasha playful him. “And you didn't offer any when you saw me crying?” she asks getting up to go looking for some. “Depends what you have in mind. I should be saving money. I need a place of my own.” she says finding the glasses but not the booze. “I'll eat when I have some booze in me,” she says washing the glasses so they can start drinking. 

Whatever he has planned he's paying. It is his idea after all. At the moment all she wants is booze which will lead to food within... Let's say ten minutes give or take. 

Sasha looked at everything. Interesting picks. She grabbed a fee things to make latest concoction. “What's your tolerance level?” she asks. As of lately, she's been going hard. No better way to do so. 

Sasha nods gives him a glass. “It's not too strong. Can't have you vomiting after the first cup.”
polkadotrocker     9d ago

Lewis couldn't help but roll his eyes, "I'm Scottish love, I haven't met my tolerance yet." He said taking the glass from her with a smile. He downed the brown liquid, "Strong but whats your tolerance? I feel like this is going to knock you on your arse." He said seriously but poured himself some more. 

He knew she was there because she needed a friend but God Damn him for thinking some inappropriate thoughts about her. She was perfect.
Simply_Random     8d ago

Scottish or not, he took forever to down the drink. She was already on her second. Another batch was being made in the process. “It's improved. I can say I can take 5 of these bad boys but then things get blurry after that.” she admits. He should know in case they decided to have a drinking war or go out with friends. 

Although it's been almost 24 hours since she last had a drink so it's possibly hitting her faster than usual. It's definitely time to eat. She may regret this in the morning. 

“Oh my husband may call o visit you. He said it in a threatening way… not sure why.” Stupid. Ex. He’s going to be her ex husband. He always said that Lewis likes her. But Lewis never said anything. She never believed it. Her soon to be ex always hated her friend with a passion. 

“Can we watch a Disney movie? I wanna watch something cute!” She says pouring them another one.
polkadotrocker     8d ago

He chuckled, "He can come here all he wants I'm not afraid of the bastard." He said downing another drink. "Where did you learn to mix drinks like this?" He asked and nodded about a disney movie. 

"I have disney plus so anything you want to pick you can." He said handing her the tv remote.
Simply_RandomSasha Mari   7d ago

Sasha wished he was. Her soon-to-be ex can be a very scary man when he needs to be. Something tells her this divorce and him letting her move on won't be easy. 
“I've taken classes. Plus I've learned a few things with my patients. There is a drink I want you to try but you're missing one of its ingredients. A problem I can solve tomorrow if I don't die tonight.” Sasha says chuckling. 

He doesn't seem to care that they're going to be eating and drinking in the living room. Her ex would be had a fit. A living room is for entertainment not eating unless they're hosting... Blah!

Because she felt like crying Encanto is the movie they will be watching first. Followed by Red Panda and Inside Out.
polkadotrocker     7d ago

"You won't die tonight, I'll make sure of it." He said smiling and carried drinks and snacks to the living room and made another trip for the food. "You know what we are missing? blankets and more pillows, gotta be comfortable" He said chuckling
Simply_RandomSasha Mari   6d ago

Sasha chuckles. “Can’t keep that promise if you die as well.” She says giving him a playful wink. He grabbed more things. This may be a good night. Assuming they’ll remember any of it. She helps him get extra pillows and blankets. Now things may get messy. Something is going to spill but whatever. They’ll eventually clean it sometime tomorrow when they either remember or discover it somehow. 

Sasha was gone 30 minutes into the movie from drinking. She kept munching though which she’ll regret tomorrow when her stomach is killing her.


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