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Spiral Notes Part 2

By ShieldHero-
Backup thread

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ShieldHero-     26d ago

[center [h3 PC Notes]]

[center [h3 Lelani Serenity]]
Race: High elf (Lay Lani)
Class: Wizard (School of Divination) 

Hometown: Sumia Shogunate Capital, Fumiko Blossom

Backstory: Mother is a wizard a scientist even from the land of Straus she had come to Sumia to learn their own magic. Her father a High elf from Sumia as well, a man who worships Tea closely had helped her understand Sumia in time as the war had gone on.

Mother: Anya Cherrywood

Father: Haru Cherrywood

[center [h3 Sayrn Swiftspell]]

Race: Shadar Kai
Class: Rogue Arcane Trickster

Hometown: Burguss, outskirts Port Town. White Coral City

Backstory: Family worships the Raven Queen, but are secretive about it they embrace both dark and light.

Father: Aras Swiftspell

Mother: Canna Swiftspell

[center [h3 Wyn Dawncrown]]


Dewpetal Dawncrown:

Stardust Dawncrown:

Race: Astral Elf
Class: Bard Lore

Hometown: Crystal Meadow

Backstory: He's come to Spiral from the Astral plane because he wants to learn other music. Other songs as well to bring back home to bring joy back home. A zest of life to bring, something to infinity where time is meaningless.
ShieldHero-     25d ago


ShieldHero-     17d ago

[center [h3 Kirai Akarui]]

Ayumi is working with the Purist.
Klaus is getting close to Arthur or will try too 

[center [h3 Akira Volt]]

Have Hiroshi talk to Akira on how Daniel has been. 

The mad hatter will owe him a string of fate.

Hiroshi with Herron's help long ago put the Mad Hatter under a powerful modified Geas. Hiroshi will try and learn about the book and such.

[center [h3 Tatsuya]]

Ryusei will catch up with Tatsuya and ask him to be careful with the purist. He'll blame the world and government for what happened to Tatsuya.


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